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Items of Interest Ter
From Six Mile.
? There is ono Buro way to have!
good roads iu this section ol' the
l" ?
country; that is to build thorn.
You can't make tliem by adopting
long winded resolnhons an some
overconfideut, friends seem to think.
Talk is a good thing in its place,
and it sometimes leads to result?,
but talk alone nover did accomplish
anything ol importance. It is a\
lamentable fact tbat we aro badly
in need of crood roads, and it is*. 11k(?
wise a lamentable tact that most
people are content to do tho talking
and lot the other fellows do the
work and foot tho bills. But that
ia u. poor way to accomplish anything.
If tho country roads aro in
n. nniir umiflilinn f?iriiior And liis
J -
"\vile and his daughter and his son
and his hired man come to town
simply when they are com polled to.
They often mies a good market
for their products because the
roads are too poor to got to town.
, This is a loos to the farmers and a
losa to the merchant; it also causes
to a certain extent a loss to every
business and professional man in
town. You ask whv! The reason
is vory simple. What will prevent
one farmer from marketing Ms
produco will likewise provent hundreds
of others anil t ho money 1 hoy
nro thus doprived of is kept from
circulation in our midst. Tlion
again, it the roads are bad and the
farmer doos not f?-jo 1 like wading
through tho mud to got to town,
he often uhoh (ho mail to send to
tho mail order house for what ho
wants, while if the roads werogood
he would take ;i few hours oil' and
ride into town for thorn. Aint
that plain. Well, what's tho rem
edy? II( i>! it. in: Lot every ablebodied
man in the county take a
day olV eaeb month and spend it.
on thn roods, under competent instru/ltorfc
if necessary; let every
J? man close up his business for that
\ day, tako his h?x?, axe, spado, or
any road implement you may have
y-4* ' ' and use it that day for the public
good and your own good, and toe
1. r|M.:~
iuiui inu ic-nuil *>111 Ml!, llll* Hill V
i seem to you like a good deal of talk,
I hut we aro willing to buck up this
I* talk hy boing the first to volunteer
for such :i purpose. Now what are
* you willing to ilo?
Dkath of Mi:. Thomas Iv??i;.
While casting their shadows
over the lii'.ls on hi t (Saturday the,
dark winged angel of death east a
deeper shadow ol gloom and sorrow
over the hearts <>f the friends
of our loving father. 11 i n life's
Jabor h done, and his Father was
ie;'cdy to welcome him to the iuan?ion
prepared for him above. II"
was called and ho must answer.
Clod knows best, and while the
hoarts of his loved ones are tori'.
and bleeding ho rests beneath his
. i-..i i <
.i-?n ?>->. tr?n ? u. . i; n ; 11 (' 1111 JICV.triH
y filihis worth; His preiitlo
> ways fcliall ?Iw s 11 in hearts that
. -/enow and loved him. His retailing
were laid to rr.-.t at Hi\ Mile, Hov.
m Soabrook Atkinson conducting tho
funoral services. Ho loaves a lnrgo
H family ol' children, bofmh s n largo
* circlo of relatives and friends to
mouyfi his death,
^fr. and Mrs. John Holden, of
Kings, was th1' finest < f Mrs. w .
^H^'oniTnekH one day hist week.
VU1 ^.y I aiVM
Wfi to ii farm I) !!.
Wfj Mish Mary Trotter, a p >pular
young lady, visited hor Bister, Mrs
1'. II. lioopor, of Lnopur, 1 act week.
R. II. Jloloombo lias purchased
n large farm bell.
' ^Ira. A. P. Alexander, of Stewart,
and littlo daughter, Ilixic,
wero the Ku"ft of Mrs. C. L. Willi
nion last woek.
Mi\ Cony, I \vi.sh you would tell
if my itcmh aro out of tho
Popular Fashions Magazino thin
ock? I will just say overytiling
j ?>u write is not true; and lor inyj
dell visiting, I don't visit vury
often. You don't know it right.
If I wasn't to write anything about
friend* visiting in our section,
^ jiinyho - people would think our
sooti-ni wasn't much. Visiting is
about all there is to wiiLo about.
1 foci real ^lad to think that wo
, i havo go many friends to visit our
home. I havo not got much visit\ing
to write about this week. IIopo
I will havo moro tho next time 1
^ ? write.
