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* '
From Norris.
Pickens Sentinel-Journal: With
sorrow wo ohroniole the death of
Miss llossio Garvin, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Garvin, which
occurred Saturday night tho 22d
in8t., after a few hours illness of
acuto indigestion. She was buried
Suiiday afternoon at Ruhama
church altar funeral services conducted
by the pastor lie v. E. At tawny,
assisted by lie v. B. J. Johnston
. A large concourse of sorrowing
friends and relatives attended
Words fail to describe tho lovoly
disposition and tho womanly attributes
possessed by the deceased.
While she was only in her fourteenth
year, kIio had Bcorea of
friends and was oatcenied us a fatforito
by all of them; a faithful,
truthful, obedient pupil in school,
and an affectionate, obedient daughter
in the home. Sympathy of a
host of friondtus extended tho bereaved
family, to whom wo would
sayt/'Sho is not dead, but sloepeth."
And wo remember that "God
shall wipe away all tears," and we
rcspect ''Thy will be done.''
Your correspondent is requested
by the parents to express heartfelt
thanks to all those who kindly
ministered unto thorn during thbir
sad affliction, also to tender thanks
to the attending physicians, Drs.
Shirley and Wyatt, who rendered
most faithful service.
E Pluribus Unum,
From Long Branch.
The beautiful spring ban come at
last with her birds and llowors,
and the young men and maidens
with cheerful fucos and sweet
smiles seem to enjoy the lovely
music oi nature.
The Sunday school at Long
Branch is gotting along nicely under
tho supervision of N. B. Moore
and his assistants.
Airs. J. II. Falls, of Seneca, vinjted
the families of J. M. Laurence
and E. I J. ltamsay, recently.
Miss Laura Laurence is vifiting
her brother, Kov. J. H. Laurence,
of Canon, Ga.
Mrs. Adeline Laurence has been
seriously ill, but ia improving, Wo
hope she may soon recover.
The farmers in this soction are
moving along rapidly with their
work. Some of them are ready to
plant some cotton seed.
The wnt/Whad tho pleasure, ro?
^ cwtltly, of visiting tho family of B.
F. Douthit, of Anderson county,
and was much pleasod with that
section ol the country.
Our teacher, who is attending
the I'ickons Graded school, visited
his parents on the 1st inst.
Ilalph, the little son of W. It.
Laurence, is improving from hiw
recent attack of pneumonia.
isost wishes to Tho SentinelJournal.
Easley. R. F. D. 1.
Oh, hoys and nirln did you all
know it was April? And time to
get April fool- '
Iloallr. ?.s very good at present,
.... ? its far as I know.
Everybody is in a strut about
trot i 11 iff fMionA r%*wl J? a\.
n ?guuuu nuu uuiu ill IUU
ground, they don't know what to
do first.
Miss EHio Jameson has the
mumps, but wo hope she will soon
be woll.
Mrs. Luhi Smith visited her
parents, Mr. unci Mrs. 1\ i). Dncus,
Sunday the 3d.
Some say put in a biir nron of
, o r " ~
cotton; I say i>ut in a big crop ot
corn. JJettcr plant some potatoes,
for tlioy aro scarce now, you know.
Mrs. Ross Smith, of tho Leuhardt
section, lias boon very sick,
bat i? up again.
Say, Pansy, aro you suro that
gourd holds 11 gallons? Did you
soe it or hoar of it? You know it
is said boliove nothing you hoar,
and but half you hoc.
Somo ono of Mica naid Forest
Hopkins killed and dressed a pig
without hia fatlior's assistance, but
I guess his mothor was nearby.
Well, readers, writo something
interesting if you can, for I can't.
I do onjoy roading the good old
picoop; I don't think wo could do
without Tho Bontinel-Journal.
J would writo more, hut my foot
is asleep. Ann Freezer.
To Have ami lo Hold.
