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Pickens Sentinel-Journal.
Tho Sontinol-Journal Company.
Thompson & Kichky, Puurs.
L. O. TlIOMl'SON, I'.ihtou.
yabs(.viptio:i SI.00 Per Anmuii.
Av.lvorti.siug lv>tc.s lli-iisonuble.
Kntururt ut lMcitus I'ostoilice us Sceoii'l Cluss
Mv.Jl Mutter
PICKENS, S. ('. :
Wednesday, March 1'}, 11)01.
The warm wts.I her uf (he past IVw j
<lny8 lias been a reminder of tbo near
approach of spring, and I ho approach i
or spring 011 an election year iilwiiys ;
turns the thoughts of the American >
citizen to }? #11tic:s. It is, of course,
too early lor definite ai uounccineiits
fix in the candidate*-, hut the political
pot is already slightly siinnn ring.
The pcoplo Imve bej* hi to discuss
probable candidates, mid the pmbable
candidal h are ulioudy casting
around for a compreln ns?ive view of (
the situation and to {/<;( themselves ,
in slmpo and their supporters to (
go lb or.
This is presidential election year, ;
and the peophi of this county will
take an interest it) national politics,
in addition to tho groat interest;
i t - l - - * r ?
Muicu inuy u'waya uianm-si in lociil
and State po itica. But for the reason
that thorn is only one party in
South Carolina, the intt rosf ti\':<?n in
national politics, ho far as the vote of
this Statu i* concerned, is very small
compared to tlmt t-iken in State and
county politics. South Carolina nlwuys
koos t-oliuiy Democratic and
then awaits the result in the doubtful
Nor will (bore bo a srnut <bal of
interest this year in Stntn politico,
for the reason Ibnt mo?t of tho State
officers will ask for a second t?-rm,
and it bus lonpf been tbo unwritten I
law in Soutb Carolina to trive a Stule I
officer, who hn? served acceptably for
two y?-ni?, a seoond term.
But tljero is always a lively inter
est iii county politics.
Tiuk Neah at Hand.
The State Democratic Executive
rominitteo met two years ii^o <>n the
.'id of April for the purpose of calling
for u reorganization of the party.
State Chairman Wilie Jones lum not.
vet issued his on 11 for thi? meeting of
the Executive CommitUe this year.
The constitution of the party pro
vidt'8 that on the fourth Saturday i'i
April, or during tlie wn,k in whic'i
the fourth Saturday occurs, that ali I
the Democratic ?lul?8 i>hnll meet an i |
C'ltH't. c t<? I l*n n/mnli* /?#%.?? ?.?. I
tiou and nominate one member of the
county executive committee.
Then on the first Monday in May
the county DenioeifitU: conventions
mtet, to elect a county chairman, a
county executive committee, delef^atee
to tlie State convention, and to1
nominate members of tho State exe
cutivo committee. Tho county convention
alwavH chooses llm wmniv i
executive committee as rocommended 1
by the various clubs, find in turn tho
State convention always elects the
fttiite executive committee as nomi
nated by the various county convent
The Stftte Democratic convention
meet* on the third Wednesday in
'May to elect delegates to the nution.-d !
< 01)vention ?four from tlie State at,
.... i r -
i.* i*u .1 Hi-/ *i*/m u(u;u \>uu^ruMM? (
io<nil district?11 (number of tin: national
Democratic executive committeuo,
and ii Statu executive commitleo?one
member from each conntv,
a i^Kcsted I v (he countv c>nvenlions.
Thin hi-injj presidential (lection
year, the Statu D.iinocialio executive
committoo, at it? meeting in September
will nominate candidates for presidential
electors?two from the Slate
at large and one from each Congressional
The first Democrotic primary comes
oil the fourth Tuesday in August ami
the second primary on (he second
Tuesday in September. The Democratic
primary, of course, is praeti
cu'.lv the election.
T>. ~ /I T*
L IUIvfcfi? V Ol .MV fOki'l'IUS.
In Pickens county this year there
will hi; !i rae ' f^r every county office
except Probate Judge. Coi. ?I. I>.
"\e a bu y will hold over for nnothei
two years.
Tliero is going to l>o no luck of
camiiuaicH ur ino various positions.
A number of tho present county ot'Iicors?
have d< finitely statu! that they
will stand for 10 election, and opposition
to scm.i of thcni lots id read)'
been ?!t ii!iittl.y stated by those who
iuti nd to make the race. Other gent!fUU;U
wh > have bom talUod f.ir
county positions have roiosru toocm
in it. t heinsel ves. As a mutter of fact,
it is rather a lit tic early yet, becins-o
at. this shi^e of llit' omr.o it is almost
impossible) for tlx.' hluewiltfSt of tho
politicians to wake a good gnefs nt
the (D'UtimcMils of 111 people, and no
oiin wants to {*<) into a rncr! union ho
hi:ns?lt beimvia that ho can bo <*looted.
