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Liberty R. F. D. No. 3.
Tlio farmers bavo boiu putting in
fertilizer, auil planting corn tlio past
iJRw. Loo I). Gillespie fillet! bin
*nppointmont at Fairviow tbo fourth
Sunday p. iu. A goodly crowd at"
. tendod.
Itov. Seabrook Atkinson prorielios
at Golden Creak every first Sunday
at 11 a. m.
Miss Cora Garviu, of near Nrw
bridge, Ga., who has been visiting
her eirtter, Mrs. Z. 0. Hini'.b, retnrrtftrl
Iwniic si low dnvu
V *w" v,vv" "o '
Mrs. J ainea Parsons has been on
tho hick list fur tho past few days.
Mrs. D. A. Chtunbliu bad a sovoro
attack of la grippe tho past week.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Smith on the 29th ull., a fiuo girl.
I will closo, with best wishes to
Tho Sentinel Journal and tho cor
respondents. Grey Eyed Girl.
Hazel Happenings.
Health of thin scction is not very
good at this writing.
? There was a Sunday school organ/
at Antiooh Baptist church on
r l.mf 111 ii-<1 Siiiwl'iv niornimv. YV. W.
Aikou, superintendent, A. T. Winchester,
sceiotury and treasurer. The
secretary Iiixb ordorcd literature to
begin tho first Sunday in April. We
trust tho school will provo a success.
Tho farmers wero getting impatient
over tho rocont protracted wot
weatbor. Wo havo soon ono small
piece of corn planted this spring.
Tho first whipporwill was hoard on
tho 25th inst.
Your scribe has just returned from
a trip to North Carolina.
Mountain Sprout..
Salem Items.
Tlio health of this scctiou is very
good at, present.
Mud is the most news and tho poo
plo boo ho much of it they don't care
to read about it.
Warren Ilnnnieutf, of Lauelt,
Texas, formorly of this State, brought
his wife and spent a week with his
juiiiv;*. (i 11 v i iiiwiHivi .
Mrs. Vaughn, of tho Camp Creek
Bcction, lms heou visiting llev. .J. li.
John llunnicutt is spending a few
weeks at homo. John ia a "erack-a
jack" splondid follow.
liov. J. 13. Trammoll will preach al
Old Pickens next third Sunday at
Ji:80 p. m. The last third Sunday he
preached to n good audience. Ij' I'h
k all go and hear him. J.
From Looper.
Dear Editor:' As spring has come
and the sweet birds aro singing, I
will try to write again.
Hon!tli is vorv L'ood at this writ
ing, funning is being pushed i:i thi.^
see t ion.
Mrs. U. M. Loopor is quite sic!; at
this writing.
I think that Old ltiddle hud bettor
say something moie about llio roads,
as in her hiht writing slio wn(? giving
nh good advice. 1 think one d.<y in
every month would keep the roads in
good fix, po that a fellow could trot a
horse without breaking his buggy or
wagon, or jolting him up till he c >mo
homo with the headache; every time
ho i'oes to a country s tore or to mill.
let alone going to market, m.s he will
como homo with the Hick hoa laoh ,
* " aiu! Jio'o get well in three w<\ k and
"maybe have the doctor ;i tinvor iwu,
and his trip will coal, him a lot mor?
than twelve day.'. Work, and I had
rather work twelve day.-; and have
good l'oadn,
Kc v. J. T. Singleton and .vifo visited
the homo of J. 'J'. Hughes last
heeond Snuday and Saturday heforo,
We helievo thnt Mr. Singleton is a
good man and in a good place.
Meeting at l'eter'.s Creek ehmv'.i
was well attended I no swniM r5;i:i
day, for being such nu unlikely clay.
Three boys from this section w. -if
to the river, duck hunting, ono ?lay
Inst week, awl never killed a duck.
Mrs. W. 7s*. Hughe* wag nick laul
week, but is betler -it this writing.
Mr. J. L. Hendricks tin
night ??r tho 2oth with -J. 'J'. Hughes.
Almost ono-fourth of this loaj> yeai
has gone p.t.d not ono smglo gu! hacome
to koo mo, if they have I hoy
haven't told Ihoir businens. So gir!.-<
if you want t<? marrv you must tell il,
. Sunday school at Nino Forks in
progressing nicely under f lic manage
ment of Mr. .1. P. Kobjiuion. We
wish that thoro may bo a good work
done there this year, and many soul*
saved. Como to Sunday school if you
will, both saint and sinner, and now,
beloved, lot mo know by your coining
what j'oii intend to do. Will you
oil without Christ and dip, or will
you turn and lav hold on eternal life.'