To liuvo find to hold n boautifid complexion
in dosirml l>y every woman,
young or old. i*'mv woman nro bh'Huod
with natnro'fl mont dottiml aiff.?n cnn<l
complexion; but overy woman oan improvo
her complexion l>y the judieiona
une of Kydftlo's Liver Tablots. Tnoso
tablets prevont the blood beet ?>ing ladened
with bilo whioh depoaita in the
akin luyevfl, eauaing that muddy appearaneo
called ft bud complexion. They
mako tho akin clear and white, the oyea
bright, tho atop bouynut. Fifty Chooolato
Coated Tablets in each box. Price,
'2.r> centa per box. Pick en a JJrug Co.,
Pickena; W. A, 3holdon, Liberty.
nioiiiornl IHotliorH 1
Flow many children nro nt thia hoiihou
fovoriflli and oonntipntod, with had stomach
and hondnchn. Mothor Oray'fl
Hw<*ot Powdors for Chidrcn will nlwayn
ourd. If worcnH aro prosont thoy will
removo them. At nil druggist# 26 ctH.
Hampllo mtulod FREE. Addro?H, Allen
y, QJjiwtod, Lo Hoy, N, Y,
. , (
' 'J
Pickens R. F. D. No. 2. t?
Everything in this section seems do
to be quiet at thin timo, except t'1
the old Rob Whito and the Whip- Pfl
porwill, as they have commenced r,l
their spring chat. ?f
The old man and the boys comes ^h
in and says they are tired of
smelling so much guano, and the A1
old woman and the girls have ru
boon quarrelling about what kind
of trimming they are going to use
on that new drops, and bisj is lookmg
cross-eyed at me because I
won't go with her to church Sunday.
So it takes all this to mako
up a lively family, so don't think
hard of mo. tl1
The farmers of this section are
putting guano in the ground in a ho
hurry and some of them have be- ^
gun to plant corn. cn
J. E. Garrett has troated himseli
to a fine young mule.
G. N. Garrett and family, of tho
Ilughoa section, visitod J. H, Iliggin9
Sunday. C(l
I gno'is wo aro going to have
good roads in the Six Mile section
now, as Old Riddlogavo theCoun- ,lc
ty Commissioners a fow laws so 01
that we can got our chickens and
eggs off to markot. ^ * 1
I want to say a few words on
whiskey. Why should we as per- * 1
foct followers of Christ not say
something against tho groat monster?
This writer was in Pickens ^
court week and went up in the
court hoiiso and saw tho judge ',fl
tviau RphfniiCA 011 il tin n n fni- anlliim I yc
, - ..I... '"' ""fS ..
whiskey, and when I oamo down I
saw a man go into the dispensary 111
and buy whiskoy; and turned and rc
saw another man staggering across 8W
the street with a largo amount in 80
his pockets and no tolling how
much he had in him. And as 1 -s''
came home I saw that man on the
road side not able to get home. 1
have often wondered how it was
that the men of the court could
pass a sentence on a man for selling
whiskey and the State guilty
of the same crime. I want to say
llmt fi<n no :- i-?
vii??v vuu miatu id uo w 11 t'jr 1 Ji wh3 "J
sight of God as the man that sen- a
tence is passod upon. w
Tho day is soon coming when W(
tho sentence will he passed on the to
State by the Judge of all nations, al
and if wo don't hold up our hands
against it all \yo can we will bo in de
tho ring too. Farmers Boy. th
? ag
Knob Dots.
The health of the community is th
very good except ft fo.v cases of
mumps and whooping cough. F<
We have been having some beautiful
wonthor for farming, but the
past few days has been wot.
The farmers planted some corn IK
the past weok.
II, B. Waldrop is the champion nn
flllinri rdioor it. 4liio
?..igvy? Ita l*UO acwiuu* ^.J
Mrs. R. R. Waldrop vieitod Mr. tin
and Mrs. V. S. Jones recently.
