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Norris News.
Everything is in the swim,
Spring litis just cotno in ?
Ann th? MnroLi wind is chilly,
But it's over silly?
To think that the ueattuns never
Yew tiio fishermen tiro beginuing to
si udy,
When will the river ov^r got muddy?
And tbo fatnifcrs* eyes uro all in a
For they aro scattering that stuff
that's a stink;
Bid, tho wives are at homo all in a
For mere's no vegetables at homo to
cook, you bet.
Again sho hears the birds Hinging,
F> r the "March winds and April
bring forth tho May flowers.
But alas! wn forgot
You might think of tho f-'priag
And no?wo 11 l'o rot.
Wo are glad to report tho honlih
of our commrutty is fairly uood with
Blight exemptions, such as bad colds,
grippe find whooping cough.
B. F. T. Blackerby and v.ifo have
been fiufl'ering with tho grippe but
aro considerably improved.
We aro sorry to report C<ipt. .7 ? .
Garrett eon lined to his room. For
Homo weeks h" has l-een puiV'-rin.
with u leg Mint fever settled i:i m nie
tlilt o \?*uis ago find now lie; is jilnn i-:
disabled in that leg completely, bu'
an abscess is developing and per
haps lie will ixt wen iiu'sini wjutn u
cures up?indeed we wish fur him u
speody recovery.
Misses lluttio and Kiln Stephens,
of Calhoun, visited in our bill-;,', and
also tin ir brother, Walter Stephens,
at Cateeclieo, last week.
Mrs. J. E Anderson, of Calhoun,
visited her brother, F. II. Barker,
last ?Satnrd?3*.
' Miss Lida Bowen, of Kusley, accompanied
by her cousin, .Miss Ilsin
ilton, are on a week's visit to relatives.
Agent II, C. Crawford, of Central,
was in town Monday, and like other
South* rn agents?is clever.
Miss Eva Robinson, of Pickens, in
visiting home folks.
IN 1 iR8 .L,o'rk Whiten in on an extended
visit t) her sinter, Mjh. W. T.
Garvin, in Atlanta.
John Borronijlis, a clever younfj
man from the Waters section, una in
town lust week on business.
Wo woro somewhat puzzled a few
days ago when wo obt-eived an e xtra
broad smile on the faco of <>ui' kind
postmaster, Mr. Jas. Whiten, but
later we understood it full well,
when we learned a certain yonn;,'
lady vinited tho family of C.tpl.
Whiton jiieviously, and wo can tiuthfully
btatn that ".bm" is just as polite
to tho female as to the "mail."
F. II. 13.
Loopcr Dots.
Health of this auction is very good
at present exeopt colds and \v lit>?;p?
in|* cough.
Undo llarry Williams, who died
recently, wiw 104 years old instead
of 1)15, ko his Hon Jlolln rt says.
Mix .J. II Julian visited her
mother tho 11th inst.
Misses Cora and Maggie Chapman
visited Misf-es Angelino and AJuggie
Mnll recently.
T. T Hughes, of near Greenville,
was here on tlio 7th on business.
Jpprp Crenslmw is erecting a barn
fol' lllltlh< il.
Aii.-scs Soph'n Mauldin and Mm-y
'J'rottor, of Si> Mile, visited sit .1. 1)
Loop* t'h lust week. Wo welcome
them in our midid.
A box Huppor wns givon at RIt.
Tabor church the liith.
Mifl. Millio Hendricke is having |
lu r dwelling house nicely painted.
Mountain Hoy.
Attention Teachers.
jneio win ihi a nvotinj* of tin
tcnchciR of Pickens comity held in
1 ho < (? 1 f. house Saturday, March
10<-1, lit 11 o'clock i). m Kvery
itiH-lur in the county is urgently ro
quei-tid to attend as important Imsini+H
\vi I ho triiiiHtutcd at tnis meeting
ilhctiiif^ ilit- iitt( iestu of ever \
Icnclu r mid s< liool in t!io coiuilv.
1!in"'1 )il rnries and a summer school
fur tho county aro two important
<|uef.tionB for difccui'Mon.
liv iadt r of tiio County Board of
j'.aucaiion. i>. T. Jiolluni,
"Tie u Hiring uroui.d your fluger."
(lot that bottle of Khoniriaoirio today before
your rhenmatiHin gcta a firm bold
and bec< me? datigoiouH.
