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... ?titiM6i-fan$L
?Go to R. C. Cartor for corn, oats
And bay.
?Rev. W. L. Boggs, of Greouville,
was in Pickens last week.
Ed. G. McDaniel, df (Mutfibio, is
on a visit to h nmnfnllaL-rf^fi Pinl/nno I
?Miss Marie Sittou, of EapW', is
visiting tbo Misses Aehmo/e this
?Tho Pickens Drug Co. bus just
recoived a full and complete line of
basq ball goods.
\ H "V*?Oapt. J. T. Taylor is in Nurtb
JCarolma *J>is week looking after bis
ruining interests.
?Misses Willie Mao aud Jcnnio
Ellis of Kasloy, aro visiting Mr. aud
Mrs. R. H. Curetou.
xt n m-.-i.. __- *? i-- - *
. 9 > ?v*. n. xuYior win ue m nis stuI
dio in Pickeus on Tuesday and Wed/
f\ ^l^day April 19th and 20th. '
*|f ? i j ^ . ,
I v ( ?rScarlet ftvor pas anpoarod in
\ Sicken?.. The. littl^ son of 13on A,
/ y HagoodhuB dovolopftd <6 cuho.
j \ ?Mil and Mrs. D. J. Carter, of
Vtlanta, are visiting tho latter's pprAir.
and Mrs. \V. 11. Aslimoro.
A-U. C. Carter has roccivod another
large shipment of corn, oats
and"Vfly to go at rock bottom prices.
?If you wanttho host buggy or
wagon for tho price go to 11. C. Carter,
Liberty'. Sold for cash or on
? Monday evening was onjoyed
fvery much by tho young people of
tho towu at au informal dunce at tho
Hiawatlin hotol.
?Tho Pickens Democratic club is
onl 1^/1 A x 1 - - ' 1
vwnvxi i v iiiuut lib l/UG COUll 11C)I)80
Saturday 23d inst, at 3 o'clock p. m.
C. E. Robinson, Pres.
I?Miss Hat tie Fredericks, Toccoa's
most jmpular young lady, hno re
- 1 ' -q a visit of several days to
Central, 8. C.~Toccoa
. .
ro will l-o a wedding nt the
Baptist church on tho fourth
y night, the 2-1 th inst.,jto which
luu public is invited. Seats reserved
for tho white folks.
pOn Monday the now town coun~*J
? cil loofe the oath of ofijou. Tho following
gentlemen will guard tho best
interests of tho town f^r tho ensuing
{ year: \V. T. RIcFall,! Iutendant; J.
MoD. Bruce, J. N. ifrilluin, I. M.
Mftuldiii "find -T Tlnfnn
?Married on Sunday, the 11th
inst., at homo of tho bride's father, fit
Norrifl, S. G., Mr. Wtn. H. Smith to
i* Miss Eva Robinson, youugeBt daughter
of Hon. T. Ohristio Robinson,
Rev. ,I>. W. Hiott officiating. Mr
and Mrs. Smith will mako their homo
in Pickens.
?Judgo J. II. Newton wns called
to Athena, Ga , Monday, on tlio roceipt
of a telegram announcing the
death of his brother, Julius Newton,
who is well known in this county. A
[ y few years ago the deceased married a
/laughter of Mr. Gideon Ellis, who
livos tin ) miles west of I'ickens.
1 ?Prof. C. 13. Martin gave a good
""'jrtfi'' *"??nt in the court honso on
.t&urduy night, to a fairly good audience.
There would havo been a
larger crowd, but many thought that
tbe loci ure would bo mainly relative
to eecr't orders and they did not attend,
thereby missing a great treat.
?Roddy K. Moon, principal of the
colored graded school in Pickens, ro
. cently stood tlio civil service examination
and has received his appointment
as tag<xer in the department of
animal industry, and left Monday for
St. Joseph, Mo., to take up the work
assigned him by the department of |
agriculture at ft salary of $750 a year.
i *
\ x'v?Wheat is growing rapidly since
the recent rains' and warmer weather.
Your correspondent puiied up somr.
stalks to examine the length of the
v % ' roots, thin wheat was sown the 25th
\ of November, and found the roots
\ six inches long and as fine as No. 70
Hewing thread. This is a proof that
soil for wheat should bo very finely
pulverized, so the fine thread-like
roots can get hold of the soil.
?Wo beg tlio indulgonco of our
loaders for our lack of reading matter.
