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Mens EsntiLel-Journal.
Happenings ol a Local and Personal Mar;.
? Pay for llio j>ap?r.
? IJi:v?-r look tiov.si on lli"So who
look nj> to '.on.
? Mr. and Mis. ]). F. Parsons
spent. i:i I.iiioity.
? \Y. O. U 'stnv iind D. I!, lmmik y !
have ( M-hiU'g. >1 :. suleiict-.
? Mrs. A. .1 vi.-iU-d Vr:s. T. !
13. 3-Ii??uiiiss, ? ! i'jit-li-v, lust wtn-!. .
T.i..? 1 > (: .11 : <> 1
wir. i-i;m v> I: i jU'lilll'M !U.
IK XI. Stltulixy Dl 'l lllll;; It i
11 o'clic::.
? U (1 Curutoi) unci P. 10. .\:<x |
niKin', <?) I'icU.-ns, i>peut .liuiuliy in
<3re?.n ville.
?Under tlio ii lliinncn nf dm i*? ? .
cent warm days, \u.mg trues aio buginning
lo bud.
?Dr. W. F. Austin, (lentint, will
be in 1'iokoQH Tuesday unit Wednesday,
M uch 'J2d and 23d.
?Mrs. Anita Ambler Brenzealp. of
Ueltoi', is on a visit. to her parents,
Mr. nml Mre. J. II. Ambler.
?Tlio to!* |i!n?iio exchange office
bus been moved Mid is now incuted
up taira yvor the l\ilu:tin bank.
? Even when nho d-tean't love her
husband ft wiiiii ui can b.s jealous* ot' !
another thai she mi-pools vtues.
?Dr. A. 15, U'l.rdlnw, d<ntisl, will i
be in his oQiee in ficken.s Tuesday I
1111.1 \Vf.|lM?m.l,.u ') ) 1 1 <> > i i
.. > * * I (l( Uil <UW(| itliVl ??0(l. I
?March linn two full moons. Ono ,
made itn appcarance on tbn l?t ami j
the other in to nliow up uii tlio olat. '
?A woman is pretty niclc when
she doesn't yet < x<*llt-cl because the
woman who curia liur hair forgot to
?J. Tlobert Ellis and wife, of the
Oreenville side, are on a vinit to his
fother and mother, Mr. and MraGid
? Col J. 15. Ha good. who hrt? been ^
quite hick tor soon; time, iw slowly
improving Mini is mow able to ridu
out some.
?The graded echool building ut
Eanley ie faut Hearing completion
end will bo rt.-ndy for occupancy in a
low weeks.
?The tax books closed ywnttrdny |
and now Treasurer Fnrr is busy put-'
ting up tliH additional penalty and
issuing executions.
?Flour, bacon and lurd are advancing
in price. The all cotton
men will p?y 12 to 15 centB for ba<x>n
if it keeps going up.
--The ntw subscribers have made
a lino start for the new year. Let
tllam nnnlinun '
.... winiuuu iu cuiuHi n u waul
one thousand now ouch.
? Miss Jessio Thomas, aftor npendinir
the wmtor in Florida, bus returned
to PiokeUH and rebumed |
clmryu ?if her raunic clasn. ,
?According to the government j
wumuui- ourcau too winter now parsing
in tbu coldest thin country bus
experienced in thirty-two yours
?In ancient turn s kisning a pretty
girl wan considered a ( rtain euro for
tho headache. It is iliflicult to improve
ujxjii the old time remedies.
?This i? campaign year and every
voter abould have a copy of The Sentinel
Jourual in order to understand
the issues that will come before the
?From tho numlmr of n?m<?
in# mentioned as candidates for tho
various county offices, the political
campaign in this county this year
will be a lively one. ,
?Tho second quarterly conference
of Pickens circuit will bo held at
Twelve Mile March 2Gth and 27th i
instant. Stewards take notice and .
govern yourselves accordingly. i
?"Flinch" has become a tiling of
the past in l'ickons, and "Pitt," the
new card gnmo, which, by tlio way,
is said to bo J. Pierpont Morgan's
favorite game, hay taken its place,
?Now tliat tlm yellow dog has
be?n collared, bo to spoak, who in
going to see that be in placed ou (he
Auditor's books. His name is legion
ana nis neighbors should not overlook
?In consequence of n rush order
from tbe Japanese government for
locomotives, the L'hilndolpliia locomotive
phwit has established a now rec
ord by constructing seven locomotives
iu one duv.
