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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 09, 1904, Image 4

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J&rTt eat breaknt's
an't cat bread
m When you have
Won a milk diet and
Kthing a little more
k, take Scott's
fet fat you must eat
ottls Frrmlei/on ic ?
U fattener, a ?reat
Kth .giver.
Rose who have lost flesh
,-to increase all body
sues, not only fat. Scott's
mnlcinn incroncoc all
oonc, flesh, blood and
V . For invalids, for conI
valescents, for consumptives,
' for weak children, for all
who need flesh, Scott's
Emulsion is a rich and comfortable
food, and a natural
Scott's Emulsion for bone,
flesh, blood and nerve.
^ ^ We will send you
Be sure (hat this picture
In the form of o Inhcl i< on
the wrapper 01 every bottle
?* Emulsion you buy.
409 Pearl St. ,'w.y.
' ?&~w?ii 50c. and $ 1 ell druggists.
From Cateechee.
Owing to the favorableness of >lic
weatlur for the past few days, the
londs liiivo dried off a good deal, but
whtt' about the holer? If a man i*
0!)t living tin; right kind of a life in
God's h<< had t:ii:11 v 1.?-tt< r
pray 1" fore lit* starts out on a tiip (f
'iHii'i in a vehicle) or he nii^ht. \si-^li
;e ! ::<I when too late. Why bless
our S(!id your nee!; is liabln to be
broken at any time by dropping off
{.i a l oin and throwing yon out of
the vehte.le. The writer is minus
?4 70 I r a set of botrgv springs l>v
dropping oft' into one of "them ' holes,
saying nothing .bout the jar our
poor old buck neuivtd, which almost
shock our head from our bod}'. Yet
we nr.' taxed to send men to Columbia
to iimUh road laws, taxed to pay
Ill(;* Id (XOCUt.6 th<!8l' hlWH and
to keep up the loads. If \vn fail to
pay lliitt J?ix, a man is sent, to collect
it. WI...H lie arriveH no excuse about
sickness in I ho family, a bad crop
year nr we have dune the boat we
Can, will htuN' that debt. No, it ha.s
t to (miiic, or a<>methin*? worm
V?M.. .. i 1 11... i - ? / < I
?i iiuii muno <ij?*11 Lull l ^;o 10 uiiuiuhia
to enact those luwa wnut to he
elected, the "dear" people are told
that ".I.Win" ha-n't done hi* duty,
and 'hat if yon wil' yi- fiend "mo"
to v minima i wul . .i t i\i-, w in
^ivo everything a pension and make
a f.treet to every mnn's wash place.
Well, the "dear" people are deceived
once more and they vote for "Bill,"
"Bill" ooes to Columbia and helps to
kill all important hills, shows his io
noraiiee, pusses a do<^ law, draws his
per diem for forty dr.vs and cornea
home. In Au?ii?.t following, Bill
Htuiups the coun'v, tells the "dear"
people what f?oo?| thing's he tried I >
do for Uif in, t>ij t llui low count rv
m' Milii is of tin' hoiisd wi'io against
l.iin, I>ut just solid me buck
inn I I will Imvc moro fxp^rionco and
iiioi'" inl1u?'ii<'() It \mis Imd (miout'li
tin- first time and wliut. about twic.o
Aw I hero n it tnnnsiirci of fair more
1011 11unci ^s iy inc. ivni i.iw lor m
htniic(') to 111r people than a do<j lunf
Of e nrso the school fund will be inck-iis
'1 a little with the latter law,
hut \\i had rather go deep down in
our p i ket and pay to educate our
child'en and have better r ads. Ten
cents vorth of strychnine or tw< nt.ylive
cci tw worth of powder and hliot
>\iu i ui 111 uiiiiu ii }^<i<)(i nmiiv wortii* i
less !( nnd wo will not be taxed
for it.
