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From Turkey.
Pence nu<1 quiet is the bast news
And n< thing wut'HO than creaking
The of tho dogs in the rabbit
Ami every boy with a smiling fac,
> 'i'lio old lady in (he corner picking
cracked cotton,
And the darkey plowing in the <nld
cl.i\ Oottoir,
The old man with a wrap around
Says ho onco belonged to old'
Who fought for their's us best thoy
And that ho among them quietly
In Alabama they isanod peas,
In Tennessee just whut tlioy plense,
In North Carolina tar niul rosin,
l?nt. in f-iimrmn (y/^?lio?o ???**! c\??
In old Virginia old lmrd Iuclc
With a little piece of razor back.
Small {;rnin is beginning to show
n little, mi l guano hauling in progressing,
but farm work is blow.
Kellev Pros, and Grunt Bros, are
sawing bhirgles at the rato of 18,000
per clay u:> II. J. L^wiw' olacu. It.
From Central.
It looks like now Unit fanners ill
be lute planting their crops, from the
looks of rain wo have been having.
The turtle doves aro cooing around
hero and the old folks Rfiy when thov
begin to coo that winter is broke, so
by that sign wo will have an early
The health of this community is
not so very good nt this writing.
There is a great deal of In grippe and
colds around.
Mr. Robt. Holden, who has been
Ill IUD mercantile UUSineSS Willi iUr.
Davis Morgan at Seneca, ban como
back to bis old stand with F. B. & J.
N. Morgan at tbia place.
J. W. Hopkins killed a hog tho
other day that weighed 318 pounds.
T. C. Johnson has about completed
bis now burn.
Mrs. Adaliue ilopkins is verv ill
with lugrip.
Fanners are kept very busy hauling
guano these days.
Best wishes to Tlio Sentinol-Journal.
Brown Eyes.
To Teachers and Trustees.
The County Board of Education
is very i nxious to secure their
number of libraries for thin county
as 600I) US DOSsihlfi. Tlli* ft liinlv
is entitle 1 to twelve. The County
Board lias adopted the old rulo:
"Thoso ilint come iirst will bo first
sorvt d." Through tho kindness of
the editor of tins rumor 11>? Mi.
brary 1 ill" i;< publishod, hIho a 1ft-1
ter tiom Statu Superintendent <>.
B. Martin, concerning local or
special tax elections.
II. T. I Iallum,
County Supt. Kdvicat ion.
("Jentlonien: Section 1208 of the
Codo provides that all local or
Rj-ecial tr.x elect iona must l?t held
prior !r< mi" fir.-?t. ilay of .Juno in
a.iy y> nr and it also provides
that two wcoka' nolioo must le
^ivon l.cfor" Hiich elections can lie
hold. As you know, an ert'nrt was
niii'lo at tho laHt session of I he
CJoneral Ansf-inhly to get this law
amended m> that- tin. niof.i;??.
mi^ht 1> held <1111*i11tli.-t summer;!
hut owing to tli< crowded condi-j
t ion <>t | ||f c,tl< 11<h?is, tlio iintondmont
was not piiHflod. You will j
hi*0, thon, that wliati vnr ia dono
this lino must !>?.? done within
the next thn-rt months. I am
writing T. <> . (hi ri I iiv . nsl:iin? t}?nt
v< ii i11 i<-i in your Trmt t'> the
i-xnet ni\>\ isif.MH of the law, f>0 that
tlif.v limy proc.-od intelligently in j
11?im in?tt"r. I liopo tli.it many j
districts will lovy nppociul tax t!tih t
ynr, I ccmis.. such n levy creiitos j
greater intnrcHt and enthufiieam in
all matters pertaining to tho itn-j
provementfl of the Hchoolfl. Now;'
jm the time to punh this matter if ]
wo expect to accomplish anything !
along thin lino. I think it would
I be well to solid a circular letter to
the Trustees, and also nsk the
county papers to mako montion of
Allow mo to eugceet also in
this connection that you ask your
county papers to givn n brief explanation
of the Rural fjihrnrv Imv
becausc tlio poople av<? anxious to
loam tlie provisions of that law. 1
am sending you oxnet copies of
Library Law.
Wishing you much buccpbs in
your work, 1 am
Sincerely yours,
() . B. Martin.