Beat wishes to Tim Soiitinel-Jouvjaal.
Mountain Bjy.
From Mica.
Farmers arc somewhat behind ii
thin section, hut everybody is 1;x
in# for cotton, and 1<>1h of it, hut 1
think they lmd better plant corn.
Mr. AuftiiHtufl Wi.liama in still
Conl'wied to hi.s home. Wo hope foi
him a speedy recovery.
ltov. Lciu Freeman tilled bin rerm
lnr appointment at Ml. TuUor lasl
MJhsch fiiiln, Ollio find iiulali Cin
Hon and brotln-r, Leo, \v< ro t'.io v; i
oonto ^uestft of ^ h J'lvio iJcij;iriclo
last Sunday. '
Tvliris Anna Hugh'-", Mcsnrfl. Loin
Ficomun, Joseph llu^ImB and I'or
lev, spent Sunday at W. ,]. ii Chap
MicKra Malin?i<i and Nfttio Looper
vifcitod Miaa Eva Ilondiicks la?t Sat
urday and Sunday.
Oh yf-8, this ia lonp yonr, ian't it?
I how whoro Mad Cupttnid f>omothi?ft
about it, but I r< ally don't think it is
amcuuliog to much, only tho nunc,
leap year, as I haven't hwu any girls
going to hco the boyo. L guo?8 the
Iiovh would bo highly tickit d to hoi
tlutfr bost girl Cum)* > to boo thom^
! L? ??g i
day with tho women in thin oomuiuu
ity for tho hint fow days
Misava Angiliue and Maggie Mull
spout last Wednesday night with
Misses Cora nn<l Maggio Chapman.
J. L. Hendricks wont to Grot-nvillo
on business last woek.
Come ono, como all, to Mt. Tabor
to Sunday school. It is m.a llourinhing
Niiutnons & Bros, have moved
their suw mill to Mrs. Susan ISvatt's,
where thoy will do somo sawing for a
Well, I just think our correspondent's
pngo is fine. I sure do enjoy
rending all tho letters.
Mrs. Jane Hopkius and Miss
Ophelia Garron spent last Monday at
Mr. Footer Smith's, an J reported a
nice time.
I wonder what has become of our
Dacuaville correspondent. I haven't
seen anything from thoro in some
Mica school will continue sorao
timo yet, I suppose with Mr. Willie
J ones as toucher.
Mr. ami Mrs. L. E. Hopkins and
soil spent last Sunday at Rlr. E. II.
^Onuses Augeline and Maggie Mull
and Evie Hendricks, and Muster IV
Hendricks had the pleasure of spend
ing a few hours i?t W. .J. B. Chapman's
last Wednesday night, listening
to tho sweet strains of music.
Thoy enjoyed their visit very much,
and sav they aro troi:i<r a<?ftiu.
Well, well, April has come again,
and 1 wornlcr liow many pooplo got
April fools.
Mr. G. W. Bo won't* departuro from
this luirg is greatly regretted, as he
always was around, and so full of
life. Wo hopo ho will como back
often; ho is always welcome.
I will close by asking a question:
Will God punish those who imvo not
hoard the gospel an sovoroly as those
who hear and reject it? lUuc Eyos.
Beverley News.
^""JfTarried, on hist Sunday by ftov.
W. J. ShorilY, at Reunion church, Mr.
Bun Chapman to .Miss Nancy Galloway.
All of Pickens county.
I lioticod in your last issuo that
Fanners Son wauls volunteers. I
for 01:0 will fall in and sec if wo can
lind tho i'i?*!it man for tho right
pluco. I have got my man pickod
out and if ho outors t'110 raoo, and he
must, I want him to go to tho legis
laluro and lix tbo dispensary law so
that it will benefit the poor people.
Sam Hoggs is having a lino house
built. Mr. Davis is tho contractor.
Tho wheat is looking lino in this
part of tho county.
Minn Alexander, of thrt E-usley Cot!
ton Mill, visited W. \V. Norris lust
, Sunday.
Wo have a fino Sunday school nt
Reunion with J. W. Sheriff as super
intendonl. X Hay.
