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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 16, 1904, Image 6

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j lxiiiu n mi n iii iiii- mis Hiory r
do I or I could not. tell it without ::1
most Purely occnsloinjc his death:
"1 was n poor man. though ? ticlon^oil
to a good family and l):ul boon well educated.
At college l imbibed r'Vo'.;j-j
tionary, not to say communistic, doc
trine.- which inllueneed mo, but not sorlously,
until on eon:mil; out of the university
I lo! t my lather and the assistanee
lit1 had given me; then, facing ;Ity
world with no means. 1 was drawn b
embrace anarchism. There wr.s no ex.
cuse ior mo. 1 was young. anil llie
workl was before inc. I was one of
the impractical, theorizing kind w!,..
prefer trying to rovohitii niv.o nil! nr. ;
laws rather than work. Added 1<> this.
1 had the faculty of inspiring others.
I joined a hand of anarchists and became
a loader among them.
"My mother hail a brother of whom 1
had never hoard, lie was considered
the black sheep of the family and wa'?
never spoken of to me, the only child
of his only sister. lie had run away
as a boy anil had broken liis mother's
heart by never writing a line. 1'p to
tIn* time 1 became an anarchist he liml ]
novor boon hoard from. Judge of my
surprise ono (lay to learn through solicitors
that this uncle had (lied in
South America and left a fortune of
$850,000 to mo.
"IIonv quickly my theories of the
world's wrongs vanished! I did not
dure to break my connection with anarchists,
but gradually cased to attend
meetings. Ono day I was horrified at
receiving an order to assassinate one
nf }??? (M'AUMUwl ftAn/1u S*f T
know well that should I refuse I would
ho myself assassinated. One advantage
I would have In disobeying the
order?1 was rich and could Uo'ate myBclf
from any one who might attempt
to kill inc. I turned my fortune; into
gold and disappeared. A few weeks
later I turned up In one of the southern
ut.itr.ii I 1 i I
X . a. .'Uii. r?. unit, ? I11V4I IIHU IH'fll
u light brown, was black. My heart],
which had Ikhmi but a few tufts, was
now luxuriant. My name w?h changed.
Indeed, as llttlo of my old self venial
utxl as I could holi>. I l>ought a
Final 1 plantation and pretended to raise
cotton. In Its center was my house,
and ivo 0110 could reach u>? without
passing a numl>er of my employees.
who.se duty It was to keep olY an en4
i uviu rv>r hovptmj your? without,
hearing from my old assoclnton, but
this only nssnrwl m? that at th? outsot
I had oluded them. 1 kiw>w that I
had boon <-owl<*?mvod and hoiiu* cup had
been an ointed to kill inc. Tho only
question wiw, Wouki my cxofutionoi'
tiro of tho work or be withdrawn for
lack of fund* ?r ofl?or oaufH^V
"Ono day I nottcod that a now onmly
Htoro had t>oon oponed In the village.
* I.. Ill Iiir.nn: ;wiu lyom'd over Wie HtOCK.
It wa? very meager, and I bought nothing.
A ymmx woman who stood bebind
tbc counter looked disappointed
and asked mo to glvo an order for anything
1 liked aixl slut would execute it.
1 am fond of chocolate and told her to
make me some chocolate crcamfl. Site
promised to have them reudy the next
day and send them to me. Instead of
sending she brought them. When she
was announced I told my guardu to
admit her. She was a very attractive
looKinx porgon, and I did not deal re
to keep her nway. Hke asked me to
trj* her chocolates and toll her wherein
they did not plouMo me. I at? u few of
them and pronounced them excellent.
That Hcoiiiod to satisfy her, and she
left at once, thou;:h I would liavo Imhmj
glad to huv(! her remain longer.
"In a week I went by the candy shop,
stopped and penve her an order for wiw
more ("Inundates. She told nut that she
knew of a new kind that she was sure
I had never eaten. I gave her mi order
for mo mo trf them ?r?Uinv iw.f Hmt
I would not put her to tin* trouble of
sending them, but would call for them.
1 did so, but tlicy wore not ready. 1
railed again, but still they bad uot l>een
made. Tho woman told me that certain
Ingredients wen- required, for
which she had been obliged to send to
the elty. She would bring them when
they were ready.
"Meanwhile I never relaxed my vigilance
in keeping any suspicion* per*
boh from iny house, and both there and
V. hen I went out 1 was secret lv nnncil
'to tlit: teeth.'
