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? * ? Entered April 23,1903 at Pickeus, S. C., na weoondolnPH mutter, uuder net of Congress of March 3, 1879.
f ..Sturdivan
i N T i Tj^TJ^TVTT 7'T T T X
tBTe ST0
Y(?u can ntnke out your U?t before leaving home
' STURDIVANT'S and get anything you want in
Dry Goods, Clothin, Shoes, I
9 At ii less price than any other store in Greenville an
satisfaction of knowing after you got homo and examii
bought ami find any article not satisfactory. You cai
and got your money oro something just aB good.
Our Clothing business last Fall was immense, and
good many lots of one or two Suits. All of these lots
ra down so low it you can find your sizo it will pay you t
* i 4 jej it away till noxt Fall.
1I When you come to Greenville, come right to ST1
f \ \ ivvfiF H Bring the whole family?IMonty of room for tho Ohildr
^? I Yours for bargains,
II 1/ ni i? . r
I n. i\. oturoivant i
Gi'een ville's Greato;
" ' ,
President. Vice-Pres. Sec. & Treaa
-4-The Pickens Oil Mill Company,^'
C>-Cotton Seed Meal, "alls, Oil and Llnters.<^
t . v I
^r^mYw'rpanv fnr hncinpcc
i i \j y? l vi j ivy i \J ciwj 111 v^jwj
Our Ginnery has been running on full time all this season
and we thank our patrons for their patronage.
Our Mill is now grinding regul?.?ly and you can get
plenty of hulls, meal or "butting."
Bring your SEED and exchange them for meal and hulls
or we will pay you the highest market price for your
' * seea just as you prcter.
Come to us and see how well we can treat you. We
$re not controlled by outside prices but will pay as
much, or more, for your seed than any other market.
J *>>* R. H. CURETON, Mgr.
V _
\ >T. T. McFALL, J. Mcl>. BRUCE, ]j
B President Cashier. M
% PICKENS, S. C. %
^ CAPITAL $ 20,500.00 ?
1 a PROFITS - - 11,000.00 J
\ I DEPOSITS - - - 105,000.00 I
\ By Careful and constant work the business of this W
pank largely increases every year. F
I We solicit your business and will extend to you ^
eVfcrjy reasonable accomodation. J j
i Steady <
\ i?hd
IWxUR NEW SHOES arc now coming in in 3
II Big Car Loads. v
We have made larger and better pre- t
pajation for this season's business than ever
? before. t
[' C 1 1* -? ?
vo | "oc w am tan uc suppueu Dy us. ?
L*-' Pride & j
|&j Patton.
/ f \
r C*
\ !1
c *
-V V J | I
R6 j ;
?Cuino right to K 1
iats and |
tl and have the
lcwnat you have W 1
ti fetch it buck n a
naturally left a |] v
aro now marked H t
o buy it and put ' F n
en. \ p
. i
>0., I :
r>4- o; R! I'
( I
WHhoutf Musio is fike unto ^
your using some other
COOKING ? o o v
txM to bo :i,
t i
. 0
iM ^ J
PA 1 ma tin a !
: ^ ?" J
When 1
Yon s
Get 0
. - >.. , ?
The Wesson Company "
' JAVANNA11, OA- ?
1 ' ?x
I I t
? 5 tl
A Singular Word.
Our laugnngo eontaina a word ending
II "ti" that denotes auxioty, worry, etc., ti
dd to this word another "8" and it will f,
lenoto afFeetion, joy, etc, Find thin
yord in tlio parngrapb below.
"Cares" bring anxiety and worry,
bese bring derail gement of tho digei tiv<*
irgann, naually ntmlting in indigestion.
lydalo'H Stom neb Ta biota cure indium
iou. It inattoM not whothcr your atomoh
trouble is eaused by worry, overwork,
nog loot, malaria or any otlior
tanse, Ilydaloa Htoniaoh Tiblots will
mro you. They insure porfeot digo?ion
and aaaimiUtion. They tone ami
trongthe 11 tho pigoativo .organn, re-torug
tliem to heal tli. Uio them and good
leulth will hloaa ymi nud fortune "oa
oaa' you. Pi okona Drug Co., Piokena;
W. A. Blieldou, Liberty. ,y
"Tio ft string around your linger."
