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/ ^ o( a Local and personal Nature.
?The wedding boils will soon rinf.
\( t iu Pickoua.
- Bora ou tbb 17th inetunt, to Mr
y and Mrs. U. W. Fair, a daughter.
?Tho farmers 4iave begun to tall
about the grain crop being a fuiluro
?Touchers, don't forgot tho moot,
ing far teacher i at Pickens, Saturday
>?When jmi need any mortgages
The Sentinel Jourmd can supply you.
?Boi ...son the l8Lh instant. to Mi
!'1 and Mrs. A.nthony l^llenburg, a
?J."Walter Lilngaron, of Sidney
sty Neb., i? on a vinit 1/ lii* f.ither, J. T
' ? Lflngfctou.
-Sixteen ccnts cotton just, will
* *? bring smiles to t-bo face of every man
who has any to sell.
?Tho' bnuiil grain crop looks more
ptomising nfe spring approaches, ami
our farmers -no muto hopeful.
-?Lot every toachor in the county
#att(-iiil I ho toucher's meeting at Pickcut*,
Saturday, the 20th.
_ ?Plant corn by all means, hut
do.Vt noglect to put in u good cotton
ci'op You will Gnd use for it all.
:t ?Road our advertisements--there
aro several changos tlmt will put
mouoy in your pocket to carefully
?The orange blossoms are boing
twined into ft wrenth to shortly deck
tho brow of one of 1'iclcens' fair
? We look to our cor respondents
to keep us ij formed of tlio ovouta in
their section! Send in your letters,
\ friends, nud we will do tho rest.
. ?Don't fail to attend tho millinery
v ^ opening at tho liiir Store. iJ5th und
>2Gth. Fine lino of stutY on display
and at prices at? cheap us the cheapest.
? A man, thirty-two years old, in
his trial for bigamy in Elizabeth, N.
.1., acknowledged in open court that
I ho had been married forty-seven
{ r times.
? \ i I'd? through the country now
shows the farmers are hustling to
get their land in condition for plant*
'ing. The whole country is redolent
. with guano.
?Pickens has experienced one of
tho best winters commercially that
she has ever had. The merciintile
I tllQIIUlLU 1??CI "I
MU9HIVUO in/uu iiViU ufii" 1U1 t'AtC^UUI I
prevjaus j'oiub
? Lost, ft little black pii?, nlioul
six weel<8 Last Keen tjoin^ in
tho direction of (Jlnssy Mountain.
Finder return lo aJth. J. ]3. J{.
Freeman nnd trot suitable ruward
? Married, on Suuday, tlio 20tli
instant, bv G A. Ellin Nohnv l'nh
lie, in the big road, near lii-tlduhein
I church, 15. 1'j. Smith to Delia Gaiuen.
) All of the Croswoll section of I'ickeijH
| county.
?ThcV.striko has apparontly been
I called oil among the L?;na and
are boM unin^ more plentiful. j Iks
} prico has at last gotton dsnvn to i(?
cents ?something li-lo; the ixvd value
of CggS.
?The rain Monday rolcuscd a lot
of the folkn from iheir farm duties,
and they took advantage of !ho opportunity
to attend court. Lota of
cundidults were on the ground and
fill f l n rv?"w i.l *! ??,.
?Murrkd, on Sunday fcvuning, at
4 o'clock, March 20, 1001, ut tlio
residnncc of l!io olHoi minister,
Rt-v. NV. (! Seaborn, Mr. /<iflio llon<1
riclcH, of Liberty, to Mias Bessie
JMoor'*, of Central.
?Tho farmers arc now hard at
woik getting tlnii lands in p<; for
tho phmiiug uf ii crop. I:, i:; time for
corn, ae hoiuo farmers put
It,..! -i *i. ? 1
tuvi! v.wu ni,ru ?niv> mi; ^ I ill I M vJ a * >D 141
the middle of March.
?The Newhovrv Obn< ver i?avs:
"They nay a lulo hpiiuy in followed
by a good crop. Farmers Imvo (?>
work co hard then to catuh up tlmf
<ho grabs dooa not have time to grow
nor the grouud time to got hard."
?Mr?. It. J<. Gilstrap, of Conno*
ross, who has heen very ill lit her
homo, i? gn-ntly improved. though
still quite Hick, ller many friend.*
will he pleaded to learn of tlie im-i
ill lllil' n/ili/lilt""
? Lavge qunntiliea of fortilizors
hftvo bi;ou Bhippoil horo and Imulcd
out to tlx* plfintotions ovor tho coun
ty, and with fuvorahlo sofisons tho
proapocts uro that things will bo
booming hoioubo;?t noxt full. Tliia I
j t'.t leust is tho hope of all.
?TLeve will bo t\ regular com-1
muni cat ion of Keowio Lod^e, A. F.
Rl., on Saturday night, 2(>th hint. A
full attendance in desired, and visit
ing brethren are cordi illy invited to
lUu nd. Tin re will ho woik in the
iiiBt aim bcoond decree.
?Some of our corioffpondontB pernint
in Bonding in lot tern with no
name eigued. Wo positively will not
....i.Uci. ....i. wr -i i-'- *
fin/lion ouuu. II i; II1IISI/ UIIOW WIIO
in writing, not that wo will intiko tlio
tiiimu public, but wo must know for
our protection. Correspondents, aigu
your names.