?Some people inRtwul of pruning
for .slionld pvuv fur j.'ii'.
? C5mo MI II'KH tim oikici'M niwi ^n?>
Be libit f.?r M !iy .S'-ft inol-Kni'ii i!.
?Tin I'-iImmw continue ii-m'' !< )tili'/,.-is
:i\v:iy fv in t< >\n in ):: ;j
cjimnt i! ii-h.
? Don't ? !? ?n? ?! ? 1 )
weiitln r. Tlwi" urn .1 r <>{
Will III till} 8 uilcU'l.
- Miss S:' Ml: I"T f?1 I i - . if ('rlV./.tl I
\ iiif, s- l t* *j.tiv >. 1 'ifli tis \\ iti\ 1
h. r ! -?. M .1 I!
!-' >: ' ifi ' > ft I* - :i> imi ) ? i t i
l?-. ti ?*.J1 u i i In I! Iv in a I n ilt l j
ti%i f the; u-li |i!.vtiu whoil t.ht-v m in't '
.li .vs, ;h
?f y ?* j smi'rt ! ? '?>. ? i r i hilc i
t:i|" *?! *- I <1 \ l.lf I'lIK" ;n i.-.i'i \ f J
in::u'.'in i ?? ?|1 i > :nv. t?i *< ;iyt> i
? K'..( ; vtMir t'y on t l:,i iiuiiciini'd i
y" . . 1
lm-nts J',. K. iiunper f.?r HlieriiV *t?<I I
W. A Iji.i k fur o-uotu'f, hsivi? hrokeu j
tho inn itnd uuw till! lu>\s w 11 l;ot n I
? Tho inctnlM i sliip nml Frif inl.-t i,f
Tabor church urn r< qut-sU'tl to meet I
tln-m Saturday afternoon next, at 1
o'clock for church coi.ieri-noo anil to
cica'i out !lit* church.
Dr. CJcorgn Curcton, of Kvr.K'haw,
S. spent Sunday with his
parents in dickens. llo was oil his
uiiv to Atl/mt t to attend ili? c.HiiuicnUcinniit
cxi'iciM's nf tli*? Ail..
l.'ulleg-: of Pharmacy.
?John M. (her, president (if tlit;
Kan ley cotton mills, ha^ been elected
president nf tho Franklin mills, at
(livers Mr. Goer wi'l continue to
reside nt Knsley and divido his tinm
between the two mills.
? Little Mioses Mary and Williu
Luthem returned to Clinton Monday.
They weie accompanied down by
Minn Sadie Riehey who will sp"iul
Heveral days with her sister, Mrs.
Lathem, ut tho Orphanage.
?A Georgia editor observes-: "It
in .said that u man who squeezes a
. . u.< i iiis wile. A
glaoco nt our subscription book l?*n. 1b
us ti? believe that few women in
this section are having their ribs
?The law ngaim<t slot machines
in this Stuto litis g no into ellVct.
The machines exempted from the
provisions of the law are those which
g\?e a certain ami fair return for each
Coin ami in which there id no element
of chanco.
? According to the roport of J. D.
Holder, cotton weigher at 1'ickeus,
last Bea-ou bo weighed 3,200 bales of
cotton, and up to last night be hud
weighed 3,300 bales. Thin
weighing wt Pickens will Amount to
3,500 buluH.
?A nefiuH of roeetingH will begin
at the Methodist church in I'icken.s
tliu fourth Sunday afternoon at 4
o'clock, liov. S. W. Henry, of Fmidleton,
'vill conduct the meeting.
Everybody uf every denomination is
cordially invited.
