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Happenings ol i Local and Personal Katun
~Dr. W. F. Austin will bo in li
i ley Tuesday, April 12.
?J. D. Moore naouuces hims
for treasurer this week.
R ?Save your cliiokous now for t
pronohers and candidates.
?Boru uoto Mr. aud Mr?. E.
Smith on tho 4th iust., n "<oh.
jpwf*1* ?-^uat roceivad barrel of Co
TJola, *Wi!Hi car oi ico to go with it
? Watch the weekly ohanges
tha Littlo B oo Hivo ad. in this pup
? Mrs. B. Lewis is visiting 1
Bister, Mrs. L. S. Grundy, in Groi
?Mrs. J. F. Banistor,- of Cat
_ Vm- choe, visited her parents in town Ji
( week.
?W. A. Bruco spont Saturd
aud Sunday lubt with his parents
n ??i -
?B. F. Pnrrona went to Gref
ville Tuesday for trcuLinont ut I
Black's sanitarium.
?JSovoral of our advertisers clmn
rthifiAveok. Kent! thoir notices a
?"profit by their con ton ts.
?N. D. Taylor will bo in his si
dio iu Pickens on Tuesday and \V<
nosday April 19th and 20th.
?Bead new advortisomont of f
J. Thomas Arnold Company in ]
issue. It will interest jou.
?The supply of cotton seed
M^t exhausted at tho oil mill a
/InU'n \r\ o f?tu /Io
Hhr dollnquonts tuo cordin
Bl call nnd ex amino our n<
Btyle of receipts for subset'
rtV. Langston lins bought
it in the store of J. M. Noali
ei ftrm now id Noaley & Ian
rafOU'H. Jttl. F. Uestor and litl
mrhtor, Pearl, aro on a visit to tl
||k|b. daughter, Mrs. W.
?CfWsTfa*u, iu Allantit.
I } yS'-?Cadets LoR<>y Bogg*, Brand<
IS Taylor and Wayne Mauldin, of Cloi
son Colk'go, spoilt E-istar with the
relatives at this place.
?Tho E-isloy Hotel haa been ]
opened by 13. P. Martin, and all w
H *top thoro nro assured a warm w
B come and tho beet tho market niYorc
?Prof. Newton lectures iu Picko
jpKturday night. On Tuesday nigl
r^Ttho 12th instant, ho will bo in Eusl
under tbo auspices of tbo lodges
that town.
?Dr. W. C. Black, of Greenvill
and Mr. Wilson, special represent
tivo of tbo Now Yorlc Lifo Iiihuitwh
Co., spout Tuesday in Pickens. Tin
y cnnio over in hu automobile and ma'
1 ttfB run 70 minutes.
?Mrs. W. O. Willard baa open*
HgTfe nice line of millinery at Liber
B^nd invites tbo trading public to cr
**tk1 ipspecl liprjino of oonvct ktv 1
Bpt fresb eoods. 1nrufits ba
IVbeori cut close on all goods and gooi
D are bought fresh in Now York mi
P will roach her fresh every week du
I iag tho season. If you want sum
w thing n!oi aud neat givo Mrs. W
* lard u call.
?J. H. Brock, who was well know
'to ninny of tho Pickens county pe<
pie, died nt the homo of liis son, i
A. Brock, nt Sonecn, 011 tno 2lst ull
' from a complication of diseases. Ii
was buried tho day following h
E death at Barker's Croek cemotory i
Andorson county. Ho was a go<;
wood-wmkinan abd plied his tocatir
fife Dickons for sovernl years. E
WHO uu mmnnuuilllf^ UIll"lb(lllll gOUMi
j^L Jian, au<l his friends, who woi
HHk. 'TOgioli, will I our n of his (loath wit
genuino sorrow.
mmi f Entertainment by U. D. C.
% Wk The Daughters of the Con foci or n<
E will favor I'icUous people with tl
presentation of "The Spinsters' It
H turn," in tho Court House, next Pr
clay evening, at 8:30 o'clock. Tl
Spinsters have just returned from tl
Klondyko region, where they hai
H. been in search of husbands. Wit
the most of them tho results of tho
search was simply a motter of '
Became, I saw, I conquerod." Tl
^^H^^Hbariud exporienoo of the catchei
BPwill be vividly portrayed. Thei
will bo a numt>er of specialties an
^^finrprises introduced that will insm
Avantiu/a va i?r? A??lnidniiw.\A..I rl'i
ublio is cordially invitod to atta.w
The procooda of tho entorlainmot
till be appropriated to tho laudahl
mrpose of ontortaining the old flu
liors at the annual reunion in Jun
A-^irfeflfoTr,- adulta 25 coots, chi
dro^O conta.