I gucas White lioso is visiting
Wk \ by no\&e:iding in her items. Get
Bk a move on you Wliito Koso!
f saw in lllfi 1) mf'l- U/llf.r.. Ilirf r:
- ' I ""ft ^1
\ldCo,.yn..d himself had eonieinoro
im 1 >->,t
\t than viaiting altogether. I
jfife Wiy if JJig <i lia.4 I wish ho
: VlMae write it, and m.iybn
would he more inleroHt1^^.
haV'thoy aro. S> just
^I'ito "what ho want? to,
j^jl any Miu.ire? with
Kj||& /
SL HondnckH and*
E^Bt- '."vr, viHit^'i th
I I,.
sely Told of A Bus} and
nonie ot Miss liuth Wilitnon Sun-j
day lust.
W. A. Iloiulricke in quite sick at|
this writing.
Tbo farmers are putting in good ^
ti 1110 plowing thin week, fixing for
more 15 cont cotton .
Mar. 16, 1004. Old Riddle.
From Liberty.
Vibration of t.h? nart.h wao fplt.
hero the night of the 10th, and two
more distinct vibrations weie felt
at 0:30 and 10.15 last night, followed
by a eevoie storm ol wind
and rain at 12:30 this morning.
The storm was accompanied with
inky darkness and heavy thunder.
Out of eleven Sundays this year
six or bovoii have been rainy days.
Tho nafit wonk has bm>n -nrinr?
I J o
liko, fiid the poach blossoms are
appealing. Wild plums havo begun
to bloom.
My, how the freight traiiiR (lid
run yesterday. The plows stood
stock still and the ground in good
plowing condition. The slroncr
arm of the law would knock a farmer
down for plowing 011 Sunday,
and ho would not mako a noise
that would disturb overy town and
city in tho country us a freight
train does. Lot our law makers
pass a law with a penalty that
would niako the nation rich, prohibiting
any compensation on any
freight moved on Sunday or forfeit
freight charge on every cargo of
freight moved on Sunday, and if
they must have any passenger they
pay no fare. A fanner is not allowed
to plow for gain on the Sabbath,
and who is a railroad that he
can't be handled. Lot the protecting
arm of tho law ho removed
from I lie railroad and then aeo how
long a train of any kind would run
on Sunday.
The building of the Prebby terian
manse id being pushed along fairly
well They havo w(athcrboarded
and nearly covered.
One more corn patch has changed
hands. Dr. Sheldon has bought an
aero corn lot from J. .1. Wakeland,
11'.Nil' Presbyterian church, (or $(>00.
It won hi not make over fifty bush*
ols .corn ; $GU0 will buy a good
size corn field with a cotton patch
attached in tho country and that's
the place to farm, wlioro the English
sparrows would not eat all tho
lief, cane and millet seed. There
is several more corn patches in
town that need moving to thecoun
try, eo as to inako room to build in
t<>'v11 . This town has been crowded
for years by corn and cotton
patent's, while broom f-ago grows in
the country on bettor land than
somo of it . C.
Fortner Items.
Tho health of this community
is very good with tho exception of
whooping cough.
Tho f:?rmr(s are beginning to
stir soon and late with every furrow
turned for it cotton market.
Tho darkies says ah, dat cotton
(hit 1 sold last fall made inn live
taster and ride higher dan ever hefort*,
for these moccasins haint
gone to mill in three W9oks, for I've
been oating Hour broad.
My father taught mo, as many
other lathers taught their progenies,
to watrh saw mill tnon, lorthoy
were tiicky, but since G. \V. Hendricks
moved his saw mill in our
vicinity, and had no il'n nor an'h
in his business, but gave hif? customers
more lumber and better
imnnur man moy oxpeciou, l nm
persuaded to bolievo that saw mill
men are O. K.
Mr. Hendricks ia building T. W.
Masters a fine dwelling in tluscovo
and T. W. will be known us C'aptnin
Masters hereafter.
Ilev. .1. K. Foster preached a very
instructive sermon at Pleasant
Grove last Sunday and was unanimously
elected on Saturday before
to pastor tho church the remainder
of tlio yoar on the second Saturday
I'vumiig Jit ?> o ciooK ami aunciay
morning al II.