\V. E. Jones, of Stewart, visited (j,,
at \V. R. .Jonos' last week.
Mr and Mrs. II. H. Tjyncli, of
Knob, visitod at A. K. Edcns' last tai
Sunday. "J,
Misses Nora and Dora ISdens, of Hi
Chnstain, spent awhile with Mr. jjj'
and Mrs. A. L. Edens, of Knob, &
last wook.
Littlo Eslev. better known as ?
Bub Lynch, of Knob, got his f"Ot l
mashed very bad last week by a I
carriage wheol running over it.
W. E. Edene, jr., has just returned
from a brief visit to Washington,
I). C.
II. II. Lynch is enlarging his
storo Iiouho for bin new Spring
goods. Beauty.
A Thoughtful Man.
M. M. Austin of Wioobeeter, Ind.,
know what to do in tho hour of need.
Ilia wifo had flncli an uuusual case of
stomach and liver trouple, physicians
could not holp her. EIo thought of and
triod Dr. King's Now Life Pilltf and elio
got relief at onco and was finally cured. ?
Only '25c, at Pickens Drug Co.
From Wattacoo. ^
Spring is bore, or it looks that
wuy to B(0 the buds on the trcos &
coining out.
The farmors aro getting a moyo
on ther.i in the wuy of farming.
James Duncan has moved back
to Bolton where be will bo welcomed
by a host of friends.
Tho many friends of Laura Barker,
daughter of Calvin and Lou
Cission, were called on to disinter
hor body at the requost of hor
mother. It seom9 that Laura's request
was to bo buried by the side
of hor father, but from some causo
it was not done, and her mother
has not been Biitisfied about it, so
on Friday tho 1st inst., 'ier body
was taken up and reintorred by tho
side of her father. Sho had b?on
doad two years and five months.
Woll, Coi.y, if you And tho ^
County Commiselonorrt' graven
and want sonic wiro, just sing and
pafia tho hat around and if it cornea
near mo, I'll put in a mito, though
I don't think they aro dead, but
are down with the trembles.
Farmer Boy wants a |2.Q0 road 4
x on the 18-year-old boye, yet be
n't want that boy to vote foi
nt tax but wants him forced to
ly it, which puts tho white boj
?ht down with the negro. I air
)posed to boy8 under-21 working
0 public roads or paying tax ou
eiu. One dollar poll is enough
tx the property and the man thai
us from one to thirty wagons and
will keep up tho roads.
1 think Homo will have a hnrc
inu lu l,,H wonu s uair in
nt sovon gallon gourd, as ho is ?
15 poundor, Shorty.
Makes a Clean Sweep.
There's nothing like doing a thin*
orouglily. Of all tho salvor you evoi
ard of, Bncklon'o Arnica Salvo is tin
at. It sweeps away find euros bums
ros, bruises, cut.'*, boils, ulcors, skit
uptl as and piles. Ii'h only 25o, am
aranteeil to give satisfaction, by IMok
s Drug Co,
. Fortner Items.
Our vicinity is progressing nicoin
tho oxceleior part of Pickont
Onv f/ur/ln?\o MfA?n f1 ?4
? v - h?.iv4vu o HUIU III^UIVUU" IMB1
mday with March in April, but
(verthelobS, wo hope to givo visit
a a mo68 of beatiB the Inst of May
Well, Mr. Editor, what about
aiiHy'8 gourd? lie beat me foui
Jlons right on the start; but now
niHy, allow me to congratulate
>u for making room lor my'comin
ion in tho voyage down th<
iesiesippi to tho World's Fair,
Well, Blue Eyes, I am a new
md at tho bellows, but 110 doubt
u strike at me for tho snako in
o clock. I am not very snak}
yaelf, but M. V., the former cor
spondont, reports that tho snakt
'allowed tho clock and wont
uth to establish a clock firm. Sc
>u may bo assured that M. V's
leucedoes not mean forgiveness
V. A. Rigdon, the noted huntei
this community, declares thai
e rabbits lmvo increased theii
>eed since last spring; but he
its them just tho same.
