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IRlPRr 'V; r: m ? pfl ' pm
? v . . , I? . - Entered April 2fl. lflOfl nt. Pin'keim. H. 0.. an second nlnns nuiltcr. nndor net of Cohki-psr of Mnroh }}, 1879.
II. , 'I" '! J I' - - 1 NO A ?
35 j f
(; i <
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Dry Good
At n Ipps prico thn
satisfaction of kuo
bought and find ai
and tfot your mom
life1 g Our Clothing I
gooil many lots of
down bo low it you
it away till noxt F<
When you con
U*lll^ II11J >V IIU1U I 11 I
I ' H. K. :
fSijr T. McFALL, ^ J. S. WILSC
/ -4-The Pickens Oil
i. ~ D1C A LEI
Cotton Seed Meal, Hull
P^'Now" ready !'
Our Ginnery has boon running
and we thank our patrons I
1 . T\/T: .1 : . . l:
- AVlll 1Y11|1 IS IIUW 11
plenty of hulls, meal or "lx
Bring your SEK1) and exchar
or we will pay you the hi^
l \ see1' just as you prefer.
I v V Come to us and see how \vi
^ \ are not controlled by outs
much, or more, lor your s<
1 W. T. McFALL,
Mj Prcsids-nl
t\ i a r/ i: t / \ \ \rt' '
1V1\ l\. I 1 A J. \i\ D
By Careful and constant
M Bank largely increases eve
We solicit your business
every reasonable accnmod
K /gSjf/Tho liver must bo
H /MVYthat the bile will bo tli
/ ^channel; the system
vE^^Athat completely does il
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e out your list boforo leaving Ik
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s, Clothin, Shoes,
r==iNot ions
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wing after you got homo and c-xa
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uy <;ro something just as good.
business last Fall was 1 iiiuieuse. i
ouo or two Suits. All of these 1<
i can find your size it will pay vc
10 to Greenville, come right to
liily?I'lonty of room for tho Chi
Yours for bargain?,
reenville's Great
)^, P. E. BRUCE.
Vice-Pros. See. it Trcas
Tiff'11 n ~ c
Miu uoiipiiy,^
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gularly and you can get
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1 jjOOO.oo Jjj
- J053000.00 g
f() FARMERS. (
work the business of this /j
ry year.
aiul will extend to you X,
ution. ,
rown off in the r>U'lt V&^SsA
must be invi^oratedV^^A
<s,hi! r? m
K, vr jjpj
m the Mikl Power Cure/ jfi&jjj
ic work without
? I / *j l aJ
if *5
II [email protected]
'E'S J
111e?Ccmo right to |
Hats and |
"" = |
and and l.avo the
mine what you have
can fetch it back
tiitl naturally left a
>ta aro now marked
>11 to l)u}' it niid put
idren. fi*
.est Store.
Rigid Formality.
Mrs. Van Rensselaer Crugertella
a story of a Washington hostess who
invited an ntlaehe of one of the foreign
legations to dine with her. Tho
invitation was formally accepted,
hut o:t the morning of the appointed
, day a note, written hy the foreign*ii
vn/1 rniwl
"Mr. Blank regrets very much
that lie will not be able to he present
at Mrs. SwiftVdinner tonight,
las he is dead." ? Philadelphia
British Mortality.
In England Roman Catholic
I priests die at the rate of 18 per
, 1,000 per year; Protestant clergyj
men, 11 per 1,000; domestic serv
i ants, 8 pit 1,000; lawyers, 10 per
I 1,000; eahinen, 2i> per 1,000; sol!
diers tlio oil' at the rato of 5 per
: 1,000 tinder normal conditions,
I while on the battlefield, taken from
I a record of the past twenty years,
' death is only at the rate or 15 per
1,000 per year.
Cause of Excitcment.
9 Mr. Peter Thill, our genial hlackcmith,
now wears a nnile as long
& as the dresses on the new baby girl
13 who arrived Monday night. It is
? : eaid Peter waa so excited Tuesday
I thai ho put t!u' chocs nf a hor.se on
3 I tho wrong foot, so that tho poor anr?
1 imal lui(l to walk backward. We
a : extend congratulations. ? Hanover
5 j (111.) journal.