Sheriff Itoms.
The health of our t >wn and
surroundings is good nt present.
Samuel Sheriff has bought some
land from W. A. Hamilton to eu
large his pasture. Ho is brooding
.Jersey cattle and if anybody wants
full block call on him. His wife is
raisin;; Cochin China chickens,
.t vv fiiww.uv Jo a. ; >.* ?
| . .. . i-> II ' !?? 1? OI>>'
mill business. Ile lma tou oxen and
cloven mules and lias put up a larg<!
burn on his homo place and hat
1) night. the Tom Janus tract of land
and moving his machinery to it.
CiXodtiH Sheriff has built his pxs
t ro larger uud is increasing hit
sic!: bu. inoss. Ho Hold thirty Imlo*
of cotton for 15 cents and it? prepar
inu' to raise some mora at tho aam<
Marie Tripp is ending a very large
dwelling ou hisi plantation.
Z. N. Mullinix is l> lilding a smok<
hoiiso at homo. He savs ho is got
ling tired of his smoke house bein?.
so far ftwiy in the west
M. Ij Clardy has built a larg<
1'ibeil Christopher has had a grea
don! of Hiekne-<s in his family, but al
mo uj> now. Elbert runs the mill a
this plaeo and ii* a good miller. Ilis
family ma hi a cotton crop last yoai
and sold it for a good price. ilo i;
1 going to Jiy to raise more tiiia year
I fun ah for Kibort.
Mrs. N. 13. 1>illentino, tho widov
of .lames Ballentino, in running ho
farm niecly this your.
' ft. II. Uopor lniH rented out all o
his laud and is walking about witl
hi:* hands in his p>oketn. 1*5. II. ii
! living in the house with hifl mothoi
and has no wife. As it is Leap Yoa
\ I think Homo of the girls nhould cal
around and spark him. lie would no
I get mud He has got plonly o
, in 'MOV in dm Euslny Bank and Lu<
gills won Id do well to Hpurk K. II.
I'oncli Bloom.
To Have ami to Hold.
To havo ?n<l to hold a beautiful com
ploxion ia desired l>y every woman
, young or ol I. Few women nro hlei?Ho<
with nntuve'H moat dosiml gift?a gooi
complexion; but every woman e;iii im
I prove her complexion hy tho jiulieion
uh of liydalo'a Tjiver Tahleta. Tuna
tablets prevent tho blood becoming In
denrd with l>il?i wliioll depoaita in tin
Kin layers, canning uiui muioy npptwr
I i.i'C called u bill complexion. Tho;
in .Id tho skin flour anil white, tho oyo
bright, tho alep bouyant. Fifty Chocc
I lato (Jn.it oil Tubh'tfl in each box. Prion
17) ooiiIh p- r box. Piokona Drug Co.
i PiokouH; W. A. ShoUlon, Liberty.
i Trespass Notico.
I horob}' forbid any porson hunting
Jisliing, culling limber, picking berrlep
or in any way tryapan^lng on my ianrta
'I'roapafHera will bo punishod to tho f <11
ost ex tent of tho law.
Mra. E. Af. Jonen,
mOlt. 8. C.
A Thoughtful Mun.
1 M. M. Aumm of Winoheator, Iml.
, know wlmt do in tlio hour of nood
i Kin wife hnflKunh im- unusifnl o???o o
i hlomooh ruu^Bivor trouplo, phyaioiaoi
0 uh^^rifl^Hhtr. H<> thought of a<;{
Now Lifo i'illn and <h<
^ko ami was finally oured
^ . ' - -V- : ' . "
V ' V . . V '
SS^A'jRiL; * v - \r1 '' , -' ' ?" ". ' < .y*V.
I hot
From Cateechee- ,in
Today (April 2d.) is worthy of ^0(
i ^ , oili
memorial, ior joi years ago louuy
that groat statesman, Thomas Jefferson,
the third President of tho ^e!
United States, first saw tho light of mn
day near Moiiticello. Talk about
Bryan, 'Cleveland, Parkor or any
tho rest of the available candidates,
but whore will wo hud auother c*''
Thomas Jefl'erson? A man that
never betrayed tho trust, a true an
democrat, 0110 that was elected aa a nt
democrat, and died a democrat
Besides being a classical scholar he 80
was unassuming in all liIs ways,
and 011 account of hia hospitality ^r(
died poor in money, but rich in ?^'
honor. Being 83 years old at tho ^r<
time of hia death, ho was tho third
oldest ox-Pres. that has over died.