Jamos Friddle, sr., a noted faror
of this section, has purchased
uoo cultivator with nine plows
hich makes the improvement
9 all need. Mr. Fruldlo intends
commence planting cotton seed
)out the 10th inst.
I don't know, hut I am porBuasd
to boliove from obscivation
lit those hells will soon rin?
;ain and groat be the ring.
Prof. J. M. Fortner will teach
e Qrove school this summer.
T. W. Masters visitoa A. B
irtnpr Iftof-. ftiin'lou
?? ? "J .
Long live Tno Sentinel-Journal,
ware of Ointincuts for Catarrh thai
Contain Mercury,
mercury will Hurely destroy the 8onfi<
nrnoll ami completely derango th<
lole system when ontering it througl
n mucous 8tu faces. Snch artiolef
ould never bo ur.cd except on presort p
ins from reputable physicians, as tlx
inago they will do in ten fold to tin
od you nan possibly derive from thou
ill's Catarrh Curo, man n facto ro-1 hj
J. Chonoy &. C<\, Toledo, O., cou
us 110 mercury, and in taken internally
ting directly upon the blood au.l mil
mm Hunucos ot tno system. In bnyinf
ill's Oat mil Curo l>o sure yon got tla
imiuo. ft is taken internally auc
ido in Toledo, Oltio, by F. J. Cbeue}
Co. Testimonials freo.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills aro the best.
|Q What J. D. MOORE
1 am buying Produce
J^ggf, liooswnx and Raw H
prices you can soo, if you <1<
cash, tlmt'8 tho way to mal<
at a low down prico, a lot
Sugar, Coftee,Flour,Soap
on the Old Man Monro. R
ntiU hero.
J. D
I ust Re
;! Anothe
5 of all kindj
J cenl
;! Another Fresh Bi
; Just R
;! A Large Lot of V
j| UUVl\CUf| Clt.,
ppp|ipipfjpimni ii nm'i" 1 "I
* *
Bethlehem Dots.
Mro. S. A. Ilopor and fuur children
were the m?e?ta of her daughter, Mr<?.
Arthur Rnmm.v Inaf. w?..lr
I Mip. Jessie Chandler visited bor
sister, Mrs. Hampton Lloper, lust Saturday
nnd Sunday.
> The farmers nro very buay putting
? in guano.
, Bull- r Ilopor haB treated him?elf
, Co a new top buggy. Look out girls.
Miss Ola Major eloped a very ?uo
1 cessful school at Bothlebem sohool
I house lost Friday. i
1 Mrs. NV. M. Graut, is vory sick at
. ibis writiug. A Friend.
| Ruhamah Dots.
Mrs F. E. Smith is quite ill.
A. E Owen, of thtV section, lias
' In en quite sick, l.ut is improving.
1 F. \V. Itampey lias purchased a
i Dow top buggy. Look out girls this
' is not limp your for him.
C D. (Jui.troll of this place, loft
huru tlio 2il, fi?r Ix'xiu^ton, N. 0..
? whoro lio will oversee, a largo farm
r for D K. Cecil.
3 O. M. Owen, of thin Boetion, is
j visiting relatives in Qroeuvillo.
i I think that B. in about right on
" (ho road question. I sav lot tho man
that weaiB out tho roads koop thoni
in good traveling ordor
Tho farmers of this suction sr.'
" making things move on tho farms
i Getting ready to plant some more
15 cent cotton, hut I am afraid tliv_\
will plant too tnueh. W. C.
V Great Sensation.