{ A V/idowers' Home.
3 ; Glasgow has a widowers' home in
t ! which any poor man who has lost
? his wife and lias no one to care for
/ his children may rent two rooms for
^ $1.30 ii week and pay for meals at
a cost price. There in room in it for
v 140 motherless families, and nurses
6 arc provided froo to take charge of
tlr tho children.
iThe Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
rhcre Is a disease prevailing In this
country most dangerous because so dccepr?i
111 II i'-llAW ,ivc- Many suddcr.
<7" \ i\UX lOjr1 deaths are caused by
?I' 11 heart disease,
' n P|,cumon'Jl? heart
II \ f\ failure or apoplexy
I JKJ^iTS- MJ r arc ?f,cn '^c 'esull
1 ^ '/i NrOl c' k,dncy disease. If
'CT^t / v n r*l' kidney trouble Is nlfr
W ^ \r \ vS v li lowed to advance the
Wvj IM Wl _ kidi-ey-poisoned
\a\. ' " blood will attack the
vital organs or the
kidneys themselves break down and waste
av/uy ccll by v;cll.
1? ?
iIUUJ nunuiw aiiucx icsuii iium
a derangement of the kidneys and acuro la
obtained quickest by a proper treatment o(
tho kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can mako no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver ard
bladder remedy.
1*. corrcct3 Inability to hold urine and scald*
In* pain In passing It, and overcomes thai
unpleasant necessity of being compelled tc
fcj often during tho day, and to get up many
tlmcT during tho night. Tho mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swnmp-Root Is soon
realized. It stands the highest for Its woiv
derful cures of the most distressing cases,
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and sole
ViV nil Hriiffcrlik In (in/t
,7?mwm ?? "'V ? ?
sized bottles. You may *m
have a sample bottlo of
this wonderful now dla- Hjijjljii
i covery and a booK that :
tells all about it, $>th Homo of Bwamp-noot
r sent free by mill. Address Dr. Kilmer b Ca
Blnghamton, M. Y. When v/rltlng montlor
. reading this gonerou# effer in this paper.
Don't make rtny mUtake, but itpiemtysi
|| 1
Many Homes in Michigan are Under
Water?Fires Break Out in Places
and the Firemen fight Flames
in Water Waist Deep.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Special.?
Grand river has risen nearly a foot
in four hours. Tlioro is every piospcct
that tho liso will continue as
reports from up stream indicate
tin) breaking up of the ice and inemitting
volumes ol water.
Towns further up Grand fiver
report unprecedented Hoods. At
Lowell one-third of the town is.unilei
water. The Grand and Flat
rivers, which join there, are so
swollen that they meet in Main
direct, a mile from their regular
confluence. The trestle work of
tho Pore Marquette bridge is under
water and the old bridge is so weakened
that it is probable traflic will
nuvo 10 no mispenueu over I no Sag"
maw division of the road until tho
water recedes?.
Portland reports tlio greater part
of tho electric light duni washed
away. Through trntlle on the I)etioit
branch of tho Pore Marquette
hns been checked by a washlout
of HO rods near Portland
through tho rising of the Locking
Glaus river. Tfo weeb tide of tlie
town is under water and many p m [)h>
have been rescued hv boats. At
Lyons the river is 3 feet deep in
uju vnmgo mroeis ana at VVagtirs
llio olcclrie plant has gone out.
Pho Luke Shore railroad bridge
was carried away about 11 o'clock
Lansing, Mich , March 25.?Th<?
Grand river lias icachcd {he highest
point in its history here and
tlie lluod has cuuted heavy damagn.
The water has overll >wed for two
idockfl to the westward of tlio river
and the lowlands on the #?as?. sid?
of tlio stream are all Hooded. The
Lake Sljore railroad viaduct iH un?
d -r foot of rut>hing water and all
fidi.8 are delayed, riio Kalainu/.