/ ? Nj D. Taylor will bo in liin stu
?1 io i*i i'ickons 00 Tuesday and Wed\
uesrjk ' April 5th and (1th. S.ive
your rt'c rk for him. Call and inspect
tbo fmmplea of frameft ho Ima and
buut. np thoao old picture* and havo
Iheiu nicoJy /rained, h ? you cm pre*
servo them.
? Wo sincerely thank our cones
pondontfl fvr tho interest thov are
tnkii)f* in thia prijior, mid for Iho
n?wt<y lettfciH they B??nd flu. Wo liavo
not apurt I ho I:imL pugo for .luir chpenial
Ixjiioflt, nn<l wo expect, ftod
rcapoclflillv urge, tint tlic*y will keep
iv lillod with ntiwH (moli week.
Tho man/ frianJa of Mr. Porrv
J. Manldtn, whu reildod in Lite O iltun
section of thin comity, n?ar tlio
Ktowee, hied on the Klih iuBt., of
ui'h'1 of tho throat, in Iuk 50th year.
MnHDK' Alton
tin; Kutiloy hid??, iiml of II P.
i Id to of Picket)*. and Idftvou a boat
HLiili.tivc (-..id frio:idfi to {noma fii?
gjl^ Hi* i umain* woio laid to lost
nHill ou the day following hia
? Mias Mary Dagiiadl, of Fountain
Ira), in on a visit to bin- cousin, Miss
1 Stella Harris. /
?Willie Polt returned to Pickens,
Sunday, from the /Atlanta School of
Pharmacy, a fall/fledged I^i. (1 At
, preseut lio is Vacated with the Pick5
cus Drug Co.
?Lot tho householder bear in
' mind, with tho uoar approach of
Bpring, that a stitch in timo in tho
i way of sootterod limo may save tho
. proverbial nine so far as typhoid aitd
other germ diseases of the heated
term are concerned. Clean up eprly
and often. It is such individual in
1 itiativo that ir ukeB a healthy, cleanly
? We must- urge correspondents
, to si?n their names to communications,
otherwise wn cannot publish
them. We must know tho author.
' They ran sign any non-do plume\
' they wr.nt to to the article f<.r publication,
but tho roal unmc of tho anI
thor must bo known to tho editor to
i insure the publication of tho article.
Several communications have been
MAOAl.tl.. J : 1 ? " - ?
vuUH't>"u<l iu i no waste
banket because they were unaccompanied
by tho author's names.
? Wo are glad to notice an effort on
the part of tho people of this county
for hotter slock, and with that cud in
view, L. O. Imtheni has purchaw il n
lino four-year-old .Jack from (i. T.
Florida, of Sweetwater, T< nil. This
animal has a tine pedigree, which i
allows up good uli ilio way buck. Mr. j
Lnthoin had ihis animal on cxhilii- ,
tion in Pick* no Monday, and he is a ,
perfect picture, Tim animal'.- ser.ico
can always be obtained at .Mr. Lithorn's
residence, as ho will not bo ;
allowed to leave his paddock
?- -
The spring term of circuit court
was convened at Pickens Monday i
morning, Judge J. C. Klugb of the I
Kiglith Circuit presiding. After ?u 1
exhaustive charity bv (bo judge, tlie
grand jury, upoi\ otgrtni/zition, entered
upon tlie discharge of tlieir i>sponsible
duties. Following is a list
of the Cases disposed of nt this term,
as we go to press, an.I the kind of
James IV; ek, violation of dispensary
law, three cases, guilty.
Wash Hunter, violation of dispensary
law, guilty, $200. !
lien Ciiijtroll, violation (.1 dispell-1,
fc-nry law, guilty, $ .'.()()
George Williams, violation of dis- !
ponsnry huv, plead g lilt/, 8100.
!Sum M. Cox, violation of dippi-usr ry ,
law, plead guilty, $100.
Jolin I\l. Ktowait, lleubcn J. Stow- ,
nit and W. li. Lynch, violation of dis-j
penpai v law, uol pro^so 1 on payment I j
ol $100. ,
M. J>. Moore, Lethe A ikon and (Jium h
Aik? n, murder, was called for trial
Tuesday morning and the easo went
lo the jury Tuesday night. The vor j
diet was reached today at 2 p. m. The
verdict was not guilty as to tho Aiken
womon, and Moore w is found guilty ,
of manslaughter with a recominenda- |
tio:i to the mercy of the court. ,
Milt Duke, murder, continued.
The final preuontmout of tho graud I
j jury for this term of ihu court i.s hero- j '
| with given:
I T^ri wvcii :m i.m.' r <ii> tup ^ In v.. !?...*? I
| To thy ir.oin<i'ul)k iJ. Kin^h, J're j
siding Judge, anil .Judge of 11.o
II !.rhll? circuit:
Wo, tin grand jury, hog loavo to <
nmko tlii;:, our linal pr<sentiucnl, at v
this term of court: (
Wo !.;ivo actod on nil hilla that
have Ik a i* '?iiu.itlid t< us by tiio ' 1
Solicitor, and renderod such present i i
iin:iits thereon, as, in our judgment, j
each hill i< quired 1 (
W'o h?vn appointed m commith-c to :
examine the poor farm nud it3 uppur- !
11*1.1 VI#. I I...* I
ibis committee iiiiilicsii fiivoinl)!o pre* j 1
HCIl tlli(!tl t to Its o 1 tilt; Condition o) ul- ;
fiiira at that instil wtiou.