Our columns sro burdened with
advertising for a fow weeks, and our
job department in crowded to sueh an
extent tlint wo cannot put tho timo
on tho paper wo wish to, but tho rush
of spring advertising will Boon be
over, and with the help of our cor,
/' respondents wo hope to got out tho I
bost weekly in the Piedmont.
? We, tho undersigned merchants
of Pickens, do oyroo to closo our
stores at 0 o'clock p. m. and keep
them closed the romainder of tho day,
commencing Slay let, and lasting
* , , until September 15th, Saturdays ami
salo days excepted: Fotger & Thorn*
ley, W. ^jt1. MeFall, Hoath-Bruco-Mor(
row Co., J. F. Harris, T. I). Harris,
uraig liros , K. Li. Cureton, II. A.
Kicboy, J. D. Moore, R. It. Ronrk.
? A fovv days ago tho dwelling of
Mrs. Myra Murphy of tho Twolvo
Mile section, was discovered to be
burning on tho roo., supposed to have
heon ignitod by a spark from tho
chimnoy. Her (laughter culled in
groat distress for help. .Sotno of tho
neighbors hoard tho cry, and reachod
tho homo in timo to extinguish the
J Mia. Murphy in in her 90th
r. She and hor daughter aro tho
-flampton school district No. 4G,
aid Keoweo district No. 42, havo petiioned
tho County Ji >ard of Education
to hold elections for lovying
special tax for school purposes. Tho
elections will be held in tho month of
Mnv With >
V..WV Wt?v/ mnuiViW, 1 IUKens
county will h?vo thirteen districts
levying special tax, ranking sixth in
tho commonwealth of Houth Carolina
in tho numuitr of districts that aro
willing to go down into their pockets
for tho support of ucation. The
time has como when Pickens county
getting in tho front rank in odu<.-a 1
affairs, and other counties of
'ate that havo been poiuting to
unity ah one of tho "hoosior"
">uld do w. ll to wake up
' the uid? of oducation
Daughters of Confederacy.
Tho Daughters of tbe Oonfederaoj
hold their nunual olcction of officers
Monday afternoon. The following
are tho officers for ensuing year;
Mrs. \V. T. MoFull, Pris.; Mrs. E.
A. Gilreath, Vice Pros ; Mrs. K. L.
uureton, fcocond Vice Tres.; Mrs. W.
H. Johnson, *LYoae.; Miss Mario Folger,
llec. See,; Mrs. C. E. Robinson,
Cor. Sec.; Mv3, W. E. Dondy and
Miss Essie Enrlc^ Hihvor'ftns.
Tlio Daughters aio denghted with
tlio Bvsceesa of "Tho Spinsters' ltotuiu,"
and the recoipts, amounting
to about $36, will bo dovoted to the
Con federate Veterans' Reunion, which
will bo held some time during the
month of Juno. Tlio occasion last
year was pronounced such a success
by all tlio old soldiers who attended,
that tho Daughters feel encouraged
to givo ft similar Voternns' .Day.
New Graded School Building.
Pickens is to havo ft modern graded
scln.ol building.
The Board of Trustees and tlio peoplo
of the town generally have realized
for some time the necessity for a
better building and equipment. At
the lust session of the Legislature, a
bill was passed allowing the town of
1'ickeus to bond itsolf in tho ?um of
$G,000 fur Behool purposes.
For some time location for tho now
building has beon a diflicult problem.
Tho Board of Trustees hold a joint
meeting with tho County Cotnmissiom-is
last Saturday afternoon and
the question of location wos very
wisely sottled.
The court house squaro contains
about three ucros and tho only building
on it is tlio court house. The
original intention of the County
Commissioners was to locato the jail
on the samo lot just below the court
hou8o. The jail, howevor, is very
conveniently-located where it is.
Tho County Commissione.iH disposed
of a part of the court house
square at n pood ndvantago to the
county, and tho town of Pickens will
place a building on tho square that
will bo an ornament to tlio town and
the county property. No more central
Inrmtinn fur 41>r? 1... I I.U .>.?
...V?v.v.j """ i,v>" uuiivmijj
could be found
A fow individuals tnay have Rome
apprehension about ho public a place
There need bo no fears that the attention
of pupils would bo attracted
by pnsst rs by on public days, as all
modern school buildings ? the kind
Pickens propoies 10 build ?aro s
constructed as lo ovcrccuuo just such
obstacles, The waiuscotmg is about
five feet in height and when pupils
aro seated there can bo no view or
interest in outside affuirs.