>o street bridge w. iit out during
tho night, Hi>aiing down ai d bunging
upagainBt th ) Michigan av< nu<;
b:ulgo, which wmm not injured ,
luSolino Hoaling do.vn on the
!l ?od from a Jetking tank ran int<>
ih b iKr fires at th" i'ates and Kd-I
mond\s GaHo'iiu! Company'* plant,
rtMiliing in a fire which gutted theplant.
Loss $20,000. Two other
iiivs aim 11m river v. ere cans d
l>y slacking lime. Tho firuir.Pii
fought the Haines in water vvuiat
Battle (.'ret k, Mich , Mar. 25.?
Flood conditions h.-in as a roenlt
j of the Unprecedented fl jud ia the
K-tluma/.oo river and Battle Creek,
b >Lh of which run through the
lort'i), aro the most Kvimn hi the
hiutory of the city. All stiver carp
uro htrpptd by tho high waior,
the hariiB heing flooded, the thl'oo
dep >1 h, tho Grand Trunk, Miclii*
gin Central and JMioit, TVledo
ami Mimhci/nn arn cciir.ir.il in.
? ? ? n "* w un ? ' 4 **' 1 l,v"x ?
loop iii water.
Non-Union Men Target for Shot.- Dayton,
To in., March 25.?A
train load of minors returning from
tho mined of the Da^tut Coal and
Iron Company was fired on last
ovoi.ii ? and four or five wero
w Minded,
The attacking party was concealed
ninoi g lh<! rocks and bniNh
!\nd was so woll hid that it was
impossible to determine how.inany
were in the crowd. The usHtilunts
u;.!.l nh t guns, charged with buckshot,
and winchest' is. 'J'Iih volIck?f
.. ..? i... n 4.. in !<i
\?j vino 1iu i i ii*ii ny j/cjmiy oiioi in
liters t\ i.?] Yard master llftrloii,
who wore on the train, and it i*
believed that one of tho assailant*
wan wounded.
Tho attiu k ^ro\v? out of tho ill
f eliiv,' on tho part of tho union
mon t-oward lh<? non-union mineri
i became Ihd latter l avo net joiitO'
tho former in a strike which hai
boon in progress for several months
1 Several non-union men linvo r?i
ci-nily received anonymous Iwiteii
\ threatening violonce if they qoh
' tinned to woik, and the union mci
> ? 1? ,1.. I ? I
I 111 ?? ?/ \?jr imv: BtiMJiai tjiiun if
ceolly mot tlio train and hootev
I and jt Ciod at tho working m<;ri.
Cold Wnv<> Comlnyr.
If voii linvo ll.Tdiilcfl Elixl'- in tli
I InniM) wlwn u cold wnvo in coming voi
npjHl not fear. ntfflflk^ of HnweliM*
/1'iTtirrmin'rt. Ooldp, ?-t<\ lij
I K'ixir (nk(?11 nlion nttn^k l?o#m
in,? "f fAil" to oliei k t|if> pro(>r?'HH of tli
' (t i* oqanllj "f'U i
i-our merchant Steamers, Laden With
Rocks, were Steered into the Narrow
Channel at Port Arthur.
Officers and Men Killed.
(/lie Koo, March 27.?The Jnpiitk'8.)
have mndn anotl or nttrmpt
to block the oiitraiiCH to Port Arthur.
It is hinted li ::t Oiin Kuauiiin
torpodo bout was Mink in ihe
ongngemont, but it ie ill- ught the
vessid can he refloated.
Ata o'clock this (Sunday) morning
four stoiiii-ludeu uteauaera, or
corte<l by eight torpedo boats, approached
the harbor. They wore
discovered by the Ru-pinn vessels
on scouting duly and as they drew
nearer the Russian forts and the
ships in tho roadstead opened tire
on them and sunk them.
The Japanese Hoot, which ?onsistud
of sixtren ships nil told, remained
oil' l'urt Arthur till daylight.