"One dny tlio candy woman was announced,
and I ordered hor to lw? admitted.
She handed 1 no the l>ox of
chocolates, and while I trhnl them alio
amused herself with an Italian f?reyhottnd
I had always with inc. The do?
was lyiiiK on a ruK at the other end of
the room, and she went over to lilnt
and patted him. On opening tin- box
I found the chocolates In layers of
four law, Hat squares. I ate two and
found them delicious. The third I
threw to thi< l\nir wlirk l? i.. !>?? I
both aiul swallowed It. I noticed that
Dm' woman turned pale. I was about
lo eat tho fourth when I saw the dog
looking at It longingly. I togged it to
film. As I did so tin? woman gave a
sdiriok. The dog ca light It, as before.
There was an explosion, and his lioad
was spattered over the room.
"The secret was out. The woman had
been commissioned to murder me! She
was knocked senseless by the explosion.
I was unhurt."
An arrangement was made between
the ex-annrchist anil the woman. She
wrote that she hail Killed her man. A
eoftin full of stones was burled, ant1
the man was never n^ain seen on hi*,
plantation. Then a notice was pub
lished of the woman's death?cnus'i
by wounds ? wtiicli she managed :
l ave reach an anarchist circle, Th
two lived together us man and wife
the husband's death a few years :i : <
.\r.v v i!nr>nci,'T i
What General Chaffco Discovered on a
Private Inspecting Tour.
General Chafl'oe (.luring I he military
maneuvers in Maine went
nrr\im<l I lin onnm ii> iiwr
"1 say," ho queried ol' a mournful
looking sou try at Forrt Lcvett
one foggy morning, "how are they
feeding you?"
''Pretty poor, 1 can tell you,"
grumbled 11m? sentry, who belonged
to a Elaine national guard regiment.
.1 >i II.. . . .. i ^ i ???
i mi uimi i rrniiy niciui liKll f
inquired (ho general solicitously.
"Why, what are they giving you?"
"Waal," drawitcl the down castor
Biully, "(lio other mornin' they
served r.s a rat ion o' prune.-;. There j
is forty on us, and wo just conn toil!
them prunes. There was eightvthree."
"The deuoe you say!" exclaimed
the general, wiih apparent surprise.
"Why, that's more than two prunes
apiece. That's luxury!" With thin
he depart^!, chuckling merrily.
Later he climbed into a shock I
where a darky was cooking the rations
of a company.
"Morning, cook," said he pleasantly.
"How do you like cooking?
I)o your men treat you nieo?"
"I'urty good, sab," murmured tho
astonished darky.
"Don't complain of tlw food or
swear at you 'f
1 M i* - ....
r\<>; Ban," wan mo ueierontial |
"I toll you what it i?, you must
be a botw cook; Uiat'a the reason.* !
"No, Bail," was the smooth reply, i
"Fact ia, I ju&t como, sah. Tlioy run
the laft cook out of wimp Una
maw 11 in', sail/'?Boston
" I
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How to riud Oat.
cm _
i-iu u uumu or common gias3 with your
vatcr ar.d lot it stand twenty-four hours; a
r~r j _j sediment or sctI'Kjiil
rt| tling indicates an
unhealthy condiVvA
IPtofVV neys; if it stainrj
I your linen it is
iX.fTW^J MJ evidence of kid- !
m\\J M ne^ trouble; too
:??\JyL/y frsqucnt desire to
Fasa it or pain in \
the back is aho I
convincine proof that th/? lrMn?w? ut?.?
^ _ ,uv4iiv,;^ t&USJ UIUU"
der arc out of order.
"What to Do.
There is comfort In the knowledge so
of'.en expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Sv/ainp- j
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the ;
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urirmry passage. It corrects Inability ]
to hold water .->nd scalding pain in passing '
it, or bad effe-'.s following use of liquor, |
wine or beer, a..d overcomes that unpleasant !
necessity of being compelled io go often j
during the day, and to get up many times i
durint? the nipht. Th* milH mA ?
u 0 - .....V. diiu U1C CAlId" I
ordinary cfi'ect of Swamp-Root is soon |
reali.-ed. It stands the highest for its won- j
derful ct:rc.s of th^ most distressing cases. ,
If you need a mcdicinc you should have the |
'.jest. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$l. sizes, j
You may have a sample bottle o! this j
wonderful discovery IfV^LT:' I
and a book that tells|
more about it, both sent i
absolutely free by mail. |
Address Dr. Kilmer & Homo of 8-.vamp.noot. I
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men- '
tlon reading this generous offer In this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'3
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton, !
