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Entered April 23,1903 nt, Pickens, S. C., uk kcooihI claps nuittor, tinder act of Congre?8 of March 3, 1879. *
i [ ..Stui
You can nmko out
Dry Goods, <
B At a 1 ops prico thnn an3
n satisfaction of knowing
bought and find any ?rt
Jtt and get your money on
Our Clothing buMiiv
pood many lots of ono '
down bo low il: you can
away till
When you come to
DM!.. ll-- t. -1 - e - 1 ?
Skiing my wiiuiu iuiniiy?
H. K. St
I MoI'AIjL, J. s. WILSON',
I A? resident. Vice I
Ljpie Pickens Ottjil
PL C^CotiolSeed Meal, Hulls, Oil
ow ready for
Buf Ginnery has been running on
Kipnd we thank our patrons for th
r Mill is now grinding regula
j|Mplenty of hulls, meal or "batting
Bing your SEED and exchange tl
scr we will pay you the highest
RVeed just as you prefer.
^^B|me tc^MS' -and see, how well w<
^'not controlled by outside ]
Bch, or more/for your seed t
r R. H. C
B". T- Mc F A Till,
h/ pickens, s
Ll| By Careful and constant work
_ .
ir^nwargr.iy increases every ye;
m, W^olicit your business and
B^^^R^^dTonic the
25 cts?FOIt
SALE li^
ftjflf Brca. and J
your list boforo leaving home?
jet anything you want in
31othin, Shoes, li
?Notions =
t other store nr Greenville and
after you got homo and examine
,iclo not satisfactory. You can
) something juBt. as good.
use hist Fall was immense, and r
t two Suits. All of these lota ai
llnd your sizo it will pay you to
Greenville, come right to f^TU
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Yours for bargains,
urdivant Ci
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11 Company, 4*
and Linters.<<^
full time all this season
eir patronage.
rly and you can get
r t
iem for meal and hulls
market price lor your
i can treat you. We
hnf will imv
ban any other market.
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Cashier. B j,,
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i H
^UDS- vii^ 1
bile enters theVwBhX ki
Liver ills follow\wl|\ he
tell) \
only Treatment/Jjga/ ?J
right touch andJM^MI
> riaht mnnnpr //flV/ hv
t&mxsb&Er es
f .
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lats and
- |
and have Ihe
what you have
fotch it back
laturally left a
e now marked
buy it and put
0., I
t Store.
Indian Hotel in Pickens.
* *
Singular Word.
Our Inngfi'ig'' contains u word ending
"rt" ti>At clonolcH anxioty, woir?\ etc.,
Id to tbia word another "rt*' mid it will
mote affection, j >v, < t \ I'iml tliis
jrd in tlio paragraph below.
"Cares" bring anxiety and worry,
ene bring derail geineut of tlio digoitive
puns, uaually resulting in indigOKtion.
ydalo's Stouinch Tablet* euro indiges>n.
It matters not who'her yoiirstoinli
trouble is caused by worry, over
)r'x, neglect, midurii or nny other
Hue, Rydide'H Btomncli TitbloUi will
ro you. Th-iy iiiHuro perfect diges
>n and nwim I'tio:i. Tin y tone find
'ongthen tlm pigemivo wrgann, ro-tor
K them to lirnltl). Use th-un mid good
idth will bloflfl you an l fortune "onbs'
you. PiokeiiH Drug Co., PioUoun;
. A. Sheldon, Liberty.
ver-VVork Weakens
Your Kidneys.
ihealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood In your body passes through
>ur kidneys once every three minutes.
fThe Kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they filter
out the waste or
Impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fall to do
their work.
Pains, achesand rheumatism
come from excess
of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
dney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
iart beats, and makes one feel as though
y had heart trouble, because the heart Is
rer-worklng In pumping thick, kidney>lsoned
blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
oublcs were to be traccd to the kidneys,
it now modern sclencc proves that nearly
I constltutlo* ' diseases have their bcglnng
In kidney trouble.
i< ?i~l- ? -- ---
jrv/u biv? on-i\ juu v.?u matte no misiaKC
r first doctoring you. ' Jney. The mild
?d tho extraordinary effect jf Dr. Kilm*.r's
wamp-Root, the great kidney remed/ Is
on realized. It stands the highest to: its
onderful cures of the most distress':^ cases
id Is sold on Its merits in. w
nt and one-dollar slz- BfeApiHt
, ?You may have
mple bottle by mall of Bw~?mp-nooi.
