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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 23, 1904, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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I vol. xxxiii. Pickens, south Carolina, ^w?djVesday, march 23, 1904. in
I TYVJV mvw ? ??*
' Ei?4'. '.A v- ? ^ iMi -?mbhhuhhhMHIHHI
v | ..Stui
| You can tnnko out
j | Dry Goods, (
^ At n Iprh prion than any
f \ satisfaction < I' knowing
bought and find nny art
ft. ami got yuv money < re
\ Our CI -tiling bnsint
1 y, good many lots of 0110 or
' | ig down bo low. il you c?n I
ij it away till uuxt i"'al 1.
:J Wlu-n yon come to <
- | Jniog tho wholo family?
I' M
r 1 y 5/ 01
| n. s\. on
I (i ree
T'i fkmmuxxxBB-iT? ?am
I f
nraatu.*!' . > ' iMtWJr-m n?
* *?
AV, T. McKdLL, J. ,s. WILSON
I Vn-nMonl. ^ .... , xil,
?**"1 -* DKAUCUS IX>
tf^Colton Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil an
; ! .
^ Now ready for!
Our (iinnery has been running on lul
and wc thank our patrons for thci
Our Mill is now grinding regularly
plenty ol hulls, meal or "batting."
Bring your S1 CI 11) and exchange the
or we will pay you the highest \v
seed just as you prefer.
v Come, to us ami see how well we
*J arc: not controlled by outside pri
much, or more, (or your seed tha
' R. H. CH
W W.T. McFA 1-1.,
J$B President
. \ PiCKENS, S.
' i .
-r. , By Careful and con .tant work t
/ / iii^lX.i^s every year
/b We. solicit your business anil w
every reasonable accoinoilalion.
//&??* Maker.
r f/m/7 chronic inva
When the liver i.^ torpid, bi
ffMfjx f blood as a virulent poison. L
\Wi\ANI) ToN,c Pellets are the <
VfetflVthat j^ives the liver just Ihe ri
Nature's work in the J
| Tr?Mm
L ,
k^L.. /
LMcoro, C'v.-or; liver,, avXP*
3 ^
your lii-t boi leaving homo?Conio right to
?et anything yNvlliii h,
^lothin, hoes, Hats and 1
?Notion I
other store in t*villc and ir cl hftvo the
after you got. homa,j examine what you have
iclo not BatiefactormYou eftn fetch it back
fjitinet.hint* inct no >
- o j f bb
!ss Inst iin<&u tvi (1 naturally lfft ti pj
tw> Milts., All of tb,? lo( an> im'v mnvkccl
liul your sf<o it will pn/- buy it ami put.
3rronvill<\lonio riglit t<> V'HD1VAN T,S?
-l'lonty ol ilt'nn lor tho Chilli.
Yours yt^bargainp, ^ jj
n ville'sV i reat.cst ft ore. !
M \
i i V J
?m -, M. Mlmur im.uajuUioajT.. ?n?ii?ai?w i ^ .. .
{ VbBL*JX*m-r+t9rtnMM2i*K.3k yw 2. CCrtSttfilKMMBWn
H. E. HRUCK. ! f v IT \? ?
W; I Health \
\JUi;i|JUIlJ j r rVcj-'s ->?~-3rr!HESjysn?5. ."^c^.^=stslfl
ji " \ c.r 2."> years I have never S
H mi sr. c J. tui.iwjj Aycr s LiarsapaiiUa jj
d Lilltcrs.^c^ . B c . sarinc. It clcansea m? N
? blood, n":.kcs ma feci snon^, and 1
g t'.ocs ir. pood i.1 every way."? I
, .'John I'. Iloductt", Hiooklyn, N.y. H
DlbiilC^S ' and rich blood 1
, . .... [] carrics new life to every 3
I time .ill this season ; , v 9
r patron:,j P?"? ot lhc <**!/. You B
> and you can net arc invip/iratcd, refreshed. |
ji You feel cnxious to be |
m lor meal aiul hulls fi active. You bccome strong, |
iarket price (or your || stcady,coiinigeoiiS.That's |
M what Avcr's Sarsanaiilla 8
r:""rf ij will do for you. 8
u.? s l>ut will pay as g ii.oji?hoitii. aiif<rurtuts
n any other market. ?