From Pickcns R. F. D. No. 2.
The heaith of this Kection is not so
vary good, t?s lb?-ro in several cases
of muropa and bidhII iidx. We hope
the diseaso will not scattered iih
the farmers aro already behind with
their work.
J. M. Garrett haa tieat d himself
and family to a new p trior organ.
The many friends of John Dillaid
will bo glad to lt-urn that ho is a le
to be out again after a spell of the
G. N. Garrett ha;} treated himself
to a line young mnl<*.
I guess from the preparation' that
is being made by the farmer* that a
big cotton crop is going to be made.
w lion a inaii who rnun a oiu-horse
farm buys 38 kucIch of gua.io you
know there's going to L?u a big eroj>
Hurrah for Old Grumbler, I guess
he is getting ?bout, like I "in nhout.
Ilio high school and grnvo yard.
I think they <m?u1?1 tind something
el ho to write about anil take their hoc
and go lo work on the grave yard,
it would bo in a betler fix.
1 want fo sav to them that there
is 8oiiiet.hi: g more iin;-.;.rlnnt thun
the high school ,ir grave yard. ]'
they will g<> to work and try to - i '
the chinch right then i4 would !>< an
? nsy matter t<> I the i '.;di j-oh !.
Ill 11 icy I int I a In I. siliwo! y v. :
not run it. ijot.io of tlitiui w??' ! i
elect a tGiic': or and soino xvtamiuV
havo him ami they wouM have !' u;1
or fiv<> elections and always I?s in ?
tannic. Farmer Buy.
Six Mile Eichingo.
I will f-av that tho health of our
community is very good at ptesu-u,'.
Tho fa run rs Imvo began to m ,ve
the tin! ranidlv i i this section, bu X
uufiK 11icy xmii get to rest tomorrow
for it looks Hl:o rain.
Hurrah for tho high school at Six
Mill*. Slio is on a boom if writing
w ill maku it so.
Oi?l Grumbler, I wish to say that
you had be tter caM and see the grave
yard if you don't think that there is
s >nie work that npedis doing on if. 1
think you nro right about keeping
the stock oir of it. Thorn has been
o:te yearling that has run on it all
lii" wilder, ho o.inio and let's put a
gond wiro fence around it and have
more resp?.ct for tile dead.
Ij'iiii iiiiln Air utiil AI fa
IVrtv on tho 11 tli inst., twiji.s. Hurrah
for J ohn.
/ Ur.'*!u Trm Koo, of (lie Slowiiri
wvtiou, o.( il l is noioc on tlio llils
inst. His n'uiiiiiis wrro iai.l lor.si
>i1 Six church the day follow r .*
his <k'n*i:.
the fivv d iys of prolly d:v
weather tho {janli uors h*iv*( he.pm to
plivtil 1m. Wo are i*hul to see the
i(ood work oj).
I will clone for this tioie as Oid
Iiidilio will ivu tho rost of the ti<nvH.
JiiU.-y 13oy.
Ai'.t'ionl mid Modern advice n!)out How
to Aeqniro Woaltii.
'I'll" nneicnt s ides' "Riiro road to
woa'.tli" was "do temperate in nil tt i
h<>. economical alwaya." !N!? d<*r? life,
with its "rush un tied:." in hnMmw<
qniroH thai "keep l.eullhy* be adile I to
t!;? old a?l:l/<?\ Kvi rylxd.v li I)'' v\ 4 liow
to l>t! tempi-rate and most people !:ow to
hi comomical, hut fo\v km.w lio\v to
keep perfectly In a lliv. Over-eat n if.',
irregular ham's, neglect etc., derange
111 n'.oiniifli, liver mid bow. In, causing
indirection, torpid liver, constipation,
etc. Hydules Tuldet.s am natures be*
111 v \> Si 11 i-licit i oinli! iouH fx.st. 11)?
.-.t .touch Tat.iet.s will digest yoi.r food,
i-i!< ' {.>tin ii your digeslivn organs an.!
euro your indigestion. Tho Liver Tablets*
will arouHt) your liver, htimulito
your bowels nnd establish a regular,
i.caitliy, lial?it. itydales Tid>|eb insuio
g< < d licallli. I'ickeuft Drug ('<?., l'lckens;
W. A. Sheldon .V Co., ljiheity.
County of Pickens. )
in thk couut oi' pkohviy:.