59, also pamphlet telling you how to find
it If you have kidney or bladder trouble,
entlon this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
Co., Blnghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
e name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kllmer'a
vamp-Root, and the addresa, Blnghamton,
- ?
Japan so Characterizes the Sinking c
a Merchantman by t!io Russians
wear loiiyaru straits.
Washington, March 31.?Cure
ful iuquiry at the several ombiiB
8ioa and legations interested in thi
ltun8o-Japaneje eitu<ition jpnlirnu
the conviction which is genora
among ?Uio d< piirtiopnt olliciah
that present intorvonlion by tlu
poWciM ih out of tin1 question. A'
a European anii>assad express
' 15 ith belligerents havo sot then
jaws and the powers can only stand
iciiwi o iwl ur.t h<.!? < !>.. -
(itivi !? lUV'll llio HiJ>.
"It may bo that whoii Uussiii
and Japan liavo tinted more deeply
of the ivul borrow ot war that
tlioy will be inclined to 1 inti'ii to
moiliation, but inv advices from St.
Petersburg and Tokio ahow no indication
of tliin yet."
Tokio, March 31.?'1 lie action
of Russian warship* in sinking tin
Japanese c-aeting steam.-r, IIany?i
Maru, last Saturday is deeply resented
by the Japanese.
In ofticial circle.* the a ta ,:k upon
and tlio sinking of tlio vessel near
Taichin island is pronounced to
be n clear violation of the neut rality
of Cliiui!, be.-idos bnirig an act
of wantonness against n dift noe
le^H craft. The sinking of iho
Jaj mnoHO stenmer Nakonamarft bv
tho Russian Vladivostok Hquadron
ncir the Tttii^.irn sti.dght i-< rocallod.
The Aar.yei Mam was an
o d steamer of (>l ton?, and had
he.'ii chartered by some Correspondents
of n Jupan"so nowsp-i)) -r.
St, Petersburg, March J?!.- The
Correspondent of the Rti.fi>, who has
just returned from Korea, recites
that he known (roni official sources
that the commander of (he Yicksburg
<lid not join in the protest of
the other commanders against the
.T/?i ' 'ulni'iiKf flm iVvrt f/-? ????
gago tho Varing nij<1 Koriel/and
later, after tho fight when tho
Vicksluirg sent a .surgeon his services
were rel'us* d. i'iio tono of
the convspon t nt is very hitter.
Ilo H.iiil lie s.iv/ th?i Am?rican
denials of the iucident wlr-n h<>
arrived ill Port Said, but that t!i<*y
at'o not convincing.
Cl^-1 in i ? ??
viiauucu ill UIC" i-uy.
Boaufort, S. 0., Maroh T>o.?
AW'l Scott, an ??M n -j.;"r<>, was
Ktn lust i:i tho I?y
Sarah Brown, a yoi:n$ ti ^im woman
After (lie c\i'l11 s^ So--?tt went to his
Hhuuty, ai d was foil id (!? il i.i
hi I this in<.ruing', linvir.-tjf Mod tr
ih>ath during tho night. Tho
\v(11 cla iim th.lt she whs '
ill IliO (..u: l.y So-.tt Inst wo k o:i
account (?f her r iiMfii.1;;i! iu<? with
hi in a ho nt. entering hor li<uis> an<l
carrying < II" a hull' bushel <,f peas
and an ox. Scott ronijwcd the att.,.or
i . I rr
rv i.11. ii i mn, MIU im. 110 ii HO
tlir> Iw-r with an nx. Sh
threw a brick at him, ali<>r which
she Blabbed him. ?Sarah then 1 t
her ho118o and w>;-nt to rolativcH a
few mi It* h in tho country. She wap
on her way to town thin morning
in company with a relativo when
arrested by Slier:fl Porter. Coroner
Sams hfId an inquest. The
verdict of the jury wan that Scott
camo to his death l>y a wound inllicied
by Sarah brown.