'j A>'k your I'.ofioi ? l.nt lie llduk* of Ayor'? I
mmwiMa. aa H Oarcii i. iiln. II.- Ion,.vj u'.i iilmiit thlBRrand
? ixl CJ. I O k* 5 IVIICjf** M ol<t IM".I|. NIC. liia advice aud f
1 jjj " " J. t'! A vi:k Co.. I.owcll. Mui. |
, &*?. :-L.tScr? IOCyyy-r ' - r.TZf -~/i- -
Dc'icious Coffee CaUo.
m ' To make coiFeo enke, heat ft cup
.1. Mcl). IHllT", 2 of milk to the mihlin# point, hut
tJasliici*- a/ <lo not let it boil. Stir into it while
_ f- ? j, |[ hot two tablespoonfuls of butter,
' * StI E ^w? ?* s,liriU an<^ 11 ('as^ ?f Bfllt.
? iicn Diocxi warm add ft half yeast
^ cake dissolved in a scant gill of lukcfg
warm milk and enough Hour to
a* *jf\ aa ah ? ,n"ko 11 *d-W hatter. Cover and lot
gr rjSL. Ull(i| li?fht. Add a cup of
11 OO KOLLftd and halved raisins, lightly
3 " ? m^god with Hour. Spread a layer
HQS OOO.00 il ",c (1?hKh half an inch thick in
y tho iiottom of a baking pan, cover
Nil' >KPf lUI(' 'l r'S(" '*rn3'1 with melted
Mr, I )l',l 1 b ji hut 1 c and sprinkle with sugar and
1$ ciniuioon. Hake in moderate oven
k.\l r.KS. fys for hilf an hour, covering with
. J brown paper for the lirst lifteen
llG business Of tlus ^
ill extend to you C Oter-Work Weakens
J 1 Vni t r*
r mui I*iuiicy3?
Dnl"-",y ?*"?*?*,m?urt W004'
All V.tiS-ocl in your body passes through
. , - ; your kidnc.onCo every three minutes.
I . _ The kidn$y,3 are your
?^le^^/vVrr\ bloodojyrit^ra, they filv-?.
n ^r i 0 ter was,? or
Vr^TVv-Srix^ 'Impir^Hea in the blood.
i , uA?^y are sick or out
.V.a?(i6i dcr, they (all to do
Urr/^Nf u\ Pains, achcsandrheu/
f-ir \ *wM rnatism come from ex\wuln!V
JHr \ ccr'3 ?' uric acid Iri the
?1 \ blood, due to ncglected
kidney trouble. | |
i Kidney trouFjfeuces quick or unsteady
: heart beats, anmakcs one feel as though
they had heart ublo, because the heart Is
L I over-working pumping thick, kidneyI
I poisoned blood i0Ugh veins and arteries.
| It used to be isldcred that only urinary
trouble.^ were td. traccd to the kidneys,
| but now modern>nca proves that nearly
f ail constitutional easC3 |iavo their beglni
ring in kidney U.lc.
f if you arc sick j can make no mistake
by first doctoring ur kidneys. The mild
and the extraordit, effect of Dr. Kilmer's
( Swamp-Root, tVreat kidney remedy Is
\ soon realUyd. l^ids the highest for Its
| wonderful fcurea orjmn*? Ht???* *?
on and 13 sojfl on Its rrt,
by all ^ugglsU jn (
samtpie bottle by t nom# of bw?b?p.Roo?.
Iree.S also pamphlet igycu how to find
out!?i yuii hivft klot)j? blftdddf trcublfi,
Me>>/fton this paper \ writing Dr. Kilmer
' it Cf o., Btngharnton,/
J 8 >n't make any but remember 1
* % ^ thor i name, Aw^t, Dr. Kll^-r w !