At this hour the Russian
vessels weighod anchor, whereupon
the Japanese vessels disappeared.
The fato of th.e eic.vs on the
ol AO ?VA niw. .?? 1
oiuiiv o iu??til\>l 3 IS 111 L hil'.iWM#
Since tho arrival at Port Arthur
of Vice Admiral MakarolV, the
Russian lleet hus heon moro active.
MnkroIT TclegrnpliN ICmPorur ? f 11 ? Fl|;lit
Vice Admiral Makarog, c< m
mandinvj naval forces at Port Ar
thur, has sent the following telegram
to the oniporor:
-"I bog most humbly to report
that, at 2 o'clock this morning, the;
on. my made a second attempt to
block the entrance to the inner
loadste.id. For this nurnose thov
dispatched four large muclnm!
e ten ran re, convoyed by six torpedo
boats to the entrance.
"The onomy's ships \v. re promptly
discovered by the fceurchli^htp
and were bombarded by the batMoships
and by the gunrdships Bohr
and Otvnjuy.
"Fearing the enemy's bh'ps
might br< ak through, I.ii .-u tenant
Isrininski, commanding t.he guard
birnedo bout Siiini. attrsfl<i>.l U>.>
em my and doHtroycd tho l.ow of
I. ho foremost Japano.-n stoatn r
wilh a torpedo. This st< :;m- r
In mud to tho right a:.d was followed
l>y two oilier.*, with tho ?c8ii
11 that tho tim e wero : Irandod
lo tho right of tho eiilraiiC".
' A fourth 8tuain<:r we!it to tho
light of th?? enemy's ships and
1 iI<?*wifc0 sank to tho side of tho
fairway. Tin Btilru th?-n battled
with tho onoiny'ij oi\ torpedo h ats.
Knginoor Artilioor Swyer 11' and
six (CaniCii woro lulled and tho
co nun wider :i ml t .vol vo sou in nw ero
"At daybreak the oncmy'a I at
mm ci iiiwr l < >i.h a;)
piftred. and I j?:oce ?l?.tI with (lie
lii-t't under my charge to meet tlio
"'l'ljc second iiUtiinpt of the J.?p,incfi
> to block tho.enhance t" l'ort
Arthur ha? (.tiled, thanka to the
inorgetic defense liy tho sea and
land forces, who acted as ihey did
duriog tho firet attempt. Tho harbor
remains perf< ctly clear.''
Mot ''Corpse"' Walking Homo.
Columbus, Ga., Maich 2f>?Do*
ciaring mat lu; wiu t<.?in ? t.> commit
Eiiicitlu hooauHC l.ho 14 ycar
old daughter of Muli. Jordan, with
wljiom I*) bonrdu I, did not return
, his lovo, I'Vod T/mgl ?y, ng^d 17
year*, a factory op? r divo, obtained
a pistol from Jordan's trunk early
tonight and walked oil' in a direction
of Motl's },reen, saying wan
going to kill hi in ' If. A moment
later a shot rang out. Two police
i men rushed down to ;h* ? j/rivn and
, met the ''oOHpae'' returning l.omo
Ho had shot hi111ho11 tliroujf!i the
I fleshy pirt of hi* arm,
Working1 Overtime.
' Eight hour laws :uc. ignored hv tJsow
| Hp'hw, lit!I? wovkf'i'fl Or. Kick's Now
Ijifn IM h, ^Millions nre vlway* nt Work
' nixlit nnd day, oiusug indigiit-lion, l?il
, iousniwM, c<inH(:p iti i), si<i!t licudtic.Iw
nijd u-l 8ti>maph, livjraiid liowol tronhlo
' |vRrpy, p'oAnoht, nnf<', nitre. Only '20>! u
* l.'ichyiis Dni'g Co.
Rnliol tn hn-iin
VVualilOKton, D. v., Spic'inl.?