Iviol. F. G. U. Clark haa closed
a ten ?layh singing school nt I'leannut
Clrovo and thoso who haven't
heard his choir si?g know not how
to praise them, and those who have
hoard them cannot got through
?.raising them. So you aro invited
to comn an<l ho your own judge.
Mr. and Mrs. .J. F. Riadon visited
friends around Oolenoy last
Mrs. B. B. Darker and Nestel
I > ?\ ..?/ ? ? .1 - ? *
Dili ivr,i vimCtJU ftll', illKl
VV. A. Kortner 1 ant wook.
Commissioner Talley pawned
through (his section last week riding
very happy over his goad roads.
I hoar that an enormous gourd
was raised last yoar seven miles
southeast of this placo. It hold
something ovei ?evcn gallons. If
that bo the case I am Bure to go to
tho World'* Fair if I can airange
' ^ to run the
' Jkw avuhilo.
lias moved on Mr. \
Progressive County.
Woodsido's farm, but whether lu>
hns bought T can't say.
J. B. Rig.lon is building a now
dwelling house.
A. T. Fortner is building a futn
ily barn. Homo.
March 15, 1901.
From Mnynard.
I will try to give a few items
again this week, but news i8 scarce
as the old follow says.
Fartnor8 are very busy prepar
ing their laud for the next crop.
Some aro writing about wheat
It is to j soon lo ktinvv r?r think
about what it is going to do yet.'
Well, well,spring is here and tho
flowers are almost bloomed, an<l
oh how gla<l I fool to think the
Lord has sent us (lowers once moro
to make us lia ?py.
Butler Boyd is very sick at his
home at this, writing.
Mr. Nelson Jameson and family
visited relatives in this burg recently.
I think the mumps, smallpox
Otwl HiliArt > < ? " 1 ' *
unu v? in/u|iiuj* I1SIVO ilOOlH
died out, nt least I hope so, for I
am sure 1 don't want either one.
Mrs. 11. II. S:\tterfiold visited
Mrs. IX Satterticld oin day last
Well, I wish I knew something i
interesting to write, hut do not.
Mr. \V. A. Duncan and (laughter
visited Mr. Arwell Abeivrombie
and family lust Sunday.
The gin house of Geo. Hendricks!
caught on firo one day last week, ,
but was put out with little or no'
damage done.
Most of the people around h>re
got their onions planted tit Inst,
after so long a time. Wo Ought
not to grumble though.
"Hear readers do not get weary;
with my letters, for 1 want to do
something to li"l|> out the good old
Sentinel-Journal, and 1 do the best
i can. 1 don't mean i o harm by
what I write and the Lord knows'
If this escnprs I he wnsto basket I
think I will try to writ.* ngain,
Ann Freezer.
From Long Branch.
As it lia.3 heon sonio time sinco 1
wrote to The Sentinel-Journal, I
will try and gi\e you ft fow dots. '
The Long l>ranch school closed
the lltli inst. Everybody present
seemed to enjoy the upeechos by
tho children, and the music by
\t/icifi?.i 11/\.i? - ' / *i *
toon), in:in_y uii<i on a net) J jaw- I
ronce was excellent. The oranges ]
candy and nuts given by the tench-!
er was also enjoyed hy tho children.
The little (laughter of 10. 1>. Hawi-j
say foil and broke h?r arm on tho j
10th inst. Shu h getting along
nicely and wc h >pe bhe will hoou 1
Cousin Jimmic seems t<> he
ahead of most people in tho farming
lino in thi? burg. ]lc also has;
a cow tlnit givos tino mid olio half
pounds of I.utter per day. Who
,can boat I hat?
Hollo, Cony! I think you will
have ttnollx-r schoolmuto soon.
Our lonelier is talking of enisling
tho Pickono (iradod school soon.
Mra. S. T. Mario and son, Berry,
visited (ho In in i 1 y of W. 15. Lawioneo
I'eae, fodder, corn, cdlon and
potatoes bring good prices in this
section. The denmml exceeds tho
all ?m\1 \r
Miasos Litlii Lawrence and J'earl;
Bogga have buon very iii, but are:
With Iif'Ht wi.shoH to The Hontinel"Joumal.
Twelve Mile Happcninys.