Jot that bottlo of Rhoumaoido today h o
Fore your rheumatism gets n llrin hot d
hn/>A!Y?ftcj ilrtiwvavAiiu
For Governing the Membership of
Democratic Ciiibs, the Qualification
of Voters, and Ihe Conduct of Primary
Elections of the Democratic
Parly of South Carolina, Adopted
May 21, ISO'2.
The following i\il<;? shall govern
,he inemhor?*hip < 1' the different
lubordimite Democratic Clubs of
,l)i3 Stale, tho qualification of vo,ers
nt the primary elections l)el<l
>v tho party, tho conduct of tho
O'imuv election to bo hold on tho
ant Tuesday (ih.i 80th day) of
\ugunt, A. P., 1001, and I'm hoc)nd
primary held two weolcs Inter,
f ono Ite necessary.
Rule 1. Tho qualification for
QCinl;o;ship in any mbordirmto
dub <.f the Domocr.it ie Party ot'j
his St-.to, or tor voting at n Demo-1
:raih'*pi in>iuy, shall bo ns follows,
i/,: Tho applicant for memberhip,
or voter, uliiiM b? i \v>:<iity-ono
c'jiis i.f ??? ?, or fb.iil booomo so boose
ilui auccc. <ling ^eoMiul eleoi
)ii, tuid lea white Democrat, or 1
no{?ro who voted tor General '
intnploii ijj I87(>, :v.< 1 who has
(>tv<l llio Democratic ticket <r?-1iinuoui!}
jsincx. I'rovi led, thai
o ivliitn TTTr.ti i - i i -r-1
.....IV/ III.HI r.iHii 111) (.'SCUUIKI'
rom partirip:-.tion in 'ho Domo- '
ratie primary who shall taU ? tho
lodtf* ro(^ nil c?<l I iv tin) r is 1 s uf ihn '
tamocrulu: Party. 1
The managers at c?oh hox at tho 1
riaiury election phail r.-quiro '
*ery voter in a IhiiiUMrr.itic pi i !
???ry oh ctioii t?? pl^rigo him-tll' to '
the rosu't of tho primary, 1
ml to support the nominees of the 1
arty, and to tak? tlin following s
ith and ph dg<?, viz: ."I do sol- '
mnly swear that, I a in duly qnili- :
cd to vote at this olcotion ac> ;
nvling to this rules of tho D.'inoratio
I'aity, and that i have not '
oted ht'l'oro at this ehetion, and '
lodgn mjself In support the noini- '
<cs of this primary." *
Kule 2. iliverv r?pcrn
./ o i' i * J ' "i'j
>r liioinhoialiip in <i Duin-jeratie '
lub, ( r offering la voto in a IVm- ?
aratie piimary (lection, 'nust pro- '
ijC<> a written .slat in 1 of ten '
?put:vb!o wiiito nun who hlmll,'
vcar ISiat Uiey k;.ow of 1 ]icsi* own : :
no\vl(il[5e that lb" ai?t>)iourit orh
otor voted for G ic ial Hampton
i 187<3, and hi.s vott il t!.e 1) mih. ?
*alie* tiikoL continuously s-iuco. |
'he t:aid statement shall ho p;a :> >1 <
i the ballott bo:: by tho maiiag-Ts,' i
nd returned wuh the poll lis;* to' i
io County Chairman. fho man- |
H-ts of elociii-n shall ke"p a t' p-j<
rate list <>f the naim-fl of aM iiD'jrou
ot. r.-j, and ruturn it with ih pi,l: (
bt to tho County Chairman
No person Khali ho p.nnillt d to i
.in ..it l'> o I 1 " ' '
' / v *' mut-n lie ItllS !> T. *11 till J'OJ Kiil j I
i) n club list iiL least live d.lyS u>i- i
>r?? the s-ai? 1 primary i-l- clion. j <
Tho club .sh'.ill be in. j) cLed i
y and certified to by tho pres;d< hi J \
,il secretary sustl turned ov r to 1t
10 manugf rs t<> be u-:ed aft tii >
c^isti'3' lists. I
Uulc^. Kneli County Kxecutivo
oinmitteo oi tho Democratic I'arty
i this Stato f-liall moet on or be- <
ire the first Monday in An^usl of i
. -1. 1 -- ? * * ...