Freight Rates Raised.
i no *'|" i iiiiun 1/1 in ) raiH?: in
fioight rates* from Virginia >irith
to ciiios in Norlli and >S nith (}?ro*
liniv, when t'no shipping is in 1<-h>than
carload !ote, will not go inic
effect until Juno 1. Tho rule*
won- to liavo become effective on
April 15, 1 >nt Ilio ri'jir ~?MitativeH ol
tho romln liavo notified thetthippore
that <>n account of the largo number
of protests received .by Virginia
shippers that the ialc would
bo to their detriment it was decided
t'? extend tho time for n
month mid a half, in order to give
thorn a chance to got up tho facts
t.l llNIU.l if It ?Oftmo l\.?l
... !' w I ./ ? V ?> ll*/W I ;iU(
tho lull or* requ Ktin^ tho railroad
commission of this St.do to outur ?
protest did not give nil of (ho fuels,
oh, besides tho r;?iso in rate* o.i
classes 15, C, I) and I*' on Ichh than
cark.ad lotp, there is also a doci'.niHo
in carload lots of the h.iuk
classes. It is also said that the
rates to go into ofl'<.ot arc on tin
same scale aa tliowo in rfl'jot. in the
North vscat.
"Tie a Ktiit'K nroutKl your Anger.'
(hit tiiui uottlo of Itheamftolile today ho
forcyyonr rlionmatiAm ?i t? a Ann bolii
mul )bi!comoti UatgefouH.
State Dispensary Beard issues a State*
' ment.
Tho State ponsiou board, after a
- four days' session, adjourned, having
disposed finally of all pension
, irntteis before it. The board is;
sued tho following statement SatfIurday:
"i\ great number of applicants
were disapproved on account of
. the careless manner in which tho
. papers wore prepared by the wen
3 wion commissioners and county
, boards in certain c<untios, and
I their boin;? improperly filled out
. has rosullcl m tho disapproval of
. those who may have b en merit,
oriouH and otherwise would have
I been approved by the board. This
is p tiH,icniarly th? ease in the
wounded classes, tho physicians of
I many ef the boards failing to givo
definite descriptions of the wounds
and diseases of the applicants,
. Unlos.'S the applications are ontiro,
ly and properly tilled out, the Stato
, board cannot pass them, although
they are io full sympathy with the
needy Confederate veteran and
widow, who in many instance aro
the victims of this careless and ir- <
, regular work.
nTl. . - e * ?
i mi imltk oi mo ftiatu pension
1) aid Ims not beou instructed to .
return all applications that
may c> m.j in from tlio various i
counties, as I hoy genoruliy do up ,
t > tlie ?lay < f payment., as neither i
11:0 cl*rk nor th<? comptroller genoral,
who is ox-oflicio mor^ber of
the hoard, nor any single momber i
of the board has any right to add i
tho.?e applications to I bo approved i
lists. It is earnestly hoped thorn- I
lore that the potiSion department I
will not !? > tho recipient of the I
usual belabd applications and np-? i
peals for correction* of errors on 1
w iioli the applicants were disap- j
proved, f.?r as stated above, tho }
work < f the State Pension board 1
of 1901, wiih tl?e exception of ap- ]
proving the payrolls for the clerks r
of court, is entirely finished." i
Tho State says it is impossible to <
say when the pension lund will be
,1 rcivl. n? llmim 5u " '?? "
I .? ?
j amount of clerical work to be <lono (
i> tioi'o sanding out the money.
10very energy will be used to pay
;t out .1 iittle earlier than Inst year, ,
which wan tho 28th of April. 0\v- f
ing to llie illlioee of Dr. P. E.Grif- ]
(in, physician ?.?f (he board, I)r. (
William Weston, of the Richland (
county Ix.ard, acted as his Biihsti- ,
tuto. (
Found Dead With Bullet in His Heart. ,
| Columbia, S. 0., March 80.? i
w mi*} iiiicfts, years oui, was
shot through tho hoart .it Denmark
i yesterday, and .I hn Lovo, aged 45
yo:.i,j, his brotler-in-law, ib in
, jail charged with having fuel tho
fatal shot.