\ United Stutea M(n'.8t< r I'owe)
cables the 8t)ito department fron
San Domingo city tinder Frtday'i
date that Pr\ysi<l?nt Morales ha
0 Oapturnd and canard to l>o prompt
,t fy ex?outftd CUvner?l Nicholas Aria
'* thn 1 it Hi B f jjoiit loader who w an trle<
? ?
II Icc is Breaking Daily and River Wi
Soo.i bo Open to Navigation.
Russia's Camnaian is
Seoul, March L'lili,?Japunes
j scouts repoit that thoy havo din
ovorcd ill it the Russian troop
aro south of Yalu in a much stror.g
or forco than \\us thought.
Seoul, March 25, - Two detach
incuts of Kus^nn troops, one n
Cfltimated to number liv? huudret
I and the f ?t.ll?? I* Kvn Inn itr.wl
are ieported (o !>.? pillngin^ tin
country around Anju. The na
live-;, in fear, arc Hoeing pouih.
Anju is forty miles north o
Pin.ip Yang and about B'.xty mile:
south of the Valu river.
Inpit Kmli wkIhsI Itnil I v Cheer Their Annj
Anil Miitj.
Tukio, March 25 ?The huus<) ol
lvprosontntives today listened to <i
Hi^nif'icant ppwoh l>y M. Varnat.oto,
the minister of in:iriti", and
passed with eiithnttiasm and with
out a ?1 isHf-ii1111?r voice n vote o!
thanks to Vice Admiral Togo nixl
liis oflitcr-i for Iheir Hi-rvioc to (h(
country. When t!? ) vole was tn
ken, tho member.; of the house
arose and ch.-erod the navy.
In his remarks tho minister o!
marii c said it wdh no nc.v thing to
Ik; prepared for emergencies in
time of roace, but since last October
tho .1 npi)110.se navy had 1>>mii
under tho necessity of incrcaHin^
its strength ai.d had boen constantly
lvndy f >r action on account ot
tho action of Russiu . Continuing
ho said it had boon matntst to
very observer Hint Russia hud coil
8'aiitly increased Iwr .strongth 111
the far (Mist and had Japan not
purchased the eruis?rs Nishin and
Kaeagii from Argentine, her naval
strength would have boon below
that of Russia.
Rtfiiving to tho result of tho
word of Yieo Admiral Togo an 1
bin lied, M. Vamaloto told tin
house that to blockade a p >rt nuoccs-fnily
tb'> hlockuricr* should be
at l"ast twice aw sir ng as tho defenders
of tho port. Ho said thv
I mnmU, I 1.1--. .1
.vr,,i.i o.i?ni'ii mill i It') I v lissians
h i-l I air battl< ship*, fivt
rrui 5? and trii torpcd > boat deMrojor*
ji11 t at this tiiw, from
witi h it must l> - c iik:'.iid-'d that
tho work of repairing at Port Arthur
wag bo;cuiTtid forward
(. fl'uioiitly. The Intest atlnck ot,
Port Arthur had enabled tho Japanese
td i.l)?civo the actual strength
ot' tho navy.
Continuing, tho minister said
that while ho hoped for a Bpcod>
termination of tho war ho nut-:
warn the meinlv-r.-j ~>f tlio IiOUm
not t<? he ovoi8:iiiguim>. The ui.it
te.l ? IV 'i t* < 1' Japan's soldiers ntn
ol tlio civilians <1' high clc^roo, hi
couclude'l, would surely eariy tin
var to a glorious nii?l Hiiccousfu
Um inin ition.
l>.-luy ul ?r M ik?H lint ih|)iUiii*n Angry
Ne.v Yolk, March 12").?Dolay ot
tin* part of IIussiaiiH lo giving efl'ec
to iIn* arrangements for diamant
ling th" gunboat Maivljur aro cans
ing inoroaflod irritation to tho Jap
ai i can and diineulty with tli
(Jhinogo oili i.i's, aays a Times di.s
patch from Shanghai.
A JupHii'.'Mt) crui.ior is in conso
(jit'Mico retained svt Woo-Snng.
M. Punluff, lately UuSgian mm
i-tur to Korea, Is still here, hut i
exp.-Otml ho will go north soon.