By J. 15. Nowbory, 1 jrfquiro., IVobalo
o nuge.
Where:1.;*, E. ii. Ma'ildin mfuln unit to
ino to grant liini 1 .etteiii of Administration,
of tli<- Estate and oIl'.-oLs of ?f. It.
MiiuMin, deeoised.
TIioho are therefore I > oilo ami ndmonihIi
ail ami singular tlx* luiulred ami
creditors of tlio Haiti J. K. iManl(iii),
deceased, Hint they H|>)K>ar heforo me, in
tlii* Court of Probate, to be held at I*?o'iohm
Court llo'ino, S. C , on tho Illst day
of March 1901, after publication lieroof,
at 11 o'clock in (ho forenoon, t>? show
cause; if any tliey have, why the Paid
Administration should not. ho granted.
GIVEN under my hand and soal, tliia
11th day of Mar. 190i, in llic 128 year of
our Independence.
8YjalI Juvlgo of Probate,
- Piokoua couuly, 8. ('. |
I Sav< d II is 1.
1\ A. DiiiiiVrth, ol I/>( J rail, .'(*, (J.i.,
sotVored for i-ix i ?ii 111 -? wit:; n frightful
i rmui Koro on !iis lt?/?; buf wrih-a t";it
liuoklfii'H Arnica .Salvo wholly curod in
livo days. For nlciTF, wounds, piles,
its tin) best salvo in ilio world. Cure
miovii'iti ml null' ')"? SA<il<l hv
j ens Drug Co.
Hist Wcim'Wy for ('oiis:i|?ii1ioii.
"Tlx* t\uo?t vrni' tly for eour.tipation T
cvir 11*41 il K (vlinisibcrliiin's Stomach mi l
I Tjivm Tul.lets," hujh Mr. Kli Hutlt'i", of
I'ranli vilin, X. Y. "Tlw.v iw:t gODtly im?l
witliou. any ituplont-nnt tflVc, ami Iimvi*
imo nowi'iH im ii pornouy mutual itoiuli
lion." S<>!tl hy 1'ioUotia Drug (Jo,, I'ickniH,
i!i:il lluntor Piokons, Liberty,
-?WANTED:- At oi'ico a man to
Ki ll rowing iii;'.chiu<:-5 tin*! colli et on
acootii.ls in !'ickotUJ ?in! Oimiiio oouiilicH.
Call or aildroBH, Tlio Ninjior
Sow int.' Machine Ollivo, No. '2'JO
North Main St, Croenville, S. (J,
A Favorite Komcily for Itnbio.s,
It* pleasant tasto and prompt cuvch
liavo iniido Chamberlain'* Cough Homo
tly a favorito with tho mother# of mm ill
children, it quicKly cmiioh their coughs
ami colds and prcventa any danger of
pueumonin < r otner noiionn consequences
It not only cnro? croup, but when given
an rood aa dm croupy cougli appears will
prevent tlio attack. For mi!o by Pickens
.Drug Co., Pickens, nnd linntor St
PiokeiiH, Liberty.
X V HJl-1
-*Tto Pickens Oil Mil
C^Cotlon Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil
Now ready for
Our Ginnery has been running on I
and we thank our patrons for th
Our Mill is now grinding regula
plenty of hulls, meal or "batting
i i -?
jjiui^ your ana excnange u
or we will pay you the highest
seed just as you prefer.
Come to us and see how well w<
are not controlled by outside j
much, or more, lor your seed tl
iu r
fa *? II U I u
We Have Leai
Everybody learns something <
learned lhat there is a lot <>i
i i i ' - ' <
v. <; nave luurueu now in select lil
tor our customers. Take lor ins
....CANNED (.;<
Canned Goods are not always
Bright labels can cover very poo
A... Is.. A.1. _ - 1 1*11 (
io iL mat oniy reliable goods get
People who buy a dollar's wortl
had better have two market basl
groceries away, oh, no, but we h
ing dollars that is appreciated b}
\ I 1.0 Kr
I 1. O. IV
/ E^Ii*2iEIf2?5ISEnHFra^ :.- .:
i r p i f\
I <j . ?~ , rf A.
t,| Ami yon wil! !ir;lit nt IT* K KNS. ft. w
jS and Most <.'o:ui>loio
iias over cnrriod. M; Iraili* is i:u:r? asii
ivi anil H<mo?l Viilm m 'i'Ii.> J /?f
{il ~ " " J
^ my atlvoriisonieiil. X? vov mind l!io |?ric<>
; > inonny.