We have a j?j >oi 111 c*< I from our mm:- j
ber a eoinmittoi* toeximmotlu v i !
lio.is ortii.'i'H and \;ub!i< building of J
[tlu* count \ Thin c niniittec consistf 1
i of Cupt. K. l i Stiii lo, Saimn 1 81r nil' '
and W. T ISowel) 'i Ins connnitt. <; . t
will dit-cbar?je tbeir duties during the '
j year and report, as in their jud^*M
: niont, the law mjuitcs. i
W'i, I ?ll> Il.r...!. 1
x v> IW ...... .. .-v...
'honor for explicit. nn.li'icljonn up;n , '
our < 1 ?iti?_i?. And tlin otln r o!v;cers of , J
court, iiml the Solicitor, espo.ji-il | >
Iy, for coiute>im *h >\v i um, tmd beg i I
j to ho disrhurirttd from turthor lit- >
tcndunco lit this term of court.
Respectfully su'unitkd, ' ?
W. T. iiowen, j i
March '-i'2d 1901. Foreman. : *
Tho business of tin* com t is being 1
j expedited with nil energy consistent j |
with 1110 be*I interests of the county >
At Ibo conclusion of the criminal '
business, the court will enter upon the 3
civil mutters of jury and equity nature. I
Thero has boon a remarkably full 1
ill tendance at this term of court, and t
puonlo nro litre from every Beet ion of I
the county. i
llamons English Cough Hyrup cures |
coughs, ooUIh, bronclulis and all kindred ,
I troubles. '250 nt E'irlo Drug Store, J.
ij. moovu, t;r.np: liros.
Crow-Youngblood. ,
Married, tit tl>o residence of tho of- J
liciatiog mining r, Hoy. W. C, Sen- i
horn, on ttuinlay, March '20, 1004,
Mi?rt L-.ilii Crow to Mr. Scott Youngblood.
ISotli of Cateeoheo. H, (', I
i'ho "witncBSoa" toll it tliuH: ,
On Sunday morning we a >t out - (
We thought to go t > Praters, !
Wo little thought tlint we should see
Result# of Cupid's o.ipcri*.
We had just parsed tin* iin uclicrs' home '
When for ahead we soied, t
Tho 1'arson on his way to church
Hit* wife was hy his side. ^
Rut lo >k! thoy inret another pa r.
What do they uiy! Well, now 'tis Hear
Thoy have t .vo names th?*y wish hut
Hiy. canyou guem how i his is done?
"Jus' turn about," tho jnvncU'r mid,
,S s ho homeward turned his horses'
Just foilow 1110 aii'1 wo will go'Twill
tnkoa half an hour or so.
B.it then we'll he on time,
Asked to "Come" we followed too, '
And what took place we're trying to tell i
;ou, (
. in oinTpTo easy rliymul ,
'Twan Mr. Sootl Youngblood i
And Miss Lula (./'row Mies
('-row a>t Mrs, Younj/blood.
Through life lieniu* will go.
(!lipid's tiickrt havo widonpreav fnino,
IfiHdaittliiH work Iiah dopii,
Tsvo ltv?>a havo but n Kinglet aim, {
And two heart* U?nt as rtne.
IlijiMimntio pain* aro qn&kly rtdiovftd
by application)* of Uamoi/* Norvo and '
'V?no Oil: try it. 25o at/Fatlea Drug
j J, D, Mooru, OrnijA
Easley Locals.
EiXaloy, H. 0., Mur. 21, 1004.
.Jeseo Outs, died at his home ut
the Easloy Mill yesterday of a coin
plication of discascH. Ho hud boon
in bad health for a number of years,
lie was about -15 years of ago and
Itavos u wife and several children,
who huvo tho svimmthv ?>f tli? nn?ii?n
com'!'unity in their h??io bereavement.
ilo will be buried today ut
the Oats burying grouud south of
J no. ft. ihsscii entertained the bail
team Ihht Friday night with un oyster
Rupper which was gre.itly enjined
by all preuont. Tlio team j)ii:s uh in
intending to Sir. and Mrs. !l
tuncy ihind's fur their kindly inter
Oht Afier supper a very enlhuwiicitie
moehug waa h?ld, <fno S. J>i-i
sell* being elected manager and V'.
11 IctLoon, ciiptuiu. The sum of
miw wan ia?t*c? 1 for llio Bnpport '<f
tlu> tcjfiiLi. Kiibh'> cxpt i.*ta to out
ft ' crack" iMill lawn this ueabon, ami
tSioro in bi'in^ <;rcat interest. taken it)
tho bpv>?t, uuil bard practice baa bo
gun and by tho Lime the boason opens
in t arnest, wo will bo ablo to hold
our own witb tho host. Tho lii'rft
gritnt \vo li;> o ii hau 1 will bo pulled
oiY G jo?1 Friday, tho lir.'it day of
April, \v;lii L'r, f Gonfr\'a loam from
Ander.sffti county.
Fire destioyed th< store occupied
bj' fallabntr. l'r; 'It -r>, at Glonwood
* i .11 . . ! "<< -
i<t .1 in.) ill . I Oil lit !,'Ill Ot III '(
tire is onkuowii, out 'lis h i|;pose?l to
have I-icn liio work of n tiro O-huI.
'j lie building in 1 .ki>;i d to (Japt. i'Mas
[>uv arxl v.uii imoin u for only 3i;U().
Co 1 lit 11 n ii i li:ul insin utioo on the stock
! ) 111 amount of which will
lulls ctivcr 11is loSii. Capt. Dav'a I'i-s i
>viji ho -ibout ?700, n8 i hore were two'
hwildin^H iU-otroye<l. The store -iiitl \
UK ;it market, .lour by.
