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I' Pickens SsnM-kraal
j?uihjh1ii".i) bvkry whdnp.buay moiinino.
Tho Sontinel-^ournal Company.
Thompson & Kicuhy, Piiops.
{Subscription ^1.00 Per Auuum.
Advertising It itos Reasonable
Kutered at Pickens I'ostofHce an Second Clnsi
M Hi 1 Mutter
1'ICKIiXS, S. ('. :
"Wednesday, April IJJ, li>Ol.
From Cateecheo.
Tho farmers have been very busy
for the past week working liitc
and early. No time for visiliug,
talking politics or anything e!so oi
the kind, news is scarce.
Mr. Watts, a prominent cotton mill
man of Now York, was at this pluct
last Friday on ofliciul business.
/\ i t \ir i i
fwii iiist \veunesuay evontug about
5 o'clock, Mr. John Grant, who lives
on Clayton Dobson's laml, near Lny'n
bridge, lost his house and everything
ii. by lire. Their baby, eight
hs old, wns also consumed in
ti linos. Mr. tirant was, it is
t-. ', working in the blacksmith shop
a!;ont 75 vauls from the bouse.
ILis wife had left her baby asleep on
tin bed and had gone out to where
her husband was, and had not been
i ut Ihoro but a few minutes until
they discovered the house was ou fire,
ami l>y the time they reached the
house everything was completely
wrapped in tlames and the babv was
dead. After the end of the house
1 1 1 ' * 1 ' 1
mjhiuu uuwii so moy could throw
water into the house they managed
to get the oris pod form of the baby
out with a ditching shovel. Wluxt
was left of it was buried the next
day tit Camp Creek church. This is
a heavy loss on Mr. Grant, as he is a
poor man, hail just laid in his sup
plies, (and bought them on time,) to
make this year's crop and lost them,
lie waved his corn, wo think, but lost
everything else except his two mules
and a cow.
Well, well, how notiony some people
are. About a year ago, if we
mistake not, Cony went to Atlanta,
or some where else to study modi..cino.
Well, instead of studying biology,
physiology and dissection of
the human anatomy, we infer from
the way he writes to The SentinelJournal
that he must havo changed
his mind and.studied palmistry, phre
nology or some other kind of science
allied to thai, as ho is more '.<f a
iniiki xeutu'i limn a dissector ot a
physical diaphragm. But wo fear
Cony will never make a success of
liia profession for lack of the proper
drug. As you well know, all m:nd
renders have to have morphine or
some other kind of opiate at tho time
of their performance to make a success.
Hence his last communication
shows that ho is minus (.hue or something
else. Well, Cony is a jally
good fellow and what we write is all
for fun.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Thomas on tho 'M inst , a line hoy.
Arthur was heard solioqui/ing the
following tho next dixy: "Cotton H>
cents per pound, a lino plow boy now
to do the plowing, with two girls to
do the hoeing, the oi l woman at
homo to seo it well done, I'll volunteer
and go help the .Japs whip the
Bosnians; end the war and that will
enhance the price of the staple. Come
homo and have a family reunion.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Elbert
Bowman, on the -M inst., a fine boy.
Elbert.says Arthur can have tho cot'ton
raised and ho (Elbert,) with his
two boys will manufacture it
15. P. Kelley has been on tho sick
lisi, for several days.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. J. (3.
ir nwnr<l n tin/.
Talk about immigration Cony, you
had beltor go back to Atlanta and
Btudy obstetrics. I think it would
bout a !l. l'\ D. route, palmistry, mind
reading, hvpnotiz'ng, or anything of
tlio kind. Try it, Cony, and if I
should happen to relinquish tho celibacy
ntato and nood your services, I
will call you in.
Albert Johnson, a.l efficient clerk
in the Company store, made a llying
trip to Toccoa, (In., last Thursday.
ISest Con^li Mc?liciiie for Children.
Wlion y<?u buy a cough medicine for
mull children you \;ant ?mt in which
u (fan placo implicit confidence. Von
I one that not only relieves but
s. You want one that is uixpien
ably harmless. You want one Hint.