.ii;u eiccnon year, and eMail ap j
oint throo inain<g?'rH I'jr oaoli pri- ]
itiry olcction procinet in their ro- ]
[)cctivo Count ion, who shall hot 1 i
lio piimary flection provided for i
ndt;r tho Democratic ('onstitll- >
ion, in ac.'ordanco with the Acts <
f tho Genoial AhHcmhly of 111i;~
tato, and tlio roles liert'in eot S'ortii. i
'lie names of such mnnng r? may i
(i T'.llhl ishfMl 1?V tll'? <'lio i f (
ioh County Kxccutivo Conimub e <
j one or more County papers at
>ast two \vookn beforo tl o eh etion. i
Rule 4. lCaoh votor in eai.1 pii- i
uuy sliall votij two l>.illob\ Oil i
Inch uluill bo printed the name
r names of the candidates voted
)r l?y him for oneli of the ( flicoa (
o be filled, together with thu name .
f tho oflieo, Tlio tickets to ho i
uted shall ho furiiishod by tho .
talc and County lv\ccu<iv?
utters i'< sportively, and bhall con* I
iin tho names of ail Cuudidut's for i
lio reprosoiilativo oftlcen nnd no
ther ticlrolH shall ho used. The
iclceth to b ? vcitfd shall bo in tho 1
>ll?n\ ing forms, ono I' r
United StatOH Senator.
Lieutenant Governor.
Secretary of Stato.
Comptroller General. i
State Treasurer,
Adjutant and I nspeotor General.
Stato Superintondont of Edue.a
Attorney Oonern).
Railroad 0oiunii?8ionor.
'ho other with ttpaooj to unit tho
different Counties.
For Coijgiosfl' District.
For Solicitor Judicial
State Senator.
IIouho of Representatives.
Judge of Probata.
Clerk of Court.
County Supervisor.
County Superintendent of Education
No vote for IIouho of Kepresontutivee
shall bo counted unless it
Contains a>< many nainCi na the
county is entitled ( ? roptvsontatives.
Rule *>. The nuumaors <>l election
Khali opon til" polls iit ?S o'clock ft.
in., and b 1?n! 1 closo thorn at 1
o'clock p. m. After tabulating
tho n>3uw, the nuinngers wlmll certil'y
same and forward thn ballotbox,
poll list, and all other papers
relating to such oloction, by ono of
their number of Executive Commiitecinan,
to tho Chairman of the
respnctivo Democratic County Executive
Committees within fortylight
hoiii'H aflcr tho close of tho
Rule 'i The County Democratic
Executive Cummilt 'o shall . is.soinble
at their respective Court Houses
>11 the .morning of th?; second day
\ 11 r tho tlection, on or I eforn 12
'clock in., to tabulate tho returns
md declare the result of tlio primary.
so far rih the same rolatcs to
in cm hers of tho General Assembly |
inu v.ouniy U.Micee, and shall f r j
ivnrd immediately to tho Chairn
ui of llie hH'.Jte Executive Com
mittee at Columbia, S. C., the re nit
of the election in their rCHpoet*
iVe Counties, fi>r I". S. Senator,
^tate Officers, Congressmen and
Rule 7. Tho protests and con,08ts
lor County odioei's shall he
iled within live days afier tho olee.ion
with ti c Chairniin of tho
."oiinty Executive Committee, and
laid Executive Committee shull
ie?i* and dcihimino the same. The
5tato Executive Committee shall
mar and decide protests and con(isls
as to I"11it< <I States Senators,
State Ollic-ers, Coiigi,esjniHn and
Solicitor?, and ten days shall bo
illowed lor tiling (he same.
Halo S. Candidates for the Gen:i!