blo'lj ?rug Store. ^p-Root. And tn\CM> U ^ r#
- * v'""'" mm,
JIBfi TILLMAN The Footsteps of Mo.Kinley. I fi
CAD PAMPDUGO At the last session of Congress,
rUll LUNUKLoo. a j^n Wft8 introduced by Senator ^
Foraker of Ohio, authorizing the
WANTS TO SUCCEED G. W. CROFT, appropriation of $100,000 for tho
caro of tho graves of tlio
The Late Congressman Croft Was Confederate soldiers buried in 1
Leading Counsel for Tillman When tho North, which was increased to e
the Latter Was Tried for $200,000 by its author, and parsed ^
Murder.?May 17, Fixed ?>y the Sei.ato as amended. Tho 1
as Date of Election. measure is now in tho hands of the (
Augusta, Ga., Special.?rEx? military committee of the 1
Lieutenant Governor James II Mouso, and but for tho abjf-nie N
Tillman, recently acquitted of mur- chairman of this committee, I
,1 e * I I_;n: -i n J . ?Y /-< Ulrtiilfl >? 'lo-l-' 1 1 " ? *
tiui iui tuu killing ui rjdiior IN. vi. M wimu hwu?m# uuv?? ui-im ap- ?Gonzales
of wolutnbia, S. C, an- Proved and given a place on the '
nounoes his candidacy for Congres? calendar before 11;is. The propo- v
in au interview in the Augusta 8'li?n has mot with no opp i-ition, 1
Chronicle of last Thursday. being supported by tbo leaders on
Ho will eland for the "cat vaca- ^oth sides. Gbnoral Gi'uSvenor of f
ted by the death of Co). G, W. ollio' Republican leader, is its (
Croft. The dead congressman was sponsor in the House. In an in- *
at one time the law partner of t?rview of a few days ago he said: <
Tillman, and his leading counsel "I ^ee' Oeitain that I will be able 1
in the murder trial. to put the bill through the house N
Gov. Hey ward has issued a pro- this session. It would have I
clamation fixing May J7, as the heeu passed at llio last session had I
day for liolding the election for a not one memb-r ln hl out against 1
successor to the late G. \V. Croft, all unanimous consent legislation 1
Congressman from the Second dis- right at tho close, However, I arn 1
( * > it . ....
VI iV/b. * J i n ??v u Iiiiciuoir-u 111 IIIU
In order to give the Detnocr&ts sition, c>ming us it does an tho roof
the district u? opportunity to 9U't President McKinb-y'K fa - 1
get a man in trim for the election, mows utterances at Atlanta, and i
Col. Wilio Jones, chnirmun of the shall push it, hot!) before the com- N
Democratic state Executive C(.m. mittoe and tho houso. "
mittee, has issuo'.l a call for tho It is well to recall tho imm<>rtnl <
committee to sieet in Columbia, words of tho marlyivd McKinh>y
Tuesday night, March 22. ()U which the present movement i<
The Second district is composed n" outgrowth., were spoken on (In- v
of the counties of Aiken, Bamberg, ooc-isiou of his visit to Atlanta in
Miirnvjui.il l<M?. fi .1.1 1 80S TllOv ll Jivn I ><>< !> i r ihii mi'i'il I
,V.., ,aunft.-iu? - . {
Hampton and Saluda. the equal of Lincoln's famous ad
? dr?ss at Gotlv&burg. They folCold
Wave Coming. low '
If you liavo lVydnles Elixir in llio \ '
house when a cold wave is corning, yon "Sectional linos no longer mar
need not fair attacks of Brouohitis, t\o map of tho l int'd Slat S; sec
Pneumonia, C< U-jhs, Colds, etc. Ry- ,. . c ,. , . I
dilos Elixir taktui when attack beginc tiollal heling no longer li"lds back ^
never fails to check the progress of the tho love wo bear one another
disease. It is equally successful in . , . . ^ .. , .,
chronic cases of throat and lung disease latornity is the national anthem, ^
Pickens Drug Co., Pickens; W. sung by a ehoius of !<>rty live
Sheldon & Co., Liberty. sU(o8 au(1 ()Ur tori j.<Ili0ri at home ]
Williams Will Likely Succeed Late and across tho sens. Tho union is (
Colonel Croft. oncc uioro tHo eommoh altar of our
It seems practically certain now l,)V0 und loyalty, our devotion a:?d ^
that Hon. L. J. Williams, who was saorifico, (
for so long chairman of the board "1 he old ling again waves over (
of cl 1 rOc.t.iir? iif Ih'ft Stlnlo ti:? *?l wenOo. W'.Mi lt.v '.rloritu u'li.nl.
