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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 09, 1904, Image 6

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A planter in Geor ,!.?, just as liis cotton j>1
Tho Sinntlar
N itrate
it thtr r; of one ?ii:n<lrvtl pounds lo the
per acre than fiom a similar ficKi without Ni
Tv. ivo similar trials in Alabama &h wril a
RJ I want a Cotton Planter in every county i
on a mailer M*alc. 1 will furnish th^ Nit rat
K} if you ?/r . use it as I direct and report at
J- W 1>. if: S. ! )epa? tinent *f \
to* combating the boll-wccvil, the early r
fiV a no, to matLiity !i\>;n otic to two i
Kj' Send nn? o ^ .--v
1 7,d j? ' -3
I 4?L;?m&*
y re,,i; : i \m
|J] Consitlcr-xl, j ; . s &
i/.f j
*~iNtrr*-' *- *-*'! ^...
Ho Wr.s Not Sooking Compliments
From the Bar, But Was Bent on
Doing His Duty.
A fi>\v days wo imule sonio
rciiuirlcs in tins column dc^c.rip4:....
c *i ? .jji?A.
mi: <u me uiisuory practices fit
our courts, explaining the cause of
th?> crowded dockets and the apparent
need of more circuits, nuri
contending that the roinody is in
the hand of our judges, without increase
of number. Wo did not say
that oven a majority of our present
judges, however excellent men
iuuv uu, etui uppty one remeuy.
Wo doubt that we could oursolf.
If wo hnd the neceBaary legal qualifications;
wo hardly think we
could. J>ut men should bo olected
judges "vvho can answer tho requirements.
It' they coilhl not ho found in
the Htato. t.hflll if mirrhf Kn
sary to supplement quality with
i n tho articles referred to we oxpivseod
a purpose to refer in a
Kiil>sequ?nt issue to examples we
had s#en of the dispatch of husinca
which were complete proof of
our contention. Here is one:
(' ur! was coming on, unci John
Doe was defendant in a case which
ha I lioen continued n tune or two, i
an i .Major .Jones was his attorney.
The latter wrotn urgent letters and I
.- lit him messages by noighbors to
(. oin-) t>> town at once, as ho must
: him on important business.
The r nut promptly obeyed th<?
summons and hurried to his law\
ei - M: jor .Jones laid
down his pen, turned on his chair
and scarcely waited tor an exehang.t
of greetings, said, .Join., old.
1'i-llow, you'll have to up your'
wii; "' y<s in that cose and liavej
inr-iii .ni hero promptly at t)i?* i
O]it.-l h-g of coin t.
i ) .< \\ lint do you meal/'
.! >ii'. : ! niyaii th;.l we've g it to |
( o lo tri.il with that case fit tl)i?!
t- rin i court .in I if \v? don't take ;
. vi ' ml" y[. |>oef?iMc you'll ' -> |
I?r. akin'4 rock (I'.'.vu voii'l< r al Ifi
eiy.; i> fore n month.
!)(? : Why, you told mo 1 nc d .
not bother n! 'tit it; I )i at you'd
havo il put 'tt n^nin and let it rock
i' 1 ill till ill' It! -Ht'S oil ill" j
< tlicr sido ivcrc do;td r in 'JVxos.
Jonos: Vch, I know, I)',it when
I I ?1 d yon that I t.huu^hl that
-liid^o JJhink was to j r, ?i(!. , l if
old (Murk is to ho tho judge, ni.d
iiiiii I'J^I >- ... ... - < <
"lire as the Mm rigcs on tlie fust
Monday in October. I know it
>vi,i put )ou to sorm: trouble to get
ants' Le;;an to form s |uares, npplicd broadcast R
d Ammonlato
of Soda I j:
imc. 111 c vicki 01 nm was 127 po inds more <
:: inc case of 120pounds to <ou pounds per acre. |I?j
it the cotton belt t<? make a similar cotton trial fjjji|
:eiy ?V?0
lnai resulis to inc. EKI '
I'tcommcails : j ;lie on'y means of txfl
injuring of the crop. N'itrale nf Soi'a > ill jSjfj
j v. - wil1.iam m
... _\jiv s. myi-rs, &
..- . |) j r cc j of i ja
m'.-f y ^v% ??pt. ?<?. ?
*" " "'-ss-r'p.'. < n-'6 .lotin ^
. | | new yorfc. i
| ready hut bettor that than tlie
i penitentinrv. Clark is i mpartial
| and sill ri^ht but he's not the port j
I of ajiul<ro wo need in our business
jjust now.
l)oe had scon all his wit posses
| helorc lie got home and Uu>y all an- ;
sworecl when eilled in court.
At the opening of court the;
! jurors were called and one having
: failed to answer, the crier was directed
to call him. He started for
the door hut was promptly stopped j
by the judge, who said firmly
"Stand within the bar and c;<ll in
a tono distinct enough to ho heard
over tlio room. There will ho no
calling from the door or windows.
These seats are for the accommodation
of persons who have busi
uesB wim me court, and must be
reserved for them as far as necessary.
They must he here when
called. They are here to attend to
public business and not to trade or
lounge around town. Every moment
of our time is paid for and it
is an injustice to the county thatl
one man be allowed to detain the '
, whole court while waiting for him
! to be called in from the street*. Mr.
Sheriff you will see that there is
no noiso or confusion to interfere
I with the dispatch of business.
The juror waa called again a?
bad been directed, and having
failed to answer, the clerk whs or
do rod to enter "Judgment ni?i '*
with u fine ol' $10.
