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Pickens SwU-kml.
??Y? " ,
Tho Sontinol-Journal Company. i
TnntrpHnN & ItimiKV. Piioi's.
J. L. O. THOMPSON, Kmtou.
Subscription $1.00 Per Anuum.
Advertising Rutos ReasonableKutered
Rt I'lcienb I'ORtoltleo as Second Class
Mftll Matter
Wednesday, March !J0, 1004.
Somo of I ho progressive business
men and representative citizens of
that hustling littlo city?Etislev ?
have put their hoiuls together and
have evolved a plan for the betterment
of that town in particular and
that section of country in general; n
plan, tho consummation of which,
will bo of untold bonefit, ono which
will add untold, and advanced valna
tion to all properties all throughout
that section, and a something thai
will bo of untold bonofit to the business,
ns well as the social intorests of
all tho sections directly interested
and concorned. This enterprise is
nothing nioro than a trolley lino from
Eosley to Anderson. Whether it
will bo an independent lino, or one
run in connection with tho GreanvilloAnderson
line, remains to bo scon.
Tho project is not that far along, as
yet; but that a lino will bo built between
tho two points is an almost assured
Tho promoters behind this enterprise
are safo business men, and do
ot know tho word fail. Thoy seo
the necessity for, ami realize the im
portanco of, such an enterprise, and
aro working in unison for it. Tliese
gentlemen do not know tho word fail
and aro determined to push tho project
to a successful culmination?and
they will succeod beyond the reasonable
shadow of a doubt.
This trolley lino would bo a paying
investment from tho start, in that it
woald open up now territory to tho
merchants of Easley and would have
a continued ptitronago of people going
both to Anderson and Easley,
x that do not now visit oithor place
once a month. With the trolley line,
f lin fill'/* lw.irwr l.uu n n i 1 llm lit^n focif
tho peoplo along tho lino would go i
often to either towu to trade?more
often than thoy do now?and as a |
natural conscqucnce would spend
( more money.
' A trolley lino would bo of incalcu- i
lablo benefit to tho farmers for miles
around, besides adding largely to Iho
valuation of tho rural property adjacent
to the right-of-way.
By all means, if tho trolley can bo
gotten, got it. it is oasily and cheap
1/ equipped and operated and would
pay tho stockholder" ''Midsorne divitiCuuB
on the money invested.
Gontlomon, keop 011 with your project,
and do not lei polities, or uuy*
tiling else dolor you in this ontorprise.
Now, let Pickets and Eis toy pull
rfor tho lino from Grecnvillo, then
Greenville and Andorson will both
have sonio elegant suburbs.
All hail to the oniorpriso of llio
L progressive citizons of H is ley and
along tho lino of tho Kaaloy-Andor
x hoii i roncy J^ine. iMay it soon bo ft
B reality.
Pg Both Canada and tlio United
States nro hunting for tlio North
P .lo, and Lord Minto, tlio (Jaimdian
viceroy, Hiiy.s: "Tlio North Polo
must bo discovoryd by a Canadian
for Canada, its rightful owner."
In Germany, when tlio voto of tlio
jury stand nix against six, the prisoner
is ficquittod. A vote of seven
against iivo loaves tlio decision to
tlio court, find in a voto of oigl't
against four tlio prisotior is convicted.
Tho director of ox)til>ith of tho
World's l''air estimates that thero
will l;o not le^s than twenty thousand
enr lotuls of exhibits ariiving in
Bt. Louis during March and April.
Thirty tons to the car would nmko
(500,000 tons of articles for display.
Mrs. Frederick ?S< >tV, of LMiiladelphin,
probidertt (f the NaUonat Coo
gcecs of Mothers, makes the sensational
chargo lhat "girls aro bought
by Mormon agents at $!< a head,
with tho prontiso of $50 if they mako
jft faithful wives." Mrs ScotV is getting
;:A up a petition to Senate t* Quay to
pnrgo tho politics of tho Senate by
voting to oust Reed Smoot.
Daring tho recent col.l snap at
V 1? - 1 t ~ 1 ? ...
A>?w i?e(uor? n norso occnm^poiu in
tho stnbto in which ho was hitched
and broko out of it. Ifo nuulo his
way to tho houso of bin ownor, walked
upon to tho \>hu/.\ and in at tlio
i kitchen door, and stood bosido tI;o
- , ntovp. Tho man's wife tlint tho
Hfc animal wnn cold, nnd let liiin stand inv
tho kitchen until bo ^ot warm, and
Hthen led him back to tho burn.