? w *? w ky?ui-|/uiiou& y 1 ' ------ n*"' ' " ' 1 v"' j
will bo elected to Congress from 3'our ?ona and ours have tins year (
the Second district to suec.-ed Col. li(hlfd to its tacred fold. \\ lint
G. W. Cioft, who died recently, ??uso we have for rejoicing, sadden. }
Bays the Anderson Mail. edouly l?y tho lacr that k> many of ,
Mr. William announced a year ?U1 hravc men loll on th?? li?il tl or .
ago thai ho would run for Con- s^kouod and di.-d from hardship j
gress this summer, and he would aiK^ exposure, ami others returned (
have heen a candidate if Col. Croft hrinRing wounda and <lis? aH> from ,
lnd lived. Ho has been actively whieh they will long suH' r (
at work in the district for months, ' memory of the dead wiil b < (
and has made good progress. IIo a P1VC'0U* legacy' ami th > diialdod j
will bo si candidate for the unex- ,VI" ? nation's rare. A na- ^
1 pi red term, as well aa for tho next t'?" cares tor its disabled (
regular term. soldi. i'o uh wo have always done
As soon as Col. Croft died con- Wl" n0N"r lue'c defenders. 1 lie (
sideraMe speculation begun iis to 11 cemeuM ic-j foi tuOiO w !.o ^
his sucfce6Hor, and Mr. Williams' 'n battle are pro it that (ho |
namo was generally men tioned first. 'h--?d aie carnd lor. and the living (
Others whoso names were mention have our love. \\ hat an army of ^
ed wore Solicitor Thurmond, of *>l*nUentinolH wo have; and with ,
Edgefield, Hen. I). S. Henderson, w,mt loV"'K earo Uuir graves are f
of Aiken, who was a candidate for kol't- Kvo,T ? ddior'rt gray. mad > .
United States Senator two ><a s our unlorfuna'e civil war (
sgo, and former governor M. li. i* n trihufe to Amen an valor. ,
McSweoney, of Hampton. Each "And while, when those graves
of theso gentlcmon, have, howover, wor? ,nn,'e? wo dill-icd widely |
declared in the past few days that ,l')OU* 1,10 future <>| t!ii^ govorn* j
they will not enter the race but ment, these dile-roi ce.< w.io I >ng }]
will sunnort Mr. Willin.m? ago s tiled by the arbitrament < l
There has bedn some talk about ar,n8 8-nd the time has coin-?. :n ^
State Senator MnylieUl, of Ham- t',M evolution of Kpntimont an!
berg, making tho race, but it ic f?e''no? under i!i? pi.ivi .csi <i <1 i
DOt certain yot that ho will do ho. ^ hen, in ih-Hjuiit of fr.iter- f,
IIo is a young man. not more We ?honI<1 share with you in ^
than .'55 or 36 years old, and bids ua,'i5 of I lie graves of the ("on- J
fair to bo of great use to the peo- '?derato soldi rs .
... . l 'PI ?! _? e . . i
pi? oi ma aiairiot. neUanepbew 1,,uwrt'.?' leeim# now nappiiy l
of ox-Governor Sheppird, of BMg.- ox,8tinK butwem tho North and (
field- tho South prompt (liiH grnci us
act, and if it. needed f 11 rili?.'?* iu-ti.
, Nor^iiij, <>*ortiiiio. cation it, is foun 1 in th-) Kuilant
Light horn* laws nro ignored by those . n ^
tiroloss, little workers?I)r. King's Now loyalty to tlio nni hi a id ih?3 II itf. ; I
Life PUIh. Millions are ulwnys nt work, H() conspieuou,ly slio,vn in tho v
night and day, curing indigoftion, bil ' <
iousnoss, constipation, sic'* headache v(,ar jn-t p;l-t ny th<< h mis and i
and all stomach, liverand bowel trouble. grandsons of those heroic d-ad.
Easy, pleasant, ssfe, sure. Ouly 25o at " ,.<,1. ? : t
Pickens Drug Co. "Wlint a K^nous fuM.ro await- ,,
11a Iunitedly, vris-dy and hravoly 1
Attempted to Poison Family. wo faco tl.c n?>w prohluin* now j ^
Tho other day a mysterious at- pr H-in^ upon us. dniermiood tn'?
tempt was made to poison tho fam- solve them f??r pglit ?" I human- <,
ily ot Rev. Dr. Kshox J. Crudup, ity."?Greenville Daily 11??: tilcl.
pastor of (ho Fibnoro Baptist ? -**? ? l(
church of Plninfiold, N. J. Referee Continues Cases of Chaingang v
Tho pastor's sister and his 0- Cruelty.