Vinionla May ho Prevented.
vnkl linger*, thoro in danger
V pneutt<R. jf ia grippo luavon tlio liini
? ?o au*lrtino<l condition, tlioro in gro
11 dang^nenmonta. Prevent thin /at
ll diW" jiHing Rydnlo'fl Klixir; it cur
oolda t|y nud .'eavoa tho throat <*i
\ung8 "Jl. It i? fcl.n host rninnlv f
I lS\ ( thftt P?*- ihfl>tmod condition of II
b hii)R8 1 frequently follows In gri
I ' TlUj^ioiontiflc throat ?ml 1 m
^ t ^ remedy lor young ni
HAflgMflf| Rout
Co., I'iokonfl; \V.
Notice to Democratic Clubs.
Democratic dubs throughout Piq
otiB county aro requeotod, pursuit
B to instructions from the Mtate Kxoc.
tivo Oomrnitteo, to Assemble at the
I rcspeotivo meeting places on Hutu
1 ft, the 23^ day of April, 1901, f
H/itio purpose of olootintf delegates
Hb tho County Convention to ho hold
V Pickons, 8. C, on Monday, the 2i
H (lay of May, 1001, which COD TOO tl
will elcot delogntcg to tho State Co
H vontion and transaot suah other bu
B iiess ft? may properly ooine bofo
5? the body. K?toU olnb is urged
r Bond its full rcureseutalioo to tl
lljjfc^^Mvention, uh it ia entitled thore
HPPWRter tho party constitution now
forco. U?Bj)eotf?lly,
T. J. Mauldln,
B April l, loot. Co. ObftirmftD.
Englihh Cough <m
i&sL jfoild* bronohitin Had all khidr
^ Drug ttWJfo,
| Liberty Locals.
Liberty, S. 0 , April 4, 1004.
The wbippoor wills and martins
=ar have been heard in the land again
i the past week.
The impatient farmer begun to
, plow in the mud last week again and
some oorn and a few cotton seed was
Fertilizer is still being hauled out.
Tho peach trees are in full bloom,
he About two weeks later than normal.
Wheat is coming out considerably.
M. Garden yegetablos growing rapidly.
Good Friday was a dry day and
many gardon seed were plauted.
There was a trial here beforo
Magistrate O'Dell on tho 01st ult.,
of betweeu parties frrtn tho Flat Rook
or. seotion over a difficulty that ocourrod
at Flat Hock church Sunday beforo
un I'*6' j08'- after preaching. It sooms
tho brethren of that section no longer
dwell together in unity as quite a
ee- number of tbom were involved. A
ist crowd attended the trial. J. P.
Carey appearod for profecatiou and
av 13. A. Morgan, of Greenvillo, for defondants.
As a pistol was brought
to light Rome of tho partita will havo
to go to the higher couit.
J. NT. Hoylo is having lumber laid
down for u dwelling just south of tho
8? Wagons with lumber and shinglos
still coino this way, and laud to build
on is hard to got. Mauy of those
tij. who havo it seem to think they havo
jd- a gold ruino.
Tho night of tho 25th of March,
j10 tho school j?uvo a historic reviow of
1j9 some of the noted deeds cf heroism
done by Americans in America and
pupils sang eomo of thy national
is songs and Mr. Marl in, a young atnd
tornoy of Greenville, delivered a vory
interesting address on Southern history,
showing how tho South was
"y lw Nni'flmvn
?w ans, thus placing tho South in a falao
'P" light before tho world. Ho handled
his Bubjoot well and delivered it in
an an impressive manner.