Lu -iirt' body was found last night
nt-<ir the Union Depot hy two negro
boyn, w!u> g.ive tho alumi There
| wero no eye witnesses to the tragi
odv. Lovo and Lucas had been to.
g' thor during the day and it is
, .?ai?l both wimo under tho inlluence
. of liquor* Thoy wero seen togethnr
in a buggy lute in tho evening.
When arrowed Lovo was still intoxicated
and could not talk in\
tolligcn;ly. Later, however, ho
deolured that ho know nothing of
the killing. Ho told of drinking
, and being with Lucas, but said
, that Lucas left him and he naw
nothing moi'O of hi in until the body
was found.
An examination of Lucas' body |
showed that the pistol ball had I
entered the right side, piercing the <
In-art and lodging beneath the skin I
\ on the lel't aide. The clothing and i
skin wore burned with powder,
; showing that tho shot had been
, fired at closo range. Thoro were
i evidence* of a buggy having been
i driven around tho body several {
tiroes. (
i Love has a wife and ton children i
while Lueua le"vc* a widow and
two children. I
Negroes to Run a Negro (or President.
W. T. Scott, n negro, has announced
that preparations have
1 been completed for ;i national
convention for tho nomination of a
m.'Kro candidate for president.
Tlio convention will bo hold in
8t.. Louis, July 6, tlio dato not for
tho National Democratic Conventfon.
The name of tho now party
ia tho "National Civil Liberal
I Party," and a platform will be
II adopted, which Scott saya will call
I J f ir!* CtrW) f*i\t AlVnnrjl? in r\f I
... ^ .. wti in tnui^ ui vi nno"
1 yortation facilities, and a ponaiou
Iffor former nlavoa.
S. P. Mitchell of Memphis, Tenn.
13 prcnidr-nt ?>f tho organization,
l and I. G. WallOii of Waahington,
{D. vioo prouidynt.
Our Congressman Has a Word to Say ,
as to the Presidency.
A AVashingt >11 epeoinl to tho ,
Greenvilla Newa 8ayn: .
South Carolina members of con- (
gross s?y that t.hoy have made no |
attempt to speak for t'uoir const it- (
uents in tho giving of thoir choice r
of the Democratic presidential
nomination. Thny individually (
have their preferences, hut deelaro \
that th.^y have not tried in any r
way to influence n singlo voter In
their respective districts. Kwpre- x
seiitativo Aikon voices Iho feelings (
of the delegation in this talk with c
uic today: c
"Wlion T 0^,-1 * ?
. - ..VM A 1? ??n wo IVUU JLUl 111 J I jj
opinion as to tho nominoo tlic ^
Democrats should put tip I re- r
tnombor distinctly stating tlut I ,
preferred not to nny anything, :.h I v
was not weddud to tho candicvcy j
of any man. I said that all I R
wanted to hoo wm i\ rann who j
could unite all tho discordant nlc- ?
inouts of the party. When I woh ']
pressed for an opinion nn to which ^
nf the mon whose uatncs are now
mentioned could do thin, I gav.) it, j
i\i my individual opinion that Sen- c
utor Gorman was tho b.-st man,
And, next to him, Judg? Parker,
f "nr.,,? t ? -i " " >
i iwirv. iii'jjr?vtrU Vlim IU1S
svas yM individual opinion, and did S
not voic.) the views of my district,
Lhe opinions of which 1 had not
made an attempt to find out. Tho (
Pact is that I do not know (ho sen- j,
timent of the Third district, but 8
take it that, without special regard v
!o the personality of tho man, they j,
want some 0110 who can win. There
_ _ x i - /v. - . . i r
? a umorence ot opinion ~
to who that man is. I cannot
believe that it is a crimo for me to ,
tiavo an opinion on this question,
wen though three-fourths of tho {
nembers of congress feel just as I j
lo-" . t
* c
Chicago Minister Charged with Robbing
Raiiroads of Large Sums.
Chicago, April 1,?As a result of c
>vbat ho doelarfifl wna l?ia o(V,>rt
-...-.v 1
insist the poor of Chicago, "Dr." 8
Dowing, who claims that ho is a (
dorgyman, has boon arrested, |
jhargud with robbing tho railroads 0
which have headquarters in Chi)ago,
of thousands of dollars worth
)f transportation, All of the iuoney
bus Socured whs usod for charity, jy
kt least this is the substance of a
ionfession made by Dowing tonight.