I Vlmllvinloli 'I'ntoin In I'lnli nf Condition
Vladivostok, M?ireh '25.?Th
troops arriving hero tire in gooi
I health and HpiriU*, weithor 1>? atoi
. and in some cases with frosthitt'>
faces. hut, the only other indicfl
tiona of their fceven tliousamhrnil
j..urney are their fur coats and fel
..I. ill. II,-... U.w l.l .....
| i,uwtn n iv>n viiry >M Ull^llt I I
' j thorn although no longor in coHsar
, as 8|)iin^ U Hotting in with kudo
Tim I'lineil Hultil Tufllr \V.1rrtor4 to I'*
New York, March 2f>.?Goners
Ciirurtl nod Colonel Waiern, Hritin
military representative*, h.we ?tai
jod for tho front an<l ho have tl
j German military attache?, says
1 j Herald dispatch from St. Peter!
M I 1 - mi. _ i.i 1 11
uuTgT mo i? roncn win Hiart >
8 onco, also tho Americans. To oar
of the government uttuohos a Co
H j suck orderly hits been aligned I
' look ufier his WnnU.
'Tie u ?lvi?g around,you
Get llmt hotllft of ltliAtnnKi'ptfO v]?\c
i-ho'nian^njK^^1 ^? *fl 3 v\o? ^
R. L. R. Bentz Makes Assignment.
]{? Ij. It. Bentz, through his ati,
torneys, Cothran, Doan &Cothran,
announced yesterday that he was
^ ' unable to meot the demands of his
I creditors, and that a petition had
j b'icn filed in the United States
| court upon which Judge Brawley,
jl; ol the district court at Charleston,
had issued an order det luring him
a bankrupt. Mr. Bentz'u dry I
i goods establishment on Main and J
ColVcG streets was closed at 1'2
p o clock yesterday to await tlio tli?
* action ot creditors.
J ne announcement of the failure '
- was n great surprise to the busi- 1
ii 'ss men and the people generally f
niid created no end of comment, j(
For inoro than fifteen yours Mr. I'
3 B< ntz h?iH bcon*proniinently iden- i '
' tifnd wiih tho business interests^
i; of Qrcbiiv ille and he has been ro- I
* 1 garded as one of tho most success- *
ful merchants in the city, ond un- '
tn yesterday there wan neveru doubt, j 1
: in the mind of the publie of '.he! 1
s'fctrougth and solidity of his estab- 1
^ lisdiinent. Mr. Beutz's position in 1
r I tile estimation 3f the people is the
.: highest. Now that misfortune has | '
! come upon him gener.il regret i* '
being expressed on all tides and 1
I j the hope expressed that his em bar :l
i ras&mont is but tempomry.
J 111 J/i vine nut. tlil> stnlomcnt lino I
teiday, Mr. Dean h;ii?I that thu ^
showing made by tho accounts was 1
bejond doubt the beht bo fill* as <tlio
interests of creditors was concorned,
that had over been made in ''
.1 Greinville since tbe present bank- ('
' ruplcy law went into effect, and ho I
had no doubt but thut Mr. Bent/.,
I had bo wished, could luive contin- v
; ued i:i business for an indefinite ^
I J inio, but rather than further on- li
! dan gi?r the interests of his eredi- v
. toiH, lie had voluntarily surrondored
all his liabilities lor tho bonelit ?
oi' those to whom his establish- o
ment was indebted. o
Mr. Beiitz, when seen yesterday, 1<
'said that he had nothing to givo '
nut for publication further than s<
the statement made by his attor- >'
neys. He had not yet formed any c
; plan r.8 to his movements in tho
future.?GreenvilleNews, 21th inst. (Paris
to Many For His Crime'. u
Meridian, Mis^., Special.?The ii
trial of Julius Paris, colored, i >r <1
the murder of John T. St. ckl n. I
fimK-d Friday afternoon with a v. r- |,
di'-t of guilty aiid Pari-* was i; n i u - - t
1 diatcly sentenced to be hang"d u.