year-old diuitfhtcr who ate somfl ?>f -The investigation of 'ho charges e
h enko pout to the house l>y an nn? nf cruoltv which wcro preferred j
known person wero saved l>y time* against tho chuingAiiir authorlti'-s i
ly medical aid. of Newberry county by the grand i
Tho cako was left at a grocory jury at the February term of court iC
storo by an unknown person who will be continued tho first of next d
asked that it ho delivered to the week by ltoforoo Krod If. Domi- a
pAhtor, An examination of the jii0k. The investigation wa* ooncike
shows that the frosting had titthod to allow Mr. Doniiniek to!n
!?./?> ...:?u - j.-ji-- -
y poiHon. Kuhpr ena other witness. jn
No traco of 'Ho poisoner lins Some startling toatimony Ims' *been
(V i?l, been brought out I?y the inveftigv1 f<
? ~ tion ftt U??t 11mo, ihmI it in Ibought,h
Ml W ih?t mam' will b. fauhcoumig ?l(?
oatlito!fm<vWwWftnf; the ?M?xt lioaring. 1. Coo*i?larnbl?(u
jf* .//"",!( titer. ?ti t nki'ii i <
WL. y . . , | ra'r r. *'
- - ?? .
Voather in Korea is Intensely Cold, ?
But Soldiers are Warmly Clad SAYS DAVID BENNETT HILL OF
and Carry Quantity of food. NEW YORK.
Now York, March 18.?Although ?
ho ice in IMng Yang inlet is brok- His Nomination Assured is the Belief
n, tho.e is much drifting, snys a of Some Democratic Leaders in
Times dispatch from Cbinambo, the Empire State.
Corea. The woathor is intensely Judge Alton B. Putkei's nouiinaJ'ild,
but such Jupaiioao troops JIH j tion for the nresidencv l>v Him I)nm.
J - ? ' J ?
ire not immediately pushed for- ocrntic national convention ib now
yard after binding from the trans- regarded by hia friends as practi)orts
ore bivouacking with their cully assured. They predict it
mimaU in tlio open, and sleep in with a confidence based upon an
urns in Korean houses, which, intimate knowledge of the Deinovith
(ire under the floors, am wann cratie situation in every state in
hough dirty. the Colon, says a New York lferEverything
requisitioned is paid aid special correspondent.
or, but at pros>nt the army is in- '-The Democratic party has an
lependent of tlio msouices of the opportunity," one of the foremost
.......I 'IM ' ? 1 ?
r. uiu iiiuu uin ry iwo (jays j ot the 1'arUer managers said today,
iooked rations and three daya' rice "I know that the parly has
'aliens All the correspondents shown itself to !><; capablc of alvho
arrived in the Koroan theatre moat anything, hut 1 do not think
1081i 1 itios without official license thai it will commit the folly of
iuvc been requeued to withdraw on throwing this clianc-i away."
>oard returning tiansports No cur- .Judge Parker iH being put for*
espondent lias been allowed more ward as the only candidate from a
han 15 miles north of Ping-Yang, pivotal state who can be accept d
Host Hciimiy for Constipation. h-v tbo extremes reprusenlod by the
"The tino^t remedy for constipation 1 supporters of loinier President
v.r us< d is Chamberlain's Htomaoh aud (ii-uver Cleveland on one side and
jivot Tut'lets " anys .Mr. Kli Butler, of .. T i
'rnnkville, N. i\ "They act gontly and tho.-e ol \\ ll.i.nn . *1 >1 > and
vithoiP any unpleasant ott'oot, ami leave William 11. Hearst on the other.
ho lillWflls in II liei'fi < .;! V tiniliriil iwuxli
ion." S,l.|l>y PickiHiR'n^g Vto,;i?i?Vk. ,>",lur ft!one- lU [,Mu]?
mis, m.d IIin ter & Pickens, Liberty, contend, can unify thn.so di:j.o<'ld?
.. ? ?T ~ . nilt elements. T?ilets him out of
President Spencer s Proud Report. ,, . .
... iii- ,i Iho campaign, 111 > y my, ana there
Suimiol homier, hmd ot t lie , , , . .
, . . vvnnM 1m nothing lelt. Hope oi
southern Knuway FVt?teni, Ins it;- . ,, " , . '
, " v, v. - , victory would vanish, lie is iin n ontlv
returned lo Now i oi k from .....
i ii cs .i tilled null miithrr taction. 1 he
m ox loud tut trip In rough theopulh ...
, , . regularity ol his puty record on imd
in ikes a report that la agree*. . . ',
.. , it* . i not be qiiOHlioiiird. L ho very I ict
tblo to road. His trip, he says, * , .
. . . . ti\ i- lh.it he has nevor express d lus
carried him over most of the linen . . 1
.. i -i ? opinions on the great questions
>1 tho Southern, and evidences ot 1 .