All in ali the location is an ideal
one and the transaction is a fortu
nato one both for thn nomit.v nml Mi?
From Central.
Health is not so gooil hero at tliit
Farmers have all about got in
tlioir guano, an<l aro planting corn
and thinking about planting cotton,
Wo had a nico littlo showor yesterday
which will make tho crab grast
come, and everything grow.
i cj 1-..
juaciLui ^uijiu in vuiJ lj?ii*?i, OUIJUliy
morning, but wasjblustery iu tho af
Capt. I. M. Mauldin and family,
and brother, Tom Joe. were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. L. Ross Eaton, Sat
urday ami Sunday.
Miss Nannie Young, a charming
young lady of Greenville, is visiting
relatives and friends at this pluce.
Hurrah for J. N. Morgan. If lit
can't fix a person up in shots in hi?
store, ho just sells tliein oil' his feet
Monday and Tuesday morningf
were regular winter-time mornings
hod plenty of frost and ice. I tliinl
if tho poach blossoms pulled througl
I his time there need not bo any dan
g?r of them being killed this year.
Wo would liko to know what hat
become of tho County Commissioners
They wore to bo down hero by Marcl:
15 with tho convicts to work tlx
roads, but t!>?<y haven't got hero yet
and it will soon be tho 10th of Apni
Thoy must remember they will waul
somo votes in August, and if the}
don't got these roads worked, I don'l
think they can travel.
Miss 10 in ma Parrott, of Six Mile
is visiting her sister, Mrs. S. It. Kelly
Mr. F. B. Morgan has a now resi
dent on tho west end of town nearlj
rror. a. js. tttaivoy lias been il
with la grippe, but is improving.
Mr. Grant, who lives on Clato Dob
Ron's place got his house burnei
Wednesday afternoon about4 o'clock
Ho was at work in tho blacksmitl
shop, and liis svifo was at tho k1io|
looking at a wagon ho was making
for tho baby, when nho saw the houst
it was fulling in. Tho b.xby wai
burned and four barrels of flour atu
all tho houso furniture.
Tho Presbyterian miimtor filler
his regular appointment Snoda;
night and doliverod an excellent sor
mon. His test was taken from 3i
chapt. and part of 18th verso.
lirown Eyes.
Notice to Democratic Clubs.
I riAmnAi'iiftA nlnhii
^V.MWV.MV*V W. V, ./u UUUU^llUUt L IC'K
ons county aro requested, pursnan
| to instructions from tl?o State Execu
tive Committee, to assemble at theii
respective mooting places on Satur
day, tho 23d day of April, 1904, fo
the purpose of electing delegates ttho
County Convention to bo hold a
Picbons, S. C., on Monday, tho 2m
day of May, 1904, which oonvcntioi
will elect delegates to tho State Con
vention and transact such other busi
iiess as may properly come bofor
tho body. Eaon club is urged t
send its full representation to thi
convention, as it is ontitlod theret
under tho party constitution now o
forco. Respectfully,
T. J. Mauldin,
April 1, 190'i. Co. Chairman.
Pneumonia May be Prevented.
If u cold lingers, tlioro is danger c
pneumonia. If In grippo loaves tho limp:
in nn inflamed condition, there is grcii
danger of pneumonia. Provent this fat*
dist'iiso by lining Rydalo's Klixir; \toim
colds quickly nnd leavos tho throat an
lungs sound. It is the host romoily fo
that peculiar inflamed condition of tli
lungs that so frequently follows la grij
This modern scientific throat and bin
remedy is a snfo romedy tor young nn
nlil. in nil tliwvdl ?i"l l??~
1?" ' ? "? "??b uiwbbki
Piokens Drug Oo., Pickoiw; W. A
Whcltlon, Liberty.
mwwi ii iiBiiigiiiMimm
From Rock.
' Mr. Editor: Pleaso allow mo spaCo
i- iu yoar paper for a fow lines, for I
; would writo nnd lot tho pooplo know
t how tho folks in this action are ^et
, ting along with their work. Most of
them have in their guano and souio (
, hnvo planted somo corn. 1,
Thero was ti meeting at Oolcuoy (
church Inst Saturday and Sunday, as
usual, aud thoro wero two good sermons
preached by tho pastor, llev. ?