I iimuit to take. ('hamoerlain's ('011c
r oily meets all of theso conditions.
m is nothing so good for the coughs
Ids incident to childhood. It is
i certain preventive and euro for
> up, and there is no danger whatever
Mtn w hooping cough when it is given.
,ias Iiceii useiI in many epidemics of
it disei>He with perfect HiiecesH. I'oi*
le 1 ?.v Pickens Drug Co., and Kurlo's
I >riig Store, Piekons; and Hunter ?V
Pickens, Liberty.
School Election.
On petition of tin* voters and eloet
>rn of Hampton school district, No.
If., an (.-lection if! ordered to bo hold
ut Hamptin school house, to deter
initio whether or not 11:1 extra levy of
two mills shall bo levied on all tho
property within tho district. Tho
election to bo held May 7th. Polls
u> open ut i <>nock |>. m. find clone
ut 5 o'clock. Tho present hoard of
tnifttoe.H to net ah Homagers. 'J ho
election to he conducted according to
rules and reguiationa laiil down in
the school law. l?y oidor of County
Hoard of Education.
K. T. Hallum, Chairman.
Muscles sore, joints painful rheumatism.
Soro miiRoloH or painful joints, may
moan an appronohiiift attack of rheumatism.
Klliott'n i',inulnitietl Oil Liniment
rubbed on tho ntfoated parta will relievo
tho pain ami noronesH, ami prevent
l'houiiiatiHin. Ellioi'rt Kmtdsifled Oil
Linimont is a satiHfaotory rubbing liutniont
for all boioiiohp, Htilimwa and lamono?H
of joint* or munclOH. Piokonn Drug
Co., fiokwi; W. A. Sheldon, Liberty,
Auk Your l>cMl?r for Allen'* Koot?K?iio,
y. A powdnr for tho fool. It our<'Hjtij%ill<ni
Hon?, Hot, Galloon, Aohuif^; Svontiny
Feot, Corns and Ibmioufl. At all Drug^
4ju?tsi 4ml vhvo utoruV 20o, Auk today J
The only kind of consumption
to tear is " neglected
People are learning that conI
sumption is a curable disease.
t is neglected consumption
that is so often incurable.
5 At the faintest suspicion of
. onsumption get a bottle of
Scott's Emulsion and begin
regular doses.
The use of Scott's Emulsion
U once, has, in thousands of
. .;ses, turned the balance in
^ ..vor of health.
Neglected consumption does
f 'iot exist where Scott's Emul!on
Prompt use of Scott's Kmulion
checks the disease while it
an be checked.
' Send for free sample.
SCOTT K ItOWNK, Chemists,
rxj-4' Pearl Sheet, New York.
S c. and on; all drneeists.
tlio Ststo Executive Committee
J may dispense with tho second campaign
meeting it is authorized to
appoint umlir this articlo.
Article XI!.. It shall be tho
duty of eaeh County Executive
Committee to appoint meetings in
their respective counties to bo addressed
by the candidates lor the
General Assembly and for tho different
county ollieod, nil of whom
except Magistrates, Masters and
Supervisors of Registration shall
he elected by primaries on tho last
Tuesday in August of each election
year under the same ruins and regulations
lu'reinboforn provided.
Article XIII. Each county delegation
to a State Convention shall
have power to till any vacancy
Article XIV. This constitution
may bo atnonded or altered at the
regular May Convention of the
State or at any convention called
specifically fur that purpose, the
roil f?\f M-i.w.i. ?i?? 11
n IIIV'I RiKUl DlJUliiJJ' ItlU
change? to l)o made.
Article XV. Any county tailing
or refusing to organize under the
provisions of this constitution shail
not have representation in tho
State Democratic Convention.
Wilio done?,
Ch'ni. State Dem.Ex. Com.
James T. Parke,
Sciatic Riiciiiiialisni Cured.
