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' ? -
Representative Webb of North Carolina
Reads a Letter From Him in
the House ol Representatives.
\V asliington, March 1.?The
canard mumiluctured by a Kai.Sns
liepublicvn to tlu> elVect. that Mr.
... lv . . .. 1 A 1. 1
IUV l/l till U , Wilt? I! JUiftlUUlU, llilll
entertained a negro at luncheon
was completely exploded in tho
house yesterday when lion. 10. Y.
\Vobl>, of North Ca>otina, read a
letter on the subject from Mr.
Cleveland himself. When the
charge was first made few days
ago, there were general denials <?t"
its truth, but the t<mei(iu denial
from tlio ex-president himself
came yost'rday. Taylor, thi* negro
in question, resided for several
years in Atlanta, whore lio published
:i newspaper.
This w:^, ;is 1 recollect it, .'li ter
he hud served as minister t<> Liberia,
and before ho was made reeorder
of deeds of the District of
Columbia. 11 ? will be remembered
us :in exceedingly intelligent, wellinformed
and well-educated negro,
who never had aspirations toward
social equality. Certainly not
while living in the South. Mr.
Cleveland's letter, which Mr. Wubb
read as soon as he could get the
lloor this morning speaks for itBel
1V4.. \\T~ lvi. 1- ~ I 1 *
m? ? odd nam no luiu wruien
the former president, sending him
an extract from the Record and
asking if statements made by
Mr. Scott were true.
Mu. Ci.kvkland'h Lkttkk.
"This morning,'' he said, '! received
the following reply," which
lie read amid applause on the Democratic
"Princeton. N. .1 Mnrnli
1H0-1.?K. Y. Wobb, House of
Repn'gentativos. Dear S;r: His
u matter of email concern to 1110
that a Mr. Scott haw seen fit to nno
my name in 11 display of his evil
propensities on the floor of the
house of representatives.
"In answor to your inquiry, however,
1 have to aay of his statement
(hat the colored man, C. 11.
J. Taylor, took lunch with me at
tlio Whito IIouso, that it is a deliberate
fabrication out of whole
''Ah far as Mr. Taylor is concorned,
I underst tin 1, prior to his
appointment as register of floods nt
Washington. that, ho hud Bf>run<l nu
an assistant in the oflico of the
city attorney at Kansas City. Hih
nomination as register was confirmed
hy the senate, and lie &erved
in (hat place with intelligence and
oIl'M-ioney. He has sinco died.
Some people restrain themselves
from abusing the dead .
'My inquiries concerning Mr.
Taylor hi lore his appointment, my
ol>MTv.ll i' II of him dnriiw* Iiim inouinbwiioy,
and the little I have
known of him since, satisfy mo
that his character i? very unjustly
attacked in the diatribe of Mr.
Sc??t t.
' One charge is made against Mr.
Taylor hy Mr. Scott, which he
dou'?ly clinches with truth when
ho declares: 'He was a black negro.'
I am le<l, however, to doubt
his himiliurily will, his subject
when lie adds: 'As black an you
ever saw.1 Yours very truly,
"Grover Cleveland,"
Mr. Webb said he wanted this
denial t<> travel, that that statencut
of Mr.jScott might be overthkon.
"Mr. Cleveland was a friend of
the negro, but not a fool friend,"1
8ai<l Mr. Webb. "Ho never by
word or act encouraged tho dream
of social equality in tho breast of
the black man."
This was greeted with applause
by (ho Democrats. "Again," ho
eon I iimed, "he was tho friend of
the Colored man, but also was the
Southorn white man, and pympnthi/.ed
with uh in our race pruhloins
iiiul raeo burdens; and that,
sir. is morn I linn Mr Rnnsov?lt.
HCoras to have 'lone "
Mr. Scott hjii< 1 he accepted the
statement of Mr. Cleveland iik true j
and offered his apology to the form- I
er president. In justice to himself, |
said Mr. Scott, ho thai red to bay
that he never before heard the report
M*y SwaiVson of Virginia, asked
Mr. Scott whnro he lliid limirri !l.?.
j report, to which Mr. tt,:ott replied
that ho had se?>n the statement in
nowspnpers Mr. Swnnson ftskod
further tor a copy of a newspaper |
containing the statement. Mr. Scott
oxplained th.it th<.-.-e statements
1 were made several yours ago and \
the papers might not he easily j
'procured. 11 o s;iid he had made j
full apology to Mr. Cleveland. Mr. j
Scott added that ho had brought to
' ,\T.. r'i,...~i i f? 'i- < -
J 1.11 . v/iv-v t; wi iiu mr UIO IliJH lime II) I
four yours apnl uise from the demo-1
i erntie side. Thin wns loudiyap-j
planded upon tho majority side of
the chamber.