VV. U. Seaborn. , ^
We all have a vory good Sunday ij
school at Oolenoy, but could bo made
better if tho old folks would come '
out more instead of lying around ly
homo in tho shade and talking about '
their work for tho next week, or olso
?M?t s*CT 1- - 1 ' "
ui1 guillj* 10 h00 uuout 11 until
Sunday. Mr. Editor, I beliovo hoiiic "
of tho farmers uro responsible for the ?
way their boys uro living. For I
beliovo they think more of their bot-\ll(
tie than they think of their Lord, y
knowing that they have to ineot him A
at tho judgment. Solomon says:
"Train up a child in tho way it should
go," and if wo believe tho lJiblo (hero .
must bo a broken link in tho chain
somewhere. But I believu wo liavo (
sonio good boys and girls. And the o
roason 1 bcliovo this is the company A
tliev kvop, and wo never see them
when they como to church standing
around in tho yard talking and laugh- ()
ing when Sunday school or preaching
it* going on. But sonio of them n
never think of Sunday school or any- V
thing else but getting with a crowd k
and getting a bottle of whiskey and
having a good time. I wish tho man
that makes whiskey would forget how j j,
to muke it and I guess it would be Sl
stopped then, but thoro isn't any u
danger in them forgetting how to
inuloi if. no l/??wv nn ?1....... : ...?I.:o
.v ??o uiriu la uiij tiling
to mako it out of.
Much success to Tlio Sentinel
Journal. S. G.
"I have used Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets with most, satisfactory
results," 8:tys j\lrs. F, L. Phelps, lionstou,
Tex. For indigestion, biliousuess
and constipation these tnblots are most
excellent. Sold by Pickens Drug Co..
and Eurle's Drug Store, Pickens; and
Hunter & Pickens, Liberty. ^
From Six Mile. J1
TT T _ * - *
ncro i urn again lo vo a tew (lots (
from our little burg this bountiful
morning. Tho ru:i is bright mnl I
am real glad to kno-v that the beauti (
ful spring is hero for wo have !ia 1 ho ,|
much bad weather; but it is nil for I
i tho beet. Wo havo to take it as il (
comes, wo can't havo our way ewrv i'
time. i j
Mr. and Mr?. M. C Fimlley, ?-f (
Stewart, were tho gin-sti of It. \V. > (
Willimon last Saturday and Suu.h.v. (
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. P. W 1
Willimon on tho '2d inst., a I'rio giil.
Miss lassie Alexander, of Stewait, |
and her sister, Lizzie, were the guests s
of their sister, Mrs. C. Ij. Willimon,
, last Sunday. ?
Peach and apple trees are in full
bloom. Wo poor folks h >po fur (
, plenty of fruit. t
Miss Emma Hendricks, of Kin^s,
visited the homo of Miss Sophia
, Mauldin, lust Saturday and Sunday.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Elzu
, Garrett was buried at Six Mile last ;
Easter Sunday was vory cool.
Mr. and Mrs. liobt. Miyildin visit*
, ed the family of F. K. Hendricks, of (
VValhalla last week. (
I saw in tho paper whore 15'by |
Boy said that he could not help work
r the roads for ho had paid his tax .
We don't know whether lie has or not t
, j we ha"e j Udt K"! his word for it. <
* I Harvey Ohai inan lost a li.io c >w '
. | last woek. '
, \\neat 1* looking lino in this *;cc- <
. tiou.
c Miss Mary Trotter left for Liber <
i ty lust Monday where eho will amko :
. her home. Her many friends lvgret ]
to see her go. j
) W. B. Norris made a 1I3 i1trip to 1
. Pickens last week.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Win. Harper, <?f the (
i Kings section, visited in <>nr seetion
, one day Inst week. Their many ;
. friends are always }.;lad to pie i.lu m L
' Health is v?;ry good at liiis writ-14
' incr.
t 7 |
'J lie writer had ih?' pleasure if],
visiting tho city of Pickens one ?Ik\ j
? I us t week.
Tho old ladies put iu {food time
planting bouns on i3ood Friday.
Tho farmers are getting a mow. on i
I them, putting in fertilizer ami planting
S. Ij. Richardson and wife, of West
I I'nion. were in this little huig last
Sunday. i
?' Old Kiddle. i
) . I
V 4 I. I V 1 *
, itwiiilliK l.l|l)lll 1(1 \ IlillllDITIIllirS I 1)111', j
3 Cholera and Diarrhoea licnitdy for 1
4 Rowel Complaints in Children.
1 "Wo have usod Chamberlain's ('olio, (
Cholera iiinl Diarrhoea Remedy in our
} family lor yo.us," says I\1 is..I . ii. Cooke,
of Noderlands, Toxrts. "Wo have given
* it to nil of our children. We have used
" other medicinoH for the sime purpose,
' but never found anything to equal Chamberlain's.