Oh yes, tho trolley lino from An?'
deraon via Fivo Forks in Anderson
county, thenco direct to Liberty and
tie thouco to I'ickonn, Easley and Groonlio
villo. Tho projeob has been talked
A. of by citizons along tho proposed line
from Anderaon county to Liberty;
anJ at Liberty wo propose to lny the
50 matter beforo our Easley neighbors
V* and any others interested in duo
time. Wo hope our Easloy or Pickens
friends will not become exoited
l-w./?n..OA 4..11 ?l mi.!.
j, g Miwiuoo nu li il vuil I IUIU tUU Ul XIIIH
j1() matter has been talkod of two or
ej. threo yearn. Twelvo Mile ltiver ban
<>.ousiderable power going to waste
that may bo harnessed to furnish
oh power to help run a trolley line
it, Liberty proposed to bb generous toey
wi?rd Kasley and Pickens and any
of other points tliut might bo bouefieial
by such mi enterprise. Wo hope our
Ensley friends will not rise to the
point of mind that will lead them to
,l' think no good thing cat) come, save
50 froiu Eaeley, A- fpw othor places no
^ doubt think they aro a part of tho
wheel if not tho bub on whioh tho
VVArlil vnunluna VV/i .vtAo I
?(] thing more to say along tho trolley
f,y lino again soon.
l" Tho trains still run every Sunday,
L's being neither blind or deaf, we see
and hear them. Glad they do not
disturb tho Eusley correspondent. It
'd has been my impression (hat somo of
r* the grand jurors lived in tho county
and could hear and see a little, but I
'1* will not compiaiu as they aro but
'ii Yesterday was Easter and many
> were out in white and shivered boil.
foro night.
jv Mercury foil to 30 last night, throe
degrees colder than last wook. C. I
J(" Nobbed tho (irarc,
>n A startling inoidout is narrotod by John
fo Oliver, of Philadelphia, an follows: "I
, was in an uwful condition. My skin was
,0 tilmoHt yollow, oyos sunken, tongue cout.
ed, pain continually in buck and sidos,
' 1 no appotito, Rio wing weaker day by day.
Three physicians h?id given mo up.
Then I was advised to uho Electric Hitters;
to my great joy, the first bottle
made a decided improvement. I ootitinned
their uso for throe weeks, and am
10 now a well man. I know tlioy robbed
mo i^riivo ??i nuunicr victim.' nooDQ
i- Hliould fuil to try tliom. Oul.r 50 conts,
jft guaranteed nt Piokons Drug Co.
'e The Following Letter is Self-explanatory
jt'. For the benefit of tho Democratic
,? organization in Pickens county, and
10 as iuformiition to tho public generally,
,s and by tho kindness of tho newspapers
^ of tho county, tho Constitution and
(l Rules, with their latest amendments,
governing clul) organizations and
primary elections ore herewith print,
ed in full,
|t Columbia, tt. C., Mch. 25, 1904.
I Mr. T. J. Mauldin, (Jo, Chairman,
1 Pickens Cniintv. Pi(>Lnn? Si (\
^ Dear Sir: The State Democratic
j' Executive Committee mot in the city
of Columbia on March 22nd, 1904,
and in obedience to tlic constitution
a convention of thu Democratic paity
of the Stato wan called to meet !d
of the city of Columbia on May 18,
1004, for tho purposo of electing
nj delegates to tho National Convention,
on and to transact such other business
id an the convention may deem proper,
"r A resolution wan also adopted in
'm struoting the County Chairmen
throughout tho Stato to asHomble
their Executive committers and order
h. the clubd to meet on Saturday, the
A. 23d dav of A m il for tho nnrtviBn of
^ r ? i - i* *"
electing delegates to the County Conventions
to he held on Monday, the
22nd day of Mity, for tho purpone of
1;. electing delegates to the State Con*
nt vention. Ertoh county will he en*
ij. titled to twine the number of momji'
bora in thin convention as it has rep*
ir. roHentativ<M in tlie legislature,
or I writo to urgo upon you tho noc,,
ooHKity of calling together your com
mittee and ordering your oh?l?s to assemblc
in order that wo may have a
on full expression from the people in
hi. this very important presidential
sj. year. Youis very truly,
ro wine-jonoa,
to Chairman.
,to Morion* Stomach Trouble Cured,
of I was troublod with a distress in my
stomach, Hour Rtomaoh and vomiting
dpelW, and oan trnthfolly ?ay that Ohamborlain'H
Htomaoh and Liver Tablot*
ourod mo.?Mr?. T. V. William* /^ingsbnrg,
Mioh. Those tablota are gturan,<v*
tood to oura ovory oa?o of ?torap|oh tronbio
of tbi? oharaotor, For saWby Piok>
vt ens Drng Oo., and Etrlo'n I)*ug Store,
- JPw|?ttPi
From Six Mile.
The weather baa been fair this
i week and farmers have made good
i use of the time putting in ^oaro and
plauting corn. A fow more dnys of
fair weather and the fariuwa will bo
planting cotton seed big fashion.