Tliero was a big aeusation in tieesvillo,
* Iud., when W. U. Brown of that ulna.'.
i who was expected to die, Und bin lifo
Huvetl by I)r. King's Now Discovory for
Consumption, Ho writes: "I endured
insufferable agonioa from Astluuna, but
I your New Discovery guvo nio immediate
roliof and noon thereafter tfftioteil ft cm'
plete cure." Similar cures of Consump)
tion, pnoutnouift, bronchitis and grip uro
uuinorous. It's the peerless remedy for
all throat nntl luug troubles. Price 50c,
' and $1.00. Guaranteed by Pickens
i Drug Co. Trial bottles freo.
| Golden Creek Hems.
The farmers in this section are getting
along fino with thoir work. All
* are about through putting in guauo
i an 1 Home uro planting corn and a
i few cottou soc <1.
The recon t frc st has lilltd the
i peaches. r
Preachinr* af Gnld*m lnol Hnn.
. day by B. (J. Atkinson to a largo an- ?
. dienco. Preaching at Golden first
Sunday and Saturday before.
Tho members of Golden Greek
) church are requested to meet on Saturday
bofore tho first Sunday in noxt
. month to attend to sotno important
I business. E. II. G.
! Weak? I
44 I suffered terribly r?nd was ex- (
treinely weak for 12 years. The t
i 'ioctors said my blood was all |
r H turning to water. At last I tried |
| Ayer's Saisapurilln, and was soon |
B feeling all riglit again."
t P Mrs. J. W. h'iala, Hadlyme, Ct. j
No matter how long you B ^
have been ill, nor how I
poorly you may be today, 1
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the g
best medicine you can a
take for purifying and en- I .
| riching the blood.
I Don't doubt it, put your 8
! | whole trust in it, throw R
i jj away everything else.
' I SI.OO a bottle. All druttUU. U
Ask your doctor what ho thinks of Ay?r'a B
I .Haraaparllla. II* know* all about thl* grand B
> B old family modlctne. Follow hla ad*lc? and H
| we will b? aatlaflnd.
J. 0. Arts Co., Lowell, Mui:
Trespass Notice,
j I hereby forbid any person hunting,
) fishing, cutting timber, picking berries,
I or in any way trespassing on my lands.
r TreapaFKers will be puniHlied to the fullest
extent of the law.
Mrs. E. M. Join s,
m9it. Kings, S. O.
at tlio corner store han to any.
? every day, Your Chickens,
id?>B. Bring to mo then my
>n't want trade I will pay you
:e things last. A lot of 8hoos
ol' Dry Goods rnd a heap of
and Washing Powders. Call
emeniber the Moat Markot in
Yours truly,
r Line of
? and prices
t to $1 i I
r' 21
irrel of Castor Oil !; Jj(|
Received. !; < tr'
!; 80
Fresh and Good.
> )
. ..... . ?^ 1
? * " & . ~f .. >
francos Moore, of Clarksdale,
ton* Had drip and Pneu
sumption. Both'
Pure M<
Frances Moork.
" I caught cc'.I and had grip, foil
lungs. Pnoumor.'u sc; in and my doctc
sumption. A cousin urged 1110 to try D
cured hiui of pnoumc.iia. Boforo I had
hopeful. I was Br much bailor at the on<
Fivo bottloa completely cured 1110. I ti
huskv man, able to do a hard (lay's work
W HlSKKY saved my lifo and I recomiw
It. IX
The only way to cure grip, brone
and all lung and throat troubles la to ki
drive them out, and to build up and strei
The Only Certain C
Duffy's Is a gentle invigorator, tonic
stimulant, -which curiclios ami purifies
blood, strengthens the circulation, aids
gestion bo that you can got from food all
nourishment it contains. It tones up
nerves and heart, invigorates tho mua
and roplacos disoasod tissues.
For CO yoars, ovor 9,000 doctors and
pitalshavo proscribed and used Duffy's I
Malt Whiskoy for all disoasod, weakoi
wasting conditions. It is invaluable
ovorworkod, run-down mon, delieato woi
and sickly children, and iu malaria and
low fovora. Contains no fusol oil, and is
only whiskey recognized by tho Govornn
as a medicine. This is a guarantee.