A military company wn? org'niv/ tl
llfil'O :l fl'VV I hi I'M Ain> w'lli W II I ..
Hoon, captain; \Y. \ Christopher, j
first lieutenant, and L. \V. Pickens, \
second lieutenant. About tbirtv
nanus have been unroll oil and in a
few da.yh will 1ii?van tlio fidl number
r< quired. In a short, tifne lobular
drills will be {(in finl Ijiikjey will a<*tiin
he represented in the State oppropri
utioiis for the maintenance of militia.
News ciimn to the city this morn
in^ that a shooting scrape took place
r?t, Latlicm, tbrve miles east, of
Imvu yesterday, in which Walter
K11 is shot a ne{*ro l>v name of Owsly.
It scetns that the nturro una Jim. I
nud had been to Slum WoatlioMV,
another negro, who lived on 1511 is*
place, and raised a row with ?Sl >an,
who appealed to Ellis for help. Ellis!
it seems, wont and put tlui negro uu 1
ler arrest, when tin y gut into a dis-1
pule, which resulted in the negro J
drawing a knife on I'llli*. When Lin :
negro did (his, isllis drew his pistol
und shot three tunes, two of the shots
look olVeef, one in the Mde, anotlier
just under the shoul ier blade. Thf
negro i.; seriously hurt, 1 .it the docloi'u
think ho will recover. The ne*ro
has since dieil.
A homo belonging to some negroes
Yoni the county, run away latt ni;rht
>)tilling tho occupants on main street,
t he horse proceeded toward ens' end ;
rid whnn hist hnnvl f*>. !.?.! - '
*" I
he 'ihnilH hnn;,iu<r to him.
At:>3 Ksthcr Siltot), of Am!i ivon |
ntv, Kpunl S unlay in lmw>. She .
sns r.uCompar icd l.'Huo by
^iicf u iluhu >i..
M !> Mi I ,\ !i .ill, >i A ::u '
?n? .i v 1 through t.>\\!j .'' it n<ia., t
t '.tij t ? Picker
^cvtiritl ot otii < it /. 'it? nif ; >
us to 113 atluiitlinl; < ?i 1 rt.
Mit>s <Vr, ?>f I*i?-? 1 m<ttiI, i? I
rittitiug tin- family o( -J. M. JumcHon, I
zi town. \\ llkii- (?'.
From Cntoecliec.
l lio- brutii'il <1 will s on bo
unl tlio isiivn1 in their *t(:uih v. it 1 >
ho cluing.' I1 -woof rliirpn of tlx I
itli' I i' l-i * i'1 I brunt, tho ll tWi'i'- 1
vi!l kuuI f i ll lli? ii miw i pciliinic, j
tho luVoly tulle of bwi ot bislt'cli will!
i^aiu titfsumo l...t i ini's
(iml cud's wi>l l.o in . at ?!<
ii.in-1 willi tin* opputiio sex, wiii? u
w c'^iircl ti'.s II row 11 in, win It nl>
in, liirc, mill Hi lire , to on tiio
;i< o, will not fjo luci.ii.^. Will, i! it
,v< ro not for j.rhlo nmi lovo botwoon ,
In; (liifci't lit (i(*\ tir.- aouKI bo i i
nighty }' )<<r world, ' ;ii wo buvooftt n
bought Ili.it tho fitl'iiK r hum too ??i-< sk1.1
i sway. II we would livo and dress
noro economical time?} would not ho
io hind with st;iii(i in thj fall. Look
n;ck fifty or sixty yenrij ago wlion
leoplo wore: homo made clothes, had
>\hoat hiuad mid "rttore" colVco only
>n Sunday morning; why; hless
rour soul, a man then rodo u fat
lorso, Irad largo dr.-ves of hogs and
lords of cattlo. They then had old
line corn shucking.-! with a "jug"
juried in the eoin pile and plenty of
hicken pie en the tul?le. Ah king
iotton IniK I a ken tlie place of all that
low, to a con am extent, things liavo
tssuined a ilill'eront aspect.
Owing to clemency of the weather
or the p?Ht fow days, fanners huvo
undo hay whilo tho son sliintd.
{oinc nre planting corn while others
ire putting in gnan ).
Mr. J. 1*. Hjdo and family have
noved out on a faiin ik ar Stewai t.
L'lumer is going to try farming this
i'C(ir. Ho lias heen with the Norris
oinpuny for several years and has
ilwoys ^iven t it tiro satisfaction.
Mr. -J. F. Williams Ims heen on
lie sick list this week. Hope ho may
icon recovor.
l>r. Oci\ Robinson vl?itc<l id town
his week.
Mit=8 Funnio Wright, visited bor
H-otlmr, lCugono Wright, ol' Kuftloy,
ast week.
Mr. and Mir (1. It, Child, of
Mcridiau, Misn., who huvo been out
K-re on a visit, havo gone to iV/er1
,o visit T. W. Cltil I.