I>ut, on the other hand, there
are those who think that by getting
into tin) political |^u:nu ear'y in the
season they will ileveiojM;'.re?:;;tl- ami
iu every \wiy he better prepared wlien
the campaign opens in earnest. Aie.l
tini), some Miy, if a man waitn until
tlie lahL minute to stale his intention
Id run hits whijuohI nupportciH may
have boon pledged to t>omebi>dy else.
Then, there arc those who are waiting
oil encouragement to make the
race. Taken ail iu all, tliere iu n>>
more irtneata game than that of pal
itk*s. There are uuine ^lu ur..strong
enough or lucky enough, a.*
tho case may be, to defy tho ^ninfe
aud without studying its intricacies
and abiding by its laws, to command
the approval nod tho votes of the
peoplo. But thexo aro utualiy fow.
Politicri is the groat Asnericau g *?>??
and tLm would-be HtatcHinen play it,
uiui every now and then thure uppear
a >t fine Itt<lian hand which is
able to control it for n time. Hut
there is no f^anie more uhcertiiiu and
there is no huccchs more tickle.
'\ he Sknatoiuai. Hack.
Senator C. H. Caioentur Inn n? vet
? ?/ uni.lt)
no definite statement hh to
whether or not be will make the race
for 10 election to the State senate.
Tln-re in no renxon to (suppose, howover,
that h<> i 11 in)t make tlie race,
ami the natural conclusion is (hat he
will prohahly stand for re-election. It
is cpiite likely that Mr. Carpenter
will have ponill I ililwiyil inn lull iwm
much or who will oppose him in his
cntuliilncv cannot nmv lie told It
has heon Ktatod, on what appears to
l><) gooil authority, that J. Atdmiore
Ilinton, present member of thu Iiouhc,
will, ho a candidate for promotiou lo
the Senate, hut wo havo not received
direct word from Mr. Ilinlon aa to
hi j inclination > < r ii'-prations.
Mkmukus of Tiik House.
Pickens* two ineml>e of the house
at prusuttt are Matthew Hendricks
and J. Ashnmro llinton. Some Hay
they both will stand for re-election,
whilo others state that Mr. llinton
will aspire to the senatorial honor?,
and tluit Mr. Hendricks will bo a
candidate for County Supervisor.
Thorn are hoveral names mentioned
for tlio house, among thorn nro J. K.
Kirltsev, W. L. Jenkins, T. .J. Maul
<11ij, C. 1'- Robinson, Fred William.*,
.Judge M. Wolborn and W. O. Witlard.
It in too soon yet to toll whether
any, or all, of these gentlemen will
shy their castor into tlio political
aromi, 1 >ul it is probable that at least
two of them are certain to offer their
Hcrvicea to their country.
''i.niK or Oorrer
I !... I. . r i ' i t i i i> -ii
seek re-election. No positive opposition
lias been mentioned, though Mr.
John A. Robinson, of Easley, has
been mentioned as being a candidate.
.Yt present, though, it looks as if Mr.
i..:n i... ... I...*. :i
I -A^wwin uu uut n is i
miHulo to make u predictiou at* to
I what tbe next few mouths will briii^
j forIh politically*.
ft- c i.
1 HE IIEHII' K 8 1. ACE.
There is ii great deal of interest
eonterod around this oDlce and k'uih*
twelve or liflet'ii aspirants have ali
ready l>een mentioned for Shet'ff
! McDmii<il'3 Hucccssor. Slus'ifV J. 11.
1 ( i Mel Umii-l l:im Kci Vi-d I h?
j faithfully and c*fli?it.?utly for thn ;o
terms mid will in t bi> :i candidate for
! ro-fli ctioo, and K. F. Looper, I? F.
['arson*, Muck Jameson, Joel II. Miller,
\V. F. Johubon, J. W. Thomas,
Tollv F. Williams, A. J. Wolhorn,
Dill KSliu, Jake (iarrett. if. O. JenI
nin?s, W. J. Pondtrand prohaUy a
; few others, will ho in the race. "Th.
longest pole ^ol? the persimmon."
County .Stipe)in{<:!nl<!iit of Kduou
j linn Itichiad T. Hulltiin uillsrcicto
! snc.c< i'(l hims??if in ihc lintci.
! dent of Ii luculioi.V cflu'e. < fo wiI!
' |>f(il)iibly IniVd op|M..-.ili.)!i, 1 >111 ji-si
1 now thorn in no ono in tlml. i.I
''hankering ni ter !l)f criftor
Foil 'l aKA.-riM u.