"L liavo boon snl j '(it to sf.lntic rheumatism
for yoai's," nays 12. H. Wakiron,
)f Wilton .Tiiiwrtion Fnwn "\fv iu
F '"-J
wero stiff and guvo am much pain ami j
discomfort. .Sly pints would crack
when I straightened up. I used Chamberlain's
P.iin B.ilm and linvu boon thoroughly
cured. liuvo not had ii paiu or
ache from the old troublo for many
months. Tt is certainly a most wonderful
linimout." For sale by I'ie.keus
I Drug (Jo., and F.arlo's Drugstore, Pickens;
and Hunter it Pickens, Liberty.
islilv noncliulo that it in a very simple ami
who 11us hud experience or mudo a atudy (
greatesa importance; a glass may do irrep
.sight and health, Can yon a (lord to 1 ><? e
Dr. ('rimm is through experimenting
mentfl find modern methods, to make tho
normal "perfect" eye You will ho wise I
are giving yon trouble liavo thoni examtn
I. K. CI
let tors speak for tlio.usolvos:
Oitk k of Baptist (Jocimkii.
A. J. S. Thomns, W. W. Keys, Kdito
To Wliom It May Concern:
I um lining glasses fitted on me by I)i
satisfaction niiil comfort, and I must client
Inn worked for the best peoplo in Clr
comment on his work.
I clicorfully testify to tho satisfaction
fitted l>y Dr. Crimm. W.
All glasses nt the most rensonalilo pri
without cutting.
miiirn rn it a
mat ib m
WK want to dispose
17v to move them quickly
W AT <
_Xj.' ' All of our line of Crocl
Pitchers. : : : :
#1.50 Howl and Pitcher to j
ate reduction all through these 1
Come earlv before <mnrlc n
j ' *" *
selection. : : : :
The best of everything and
on the market we have it." Ca
'? \ ir\
Easley Locals.
Eaeley, S. U. April 11, '04.
Cold weather still con till ue?, and
fires and overcoats are still sovy comfor
Several business clmnucs have
been mado sinco wo wrote last.
The tirm of Wyatt & Griffin mado
nn assignment, for the benefit of their
creditors, with J.T. Lathem assignoe.
W. O. Call aim in has opened a lino
of gents furnishings and clothing
uiuier tuo iiiasiey Hotel.
Miss Ij. N. Catlott, who occupied
tlio room wow occupied by W. O Cnl
luhiim, bus moved her stock to one of
Dr. Smith's commodious store rooms
on Main street.
Mr. B. P. Martin will soon move
into one of Dr. Smith's now huildini 0
on Table lloek Street.
Mr. J. E. Ilagood is having an
addition built to his houso which,
; when finished will add greatly to its
Easley is doing her part for the
Pickons Railroad, having caused two
extra runs to bo made last week, ouo
on Monday night, 4tli inst., to a meet
iug of tlio Knights of Pvhthins.
About 17 members of tho local lodgo
auenueu. /mi report a good time.
Then on Friday night, 8th inst.,
1110 local camp Daughters of Confederacy,
attended in a body the entertainment
given by the Daughters of
Pickens, entitled, -'Tho Spinsters'
Hotum," which all say was a roaring
success. About thirty Fasleyitos attended
this entertainment.
Soveral of our poople attended tho
Clemson-Furman ball game Saturday.
Soveral said that it was tho finest
gamo thoy over witnessed.
Easloy mill and Piedmont croasod
bais on tho local diamond Saturday,
with fatal ifsults for tho Easloy mill
team. "Undo Flick's" crack team
I has taken a tumble that sounds liko
a barrel of lamp chimtioys rolling
down stairs. Score: 10 to 8 in favor
oi riertmont. Umpire: Ostein.
LVof. C. B. Newton will lecture
here tomorrow night, 12th. A largo
crowd is expected to hour him.
The Liberty correspondent infers
that lift is snpor human, or that is
tho way we interpret hin words, fcay
ing that "Ho supposed tlint the reason
that tho grand jurors were so
stupid that they woro human." Leaving
tho inferenco that if ho is not
super-human, lie must bo inhuman,
i Woll, at any rate, no matter what
kind of a human ho is, ho should
know enough to soo that his shallow
kicks have no effect on tho Southern
Hail way. Wo arc sure he will find
out that thorn i? nnmn nnn <?1an V??f
is on the deaf, dumb and blind order.
VVilkie 0.