Dewing is said to have made a
practice of buying mileage tickets n
it hnlf rates, claiming that he was r
i minister, and then soiling tho f
tickets to Chicago brokers. In 11
lis confession Dewing said:
"Yea. I admit thllf. I mi r/'li m Ic
mileago at 'preachers' rai.eH, and }
?ol(l it to ticket brokers. I used 1
jvory cent of th? money to bettex s
ho conditions of tho poor of Chi- '
>igo, though, and if I hare gro'Uly
nnno<l, I'm euro that God vviii '
overlook the fault. I was edu- '
satod in an Eastern thoolog cal
jeminary and began work in (,'hi- v
jigo a few months n%o. I wai ap- a
palled by the shocking o nditions *
tiere, all my money was spent, and ^
1 saw ho many persons starving. I ^
foil that I saw justified in proeur* ?
ing funds in tho mannor I did." ft
Having made a thorough invoa- n
ligation of tho caBo, it is Haid that '
tho railway companies, which aro ?
complainants against Dowing, will t
do satisfied with the imposition of 11
i small fine, fiH his story is bolieved.
Nothing Fqual to Chnmbcrlaln'H Colic, \
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for
Bowel Complaint-* In Children.
"Wo have used CJIiambt rlain's Colio, r
ni% ? t\: 1- t"?? t
uumuru nuu j^itirriiucit IVOUIOUJ in OUr II
family for y??rrt," unja Mr?. J. B. Cooke, H
~>t Nodorland*, Texnn. "Wo huvo given
It t j nil of our children. We hnvo used s
t>ih?r mrchoinos for tho bhiuo pnrpono, j
pnyor found Anything to oqnnl Chamberlain's.
If you will nso it as dirootod c
it will nlways euro." For Halo I?y Piok- t
rum Drug Co., and Enrlo's Drug Store,
J'iekena; and Hunter Sc Pickens, Liberty.
Pioneer Road Builder.
Former Road Commissioner Tal- y
toy, who something like twenty |
years ago built tho first improVod r
road in tho Piedmont country, iu
horo today.
Mr. Talloy was at tho tlmo mentioned,
a cltizon of Pickens and c
for many veara identified with
- -. , ;? i
administration of tho aft'aiia of (
that county. He ifl now farming a v
few mile* from the city. j
Bomo of the Pick?n? county j
roads built under Mr. Talley'a
supervision noArly a quartor eon- /
tury ago are eaid to be in piimo /
condition atthiatimo,?Greenville \
Herald. V. |t
f jl "
. ...
Surprise Manifested at Failure of the
United States to Pay $10,000,000.
Panama, Special.?Groat surprise
is manifested in all circles
hore ovor tho alleged non-fulfillment
by tho United States of the
igreeniont thut on the exchi nge
)f ratifications of the canal treaty
the United Suites should pay to
-he new reDUblic tho mim nf .#in -
It is Bald the delay of the Uni-od
States to make the payment
las forced tho government of Panima
to lloat a loan in Now York.
Tho. reason for tho nonpayment
lp to the present time of tho $10,K)0,000
to he paid Panama on acsount
of the acquisition of the
sanal torritory doubtless is to l?e
ouud in the fact that title cannot
>e takeu to the canal and (he
ights therein until after certain
locoeaary formalities in Paris,
/hither two law ofliceis ojf the do?artrnent
of justice have gono to
ee that the Panama Canal com>any
regularly conveys its rights
.nd title to the canal property.
The Associated Proas on March
mnounccd that payments to the
anal company and to the repubio
of Panama would he made cod
urrently about A m il I
- -- r - - -
itrange Phenomenon in Northern Part
of Maine.
Caribou, Maino, Special.-WoodsMen
who have juatreturned hnro
iring nowa that Bald mountain, n
mall, steep hill in the Tiboquo
alloy, only a few miles from the
\Tow Brunswick line, has dipap narod.
In its placo a small lake
iow exists.