Health of the community is very
good at this writing.
Ferry Durham visited relatives and
friends in Anderson county last Saturday
and Sunday.
Sunday school was organized at
Sir- ftfiln ll>n fnt.t*f 11 ?.UK 'P
* ? '?v vuv avsv?iuia MUUVI(4>7) TTIVU JL
W. Durham as superintendent.
S. A. Woodson, of Williamstou, S.
C , visited his brother, D. H. Wood
son, last Saturday and Sunday.
Bobby Craig's school at Gtxrvin,
closed last Fridoy. Bob will go homo
now and raise some cotton, I guons.;
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Jhnmio j
Porter on tho 25th ult., a son.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Torn
Kelloy on tho 31st ult., a daughter.
The population in this section i.s
increasing rapidly, and it is not* by
immigration either. (That is tho result
of married life).
W. C. Garrofcfc lma wirfld in liin
liouso and lot at Six Mile, and it cottainly
helps its appearances.
Well, well, Old Riddle, you wanted
to know if I would say that you
clipped your la3t items from a magazine
or not. Yon, you certainly clipped
an up-to-date t-crap from some paper,
on the road question. That was ail
right till y<5n got down to whore you
sniu you wouui nut on 13' tiim, but ho j
tho first to volunteer to do tho work, 1
and you nro ft truthful girl, (If you j
do say I fib) and of course you will
work on tho public highway. I'm
tho second to volunloor. Now just
get a few moro girls to join you and
sot your day, and wo boys will cortainly
bo ou hand, nnd I'll promise
we will cortainly demolish some mud
holes It is a guarauteod fact now
that wo aro going to have good roads,
if all tho girls aro in tho unmo notion '
as OKI Kiddle.
Hn, bn, B. surprised mo at bis lust
writing, But, by tho way, just bold
on aud let mo toll you soniotbin^
about 13. I havo been knowing Mr. I
IJ. for soino timo. IIo oortainly doeal1
not want to many; matrimony is not j
bis objoct, I'll assure you, and I'll
toll you tho reason. A few yoats ;1
ago B. was very popular among I'io !
youqg ladies, IIo would carry them I.
out for an evening drive. It? became j
a frequent visitor to tho homo of a: <
certain young lady, so frequont that |
the nows went out one bright Sun i
day that B. was mirried, and it was'
published, and when ho heard this j i
lie was trroallv excited ami nind.i t i
baste to rectify tho mistake, aivl ;1
mooting some friun.'la, !i .> of eoni'?? 1 <
would congratulate bin), not knowing } |
but whnt ho was tn.irricd, and Ihi.i 11
greatly vexed 1)., and it is said throw
lijiq in \\ convulsive fov.u1, in which 1
j ho promlgo 1 hlmsolf if he survived
I o would novor bo gni!ty of talking
lovo to auothor girl, for ho did not ,
want to hovo another huoU oxporioncp,
for t)}at wfts enough to l^ill a
man, and if it had boon a reality it
would have killod him.
Mr. IV fittid f.ll.lK T ha 1 ivnr f.iilwo- I
out getting mo a It. F. D. routo pc-1'
tit ion filled out Binco I had heard ;
what good Ujok (ho I/ihorty onri r!
had. I will not d< ny that, an It. F,1
D. ronto is a good thing to have in | <
the family, hut I do not want to in- I
terfero with your star, Mr. IS, and uh 1
for tho pretty girln on the rout , I '
can count tlioni by tho pcore.
The correspondents showed up !irnt j
rati! last. Wnnk Wh liLfii fr. urw? I'AII
take an intcrost in sending in tho ]
news from your section, and the correspondents
from Texas with their
interesting letters. Wo liopo they ,
will write often. We like to hoar
from tho west.
Somo of tho correspondents com ;
plain of not having anything to write i
about. Just think n little* and then 1
write in a good froo will, write on
80111(1 Sllbiect if Vmi nn 11 Mini';, if in. I
*--- ? , J '" " I
terestiog, it is juwt rm good as visiting,
is it not, Mr. Editor. I
Como into I ho lftuks, candidates. 1
I planted my ineloui yesterday, and
thore nro plonty of young chickens in '
tho yard, no just oonie around tliin
Hummer and .vo will do them justice.
April 2. Cony.
Sheriff Sale.