If yon will uie it as directed i
it will always cure," For Halo hy Tick- 1
ens Drug Co., and F-arle's Drug Store, !
Pickens; and Hunter ,V Pickens, Lib- i
t. Serious Stomach Trouble Cured,
I was troubled with a distress in my
r stomach, sour stomach and vomiting
. spells and can truthfully say I hat Chamj,
berlain's Stomach and Diver Tablets
cured mo.?Mrs. T. V. Williams, Dungs
' U..M/y M.-.l. fl'l 1-1 I I- --
uuih, miuii! iu??? liiunHM urn KU iran
teeil to euro ovoyy cnoo of stomach tr<<u
I l>!o of this character. For onlo by I'iok
i) ono Drug Co., ftncl Enrlo's Drug Store,
i. Pickens, oud Huntor <Sr Pickens, 1 jibnrty.
r..Langston & Nealey,. |
Handles a full line of $
Dry Goods, Groceries ?
and Produce. ??
MM VJil V UlVy (V v.illl <11 IV I CC
n >/ be convinced that I can ?<r
d >S sell you as cheap as Mr, <<r
>. ff llrlng inn vonr rroiluon. Vx
i* Vx Will pay Jil|j)i?nt prlco, 11
i ff CmhIi or llnrter. A rliin o \\
u vV of jrour putrouHge iollol> 7/
... 1
Clerk's Sale.
County of Piokeue. S
In Common Pleas Court.
In pursuance of Decretal Orders nil
)nlera of Foreclosure lnmlo in tlio fo]
awing stated easo ami oil iilo in tli
Jlerk'n oillco, twill soil to the higher
idder on
t Pi?'kens Court IIouso, S. C., durini
lio legal hours for sale, the followiiij
esoribed Ileal Estate upon the term
ereiuafter mentioned, towit:
Yalter Tj. JJjg^s, ^
Against r Decretal Order.
. W. 6h Prop, ot al j
Tit ACT NO. J.
All that piece, parcel or tract of lain
ear the town of 1 liberty, in the Count,
f l'iekeus an 1 State of South Carolina
n waters of Ooldeu's Cr.;ek and con
tilling Thirty (MO) acres, more of less
iljoiuing lands of Robinson oh'ate, K
V. Clayton, deceased, and estate of ?j
.dison JJogg.-, deceased,
All that piece, parcel or tract, of lam
l said State and county, near the towi
f Liberty, and on waters of (iolden'
'reek, containing Nino ('.>) ac.re.t, nior
r less, adjoining IokIh of Ch luiblin. .1
.ui-ou Jiopjgs siml other*;.
'I RAO L' NO. :i.
One-third interest in u lot in the towi
f Liberty on South <>r L'Vont Street
>iit;iinin<; One ami Otm-Half < I \) acres
l<>iv or it;.4s, adjoining lands ol' \V. ()
Millard and Mrs. I. N. Smith, am
nown as the old School House let.
T nns one half cash, balance on i
reilit of twelve imuitus, with inferos
roin >l:iy of do so"iired by bond of 111<
uro.haser and a mortgage of ihe preini
c s. Purchasers to pay for all paper:
ml for roc irdiug tlie same.
Tli t'-rms must ho e"inpli<d with n
no hour or tin; promises will be resell
u same day.
J. IJO(H?S, [Sr. Ah. |
Clerk <>i C'ouit Pickens (Jo.
Clerk's Sale.
County of I'.rims. \
In Common ?'.?:.> Convl.
Tn puvsunneo of 1) r !.i' i>nlr>r? nm
)i*<l?*r? of J'or'jcl'^nr ', m u!.- in tlu> I'ol
Dwin^ ?t (oil o is<>. mil <>h nlo in tlx
''lork'H < llico, I will < \\ lo tin- li j;hes
iililor, on
t Pick- :is Court lion:-, S. < .. <tn:in:
Mi? I hours fur ? !<>, :'n- i .il' wir y
Ic.M'.rilxHl lltvd lvs!iit<> upon !iO It-mi
i< 1(4iialtor mentioned, towit:
I. M-O. Hnieo, ) , . . ,
. , ' I .1 ll(ll^tn;'IU ': I
Aj'suiihS > . ,
i i, ,i i t I -nr
U.r. th i l!u:it< r. )
Mi that eorlain ] i? ??, p t1 i d l<>
>f land in Stulis ami ('utility il' ?r -Mid
ii <. 'entral Towns'> ip, ad j< i 11 vjj I In1 I mil
d John lluiiti r, Wash lluuWr. Hii li n
i i! lit ins and Hamilton, ooi.taium
i"wi'htV ('JO l iimv;. )>.iin i> Hi- ; ''1
itr.' til** simo land to 1110 li
j,v fathor, William lluutor."