Editor Sentinel-Journal:
An you liavo not heard from our
section in Homo timo I will give n
few happenings.
fm. a .. * ... -
ane larmors are getting behind
vrith their work on nccouut of tho
had weather, though thore was
some plowing done last week.
Philip Ilobortson has built sorno
tenants houeog this winter.
T, II. Gasaaway has built sevoral
houses and barns 011 his farm.
A . H. and I). A. Itiggins have
their mill running on f:111 time and
ar? making tine meal.
rri,n >.? .. ..i <
j lie i,niM:nn ui ii|<; \\ ITU Hl(lt) OI
Twclvo Mile will l?C pleased to note
that tho neighbors and merchants
of Liberty hftvo helped to build a
bridge across tho rivr at A. Jl.
Rigging' place.
The infant of Mr. Hondricks
died on the Oth. The sympathies
of many friends go to tho bereaved i
parents. Cow Boy.
Attention Tcachers.
Thoro will bo h meeting of tho
teachers of l'ickcnH county hold in
the court house Saturday, March '2(>,
1004. fit 1 1 o'olock ??. ill Everv
r *? I I
teacher in tho county in urgently requested
to attond n? important businoHB
will bo transacted at this mooting
effecting the interests of every
tonclior and school in tho county.
llurni libraries and n Hummer school
for tho county nro two important
questions fur diRou&Rion.
By ordor of tho County HoArd of
Education. It. T. tfullum,
Evcrylni )g is quiet in those pavta
and farmers ore wanting to get their
plows to running. The 15 cent cotton
scorns to lmve excited the farmers
to great activity in farm lifo.
Miss Conyers Alien has just olosed
a nourishing school at Symmcs school
house. Slio treated tho pupils to
nice candy, etc. Tho patrons and
goneral public were present and had
i nice tiino. Addressee were made
l>y IJev. J. T. Dobson and liov. ,fc>. J."
I'hiilips. Dinner was served on the
ground and if jou don't Ibink tbo
ladies know bow to fix a good picnic
dinner just altnud an occasion like
this one and you will bo convinced.
Good order prevailed during tbo dny
and James Mc A lister and John Evitt
in ado music for tbo occasion. Mies
Allen is au oflicient teacher ai d is
liked by all ber pupils. D.
Shako info Your Shoe#
Allen's Foot-E no. It rests the foot.
Cures corns, bunions, ingrowing imils,
swollen and sweating feet. At all drug
gists aud shoo stores, 25c. Ask today.
Tho Bishop's Deliverance.
A writer in Itarpev'a Weekly reports
an amusing anecdoto which
Bishop Potter tells on himself.
"When one has lived for years in
America without any spccial title
in ordinary conversation," says tho
bishop, "it is not easy to become
n/uoiui 4 rv liairttr ltniln/1 n ^
UV-V UUlUlllV^VA \,\J IUU1LU (iO llij
lord' whenever any service id reiidercd.
During my various trips to
Europe I found it impossible to go
anywhere or do anything without
being 'lorded' right and left. At
lust. I was in a fair way of becoming
spoiled when a littlo occurrence mercifully
delivered mo. I had reached
home after a run abroad and while
descending the gangplank met a
friend, an old vestryman of mine,
lie was hurrying on board to receive
his wife and daughters, Pausing
midway up the plank, he grasped
my hand and shouted:
"'Why, hello, bish! llow are
you ?'"
One Was Enough.
At a rehearsal at the London Lyceum
theater before Henry Irving
lutd arrived one of tin; aetors in the
company who was noted for his accomplishments
as a mimic proceeded
to give a lively and elaborate imitation
of the actor knight's eharaoteristic
mannerisms. As lie finish
<m1 his demonstration Sir Henry's
well known voice called from the
depths of the darkened auditorium:
"Very good! A ery good, indeed?
bo good, in fact, that there is no
need for both of us in this company."
Suggestion For English Expansionist*.
Lieutenant Colonel Seton Churchill
of the British army recently told
a good story at the London Missionary
society's meeting. Jn the iirsl
Boer war, he said, they were holding
a religious service in the open and
n Kallir asked what all the noise
was nhout. He was told that they
were worshiping (Jod because they
wanted to go to heaven, which was
u very nice pince. roe native then
inquired, "\\ hy, then, does not England
annex heaven?"
It Saved ills Log.