1(\ jd u fiiki i'u a?va \a/ ia > r f ? ?
^Rcveioly flogged in tho little red school
H.houB<i at Amity, Orange county, Now
llo vowed vongfi&oco. Tho
Retoucher who plied the birch
lay bought tbo little school ho a in ^
ind at onco ordered it to be torn
3own. Thus after so many yeora of.
waiting he took bis revenge. Jj
Justice Uliver Wendell Holmes Wa
ridod with the three Democrats of
iho Supreme Court iu the Northern
Securities decision. This is alleged ?
to have made President itoosevolt
angry with the justice, whom ho ap ^
pointed to the bench. To show bin
an^or and resentment, it is allegod.
Ihe President will practically ostracise It
.1 nst irm Hoi nn'R lir ^Imftinir flirt diinr I hi
of the White House in his face. If fr
tho President had tho power to roinovo
n justice of tho Suprome Court
ho would probftbly get ri'l of Justice P'
Holmes. ri
* 51
Judge AJtou B. Pftikor, of New ^
York, seems to bo t lie avowed candidate
of tho Democratic party, for
president. Sonator Gorman is in C
favor of Parker, and is not a candi fi
date himself, in any sense, for the
placo. llo savs flio South .should
tend nn instructed delegation to SJ. (j
Iiou is in fnvor of Judgo Parker. The
Parker hooui is on in Georgia, and O
headquarters havo beeu opened in b
Atlanta, at the Kituball Houso. Now p
York will stand to Parker and present ^
him as tho most logical candidate to
lead tho Democratic party to victosy.
South Carolinians will do well to fall
i;n? e.... p., ..i,,.,. ??;m. fi,? knl?r/>u ic
Illiu IIIIU IWl *- UUI n till IliU lyiinM.vv u
of tho country, if Gormun will utt q
ontcr tho rnco. v
A Call For Volunteers.
I noticed in your editorial last I.
week, under the title of "Politics," |
that we arc to elect a number of !
men to take care of Pickons county,
ami we arc also to seixl three
men to Columbia, either, I presume,
to keep the balanceN of tho State <
from stealing Pickens county or to
ask the balanco of the State to help 1
Pickens county do something for
themselves. You do not state 0
what these men are to do. Will c
some one state what we need most 11
and then pick out the host man for 0
MOi*n mil i l.nf i Ci nnf f orn n nr ?\r>. ^
VHVll JVU tliu I lOj II VU4
lifcical system after our business 11
systems, and not se'eot a house carpouter
to dig a well.
Now I think we nood a good
sensible and practical road law in J
I'ickens county more than any t
other law at present, and 1 for ono n
would like to sec this campaign J
| fought out on this one ifisuo princi- f
I pally. Now it goos without saying "
that tho present road law in a farce. I
i To say to tho able-bodied men from
IN to 50 years old that they may
: pay $1.00 or work on tho roads
I eight days, 18 an appoal to tho men
i who havo a dollar in caah to give *
it to the county roads and at tho( '
saino time this law compels tho j
poor ignorant and improvident '
| iiiau '10 has not tho dollar in rash 1
j to pay four limes tho road tax N
that his more ahlo neighbor pays. *
No, gentlemen, we will never get
good roads by trying to compel tho 1
poor improvident fools in our coun- '
ty to l>uild thom for us whon their h
simple conditions tell uh that they 1
cannot support their own families, 1
To illustrate how unjust the pros- '
out law really i?, I will not loavo 1
homo to (lo it. The writor of this jN
u*os from two to throe wagons to
tldrty or forty in his business, and (
under the present law I am not re- 6
<liiired to pay one dime direct road 1
tax, while my unfortunate neigh- '
bor who lias a largo family to feed (
and has not the dollai, an<l dies '
not own either wagon or horse, has
to put in eight days work, which (
at current rates amounts to $1 80 1
ho pays cat in labor on the roads 1
for my wagons and pleasure vein- '
oles to travel over.