County of Piokeus. \ i
Court of Commou I'lens,
J, W. Norwood, Plaintiff. I
Against ,
Ilutliu Alexander, it. A. Aloxaudor, S. (
P. Alexander, E.ishn Alexander, A.
It. Alexander, E. 15. Alexander and
J)orouH V. Alexander, Oliv Alexander, *
Ijnilu Alexander, Robert 1$. Alexander, f
Eugene Alexander, Dora Alexander 1
and Callio Alexander, ohildron of L.
O. Alexmdor, who uro infants; and It. f
G. Guinea, W. L. Gausaway and .T. T.
Gassaway, partners doing business
under tho firm imino of It. G. Gain's
& Gaasuwny Brothers, and Martha
A. Alexander, Defendants.
Docreo For Foreclosure. r
Pursuant l-? a Do-too for Foreolosnro
and a tlo mado in tho above stated easo,
on tlio 10th Inly, 1001, by Hon. J. C.
Rlugh, Presiding Judge, 1 will soil to *
tJie highest bidd(K ?t Pickens (5. h.., on
MONDAY, MAY 'id, 1004,
on tlio terms proscribed in said Decree, (
tlio following tract of lend towit:
All that pieoe, parcol or tract of land >
sitnnto, I.) ing ntui being in tli?* County '
and Htato aforesaid, adjoining lands of 1
William Craig, Thomas Powers, Hen
ton Proem in, Allen Manldin and others,
tlio Hirao having beon inherited l>y us '
from tho o5>tat<> of Pino Aloxand- r, d-oeasod,
containing Hix Hundred and
Thirty Four ((534) acres more or Ic.ss.
boing tho tract of land on whioh tlio s.iid !
Jtutha Alox.mder now lives.
Terms, one-half cash to bo paid within
one hour, balance on a credit of twelve
rrwmHiu witli i ?if a.>.?.? ? <?-! I??# '"....1 .v
pnrohfiRor and a mortgugo of tlin fho
promise. If tho cash portion in not
paid within ono hour promisor to bo Hold
at link of former piiruboaoi'.
Purolirwor will bo nllowcd to nntioipato
pay mon t.
J. H. O. MoDANIKh,
Hlioriflf Piokons County.
"I have used Chamberlain's Htomaoli
and Liver Tablets with mo?t 8ati?fantory
lOHultH," s.iy/i Mrn. P. L. PliolpH, Honston,
Tax. For indigestion, biliomnosn
I and oonntipaiion th<vw tablets nr(< n?ost
excellent. Bold by Pickens Druas Co..
and F*rlo'n Drug Store, Pitifafl^jind
TT..r.?... I. I ;i ?- <? ?
?<*U4A'-V? ? A IUAVUn| ?
Clerk's Sale.
County of PiokGnw.' * , S
s ; *
In Common Pletw Court.' -
in purHunuue ?i -uf ciouu uwora aut
Orderu of Eoioolosiu'o mado iu the fol
| lowing atatod coao and ou fllo iu th?
Olerk'a office, I will soil to tho highoei
i bidder on
8ALE8DAY IN MAY, 1901,
ut Piokona Court IIouso, S,. O., during
tho legal liouva for unle, the following
described Ileal Estate upon tho tei'iut
heieiuaft6r inontiouod, towit:
t] J
\Valt6r Ii. Bogga, )
Against I Dociotil Oi'dw.
J. \V. DuProp, et nl)
All that piece, pnrco! or tract of lanil
near tho town of Liibortv. in tlm (!nnntv
of Piokeuu nu'i State of South Carolina,
ou waters of Gulden's Creel. and containing
Thirty (30) aeroa, more of less,
adjoining lands of Robinson o.^tc, S.
W. Clayton, decased, and estate of J,
Adison Boggw, deceased,
All that piece, pnrcel or tract of laud
in said State nnd county, near tho town
of Liberty, nnd ou waters of Gulden's
Creek, containing Nine (9) acre.), mora
or lfss, adjoining 1 unls of ChambUn, J.
Adiaon Boggs and others.
Oue-tliiivl interest in a lot in tho town
of Liberty ou South or Front Street,
containing One and One-Half (J J) acres,
? i ? i - ? *'r /x
w IU.1.-I, Ullj < 'JUlIiy Ol \Y . W.
Willard and Mrs. I. N. tiuiith, ami
known us tho old School House lot.
flVi mn ono half oanl>, balance on a
credit of twolvo months, with interest
from day of s:i!o aocnved by bouJ of the
purchaser and a mortgago of tho procaines
Piirchi"ieiB to pay for all papers
nud for recording tho Bamo.