Vsiooii.l.K- ...wl r. .. r\e
ic s shall lilo w ilh tho Chairniau
>!' thu County i'.xt-unlive Conmiit:<
o a j-l-'dg- in writing, to abide
[ho ro.-ult of the primary and support
tii.'? nominees thuroof. Can1:?!j>'.for
"t!u?r oll'mos shall lilo
ach p'edge with Him Chiiinnan of
Lie Si.iu' Kx?outivi? Committee.
Provided, That tho Ph'dgo of such
j.mdldute shall ho file 1 on or bof<
r?> 1:2 o'clock, meridian, of the
lav i'i> r ding tho day fixed by Iho!
[ i tu.ty Kxcout'vn Committee or
Hie Stale Iva.eutivo Committeo for
L.'.o first campaign meeting of tlio
" ll!,(v hi' btiili; ivpjil'c!iv? I v. No
vole for any candidate w Ijo lias not
paid his a.s. r sm. nt nor fompiiod
with this iiiio shall bo c uintt-d.
The following is (he form of the
>'itli: "Ah <i candidate for the ot[iee
of in tho Democratic!
primary election, to l>o held on tho
last Tuesday in August, 1901, ij
hereby pledge myself toaludj the!
r^anll nnl.,,..... -? '
v/i Ol.v il I ' I I I I ?4 y illIM J? II Pl^ll I I
tho 11otnim >?4 thereof, and (hat II
tin i ??t, n< r will I become the Can*
lidnto < i any faction, oithor privately
< r publicly sn^ested, Other
limn I ho regular Dem era he nomination.
If the eindiilato in running
for tho I'niU'l States Senate
>r (lu* I'uiiu.l Si {itoh Hons.) of Representatives
this additional pledge
ihall he required: "I will support
the political principle* and poli :es
of l)m> Di inocratio Tarty dining
tho term of Office tor which I
mit\r !.. ? i,. 1
...... . w.VVIWi, Ml III IV J II m>J
t %
>ni with my D"nioeratie onsociiili
h in Coii^n s* 011 "II | arty quos*
ti'.u " ''This tho day of
, IthM." .
K11I0 7. In tls.> primary elections
herein provided for, a majority of
llic votfH cast fhall bo nueenHnry
to nominate candidate^. A nocond
l l'irnarv. vrhon r,(innB?!irv. ahull I?<?
held two weeks after tho iirst, as
provi<lo<l for under tlio Constitulion
(<l thrt party, and >-h,tli bo subjoct
to tho ru'os governing tho first
primary. A' said second primary
the two highest candidates alone
shall run for any 0110 ollico, but if
there uio two moro vacancies for
any particular oflice, then doublo
the number of candidates shall run
f,v. vnfoitA.A. <511?1
?w? V . . ^ I UV(IUU|V3 M\f Uii lllini. r ur
instance, in a race for Sheriff the:
two highest. Rhnll run.
Rulo 10. In the event of a tie
betwoen two candidates in tho second
primary, tho County Chairman,
if it is a County Oftioe, and
the State Chairman, if it is for U
S. Sonator, Stato Officers, Congress,
men, or Solicitors, shall ordor the
third primary. The question of t
majority vote shall bo determined
by the number of votes cast for nnj
particular oflieo, and not by tin
whole number ol votes cast in the
Kule 11. Each County Executive
n 1 11 -
v/uuiiniuee snail furnish the managei'rt
at each precinct two bnlloi
boxes, one for Stato Ollicere, ami
the other lor Congressmen, Solicitor
anil County Officers.
C'h'n State Dem. Ex. Com.
i S. T. l'urks, Secretary.
Of the Domocratic Party of South
Carolina, ns Adopted in the
Stato Convention, at Columbia,
May 21,1902.
Article I. Thore slmll bo one or
more Democratic clubs organized
in each township or ward, each'o!
which elnl>8 shall haro a distinct
title, "The Democratic Club,"
and shall oloct a president and one
or more vice-presidents, a recording
mid A corresponding secrotnry
and a treasurer. and bImII have tho
following working committoes, of
not 1 osft tlinn three mnmbors each,
vi/.: A committee on registration,
an executive committee, and ?uch
otl:? r committoea as to each clnt)
may ppom expedient.