John Adams was 91 when ho died,
and James Madison 85. Jefferson 1
wrote the Declaration of Indupen- ar
dance; Adams socurod its adopfirm.
J^fTrtroon w;is Vio.n-PrfiHi*. W
<lont under Adams. Jefferson and
Adams both died July 4, 1825. j*;
Now that this is candidate yoar, L
the health of the voter's family a
will be inquired after, tlio baby
will bo kissel, whether its face is ^
clean or not, the chickens and gar*
don will come in for their share of
the conversation, while Mr. I). ^
will be told that he has the finest
corn or cotton of any man in the !\!
county. Well, it is not a bad thing
to be a candidate after all, oven if
you are ''beat." You soo tho conn- ^
try, got (acquainted, learn a good .
deal, (somo bad and some good) ^
generally get the bost to oat, and u
when tho olection is over you have
tho pleasure ol knowing what kind 11
of an impression you havo mado
on the people and how you stand 0
iu your county. So coma out boy h ^
and let us know who you are. The H
sooner the bettor for all parties ti
concerned. Tho Editor wants a!id
maybe needs your five dollars to Jt
help carry on his business; tho *
votors want to know who you are, n
so if there is anything wrong about ^
you they will have plenty tinio to g
"chaw" the wad, aiul if you aro au 11
early bird you will learn enough
boforo tho election to stand tho
If tho commissioners of this
county don't havo tho road worked 1
' out between Norris and Six Milo ^
before next August thoy may ox- ^
pect to receivo a "musket" wad at
| those two boxos on the day of the
next election. Now, gentlemen, I
am si .special friond to you all, and
j would liate to hear tell of your de.
feat, but as confidential, not to go
any farther, I tako this method of
1 warning you that some of the voters
have boon "juggling." So now, as
a friend, I would Huggest that you
i have the road worked out as quick
' as possible bo they will have time
' to talk the matter over, and I will
then let you know the rosult.
Since writing tho above, Noah's {
i Ark has landed hour B. I*. ICel ley's J
i iniii, so iv broad smile i.-j now on
sovoral faces.
Wo bog to disagree with "Old
. Riddle" about hor mode of working
tlie roadShe wants every
1 ablo-bodiod man to take a day oif
in each month to work tho roads.
' Admitting tliat that plan might
, keep tho :oads in a hotter fix than
they aro now kept, y?t it would be
t like the road law that wo now
' have?unjust. It is not right for J
^ a man that don't own any vehicle
to work the Hiinio number of clays
i or pny tho same us a man does that
runs eight or ton. Tax tho vchielfjH
and whore a man hasn't got
1 any vehicle make him work bo long
or pay ho much.
f With all due rospocts, we will
1 take the saw mill men of this
3 country. For instance, Q. in op-i
| orating a saw mill, runs Rix or J
I eight wagons, cuts tho roada up
t maybe for ton or twolyo miles unf
til thoy aro almost impassaMo, yet
I! ho pays only one dollar. Iloro is
II. who owns no vehiclo, maybe ho
don't ride in one twice a year, only
when the landlord carries his coti
ton oft' for him; yet II. has (o pay
; one dollar road lax just the same
1 as (J. Now, "Old Riddle,'' is that
0 Born unto Mr. and Mrs. James
; Porter, a fino boy. That requires
.. moro corn, Jim, got a move on
y you. ,
I. MoenrH. K. (J. and "linnk"
'? Robinson, of Libort.y, visited J. F.
Williams tliin last week.
Mrs. D. J . Prince went to Green*
ville on a vinit Inst Saturday.
Mrs. L. A. Brown is Hill 1 vory
. low. Dr. Long is hor attending
1 physician.
Rev. Ramus Spearman will preach
at Camp Creek church on third
Sunday in April at 11 a. m. (
Talk about Leap Year, just ask (
' u.. \ t r ~ : r u ~ i /
Jll . iUIII fV vUU 11 UW HUM ttlljr l/UUB j 1
' from tho lovely flex. Hleag your (
1 soul they ovon como an<l call in his (
1 absence. Tom, hanj out your I
J ah^ug^o,, with tyour 'oourtiug'1 Ij
irs inscribed.