We will never get good roads or 1
ovon fairly good roads uniess wo 1
I?ay for them. All this howling
and Hpoech-inaking will not pny '
lor our good roads. We must have *
a direct road tax on our property
as well aa ft tax on our able bodied
mon from 18 to 50 yearn old, and
this tax should not bo less than
$2.00 or four days work . (
A Oaixfoii Voutntkkkh. f
Now it is an established fact ((
fin nnu /tniirhi wsvwlsl
,...J .,v....ur lliu "UIIU IJVtJI, I
the mon wlio own the property svro {
among the shrewdest citizens, and |
whon you touch thoir purses you i
will havo to convince them (hat '
this monoy is to be put to a good i
purp080 or their influence may up- 1
set tho issue; but at tho Hamo time i
it la true that tho property holders ^
are sonsiblo people, and >1 would
seem reasonable to any Intelligent
porson to toll theia that these pubhe
roads wero their own property c
find to improve tho condition ol I
those roads would mean to them a *
direct saving of dol'ars and conts. (.
in order to put this good roads t
subject properly beforo the people, |
wo want and must havo bt least *
triroo of the very best men in Picko|ih
county to ontor the present
campaign. Those men ittuat bo of *
tlvo hort. Hint when they know that n
thi^t *-".^ght are not afraid of
tho or tho deej^ blue aoa. y
We wni^l rnon of iae^n flrit, and H
wkii^ir intel I i
MilifflHI ilHllffM
Sick 1
Blood j
Feed pale girls on Scott's (
nuilsion. /
We do not need to give all I
ic reasons why Scott's \
mulsion restores the strength
id flesh and color of good
^ Arn itf V,?. I
muiiu tv; tn\Jou witvy ouxiv.1
0111 sick blood: .
The fact that it is the best I
reparation of Cod Liver Oil, |
rh 111 t"i nfril full nf lion 111 117 I 1
w ,
imulation is a suggestion as
) why it docs what it docs. 1
Scott's Emulsion presents I
od Liver Oil at its best,
illest in strength, least in ?
istc. ]
Young women in their |
i ? it ii i
.lie jjuiuianciuiy cureu
f the peculiar disease of the
lood which shows itself in
alcness, weakness and nervousess,
by regular treatment '
M.th Scott's Emulsion.
It is a true blood food and
; naturally adapted to the cure
f the blood sickness from
hich so many young women
^'c NV'" S'ad to send
^O^jw 3 ""'l5'1 *? a"^ 5u'*crcr*
Pe sure that I li* picture in I
-MLf.fi the lorni ? ! ;\ libel is on the
8-'? rSC"' wrapivr of every bottle ol
Vm jIimulsiou >ou buy.
scott &, cowne,
8ytBiv5bs,**r Chemists,
too rcail St., New Vork.
8 lost.
Theao three volunteers must have
nOUtrh to livn on lf.ft, nt. linmo in
hbo tlioy looso tho oflic-j. They
nust bo of tho Missionary typo
,nd willing to spend ub lonst one
ampaign in educating the public
ieed on the good roads subject.
Farmer's Son.
I11 The Merry Spring Time. _
In tho nuvry spring time tho festive
nalaria microbe, goolh forth determined
o coloaizo every human organism. If
his arch foo hns invaded your systoiu
.Mow us to suggest RyUtiles Touie. This
emedy frees tho bload from malaria
nicrobos eliminates poisonous matter
rom tho system, strengthens the nerves,
nd restores robust heiltli. ltydales
Conic is guaranteed. rickens Drug Co.,
Mekons; W. Sheldon & Co., Liberty.
Ante-Campaign Capers.
Farmois co.ning to PiokonS tell
the cunning advance work being
lono l?y prospecuvo candidatoB.
rtioy say that certain urbane goiilemon
are indulging nowadays in
ong rides and making strangely
nconsequential calls upon innocent
holers. Tlic wise ones and tho oid _
itagersamong tho wo.il l-be ollicololders
havo ovidently decided that
ho man who intend# to keep in ,
)o)itics and <*ome out on tho heavy
lido oi the polling list had bettor
nako up hia mind to spend his
11 >ney for buggy grease before tho
) ilea eloKtf, instead of saving it for
ed fire an 1 Roman candles with
vhich to colebrato his election.