CAUTION'.?When you ?sk for Dn
gonnine. Unscrupulous dealers, mlndi
try to Mill you choap imitations nnd nil
market for profit only, and which, fur
ful. Demnnil " Duffy's" t?nd ho suro y<
Whlnkey which contains medicinal, heal
ll sold in settled hottlos only :never in
Old Chemist," on the label, and ho
Beware of refilled bottles.
Sold by all druggist*) and pjrocors,
booklet Bont free. Duffy Malt Whiskey C
The Suit or (
perfectly an*
position you
Our clothing
not as they 11
we alter it ur
Everything k
fabrics and t;i
Sole A^ent I
Nufangl Troi
lies, IfcS
1i i is nine to lay asu
new, as the forests are pi
flowers have begun to
sweet perfume!, so come <
Big May Meetings that a
I We can fit you in mo
$1.25 to #3.25.
If you want a Straw
you prefer a Fur we have
Krvt- T>,l..w.^~ 11~*.. ~-11 --
ii X (IIIIIUIIU I JtlLS l.iUl Oil
Sli i rts.
Big line of Dress Shi
Rubber Collars 10c,
Ladies, our line of
Goods is* superb. Give u
For General Merchai
I can depend on good goot
see us.
Crats i
A littln tiling to fool with, utill nom
synolds' tagH, such ii? Biowhh Mulo, {
rngn oiiyB you ft iiox of matches, 100 I
tngB buys h bur of good laundry Bonp.
ual viduo. llring me your toga, if in.
.do them for something olso,
By n lucky purcliftRO I can oflfor yor
0 in 10 gal. lots, Those nro fully ft? g
vo ft No. 1, rod syrup at 25a in 10 g d,
My prict 8 on Tobucoo in lunt nd. ho
A few old stock Cotton Hoes olionpi
For ft abort time I will sell Mens ftn
1 10c n pair jirotlt. Gomo and boo ftbo
I nm oloBing out ft few linn Clico<o j
llig prices paid for Ohieknnn?Cash
t n
1 u.
' -i. i' * .
T-T ' r
iiiiDTiny nnnrn
umniun uuncu
Miss., and R. Dorsey, of Washingmonia,
Which Developed ConWere
Cured by Duffy's
alt Whiskey. s]
> Finally my doctor put me on Duffy'*
Malt Whiskey and It saved my life," w
says Frances Moore.
"Two attacks of tho grip loft mo with lj(
very weak lungs, a bad cough and continual
pains in niy chost. My condition was so bad
last October that my family gav? up hopo.
Consumption had fastened itself upon mo.
My doctor prescribed a number of different
medicines, none of which holpod me. Finally
Iiu |>UI> uin uu jour wuiSKOy. At tllO tilUO I
began taking Duffy's Malt I could scarcely m
_ sit up, and did not daro vonturo out of doors. n*
In loss than a month it has cured tho pain
jv iu my chost and my cough, aud made mo
^ strong, healthy and vigorous in overy way.
My doctor says that JJuffy's Malt Whiskey
is tho greatest thing for consumption and
lung troubles that has over been discovered,
and I agreo with him. It cortainly saved
my lifo." FrancesMoohk, Clarksdalo, Miss.
** They said I'd die of Consumption,
but thanks to Duffy's 1 atn to-day as
strong and healthy as any man living,"
writes Mr. Dorsey*
lowed by bronchitis, with terriblo pains in my i
ir said nothing would prevent my dying of conUFFY'S
finished half ft bottle I felt stronger and nioro
il of tho second bottlo that I could go outdoors.
iavo gained 80 pounds and am to-day a strong,
alyngsido of any ono. L)UFFY'fc> PURE MALT
and it to overy one."
)R3EY, llHO Florida Avo., Washington, D. C.