\ S. Shook aud R L. Smith
ye bought out O. G. Smith aud
I oonduot the livery busiuuss
*eafter at this place.
rhore doesn't seem to be any afity
between raw matoiial aud
5ds that are made out of it. The
uient president of the Norris
II tolls the writer thut in the
nr 1900 he got more for cloth
ideoutof7l cents cotton than
can now get for cloth made out 1
15 and 16 cents cotton. Will
ine one that is able explain tho
acrepaney? It takes about three
ousund bales a year at this mill
id they have plenty to run until
>w cotton comos in. All tho maiuery
in the new extension will
on bb in operation.
We wero pleased to see a letter
iin Texas in the paper. Write
ton, Eddy, we are glad to hoar
am you.
Wo need two more trains a day
Norris. No. 11 and 12 being
o only passenger trains that slop
ore now. The railroad facilities
e not Hiich as to induce people to
iteechoe by railway. If a person
ants to go from Catoechee to
recnvillo by railway, they have
it to go on No, 12 and return on
o. 11, which only gives them
jout two hours in Greenville, or
icy have to atay in Gjeonville
util 5 o'clock tho next evening,
oing west they have to go on No.
L one evening and stay till 2
clock next evening to return on
o. 12. Now why can't No- 80
iid No. 40 be mado to stop at
orrih? We think the patronage
ould justify it. What do you
link about it, Mr. F. II. B?
/ould bo glad you would uao your
iflucnco for it. Norriu ib on a
uora hh well as Cateechoe, so give
b bettor railway facilities. B.
Icwnre of Ointments for Cntarrh that
Contain Mercury,
i mercury will suroly destroy th-1 terse
f smell and completely derange the
'hole system when entering it through
lie mucoun surfaces. Such nr'iolos
liould never be usedexojpton pr??cripions
from rountablo nlivwininns. Mm
iimage tliey will do is ten fold to the
ood you cuu possibly derive from thorn
lull's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
\ J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., oouuub
no mercury, and is tnkon iutt-rnnlly
cting directly upon the blood an J muous
surfaces of tlio system. Iu buying
lull's Catarrh Cure bo biuo jon get the
;<?uuine. It is taken iutcrually and
a ide in Tolodo, Ohio, l>y F. J. Cl.on?>y
c Co. Testimonials froo.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the beat.
"Come Home?Five Babies.
Pittsburg, Pa., March 10.?"Come
ionic at onco. Aunio has five babies.
Chey are all boys. They wero born
his morning, ami Annie und the
mbios aro well."
David Swope, tho husband of Anlie,
was perched nbout 125 feet above
he Allegheny river when he received
liia messago. Ho was engaged in
ying a strand of tho Wabash bridge,
md had ho not been supported bj
lis comrades when ho opened tho
nessago ho would have fallon into
he stream.
"Why did she do ii!" ho moaned,
tu liiw fnllnw/fl hi'm All
Vnd wo wanted a housekeeper!"
Turning to tlio boss of tho job,
4wope awked that ho bo givon liia
,ime, and bo loft this afternoon for
Fulton county, Pennsylvania, to boo
iiu livo Ixjys. IIo Baid they would
ill becoino bridge builders, and would
lot bo named after politicians.?
?hiladolphia Resold,
A 01 re at Sensation.
There waa a big sonHation in Hioeavillo,
[ml., when W. II. Brown of tbat pbuv,
vho wa? expected to die, ln-d Iuh life
laved by Dr. lvnig'H Now Diacovei-y for
jonfliimption, IIo writes: "I endured
nmiftorablo agouioa from Asthama, but
rour xnow j-Mseovery gave mo immediate
oliof and huou thoreafler effected a comdote
oaro." Similar cures of Consumpion,
pneumonia, bronchitis and grip are
l timorous. It's tho poerlosa remedy for
.11 throat und lung troubles. I'rico 60o,
ind $1.00. Guaranteed l>y Pickoun
Drug (Ju. Trial bottlos froe.
Tired Out
" I was very poorly and could
hardly get about the house. I was
! tired out all the time. Then I tried
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and it only
took two bottles to make me feel 8
perfectly well."? Mrs. N. S. Swin- I
Iney, Princeton, Mo.
Tired when you go to |
bed, tired when you get 1
up. tired all the time, g
wny? Your blood is im- 1
pure, that's the reason. |
You are living on the i
border line of nerve exhaustion.