Court house corridors bufore
dectiom are capital hcIiooIh for the
itudy of human nature, especially
)f the psychology of the glad hand
jrigade, who boo to it that the
lear people do not forget. Skillrul
manipulators are they, yet in
iho long run it is the ready rn.Mii
>ry that pulls tho votos. The man
.hat gets on the soft eide of a politcal
cinch must know tho name of
wory baby in tho county and how
11 any tenth oach little brat had cut
ID to tho time of his last call;
nnst never fail to remember tho
ipocial brand of cookery on which
>ach housewife is particularly
itrong, and evon tho sava^est of T
'arm do^s must learn to wag their ^
ails when lie ridoH in at tho front ^
mirs. ^
Proper Treatment of Pneumonia.
Pneumonia i? too dangerous a diseaso
or anyone lo attompt to doctor himself,
ilthough ho may havo tho proper romolios
at hand. A physician should always
)o called. J t should be horno in mind,
lowover, that pneumonia always results
roin a cold or from an attack of the grip I1
u,d tlmt l?y giving (Jhamhorlain's Cough a
lomody tho threatened attack of pnounonia
with tho host results. Dr. W. J. ft
imith, of Baudot's. Ala., who in also a
Iruggist, nays of ?t: "I h>.vo been sell- ?
in/ llliAnilmrlain'u f!niinli Itommlo rv.wl I
--r> " v ' ",,M I
ircscribiug it in my practice for (lio past *
ix yearn. 1 u?o it in cu"t>.a of pucunonia
and havo alwayH gotten tho bent
OHultfl." Hold by Pickonu Drug Co., ]
'ickcfic, and Iluntor & Piokons, Liberty. a]
Protect the Birds. h
Tho Columbia Htato saya: "Hirila ci
At tho boll weovi!; it is thoreforo of
>rimo importance in tho cotton bolt
o prrsp-vo u?o insectivorous birds, i
['ho fai" <*r or huul owner or mcr 'F
limit or onnufttclurer who po mits
ho doslrno'.i n of f uoh birda oa his ~
roperty is encouraging bin own ruia.
for the boll vecvil in coming-"
Tills will Interest Mothers.
Mother Qmy's Hwcet Powders for
'hildron, euro (evrrislinosH, Lad stomal.
i... I 1 - i -
uji, ?i-uvuuiK umi'iuoir, uiuuv ii|> uohih,
*ovo and regulate the 1>owoIh nrnl dotroy
worinn. Tluiy novor full, Ovor
0,000 tofltimoniidn. At nil druggiflfg Hflo, (
inraplo mail'Hl \FKEE. Addicwi, Allot)
. Olmnted, Lott|>y, N. Y,
BB "RJttumalism It Tre
?nw Wi!5 do the work t^ui
IwBA. Yii Y 1 { ;r.ii..w l\sr. ilwrl'
1 The Smartes
I "?r?
Tho smartest tailors o 1'earth aro mi
that furnish this store with apparel,
inhintf business. Season after we ha
fl. there is no difference in the madc-to
A the Biuart suits we ofTer?except the
(f pared to convince you of this fact in
k flat ?r pe
i ...F2R 5PRINQ 5
B than at any previous time. The top
ff reached?Perfection in the art of tail
Eiuiiirino tiiuv uuuj|i| uiii
bout Easter time, so advise yoi
lew spring and mrnmcr suit or
ne in fitting you. It is our wn
,ho store until ho its pleased in 1
mith Sc I
1^ /^\ T" t r
Murray's Horekound, Mullien n
offective remedies kuown for curing cc
and nil affections due to inflamed anc:
I sages. It is prompt in affording re
tening a cure.
Murray's IIorcliouiH
^ nifty ho Ufed to advaotago in c ises \
j It i'h pleasant, purely vegetable nud
t Nothing else liko it in nil tho world
' house, ready nt hand when needed.
1 in eaat-H of croup. It has romnrkal
yfima of whooping cough. Price 25c.
purchaser. AT DRUG
Frepr<md by tho Murray Di
a? mum mini
| Ready,
| ?KO
Big Car Loads.
We have made 1
pajation for this seaso
I [ T<"vft*v minf Wnnl
Stride 6
! f
b^l I XII XV.
Not being aide to find a suitable 1
ickena, and havo ju?t returnod from t
nice lino of SPRING GOODS, mioh
eckwo&r, Etc., which are now on di?
2yes Tested Fi
I will test your Ey<*a freo and fit
sell tho host pebble ^laag and guami
uteed and glasses exchanged, if Co.* ai
lassen do not hurt your eyes?they a
urts your eyog. My prices are low.
reeman Building.