Cold Wave Coining.
If you have Hydales Elixir in tho
house whoa a cold wave is conny, you
need not four attacks of Bronchitis,
Pneu.nonia, Coughs, Colds, etc. ltydalea
Elixir taken whou attack begins I
never fails to check tho progress of tho
disease. It is equally successful in
ehronic cases of throat and lung disease.
Pickens Drug Co., Pickens; W. A,\
Sheldon & Co., Laborty.
From Six Mile.
Hero I come agaiu. I guess that
the inauy renders of The Sontinol
Journal think that Six Mile is coming
to tho front if writing to iho paper
helps any.
Beginner said last week that Six
Mile was going to have a high school
| 1 am afraid it will he like tho Irish
I ".'an's tresspasser. Pat and Mike
| had just come over from tho old
icountry and planted them a corn
I patch, and something began to dost
roy it, so they went down to liml
the offender, nnd Mike, spying a ter
j nipin and not. knowing what, it was,
exclaimed: "Here, l'at is I lie d u n
thing that has huvu citing our coin;
lay down the fence and I'll drive him
out," and he gave "'ln 11 kick and lie1
said: "Yon can lay up the fence, Pat,
the dim thing has swallowed his
head." I am afraid that tlm high j
school will sw!i!!<> v its head before it |
makes a start. I certainly like Beginners
views on the sulij-ct. Come
i again, we like to hear from you.
Old Kiddle said lust, week that 1
j surely never went ahont, or I would
have something to write about. I
will just say that she surely is gone
all the time, sho has so much visiting
j io write about. ami 1 never knew
I tliut we luid an astronomer ho near
lis till last week when leap year was
h > clearly explained, j'iftt ax it was in
the Popular Fashion* magazine, and
j told lis boy8 to look out for the i^irls
were coining to see us. and I stayed
' home all day last Sunday and never
| saw a single ^irl. If the trills are
I'_r itit: to spent; anv tliis year I wish j
i tin y would a move on themselves, j
| I net tired waiting. I guess they do I
I too, when the boys are doin<; the l?o- I
I >n?Oil,
well, Mr. R. told mo to keep
quiet and not tell tales out of school,
| and I don't know ho v I can help it,
I when hu is jealous of a certain mail
rider from Liiherty, and that pretty
j^'iil on that, certain route. Oh, |i
| don't know whether B. is jealous of
the mail ruler or not, hut 1 know he
i would like to he in his shots. Mr.
I> would marry if ho had a half a
chance. Girls, you can just remember
Immigration is the talk of tiio day
and war is the reading of the wet
days and nights, and if kussia whips
Japan we can get plenty immigration,
for tho little hrown .laps will
lien from tho face of tho Bosnians
and seek homes in South Carolina, I
g':c.us. wL'oro immigrants aro wanted,
and thou we will have all colors of
Women as Well as Men
A ? ~ ntt J ? **r < <
/Are macic miseraoie i>y
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, discourages
and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
... ?? , . and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kidrTCTrfSy^ftiW
neys arc out of order
-yur Kidney trouble has
' rlr liC ' become so prevalent
~~"\1 that it In not unr/imtnnn I
S/IWRSA -> I 'or a lo b? born
jy ii(Ntx\\ a^'ic,cc' v-'ith weak kid*
ncys. If the child urin* "
ate-i too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted v/lth
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
uuuuiu is uuu 10 a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miserable
with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp'Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fiftycent
and one dollar ALi!T:|;Kja
sizes. You may have a B! IHftgsSS
sample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell- " Homo of sr-amp-Hoot.
!ng all about it, including many of the
housands of testimonial lottpr<;
'rom sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
St Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on evcrv bottle.
somo more of tho l>hwU odps up to
dine with px President Cleveland, as
\>o hear he dined with them.
Let us hear from yon, Bunchy, nnd
White Rose, and nil the rest of tlio
corresponoeiitR that are nejilectinc to
Bond in tho news.
Jimtnio Durham has remodeled hia
house and built some to it.
Clifton Woodson, of Pickens, visited
home folkb Saturday and Sunday.
There is a great deal of land being
cleared in this section, and cord wood
Health in this community is very
good ut this writing.
Tho It. P. I). mail riders stopped
on George Washington's birthday,
hut not on Jesus Christ's. What is
the world coming to. Cony.
Ancient ami Modern ml vice about How
to Acquire Wealth.