'lVniH c s!i ou day of srdo. I'ui
liasor to pay for all pap v ~- ami looon
ng t iio same.
Tlii* tonus must t o oompli< <1 wit(i i
)iio hour or tlm premise.? will ho resol
ju saiuo ilay.
A. .1. lUHKiS, | Skau |
Cleik of (' >i;rl I'iokons Co.
(Jlork\ Nuio.
County of I'irkoti*. \
I u Common Pl> as Court.
In pursu moo of Drontal Onl is an
)i*ilnrs of I-'on olosuro ado in (Ik; fo
owing stated c;iso, :.m1 oil i'l". 11 111
rM*?i'K**'v; i ;i! . ..n .
v....... , i ..in i n i'j nui m ;icf
mlder, on
SALES!) AY IN MAY, 1S)!?1,
it Piokons Court iiou-u', S. hirin
lie legal liours for sale, (lie followiu
Itwcnihcil il^t..t.> u{ <';i tin: t -ilii
it lvinuftrr nu".i.ium .1, !o\>.l:
l'\ A. Pauiols, >ii i ,
Agftii.Ht ( Judgment of
J. W. & C*. L. Join,son, S 'i":';u?
All that m i tain tr?ef, p,iic 1 or pice
>i" land, lying in I'.o'.miH county tin
State aforesaid, 1*.is->\v:i as the .1 litis.)
j>!a'*(\ eon'aiuiug '! \v > Hundred nr.
Sixty-Five ("20"m :i;"ivs, more or le.s
liaving tin) hounds described ill pi;
made by t. J. (.J.uvin, Survivor, <
I'olii unry :i 1 -1. H7 1.
Term* on . a\ of *;a!e. I'.u. !.: .
lo l)ilV for nil itaOii!iii.! I i > <
Tho tcrnm "in-t l>o < >in;< i ! uitli i
mo lionr or i 111; jiro.iii.i'-s will bo iv.-sul
>u s.iinc dny.
A. J. liOC.C.S, -:.i
('lork of (\>ait 1' nki-ns (' ?.
Notice ol tieciion.
On p;t itiuu i f I l;c < ! ct. rn :u.
wlcis of Koiiwcc school tlis'i'iul Ni
12, 'ill election irt oi (let e.l !>) l)D In !
il Kooweo church on ftaiui iluv, !\!a
7, to vole on a speeiiie<l levy of t\v
mil's on ail prop -rty uitliin the 'lit
I rid. l'tills toopi-n nt '2 oV'oi'k j
in., anil close n( oVIook. i li<< pivt
Til I>.?;ii'i| of Tr::.;tocs load as mm
ignis of iIn; ( U'. : i in. Tim ilvdi.
Id l?! c iniliic.ii il !irc')filiii<^ (o rnlinul
rpguliiliijiH laid il iwii in s-.t 1:
1 ?y order of (' ?unlv l>; <?r>l of 1'. 1
nation. II. i'. I!.ilium,
Apr. (i'.io. ("llflil iii;ii\
\ ii t ii n :i<-cii; i" 11 h fur I'nn :ri- fur I!
I liiril I'liiu'ii- -i Hi'il I>Im|ri?*i < ;1.1 im s.. i. h>
froiiillio 11 iLfliI i .Imliriiii I'liiMiii. iiml l"i n
"fillIlly nil i-s Vi'l!: In- iliMTldl IIi:<lor I lii lli'ii
in;: 11<>iu m'iu n nl iI l in' i*i iniiir.N ! . ? l it.- lor 11
<n m <il I I V K IiOI.IjA Kx , i 'n<-!i?. tit l lie I i i n- I!
inilicc i llnii.li -1 in. Nn ilcviiuion from Ui
rule will lie iiiiulc.
ror siici iir.