Woll, fiH Cony has hung out his
shinglo" (it i? tonp year you know,)1
tin! hann't had ? calls ho has I o !
ionic impatient at ul announced!
tnrough the prt69 his roadineeK for'
matrimony. Now Cony, if you don't
^ct a patient ah quick an you flunk
you ou^ht l<4, ploauo don't Ixvoiuoj
worried lteineiuher there lion hoen j
jld maids over ainco yolt r-d Ij
f.ould recollect, from fhr> fnc* 11 /at ihm
bait on the hook waHn't 8ufli<!hnl to
oatch a fish. Now if your hiit fail*
Mid you arc left an old hncho'or don't
kick. Cony f?ayn woe' Soub of a
r;^rMia mail can it r \) pretty
girl. Oouy* i*
no auper^ ^PWo bo saw what
good luWiWhat carrier hoi) lmd lie
has had his father out trying to got
him a mail routo. Ho is even trying
to^havo the little star routo that the
\y.itor is engaged on thrown into a
iiiral route. Why bless your booI
Cony, 1 don't know of a j>rotty girl
ii. -* 1 - mi_ ? L
I UU iiitil/ l uuio. -Micro i? uuo ftt IU?'
oOico, but I don't" think shu would
| liko your bait.
j On his I Friday evening tho death
I iu)gvI again vinitod thia placo and
' c!uimod for it.-; own, Mr?. S. M Snr
gent, relict of I ho Into Win. Sargent
She was OH years old avid wiu; inaU'iv
her homo at tlm timo ci her douth ?l
this place, with ' ei* ?on, Joe SargoM
All her living < !> ! In :i, s-jvon,* nv f w
li'jr bedside on \Yfdi? -dnv cverine
j i I iol'o lil l ii.u! I, '.'I'.' iI! HI'! til*'
! I a.I iilI Ivv ) iot\. ! ? i i>: >1 ytam. j
i Tito r\ v5!. Ir -u %u w b<i
jMis Miii iwi > , t?f S :.i c i, f>l? .
I J A I)nvin, i ; v vty<it>villo, V- .A. i' }
j AJIoton, oi -.i, N. i] , Mis O li
; KU'CI)! (?l M I /> l , Ml' .
Walter J.uijt ?, of C>(ii , un-l
\l?nsrs. IvurU1 S'ir(((tnt, i>( 'it ouvilin,
am! .Joo ?S?r:(cnl, <.l' Cut.'ccliw. il<)
rcinuii's wero iuUmv<; if. tiio ol?l ;
I'loaKimt lint jjtuvc yuril l.-iu lo In i i
} C. G.'U iflt 'it I)*. r.lacl.'ii sun I
i itiuini.t in (!u ?:itVillt' Avian*.! (k is !i<
)!){.( trentcd lV>t' ii Ijime !?<;.
Mr. L. A.. lkowi) i: vci} ill at this
writ in''.
... <
Smith Uo!lin>< "i's lie luxe ioclii.ctl
the i iui 1.1 .tiny The >"">1 u'iiH'l
.) iinu l ohui ?iu :i \veol;l>
o a monthly j tj ( r. Jh i? r(c<ivin,.j
his paorr re.;i!..i >: >\v i wry Friday
tin.I lvtiui.s lliiiiil<? to '.hu editor,
posf.ii!'.i ; li li r t' jii courtesy
IJ ' !
J'. i
From S;x Mils.
Spring is iicni i>.t hand, the llmvelf- '
mo heginuintf t<> hloom in the yard*, j
and il*o maples me in f il bloom, ?tnt j
tin' I'iv l.s i-i 1110 ti'oo tips ^iiijf :
their swt-L'l mi>t< s <.f spring. Tlu|
most pleasant time uf 11 to year v\hon
t he pn ttv, fair maid, ns dressed in ;
white, with rosebuds on tin ir hivast,
eonio niit In church on t! o bright 1
SiiinliiN morning of j'jii in^ en ! j*tvo! I
ns with ;i fcinilo, iti^-ays i:iaUr>. n.-t
wish that we were old enough to 'j,u
Now is n busy time on the farm.
Kvoryhody is in ;i rush. The farm
hells rinj^ euly and lute, and the
bin^in<* of tliu plow hoys nal>e tin.
spring in n iiin^ dnlitfhlful.
Kev. M. I*. Malhcuy proaehed an!
inl< resting s nil >n at .Six Mile iusl
second Sunday.
Born unto Mr. alid .Mrs. i >)iii t
F.vans, on the L.*Illi inst , ?i sun.
Blunur Mercli li.i i treated himself I
to u new to; .
Ilurrah, for the new eotroepon !
dents in in .-Mi :.li', ' a the ?jrave
yaid question I ;;uess that tin; K litor
is tfet'inj; '.red ot it, us well as
tin; re.'uU rs, an 1 1 h p that thewrit
ers will 1 d otm'thin;; elao to
write about. V\'e have run iliis suhjoot
in the {?r?.-'.l: 1. At eonf irenee .
hut Saturday, n.ui.ey was i.ppiopri
uted to jnit ; around t
j^ruso vtiiil nt i?i; ou.\ ?1 ic, 1
J. - t'ihi li ! ! . ) ' > will Ifi III
witsO. \!I I!j' vi- fi it.-ii(!u <>' ivi.t
I IVCH 1 Mil illi 1l< i f ' l II i >1: Ill'W
llj 'I 'll ;j ,1 . iJ'A' ' )'
! il< v.C,;! i '. :t i V<: a.:(l IC'O < '!
I Ijt (lOa I v. ; .I'll (1 c I
.i.i ! . , .. , ' - i Y \. > i
i . . ... r
?iiirv. C ii)' i v | :ai I
v.* 1 I il
? ? ?
>.1 !)<!;? \ t ' . . ; . ,(ir# (>M J
1'' : ' :
Jajmii in uoiuf Lo " I l!i illi) war. i
Kv< rvl <>?)y 1 i* <> it t':?
lup?, ti .l i! i-.i't < ; t, .1 liboit ;
ihc < ilii'.atfH. .' > uu ul ihou. i! it
v i l c 1 >11, :ii of ! ni ii, ;? :lr . .. .
