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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 16, 1904, Image 1

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Entered April '21$, 190.'} at Pickens, S. C., as second claim ninllrr, nuder art of Congress of Ma rob It, 1871).
llftM P17A Ul nnnrn loL'M nfftrt nm t i* 1 u
nun, uuu. ii. i/nuri
The End Came Thursday Morning?He
Had Been III For Eight Weeks ? A
Native of Newberry.
Columbia, Special.?lion. (> ?>
W. Croft, representative in tlu?
national in.use t !' ivpri-sentu!ives
from Hie S'con<l Distinct ul youth
Car lina, <]ir<l at his hnh1oi:<'0 in
Washington at 7:08 o'clock Thursday
Mr. i r iS'f, hud been f-ulVcring
from bl?W ]"isi i), with com ?1 ilions
of stomach trouble and h M'l
1'aiiuro, <lu'? to u. pr< traded il!i,< t.s
Mr. Croft's illi.ess dated back about
eight werkf, when ho experienced
Hilarn naius mnninr/ through Mm
lvist; of (lie thumb. 31i^ niece ox-j
niniited the hand and picked from :
the thumb a minute pplintor. For
a timo tho influmation decreased
and Mr. Croft was able to attend
to his duties at tho Capitol. However.
it became acute again and
4-l.n ...l.rvl? ~ -IV- A 1
t?i\/ ? "w.u i ij^u v 2i i in ? up* !iiieuteuv
Mr. Croft was u native of Newberry
county, huviii? been burn
D?:Cem')cr 20. 1S1G. Ilia early education
was at the common schools
ill Greonvillo. lie was at tho Citadel
whon tlio c.uilotN of that. bisti-!
tution were placed in the Conti?d-?j
crate army and Mr. Ur> ft contin~!
ued to pr?rve there until the close
of the war.
He subsequently studied law under
1>. F. Ferry, at Groonville, and:
Waa ndmitt<jd to tin; bar in 18(51?,|
an l in 187<> local <1 at Aiken wln-rc j
hi has continuously nraetieed lr.si
Mr. Croft served two terms in j
tli.* li'iURC of rcpre^iiitativ* s of this i
State and also served in the State I
senate. Ho w<iH t\vic?> pi evident of
the South Carolina I>u" Asto.'iu
Ho was elected to the Kiltyeighth
Congress (the present Congress
I Jo was a law partner of the Hon.
Jus. H. Tillman ami was the lead
ing cminr.ol for Mr. Tillman in his
trial lor murder in the Liiling ot
TCditor N. Ci. Gou/.iUm, in which
ri.l M .? MM I....... ?f..u I'.tm-I
Wi ?UI AM 1 . a t i I IJtllli n (to <V?AJ Ull I.V'J,
Directed to Remain Neutral.
Pre:-id<Mit |{ooi,cvf>lt, uftor h < inference
wi:h Secretary <>f Stutf
Hay, issued an executive
Thursday, <>n the ob^omm e ?.t ih?>
proclamation of tho neutrality <.('
the I'tiitc<l St.tli-s in the conflict
bei\v(>( 11 ltuSM.i and Japan.
All officials of tho government
aro directed not only to ol'8<>rvt<1
the president'^ proclamation ofj
neutrality, I>ut to i.b-.t;un from ic;?!
ion or speech winch can legit imotJ..
i. v.. ? > ..
J v?uu:vj II i iw viliiri
The order :->ayn thore is n?? room
in America for Old World jealouslos,
and conclude.':
"AH officials of government,
civil? jnilitary and naval, are oxpocted
to eo carry theinaelvi s as
to trivH no r.aiif-e for 111 st nll'duo to
the people of any foreign and
friendly power, and with all mankind
we are now in friendship."
He Was Reported lo Be Dying? Sensational
Rumors Spread Thursday
Morning?Many Anxious
Callers at E5ec!side.
Washington, March 10.?Sonut
ir Tillmnn s 111 Mili11? d to r.n rpt-r.i
li >ii vr. !, 18 u <' .<! throat to.!;:;,
ua! tonight is grout I y jeliovri!.
Hoi.stlioiiiii ro'xiris woro ciivtihitc
i ili'-i morning lh.il S(Miat'>f
Tiliiiiau wuh dying and i???t. < xi'
-cti <i I > surviv < i h<> day.
It- .i I.'-...I v.. i
. i i.'t 1 iivlll INMI) Will) i^form
<1 th<? operation. author:*;* <l
tiiv' following statement:
'\S<;nat>r Tillman is not <lmgorously
ill. Ho l? ts bonn suillering
from a scvuro cold for moro
than a week. Ilia throat 19 ulcc-rafr.ml
niwl .iiu 'if l>!u I.. ......