I'. A. Danforth, of IjftGrnnge, Oa.,
sulTored for nix mouths with u frightful
running soro on his leg; but writes fiat
Ihieklen's Arnica Salvo wholly on rod in
fivo dnys. For uleuv, wounds, piles,
its (ho best salvo in the world. Ouro
guaranteed. Only 25 cts. Sold by Pick
ens I)rug ('o.
PE C. M'(
j (At Duke <
% Four^nnd-oncsliulf jiuU-h em
M north ol
8 ....Deal
1 ..Genera! M(
B Iliindlcg nothing but the host
ffi The trading public will <
B can fluvo them money.
Mrs. Hut lie Craig it) will
ttleddlns Pi
Sterling Silver
Stei linj
Cut Glass, Art Pott
Diamonds, Wat<
109 North Main Street*
m " v ^
Four vi|@?
Who are as active as bo>
Bt Keeps t
Sucli testimonials as tli
show that Duffy's Pure Malt
normal, healthy condition. It
Mr. Pike bear* Ida 90 years with l>eco?f<itij*
modesty, (trateful to the maker of tills i rcat ''
teiuciiy, and wczed eloquent in its praise. 'r
f \
VO Years Old.
"An old man liko myself noods someiKn,"
of tho kind to help nntiiro, and nothing in i
liquid form was over mado ! > compin; v ill. i
Duffy's I'uro Malt \\ hiskeynsi.n /?i<! t??i ?nl: h
"A wineglass,ful at night hr > a, dclightiiii
effect and insures sound sleep. j
''No man fooling the advancoof timeslto'.ild
neglect to keepil in tho liouso. Human kind- I
ness should prompt us to inform others ol <
tho bonollts to bo obtained from such a source. :
"I am in my UUlh year and enjov n - 1 .
health." HA ML'EL 1'iKE. I
These are a few of some 4,000/
Duffy's during the past 50 years. 1
than nnv ntlmr inorliritiP! r>v rnmhinntif
j - ? ?
coughs, colds, catarrh, grip, bronchiti:
sumption and all throat and lung trou
scribed by over 7,000 doctors and t
more than 2,000 hospitals. It's an abso'
invigorating tonic and stimulant, \v
upon the tissues and quickly kills the
. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey enrich*
lates the circulation, strengthens the h
i healthyaction all thevital forcesof bod
It cures dyspepsia, nervousness,malari
fevers. Invaluable for till wasting, v
conditions from whatever cause. It is
life ?makes the old young and keeps
v/THE V!RG!c;
V y cMrmi COAPANY 0-;
| ' ~f ^''
; frJhBiBlfift:
j I
jUlj-LUlVl. (
Did Stand.)
st of Pickens and four miles M
f Easloy. Pr
cr in.... gi
3rchandise.. #
of goods and at reasonable m
CCH. ^
tlo well (o givo me a call. I M
i rne and will wait on you. ^
BSBIjtS! *
Hollow wa re,
* Silver Flat-ware.
cry, Bric-a-Brac and
* .
^Iics and Jcwolry.
[g of 16, owe their vigor, h
PfPFJiHf! i
rI rill i
la? Old Youe
ie following froi\i well-known
Whiskey is the only tonic
is the trne elixir of life.
Mr. fluuJd oerved t ?vo ycr.rs in t!io Civil W jrI
13 ifc uiul ili'iii'il major. IS:.- less ol one fJuj-er
irc/cntlnc hlr.t b. .ifa oiiiisihijts ? private. tic
i his Sjili yea;-.
kk XS \ > \ / \
im W$M
t/ /r^ ?.x A Lj v"
hM% M
vm: ^ m
%& '? y v/ |i'\
Jl k-'";/' >
wrnm i
85 Years OIil.
I am years >td nml in llii"l:<v?Hh. IT;) v
i 1 i i in, N. II., I' i year:, and uUi-nd
;c Miy k |j<*i .--f<i111 v < vi>r . day.
1 I: v" >>smu I >;;iry'a I'lln' M .!t Whiskey
; it /p. difino only, ai d found it tlio boot.i
i stimulant 1 o\-'M* tried.