: llonry \Y. Fair, the jnrsent ?f;i
I cum. weoHurei', fins imiv miv.m; ??u
; term, ami will st 11 1 .'or ro oleiihon,
! with tlx; forviil hoprj that no oppo
; n<Mits will cinno t<> tlm '!'h:s
jtifli'jo ^euovaliy luta1 vct-ul pm kcrH,
mi 1 this year will l>o !io * inn I .
the rule, hut, ns yM, no ih finiN; iloeluI'd
Hons hnv?f heen mado.
Foil Afurron.
Auditor E. Foster Keith, I>v no:
poiutment, has Hllod nut ilio urex |
| pi rod term of tho lute S Arthur,
I Hunt and Her veil onu term I ?y elecj
tiou. IIo will probably l>o in th? race,
though ho has not positively declared
hia intenti mih. Them will certaiuh
ho nt hnnt three or four caudidato*
for this important otliee.
For County SopKRVlson.
; inn picHnni iiicuiui)(*i)i, oir. xj. u.
(Biul) Stephen*, has not been Boon ns
to his intention-* in connection with
the campaign thin Hummer, but noire
of his fri> iuIh tiHRurt that ho will l>o n
cftiuliiluto for i?-eh etion. This iu
formation aconiH to bo positive. R?;?
(l>.t l.- ~ ?i
|/v?i t. nan ib Hint lit) Will UJ
by Matthew Hendricks, C). I*. Field,
W. B. .Jonrifl, Robert Stewart, G. M.
Lynch find probably others. This
report is not authentic, but that there
will be several candidates for tbiH
oflico is ?i foregone concl'isiou,
For this office no otio bus boei
[spoken of us a positive candidate ex
copt A II. Tiillcv, who will stand foi
reelection. Who will ho bin running
mate in a hurd quontion t?? answei
ri^ht now. There are tvso to elect to
thin office, and at the proper time,
we suppose neverid pernouH will "offer
on tho yceno of the tragedy."
The Coronkh'h Hack.
nrril ? ? ? . ?
iuoojiriy uira eaiclies the worm."
' Acting on ibis advico, W. A. Lark,
| who Iwih been a candidate for thi?
oOico before, lias shied his castor into
i the ring, and baa announced for the
position, (^eo announcement in thin
pnpf-r). He will doubtless havo oppo
Hition. This is a salaried ofTice, and
for the work tbero has heretofore Iwu
I .1.x ?II * 1'
?</ uv, jyHjrn tin null lift rtll}' 1)1 I 11 <' 111,
and in caflo of death of th? Sliorill'
the Coroner is inline for promotion to
the SIu-iiIV'h ofiicH. Thoro bus been
no declarations from any person for
this office usidu from Mr. Laik, and
he mitibl have the fluid to liiuin(;lf
Art yet no o|)|H)Hitioii ha? arisen to
Solicitor iioggs iiml Congressman
Aiken, and none in liktly to, ho fur hh
\so liiivo been uble to learn, though
noveral aspirants may show up a little
later. Iliglit now it looks very
II It/*)) f? CI ?f ll Alf 1
ii nn it t'l/lll ?> III
^ tlieiuuulvoH.
Othku Cakdidatbs.
Tlioeo mentioned above, of course,
are not all the probable candidates.
Olhcru have 1'een mentioned and
others very probably will bo in the
various races. If, is too early yet to
nmlce aoy definite predictions, but it
will be Eton that the diacnSHion lias
a I rem I y lie^un and it. will not helon^j
before nohtica will lnve the ri-jht ol (
- : !
, ... . _ . i
u:ar;c waiter? round UcaU.
C'.urk Wuit?>rs, a ei?rp<>nl?;r *it Con i
Ira!, \\ns V< 111j11 (!? :?(1 near tin- truck of '
tii<: Sont!u?fti iwilwuv :>'?<?nt omo tnilu ;
fu.in (Vntnd, Wt'dm sdny morning. |
f'oront'i* Parsor.H went to Central Fii
tiny morning to hold the incjufHt, tins
iiivuhtigation consuming t:u? ?-n{ii
day and a poition of Sit turd ay.
While tlio jury did not find u verdict,
;? : i.t. \ . .f . '
ii i-? ijMiiu 11icwiv in:u in !i i''\v iiiivn ir,
will l?o to the < fin;!. 5 lint tho iV'Ci'HHcil
came to hi? ?lcuth bv l?*in^ ntnurk by
0110 of Ilio Southern IJailwuv loeoinotivofl,
kimI that it <luo to tlio ticccit
i vl's own cnivl<!SHncHs.