? J as. Dodgens' Iioiish uud contents
were destroeed by lire last Friday
afternoon. The origin of the lire
;u ??...... ?i? "
io pu|I|;u?mu 10 d? iiiai it spark from
the engine of ti e Pickens lltilroad
Hot it on lire. Ti.ti loss is very heavy
oit Mr. Dodging.
?Surge Plnnkett in the Atlanta
Constitution s?ys that ico upon the
tr.cs in February means a good crop
year, anil this was a comfortable rod.-otion
to hiiu during tlm lute had
spell. Every one will hope that ho
is a true prophet.
^r-'flie many friends in Pickens,
(rod elB0v\here, of Isaiah (Joy. will 1??
pleased to luarn of bis promotion, in
Washington, to the position of prop.inct
detective. ilo now appears in
citizenu clothes with only about four
hours work ench dny.
/' -?II. E. Bruce hus returned from
Now York, where ho has been purchasing
a largo stock of spring aud
summer goods for tho "Big Htoro."
The gooda are rolling in aud tiro being
marked up at a price that will
Hiiiiii fnlfn llioio
?u?ui utlb U^iWII.
Miss Wilvey Chapman died at
tho homo of her ftithor, William
Chapman, on Big East u toe, wn the
0tli inat., after a short illneKH, aged
about twenty-five yours. Her remains
woro buried at McKinney'a
Chapel tho day followiug her death.
?If any one doubts that a largo
crop of cotton will bo planted this
spring lot him riJo through tho conn
try uiui look at the doming of old
hedge rows, ditches, fences, etc.
There nro many places where hushes
and briers will give place to cotton.
? Modesty, bo far n? it is affected
by clothes, is n thin<? of change
nud fashion. Women in a ball room
at tins jw.-riod went* without a second
thoughi. cowus that a hnndred yen is
ago in this country would have driv
en all maidenly fucos behind their
I fans.
I " '
I ?It i* n setlhd fuel thnt \Sqniro
?V. I,. Jenkins intMidu tu he a candi|
'Iti!o f??r Hoiii'.- i Hii-c, ('jut wlint ono it
| is cannot 1 *n f??U!ul nut til present.)
fi r ho hab treat* <1 himself to a nc?
| l"P u,?{fy ami a j,'nn?l hnrse v.Mh
v.hivh to iiiiilco (ho roui.ils i.i." lie
C. Mil j)ili<f|l.
?Tho Barnwell IVir n:i Mnmlay
p t it if>}>?>< 1 Chief J>i-1 io<! 1\MW i .i- ?"
x5 r si 11 n 'if (lit* (,'d )11 of
i' to C() < liiOl <! (HI } !:<.. 4i.il Mi 11
i!:iv i'i April :':i<l ?*.lis i no four \v? rks
f n?'Ct!sci'r>, vsilli if jii ('< )! li
Fine", of Atnif'r -on, ns Special
ivtrnut 1! i'vui'lr.
1 In; <i {jUiilto in ]>:c'c; its
hive uliv.'itiy }>ul?l more IVsrhliB tk
tliis vim- than thi'V sniil <Inn?>tf tin*
-:11 !?: ft?ns-?n of lusJ, war, ami stili
)i>> <'i\ is fi.v ! ???* r' -* 1 "
^ XI 10 |]Ut KIlOWIi
wl.-ic (Iih miles will slop at lust it i*
]>M'iii'.'tv* 1 tiiiU fhcv will doultlu any
ni'?*viuO!> soaaou'8 business. |
- - l*rv. T\ 1> Tliomna, pastor of J
Jbc J'osbsic rinn ciiurcli :>> this pi actami
Enslt-v, bus r< si'.'iii il Kin pustor
!>'< to iiciv-jit :\ call ftt ('olloj.jo l*>n 1%,
(jjv. N?'t only I Iim uiuMibi'rs i>f liis
cburcjlw'S, but nil tin* j?oo?1 pco;>!? <>;
lMrlo-liS ami E isiry Ic^.i ' t t iflt !i<
bus ileciiUd to iiiiiUo this obn:i{;<'.