' Air, man ciia !.< ?> I >vut!i in I is hodyj
o <;cr l>y i; iivr , us it prolong.-; 1 i?." >, nnd I
iv.. nt my i r lends to knmvol its merits so tIi y
my do us I h-'ivo dono unit keep fortified
i! diwt diseaso I?v t-nkii>K regular doses of
Unity's Mult U'hi key." 1IIA Ii. (JUt LD.
)(.' ) cures made by
t i-i so much b tier
>11 rf medicines for >^K ^
pneumonia, con- /vC^y^vcx
b'es that it. i.i prol?
:d cxcluvivcly in /<?)/ ?$^4
h 'ely pir.e, gentle, //*;/ w&k,
liirdi nfte <Ii i r>r?t lir t'.CS I
disease germs.
as the blood, stinut- W \ ^
uart and I>1 ings into
/.brain and muscle. jpw&l
a, chills and all low
wakened, diseased
a promoter of long
i the young strong.
jj Great Riew Ofs
United States
11 to E^a ay
I Contest Opened J
II u
jju For tho oxoct, or tho noarost t
of Cotton rocoiv. d :;t raI! Ur
I 'J 1st, 904, both iocIu ivo...
H For tho ncxl nearest estirrs.-^;*
y For tho r?ox: nor?ro ;t oetlm.'.to.
j tf] For tho G next noiocs- osihn>t<
M F?r tho 10 nuxf nonrost ostimn
,) For I ho 20 noxt noaroot ostlmn
j hj For the BO next noarost ostirm
! For tho iOOnoxt noarost oatirru
d Additional Offors for f3o
IVjade During bifforoi
of tho Con cos
;*i j <m convenience 1110 time of tho <
? test is divided into estimate.^ rccei
* by The Constitution during four
| riods?the first period covering fi
E the beginning of contest to Fobru
I 10, lltoi; second period, from Fe
C nry 10 to .March 1. lltnl; third per
{ March 1 to l? ?; fourth period, Mil
jj 20 to April ii?>, 1!' 1. Wo will >
P tho best estimate received dm
? e<vh period (in addition to whale
SB other prize if may take, or if il t
| no prizo at all), tho sum of $125.0
glf Tho four prizes thus offered
$ I 23. 00 each amount to
PftMflltlft'.lrt Oftwfin*
Suuieuiiiuiio ui ocimil
Subject to the usual con
Is now on. Attention i.s tailed
1. Send $1.00 for The Wfc<
2. Send 50 cents for Tli
3. Solid $1.25 for The V
TIMATKS in the contest?tlmt
4. Send 50 cents for ONI
SCRII'TIO.n. Such :i riMuittunc
make a number of estimates o
warded at the same tlnu! ostlm
I without subscriptions, Mir? semi
fcred for only t??n estimates in oi
5. The money and the su
Tho estimate, the money and th
Secretary Hester's
j i 1800-00
H 1001-02
The IlKurcs above urtr oortiflcwl by
J furnish the olllcial iigurcH to docldo
E Address All Ordersto
'4t\fc. AIwaph rcllftblP. l.r.?llon, a.ik ImiKtfxt f(?
KKVI.IMI In filed nn<1
:;<?!< i:n 9?iU(' iKtxcH, h- nic.i wiih Itluo ribbon.
Vithr iu? rtilicr. I(i')'ih<< aliiii^irroiiH hiiMI'
(kIIohm imjtI friilliiti iiin. Ilii v-it your Dmgglnt,
fii I <? ? hi i.i.up* lor i'drili- iluri, Tfrntlu/:'l
* '.?',?< r f??r I/ikII.'n," in Irltrr,
>.. li'iiirn null. i'oitlmorilnls. tsoUl by
ul l)i.i?i/.sik
fittO .UurJ m Nijunr*, PIIILA^ ri.
/ L llau?t ikit limn
;alth and usefuSncss to the g
nSi the Youeti
l tempevance men of high st
stimulant and invigoralor tl
Hr. Kelbcu, first known nmn in Lisbon.
Served as tiix collector for n l??ii(j peiioil. A ni
native and lifelong resident. fJornnurcli V
)| |jg .;jj
riR. WM. M. KHLSI3A,
78 Years Old.
"[ foci it my duty t<> speak a pood word
your wondorful Whii.I. y. I as:? in i i>- 1st!:
year,andfeolthonoedwf a 1iinnl.mt.evir;, il.iy.