I .!); l;i .tV I (' MJ .-;?i ' I' ( > i >
riH'i ; i:.iv? ctrnitiicijr.o ;:i \un-i I
N'iij.. nu'ii liiivt; \\ .i . ii. thr??.: i>
> (iili'iftico in hi:.!.' I; .ii 1 tho in m
tti; ii!' i l ie: \N i: i >u'i ) ..>. i livi l>
l' >\ cluiso will.i ill ) tic ii t \ huuaJs in i
ill) illU-i'i S! i t /, rmiij. : without
. Iiul.s of;: i' ?'; ! ; iiti .; w j .n I I i
iV 11 >nro .: ' ! 1 's u >
VI II HIV. '! 'if ' .'I '1 |t| '
i (TC'IS I'lil.illticij >, f ?i Ii !' "A I"'
I III K f-11< 111 Hi II I ( ! I II fl \V oc |
t-? t lie Win id's i ! " - i iOUH u . I
11(.vt r lie in: -( H ir.i? ;> l> il >< :
timo to go through ijfo. Wi.
liiivc u good time iiii ; yout *? !I/ I
fho fni'UK j"8 fti'o let a ! ;.!( 1
fuctli HOW, fil!C< CO I ill <iri:J>|)(:(l
down, and tl.i !.h o much gi.ino
at home for Unit I>i\j cotton croj). j
Everybody is f;oiii</ '<, j \ u,t plenty of
cotton, but they don't went anybody 1
else to kI:? w it
Most of the corn |> indents are
neglecting to send in the news. Come j
in, we want to bear from you and
tuik publics, and we want to raise
money to nut a wire ler.ee ar.>uiul I i..
road cwmmisHioiicrs if \vd can
tind wbero they arc buried at
Inflammatory l#ieiiinathin Cuml.
William ShalW, a hrakeinan of Don
nison, Ohio, was confined to hia bed lor
several wooka with inflammatory rlieu-j
mutism. "I used mu'iy remodios," lie
KiiyN, "Finally I hi til to MeC'aw's drn<{ j ?
store for a hottlo of ('Iminln r! lio's l'.iin j Halm,
at which timo I was unable to use i
hnml or foot, and in one week's timo win 1
able to yo to work ?h iiappy a< a olatu."
For tialo by Piokena Prtif.1: Co., Pickens' ,
iml Hunter a 1'iokoiiH, Liberty. 1 j
Announcements fur r myro-nnin for the
I'liir ! < <>: .:i siotin 1 lllsirici ami foi Solicitor I
from tho I i.thili .1 ? I till Circuit. hwI few i-li '
i ii' iv 'ill' \\ i i >' iifertol iiml<-r 11 i' hem)- |
tin; fr?viu i.(iv ,.i i 1 11' ;v imii'v K'e (ion fur tin' .
sum >it l'l\ I. I h > i. 1 ,.\ Its, iiisi . at I'.i Hue I'm '
liuti.'e i- 11< 11<I< in No il '". i.utoi' I.h i mi-. _
t uiu will he mini
Fur Nlu'i 111.
I hereby Miiii"Un< < myteif ? < itiullil.iie ft in,
ollicc ol Shci ill* of I'U kcir< nuiiHj nl.Ji i
Ihe nejlo'i of tin Ketnocrut |>?ri in t'n I itirinry
e'c< lion. 1* IT\NK I.Otipl'l:
' lie ! .in i>i< .ili of > .ii ; ; \vi:i.iiui?s
re peetln'Iv .inn?iniif;? n ctvn.l. ul?<
Sherl 1 of I'lekein roiiiny uhjeot to the n <>ii j
of tin. ;i|>]>rcii( h' 4H hfiiioi h; pritinuy
fur Co roil i i-.
Ily the si 1 itr.tion ol mniiy fitCli N, I hcrftti.
itimounec mnolf a onniUtlnto lor the ollu'O of ?
t oroill l I rkoilM Hill) Mill. I t. the .1 |
ti >11 of tin lu inOeint. vo.or* 1 lie 1.1>)irOiiul) ( |
\ ly 1 I . . It'ui y. ! [^
W \ I, ' Ul". . u
Trespass Nolioe.
I hereby to >i-i iny pern. i hunting.'
II-liiii!?, cut,! !' I iiiilw r, pic.?1 nor bi-i ri?v,> c
or in Any w.iy 11 >ii?mi my IhiuJh. ho
Troapath?ri? will i?(> puni i?>i to th? full- <1
eat ex tent Ql tho Iaw.
Mih. IS. Nf. Jono i,
mOlt. u Kingu, H (J
H ?A A E
kciiesi aiyies
Lowest PHci
Our Buyer has just returned from North*
and already the new goods are rolling in.
Friday 4 Saturday, March
IKvervbodv SnvitaH.