Take Averts
Sarsaparilla and be
quickly cured. flffijgii!;:
A*k your doctor what ho think* of Ajror'*
Haraapurlllft. lie know* all nbout till* Kratirt
old family niMllclno. Follow hi* advlco and
we will bi satlnflnd.
J. C. Ann Co., Lowell, Mm*.
> ..Ncaiey & Langston.. |
> Handles a full line of $
> Dry Goods, Groceries $
> and Produce.
) Give me a call and /<?
I be convinced that I can /<?
I sell you as cheap as Mr. <!r
> Anybody. ?<r
r ltrlng nt? your Produce.
. Will i>?r hl(liHt price, J J
f Cm ill or ll?rt?r. A ahnra \\
> of Tour pftlrooH* sollo!- J J
t?d. V\
V ' -..
. ' .' v ; * '.,
,v.. . ; ' ; / , V . ?
Col. Cc B. Updegraff, of Reading, Pa., Was Cured of Cbronks
Stomach Trouble, and His Son of Bronchitis, by
The Colonel end Hie Son Are Well Known end Respected Business Men of
D?fintvlviinl? Tl?ti Whnu Word Carries Waie-htWherever Tliev Arm (ftinwn.
Both Heartily Recommend Duffy'a Pure Malt Whiskey, Which Brought
Them Health After Years of Suffering.
77i4 ColontVt LttUr. From the Son.
" It gives ma groat pleasuro to state that Mr. C. E. Updograff, Jr., fs of the firm of
X have ju?t recovered from a eovero attack Updegraff & Browuoll, proprietors and
of chronio Gastritis. Nothing could be ro- managers of the Now Bijou Theatre at
talne<J on my stomach during my illness. Reading, and of numerous other enterNot
even milk. I was reduced from 1?5 lbs. prisos. Ho says of Duffy's Turo Malt
to 146 in 7 weeks. Nothing did me any Whiskey:
good. My son insisted that I should try " For years I suffored from a bronchial
Duffy's Puro Mult "VVhiskoy, which had affection. Nothing tho doctors gavo me
cured bhn. It stayed on my stomach, and soemod to do any good, and It kept getting
1 was ablo to take a littlo milk with it. J t worse. Finally one of tho doctors advised
noted like magic, and iu a fow weeks I was mo to try Duffy'? Puro Malt Whiskey,
able to take solid food without distress. I which ho had used for years in his practice,
soon regained my weight, my stomach ia My throat commenced to heal at once, my
sound, my general hoaltn was never better. cough grew bettor, and to-day I am comAnd
I owe my cure to Duffy's Pure Malt plotoly cured, a picturo of robust, rugged "
Whiskey." I noalth. 1 cheerfully rocommond Duffy's
C. E.Updkobaff, 39 S. 4th St. to all my frionda."
No medicine in the world can show a larger list of actual cures than Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey?over 4,000,000 complete euros in 60 years. Lots of so-callod 14 cures"
make you feel better for a while but tho effoct soon passes off. Duffy's actually and positively
oures you. 7,000 doctors prescribe it aud 2,000 hospitals uso it exclusively.
Duffy's alone will enr# brings to tho cheek the
you and keep you well. glow of perfect health.
It is sciontlffcallv dls- Duffy's cures brontlllod
from carefully se- chitis, consumption, calectod
malt, and is guar- \(^ tarrh. grip, pneumonia
an teed absolutely free iW*f/ gj^ and nllthroat and lung
irom luwi uu. w jren" JTO/ ?1 YyAyI troubles; gastritis, indivU&l*
WIIwV0,tlon' belching, dysIt
begins by killingff <%! lElHisoaso's; malaria, and all
the disease germs and II "S /&?) \ J Qjllovr fovers. And it does
driving tbom out of theH 1 1 hi]it all in a quiet, easy,
system. Then allays all wL K H natural manner, witilinflammation,
replaces W. MJj out leaving any disoaso
the diseased tissues, on- YnU'wffiJJ combinations behind it.
riches and purifies tho JJ It is tho only whiskoy f
blood, and strengthens recognized by tho Govthe
circulation. It tones ernmout as a medicino,
up the heart's action. which is of iteelf a
quiets the nerves, ana ?.. strong guarantee.