the county j dl on Monday, April ?
i25th. I
I On the morning ol February 1
i>aris climbed aboard a train Icav- o
i ing Meridian for Chattanooga and t
shot dead Mail Clerk Kine.kton
'and seriously wounded M'lil Clerk \
A.J. I>ak?, Tho trial con.sunn d :
jouly a day ami a half at a special I
I term of the court ordered by Cir- ;i
| Onit Judge Hall in order to allay t
i.?ob feeling. 1
i The stale guard wan ordend out r
| hero tho day of tln> murder t-> pit- i
I j vent a lynching.
Stood in Snow Scantily Ciaci.
& I
K&eauahn, Mich., Special.? In a v
lire at the Delta county hospital, i
over sixty patients, sulVoring from
almost every imaginable diseaso, t
I i wore thrown into u panic, and !
II many were forced to leave the j
"I building dresoed only in their 1
" night clothes. j
Manv of the friirhtened nntiei.fa i
' who wero thought to bo at tli .
point of doath arose from their
buds and escaped frmi tho build?ng
by laddors and (ire e.?eapt<3. <
Many stood about tho outHido of 1
the building noaily thirty miiuiten
* dropsed only in their night clothofl
find in snow up to tlndr Un?> m bo- |
foro they could lie taken lo nearby
0 h )incH. Tha the was under con'
trol within an hour.
n That Boy.
1 Ilurral) f<>r me! I'm ''that boy." ,
" Grandmother ta 1 k. =* about him; ?ho
'' ! Kavfl "There's that hov iwinin!" l!
i - * ? - j " n- *
1 wonder if she wants mo lo l>o a
v Kill? Thon, whenever I go noar
-v tho girls playing dull tt*!i paily,
thoy hog in to grub their things and
cry, "O there comes that hoy!'' 1
jj would just ns so'?n hi) sorno other
1, boy; but I can't. Kathor flays,
I 4,\VhsU ifl that boy n > to now?"
I Just us though ti boy didn't have
' t" b,? np to something or?bust.
I What's wrontf with biunu a h -v?
. . r.
^ Father whs one, and grand inn?nbo
4 couldn't bo. Father ia itlwuya *nyH.
in8> "When I whs n boy." I guAtifl
,() it's all Jight to be k boy, or (jovli
wouldn't malf? ?o many* l>?y 'oaj-,
v,,i.\? U 'uV* lll,! l,(Mt l'vi 1
i i v_^ rt/
No Probability ol Mediation Until After
the First Biy Land Battle
Has Been Fought.
Washington, March 21.?Mediation
in future, it? tho ItusBianJapaneso
war, but not for somo
-inic to coiiip, is understood to ba
the intention of tlio world powers
\t tho prcbcnt timo. There is no
loubt, in tho opinion of high authorities,
that evontually it is the
nlcution of the powers to mterreno,
but none of thorn regard tho
present timo as auspicious for such
ictiou. It in tacitly understood
hat tho fiii* Eastern war will novor
fought to i\ finish. This, how
ver, will dopend largely upon tho
levolopnientH o( tho next few
It is Haul at the Btate depart"
nont that thi*re is no possibility of
uediation until at least one bit
and engagement has been fought,
n<l poBhinly not even then. Acn?vl
i 1 1 1
v.i.iy m mo oost ot authority
icithcr Japan nor Russia would
ook with favor upon mediation
iow, and none of the neutral pow i8
would think of olt'oring such
uediatioii undi.-r the present conlition
of alVaiiH. Nothing of a
lecisive nature luis yet boon accomdished
l>y either of the bolligernts,
and national prido would procnt
either of them from allowing
lutsulo interference until tho war
mcl aasumod a much moro adanced
It was cflicially doniod at tho
tato department today by a, high
ilicial that Great Britain or any
ther power had yet taken anyatepu
r\/vlf i4 :,>1 ?