"Duffy's 1'uro Malt "Whiskey wi iI uv-i-l si>:ily j '
liolp any old man t?.> ki p y nuitj, and acU :u j '
;v soothing influence on iho system,
"It is good that such r. remedy is so ensilj (
jofit." ' WM. M. KKLSEA. jI
Duffy's Pure Ma
a"t* 's **1C OR,y v''1
men! as a medichv
CAUTION.?When 3,
'>e sure you get the ;>.
V?vn ful of the excellence c
Vrn cheap imitations and
Sjr^^jv j ft'] put 011 the market f(
}i->5fj iieving the sick, are f.;
/c'// ai1-' b? sure you get ?
// Whiskey vhirJiconVf
*) Duffy'sVure Mait V*
/J never in flask or bull
Jy Chemist," on the Jo
jfs cork is unbroken. U
uHIW Sold by id! dri't'^i;
Medical booklet lroi\
ill faith
fi* S3 ?1 f~> tfCSk /-n'- Pi H KVH
Mb *8 piifp
siafl 5 I !?U d
ys r^> li B <'-. si, R--v ... ?i -> ->. . . . ?.
57 a iJ 1i ti V w U U k y u.?
Ports From Septe
Sst, 1904, Lot?.i 8;*
ait!8th, 1004; Close:
Wi&mii >/ P.: :2Zt:.
o th > exact, co'lmnto <>:' t)r. : if: .
iltod Stylos pot to fro .i r;. o ti - >r I
o, 025.0 0 each
itoy, I .'..DO o .oh
it"b, 10,00 O?,oh .
lies, 5.00 e: : t
;to3, 3.00 ojtc.i
St Set i ma ton , TWO ."ZUA&l
If PfM'ini'lB
- - - - ? ? . i- . -i )r >li
'.hose estimates
on- i ho abov lvs pri
V?d r(. .j Ijalt.j eilhur
<)0" i-ut-os
|:iry Si i o:i.|?For <1
I inoso e.unnntoa i
rch 1 ho above l.SS pi
^iv<5 i.u; Uu1 I'iitf. co;
'nK i r; within 1 / 06
ai{0 01 tlio cx:.ol ! 1 :
Cv.:..v.i T<
nt " ~ !n cnso of a
S EiOO.OO j money will l>o o
tl:? n1
tsummss in hiiii n
<lit ions, as :tatod rogularh in Tho Co:,
lo tho following summary of ? ondition; .
ekly Constitution one year and with it ?
o Sunny South ono yo;ir and with it 1
v'colcly Constitution ami Sunny South b
is, ono estimate for Tho Coostiiution :
B KSTIAIATU alone in tho <ontost IK
o inertly pays for the pnvil ,( of sond
n this basis, yon may !-:?nd TIIIIF.IO l'?i
alt'H arc sont. If as many ton ostinii
or may forward them with only ?
no order. A postal < urd ro<eipt will be
'TfONS. Where subscriptions i ro order
bsoriptlon and tho estimate must eomo ;
e subscription po togothor. THIS Rl'UC
Figures Covering the Pc
fr.nii I t Hoptoinhnr to l it Si'tv (tn^lunivo)
of fnlldWiiiK >eitr. Tho pcriotl covcroil !>v ilnu
0,C43, I 34
7.378 62 7
Secretary Henry CI. Nestor, of the Now
\ais contost.
UXSH&LttiOl :>?- $&&? i
Eyes Tested F
I will test your Ev^h five ami I
1 s.-ll tlio 1 est polddr tflasfi ami gunr
antoed and glassesoxCnnag'-d, ii i???
gl&HSOS do not hurt your <y<s?tl ey
huitH your eyo#. My prices an; l?-w
| Freeman Building.
;reat restorer of youth, j
^ ^ E ra J|
g Strong* m
audiiig, arc conclusive and
lat keeps the system in a
nr. tico. i SavcR-i, tox collector anii pfgnlent
32(t degree rtnson, says bully's Pure ../alt I
y jiis tnuciihiury in motion. ',H
ftir, nnottor savauu,
<i ' i o'u. i
17. II., nnd in my H
l.hj mi*. as'.i.. r:- j soiu'imotliing is
ina- B
hing H
s jL)t.:.Vs " !>' It Wlii: Uuy for
hat vi. I'urin es so
iinch cuiufort, Ui : 1 L licii "in IH
. i. rfully I
[lis u ?t t.onie in tbo \v<>rld M
or old a;.;?:.'' ( JiiUK 1<\ hiAVAUli.