CAUTION.?When yon ask for Duffy's Pare Malt Whiskey be sure yon get the
naoln*. Unscrupulous dealers, mindful of tlie excellence of thin preparation, will
try to sell you cheap imitations and innlt whiskey substitutes, which are put on tho
market for profit only, and vrhlcli, far from relieving tho elok, are positively harmful.
Demand "Duffy's" and bo sare yon get it. It Is tho only absolutely pure Malt
Whiskey whlohoontalnsmedlelnal, health-giving (jualitlos. Duffy's I'uro Halt Whiskey
Is sold In sealed bottles only : never In llnsk or bulk. Look for tho tradn-mnrk, tho
"Old Ghomlst," on the label, and be certain tho seal over tho cork Is unbroken.
Beware of refilled bottles.
Sold by all druggists and grocers or direct, $1.00 A bottle. Medical booklet free.
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, Now York.
The Suit or Overcoat you buy here fits you
perfectly and looks well r-o matter in what
position you stand or sit.
Our clothing is made to f.t jiisn as they are,
not as they might be. It it does not fit at first
we altcr.it until it does fit.
Everything latest in style, of the most worthy
fabrics and tailored in the most perfect manner. !
Sole Agent lor Hawes' Ilats, Dutchess and '
Nufangl Trousers.
mn mini rpr! a mum mini m l
iu inn influinii ruDL.iL i
Not a Clcsing Out Sale, hut reduced Piicos in DRY GOODS,
NOTIONS, SHOES, IIATS, CAPS, ERC., that will cause
you to wonder how such goods can ho sold at such prices
Wo are ofl'oring somo Grand bargains in those lin.-s through Decomi
ber. All wo ask in for you to come and inspect our goods, g?t prices
and when yon soe how much wo can savo you, it means your trade for
~:;3%SHOES ! SHOES !
Our Shoos are Now and of tho Boat Quality over offered in this
town for the money. Shoes for the School Children tliat will please.
Lot us Boll you your Shoes.
Wo havo some Comforts and Blankots that wo are soiling this
month at Slaughtered Prices. If you need any of them come early.
We have a complete line of GllOCERIES at prices that will ploaso.
fr Wo appreciate your trade and will always treat you right.
Long name for a newspaper, but not so long ah it might ft
| JOUKNAL, would nearly take your breath. "Jaw-brotikcr." |j 1
I Working people aon'l uuru iu no U"UIL?IU wilii iDsiuiti h
like that. Wlint thoy want in something short?"short and B f
sweet;" liko this: Finest Now Orleans, South Georgia, and I (
home-made syrups ever olio red to the eating public. It is said B *
that tho "proof of thepuddin' is the chewiu' of the rag.'' E
And StlH Anothor Car of that Best Flour. fl ,
One hundred barrels nold in 8 weeks, show that the good peo- W
plo know a good thing when they oat it. Fivo thousand noundq B
of shorts, for your horaws, cows and hogs, good, rich food?a H ]
lot of tho finest cofieo on tho market; sugar goes with it. R <
Boat Cream Checpe; Finest Salmon and frosh craekors, Large | (
I lot hnro Wire Hl)U WII?> ilium, i lunr, <tnu HUUO UI t,ui> iun;ni, rg 4
etyleK and now corning in and will bo worn oxtonaively thin I
Hntnmor. Furniture roora? full up. Nice, now goods; all N (
u'w.hh and styles utoves, both good and cheap?from beet Iron I c
Ki. flf down. Good cookH know a good stove when thoy see an B {
Iroi King, We can't think of all the good things we have In I J
Htoe c, nt once, bo come in and look through our rooms?tee | ?
for your He If?seeing is believing. Romember our prices are I
right and we appreciate your trade. 5 f
W. T. Mcl^ALL. j
^ ??- I
Qeal Estate For Sale. ^
Now is the tiuio to invest in Pickens real oetnto. Buy before
277 acres within 3 milos of Six Milo church, 70 acres in cultivation
a ice in original forest. Fino timber. Frame tenant dwellings and
mity of water. Terms to suit piuchftBor.
Ono lot 1J acres in town limits of Liberty, good four room bouse,
I en did born and fine garden. Will sell or exchange for small farm.
116 acres, gne farm in 3 miles of Pickens, splendid timber and
3od. alBO running stronma. A rice $1050.00.
194 acroa in aplondid neighborhood, 3 miles from Pickens, good
?uso8. Fino timber. Terms to suit purchaser. ?