Tim ancient sagos' "huto road to
wealth" was "l>o temperate in nil tilings,
ho economical always." Modern life,
wi'h it? "rush methods" in business requires
that "keep healthy' ho added to
tlie old adage. Everybody knows how
to ho temp-rato and most people how to
In- ee uiotuical, but few kuow bow to
keep perfect'y healthy. Over-eating,
irregu'ar hahi's, neglect etc., derange
the stomaeli, liver and how? Is, causing
indigestion, torpid liver, constipation,
etc. Kydales Tablets are natures hear
-.11 ? l*
imy m uch mien conditions exist. The
Stomaeh will digest your food,
strengthen your digestive organs and
euro vonr indigestion. The Liver Tab*
let? will arouse your liver, stiiimiaU*
your bowels and establish a regular,
healthy, habit. Ryd.ihw Tnb|otK insuro
good health. J'iokens Drug Co., Pickens;
W. A. Sheldon <V Co,, Liberty.
Beverley News.
Health of this community is not no
very good.
?*Iiss Lizzie Norrifl, of Kaslev visited
her brother and mother Saturday
and Sunday.
We ar? having plenty of rain and
Mr. Sheriff haa been sick for the
past week hut i? hotter now.
Beat wishes to The SentinelJournal.
Blue Kyed Girl.
It Saved Ills Leg,
1'. A. Dauforth, of IjaOrange, C?a.,
sutlered for six months with a frightful
nuiiiing soro on his leg; but writes Hint
BueUlen's Arnica Salve wholly cured in
live days. For nteeiH, wounds, piles,
its the best sn'.ve in the world. Curo
gtmrmit' (Ml. Only '2.r> cita. Sold by Pickens
Di ng Co.
vo ir tongue
If ifs co..ted, your stomach
is bad, ycur liver is out of
order. Ayer's Pills wi?{ clean
your tonr'ic, euro your dyspepsia,
:rkc your liver right.
Easy to take, easy lo operate.
7'c. f :!
JV!" V'.'.W'i 1 i.?-?ii?ir?r"
r \. i. ?.r ?i< 1. Iihrk ? I Jicii ti?o i
_ " < n f N M j
> -?_^KRESI
| Garden i
( I ST>n *-?TV T r
/j rtcnIY
I? OF ' EH.
) Pickens Drug C<
/ The Complete L)ruy
President. Vice-Pre
i -4-The Pickens Oil Mill
Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil ai
I Now rpadv fnr
JL. 1 V/ f T JL VV.IV I J 1 \J 1
Our Ginnery has been running on fu
and we thank our patrons for tliei
Our Mill is now grinding regularl'
plenty of hulls, meal or "batting.'
Bring your SEED and exchange the
or we will pay you the highest n
seed just as you prefer.
frunc tr? no o.wl -11
uv, v,r> iiuu I1UW well we
are not controlled by outside pr
much, or more, for your seed tlir
R. H. CP
We Have Lear
| Everybody learns something er
learned that there is a lot ol differ
we have learned how to select the
for our customers. Take for insta
Canned Goods are not always
Bright labels can cover very poor
to it that only reliable goods get ii
Mil' flM T -
\v r- ^iii a j i\W 1 1 11NG 1SUT
People who buy a dollar's worth <
had better have two market baske
groceries away, oh, no, but we hav
inj^ dollars that is appreciated by c
' Mrs. K.
| | f" I I A I
1u. r. n/\i
And yon will light at I'K.'KENS, S. C. wli?r
nml Mont Complnto Lin
_ _ >11 b.11 I v_^
h lit; Ims over eurrieil. My trarto is icoreaRiug
ji and Honest Valuea. Tito IIKST of mnrytliin
R my ailvertiHoruont. N't vt'r mind tho price of;
Of everything Ami you will learn by exponent
cheapest. I)' you want anything in tlio M< ro
t > buy a Lot or rout a House, or buy a IIouhi
any money by aceing mo before you make a t
Yuura tr
r* m m
[ | J. tr. M/
seeds, l
3mpany )
; Store. /
I'. B. BItUCB.
s* See, & Treaa
id Linters.-<"fc
11 time all this season
r patronage.
y and you can get
in for meal and hulls
larket price lor your
can treat vou. We
ices but will pay as
m any other market.
Ao,, WT- 1
k^n vit\y, VV C IltlVC
cmicc in goods, and
best of everything
what they seem,
qualities. We see
uo this store.
HS. :
groceries here
ts. We don't give
e a way of stretch?ur
" * " / j
i j. ( mreton:
RR!S| 1
U LR.V 1?"
o lit) now has (ho Ldugost
10 of it
every day. I'liir Dnnliug
U for tho leasf money i?
'ii nrticln if its worth tho
^ IT "* r rri
5i that Tlio Host f? tho
Hiililo Line, If you want
) nml Lot, you wont lose
i ' v.^

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