It is bnlipvpd tlm ?v?/mi :*A
_ vuu tllUUllUUU
Iropped out of eight during 1 h??
arthquake of March 21, and that
ho tremor was what shook Now
England, really had its birth in
he Maine woods.
Bald mountain was an odd-shaped
ono with extremely 6teop fides
ind was eeldom explored. Tlx'i
euerui uenoi la ilial it was the
rator of an extinct volcano.
Ground tho base of the mountain
mall hot, Bpriii^h once existed, and
lie rock formation in tho noightoihood
bears evidence ol volcanic
lany Arc Now Interested in South
Mr. Job. W. SUwnrt, passim^"!'
gent of tlio Seaboard, lias roceiilly
cceived a lettc*r fiom Dr. Charlie
hirneer, of Kvansvillo, Ind., who
i now in Chnrloston, in rogard to i
stftblibhing a Oorman-Amorican I
olony somowhcro in thin Stat<>.
)r. Ourneor has int* rostod 1 im- If
u tins idea considerably and do
iros to purchase anywhere from
,000 to 10,000 acri'H of swamp
und which Can 1)0 obtained chovp
?>d thou aftor draininor it lvndor
t suitable for colonization 1?y ;i
irgo colony of (rcrinan citizons
/ho aro now in tho state of Indi*
iiia. They aro not fatifdiod with
ho climate and wish to conn*
touth. I)r. Qnrneer in now in
Charleston and expects to tfo to
iummorvillo where ho will in])<>et
the French-Canadian colony
nd afterwards will come to Coil
mbia for a conforonco with tho
Seaboard officials, It i? jioflsiMo
hat the colony mny bo locatod
lear Columbia and if not it may!
All ^ '
im iibmi v^noiskw. i no sea board
lonplo will do all tlioy can to havo
t located near Columbia.
Tho oflice of coromiapioiicr of im?
nigrntion in in receipt of a lar^e
lumber of inquiries in regard to
tatistioal information about tho
tato. From tho fact now on hand
it mis oince most oi tho inquiries
an ho unsworn! at onco and 111
his way tho Ptato in being woll
.dvortisod. A lottor was received
rom a capitalist in Toxas desiring
nformation as to tho law exomptiig
enterprises from taxation, it
?eing intimated in the letter that
ie was interested in this stato and
night ho induced to invent. The
apitftliRt whs given the Uw on the
iii\l ior whi/?K 4,,a
....vv - , KIVII, l/UU
econt discu&eion ot tho Hiiprnme
:Ourt in tho Spartanburg null cnso,
)rovidoa what a majority of the
litizoiis in tho dintriet bhajl deoidir
vhcthnr or not tho ontorpriao nhal'.
m? exempt from the tax. Tho
erm fixed by law i? (ivo years.
Ink Your Uowlrr for AIIi ir,i Kont?Knir.
I powdor foi tho foftt. If on tea Swollen
tour, ll"t, CahonA, Aoliiu/, ^""t'liog
-'.irt, < 'oriiH and Hnnioun.^A' ^nig;intn
and bUoo atofia, mA
? 3
1 IVf "tt
Bodies wore Cremated Before Anything
Could be Done to Stop
The Flames.
Sciauton, Perm., March 31.?
Ton factory ^irls h>st thoir livos
by an explosion, followed by ftre,
! in (he Squibb woiks at Triceburg
'to-lay. Sonio of tho bodies wore
j blown to atoms, while others wero
i r au^ht. in falling timbers and orej
mated bub re anything could bo
iuuiim 10 stop t'io progiess of tlio
1 bln/.e.
Tlio bodies of two of the girls wero
blown through the front windows
of the building and the remains
wore picked up in the street forty
f.-et away Ironi the factory. So far
as is known, very low of the twenty-eight
girls who wore m the factory
at tinio of the explosion escaped
without being killed or fatal
'y injured. Eight victims are
Btill alive, and have been taken to
a mar by place for medical treatment.
Thepj in little hope of saving
their lives.
Fire followed the explosion and
was communicated to other build*
mgs. ttnneUs of tho dying could
be heard by the onlookers and
would lie resetters were driven
back timo and time again by tho
raging flumes.