(irand display of Puttoni Hats mid I >r
iar lie1 pr*?ttlent *\ <j Juivo t \'rv shown. !)<
coinc. No troul>l<f to show goods.
a span ? n m m n
- %J> r. n e~\ s! \ i
...SAYS "LOOK T3EF011K YOt' f.I: I
Ami you will Tlglit tit l'I( Kl'jNS, S. <'. wit r. I., i.
ami Most Complete L:ii" of
1j 1:.'- <jvnr canioil. My tratio is ! crcasiug eNtry <1 ij
n >1 Ilonest Values, The liKS'l' of evoryfliiug f?III
my ulwrti^einont. Nt ver miutl tin: price <?f mi niiiclc
< )f evcryl! ing an i you will l?arn bv experit lie! flint
cheapest. If 301; want i.nyti.h ^ in tlie Mt rcaiitile li
i ui.v ;i 1,01 or lint u lioiiK', or buy a Hoiistt sunl I.o
I'liv luoiii-v l.y ,i ii.;^ luu in fore you inal-r ;i trade.
Yours truly,
! J. F. HARf
^ ust Rece h
^ Another Line of
of all kinds and prices
S 1 cent to
j -??
s Apoth;1'" l-ivtli I'm ?*? /? 1 At' / '??. '
* ' % 'J n I'll IV) v/i Vi * IL V/
.Just Received.
A Large Lot of PRATT'S I 0("
Buckets, etc., { resh an?! (io
@&L ?>
israa -mjs^.-ra&m&!xs?&Bs^ vostrtrj
i T
f.ciij.; nam'' I'm :< m \Vr.i?Mper. ;>i.t ". ' - >
,?*\ r iiifetaMT The 1MCK KXSSI j.\l ! W ! i. i\ !
'. i .5 < > I KNAL. would r.carlv (: i L y our I i :;iii.
; i V?\?i 'cintr j)jO|?l?? don't mti : t?> h I ' i. n-d ?\ '
'1 li!;- thui. Wli il tlifV \vai>t is nu- i r;. 11..s,\?
t " like tliit: Finest \o.v Orleans, Soil!!
j hom^-mnilo syrups cv? r oUnced t > the < itiiijj pnh
'j." i :(I ( ||(' "IM'OOI >)l t III. I li ii li I i! i' i - I lie ! >
; And Soil Ano'.hor Car .of that Dpof ?T
j' -ev *;. >Ts -J5V ^.DOOL i
;J One .himirod Wai n-Is sold in ! w?*oks, ,~i: >w that
^ i j?Ui know a u"?"?i thin# when they tsit ir. Kiv-t):
? el h11>rIs, for your hnisi-s, cows and h<><is, < >i
lot of | ho liM's! roNco on |h.) market; > uj*a
[] Host Ci-.un Chirac; Kinodt SaliiK-u and liosdi < .
j[j lot luirb u iiv ai.d wim nails. IMows. and ho>ej
styles and now coining in and will he worn o:
n sunnincr. Kuril it u ro iootn* lull up. Nice, lit
H sizi-rt and styles stove-, hoth ^uod an<l cht'a|? ? l
] Kinjr dovVii. < ?ood cooks know a uooi! stov.. wh
U Iron King. Wo can't lliink ol all the gooil thii
? stock, r.t 011c'o, so comc 111 ami look through o
i i??r yourself?Honing if* boliovihg. li^momlx r
right and wo apprrciaio your trmlo.
2 W. T. McKAl
? ! | , J ~
For :i low days or until ] close out tlie sto?iH on ha"7"|.
Mule toliiu'r i at lOt? m |>!hk; plugs for 'J.")'1, <>i '2~i' c |
S 1??l>y tlio bo\ !5S u lb; Kaily bird and Spot (
Ootid ir>.?; I nikrs Mixture famoking) 3Hn; Farmers II .
>"Uml It i(;H 'j.>I liavo a lew hundred pounds of a.
.1 iiv; a little bi'ok' n, but that doen not Inpt tlx* tMokii
e dor I ui I make il it 2") lb:, for jr(.D long as it I;i
s- 11iim>1111 ? .?. I 111\. jnsl 70 pail .>f
V iy li'.e y nrc woitli ?2 to ;"'J. 'i~>. '1 !? % i .ivi
notiHO 2 To uvdio a ipiie.k turn >r!.f>f> takes timi , .
>f flc rt A Arrow shorn; nidus wouiuuh and children^. !
I'ntetl '1*11 pri;u? t will luiiko you on those in astonish.!
Uont '. () ( vh. inc. s woim nfl and < lnldn ns hI.ook 11:. in
on odiis ; iid ends of many limn. Not a pi font mo los.-<
J iicli a? :>1.7G. I linvo biinnliivl llmm I > <-.i
Irhnr lot n- t quito so good. 'I'hoy Ao^t mo up to &l.'2r?.
Lot, lliinf? mo anything good oil lwivc lo out,
~ T7\TT\~\\ur
Trespass Noiicc. TroMi.u/.II
piM? w uyo horohy warn. .1 not to A), pftW0IIg ,
?,l Hn.bcr, mnho roa(l?, hunt, flsli, Ui , H , . ,
ill nio, op in nnv way trogPH.si on any , , , . , , ,
? our IudiIh und.tr penalty of ,ho law. lft,ul oud,;l l,cuaU*
\ J. ft. Kea&lor,
S W, L. Darrott, ' .
. \ A
?c , // l\
! )} CLO TH INC!
rn markets //
j>) 'A'ii uvo in;* l\.i ii?* 1 iy;
il ' fk' f* 61 " O llifitol'} ! 'MM 1
4 I c* Vo II ',rv l' ''"Y h? av llr j
/# ?" i llil l!l I1 |>< Slt ,l, |<) <.|! 1 )
^ , I // Hum we ! : . c.vt j iVi-n d i!i<>
2 J ^ 26 \\ -Mill'!"' w<* l OUfjl t 11 il >ii < .1
?, "i- lill./Iil ' l\ ! f ' il<!
ft l'.t> :. f' 111 <)' 1 l'j'i ' till
j Vv uotlii'jy bat first t:!;i
i jj ' i I '*MlV, it j??vm t ? Ir.iy t!io 1
"'i hill ii | We are Sc
// Ce3e>hf*nt?
wkfy* - i V.