I hereby announce nv.M'.f u en i i< I it J?. I o for l!
itlice ol !? ! ill" of I"ii ki'ii- ui ty snhjcl 1
tin* net ion (if the Democratl |?.i: < \ i . I' I'i
nutry election. i. l'i:.\Nk I.dmim.I;
'I lie iiimiy rrie:i(ls of \ i! M Nl.l.lloU
i c.-pect I'l;. I y IIIIIKMIIII'O llilll II ( !( :.| ItlatO I.
SV.erilV of l'ii-kc's county. ui^i I I the act;
hi (lio u|i|>ronc|il:i^ 1 )cn:<>< ;n11- primary.
I hereby announce Iiiyst*'I ? <*>tIi<Intc for t!
nttlco of Slifiilf of l'icki,;i roiiuty. ?ul.jt
tin- action of the Deiiio'rut!'- party in tne p
linn y election. >1. t' .1 KN N I Mis.
i or i'i c.'Ihiii ?r.
At tho olicitatIon of m few fiieii'1 s, but mo
to my own notion. nn>l in liinci' with i
own ile.iire, I iiiiiio'iikc i.iytelf : <ni: 1 i< 1 utc t
Treasurer o< rickcc* t .uinly,: nbji > ! t.i tin; .
tion of the Democratic iniin .i) election
.i. i). Mnoi:i;
For Supers lnor.
I lit?ro'?>* Announce myself ? candidate for
election i<> the otlh e of County Suitorvisoi
I'li-kfiis county. mihjeet to the action of t
Democratic pr.rtv in the piiniar- election.
i, i>. s'ri;i'iii'.n^
For Cotinlj ('omiiilHKioDor.
The many friend* of N li MOoiM). respi'
fully announce lilm .1 candidate for the >t:,
of Commissioner of l'ickcns county, suhlei 1
the action of the Voters in the Democratic 1
mdry election.
Fur Coroner.
Hy the solicitation of ninny friend*, 1 lierr
announce myself a candidate lor the olllcc
coroner of Pickens counly, subject to the
lion of the Democratic voters at the approa<
inx primery election
Very respectfully,
W. A. LA I: K
Vt ihn *
... .m inn ii v irlVIHIK I IIOK
nnnounco inyM'if us n eithilkinlc fur iho oil
if Coroner of I'lrkeiiH county, Kuhjc. t to I
nrtlon of tl?o iKsmoorotfc |inrly in tin- upproii
I lift primary KlCC'ttoll. J. LliVi SAN Dl.IU
' I ! I ?& JLl 111 V
f? i
r> 3
^ I
11 c Hi
., -w-w ?. W A m JL JL 4-^ VI A
;: f
: | =
i | Sometimes L sympathize wit
>1 ij
who havn't "Money to Burn"
economy, that "A Dollar Savec
to know just where to spend tt
greatest results. This is all du
M 13 ?
j| jj are sent up by the different ad1
no larger than a gimlet will te]
i i| ho has the largest stock in the 1
1 0
low, hut I'll say no more along
you about
Our Great Wash Goods Sale.
While in New York I attended the greatest
t { clean-up sale by one ol the world's largest houses,
secured case after crts ; of merchandise actually ber
low cost of manufacture, 1 was the only Greenville
t . tj # #
merchant at this sale, consequently there is no chance
to (limlif'I I"|' Inwoiti" ' C
- - v?^?t 111^ u<ii mu ii5, ivccn.1 every line 01 tins
ad. carefully, bring this sheet with you and call for
the things on it, that you arc interested in, and if
you fail to find a single thing advertised, you will
'.{ receive a $10 bill, don't wait, or put it oft, come first
1 | chance.
I I 3,000 Yards 8 l*3c. Nadrass
'! I Ginghams at 5c.
,||S I KlC lr\t 4-K ^ *- * ? T ~ 1 ' 1 1
1^...., v*d?iiv* Hum Luc sine i auenueci,
others licrc retail them at HMc, they even ask you
6 y?c ror common Calico, this Madrass Ginghams 5c.
I 50 per cent Saved Here.
We have on sale 2,000 yards very fine Count
l' ? Madrass, 1 ic;"ht and dark colors, elegant for waists,
o | lull suits, mens shirts or ehildrens dresses, a genu|
ine 15c. cloth, our price 10c.
Spring Prints at 4 cents.
These, goods are retailed at 5c. everywhere,
that's just the reason I am selling them at 4c.
1 I Pique Bargains.
,l i| 1,800 yards figured Piques, white ground.
black and colored figures, 32 inch wide, some of
1 them worth 12J2 and 15c, my price on lot 8J/3C.
, ; 12 1=2 cent Percales at 10 cents.