The- terms mn.st bo cunplied with in
ono hour or tho promises will bo rosohl
on Huiuo day.
A. J. TIOGG3, [Shal.J
Clerk of (Jourt Fickeus (Jo.
Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickens.
In Common Picas Court.
In Dursuanoo of rir.invo ?.>.i
Orders of Foroclofuui', made in tho following
st itotl ease, and on il.lo in tho
Olork'n oflico, I will Bell to tlio highest
bidder, on
(\t Pickens Court House, S. O., du.iiig
tho lc^ul hours for s.ilo, tho following
[lo^oribed llo?l EVnlo upon tiio .tenutj
hereinafter mentioned, lov.it
J. Mi )). l?iuo", ) i , l g
. , ' .Judgment of
Aftsuuat > , ,
?, ,i ii , I 1* orroJosnro.
Mull 11 Hunter. )
All lliat certain piece, pire.fl Mid lot
land in Stale and County aforesaid,
ui Central Township, adjoinir.g tho land-*
:>f John Hunter, Wi'.?li Ihuih.r, lliolnu'd
liAllunm and Miss llnmilton, containing
Twenty (20) iic.'isH, laoio or "It
boinpr the nmiu laud doeupd to mo by
my father, William Hunter."
Terms c.ihIi on day of sivlo. Pur baser
to pay for all pu^u'S ?ud reoordlUP
tllO SlUttC.
Tin1 terms must bo complied with in
duo hour or tho.premises will be resold
on some day.
A. ?>. BCHiGS, [SiiAii. ]
Clerk of Court Pickens Co.
Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickens. \
In Common 1'leas Court.
111 |fiimu'iiicu ui uouivi.'.i and
)i\ler.s of Fortclosure ma-Jo in ; 1 to Coloring
staled ease, ami on tile in the
Ulerk'tt oilier?, 1 will .*.? !I to llio highest
Ijiililer, on
it Piekens Court House, S. during
;lio legal houra for sale, the foil wing
loser.bod Ileal Kslat-' upon the tonus
hereinafter mentioned, lowit;
l'\ A. Dauiela, i T , . t
Agiinat ' Jn|of
0.W.AO.L. J?,l?.i8.,n.S I'oroi-losuro.
All that cm rtain trant, parcel or pieeo
>f land, lying in Piokon s oouuly and
State aforesaid, known as the .Johnson
l?laee, containing Tw > Hundred and
Sixty-Five ('20."; aores, move or lean,
Iwving tho bouixln doh.ribed in plat
1.aide by .f. J. Garvin, Surveyor, uu
Fot>ruarj* 21st, 1 SY-1.
Terms cash on day of a'e. IV.relnVd.'r
to pay for all papers and recording the
The lories mibt ho o miniied with in
iiio hour or Iho pr.iinison w.ll bo varolii
)ii Htimo day.
A. ). iU)( ICiS, [Skai..]
Cork <>f Coot I I'sokoi ? Co.
ivotiGc of Election.
On petition of tho olectoi'H and
k'ott:"h .if Koowct school district, No.
12, nn tiled ion i? ordered to 1 o hnld
it Ivoowoo church on Saturday, May
(, lo vote on u specified levy of two
nilln oil nil property within tho (lis
riot, l'olle to upon nt 2 o'clock p.
i!., nod close at 5 o'clock. Tho pre h
?nt Board of 'l'niHtoia to act nn manigm'H
of iho election. The < lection
o b'? conducted acoording to rules
ind regulation* laid down in school
By order of County Hoard of Edu:atiou.
It. T. Ilallnm,
Apr. (5vi5. Chairman.
Traxpass Notice.
All pernons are heroby warned not to I
ut timber, make roarfc, hunt, llnh, I??t'
>iit lire, or in any way trenpnns on any
>i our ianaa untli'i* penalty i>f ilu> law.
.T. K. K??aB?or,
\V, L. I'arrott,
in'2lUv 1.
Annou ncuinenH tor C'nu^rcKMiifiu for I he
l'hlr<l t!unxr?'->ionul Dlatnct and for Solicitor
rum llio I'.lKhtli Judicial Circuit, mi l for nil
" >11 lily olllccM will In In^prtc! usiilcr llila headUK
from now niitil (lie I'rimiry IMclion for the
lUin of I'IN'i; i>OI,I,.\l(.'j lit the time the
lotiee is htisxli't in. No deviation from thiH
'lilt! ? 111 liu llltlllc.