Article II . The meetings of tho
club shall bo frequent after the
opening of the canvas*, and aome
member of ti e club or invited
speaker deliver an addreo* at each
meeting, it' practicable. The club?
shall moot on the fourth Saturday
in April and tlio county convention
on the firt?t Monday in May, respectfully,
of oach election year:
ProvideJ, That tho County Kxecntivo
Committee may name any
other day within the sumo week
for such club meeting by giving at
least two weeks notice by ndvertisemont
in tho county papers:
ana provided, further, That in
case any oxistirg club shall fail to
reorganize on the day fixod for reorganization,
the County Executive
Committee may fix a day for
fcuoh club to meet for reorganize
lion by giving two woeka notico as
provided in this article. Each
county shall be entitled tons m:my
delegates in the State Convention
an double thu number of its members
in the General Assembly.
Article lit. The president, or
live members, shall havo power to
call an oxtra meeting of the club,
and at such extra mooting, one
fourth of the members ahull constitute
a quotum for iho transaction
of business.
Article IV. The clubs in each
comity shall bo held togothor, and
op(>ri\te un<1t?r the control of a
County Executive Committoe,
which shall consist of one mem I or
from each club, to be elected t>y
tho reppcctivo clubs. The KxecutivH
Committeo, when elected, ?hall
appoint itH own ollicera (except
the chairman who shall be elected
Lit 4 /1 l? rt
o.) iuu vy"iuiiy uonvontion), who
shall not liocesHarily be membora
of saiti committee, but ji vacancy
In tho membership of tho comrnitteo
Hhftll bo tilled by tho club,
through tho loas (if whoso lutmlwr
by dflhth, resignation or otherwise
the vacancy occurs: Provided, That
in CrtSo tho offtcn of Cl??lriii??? .?f
the County Extcutivo com in it toe
shall become vacant by death, resltfnation,
or other*iso, tho committoe
shall hnvo power to fill tho vacancy
by electing it chairman lo
8'>rre until the organization of the
next regular county convention:
And provided, further, That nny
ofTicir aoclected wiioln not a meml)??r
of th committee shall not be
ontitlod to a vote on any question
ovcopt. the chairman, and then only
in Cimn nf ? tin unl? *???? ?
- ? -W T wvt A liu tu "U'O
of office of the executive committoo
shall bo until tho first Monday
in May of each election year, at
which time tho County Contention
shall he called together to reorganize
the party. Kvory presidential
election year County Conventionn
shall he called by tho County
I? r i A- .
juAin-uiivB vyuiiiiiiuiou to moet on
the first Monday >n May, which
ahull olect delogatoa to a Stato Convontion
called for the purpose of
olooting delegates to tho National
Democratic Convention and to
eloct tho member of the National
Democratic Executive Committee
from this Stato. Tho Stnte Com
vunuon snail ho called by tho
State Executive Committoo to moct
every presidential oleotion year on
tho third Wednesday in May, and
^cvory Stato oleotion yoar, county
. Mnl Stale Conventions shall meet on
. fcho lirat Monday in May and the
) third Wednesday in May respect,
? miiy.
I Article V. County Democratici
r Conventions Bhnll bo composed of
) delegates elected by the soveral
> local clubs, ono delegate tor every
twonty-five members, nnd one delo?
gato for a majority fraction thereof,
. with the right to each County Con;
ventiou to enlarge or dimininh the
representation according tocircum
suiuce*. 'l 110 county convention* I
shall bo called together by tho
chairman of the respective executive
committees under such rule,
not inconsiatent with tho constitution
nor with tho rules adopted l>v
tho Slnto Democratic Executive
Committee, an each county uiay
adopt, and when assembled bliall
be called to order by tho Chairman
of the executive committee, and
the convention shall proceed to
nominate and elect from among its
members a president, 0110 or more
vice-presidents, a secretary and a
treasurer. Any county convon
tion may permit or recognizo the
formation of a now club or clubs
by a majority of its members. In
all cities with u population uf f>,000
and over there may be two clubs
jiu each ward; they shall bo orgunI
ized in obedience to this constituI
tion, as are the clubs elpewhere in
| this State, and in organizing said
!! clubs, tlioy shall have representation
in the county convention# respectfully
as Said convention shall
i uoviimo ju Hct-orannco witli Uie proJ
visions of this constitution.