Lw iiutfiveniion. Lrreat
{ritaiu, thin olUeiid eayp, is not
du riding the powers with a viow to
ltorvonlion, and no action of this
haraetor in anticipated.
11 i - >
n ni'<y < ? am noniauveiy stated
n the 11i?_ , 11? st authority that tho
u\to .It-part men t, has reoeivod no
? from Ambassador Clioato,
i London, paying that Lord Lanauvno
had r-jlli-u iho attention of
i c r(>|ne?oiitativus (.1' tho neutral
lOtVOis in London to the fact that
hn time ha t*?>uiCf< r intervention.
According i<> tin; bulict ot
cI--prutme 111 oili rials it would
> rt'i^r.rdo 1 as an insult by both
iu-.sia and Japan it' any .Sugno8tion
t tn. dial ion wi 10 inndo at thin
i UK!.
T > Ru-sin osnociallv would inter
uiition by tho powoia ho obnox-*
f.:.!. Thus l.u', it is pointed out,
tusHii ha-' sustain -d only rovorsop,
nd it" it wore to woleoma uitorvenion
by tho powi'iM now it woul.d
liivu it> i (ko ii place as bccoiul~
-vie ]><>\\' r ni'il iu a?'!i n would he
'og-uded an a<lmihfci')ii of dofoat.
inciciit and .lioilcm ailvlci1 about Hovr
to Acquire Wealth.
Tho '-i' ill s ilos' ":>nro rorwl to
veuUh" was "ho lemporrito in all tliinga,
ic ccotioi'.:'c:il alwavn." iMcilern life.
villi lis ''rus'.- methods" in bnsine.ss rt?.
piires tliiit "keep I t- i:lliv' be added to
ha old mlEvery be ly known ho\t
o be tmupi rati* iiinl lie ;<t people how to
ie economical, I :?1 few know how to
ie- p peii'ecl'y healthy. Ovor-eating,
rn'gulav habils, inflect etc., derango
lie stoma-!:, livt i i.nd bowels, causing
nt>.rpi i liv< r, constipation,
*tc. Kydaics I'l.l?:?t.4 aro natures bone
illy when such Odiiilitii ns < x.nt. Tho
St-iiniu'li Ta'defs will i{i;;<\st your fooil,
tie gtln n your digesbve organs and
urn your indigestion. 'l'lio Liver Tubtits
will i?t<?iiso your liver, htiranlnte
your bowels and establish a regular,
i...I ii"'
1,1.n..), II .mil, ivxinc* llU)|0[rf lllBlll'O
^ootl liL'altli. i'ickoua I)??/? Co., Pick*u?;
W. A. Sh'j!?lon <V Co., liil'.oity.
Ex-Gov. "Bob" Taylor Sued for Divorco.
Knoxvilio, T.?nn , Mar L'M ?
torduy afternoon ir, chancei v court
i\ l)i!l was HI. (I fur divorco l>y Mrs.
It. 11, Taylor, wifo of Robert Ij.
Taylor, three tinxs governor of
Tonnossee, ono t? i'in congresHman
from the (ir?t diulriet, and known m
throughout 'i><1 country as a loc- M
turor on "The Kiddle and tho |,c;
ltow," ami "Yankee Doodlo and fl|
HiH u iCi^wftS formerly Mrs Hill,
of iMontj^omory, and comoH of a
distinijuished Houthcrn fnniily.
llrst Iteincdy for-Ooiigtlpatlou.
"Tho finost rt'iimil.v for constipation I
rv? v iisi d is Olwunltfirluip'ri Stouiftoh nrnl
i.iv. i Tahlota," Rays Mr. I li BnUer, of
rri4nkvillo, N. Y. * "They no.t goiitly and
without Hity unpjoRMUit cflfeOt, ami lmvo
l^lo hnwrln in u j-oi f. o: iy unturiil oomli
EHi. .s .1" 1 I.y I'Hilu in l>rii;< Co,, 1'iolCHft.
i>i.<l H I 1"' A Pickeu*, l.ilx riy, fl
111 chc'i Mul? to lr.tv< 1 foi

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