Sterling Siiver
Jut a* hi sr. Art Pottcv
Qiiijjjfif |
achtrtut and Dtlay May
vt Fatal. Jmf ?
ckly, effectively and without |g{
itive organs. In tact, it will Cft
tter condition every way, for *j| >
of poisonous lactic and uric
natism, kidney troubles, in- ok
ic constipation and catarrh, H fej
e one an easy prey to malaria
poison. It is not only the ffsgj
. but hundreds of relieved
docs one thing that no other
>nUQQIBTS. ?rpl
t Clothing (w
in Years. |
plo/od in tho establishments
This is one reason of our Hour- Q
ve demonstrated to you that /y
-ruensnre kind of clothes and ?
price. And wo aro better pre- Mk s*
QHiriCENT M3- J t<
W 5?IT5 4 I,'
?unriER WEAR... | notch
ot goodneas lias been lj
loring has b>;en attained in the B
stock. There will be a rush ff
11 to come tuis week and chooso U
top coat. We want to take /?
iv of doin>? tiings to let no man \\ (i
fit rnd atj le in eyery { articular,
Bristow, \
iOTHlEllS. ((
? ? ^ \\
t )}
jllO |
ind Tar in composod of tho most I
ugha, coldf, In Riippo, nore throat |
I irritatod coupitiou of tlio ail- pus- I
lief and certain in its tfT. ct of has- 1
i Mullicn mid Tar
vlioro other modioinos havo failed
absolutely snfo for old and young. 1
It ?hould havo a place in every I
Parents will its effect magical I
vl/? vifhin ir? iw\nh'nlliim frlin nrtvnv 0
Ounrnnlood satiftfnctoiy to every 8
ug Co., Columbift, S. O.
i aie now coming in in
arcrrr nml lu'tirr nrrv
n's business than ever
can be supplied by us.
w j
~ Pi
ocatiou, I have decided to stay in
he markote whero I have purchased
ar Clothing, Shoes, hatw, Shirts,
play at my 8toro. Call and soe y0urgla?808
ns Rood an anyone,
itec tho eamo. Satisfaction guar1
ii aullba 4 ll Alt /1a mtll !??.. \i ..
jjr v/nuoo mvy nv/o nut jriiu. HI y ^
e no window glass. Cheap glusH ,i
Try nie and you will ho n plOaSud >'
m HOUSE. \
Louis Copcl, Prop. *
Ilollow -ware,
OllVfl 1'IUIMVHH;,
ry, Bric-a-Brac and
ties. w
aster Cloth
Mpn i"
k;^'';'r :j-V.. '. " i (
"' </ ' ' .J c
ll$ f' ?;' x^^3vvJ-5.i-4'/
l80? . y#7 ,
? V'V: <" ~ }/.' >< J
\ . ' *
t :.. '
^ 'X';
Our Spring Stock
f Womcns Oxfords reveals s<
wellest styles we have yet been
lid there is a complete assortnu
jes and leathers, which makes
Liit you in style and ill you to y
I I< >1 tlJS
Irccnville's Cheapest Store
loo L1)S.
l no 1 1 ,Q
i oo Lbs.
\ oo Lbs.
4'Our Sugai
Salty," but
Wo o'uaraute
! )on't for
nouses, M
i > i
i) I
I f yon wi
Lino we have
1 ionie.inb<
Corn, Oats, (J
kinds ot Plar
O ^
it c
^ All KlnJs ou<J for all Purposes. \
. V/hun in thn M.-irKct for >
8 EN61KE3. B0;iur.S, SM9 fciiU,
VV. h. Gihi icsSi Co. ;.ij!
The Gibbet* Portr.!>lc SMnotc Muchtnc. y
ryda1.es tonic
A New &clenll/ic l>i?.cov?ry
for I he
It purifies (lie blood by climin.ilin r (J,0 j
rastu inailrr and other i:upuriti< s and l>y
estroyin^ tin? gerinH or iiuc .-robes tli.it
nfest the hlood. It builds up (lie blood
y reconstructing and niit'tiplyin^ tin; :
orpusclcs, malting Ihe 1! >od i i< baud red.
t restores uid stimulates tin; ueiv<-s,
ausini; a full fiee llov." of nerve (<?r< <
lirou^hout I lie entile 1i ax* system. It
I>r?r<lily rui'i-s th.slruiv. r<iv? , m-ivonchh,
norvoiiit pro: 11alio') an?l all other
iscan< 9 of tin- n?TVOi; sy. loin.
