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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 16, 1904, Image 5

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conyniortr, /04. ?v
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copkerjponnr-j^ce sol ici ted .
If you note the work of (lio pocket
gopher In your orclmnl, no time* should
bo lost in exterminating him. He Is a
terror to tlie roots of apple trees.
Man's judgment on fat eattlo is not
yet perfect, lor the prize animals are 1
nearly always beaten by some less attractive
beast when the block test Is |
Ciml I ml
If you meet n man with but one arm
and he is under sixty years of ago, lie
is more likely to have had a round
,wltli a corn shredder than to have had
the missing arm hacked off by an army
A market which will absorb and take
care of <12,000 head of beef cattle, 500
calves, 00,000 hogs, 30,000 sheep and
800 horses in one day is no small nf
fair, nnd that Is what the stockyards
at Chicago (lid on Jan. 11, 11)0-4.
A well settled old county on tho borders
of the upper Mississippi river paid
out lust year tho lorge sum of $-1.10
lor uountioB 011 wild animals. Investigation
showed that the money wont
mostly for woodehneks and rattlesnakes.
f In the south, particularly in tho territory
lying east of tho Mississippi river,
tho camp meeting is one of the great
troubles to the employers of colored labor.
The work on the farm is never so
urgent that it will prevent thu colored
'brother from leaving it and taking in
the camp meeting.
> We are fortunately passing from that
agricultural stage when the man who
left his plow out In the field all winter
makes straight for tho public highway
in the spring to acour the rust off It.
IIo has learned that If he will use a
cent's worth of iixle grease and put hla
plow under cover In the fall he need not
do any road work In the spring.
fVinatnnf nnUlm tlnn r\+ ?t .??#* * ?
of the soil will almost entirely provent
any ill effects from drought. We have
bwii fine cropu of cabbage, rutabagas,
tomatoes and potatoes raised on land
which never was wot down an Inch after
the stuff was up until it was harvested
by just stirring the soil around
the growing plants every threo or four
dnj-s during tho growing season.
Any bright, observing man nu?y bo a
weather prophet on 11 small scale?that
Is, become able to forecast the weather
for a short time ahead, long enough
nJiead to be of considerable service to
him In liia farm operations. To do this
ho should havo a good thermometer
and a barometer ami learn how to use
them. lie should study the clouds, the
direction of the vimls, watch the signal
service reports and quit pinning
his faith to a snide almanac.
What is known as the ftmitliflcld haui
Is one of the most high priced and exclusive
meat products of this country.
If 1m ntvuln/?rvl Im n amoll fai??? i*? i
tho goober districts of the east and ]
Koi 111) I'niin iioirs which i.i.r:>- the
woods in curly Lil'w ntul mv lutli'iivu on
peanuts. tliiiH glvLug a rich and gamy
ilavor to the smoked meat:) entirely
wanting In the oorn f(*l hog. Tho demand
for these hams Is so groat from
the nahohs that they have to he orderod
two years ahead.
\i ne writer auoresaetl a fnnn Institute
n fow you lit ujjo where 'Jou farmers
"wore present, and on asking tlio question
as to how innny of those; present
took a live, up to date agricultural paper
less than ten hands wore raised. It
1h different now. Only the very poorest
and most shiftless are now without
this valuable aid to their fa tin work.
While it is truo tliat thiwe papers con*
italn much that is too hiKli up ami abstruse
for the avermje man. th^y all
linve Homettiins at rnliw for hint.
Aji aero of avit^go ftrUl corn wtll
K*vo 2?>,000 poinuSa of ?i*illntfo, oit
enough of the bust of food for tl& (lniiry
cow for luilt a daily ration fiur (WO
days. How 1h It ihK?4lbU> to aae Wiiwl
to otherwise get *?o tirorli front It?