I Our money winning hoolcs, flg]
written by men who know, tell
Potash. 1
They are needed l>y every man fij
!? who owns a field and a plow, and fig
H wiio desires to get the most out Ru
They arp.fret. Semi jiostnl card,
<;i:k.max kali woitiis Kg
fe Vurk?Numiiu Mrccl,
Atlanta, (iu. So. liroud Ht. I
DR. I. E. CRI1M,
Recognized Specialist in Refraction,
lmanoutjy located in Greenville, S. C.
Ollico, 211> N. Main Street, owr Mauniturers'
Dr. Crimm gives free examination because
wants to show what ho is ablo to do for
n before you pay. It is tho f-iir way.
>n't hesitate to eomo if thore is oven tho
:>htost discomfort of the eyes, ]Io rules
you after tho examination is made and
yes it with you entirely as to what course
FEW PEOPLE UEaLIZE tho imporice
of properly fitted glasses, many fooltor,
tho fitting of glasses, bill anyono
if tnis science will agree that it is of tlio
arable injury to tho eye, or it may mean
xperimented n,<on?
ami is nhle, with tho tnodorn instrumost
defective eyo perforin as does tlia I
L<> bo on tlu; sufo sido, unci if your ovgh i
ml by
^ I \I M,
r, Oritnm and Uioy nro Riving mo grrnt
fully oommonl liim to tho publio. Ifo
oenvillo and I havo hoard only favon.olo
A. J. H. Thomas,
Kditor Haptist Courior.
rnnnivnd by mo from tlio uho of glasses
\V. Keys, Huh. Man. liaptiHt Courier.
ooh. Cross oyos straightened by glasses
E* -% *
of certain lines of ^oods, and
will sell
<cry, Glassware and Bowls and
fCi at I .OO mill ixronnffirtn
It-- ? > ? |,IW|/WIUUI|ines.
: : : :
r<; picked over and make your
everything the best. ''If it is
11 early and often at
K. L. Cure ton's.
BEGINS WORK with' the first dose, "m
cleans-ng the blood of all the poisonous
acids that produce RHEUMATISM, driving fl
Bff out all the dangerous germs that infest the JH
fe| Other medicines treat symptoms; Rhtumacidt rcmova tb? M
ov j cause, and, therefore, its W
k| cures are permanent. v
jgHelps the digestion, tones up the system. Sample bottle
free on application to Bobbitt Chemical Co., Pro- B
WL prietors, 316 West Lombard St., Baltimore, Md. Jb
The Smartest Clothing |
Offered Hero in Years. 5
The smartest tailors on'earth are inployed in the esta dlshmeiitfc
Tfe that furnish this storo with apparel. TIkr is one reason of our flour- ^
S ishing business. Season after we have demonstrated t> you that fif
there is no difft-rence in the niadf-to-uiensnre kind of clothes and S.
the smart suits we offer?except the price. And wo are better pre- ^4
pared to convince you of this fact in
1 oe.r?15FR1N<1 *22 SyniIEK WEflt... |
k$ than at any previous time. The top notch ot goodness ha* been JH
vj reached?Perfection in the art of tailoring has b.?en attained in the H
P[ new garments that now comprise our stock. There will be a rush GT
to here about Easter time, so advise you to come tuis week and choose
7/ your new spring and summer suit or top coat. We want to take /}
Ene in fitting you. It is our wav ?f doing things to let no man \\
ilie store until lie is pleased in fit rnd st) le in every particular, u
mith & Bristow, I
Greenville, S. C.