Mr. J. V) llrovn, a moivhont ill
Ccljtllll, St'lt('<l tllill tin* < 1cc.!<>h?j<1
1 came to his store un<! s' lMtu-d to )><>
h to\icnt'nl ami that h?i e.'illed for H
_?n ... - ?- 1
;hiioii oi okici" "to up <>u." T!w>1
salo wna made and WnMfru pivowdod
with a gallon deiuijuH) <>f oid.jr
towards his home at Oall'outi. Tlw J
cider waa found near tint bodv ??F the|
<!oad men, n! d probab'.v >t half gallon
of it hud (iisapp'?irod. Ooronnr Vat*?a>n*
sliii ptd tlio ivui'iindcr of Hit:
citU'i* t<i (yoluiL. bin tn IK* rtonU and ,
Iho ji'-i v will not find a v< rdici unt il
tint >(Milt, of Hjo analysis i<s ?w--iv<?d.
Trespass Notice.
I livrrlo f< rlii I any portion limiting,
llfsliinsx. cutting liinbnr, picking livrricr-,
<>r in iiiiv way rospas-Mig on my IuiiiIh. j
!'l t'MjiJUS TH Will In; |lll?it$llUtl to Iho l ullctit
c.Nifiit of she law.
Mrs. E. M. Jones,
iu1Mt. Kinge, S (./.
Just Re
K Another
of all kinds
I | eent
;! Another Fresh Bai
|;| Just Rc
j;I| A Large Lot of PI
||!j Buckets, etc., F
t^kfeeu4^ <
| S^ew Gc
| Latest S
(( Lowest
SS Our Kuynr litis.just return
ff and already the now goodH a
| Friday 4 Saturda
1/ Everybod;
Grand display of Pattern
[ far the prottiftHt we have ov<
\ come. No trouble to bIiow
Announcements for Congressman for tho
Third Congressional District and for Solicitor
from tho I-.i;t 1?tH Judicial Circuit. and for all
County onicoH will l>o inserted under this heading
from now until the I'rlmnrv P.lcrtimi for tim
sum of FIVi: l)f)l<(j.\HS. Cash. nt the time the
notice li Intnilcit In. No deviation froin thin
rule will bo lntulo.
Pi.v Khttrlir.
I hereby niii'onnco niysoif h cnndidnte Tor the
oilieo of Shoriir of l'!tkeu< county, nuMeot to I S
the notion of the Democratic party in the i'li- r
inary election. K. KitANK LOOPF.ll
1'y tin* <iol!cit:i'.i-i'i niivny frioiwis, I hereby
announce inysoif a t I'ldi.liito for tlio oilieo of
v oioiurol i'u-kmix >unty, biihjcct to the 1:0
ti-in of the Dcinocriitlu voters ?t tlie approachin.;
prim.-ry c!?etl??:i
Ycrv icKiiiM'tfully,
u. A.
s> i:.w.ai~iiiXW3t?;uat(Uict>u<aiuuaK.i... "
fi a ^ <i
rA o f fa rrtt/y I
ij -a. JfsO* <La It ? Z inf. .1
J c&ssu"vtrxskvmwxrasstL'. .zacnitiz/rtczriy,
| "One of my daughters had a ,
|i terrible ease of nsthtnn. We tried |
w nlmost everything, but without ro- fc
h lief. We tiien tried Ayer's Cherry j!
jfi! Pectoral, and ''iree and one-half v
S bottles cured her."?Emma Jane i
|J Entsmingcr, Langsville. O.
j] Ayer's (Jherry Fcc toraI j
p ccrtainlycuresmanyeases ;
jj o: asthma. j.
jj And it eurosbronchitic, j.
hoarseness, weak lungs, ;
4 whooping-cough, crn::<>, f
Jj wiliter coughs, nj/'ht ;
' coughs, and hard colds. \
Tt c ?1:?m 25c., 53c., $1. All i-.njifljij, ^
/} ?'<?n iult your dortor. If ho ?u\\j tuko i'., J>
5; ('.. m mi> r.i liti ?;mIf tio tol'n j'Vi ?! i. ;
i>, t-.kM it. tlum tlim't itiUo it. ilu kuowt. I
\S l,iriv'.i it uitii . I'll. :<r?< wHItrir. (
j. c. a v i:i: i;o., i^>acII, Mai?. k
-1% ^>-?r.\?jfw?y*?ait*vnR*r*Vi#*a*ir<ttRriOjC(w.; .-.!l
Tr^?H|>iiM? JSoi ?? ?.
All Persons uro hft oby warned not to
cut tinilwu1 or in xtivvav (nwspassou tuy
land under penalty oi' tho law.
J. H. IVtrouorltP,
Administrator Estate.
Line of j;!
and prices
;to$i, |
*rel of Castor Oil !j
iceived. !;
:resh and Good. J
?ods |
tfyies i
Prices. ((
e<l from Northern markets AT
,re rolling in. ?/
y, March 25 4 26. //
/ Invited. 11
Hats and Dross Goods by /J
jr shown. Don't fail to f|
goods. \\

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