?It. M. Ilill, of tlio Miiynni'il sic
wan in l'lokens Cueftday oibusiness.
Mnck Ihih had a had arm
sincc: September and been unable t>
do much work on necouut of it. I It
11*i<l ouo of his mules to die a nhors
time HRn but tins bought Another and
ban l>eguii operations for furmin*.'
and if the price of c?ihm next full u
up any he will soon bo on top.
?13. Frank Looper, who run wooed
in t he men for sheriff four yearn
rtj;o, ?<us h?? "ill run tirst this time.
>>11< 1 foi- good luck, lias atnrteit the
ball 'o vol'ing by announcing himself
this week for that otTiniv H<> ..
j>oud supervisor, and hIioiiIi] ho he
el ct?-d sheriff, he would nerve Unpeople
faithfully ami well and would
not betray tho honor and trust reposvd
in him hy them
?The members of the Pioknnn D |
O. will uivM nu entertainment in the
m-nr future. The meeting ln*t Fn
day whs whII attended and after the '
;>un'kU?'Hs and dineussiunu were ended,
Mrs. McFall nerved a delicious course
of H\\e?-t? She al?o presented as ? I
Rouvenir, each lady a picturo of the |
Confederate flag painted on a card
tied with a red and white rihhon
Tho designs were executed by Miss
(JtiHHio Hubbard who is a talented
artist. Those meetings continue to
grow in interest, instruction and
pi en a u re.
? Robert Mosoloy, of the Jooassoo
section, wns in Pickens Tuesday and
ho informs us that about iOO feet
has caved in from tho lower side of
the dam at lake Toxaway. All the
hands that onn ho gotten are at
wotk on it repairing the lireak, which
i? estimated to cost $700. The people
below tho dam and on waters
tributary had belter look out. While
the dam may not break, yet it could,
and if it did, it would cause much
more damage than the freshet last
June. In order to bo on the safe
hi-.lo they had bett< r "keep their
weather eye open."
| Business Locals. |
?Head It. C. Curter'a new ad and
got posted ou prices.
Wamtkd ?100 bushels of peannta
at $1.00 per buehol. Craig Bros.
?li. C. Carter haa plenty of corn,
oats, bran and bay at money saving
?It. C. Carter has a few horses
??,! i " ... -
luuiurt iuii. como quick beforo
they are ftll goue.
? Don't forgot tho millinery opening
tit Heath-Brucn-Morrow Co., Friday
ami Saturday, 25th and 20th.
?I havo some nice pigs ready for
delivery. Prico $2.50 each.
m2ml. John Ferguson.
? Kverybodv is invited to tho grand
oponing at Heath-Bruco-Morrow Co.,
Friday and Saturday, 25t.h and 25th.
? Grand display of pattern lints
and dress iroods at Heftth-Brnnw.
Morrow Co., 25th find 2(5th. Don't I
fail to hoc them.
?A fresh lot of Nnnnally's candies
and fancy candies of nil kinds just I
received fresh from the factory,
i TicUons Drug Co.
Another Car of 1
Mitchel = \
A '"(isv reasons why tlioy aio 1 >o11? r t
: 5T\
Their inunonso Immo dent:! d i f<
he l)iiili, price heiug a at.-;: ?;.tl ?rv <
itv, knowing lull well t h n t <! !. -i <<
t'? tlii> cu t <>!' MiiMin!* ii w
to it.s iniriii^ie vnlue
M rmiELL & LEWIS Iinvo mil'.i
to work i n, Di-oha'ilv iho largest :i
tin) world ami c.'UiWl handle :ii
< !>< :!;>e.i limn any other c?>n<vrn, li
have liiiilL t ? only uno standard?
compnny builds onlv Wn^i ii?,
Timv ') }><>v onlv kiid <>[ hib
Innld onlv onn v
f .. ?> ; iv . I ?