Yes, wo are in favor of taxing the
vehicles tLuit nro run on the public
highway. i\el everv man, rich or
puor, black or white, old or young,
pay so much on a vehicle. Some one
will sav that brings a tax upon those
who aie too old and have done worked
out their timp. If he in a hundred
years old and runs a vehicle,
isn't it perfectly natural for him to
want n good rondt If ft man recoive3
the benefit of anything it in nothing
more tlmn right hut for him to pay
for it. Of which is the most injustice,
to tax the old to help keep up tho
road he runs a vehicle over, or tax a
limn VJ&t tho some that never runs
one lis the one that rune oight or ten
vehicles? So much for the enactment
of the law, now for its execution.
Every able bodied man of a certain
age la taxed ouo dollar road tnx
or made to work eight days. Of
cnurfift nnv mnn *vi11 nnv Ix-foro ho
will work for 12? cents per day, even
if be has to feed tho old lions red
pepper to net eg^s to sell at ten cents
per dozen to pay the dollar. Anyway
Jitn pays his dollar, gets his receipt.
Sometime during the next
year Jim finds his road impassable
and sees there hasn't been a lick of
work done on it. Jim makes complaint
to the Hon. Board of County
Commissioners. Ho is told that they
aro dointr the best thev can with the
menus at hand. They make him a
few promises and send him home to
wonder and ponder over what oth< r
road his dollar had la en used on.
The commitsioners draw their pay,
receivc their share of Sunday school
cpics and lmvo to retire to private
life, maybe no better oil' financially;
but a nood deal .viser. Wi II, we are
living in hopes uny way, for one of
the commissioners has promised to
put the convicts on the roud lending
from Six Mile to Cateechee sometime
this spring. If he don't he may re
member thuso two hoxea.
The sick at Cateicliee now linve the
privilege of having justico done by
a l .. i a: r v ..ii. T
lIltMll, ilM U I". tlllbdCUOI i"4Ul'lU V^lllUlinn
is now locatod here.
Dr. Long bus a strong practico and
is n good doctor. B.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, I ss
I ucufl County. \ '
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is srnioo partner of the tiriu of 1<\ .T.
Cheney it Co., doing hnsiuess in the
| city of Toledo, county and state aforesaid,
aud that s.id firm will pay the sum
I eaeli and every ease of Catarrh that can
noi on cured oy llio usoot Hull'sCatarrh
Curo. Frank J. Clipnoy.
Sworn to before mo. ami HUbRe.ribed iu
my j)i'< s-'uci!, tlii.s Gi)i day of JJruember,
A. I>. 1SSG.
f^eai,] A. \V, CJ'ejison,
Notury "Tn'ilic.
Tfn!i*.< (.Vdjivr'i (Jure is tulum in?.< rually
| nil'I net.-t ?1 ifoetly ?>u tin* blood aiul inu
eons mm fiitfK of tlit* system. Send for
tiwtinioiiialH free.
F. .1. (Mient-y k Co., Toledo, O.
noin nv : 11 urUKKists, ' ><*
Hall's Family Pills arc the bent.
Tho President Suggested Fairbank's
President Koosoveit hns nutrnuKt
pel and I'nited Stat?*a Senator Chas.
\V . Fairbanks of Indiana has
agreed to accept the vico pruaidential
nomination on the Republican
ticket if tendered him. Thin information
comes from ch-se and
lifelong personal and political
frienri.s <".f the senator who hivn
boen known to have ad vised against
wtidt t!i('v <'<>i)6ulcir( 'I t<> 1)0 a vital
concession on the henator's part.
They now n>iy they liave bowed to
the wishes of the president. Tho
senator prefors not to discuss the
m.'it for.
Inflammatory Rheumatism Cured.