Iiitis, pnoumonia. coughs, catarrh, consumption
II tho germs of diseaso lurking in your body, to
igthen tho wholo system by taking
avBrcua WW iHIka B
luro for Lung Diseases.
fTy'g Pur# Malt WhUkoy bo Bnro yon K?t t1,a ^
fill of the excellence of thl* preparation, vrlll
ilt whinkey ttuhitt ituten, which aro put on tho
from relieving tho nick, nro ponitlvoly h?rmm
(jot it. It is tho only abaolutely pure Mnlt
tli-plvlnfi <junlltlof. Duffy'* Puro MaltWhlikoy |
llaxk or bulk. Look for the trade-mark, the
v.. huu iiiu Kuui ovor mo cork la unbroken.
or direct, $1.00 a bottle. Intoreetlng medical {,(
3o., ltochoatcr, N. Y. j ft|
| ?i rr--> ?bw??
3vercoat you buy here fits you
:i looks well no matter in what
stand or sit.
is made to f.t ,ii?n as they are,
night be. If it does not fit at first
itil it does fit.
itest in style, of the most worthy
lilored in the most perfect manner.
S. C.
or Hawes' Hats, Dutchess and
lit id CM
ic the old clothcs and put on |
itting* on new foilagc ancl the g
bloom and fill the air with n (
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re so close at hand.
?st any kind of a Shoe from j|
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a . fine line to pick from, n
i us as we have all sizes. I ?i
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Price Cash Store
>s Wanted!....
n pocplo flftvo thorn. For most of R. J.
ielumppH, Early Bird, Swoep Blnkes, oto.,
0 box. :J tngw buy" bar of CuHtilo sonp.
lied Mont and liberty Hell tnga liavo
.tflios and soup i.s not what you want,
1 n lino AIolft*son nf 35o, 3 gnl, for 81,(X), or
ood imd bright as homo-mndo sorghum. I
, Iota.
Id good for a while longer.
Br I linn I can buy them now.
??t tliin ?Monoy in it for you.
f.?r wl-ftt H oy will bring.
i or Oo'hIh. ?!*TI ulwnyK want Prodnoe.
Real Estate
MnW id Hm f Imn 4 a I : 1>!
?. V/ " IW HIV V11J1U I'V 111 YCt)l 111 l'I(
it gOf-S tc
277 acres within 3 miles of Six P
alance in original forest. Fino tin:
lonty of water. Terms to euit pu?<
One lot li acres in town limits <
?l<mdid bain and fine garden. "Will
110 a^res, gne farm in 3 miles o
ood. also running streams. A rice i
194 a^res in splendid neighbor
aufos. Fino timber Terms to suit
For further information call on
Ofllco at Dopot.
I E. 0. M'C
? (At Duke Ol
Four?aud-onc*lia)l' miles east
S north of
..Genera! Me
Handles nothing? but the best o
The trading public will <h
can envo thoin money.
airs, liattic Craig in with
n b a
Not being able to fm<I a suitable 1
ickenp, and havo just returned from I
nice lino ol'SPKl XG GOODS, sm li
eckwear, Etc., which urc now on <1 is
t Doesn't Take Gl;
To se.j that my goods art; all no
srns, and that tho prit-o iH wiiv clowi
ml Summer Clothing, dlions, Ilut^,
le, /Cou will always regrot it,.
For tho best goods at a small pr
? ? if II k. Ml 111 \Ai
reeman Building.
And you will l?glit at PICKENS, S.
niul Most Com]
\ H? has over carried. My lrad<v is in<
and IIonoHt Values.. The BTCKT of e
| my advertisement. Never mind tlio
I" money.