St Whiskey contains no fuse? oil,
liskcy rcrt);;<-.:-e;' fry the Govern* J|
-i\n >."!/ i ir.. ,/. 'r
ciiume. Unscrupulous deal ..r;v, rnind?
if this pi'C ; . < I, will ; -ell you F
Malt Whiskey subslKuter-, which are ^ H
>r profit on Jy, and v hJch, Sar from reKsiiivcly
banr.fu:. iiomand Duffy's"
t. U >'l> i In-only <;-'.;i>hiteiy pure rtflalt ' *r^
tins medicinal, health r-ivltigc qualities.
r iiiskey is ;=o?d in *;caK (I bottles only; i
Look for he frasle mark, the "Old
he!, and be cefu.ir the seal over tho
eware ci ."ciiijcu Lotties.
>ls and jvrotvrs, or i trect. ?i.oo bottle.
I iislfy Mail Whiskey Co., Rochester. N.Y.,
^ g | ij
a "PI *: <f?\ KS '
BMM|Pv | ;
Jy M lililll i ;
: i aa y um S
a ji W li iJ <i-j i J k~J
.^vf *"**'> " 1-^f- av ^Rn; fl ['
\J S V'.>\.? I i w : i CL.? & i/Sk 3 3 ;
mber Set, 1.503, '- y^jj
ArjriS 20th IS04 I
i-r m U ^ V . u w C-a W ? J 2 E * W V v 3 I j
i I
.= -r- of (--lea M <
., i O, >.-> i .lr.y k"
$ 2 GOO.OO
i O00,00 r0,00
? ::..00 (5
' ?!LOO tt
' :,jj.GO ;
o D.oo h
j.OO 2
o'.oo ^ ^
> COx:;'::i.5^:OW trTi-as,
riliiii i<>r .or.;- ;:j I
uioi I,-.. ; any <>1 ?J I
Zl!S) COiaJTiK wi'-t'". r-1 y "-.J
way of the oxa. 1
G 1,000.00 |
listrilm*. i<m ai':<iii|j |ij
I not i ic i [' .11 ol"
.. I Hill !i;.r- r
lolatio' (i.li i'i
! a! a ! r w:>y t
f,^CO CO I
>t?\l !? ' '<>0.00 M
\io on < ny .nir.- 1 otirriuto tho L
ci.tally <i 1 vldot!.
Qri Receipts Contest. I
tiiutiou uli wook, tho conu\st
ONE FST.MATEi in the contest.
IWJ'IM ATM in thv 1 ontcst.
L?tli no year, and h< nci TWO K:Jdiiil
an 'iln r for TI10 Sunny South. tJ
vol' DO NOT WANT A .SU1!
;ir Ili:> PHliiiialc. If yon wish to
miATRS KOll BVlSUY ,1'' for- Q A
Files iii'c r -rfivod al tho : 'nil. Ilmo
lliih f!|)loi;(lid ili fount bcii.g of- N.
.(lit lor Al.!. ! -rn.M.VI i:s' y.'.C-. ?|
r*< 1. Tin: ARKIV \ I, "< 'I HI-' I?A- fl
HAS HF.UN nii>'i;tVKl) AMI IS
In tlio srtnio onvolono every iinio. U
iriod of the Contest. 1 >'
Thm I. < nit r> iy for your tnformn' n niul m 9 W| *
not tl ' "(this )>r. i i-i.iiMt 11 l
ni?l t an iiitclli- ,
rti-iil r- tlmiitc i. j|
11,100,004 V ^
t I 7^,840
1Of3C3,42S '
0,430,416 rrif
io,< ao.oeo
I 0,72?,BGG
(>rlcfui:4 Cotton E\ i vlio will S Q
TvJYjON, Atlanta, Ga. jj 1
V '.Zt: 1
B C w
lil vonr . liiw.'oa as good anyono,
i\111? o 1 h" hfiii)u. Satisfaction tfuar- j
any chiiho ilicy ?1<? not suit you. My
;nc no window ghiK Cl:onp glasn
Try nio :>nd you will ho a pleased
jg. jfl jH^yy|M

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