An Act to Uncoukaokthe Estaiii.isumknt
()f llhkarlks in
tine Prune Sciiooi.h of
P,,,. . ? ?
avuiwiij jyioriuu'iH,
Section J. Be it enacted l)y (ho
General Assembly of the State of
South Carolina, whenever the p>?.
i trotie and friends of a free public
| school shall raiHe by private sub
scription and tender to tlio County
Superint?'ndunt of Ertucatioi , with
the approval nnd endorsement of
the school trustees of such Bchool
district, for the establishinont of a
Library to be connected with said
school, the sum of ten dollars, the
County Board of Education olmii
appropriate from tho money bolonging
to tho school district asking
for tho Library, the huui of
ten dollars for this purpono.
Section 2. As booh as the County
Board of Education of any
County shall liavo made an anuro
priation for a Library in the manner
prescribed, the County Superintendent
of Education shall inform
the Secretary of the State
Board of Education of the fact,
whereupon tho said State Board of
I Education ahull r^mit the County
Superintendent of Education the
Rum of ton dollars for tho purchase
of hooka for said Library.!
Upon receipt of this money, the
County Superintendent of Education
shall turn over to the perpon
appointed to solect books, tho
uuiuuru Hfiourou by private Hill)-'
Kcription, by appropriation from
the County Board of Education,
and by appropriation from the
Stato Hoard of Education.
Section 3. A local Hoard of
Trustees in hereby appointed to
Hoh-ct the hooks, and shrll purnhocn
1 I '
niiun dudkb hn uiey may net in
host suited for tmch j>iirpc^sc, and
shall lile with I ho County 8nporintendent
of I'vluositiou vouchors
for the whole amount received:
Provided, That no vouchers shall
1)0 valid exoopt for bo >k? and
minsportution charges: Provided
furthor, That such purclmnoB uli:vl 1
he frum :i list, furnished by the!
Statu Board of Kduo'ition, wliich
bill 1 State Board Khali ?ivj~? ,
for Haiti Libraries under the law j
uii< 1 ruled governing the adoption
Of I . Yf . 11/ .f ilr " o.-l -? ? 11 '
. . cvii** riuiJl IIJIIK15 I'll IOB
for Hio governing of hhit 1 Libraries
Section 1. The trustees of every
Library shall carry out sue.h rules
and reguliitioiiH for the proper ihh
and preservation of tlio books an
limy 1 <! enjoined by the State
Heard of Kducation. and rIim!I
make pr >visioiiH for having all
I?(??>k *, when not in circulation,
kept uiulor lock and lo>y.
Section The trustees of two or'
more Libraries may hy agro</i?ont
exchange Libraries: I'rovidod,
That no exchange shall 1 ? ) made
oftener than one-) in nix months,
and that no part of the expense of
exchanging LihrarivH whall be borne
by the public.
Section (J. That the nnm of Fivo
Thousand J)ollarn I?e annually appropriated
to bu expended by the
State Jioard of Kducation, under
ioo Lbs. Staiulr
i oo Lbs. 1 lead
100 Lbs. Broke
100 Lbs. Fine \
"Our Sugar is j
! Salty," but every
We guarantee 1G
Don't forget
! 33UGG
If yon want
Line we have it.
4 1I
.1 1 11 UUL 11
Corn, Oats, Chop
kinds oi Plantati
the provisions of this Act.
Suction 7. Nnt. inorn tlinn f?7ol\ro
(12) 6cliooid in any county, in any I ^
one year, created and operated
nnper the generol free school law
of the Stute, Bhall be entitled to
the benefits of this Act, and no B > I
school district shall receive any| J|
moneys under its provisions, except
schools operated under the| n..:?
goi eral freo school law of the FINES
State. The schools roiviiving this "oxt
" of thosf
bonefifc shall no decided by the <>hoppeil
County BoanU. thing let
S. This Act shall be in (,f
force from and aH.r?r ils approval. u troinon
I Approved the l$th day ol Feb- \
ruary, A. I)., 1901. Crot
'i'u hi
Tragedy Averted.
| ".Inst in tlio nick of timn our lit tin
i boy w>s hu veil" writ oh Mrs. W. Wnfkiim
I 1
<>f Pleasant City, Ohio, Pneumonia
lul l played sad havoc. with him mid a In o
I terrible cough s< t in hosidos. Doctors] 'l'ayl
'fronted him, I >nt lie grow w<?rRo ovory | Qneen, i
day. At length wo tried I)r. King's New this sale
Discovery for Consumption, and our!
] d oling was savod. lie's now sonnd, '
and well." Everybody onglit to know,
it's the only Riro cure for coughs, colds i
and all lung discuses, (inarantood by I
Pickens Ding (Jo. Price G'.)o and SI.00
Trial bottles froo.