?*=% ? I ! 'J
8 2S ' i v ' /
^ '- r< i r1
I V fi > *<' "
; (C I <>
?\ /? 4 . /*' r
I... !" 4 j 1, fl VI.'
? F A ^
k r v?^ * /~v i?- .
VI I! ?! h ')
X> A A... lj .
I**nir Dea'n ^ y < * '
loi?al uii?:i! v h \ '.) /.'
it its wortii t ' 1\
(! ' /' !;:
",rI"1 1 \.
lin' licj-t Is I o jj a, ir. iji's 1; tv< 1 Ik : ' '
tic, It y< "l v. l it tj llimits nVllllj, 11 ?? Si VIf ;ii ?I ; I
t. \<>u won' h ii* lor lnu^ \ u m.vJ. ui <ot .
*is, \(( p." r"
T ^ JboSger k
7 Clothing, Shoos,
?? ? i'. Furuisliii! < I?>?) I
ved' '55
> > S? irf!3$K |;1 J. :& [ J
? A L ' S- ^s f ? # ? r,?-"4
'i ? ? xrjsPa 4 i ti ?'
> i
i ? IV
i 1$ ' ! JLL' 4 ' ' ^ '5 v
?W Kami ra.S2Iii?i?.\ii3B*?
i i
i i,. :..,!
: 1 . . ,ta
r i/i i
< ' o, ;
; v.- t
>D in
/r* * a^ v. ~r 7 ' r*~r*\
w. r. v * * fr ; v. iUl
, r..
, v;%
""'Z'Z'i-ZT t'4 '$'^r '
-?x ist-cu; * HKS! ft| 5^ "h ' "
* / * I J\ :
i r\ ' i [email protected] c .-. K9 .' < v
.1 \t\u,
A ' - . ' ?i / v t . , H
isral^r^SS^S* - ....' i;<\ ' ; s.
. - ; . ,i I HIK. \
v.- ! N 1! N ! ;*
:^;r: ; ' I'M r -i
Oooruin, r.i ! t \ ? t >:i
io I' 1 . .. 1 j Hi '
!.: l !;< i n .
lour. ;<?] -,t.' i >i:
1 ! ? IS. : > I S. ! ' ;
1,!" - "',l I . ' !c i.. ..s, i,V V ) I.
'HHllIIti | It s :
" t \ /M?\ : t
i J.', n S \V 111 ?? ^ -V,- I > ' fieki'i-.
ij i
s of tl < lnlc-l i '! i .1 <-;in ! ! 'i! t .i h?? .< ?
<l< llsi Vlfly 1 : H V l O ('<>i DTK t I ?' \\ i I I
?W grO<l* j all ;:,1 ; iGOOI'g A1! f'< >l>i f* \ I i- . A( i
n>m I test I:- 'i *[
en I liev soe fin p ' \ ij
lys we liav< i;i j:| * " "
iir ntutns?K'-1 J
>ur ]'.tic | I' ' CJoou- U 1 - !.i.<I
, M
'( NOW P
fK4S&HNr*M*ib. * N *
iwimr^lifip mm
\ a\ /! h\ ::?3ih|!
Jfll|jOiiiUj J.ddlA
I Will soil IV >H I
ci l'> liv tlw I)i>n
null 'IT'1: 1*1**11.1* ... . ,
v 'j/n*; Whnl., in W < have r< - \ 1 oil)
'l??rn,I ?-n|i.ig : !<?. Si MM1.R Di<l s ('?(>(.
IK <|U:ililK'S. '.^11 . . .,
8t^, di .v .1 ... II. | ' i'y l;ul> l ? 111 .i;i. .
??o W<- ',riV : '"'l U ' ''
OES. X)in* linit ' !.;r
\'.>i in iTTT TlTTf"*"*" | came Jia i<i w \ v
v !| (",()()l)S \rc, choai?<n thai
.vi rv pr w . n I , .
ifil.V ?:1osi>. I l.nvfI j Ol tilt: jTU Cil COtlOll
uubora arc l.n.k ? ,
11 n 11 fl: m.i k iiM R< t ' nr stronch
tiio i?>i, An j
v * and when in n :cxl o. ny
.?Noti<i*. You^.tr
lor^l'y warned not to Jji
,> wny ir ?*p i 'A o? my e
W, U. sVliitmiro, ^icaig' bp
U. C. Whitmiio. ' f
ING! 9
r ft / "* T> VJT F t\T vC 0
?., tu <j r n in u ! ?
!ii {.? Inulc flu : Spring iu f/j^H
>, v. Mm i cv^r before and wo
i :ini?c for llio price //HH
imi iIm ti.is is very ft HjH
us.i.il aiinHitit ol clothing au<l \1 I
i.ss good*, h > job or second
2? Agents ! B
E Si BROS pi
cC? Lire of ( I
Sitting garin
\ .1. I. Seo no
1 i . I .'
^ ' ' K* ^
H t mill ( nl's
irst tr-? ftvi ii kJK.1i t wm ?s
. Mi 0Wam
our pries on NICK
i v< r before regardless I
call and lot us sav'
' / {wolHI
1 list.

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