N. Y., on every bottle.
Dizzy ?
Then your liver isn't acting
well. You suffer from biliousness,
constipation. Ayer's
Pills act dirccily on the liver.
T*nr RO T'nnro tlii-nr '?"?< > 1
? v/i x/<f f vtii o VI.-*- itii Y v U^Vll |
the Standard Family Pill.
Small cio?cn cure. Atuffiguu.
j \V?ntyour , i hnl a !?t.?lit f :tl
i ?r ?v. n r .. . ' 'I mo
IWAVr.;*. (TJII ntr\ n'rxayi: t*. i
i lie walking rrck, what
i crowd ( i 1. there arc:
i * i ...
. r\ on : - * > - ... i
? - - * t . I U C i ? * -v
< _ but v.- : >i'J: enough
> " > \') : :.
. ':!
. .. \ i i : >m ! \ :m> < jsb
. . ?!. i'.j?- : L'CknCjSa
. s.o;> .0 continued
; ci l!c:*.ll they need
k- LL\; Emulsion. I'or the
:'e> iing of weakness they
ic?d Scott's Emulsion.
It makes new flesh and
gives new life to the weak
Scott's Emulsion gets
thin and weak persons out
of the rut. It makes new,
rich blood, strengthens the
nerves and gives appetite
for ordinary food.
Scott's Emulsion can be
taken as long as sickness |
rind dn <rr>rwl -ill fV?? i
ww V4V^ K. V./V-1 Lll i t 11 U I
There's new strength
and flesh in every dose.
~rv ? r~_?"?( VV>* wiH bo cl.id
y"VJ ye" a tew
A;A!^iW;i' r 1-c tl'At r ii picture in
loj],l!nil>nin you buy.
jftfefes: SCOTT <fc BOWNE,
400 pearl st,? N* Y50c.
nr.J $1 i all druggist*.
A Modes* Roqu?Bt.
9 ** _ B
"Ho, Mr. Zimincrmnnn! Stnr.f]
fit i 11 ii minntn nl/wcn ?.^i.
- ? v
let Uh luivw n tootor'{"?St. Nicholas.
My Tv/o Frlencie.
I Ivtvg hro neIghl*>rB who have dwelt
F*or years and years rlKht nldo by Bidet
There'n very little cno haw aeen
thnt the other, too. hn? spied.
Tlwiy are congenial In their tastes;
In everything they quite ntrroo,
.AjmI what one lovea to look upon
Tim other, too, In pleased to boo.
Together they have traveled far
And viewed the slKhts In many lands;
Wlwitevor one can comprehend
Til* OlhfP HVomlun
Uko brothers they have shared tbelr
Llkfl brothers Jolnml In their delight.
Together roamed the llelds by day
And gazed upon the stars by night.
But. strange nh It may seem, those friends
Who have lx>en closely linked for yeftrw
And in their sympathetic way
Have irver shared their smiles nnd tearw,
Have never seen on eh other; yet
Tl.nl 1 *
...v-k iinn v.t-.im- mi Kruu surprraa,
thefw- two observing friends
Of whom I sjH'fik nro my two eyes.
?Nixon Waterman in Pittsburg Christian
Proper Trentmoiit of I'lioumonin.
Pneumonia is too dangerous u disu-nuo
for anyone to attempt to doctor hiniBclf,
although he may have tlio proper remedies
at lrmd. A physician hliould alwavs
bo callod. Jt should bo bornti in mind,
however, thai pnoumonia always result*
from ft cold or from an nttaek of tho grip
in d that by giving Chamberlain's Cough
iinmotly Uio threatened attack of pnennioiiia
with (tin host results. Dr. W, J.
Smith, of Sanders. Ala., who iH also n
druggist, says of it: "I have been selling
ChanihorJain'a Cough Remedy nnd
prescribing it in my practice for the past
six years. I use it in cases of pueumonin
nnd have always gotten tin* I>ost
results." Hold liy I*i?rk?-UH Dm;: Co.,
Pickens, and Hunter A* Pickens, 1 ih.-rty.
This will In'crest Mothers.