Muscles sore, joint s pain fill-rheumatism.
Soro limsclflH* or painful joints, may
nnmi an approaching ill tack of rheumatism.
Elliott's Emulsified Oil Liniment
rubl>ed on tho atlected parts will relievo
tho puio aud Hureness, ami prevent
rheumatism. Ellioi's Emulsified Oil
Liniment is a satisfactory rubbing liuimcnt
for all soreness, stillness and lameness
of joints or muscles. Pickens Drug
Co., Pickens; W. A. Shelilou, Liberty.
I Casting Bread Upon The Waters.
Omaha, Nob., March 31,?Wil
limn II. Hunt, formerly a woll
known horseman, but who "went
broke" on th-.> tin f fifteen years ago
and is now penniless today received
I a gift of $1,000 and a diamond
| ring from an English acU'oss whom
he had befriended in his palmy
' duvs. In addition tlio woman has
imviled Hunt to come to London
and marry b >r. Tlioy were ontwenty
y< ars ngo.
'riu> lott-'L' i-^ fr -in .h iinio Dubolt.
Twenty years ago Hunt mot the
girl in San Frr?ncis>co and became
infatuated with her. I lor health
failed and sln> lo.-t hor plnce. Hunt
paid Ivr way h<> no. iSliortly nf.ierward
Hunt !o: t !ii* > money and loft ??
San Francisco. For many years
Hunt L .s lived a hand to mouth
i>x:.?t'':.c in ( Mnaha.
Mi.-H Hub f.s K-tt r says sho
has pcaruhfxl >? l??? ? >
. . . . M'iii u?QI * >Y1IU1"C
a.id has just succot'dod 111 finding
him. Ilo will It-avo for London in
a few duya.
Host Cough .MoiHcfno for Children.
Win n vcii liny a cough medioiuo for
hiuaII chil 'rti:' you want 0110 111 which
you ci\n ] implicit confidence. You
want one that not only relievos but
cares. You wr.: t cr.o that ia unqu'Wlioni\l>ly
linnn'H* . You want ono that
i? plcaiiin! ' >;('Iminqnrhun'flCoug
Ken.ody all of those conditiona.
j Tl.ere is nothing so good for tho couglm
and oolda incident to childhood. It. ia
dl.vo i c. rtni:. preventive and cure for
croup, and tin rc in no danger whatever
from wliwopin/c cou^h ulien it is civon.
I It Ims boon u-'.-d in many opidomicH of
tbat di.^ense with perfect micoosh. For
t>ale by IMeheim Drug Co., and Karlo'n
j I >rupj Story, I'ickeuH; unci Iluntor is
riokciiH, liiborty.
Negro Resigned, Office Opened.
Loonin, tho poslollico in Jasper
county, Miss., tho <?nly ono in
Misoinsipl>5 besides Indiauola which
had a nogro post master, and which
was c'.ofied itl> >111 tho same timo,
lias been opened with a whito
poal master.
Tho population of tho country
tributary to Iho Leonia office is
mainly hliick, and an no whito man
would nccopt. I lie oflico of poetmaster
it wan ^ivcn to a nogro
bcIiooI toucher.
Alter receiving tho commission,
he consulted with tho few white
residents of the town and was ad?*
vised not to accept it by thorn. IIo
returned his eommihsion and tho
postoftitvi was closed, F,. H. Wade,
former postmaster of th# town,
agreed to tnko tho plaoo again, and
tho ollieo was accordingly reoponed
on Monday.
Sciatic Rheumatism Cure.il. ?>
"I llllVO l)OC 11 :.III l-'flfc to Srtinlin. vlinn
mutism for your.*," boyb E. II. Waldron,
of WUton Junction, Iowa. "My jointn
?r< r? Miff and gavo mo muoh pain and
di?comfort. iMy j intu would oraok
wlion i eirnt^litoned tip. I used ChamiHM'iuiii'B
I>.01. Ilulm and h>\vo boeu thoroughly
ourod. Hnve not. had a pain or
Hohn from tiio old troublo for many
months, It- i;? oevtninly a most wondorEnt."
For b.i lo by Piokona
ftnd ICarlo'b Drug btoro, Piok?
& Piokous, Lihcity,

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