. that huvo divided Iho parly is an
>i o p ntv wore general. 1 he fbOO- , ,
,n., t . olcment i t strength.
300,000, according to oatiuvd >p, , . , , , , r .
, .. . . i , It is asserted by his friends with
which the cotton crop has bronchi , . ,
.. the i!ln)*>st emphasis that .Judge
:o the South this year, is ol course . . , .. , ,
, , .. . . Parker is wholly unpledged to any
:>ne of mo greatest i actors in 'ho __ 1
,, . man. Not even David 15. 11111,
.'xcollout situidion 1Jnt it H not . ,
. . ? , , ... ., who is in lull charts <>J the (liiuithe
only luetor, because with the .
, . . ... paiun on 11 is b hall, has a promise
i)ohfliblo exception or iron niftini* ' , . . ...
from him ot any kiu.i or wouid
Faeturint;, which ih <1 aiI t h?1 r?as . . . , _T
. . |, . venture to ask for any pledge. Jlc
slbowhor.', practically all tho in ... ... ,
. , would be a bold man who would
iuslnes of (he South are in a rial- , . .
. . -f. ... ... ,, dare t"> in ulco such a fiugi/estion to
ly llouri*iiiiig>>iMili<in. n?r 'int. _ , ? , *'?
, , , , .Judge I/arker la.e to lace. His
t unliitr observations, ho pays ;
, , . poirional and olhcial records ari
J lie cotton cr?>p lnu brought a 1 .
, , , c . . ,, c, , clear, llo is sale and eonservajreat
aval ot money into the boulh
, . . , . . . hvo. 1 hese are the t>ali<Mit f'ontivInch
whs unexpected, pernaps,
, , .1^11 uros of tho portrait of th -ircandi*
inu ovorywhoro the banks have
, , .. dato that the friends of Judge
moro money on hand than they
... , .. ... . . Parker are holding before tho eye
an hud good use lor. It you take ...
, ?i e I ... 1 .1 ot the Democratic DiLilv.
. i' - hi II.Mil ? Mill COlWUrV n i . ' , ^
..... . , !arkor himsidl appear.-; to
>ver vou will liii'l, p-rhaps, do- . . . ,
" . , , be indiOnrent to w liar is being done
src.ififts in otlmr sections, l>ut in
011 Ins belialt. Ho knows ol it
Jie boutli the ciearucca aro tjroater , , T ,
. i ii ' - .. only l" a general way .Judge l arJian
over, md tins is n sign or the , > . ? , .
. ,, ker s iniCi'Oftls nro in tho hands of
tunes with thorn . | .
.... , , men who am leaving nothing to
What Mr. Spencer regards ab , , , ,
. . . ... r ii i . chance, 1liny are conceded to bo
,ho IwHt thing of all about the , , .... , , . ,
. ,. . . anions tho most skillful political
tiosp.'Vity in the boutn is tli.it, it . ,,
. , , , . manages m the country. l< lom
>eara no resemblance to the forced . . .....
,, .. . oarlv morning until midnight Mr.
)r "iMom" prosperity, "Hie ; 7 .
., ,, , , ,. Hill may be found in his law omoo
south, l'?; ohsoivoif, "was rat nor , ,.
..... ,. .. . , issuing his direction* to Democrat ic
j.dimd tho rest ot the country for .
. , , . . . leaders from all over the stato and
lome 3cars ami did not participate , . . , ,
. , - , iii . consulting with leiuh rs Ironi other
it the remarkable, l>ut perhaps too " . . . .
. . 1 || , states. 1 Ins activity b"/aii a year
anni development n >tCvl elsewhere, , , , , ,
. ago and tue plans that nave I> <??!
(s pic-cut prosperitv is of tho ? , ., ,
, , , ' . . shaped during tho lust twelve
iteadv, natural and woII grounded . ? ,
* , , , , . . , . months are now ho hir advanced
cind winch loads to tho belief iliat , .. , .
t . ... ... , that Mr. Ii ill feels iiistifiod in t? IIt
has nothing of the temporary . , . ? .
. . . - , ... . . , ing his friends th<?t, hai ring aecjloout
H, 1 mit will go oil quietly and , ,, ,
. , .. . i dents, Judge 1 arker a nomination
jei'hUtontly unking that part of . "
.. . is practically a foregone concluhe
country no we 1*1 ul. .