Mother (irav's Sweet Powders for
fM.it/l ? ?
, mMU inuiiron, mm MIUII1ik'Ii,
toothing disordora, break np colda,
rnovo aixi rognlato tlio liowols and destroy
worms. Tlioy never f il. Over
M.000 testimonials. At nil druggistH 35e,
Hampln mailed PltKE. Address, A lion
H. Olmsti (1, Lolloy, N. Y.
5 s U fjS !
} ----_AT=
I'M?/ W\
} dM /o Mid'
1 I'! 1 - ' '
,v ?>i is very cneap wnen the prices
\\ ]r5 bemn with, but we have c
S ^ J j* J .
8* f i crive for the next two weeks <
Sf j &
\{ j! ruary ist, 20 per cent, off on
tj | Men's, Youths' and Boys' Su
V. k!j coats. Our goods are all ma
J figures, and you know what
/! means when we take it off.
// fl we can fit vou. Tor me rncli
\\ j(| ation paid for by lis, nor excl
{! || Winter Underwear included
Y| Greenville, S. C
fl 'Inl&K&TEttZEZESZ 2E. ?i?EC2223D eaSSOBS
i K I I ) N K
y Tl e Kiilnoys :vro the s^wirn < f the
li>M> tlli^il* lli'tiuitv llif.*' '!!l 1
.. ,.v? . t .,! ? ?.\ f I M~\>l UUU 1 | i I Ml I
Iaiiil kidney ailments mvuW.
Buchu, Gin ^
is a remedy thai afford* imnvdintu j
ol diiif^s which h?vo. a diicet and en
?;i lorii)uiti IIM'H ;iiid
hikIh <>f ? niir.out i>liyt>fei?ii.n. 1'rion
hi?I ifI'jw.torv t<? fvriy pnrcliaee-t. At
Prepared l>y the Murray Drug C- .
Qsal Estate Fo
Now is the timo to invest in Pickens r
it fjocB too high
TIn 1 f acre lot opposite depot, Calhoun,
Half acre lot 111 corporate limits, Calhc
130J acres within 2 miles of liasloy, ki
place. An idoftl stock farm, $'2000.00
133 0-10 acres in one mile of Noriis C<
tivation, balance original forest; wood onoi
for it. Two frame dwellings >in<i out hougei
'277 acres within 3 miles < fSix Milo ch
balance in original forest. Fine timber. F
plenty of water. Terms to swir, purchaser.
Omh lot li acres in town limits of Libe:
splendid barn and fine garden. Will sell oi
f..J--r - - *
i-ui miiiici iniuimillion CilJl on
Oflioo nt Depot.
% Why Use Many Words to
;j The Bes
; O n Rarft
{\ ^ tt. i ? <r
:: Chemical
/ '
.; *. They have the Best Facilities, use the I
and maintain the highest rej
* ] evenness and val
{ * -^^i??u-wui viiiia ^
? ?*
nni Mil
\S V U 9 \3 S \\
i are right to Ml CC
letc ^rminecl to "J (fi
sr until Feb- jjlj v(
all Clothing1: 'jl \v
its and Over- 1 jjj J J
rkecl in plain !j j
20 per cent. ij j >>
Come while jj //
and no alter- j y\
mnges made. | JJ
in this sale, j //
11 STOW |
I KltS.
D |
V ? f
b> dy. When th<-y
4w11h (lOibdinHia watt;) I
Juniper I
r?*li. f?a comhinntion
rativi act.i(tn on th?
proscribed by thoua
$1 00. Guar?n'?,*,d
, Columbia, S. C.
ii RsjIo
si ?j?i?y=
oal OBtute. Buy before
, S, C, 8100 00.
)un, S. G\, $150 00UtU'M
?1 a I Iwi iLti.t,. T)/vl.i
u?i. ?*o uiv iyuviu nuuil)60n
)tton Mill; 45 acres in cuU
i^h on this place to pay
3, $12 per aero.
ureh, 70 acres in cultivation
rame tenant dwellings and
rtv, ^?.<)il four room house,
exchange for small farm.
& CO.
Pinkons, S. (J.
Tell Yo-j That Vj
.A. ?"1
:ERS ; >,
^ T1.5 <
aroil zisi v;
Co. i>
Jest Materials, j*J>
jutation for the $
t?y of their Fertilisers. &
Chemical Co. ^

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