! Article VI. For tho purpose ol
nominating candidates for (iovornor,
Lieutenant Governor, and all
other State oflicore, includingSohci
itors in the respective circuits, and i
congressmen in their respective !
diHtricts, and United States Sena- <
tore, and all county oflicers, except
Mapintr?.tph mwl o..
__ 0 ?a*? i'AMDIUin, clliu oil*
perviBors of Registration, a direct i
primary election shall bo hold on '
tho last Tuesday in August uf each (
election j'ear, and a second and <
thir.l primary each two weeks <?uecessi
voly thereafter if necessary:
Provided, That the county executive
committee of any county shall s
j bo at liberty to order a primary <
! election lor Mncristrnini *n.i \t..? i
I - r.-- -
! ter.M, but not for members of tho
county board of control of thodis- i
pensaries, nor for county disj.(Minors.
At this election only Democratic
white voters who have been <
residents of tho State twelve months
and the county sixty dajs precoding
tho next general election, and i
Buch negroes as voted tho Demo- i
cratic ticket in 1870, and i?s haw
votod tho (IflmnftPiitin ti/~l?,U I
-? ^ ^... . uvv- ;
tinuously aince, to bo shown by i
tlm certificate of ton whito voters,
who will pledge tliemselven to support
tho nominees of such elections ;
may voto: Provided; That no p"ieon
hhi\ 11 bo allowed to voto except
Ins linnio be eiiiollod on the nnr
ticular club list at which ho (Tiers
to vote, at least fivo daysbcforo tho ;
first election. Each club shall lmvo
a separate polling placo for ??rimary
Tho club rolls of tho party shall
constitute tho registry list and ,
shall lio open to inspection by any ^
member of the party, and tho olec- ;
tion under this clauRo shall bn hold ,
land regulated under tho Act of
I the General Assembly of this State, ,
j approved Dc-comber 22, 1.SS8, and ' (
nny subsequent Acts of the legislature
of this State. Tho Stato
Kxecutive Committee shall meet |
on the Friday niter each primary,
or such other time an may ho designated
*>T the chairman to canvass ^
tho voto and declare the result as
to all Stato officers, Congressmen (
and United States Senators. All (
contests for all nominations at pri
mary elections shall bo heard first ,
I t)V tlin (!oilllfv
J '"V/uiuui.f I
toe of tho county in which such irregularities
have occurred, and
may ho reviewed by tho State Executive
Committor, whoso action
shall bo finnl: Provided, That no <
voto shall bo counted for any can- 1
didate who docs not filo with tho
chairman of tho Stato Executive ,
Oommitteo, or with tho respective
chairmen nf tl?? rannt? iiVnoni;
Committees, a pledge in writing ,
that ho will abido tho rosult of
such primary and support tho
nominees, thcrbof, aiul that ho in
not, nor will ho become, tho e;mdidato
of any faction, eithor privately
or publicly BUftgoatod, other
than tho regular Democratic nomination,
and onch candidate for the
United States Senate and for tho
United States House of R?>naonen
tativoB shall lilc an Additional
pledge that ho will support the
politioal pnnoiplos and policies of
..v.- i.,? W,
NO 45 *
i ho party during tho term of oflico
for which ho may ho elect(-d, and
work in accord with his Democratic
HsoeiatoH in congress on all party
questions Provided, further, Tliat
no candidate ulull i??? ?J
./v> uuuiuiou
j nominated uiiIcsh ho receives a
majority of tho voteB cast for the
office for which he in a candidate:
Provided, That tho plodgo of such
candidate shall ho iiled on or hefuro
12 o'clock meridian of the day
preceding the day fixed by tho
County Executive Committee or
tho State Executive Commiiteo for
11id iust cninpaimi inciting ot tho
County or Stato respectfully.
Article \ II, 'J'ho officers of tlio
Stute Convention shall ho a president,
vice-president from each congressional
district, two secretaries
ami a treasurer.