Ah the hcIiooI year ends Juno !?0,
i ik iiM'i -s.ii v I lull the m'IiooI ? ?'? in
tor of eaeh school district must be
properly rondo out and presented to
ilio Countv Suj)"iintenclont of Kilo- ~
ration with tlin last monthly report lMrv3fcw
and pav warrant of this Hcholastie Ha Jjw
year. Tho apportionment of moneys ' HwkT
for pchool year 100-1-1005 will be
baaed on the repot t.
neapnou OJIV, mhmmbbt
Ti. T. Hftllum,
Oo. Suj>t.. of Education.
Htnto nf Ohio, City of Toledo, ) (,
juchh County. \ '
7'rank . ('honoy rnalu'R oath that lx?,
is Honioo ptirtncr ?>f tho firm of T\ J. !
Ght'noy fc Co.. doing buninoss in the!
oily of Toledo, county ami state afore- j
wii<l, iiml 11 >:it mid firm will priv the sum
each ami (ivory eano of Catarrh that enn-1
noi nt! cnro<i t>3* tlio iihoof TTuII'h
Onrn. Frm k <T. Clii'noy.
Sworn to before rue ami unbKcribfd in
my Drroi'TKro, thin Cth day of Deooniber,
A. I). 1K8(5.
fSofil,) A. W. Gtra?on. m ?
Notary Pn'ilio. f #
HoII'm Catarrh ('lire is taken int'Timlly ? "
and nctfl directly on tlio blooil and mn C*R]'
<?ou? Riirf:?o<H of tlio Hyntcro. Sond for
testimonials freo,
F. J. Clifnoy Co., Toledo, ().
Hold by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are tho beat.
ircl Fine Granulated Sugar $5.00.
Rice, #5.00.
n Rice, $4.00.
Vhite Salt, 59 cents.
lot Sweet and Salt
one that tries it li
*oz. to every pound.
us when-you need a
anything in the I la
lat we are headqnar
ps, Bran and Nay ;
on Hun lilies.
or fill I i? earnest when we make up our mind 1
HOES. About this time it is plain tliat we in
seasons footwear. Before wo can receivo tho
^ on hand; and so we call yon to our aid.
down prices, especially in our heavier shoe
t. The shoes arc all tlii? seasons make and
antee; ?o y?" nm no ri-k in buying shoes of i
styles to f iler. Wo will sell for the n? x. liftee
'Hetts ?'2 50 shoes at S2.120. Crosset
setts $$:$.50 shoes at $2.85. Crosset
i.setts ?5.00 shoes at 8 1.50.
UK) Shoi'H'for ire'itlcnimi will lm u'niw?Ui-?n.l
itic 85.00y.Ui-A ??.r.o l'nliuio T
nr TitulioH Shoe Dcpiutim nt you ran liml tl>o f
lor Helming Mclvinzey, Girl Grnchu
iiul novorul other limn, will be koUI nt the r
i? for 15 days only, commencing tomorrow uiu
Little Bee
nortli Mftiu Stroot. - - llemoniltor
\vn givo ciipons for nvrry purolinst
rodaitmnblo in If nod 1'nintud CI
BT /*T\
lun i :
craxxsiT^i: osxlsj nrn/tMx>yrj n aur.traaoKi
ITie Suit or Ovorcoat you
perfectly and looks wel
position you stand or sit.
Our clothing is made to f
not as they might be. If
we alter it until it does fit
Everything latest in style,
fabrics and tailored in the
Sole A^ent ior I lawes' I
Nufarigl Trousers.
11 !
\ ? , /
ih noi.
inys it.
V T~\ T 171 Ci
' I 'J-iXLIO.
rcl w are
ters for
mcl all
3. O.
to clear out our stock of"
list commence preparationa
uew goods wo must dispose
As an inducement we have
s. until llioro is hm-dly anyi'Ios.
Every pair sold under
is. We have no o!d or out
n days all Crossets Shoos at
f? $3.00 nhoos at 82.50.
t.'J 8-1.00 shoes ftt, 83.30.
tho samf way.
lilauo 83,50 sIiooh ?2.85.
ollowing well known makes;
ito, Ainorican Oirj, Sacnty
inn" reduction, lioniombev
Greonvillo, 8. C.
) from r> ccutH up;
A a
?lJBCtMR namriMi,' mm ?u.rtw
buy here: fits you
1 po matter in what
>t iiicn as they are,
It no#?c n<\? fi? if
. w ?'V7l lie ill III .^L
of the most worthy
most perfect manner.
S. C.
lats, Dutchess and

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