C; Of < vorylhii:,'? an 1 you will !-ru n by oxjieri
?in'.i|n-f>t. If 3oil \>M.t ::i! \ I i: i; in llu M
U to buy u Lot or ro.nl a House, or buy a Jit
m any monoy by seeing mo b< I'oro you malo
Bj Yonrf
m rr n ^ t _j
I A- IM- I'l
w n v m r
111 I..0.1.8 IiifLlilil
NOT ;i ('losing Out Sill , I?ut redi
you to wonder how such goo
; Wo ato (ill' ring s un'- Clrmid I'.Mg.iinn in t
i hi-r. All vo '><d< !- lor yon to eomo and i
; smd when yon h u- how much \vr> can &;ivo
Wl ! M I ^ Q I ^ !
' I. i i i vy ijm , k't
Our Sl.ofH su'o Now ami of tliu ] ? -( (,
I tow11 for the in<>n< v. h'lwcs for Iho o::ho<
! Lot us Roll you your Shoes.
We liavo some Comforts i!iui Blanket
i mouth at SiamjjJiter.-d !*i i ? > . If you m <
Wo lmy<- a complete Sine of (} ROC. 10 Ft
HJJF*\V o iipj'i'Cf-i 11< >1111!' trado :?11< 1 v
w yatt cv <
Cold Wave ? oniimr.
If you have Itydaloa F,nxh; in the :
Iioiiko wlion a ooltl wavo is eomniL-, you ' ?, ,
neod not fear attacks of lironuhiiis, j'!' 1
Pneumonia, Coughs, Colds, ttc. llydales
Elixir tnkou ulioi. attack begins ',!'? '
never fails to ch?ek the progroKH of the '
disease. It is oqunlly successful iu 1()UH"^
j chronic eases of throat and long discaso, ?, a
i i^nuun i/iui: vvu., i i^ivi >? . , ?
Sheldon & Co., Liberty. Uickoui
res. See. & Trcas
11 Company,-^
and Linters.^T^
full time all this season
eir patronage.
rly and you can get
lem for meal and hulls,
market price lor your
; can treat you. We
)rices but will pay as
lan any other market.
:nch d-y. Wot have
:rciu.c. i:i j^oods, and
c l)"sl of everything
f \( > i yo
JUi ''O.,..
what they seen*,
r dualities. We sec
into this store.
i of Groceries here
cets. \Yc don't give
ave a way of stretch!
our customers.
. L. Cureton:
a * I
U \ i a Ife#
YOU lil'A.L'"
1iit?> l>o iiow l;a;> 1 lio Liirgrst (
Lino of
ii-j every (lay. I'air Dealing [
Liner f<-r llio money i.s J
of :>n article if its wortli l!io ?
r > r, r rw?i i
8 1 ,.*
icnc'5 111:it Tho TU'rit fs t!io c
.naiili!e It' y< u want f
)uso niiil Lot, you wont lose
ji (nulo.
i truly,
< A onic
wi .wi'i i iw?ivk*?m<rkn ciaiMMMunn.^
in niim ?n I
lb i UlMi S
iifCd 1'iicMaiii i>;C?
CATS, JOliC., thftt will causo
.1.. ?.. i i i . i
un i;ui OO HOIII ill SllCH J>S"i
ihof-i' Ii 11 s through Decemiif-j
o.'t our pric?>F
you, it mean-, your trade I'oi
I.OI3S ! I
? mlity ovor offered in this
>1 Children that will ple.ise.
h lliiit wo nil' HflliiiR this
sd :iuy of them come curly,
] 1/ S* I \ 1 > ll' I / 't I I ll u 1 > ' . . v
*I" " ? ?" '< " " I
/ill always treat, you right.
; in pfi \:,
Working Overtime,
t hour Iiiwm am ignored by those
, little workers Dr. Kiti^'a New
lis. Millions are always at work,
mil day, curing indigestion, bills,
constipation, sick headache
stomach, liver and bowol trouble,
deaaant, safo, sure. Only '25c at
. 1 \ - /i..

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