Tlu; Springs most substantial and prettiest designs.
3-4 27 inch Percales, fast colors at 5c.
<: p The Royal Worcester Corset, The
,1 I Best 011 Earth.
n !1 They comc in all lengths, shapes and materials,
*"; N whatever yon pay lor Royal Worcester, yon get bet<
y ter material, service and wear comfort than tor any
other corset. Beautiful straight front goods in
1 >aiiste for summer wear at 50 cents. Ali the new
shapes in better goods, Princess 1 lip, etc., at $i.co
- | The Free Trip to St. Louis I
you purchase you will be g
chance at this ticket. This oil
men! alone, so the chances aga
| i' i ]i n rvf lor AUUU ron/ln flvnAn .
i j. v -i j v y ui iul v v tu. ii J.c.iv.10 UH1 U IJ i. L i
lici\*o tlie opt ion of its cquivalc
and got your coupons. We s<:
; | price in 1 ho city. Visit our Si
I 1
I Come to Greenville's Greatest and M
TV *8 Jk
J. Thos. An
. i ^ ji*:'
ro =
h customers. ]M"a
Pill rns 1 ir/o *1 V> r\
? v - j. j. UI1VJ j
I is a Dollar Made
ieir money ia ordc
.e to a multiplicity
vortisers. A man
LI you in spread e;
Pi t~/\7" "\7Tvn cIt 1 "
J J w U. OliWllJAX
that lino, I starl
1> Here's s
2000 yards 2q inch Fen
S with beautiful colored desis
vjl Arnold's price 3 3-4 cents.
\ Regulation Pric(
a Before other stores qi
^ to know what "Arnold ask
L by the forelook and bou<;
last Fall to do me through
.-* <? ninitu. > i<> io yam
ll'UKllls relit-.
:< > inch Sen Islam!, full idcces. per
yard 0 rents
Apron and Dress Cherks a! Sets.
JL Lowest prices on b <
Big Sving on
if As the old saying go
II -i 1,1
^ way me wina Dlows. Th
if pen sables that all are coi
p might as well save on then
If paid more:
? 10 cents Finishing bratil. white mi'l
m colors, n cents.
M 5 rents Finishing ltrniit, \xhito an<l
cents IViirl Buttons, si/.es 10, ;>
U r> rent 'I'll!eunt l'owder, por !ms. I< j
% The above only indie
rcf Notion Department.
J Big Sale Col<
% Lot i fine 15c Batiste
C ,oc\ _ , .
^ tics worth up to 20 and 25
S Given Aav
We ifive away free
Painted Chinaware; with
up you are entitled to a pi
you nothing. W e simply
here instead of Qoino' c i:
in with us you will stay.
No Trouble to
^ Just about halfway tl
# ioc. store, and my sign hr
j street upon which is \vritt<
% Wffl.
iven a con | >on en
or is con lined It
inst yon \vi 11 not
all depart men i s. 'I
:nt in cash if prei'i
ill yon tho besi
100 Department.
ost Attractive Store to d
io!d Coi
II I cr c
?IIP f'lIM I ' nzr.T
-il_. V-T ;)
' Store.
iturally people
great secret of 1 1
are puzzled
)r to reap the
{ of shou ts that
. with a store
iglc terms tliat
PASS" thatfel- 3
eel out to tell y>
i Snap. 1 B
way Lawns, light grounds |j BB
gns, last colors and coo),
j on Domestics. j fm
lote these goods they like \ H
s" for them. I took time I
;ht ( nough of thoe goods
:!f iii' h >? .? !*rs. s'jkM'.v soiled
(.mill S|iti'.iJ.r I' I i 111 > ! ( ! viii.! I i-is
lioml A |?r<?:i < i itin ii > ill 5 ? cuts
Little Things. llj
I |
U' I (Ills Ml t ' *1 \ : III' llCHl . ."> ?'!lls
<-ont" Mji'i-iy i. n*. m-i'oiiiI si; 3<\
!... lie- lit ' ill - hii ltil l.t'fr ! lot's II. tr.
ored Lawns.
, beautiful colorings, price
.Icred Swisses, one Dimi
ay Free. j lp
of cost Beautiful Hand
do this to jLjct you to conic
Find my Store. illl
m^s squarely arr<<ss the rj?MH
jn, "1 his Is Arnolil's."
each |)c\ 1 r Slioi
1 i 1 1 i I1 \'nn 1 n - SEJ&5H
-V."-11*.11i - L? -1'.^1VI

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