KYl'Al.KS TOM< is unrirr a posiivc
Trial ?l/e CO coats. I ?nilly .l/e .< I.Co
'he Radical Remedy Company,
HICKORY, a. c,
PickciiR Drupf Co.. Pickens.
t . i 1 Wanted!
Two reHttblo t- mint families for
ing and Shoe:
iacSi Department is jam
$ <5> test Spring Si
Ien with coirect ideas about dross api
istinguish our suits. There is style a
nmistake.rthlu?. You <r<:t in the patter
lie cut of the gSmient itself, the very 1
he most interesting part are the price
ent less than the same snoods can be c
Clothing store.
^ Try Us on Your S^ri
Nil stand behind every suit that i^oes
is faction guaranteed or mo
^ There is Lots of Folks Wli
that we sell the leading
which means a saving to you. \
line and be convinced of the hi<.
Kvnrv }\i\v
f ,
Dine of th?! ..^1
, , , cr that lias worn a pan
able to oiler r. ...
c , Lrossetts, or J ulam
jnt ot lasts, , t ..
shoo customers. V
it easy to , ,
w hen von can buy t
our satislac- ' , - ,4 J
t"st lasts at >3.50 ai
10G N. Main Street
wamaaamEzmtmts3saer 'tvtmmt:r^nvzs:
Standard Fine Granulated Su^ar S5.
I K:ad Ricc, .>5.00.
Broken Ricc >.|.oo.
Fine Whit.: Sa!:, 5S' cent;.
is not Swoot and Si
revy 0110 thai' tries ii
0 1 (> oz. 1o overy pom
U'ct us v\lien \*ou nooi
' ~ */
u i, us,
\j{ \ I i'] S, \\ A (_i ( ) A .v->,
I i A. 1! X I'JSS and S.
ant any! hi ng in I he
) it.
or that we are heach |1
liopps, l?ran and 11a
i fn f i rvii i 1 ? ? i \ 1 i . \ ^ <
I I; CI. I 1. W 1 I V i LL | I | U 1 V ." ' ,
r* a o t1
%^r\w\ 1 L*
We Have Leai
Everybody learns something
learned that there is a lot of dill
we have learned how to select tl
for our customers. lake lor in*
..XANNIll) G1
Canned Goods are not always
Bright labels can cover very poo
to it that only reliable goods get
People who bay a dollar's wortl
had bettor have two market basl
groceries away, oh, no, but we li
ing dollars that is appreciated b}
Mrs. K
, Y()T a ('lofting Out. Halo, but rcdi
you to wonder how such goo<
Wo are offering somo.fSraud Bargains in t
b?>r. All wo ask in for you to come and i
and when you s?>o how much wo can save
_ :>- cj 1 i / \ 17^ at o 11
'^-?Ol IV/ ILiO i kJJ 1
Our Shoes nro Now and of tho Host (J
town for tho money. Shoes for tho 3ch(u
Lot iih ho 11 you your Shoos. "Mfl
We have fioniQ Comforts and BIuth
month at Slaughtered Prices. If yotfl
WoIihvw ft complete line of GliQjfl
Wo appreciate your tradeJm
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>reeiate the points that
nil expert finish to them,
11 and weave of cloth, in
atest styles. Then too
; which are fully 25 per \
obtained in an exclusive '?^
out of our house. Satney
o Doii'l Know"^makes
rou should see our
jh grades and low
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i in (ireenvillc
of our S3.50 and $4.00
:<: Shoes are our regular
/hy pay $5.00 lor a shoo
lit: best leathers and la- r ^
id ?4.00.
(ii'coiivillo, S. C
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ill; is not ! ""
buys it. fV
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r, s. c.
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erence in goods, and
it; host of everything'
stance , .*,
what tliey seem. H
>r qualities. We see JB
i of groceries hercJ;
<ets. We don't givo^
ia\ <- a way of stretch/
our customers. ?
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CATS, KKC'., that will caueo A
iIh can l)o sold at each prices
1 iii h through Dooom- fM
nspeot our goods, get prl(M S
you, it menus your trade
'uality over ofYcrod irifl
^^Mldron that wil^j?
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