For HiiorllV.
I hereby announce my?eif'a candidate for (lie
ilVice of shorlft* Of I'ltketiM county, snblcci to
the action of the Dcmoerutlc party In the I'rl
inary electluii. K. h'HANK liOOi'DII
'I ho many f Mends of A. Jri-'f*'' l'l.lintjN,
respectfully iiniioinuo htm mm >i ishlti!iilflte Mr
ShciilVof IMckeits county, united t> fh < action
i?f the oppromihliiK lieinoorat .< pilmnty
For Ti ousnror.
At the solicitation of a icw fiu'udft, hut morn
!o my own notion, and In ot'eord.tiicc \*ith my
own dCKlro, I nnQUti'e myself n candidate foe
Trc.murerof IMokenn County, -utdectto the action
of Hi** lioinocratlv; prlmaiv cl<HUIon.
I, l>. MO0KE.
For County tJommUntoner,
The many frlondr.of N II. MOOItK. reitpcct.
fully announce hlin a candidate for the otilno
oi coinnilHKlonur of PlokoiiH county, Miljlw.t t<>
tho iioiioit of tho voter* in tho Deinocifltte primary
... J' '.J1
I'm Ooronvr.
Ity tho ROllflllRtlOT) of i inny fr 1 ?>n I> , I hereby
announce myxoir it cnn<tMiitc lor the ollico or
Coronor of Hlckoim rounlv, Mubjcct to tho notion
or tho Democratic voters at tho nppronch11ik
pMntory olcellun
Very reupcctfully,
\V. A. I.AltK.
At tho HOllciUtlim of many rrtoitdl ( hereby
unnonnco ioyno)f dm n caixI'iImo for tho ofMce
or Coroner of I'ielcenH comity, mihjo'jt to ihu
action of tho Domoerotic party In the approaching
pjla?*rjf tievUVH. 1, UUN'l
gtf-.J? ! ? 11 I ' ^
J: in imr
riiALU 111 I
^ ' '
r'. P-4 ?
I / - '
: | Greenville's Q[
? ===
Sometimes I sympathize wit
wlio liavn't "Money to Burn"
economy, tiiat "A. JJollar Savec
to know just where to spend tl
greatest results. This is all du
are sent up by the different ad1
no larger than a gimlet will tel
ho has the largest stock in the i
low, but I'll say no more along
j you about
I ?,
\ ;
Our Great Wash Goods Sale.
While in New York I attended the greatest '
clean-up sale by one of the world's largest houses,
secured case after case of merchandise actually be- I
u Iqw cost of manufacture, I was the only Greenville
merchant at this sale, consequently there is no chance '
to duplicate my bargains. Read every line of this
ad. carefully, bring this sheet with you and call for |
the things on it, that you are interested in, and if
you fail to find a single thing advertised, you will |
receive a #10 bill, don't wait, or put it off, come first
<*' chance. 1
| 3,000 Yards 8 l=3c. Madrass i
i fn'ntfliamc nl
This lot came from the great sale I attended,
others here retail them at Sy^c, they even ask you |
6^j.c ror common Calico, this Madrass Ginghams 5c.
f 50 per cent Saved Here.
- I
Wo have on sale 2,000 yards very fine Count
Madrass, light and dark colors, elegant for waists, ,
full suits, mens shirts or ehildrens dresses, a genuine
15c. cloth, our price 10c.
Spring Prints at 4 cents.
.i. r i
These goods are retailed at 5c. everywhere,
tliat'c lllcf t-lin rnoc/in T - 4-1- ?
...... JU.JI. uiv. i V.H.W1I j. tvni stlllll^ LilC:ilL ill
I Pique Bargains.
i,800 yards figured Piques, white ground,
black and colored figures, 32 inch wide, some of '
them worth 12*4 and 15c, my price on lot 8*^c.
,'j -12 1>2 cent Percales at 10 cents.