Several spectators tip-toed out, '
of the room, evidently f<>r the purpose,
sis appeared later, of warning
friends who were witnesses or were
otherwise < oiinocted with the court
and soon dozen or morn men en
loreu, \Mt,n llio tread <>t a cut, and
look heats.
Thn electrical etlcctof the judge's 1
little spoi'ch was 9Cdii in the call- 1
ii?cr of witm-xsi'H. It proceeded I
"John Johns?" ,lIIcie!" And
.1 ihuHon was <uit in the aislo and
I 11 S ! 1 I 11 ( r I I V ?? I I ?1 < 11 > ' 1 . r\ f 1 v.. I I. ?
. w . ... ' I'm wy 11.1- I
11id') tit-* last sylal(M) of hih nnino
was oroii nun *r!. I! I' >r li" <r<>t
thorp, howovor, another witness
had nitrtwcrc'l and wa? ehv-iii}j liim
v' i'.vn lliy ninln, ; *i?1 a third .v.,* <-:i
the niovo . Y?it i i-SfW, jurors, law
vers an I nil who htul duties to | rtorm
Beemwl tv vi " it!i ql*? auother
lit expediting1 th-* 1 iininc-ft j
i hai.d. 1
ICven thi defendants appeared]
>18 1' lllt;y liti'l < ali^iil I u* f J'i if. ! j
and wort? contont to comiu* mi <" j
oa even juetico, n".:i of |
thcsm <l?tu!mulliiij.'" and t)?i ?vvii^ ,
tli- nihC'lV8 u])ou fh? nvTf-y of tlx* |
court. It was c*In '. .n^ to ue<- how j
bnsinops wont through, and nil | {
purtio* ?< unusually well But-j
ihin >1 with result.*.
1 I
We (id< 1 an incident or two. j I
Jon an JIolFman, tlie wealthiest man ,
in tho town and father of 0110 of?c
Llio leo'lillff lawvers. nnn it inrnrl
0 - J ? J J ? ? jr
ii witness, we lmvo forgotten
which. lie kept a hotel, and having
many gne&ts at that time, lie
tarriod a little too long after the
reecHS for dinner one day. When
ho fVlildrl fllicwnf lliu notvio ?? (ii?rv
>f $10 was promptly imposed, and
tho judge refuswd to modify tho
aeutunce, at leiut up to tin; time of
our latest iuformati: n.
< *.>1. K.'lllrlifnr lin.il 1.1m lnriruut
practice in tho county, and was attorney
for on? of tho parties to n
Huit which was on trial at tho tim?
for the noon roce-s on another day.
It should l)o srid that Judge Chtr!:
always required a ol.-utk to 1? plac.'d
in tliojcoiifl room, and when tile
time for tho ord?vr ( f tho day arrived
lliat meant tho prompt suspension
of everything else, ami
when the timo for ih<> r gular bu?ilioss
arrived it was resumed on the
minute. On tho tiny mci.lionod,
Col. Sandifer was not in hio place
at tho minute court was called to
order. The judge directed that
the trial proceed. His attention J
was na! ln.l tn T hr> nb-U'iH*.' of lli<> nf- I
lorney who alom-? represented one
of the parties. The judge that
the business of the court could not
!>e delayed hv the tardiness of persona
whose business it was to he
there. That if those who occupied
prominent positions were
not required to be prompt it would |
not bo reasonable to requite tiie
Iorh favoied to he in tlnir placet), J
therefore they should l?o on with
the trial. The opposing counsel
then plead with the judge, paying
that thin would place him in a very
emharraBiuK position, that Col.
Sandifer was in very delicate health
indeed, and he was sure he would
bo there just as soon as ho could. |
JuSt then the mission attnrnpv mm
aeon coming and the judge, somewhat
reluctantly consented to wait
until ho got to liia place.
It WiiB creditably reported of
Judge Clark that on one occasion
when he went to Rutherfordton,
ji*;riiiii)n it, was, 10 noia court, lie
reached the court houBe a few minutes
late, on account. of the trains
delay. His first act on taking his
sent was to direct the clork to enter
ii fine of. $.">0 ?gain?t the prosiding
judge. The unanimous voice
r?f ).,> 1 xi . K.~ I-1.-W
Men ** a11 i (i?a?'u J u iJin UUIlll I J,
but ho promptly refused to hear
any appeals iu bis behalf. He Ha id
a time was wot for court to open
and it was the duty of every one 1
who bad business there to bo on
time, and above all the presiding
judge. 1 To hud taken the risk of
ilenenditiir on it train's sfhoilnln
That Wits his concern, not tlio county
'f, and li<" must pay I lie ponal ty
us hy would require otliern to do.
Some unfortunate persons felt
Lliat Judge Clark imposed hard*
ships, but perhaps no judge ever
i'ave more tfonerul satisfaction. 11??
|uit through t.ho work of two or
Lhro'i nveiiigo jii'lg-n11(.1 it, was
lono incomparably liettor. \\*it"
iicH.sfH nii't jurors felt that thoy
ivoro i! n atmosphcro whoro law
was supreme, where provarieath 11
ivas 11 anspiront and p?'ijuiy dau-<
It ie worthy .if remark that
though appnrvutlv not concerned 1
iboul "maiili-g ;i fine impiY'Ssion" I
svhiUj on 1 ho Hiipuiior court honch,
Jiulge Walter ('lark is today chiul'
iimtieo <>i North Carolina.
'i'lio cabt* of John Doo lirstahovo
I i j on ? ??nw? 1... ..j. -1
i ?-> mi uiu^ii.'u j \'ur*v mumhi
>n substnniiiil facts with roal
hiiiioh iiii?l <'nri Ix* Hiibstantiatfid by
ltnncroud living witnesses,- -Chen:or
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