;T1i1h questkst Is worth tlie Htndy of
tevory man who wants moro nenw nt
;the one wl?o would lncrenae tho mwn;ber
of hlfl 8toe* on hh* prwflt ruma at
.tbo man who wouM (pot the nrvotit mrt
of hlH (lnlry off oow*. 'liw Mlo Is oo?njlng
to stand foe f?om progrosB nod
farm Bcn?e. - -
{ *
There is no farm In the west win
+ 1 1 .?* I
I..*,- iiiu uuisl' luiiu ui uarnyaru mam
cannot be made worth $1 If prope
applied. Still we know of a lot of in
who lmve $2<J0 and over lyitijs a roil
mid being wasted In this way. On
most any cornfield, no matter whet I
the soil he rich or poor, t *n loads
manure will jcive an extra lifteen busels
the first year and almost as 11111
the? second, l'ut on a timothy nieado
It will liiprmiso ft?? vloiii n #<m <> ..i
lialf in two yours. Still there arc tlio
mon who will pick up every null 11
pin they see anil be stingy with tin
wives who will move their burns rat
or than haul out the nrinnre.
1 "When I was in politics out ;
jwwii, muu occrciary .Niaw, "I D:
some difficulty in deciding on
counlv ticket. I met a Swede wl
ip a big fanner in my district ai
talked to him about the candidal*
" 'Olaf,' I asked, 'whom do y<
think we should nominate L'or cou
ty judge?'
u 'I tank Ole Olcson hen go
Itinn.' ho ?!iill
" 'And for district attorney ?'
" 'You Y orison/
" 'And for county treasurer?'
" 'Neils Petersen.'
" 'And for slici-iIT ?*
"'I tank James Smith/
? <1} ..i- fW * > 1 1 "*
jjui, wihi, j. protested, "vc
have named n Swede for every otlu
position. Why not a Swede f<
sheriff ?*
" 'Oh, we must do someding t.
catch tlie Yankee vote.' "?Philadelpliia
Bismarck as a Drinker.
Andrew White, former ambassador
to Germany, writing in the I
Contury, repeats the story in the j
words of l'rofessor Qneist: "One day j
I met Bismnrck and asked hi
about his health. He nnswered: '
is wretched. I con neither ent r
sleep.' I answered: 'Let mo se
you something that will hell) yo
I have just received a lot of lit
mitago and will send you a dozt
bottles. If you take a oouple
glasses each day with your dinner
will be the best possible tonic ai
will do you great good.' Some tin
afterward," continued Gneist, '
met him again and asked how th
wine agreed with him. 'Oh,' sai
Bismarck, 'not at all. It made m
worse than ever.' 'Why,' sil5d
liow did you take it?* 'Just as yo
wiu ii iv , jiv;i;iiv;u j >10111 itxClv , 11 UUI
pie of bottles each day with mv dii
Silk Catorplllar.
The nests of a caterpillar of u
determined species living in a si
gle forest in Madagascar oll'or a pn
silde new source of fine silk.
Thery of the Madagascar forest
departnient states that these ne <
which are attached to trees, are
dazzling whiteness and are abo
sixtoiMl inpll/'K lnmr cnnciiitiiwr
Bilk?lustrous, very Jlcxihle mul vc;
j tenacious?much resembling that >
the common silkworm. From 1<
to 150 caterpillars live in a sing
nest, going out at night for foo
The caterpillar* are very prolili
and it Ls probable that they can i
auoce^fully introduced into otln
forests. Experiments are hein
| made to determine the value of tl
i cm 1 Ir
6woot Music.
Th. children of I'ari.s luivc a ne
toy in u clockwork phonograph coe
I in" only 7.r> cents. This remar!
able instrument, which I^i Natui
describes, lias a mica diaphragm, a
sounding box, a trumpet and a needle
which follows the record upon
the disk.
Mo?t marvelous of all is (lie disk
i'tsolf, for the voice record is made
in chocolate. It is said to give a
line reproduction of the voice, und? j
and?and?the record, tune and all,
can be eaten ai'ter it has been playod.
Lord Rocebory's Superstition.
lord Jlosebcry is superstitious. I
recollect one Sunday al'tonxofm
walking in his grounds at the l>wdans.
I f?? found a dead hi-dgahftg
on t#i? path 1a' tho ICpsom owuMl
Lord UoAotxriT halted. '*1
> tl-J ?
wii/it, WIIAW uit/un!* ; JUKI I NW fP
Lust Suivdav thi / Sunday I^Qn*# !
tLft Dv/lrf (which ho luwl
pliioe <>/ th# day aftnr I hIiuummmc* '
t>twm in a state!, You know, mum
arrow my path at Eton jnut Wfin
1 ?an my fix?t race. 1!