For further information call on
J. D. HOLDER & CO. . ?:
Offloo at Dopot. Piokons, 8. O. s
rTclJwIml j
jS (At Duke Old Stand.)
Four-and-onc-half miles east of Pickens and four miles M
11 n< 11 ni> i <i ra
am i 11mm h
I ..Genera! Merchandise.. g
/f Handles nothing but tho b.?st of goods and at reasonable
|J The trading public will do well to givo me a call. I ff
B can navo theui money,
H E R E! H E R J|ffR|
? n What J. 1). MOORE at tho corner store lwi.s to
^ I am buying Produco ovory day, Your Chick^n^B
Eggs, Beeswax and Raw llidfp. lirii.g to mo then .inSn
prices von can eeo, if you don't want trade I will pay yofM
cash, that's tho way to make things laat. A lot of Shoea^B
at. a low down price, a lot of Dry Goods md a heap nfM
ougftr, iour,softj? and w asmng rovvaerH. uau ym
on the Old Man Mooro. Remember the Moat Markot is .
atill boro. Yours truly,
JK P. MOQ/?E-V\ /
| J. F. HARRIS j
1 And you will light nt PICKENS, S. O. whom ho now has tlio Lnrgeet J
3 and Most Complete Line of
| He has over carried. My trade in increasing every day. Fair Dealing
| aucl Honest Values. Tho BEST of ovorything for llio least mon<;y is
g my advertisement. Never mind tho prico of nn article if its worth tho
money. .
...BUY THE BEST...' v
Of everything and you will learn by experii 1100 that Tho Best fs tho
cheapest. If you want anything in the Mercantile Line, If you want
t.. I - T ..A 1 ? II.,... ? If........ 1 ..I ,.ni,
|t?) U11 jr 11 UUI; ui 11:1J L. II J iu iiM'j ill u iij u iKMinu mm i^ui, ju u uiiat lunu4H
fttiy money by Beeijig mo before you ninl<o a trade.
Yours truly,
J. F. HARRIS,. m
"^/VWWV/^^'~S^/^A*/WVA/S/WW W^J
Wo have received our line of SPRING AND V*'
SUMMKR DRKSS GOODS and cordially invite r JH
every lady t:> call and see the: beautiful patterns
we have and lot us quote you our low prices. V
Our line is far supcrioa to any we have ever I ;
carriedland we believe our prices on NICK
GOODS are cheaper thar ever before regardless
of the high priced cotton. MjM
Remember our strong line of ?
and when in need of any call and let us save you
money. fV
Yours truly, '^^^1
&ra\g BrotSiers '
One-Price Cash Store J"
- - -?_ - 1/ ,
Spring & Sumner |
-DRY GOODS!-/ . p:
I am now ready with a complete lino of Spring ^ I
Clouds, Notions, M^n's and Women's Underwear, ( ^
[ usod my best judgment and yoars ol' i-xporience in
"aU'''"- 4-1%-v l,x,,,nof YM*i/)n t)<\cui Mn o llrl nAu/ T
{UUUH) KULVIIJK tllii VUljr iwvvoni |? iw; |'wcm.;iv, u?u uvir a
?iv? my customers tho benefit of my experience and noil thc!n Dr> W
3oods at tho
...Lowest Living Prices... I
My Dress Goods Stock is the host I have ever shown in Colors aw?l fl
[ lacks, in a range of prices from 10 cents to $2 a yard. I am showing H
>no of the nicest Black Goods for Summer wmir in 11 ^ market for 60
:ent8. I am willing for you to oompare my I yard wide Black Silk at V
kl.2f> with anv $1.50 Silk on this market. It will ho a saving to your |
Tn Colored Wash Goods, Dimities, Organdies, Lawns, <fcc , wo can't fl
lescribe them. Can ihow yon a biff lino of them and at as low prices
is such prices as such goods can bo bought anywhere. White Gooda.
itock is full with all goods and prices. Souio Hig Values in Tablo ?
Ninons, Ribbons and Laces in abundance and will bo kopt all Summo. V
10 you can get what you want at any time,
SHOES. Don't give mo out on Shoes. Stock always eonipleto
leasonable goods. Seo us when j'ou come lo Greenville.
A. K. PARK, ,.jjH|
Dry Goods Store, Weet Kud ? Greenvillo, S.'$
1 ' .AjMBHaH

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