William Shatter, ti hraknmati of Definition,
Ohio, wan eoiitineil to his ImxI for
several woeks with inflammatory rlieu*
mat'sni. * I limit nimi.v rnno.lioH," ho
s ivh. "1'iuullv I Hont to MoC'hw'k drug
store f"i it liottle of ('liaiuli'rhiin's I'.iiu
l!alin, at vvhioli timo I was iinatilo to
li uul or fu 't, ami in ono week's time was
sii>io i.i? >;i) io "(irii sis n i|>|>y a< a clum. "
J'or Siil- l>v IVeUens i>ni" Co., Pickou?,
i.ml Hunter & I'iclcens, liberty.
To icachors r.nd Trustees.
Ah the Hchool year em Is Juno
i! is neeessary Mint the school re^is
fer of m il school districf, must ho
properly tnatle out and presented to
the County Superintendent of Ivlu
cation with tho last monthly report
and pay warrant of tliiH scholastic
yttar. TliO tippoiiiotmient. of moneys
for school year 100 1 1005 will Ihi
based ou the ropor t.
It. T.'Hallum,
Co. Supt. of Education.
ioo Lbs. Stan
100 Lbs. I lea
ioo Lbs. Brol
ioo Lbs. Fine
"Our Sugar is
Salt7," but ever
ITT - - ' -1
vv o guarantiee 1
Don't forget
If you wanl
Line we have it
Remember 1
Corn, Oats, Clio
kinds oi Plantai
R. C (
From Mica.
Dear Editor and Headers: Hero
I nm np;nin to give you nil n brief
sketch of the happonings in this section.
What would you do without
our correspondence? The paper
wouldn't ho ho very interesting if we ^
didn't liave any correspondence at all. I
I really think we might liftyo our page
in tlio paper all tooursolvoH. It. would
Ik* an iiiti-rualiiuir tri cpftfl i>ll 111.. lo>.
lers on one cosv corner. Mr. I'M it or j
couldn't \oti possibly give o-a pNge FIN I
to (ho correspondence? for 11
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hopkins went
j I'j (irucnviilo on business lust week.
Mr. and Mis. Ii.lwnrd Hendricks "?i' f!
I \vo>o llio quests of Mr. and Mis.! "f da
David Hendricks last Sundav. 11 '
i C
Mr. and Mrs. David Hendricks (
have been on the sick list, but are (
imnrovin" some.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs David
McJunkiu is very ill.
< ? i ar 'a
uiir.n-.-n uuiii nun
, mid brother wont to Groenvillo on I
business hist week. '
l'reuehing nt. Mt. Tabor wan conducted
l>y Mr. Going lust fourth j IIH '
SuihIhv, l)uL owing to tins bud weathor
there were not many attendants. '
I All who lienrd Mr. Going wish him |
i* como back again.
Potest, the son of Mr. and Mrs '
Lowis Hopkins, killed and dreas?*d a .
p g last work which was six months 10
old and netted 102 pounds. Forest-j
is only ten years old and did t'"c
work without his fathot's assistance.
Misses Nina and Cora 11 u> h visited , Misses
Evie and Eva Hendricks lust
Saturday and Sunday. Jftj ^
Mr. ('leave Epps was the guest at
W.J. B. Chapman's Saturday and' fw \i
Mr. and Mrw. Edward Hendricks ru?3ra
went t<> Pick-ms Monday.
Tho Misses Hays and K?io ITcndri\
spont Inst Sunday with Miss Eva j
llondriokw. l'nnsy.
Traircih A \cried.
"Just in tho nick of time our little j
lioy w.ih navod" writes Mrs. W. '?Vntkiiik |
01 iioasiuit *Jiiy, uino, i'lieumonia
I had playod sad havoc with him mid a
I terrible cough net in besides. Doctors!
j treated him, but ho grew w<?rHO every ;
j day. At length wo tried Dr. King's Now
I Difioovovy f<-r Consumption, and our
dirling was saved. lie's now aound,
land well." Everybody ought to know,
! it's the only Hire euro for roughs, colds
and all lui.g diaeaRea. Ouariiutood by'
Pickens Drii^ Co. l'i ioo GDo and ?1.00 #
Trial bottles free. I ,
?Wanted, orders for billheads, G
statements, letterheads, notehoads,
cards, envelopes, circulars and dodgers.