j) Wo are preparing for tli?> biggest clothing tnulo tins Spring in (i
li tlie histoiy of our business. Our immense trade lant full V
\\ forced uf, to buy heavier thin S, ring than ever before and wo J
J J will bo ;.n a position to offer you bettor clothing for tho prico l|
// than 'vo have cv?r offered, the reason wo can do this is very ^
II simple, wo bought double our usual amount of clothing and ^
Yj wo bought early before the ndranco in prices. Wo are buying fc
(( fiom four of the Inrirfifcf elntliin<y wmforno in *lw> n.?.i
wo handle nothing but first dnss gooiln, 110 job or hoooihI i
JJ linud bluff, it puya to buy tho best. ^
)) We are Sole Agents
!! Celebrated Line of q
1 A ^
i is .A* i i
I )) 1 4I It
/# aih-oh .lavH mo rcpunmon 01 t>ein*? thft nest lilting gnr y
// iriontH nmdn, tho style nml qindity in unsnrpnssnd. Soe no
V\ f'"* anything you ncml iu Clothing or Oont'h Furnishings. /
u Holger & T^hornley, /
JJ Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gent's ]
Ii Furnishing (loods a Specialty.... V
Murray's IJoreliound, Mnllirn and Tar in composed of tho moat Ej
effective romrdim known for airing cougliH, colda, la grippe, Horn throat M
ft ml nil affections duo to iuflium-ri mid irritated coiipitinn of the air pan- j
Hngta. It ia prompt in offmding relief and ccrtnin in its oflVct of has- fj
toning n cure.
Murray's Horchound Mill lien and Tar
may bo mod to advantage in c.ikoh where other medicines have failed gj
It in pleaannt, purely vegotablo and absolutely snfe for old and young. H
Nothing else like it in all the world. It fhonld have a place in every I
house, ready at hand when needed. Parents will And ita effect magical I
in cases of eronp. It has remarkable virtue in controlling the parox- I
yams of whooping cough. Price 2ftc. Guaranteed satisfactory to every I
purchaHer. AT DRUG STORKS.
Prepared hy tho Murray Drug Co., Columbia, 8. C,
HALLS Hair Renewer
Always restores color to gray hair, all the dark, rich color It used
to have. The hair stops falling, grows long and heavy, and all
' I , I 1 . ' =
One Th
ianio KMII
mm rwii
To be sold this
| all this season
est ideas in pt
clean-ups of ;
but first class
f 1 1 r\ 4* i c i-k f
VIA UJ.1U 1UU 1 O 1 1 V
1 IJI od by US--FIF1]
1 lot about 50
pairs, worth 1.50
to bo sold at 75
1 lot 100 pairs
guaranteed wool
latest cut, 98 cts
Don't Miss Th
of On<
! Greenville's Cheapest Store
*?ss>v-s H
C An<l see his
/ chanriisc. Five
( Large Sto
i H
/ S A DDLES, (.
) Everythiri;
1 r. a
/ j "UNI
i>l ;
|j 5555555555553
( i
Arc you ready for y
n wc arc showing a nicc line
/ will pay you to see this lint
"I White Sea
The White Seal Cloth
larger towns for its seperic
duribility. None but the b<
making this clothing and e
by an expert. We are sho
come and let us show you I
We arc looking for i
the rise and we can save yo
1 Heath-Brv
';.Vv;; v
' , > ' >. *
3 week at half pric<
's make, the newes
it.tern and cut. T
a factory that ma
guuus iii every i
)t on sale as they w
is Sale, it flea
e=Half on Trou:
10G N. Main Str
, r.n.nn..- C * ~ - 1- - ** i
? jl in 11h;iip>i; niuuh Ul '
Car Loads of
ALT, 11 AY, OOlil
ought belore tlxe ac
)heap For Cash or
e; at Rock Bottom
our Spring Suit. Two piece Stii
made of "Milton Cloth." Eve
I Clothing
ing is famous in all the
>rity in style and fit and
2st tailors are employed in
ach garment is inspected
wilg a variety of styles
i big shipment of Hour this week
u money. Call and get our prio
ice-Morrow (
i H
QPaljra .
3. They are
t and freshliey
are the (j'
Jces nothing
espect. The
ere purchas- i
For Two Dollars you
can buy a pant to suit
the most fastidious
dresser, in the latest
patterns and weaves. '
At $3.00 ard $3.50
there is a complete
assortment of pat
terns and weaves and
sizes to fit any man
in the county.
ns a saving
HIVJE. ' sieet.
Greenville, S. C- 1(1800
General JVIert
1 vance.
J 1^SIM A "NTn ii ' I
,?. ? ? J. <1 >
on time.
"Y, S5- 1
ts arc all the rage and
ry suit guaranteed. It
that was bought 2
cs. { ' '
"omnai i

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