[3Article Ylll. The Stain Kvor?ii
tivo Committee shnll be composed
of one m<?inber from om-Ii county,
to bo <-locted by the county convention
on the (irst Monday in
May of ouch election year. When
elected, said exucutivo committee
allall 1'hnfiiin
Ha Dn ii oniuurs, not
necessarily members thereof, prior
to said election*; Provided, That
any oflieer ho olestod who h not a
liioinlior of thi) committee shall not
he entitled to a vote on any question,
t xcept the chairman, and
then only in ease of a tie voto.
'L'he State Executive Committee
shall meet at the call of the chairman
or any livo momberp, and at
siu h tuao and placo as he or they
may appoint. The member of the
National Democratic Evecutive
Committee from South Carolina
shall he olect( il by the May State
Convention in 180G, and every four
yearn thorcnlter, and when elected
shall bo ox ollicio a mombcr of the
Statu Exuentive onmmifton v..
nancies on said Executive Committee
by death, resignation or otlierwiao,
sliall bo lillo*l l?y the respectivejCounty
Kxecutive Committees.
The State Kxecutive Committee is
charged with the execution and
rlilViitton nf tbf> noli >\- - (
? .. ? -?- ?j \ji ty
in tliis State, subjoct to this constitution,
the ] rii.ciples declared i?i
lh* platform of principles, and
such iiistiuctioii, l>j' \v'jhpJ"TSi
otln rwisc, ns ;i Stuto Convention
may from tune to time adopt, not
inconsistent witli this constitution,
find shall continue in ollicc lbr two
years from tin,- limo of election or
until th'ir Kuccessors havo boon
elected, i 110 comvmttoo .shall nora"
i11<ito pnsuleiitial electors or of tho
uvmbi-r <-f flit; National Executive
Committee, l?y death, resignation
or othor cause, tho committee shall
have the power t<> lii 1 tho vacancy;
nil by a mnj uity ol the whole commit
Article J X. The voto ui tho i\j-pectivo
counties for all of the
Stnto olVio'iH, i1. n^rossmen and
Initod StatcH Senator sh.ilt ho
transmit tod hy tliw chairman of tho
rospr-ct 1 v<! County Kxucntive Committees
to lIxo Chairman of tho
Stuto Kx?;out:ve Committer as early
is practioahlo uftvr oach primary,
who shall proceed to canvass tho
roio aii'l dt'i luif the- result.
Artielo X. Wlmn tho State Coilvolition
assoinbies it shall bo (tailed
Ln Oiti l by iiiu Chairman of tho
State Kxuoutive Committeo. A
temporary chairman shall ho nomi
inati.-d aii* 1 oh ct? <1 by tho Convention
ami iifu r itn organisation, tho
> invention Hhall proceed immedi
uoly to iho clt'ciion of permanent
(flicoi'tj and to tho transaction of
busino.-H. When (lie lniHines.s hna
30no)ui|it<l it shall mljourn sine die.
Artie,It; XI. Ilcfoie the election
in 11)02, and each election thcrolifter
ex >",)t a?< lieic.ii n.i ividnrl.
llio Stato Democratic Kxocutivo
L'omraitten shall :?i>i???int and ar-?
range foi two campaign mootings
lo l)o li jlcl in each county, not luss
than two woeks apart, ono of which
meeting* shall I>o addressed only
l>y candidates for State oflieos,
and the oilier |oi:ly by candidates
lor I'ulted States Senator, I nited
States IIou&o of Representatives
find Circuit Solicitors. In nddi>
lion t;> such campaign meetings
the County Chairman of tho ro
*poetivo Congressional I >i?tricta
und Ju'/cial Circuits shall, when
thoro is moro tlia 11 ono candidate
for either of said offices, arrango
for and appoint separato campaign
meetings tor their respective districts
fir judicial circuits, the time
and placo of such meetings to bo
published in each county, at which
only the candidates for said offices
^ 7 -TXH
Hhnll ho invited to address the people.
Provided, That in any year
in which no candidate for Uutwed.
States Senator is to bo volod for,

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