Southern grades. Th?v aro : il 1
whelIn r <>1 tin* lightest. c>mi-ho.s (
art! (In* *anie as to material sind \\<
There in sonn-t '.|i"K besides "Pure
M1TCI1 ELL Whjjou: There
(here is honesty of purpose, th?>re
there is ample and ea*<y capital to
dftMrniinnlion that, ines;>ective ?t"
MITCHELL vV AGON shall alusiv
7-* ? | f? nrt< -
roiger c: i norn Icy
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents Fur
t --?FOR CA
I ? ********
t\Vo wifh to cull your special attenti<
Shoes that w urn offering vt rv ch?*H|
1'oint, Dixit) Girl, )frl.">0. Dolly 1J
t.$2.00. Wh also liavp a lot of Ladies Kim
sizes 3'? to 4'h, tluit w?; are I'lTerint
line of Men's Finw Shown, Americas
tferson $'2.;j0, most perpie a<>1 I for $:{ DO.
W?- have a good ;".0o Overall (brown
One of the strongest lines of Mens V\
A IVnch 1'rip Mnlnsses in buckets 40e
' barrels for 85o per gallon.
9 Some startling bargains in little thin
Q PIp Qans for 10c that are actually worth
? gauon cups Tor 5c. We have on hand a
^ for teas and 18c set for table. Xice ();ilv
4PH 98c set. Pearl Buttons ?c dozen. Cnrrj
| 10c. A nice little dinner beii tor 10c, or
\f Now is match time or aoon will be ?
0^ Tobacco Tags. We give a box of match*
rj Ih*1O\V?
We are the produce dealt?!s and exp<
to the highest notch. Come to see us an
(? C/i*aig Br
? One-Pric*
9? ? ^ ? ?fl
M President
^ Hy Careful and constant wor
M Hank largely increases every y
W We solicit your business anc
^ every reasonable accomodatioi
L8B ft?jUF ;bbb
:hose Groat
crk. QIT*! .?3 9
hnn u>y o'.nt-r wugtiii:
>r ?ne wry kooiIh th.\t co n
'0||K!(Im|'U; i< >11 Sin MJiSliliSt 1 nno
or tw<? i! >il is judiciously
iiicK; will :kM $o.()u i r #10.<_ :>
ms of (li.liars of civ a;> capital
it <1 ltfst i <}uipp?'(l lactorv in
iy class <>1 (/odds m.h cheap <>:"
in t r over F1KTY YKAKiS
that tlio 1JKST.
no !?u_r?iies or other sii'e lii >s.
or, <na? yr.i'lo of material, d
JV ?;<m k, no jmh',v hr.'rml-. i o
>r:i:i<l? tl "M ITOI KI/L. ' :.n?l
>r tin* heaviest ti n -k, > i- y
Commprcialiam" behind the
fiimilv pride and reputation,
is a lil'u time of exjerioi.ee,
carry out these purposes and a
mero dollars ami ci'ut-, Til 10
h remain 'THE MONARCH
inshiug Goods a specialty.
"^? ? ^
xi buy!
SH !?- 5
in to our i mm on ?e line of \
p. Ltidiex Klne SI>o?>h. High J
fun, $1.75, an<l Hour Wuril
i* Sliovs both in Bull m uiui
, .......>r>u j..t J? PO|||(. Ulir ' I
?, otliern sell for $;}.<V). Jef.)
without apron, for 44c.
'oik Shirts we ever i-old.
A splendid Molasses in ?
K*. We are afFerintf Rome ?
12} to Ific. Plenty of half
lot of nice Spoons 10c Hot
mixed Knives and Forks for ^
f Combs 5c. Hoi Ml! nriialmu ^
les.s than .1 dozen egga. Vl
o don't throw away your y
18 t\>r each tax mentioned Jfe
(IKES. 5
;ct to keep the market tip ^
d get your moneys worth.
others 5
e Cash Store ?
I* f?!)
J. Mel). IlItUCK, ^
Cashier, fa
5. C. %
$ 20,500.00 B
11,000.oo 1
- 105,000.00 f
k tht* business of this Jr
I win extend to you ^

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