? ...... v Mia uniKiin >v ilb HO
enlarged that an operation was
deemed advisable. The operation
was successfully performed today
and the senator's condition is much
Absolute real is necessary for at
least a week. At no time has bo
had fever or sinkin? spells, as re
ported, and by careful treatment
he should bo ablo to go to his
home at Edgefield within the next
ten days,
S^)v.it>rs Gorman, Depew, Blackburn,
l'siiloy, Fairbanks, Spooner
and many others "f Ilia nonat<>rial
associates bivo bunn urecent and
anxious callera tit Senator Tillman's
rt'SK'i-iice ititvi 1 his illness. Senator
Latimer and tho members of
live South Carolina delegation
have also c.tillcd to make daily inquiries
as to bis condition, some
of th? in taking turns remaining at
ni.s ixitifeuJe at night.
Kohlicrs Secure $1,600 !n North Carolina.
\Vi!s >n, N. C., Special.?Kridtiy
Mioi'i?in/JC ;?.t 2 o'clock .J"siiih Stuii>
: e i i i's Htoro ufc K on ley, 17 miles
from here, was dynamited. The
door wjih blown iil'te :ii fuet, mul
?>1.(U.K.) WjiK secured. (ioorec Monro's
j stor?> \?!>.s also ontored unci loo sale
<ty11jimitot!. lmt no inonry was ?->one.I
and nothing takon. 'i lu>
: t'oolrf used w.-r > taken Irom a carpenter's
c!.?sL iu tho vicinity,
jT1 i'n u( ] ' two sfrWtj' m ;i in tlio
to-,vn the day before, a I am I 10
yoarn weighing about 17and
lot), irspee.tivoly. The lust named
wui very tall and huldhca h d. It,
h thought thov were sren 011 tIt
morning freight, leaving town.
The aathoritie.s are elcse 0:1 their
track .
Hoki Up a Confidence Man.
Tlii-> story !;as {!> nny of familiarity,
s.av.s a New York paper,
but it ir (old an a fact, 111ou^'Ji no
names are f.'ivcn:
A gray hairod Western sheriff
stood i>!i 111o corner <<t" Hroadvvay
md Two- ty-thir 1 street last Thursday,
when ft slick gentleman npnii??>.lw.rl
l.i? Jw.Ni 1.:.. 1 1
u' ?i nun, nrivi wilt 1113 lltlll'l
and exclaimed heartily:
"By Jovo, how tiro you? It.'s
ton yoara ago nince wo mot out
WoBt, isn't it. ?"
The ahoriff gripped tlio proiferod
1 ^8fc4i8i
: I GR]
* K ft
f t J i \ j
tTT^' J-"- ^vznr.fiI
Veil C.O '1 111 nk(' <
mi i (i > I Y A a l"'tj an
| Dry Goods.
!At. a loss prieo than
satisfaction of knowi
bought and find any
and get your money
IOur Clothing bu
good many lots of on
down so low it you c
it away till next Fall
"When you come
Bring tho wholu fami
I H. If, S
i (< 1
.JJXH u il/tm. .^iw^iMtAWOuctJcuAaiimrasiT ni Ti.'iTrr
hand earnon' ly and roplied: "Lot's h I?
h-o, Tho Wcit, is a pretty hi;j ]?
i placrf. you can bo si fafctlo So
nioro fpocitic.'' or
"Ilanp; it !" replied tho slick nr
g. ntii'nian. ''Can't hc.hu to locate ch
the pineo to save my lifo." sn
"All! 1 liu^'o it.. I know y^ur'th
features wero t.-uniliar and I'll Wet
that thi plac j I saw you in wan ar
L"U(1 vill<>, whop; 1 helped lynch a of
' of a confidence th
man." N'
' And ho suvini!. ho twirled tli ca
' duppor gentleman ar-und, kicked on
him solemnly ncross the stic t, 1 i
i and as a parting nhot said : nn
"And <>nie t<? think of it, he fo<
' looked exactly s:s if ho mi;;ht have tin
! 1 111-111 I'hlli' till. 1,1*. 1 . K. I.. * ? . w . 'If
'!? >?.?? I I, I i < li UlvailVf ) UiilUlU II1V ? '
it' lie didn't." to
A Great Sioc!< Country.