Best work, lowest prices.
Tho Sentinel Journal Job Office.
;auiatpjBK KgAWBiaiBngJTcgEaagzaaaagiiai
dard Fine Granulated Sugar $5.00.
d Rice, $5.00.
ceil Rice, $4.00.
: White Salt, 5S cents.
not Sweet and Salt
y one that tries it i
(\ nv tn. PVPT'xr r^nnr>rl
vy v/ uvy v/ v v> -L jr IA JJLV4?
, us when yon need ;
; anything' in the I la
that we are heaclquai
pps, Bran and I Lay :
tion Supplies.
t .TnB=5TFr?ir^ ?nn?
Vices full in curliest wlnn we make up our mind
I SHOES. About litis time it i.? plum t!mt we u
cxt seasons fool went'. Pi>fow wr cmu reeeive llir
lose on luiiul, and ho we call you to our aid.
[xni down prices, cKpcriully in our In avit r hIio
left. The slioi s are all this neaRuUH make ami n|
ll.ll-.m !/>/>. un v,ii: vim I i>. Km inn uluinn nf
,v > . * nil ^ ,v "'n "" * "
tc stylo, to < (Ver. We will hi II for tl.o next liito
>ro(-H?tts 82 .*() hli<>cs nt ?2.20. Crosse
)r-s?(>ttn iJJJ.rt) .shoos at Crowu
'rossotth !?").()!) .shoes at 8-5 50.
iiluno Shoos for /{ii'itlciiicn will bo NaitfltMhroil ii
i'ulauti $5.00 hIicos fr'J.uO. I'ulano ?1.(10 $51.2-1.
ii our L.iulios Shoe Dopmlmrnt you can liml the
t'.ij l;;r llehnjnv M? Kinzcv, (Jul (Irani
II, HIMI M?VHItll lilK Nv w 111 I Hi HOIU III lilt*
tillc in for 15 ilrtj'8 only, coiiiinonciug tomorrow n)
Little Bee
(i North Main Struot, ? ? ?
Ilpiuoiiiher \v<> givr ojipon? lor every puu-im
mlui-umble ;u Jla it i'. iutcd (.
* js s.xic ^czrmn ; xzc rr.r.r .am nxzwarwvii
hHJL ui . r.Tira.r zzmry L
The Suit or Overcoat yo
perfectly and looks w<
position you stand or sit
Our clothinr' is made to
not as they mi^ht be. I
we alter it until it does I
Kverythin^ latest in styl
fabrics and tailored in tin
P2>r%?rt-iars i~m
Agent lor 11 awes'
Nufangl Trousers.
0!t? \
is not
)uys it,
;rd ware
'ters fox'
and all
I j
w, ,
=*. C.
fo dear out our utock of
.ust conmioiico preparations
1 now goods \v<> iiiiiRt dispose
Ak mi inducement we have
ok. until tliere is It rdly nnytyles.
Every pair Hold under
us. We have no old or out
?. n days ail Cressets SIk os at
>tls ?*8.00 shoos at $'2. HO.
Us $1.00 shoes at Sii.30.
i the same way.
I ulano &5.50 sIioor
following well known makes:
nite, American Girj, Snenty
:jain<' mi action, Ilonieusber
.! rnMDAMv
\ v^v /1V1 i r\i\ I f
- Greenville, S. C.
sr> from 5 emits up:
rjx MiniMigi'.'a g-tay :ci rjr.uuiui iw<
u buy here fits you
11 po matter in what
1 t .lien as they are,
A it does not fit at first
e, of the most worthy
l: most perfect manner.
r-% n
Ilats, Dutcliess and.

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