The Springs most substantial and orettiest dp. 1
signs. 3-4 27 inch Percales, fast colors at 5c.
ij The Uoyal Worcester Corset, The
Best on Earth.
j fjjj 1
They come in all lengths, shapes and materials,
whatever you pay for Royal Worcester, you get bet- 1
ter material, service and wear comfort than lor any
other corset. Beautiful straight front goods in 1
Batiste for summer wear at 50 cents. Ali the new
shapes in better ^oods, Princess Hip, etc., at $i.co
I The Free Trip to St. Louis E
I you purchase you will be gi
chance at this ticket. This of ft
merit alone, so thft oharims n.o-n
, WW?
if the offer was made through t
have the option of its equivale
and get your coupons. We se
price in the city. Visit our Sb
I Come to Greenville's Greatest and M(
1 TThrikC* Ai*r
IV* M llUtla mil
ro _
h customers. Nf
and realize the
i is a uoiiar JVLad(
ieir money in ord(
.e to a multiplicity
certisers. A man
.1 you in spread ej
ryi t",v vnn <c
^ ^ j j j vw. uxxu U.1LI
that line, I start
|> Here's j
^ 2000 yards 25 inch Fen
MT with beautiful colorcd desij
^ Arnold's price 3 3-4 cents.
\ Regulation Price
a Before other stores qu
^ to know what "Arnold ask
b by the forelook and boug
^ last Fall to do me through
M ^ 36 Incli Sea Wland. 3 to 15 ynnl |
m iciiKiUH oj$ ccnm.
H<) inch Kea island, full piece*, per
Wi yard 0 cent*.
fy Apron and Dress Chocks at 5 cih.
^ Lowest prices on bit
\ Big Sving on i
K As the old saying go<
% way the wind blows.' The
g pensables that all arc coi
^ might as well save on then
if nnirl mnrp1
jf\ 10 cents Finishing braiJ, white it ml
It colors, ft cents.
S. ft cents Finishing lirairi, white nn<l I
colors, 2V, conts.
It) cents Pearl Button*, niy.es lrt, IK
|H 20, ?!, ft cents.
B ft cent Tnlcum l'owiler, perrbox, W\ j
jy The above only indie
K Notion Department.
\ Big Sale Cole
!Lot i fine 15c Batiste,
Lot 2 cousets embroitl
ties worth up to 20 and 25
Given Aw
We give awav Tree
Painted Chinaware; with <
* up you are entitled to a pit
you nothing. We simply <
here instead of goln^ els
in with us you will stay. J
^ No Trouble to 1
Tk Just about half way tin
ioc. store, and my sign hai
street upon which is writtei
% ~3TGEE TOUR liH!
exposition.--With c
ven a coupon enl
3r is confined io
Lnst you will not
ill departments. T
nt m cash if prefc
1.1 you the best <
.oe Department.
~i. Aiu?,a!..n i.'1 ^
)bi muduivc oluic iu ui
iold Coi
11 .. -*gg
* ~ .
===== I
iturally people
_ J , rm
great secret ot
3," are puzzled
3r to reap the
Y ot shouts that
l with a store
igle terms that
PASS" that fel- I
;ed out to tell
a Snap.
way Lawns, light grounds
rns, fast colors and coo},
! on Domestics.
lotc these goods they like
s" for them. I took time 1
I w
ht enough of these ofoods j1
o o J
the season.
'JS inch 8',4c Drill, B'.inlitly soiled
fl'i cts.
Gooii Sprins Prints, per ynr?l 1 els,
UuikI Apron UitiKhaius at 5 ccnli.
cachings in the city. tj 1
Little Things.
^s 'the straws point which
i following are little indis
npelled to have, and you
1 as not, you have always
ChrhI j>ins por !>a{ut, 1 rem
10 cents Knrotv. tlio Wnt, 6 < euU. E>1
f> cents safety i>i:m, wonil i.i/c, 8<\ g
l.u<licw 10 cp:itB iituxlivcrcliicfs utlic. 3
Ul.T lot Rent 10c iiCliiKlilolKil hnnil :
kerchiefs ;> cents K
ates the big saving in the
_ g
>red Lawns.
beautiful colorings, price
ered Swisses, one Dimi- M
cents, price 15 cents. ^ ^ .
r~ 1
ay rree. g
of cost Beautiful Hand
each purchase lrom ?1.00
icc. of table china; it costs k.
:lo thi J to [[ci; you to come
ewherc, and once you set
\sk for the. thina. &'
rind my Store.
i: block, next door to the
lgs squarely across the fc
11, " This Is Arnold's."
sach pair Shoes
itling" you to a
Shoe I )cpartbe
aw many as
'he winner will
jrred. Bo sure
Oxfords lor tho
) Your Shopping.
s'* '''{ ^

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