On this trip through tho South ' -??
dr. Spencer succeeded in getting a Seriously Shot hy Brother and Son.
lorrect view of Southern conditions chehter, S. O., Special.?News
ind his deductions as to the slulhl- just reached here of a serious
ty of thn South's prosperity is a 8!U)0(mg affair ahout 12 niib>H
mrticulnrly correct one.?Char- c m ,.?,i ...
olt.? Ol.roniolc- fn.m th,? city Ihursclny. h. I).
Wilkes, hirf 1 1 year old koii mul Mr
Liiciuit and Modern ad vice about How h >vo nhot and mortally Wounded J
to Acquire Weal Hi. Chnrlin Wi.kes, n I rather of Iv I), i
The ui'cii lit ? >;('?' "sure roiul lo \\ ilkofl.
c alth- w.ih '!??. t(miipernio in .11 The two .M jt j* oliniVed,
10 economic <1 u'wuju. Modern life,
villi its "ru-di methods" in biisiiie-iH re- had In on disputing over n win*
piircM tlmt "l.rci> i e.i.iliv' ho ml.imI t<> fouctJ and ro.id for Homo tiino.
Itn old adage. Ev. rvhodv knows liow . . , e
o ho lomperntc mid mor.t j eoplo how to W 11H thoy llld 111 10 \*"to n low
in oo "Domical, hut fmv know how to word* passed nlld llieti ihcy com,o>'|>
perfooty healthy. Ovor-oatn i?, , .. , , ,,
rier.nl'o liulii H, no^lcet etc.. drrniiRe ftt oaoh Oll.or.
lie ntomicli, liver and ho\v. ls, c,,i; dn# Tho wonnded man was shot twico
tuli?<yti"", I 'J'Pid liver, conMipntion, n|)(, p|U)j entering junt below tho
to. Itydn ea liili etn am naturoH liesi
lly when Hiifli conditions e\ hi. Tim loft shoulder blade, tin; other i-iiU'.nvu-.li
TiiiilolH Will digest yoi i \.od, torinir the oull'of the loft 1ml'.
tmi'Dllw ii vnliv iliiiLuliuo i
are ynnr imligpntion. Tho Liver Tab. ^ ^ ilkoa, his bod, and Mr,
tn will nr?i)H?> jour liver, >iim ilntn Love has< bo n arrested and are
our bowela and f!fUal>linl> a iot t.lnx, now in jail at Uiis place.
altliv, li'iliit. d ile? Tnbjotp i-.'wino _
(ioil health. Piukpn* Drug Co., "ickn-;'\v.
a. Hiiohlon Ar co , liuiij. Shoots Man to Death Who Abused
,? His Son.
Tuskegoc Man Drops Dead. Birmingham, Ala., Social.?
TuBkoge.*, Ala., March J8.? \ S Harry Moore, who Im-t Clu in t nun
Irigg,a well known elt izen dro;>j>td cut another man to death at North
ead on tho streets horn yesterday Birmingham, was shot and instantftornoon.
ly killed at Warrior hut night by
\f I* I 2 ? ) /#,? rtfl l? A 1 /\ - i'4 1 - * ' ^ ^
>*i. v>?iKi41 ??iut3 iu i?>w ) ati,hv <|in- ?? ^ AiiBHuni, ft ropiiuiDIB Clt)/,6i),
or, btopping in front of a furniture It 1< 8ni<l Moofe wuk intoxicated
toro to rent, Ho had hoen sitting arid roundly ahusf-d tho Ki-yrurnnre
but ft few minutes talking be* ?l'l Ron Anabnrn, The you ill
ore he complained of hi* throat went into the Loninvillo & NmhiirtinR
him. fScareoly hn<^i<* fin. villo train, on which his father vvi.s
jhed tho sentonro Infoio ho' foil pi*?pftn?ff to lyavof trnvp, uiij j'lVi
rom the bench on which h^w??
A Short Time Has Brought Great Reaction
in Southern Sentiment.
Washington, March 15.?During
the past month a grout reaction of
sontiniont has taken place through?
out the South in favor cf tho nomination
oi Clevelund. Thiachango
of feeling is quite pronouncod in
I Tennessee, (ieor^ia, Alabamn and
Mississippi, while oven in Toxiia
there is less fueling against Cleveland
than was indicated several
months ago. In Mississippi the
presidential boom for Coin/rossman
Williams was started for the solo V
purpose of sending an uninstructed -?
delegation to the St. Louis eonvontion.