Of everything and 3 011 will Irani by 1
cheapest. If you want anything in
to buy a Lot or rent a House, or buj
Iuujr iiiuuirjr ity MUl'lUg IUC UC'IOLT yOU
J. F.
Sorino0 &
r cs
1\I)V Hi
?1/111 UP
I am now ready with a coincide
do<Jh, Notions, Men'h and Women's
\i8od my best judgment and yea
ode, getting the very lowest pri
vo my customers the benefit of my
iods at the
.Lowest l iv
? m vv I V_/ rvw/ %J -JL T
My Drees Goods Stock is the bos
acke, in a rattle of prices from 10 c
oof the nicest Black Goods lor Su
nts. I am willing for you to comp
:>r> with any $1.50 Silk on this mai
In (Jolorod Wash Goods, Dimities
scribe them. Can ihow you a big
Mich prices as such goods can bo I)
^ck is full with all goods and pri<
nons, Ilibhons and LacoH in abundai
VOu (>?n pet. whlit. vein wan! nt nnvli
SHOES. 1 )on't give me out 011 ft
isonablc goodn. See uh when you c<
A. h
y Goods Store, Wont End
9> ' 1
T T *
11 a v (; J
Received a
Window Shades,
Iron Beds, Woven )
Springs, Stoves, Tinvvn
Lamps, Lanterns, and a 1<
tides about a Home or Farm
on us and look through our 1<
cost nothing for you to loo
in showing you our
you buy a
or no
W. T. M'J
v , U
[ m
'.' y ' jH
skenK ionl cstule. Buy before
?o high. I
klile chuieh, 70 acres in cultivation
,?.?... li*- ta'
i.iuuiu iviuuic dwellings and
}f Liberty, good four room house,
I sell or oxehange for small farm.
1 Pick*^)*, splendid timber and
hood, 3 miles from Pickenp, good
pureliasi r.
>ER& CO.
PioUens, S. C.
- ?- . y*
f\T S TTH If 1 '
^of Pickens and four miles M ? A
f goods and at reasonable
> well lo ^ivo me a call. I W
mo and will wait on you.
g TStssP
I |
ocation, I huvo dociduil {o Aay Un
the niurlii'tn wlioro I have ^TTrtlUtn *>?<1 - ^
nis Clothing, Shoes, haThirts, i
qtlay :it my store. Cal'd soo
asses 1
w, fresh, :tml tliis season's pat
u. ii you lull to buy your Spring
Shirts, Tits and {'iy.W,vtyom
ofil call at
Louis Copcl, Prop.
^RRIS 'r"f
C. whovo lie now lms tho Largest I
[)l(>lo Line of .
m -% (A
irensing every dny. Fair Denting y?
verylhing for tho least moAv is I
price of : n article if its wo.:Ui tho I
E BEST.7 Tf |
rxpevii ncn tlint The 15est fa the I
the M( leiuitile Line, If you want I
r u not..so inul l-iot, jou wout lose
iv.nkc u trmlo.
Yours truly,
line of Spring and Summer Dry <
I' imIpi wen r, 11 oh cry and Shoos. J
i - of | i . . ( in Iniying these
c-> possible, unci now 1 propose to fl
cxpoi ieiice and ho) 1 them Dry H
ing Prices... 1
t I have ever shown in Colors and
ents to ^2 a yard. I am showing ,
mnier wnnr in the market for 50
are my 1 yard wide Black Silk at
ket. It will boa saving to your
i, Organdies, Lawns, &c., we can't
lii.o of tbem and al as low prices
ought anywhere. \YU:.^/Jr?pda.
UIIIIIM 1 > I > IIIIH'S 111 J tllfi # |
)co and will bo kept (ill Samrae. I
me, /
hoes. Stock always complete with j I
ome to Grocnville.
C. PARK, |
(Jroouvillo, S. C.
3 ' ' ' ' J
-* w ^bbbB
nice lot * |
Heel Lounges,
A/ire Cots, Bed
ire, Crockeryware,
ot of other useful ar,
and we invite all ^ * >
Looms \vhen//C>
<. and wfV ' A\
goods rs
nythiiv -s
t- irm
/ tr. ? cofl
FA/ :C? ijm
1/ ^fjil
b i^^yBinnnHM

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