?Windaor Mafl?i?in?.
Conf*d#r?4? Lioulotvan* 0>m>0>.
. tyoov*fd Stephen 1). lw oi HH
lu ,
V- i
ill i
P" I
or i
Major b, rt. i,., uimu 11veil in Sain
Wilson's. Information strictly confidential.
Job. .1. Fretwell,
Fob. 17w4. Audorson, S. C.
In The Merry Spring Time.
Iu the merry spring time the fostivo
malaria microbe, goeth forth detertuiuoil
to colonize every liumnn organism. If
|M COLIJMD'A, S. C. 7.
I J* ! I
flic Glbbes Porir,!.?? Chinij'c Muchinc, I
mBAUZ& ??N1?!
A New Scientific Discovery
| or I he
!?.!L0?S> and MERVE5.
It purifies the blood 1>v ttliinin.ifii>:' >'
w*st? matter and other impurities aini !
destroying the jjerms or mi< rol>es t: ;.;
the 1 >lc>o<t. It builds up tin I.i . . '
by reconstructing :in?l im;! t i pi j- i r: ^ the i?i
ct>rpiis? les, making the l?i'?oil richand red.
It rcstorc.-i and stimulates the nerve:,
MMtaing a full free flow of nerve for-.throughout
the entire nerve system. )
y><1ily (Hires unstrung iiervs, nervour?m.
nervous prostration, and all other
dmoascH of the nervous syr.teni.
RYDALKS 1'OMC is sold under a ponitiv?
Trial ai/e SO ccnts. tair.ll> ,^/e $l.0o
The Radicat Remedy Company,
Pickens Drug Co.. Pickons,
j 11 Ready-as
(j| -DOR!J1
i i if> ur N|,;w si |oi:s ;u,:
I (j pr lo-k,.s- ,
I 3 Wc have made lar^<
1 ? ])a.iation for this season's
I I before.
livery Shoe Want can
J Pride &
| P?
J i I 1..
- //;' ."ZZTT
luum I I'll' 'I 111 III I will 11 II
a Peach Tre<
mouth Hocks, lied Has
Eggs tor Hatching a
inquiries promptly ail
I for Circulars.
Geo. F. Mon
Eyes Tested Fre
I will test your Eyes free and tit yoi
1 sell tlio bept pebble glass and guarantee
antoed and glasses exchanged, if for any c
glasses <lo not hurt your eyes?they are n
burtu your eyeg. My prices nro low. Ti
I/reeman Building.
I E. 0. M'CO
g (At Duke Old S
Kour-and-one^luvif miles east of
J/ north of Eaal
1 ....Dealer ii
I ..Genera! Merc
?? 11 unci les nothing l>u l the l)*st. of jjv
m prices.
H Tho trading public will do we
g7 can 8<)vo thoin money.
Mrs. lluttio Craig in with me ti
A V Po,
JL 1W Mo XL Cli
Guft Fin
Is now in the Northern Markets pn
appreciate tlio nmmicr in wliicli the I'iel,
in business. and 1 shall rout mm- to *1
kinilnc.ss by giving them tlio
...Very 1 >e;sl
Tliftt enn !>o hnd for (ho least monov ]>os
GHt to codI inun trading with mo. Homo
/A. IX.
I>ry Goods Storo, Wost End
' 1 1 i
~~ !l
now coming in in
iv and bot'er probusiness
than ever
be supplied by us. |
rw>TOR!>uiwam mr xnmmummmm roc?mam?*
oinmMut?HUL>u?aw M-wminnn^
? $ ? ft
es, Barred Plyjphcrry
Specialty. All
severed. Write
I ^
u x* glasses as good as anyone,
i the same. Satisfaction guar;aii80
they do not suit you. My
o window kUihh. Cheap ^lass
y me and yon will ho u pleased
Louis Copcl, Prop.
rickens and four miles Jw
handise,. |
>ods and at reasonable pf
11 to givo mo a call. 1 M
md will wait on you.
- ? n k.
(^ t?gjy C.J
puling for Spring I
;etis people have slotd 1.y nio
ow my appreciation of I heir
GrO<x Its...
siblo. It will 1)0 to ynnrinjerml)or,
ha m/
(iroonyillo, S. C.

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