Men who havo made a study o! ,.
r ii *ir
I tiio section* most fayornblo for ,
... , in!
stock raisin" ;tgroo that unusual
opportunities and conditions can j ||
ho found in the Piedmont r? lm >n
ui the South. Mr. lOdward Atkin
on, tho noted economist, in ad
XT 111 '
dressing tlu? .New England Cotton ; ^
M ami fact mors Association last si]
full, called particular attention l(> !
tlio superior advantages of this
section for sheep raising. IIo <
said : tin
"Every variety of long wool col
^ cTTSpnp
i o i rv
. - iri>i%iu<u\m iiitull . . . < ... ?. i.* . ?? n - '/i. . ..rtmivt ?.tKM,
yi.ur !: : I)of<?l*? U-mincc luunu?C"t>x;
(1 get iin>> ihir.j; y.?u w unt iti
, CEothin, Shoes, Hats
any other *tore in (in-envillu and on<l
ng af ter you g jt homo and examine what
article not satisfactory. You can lV-lci
oro something just as good.
sinuss last Full was immense, and natun
o or two Suits. All of tlie.se lots are no'
an llnd your size it will pay you to buy i
to Greenville, coiv:o right to ?TI'IIDI\
lv?Plenty ol room for the Chi dn n.
Yours for bargains,
\ T 0 0 P A S ? I Ql ITl f" f A
uUiOIVanl uu.!
oen vil] o's (J real est f
pop can bo bred in tho hiah val ! pa van i
/s and mountains (.I' tho Middh-Uho wo
mill, while the Piedmont p!at>au, . tinned
uplands extending from Virgii i i < oott->n.
cuimI tin' fl-mUs ot tli'f App.iia- | light o
a:n chain to M issnsippi, inelu 'All lie
bi> i.iu> very ucntn* of in<r: tl
c (ilie* w o! growing ol tin' world, ful >r-i
"Soil, ti 11 <I conditi ,ns an I \v<
-! all conducivo to thr? production "Tli
I needs of sheep i 1 nlu111it iVoni nt:d el
<< -]> c li <li!- ':;S 's to which the iv
!?/?.?> l'"" > I ?> > ?*n I>? ? ! | r| ..4-v:
rii<* 1 thcro. Thoy uny ho i'ed :i <*!n*?
the partially xhau9tod eotton C?i<*on\
ids, on lh<? refuse of the plant '
i ill ^ |. . I ;i1
d on the huge variety ?>1 ol her jj
)i? bui table for sheep, renovating ^
e soil, doubling the cotton eropj $
<1 sliding the \\\>oI tviiil Million; i 1
\ii i ? both
"This in u pas-ir.g phas*. I'lulor $ ?>'
n htluenco of ex])i'i"iinO!it ? > - I
>ii ' find under the h ;i< 1 >i>h:p < i' 'j
1 . is m
Lo?:i;i?:ii' men, both white and < bcttc
l.>r<id, tanning is becoming rap- J the
y improved; ere 1 >ng fence laws a
d d laws will be (Mil ircd by $
. .* ;} rich
1)1 ic opinion So that the time m \i
i far distant when Kheep up-n |j ^
> cotton will he its
ry :i part of the production ol .<
A Wo
tton the artificial l'ertih/.ertj $ m.:;..
\v are. | w,ius
"In another generation I von- 3
ro to predict that the Southern *
tton states, * * * will hold the
*7* ft!
> jji
// . V M
wnmq fa
% \# M
. .-v. , pi
to (.
5 and |j
have the K
y??u have
i it biiek
ally left n jy
v marked
t uiid put
A N T,8?
2za&&i3?b sjjzjj rift!
r^nnwnraurxa mwritcu *?? rni ?i%r? '?* -,ir miA
oiifit production of wool of
riil, coupled with Ih concontrol
of tho ] roiluction of
A11 this is writ I < !) i ;i t ho
f la :ts lli at can h proved
) natural conditions atv \\ait10
canitnl in ampin, tin* >>nly
now lucking arc inlc ! mmico
d i d i rvjtol i: dsi->? ry.
I a ft im ni'D sar t, < un
u??ap uool from ili<- < ? ton
ill l>o put lip in the ij:::rkot
I ::tic ti) M it took (i> | : 'luce
ip cott'-u 1?v fr. r !;,! ?
illc Daily II< nil 1.
V UMV:. .nWkM
ring good prices must h:wc
, . ,i_ .. -
I soi! ?$?&[
ri!y -^y^. I
?? C M#5# :
in ^ *<* >' ;
^ O t
v.-i'l rcn.l Olir liools, RivItifT fn" inf. r- ,
i i tlic suUjcct, to .tny fanner who
for lln'.ri. , 1
lurk 9.< Naiunu Slrerl, or
AOuutu, 41a. HrosilSt. '

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