All tlx; fooling that han boon
shown against Cleveland has been
l>y Democrat io politicians and some
of th->.so members of tho houao of
ropreHcnUUivoH. That tho feeling
has b.H-n changed was shown in the
house j'cst'jftlny when an eulogy of
CMi'Vcland by Representative Pattorsf-n
of Tennc.ssoo caused cnthuaJ
iMSti<i ch' tuiiig on tho Democratic
! sid" of the chamber.
Tht-ro is ntrong sentiment
! throughout Iho South for CleveI
land by th?? '"bily White'' Repuhli'
cms who do not approvo of Roose.
veil's position on the raca question,
A Strong Sentiment.in Favor of It in
Oconee County.
Seneca, March Hi.?There is a
great, <lcal ( I talk in and around
Seii-ca an 1 ov<jr Oconee county \
Hint (here will hi? a fight on tho
dispensary question soma time
|s?> .n, inaybe this fall. The towns
??f iS> ii'jca ami Wulhalla are the
only towns in the couuty that have
dispunsaries and nianv nocnlo of
j th'i county say t.hat they do not
j wan!, tl.c disp.-nmiry and that thoy v
j will make a fighl to have the Kamo v
voted out and have u dry County
J once inure. Somo arguo thnt thoy
had r.tlhor have the saloons thon a
j disji' n.-:ary, nay that a man would
I buy a diinlc and go on about his
| business, while a-? it \a now you
j havo l<? K > to a dispensary and buy
j at loa^t a k'llt a pint, as tliatiatho
j sniallofrb <|u uitily that can be purI
clisisod according t<> the laws oft,ho
j Stnt", :iixl gome of the liquors aro
I enough to ? i: > anyone crazy, or at
I louM any one would judge so from
tlit? actions ol houim pcoplo that
j anybody can se-i at nioat any time,
I Saturday evo?itngaTKp--cially, when 'X?,
i ihoy aro so full that they cannot )
I walk and scarcely lalk. / f
Tlier > has been no official an- \
| nonnc*-m<>nt thai there would bo a
I tight 1 >m the dispensary, but it is
boing talked, and it is believed by
a groat many people in the community
as Well .n all over tho connJ
ty that the same can be voted out ^
j without any dilVn-ultv or much of J8xi\JH
a light on the part of the oiti , jt'r vf^
It is thought that tho^jt f llJtc Mi.' V
mountain boozo would
I'OI t | . ?* I : I t ' ' I'l' s t <>i \ V
! would not do f<?r otic
dis|)"ii.-:iry voted oi 11 be to yonrintowt.
naturally from ono^ I3ACJC
navo ;i uispensary, )
como t<> ono town 4 / y ' |
(l.iv licciiiiso they hi ... c n I
. , .v 111 o, b. O. f i
Hrtry and would naturn s
trading whilo there. " *
The Candidate. S
Whilo tho candidate is abror? mSuS&t^fQ
tlio hind, Him following express.*,.. '
about oantli hdeH from ex-Governor
Hob Taylor, of TonncsHoe, will bo intf
H'ftl irs<{ and umuhin^. Mr. Taylor
Hays: "livery Inmost mun who runs
for ofliis a candidate for Iroublo,
I?.? ih<> fruits of political victory turn
to hkIu's on his To mo thoro ip
nothing in i his world ho pathetic iih
a ciiudidiilcv Ho in like a mariner
without (!oi!i|)iiHf4, drifting on tho
cinpotsl tof-Sf-d waves of uncertainty
between tho moiling cliffs of hopo
uiUl tho frowning crags of fear. llo
ih u Hiking petition und u living
prayer llo is a packhorso of public
sentiment. llo id tho dromodnry of
politics, nud even if ho roaches tho
k'Oul of hi.s ambition, ho will soon fool
tho bonk of thi) vulturo in his heart
und the fang of the serpent in his
?oiil "
Thorn i? not an ache or pain that can
In' icii'-licd cxtfrnaliy that cannot bo _
"killed'' in a fow minute* by tho uro of
Klliott's lithulHiilod Od Liniment. Rnb
it on tlie^flfootod part And the pain will
hoou diflnppenv, Full l-'2 pint bottle, 25 \^fl
cent*. 1'icjfUH Drug Co., Piokens; W, ijfl
A. Sheldon ?V Co., Liberty,
^' wan<ec" .rMm
II jftp vrli.i'olo t.< mint families

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