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VOL XXXIII nt Pi'.''f."Hi ^ -'m pf (.()1|g|.oqft t>f Mi1r(>]| q 1QtTO ^
f tr* i -a
*: | ..dturaivan
Mm < &
71? 1
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ST UltDIV ANT'S and get anything you want in
Dry Goods, Clothin, S^oes,
11V. T J *'> ,tUt>
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H. K. Sturdivant
I . Greenville's Greai
N , ""7 \
J / ~
f*r?aident. Vice-Pres. Sec. & Trene
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m ' President Cuslner. A
I?"\ PICKENS, S. C. 1
Bcdernlcou |
"T^tAL . - $ 20,500.00 J
0 ""hITS - - 1t.000.oo 1
jjkrrs - - - 105,000.00 I
By Careful and constant work the business of this
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? ' . v .w) . .>? * - ^ ayyf
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| When
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4 *
Grand Duke Cyril Narrowly Rscapcd a
Watery Crave?Result ol Naval
Battle Not Yet Known ? Details
of the Disaster.
Ht. I'otersbunr, April 18. ? If". h:
officially Announced that Yico-1
Admiral MakardT was drown id id
th * time of the siukiij; of tho batI
(.'. hip Petropavlov sk.
St. Petersburg, April li>.?It in ;
estimated that over eight hundred r
men pori-hed when the PotropavioV8k
St. Petersburg, April 13.?A nnval
bsittln in ni'iVfi-iKMii r?lV i?
Arthur, tho result of v. hirli is not j
y.-t known. Tlio Japanese (loot, ]
including torpedo beta's and tor-j
podo I <.>at. destroyer, t .Isils forty, j
Vice-Admiral iMukuroiV oiden d 1; 1 b |
wlioio fquadrou out t I' the harbor j
l,o m t-t tho attack.
According to tho Associated Press
informant, while preparing to
draw up his lint* of battle in outer
roadstead, tho Putropavlovfh dm -k
a, miri" on her fdai board t- i?lo.
amidship, and immodiately b--gan ;
to lioc-l. IJid'oro Ili<; ercw could i
ilood tho Coinpartinotils of tho vchhhI
in order to keep heron an own
ke d she turned tuitlc and sunk in i
a low minuli-a. carrying d<\vn al
moat I lie onliit1 crow. C?pt. N.
J.ikcvloir, iht> (iiat)tl Ihil o Cyril
and two other ofiicivs v.erc .savori
l)ec,;insc tiiey wen.- sUndii <>i the
upper bridy?j. The frightful loss
ol life ani >ny 111" -li'ic< is nd men
W51S dLit? to tho i'jicl lli>I !?.?>? <>il
-- --- VI , I. < ,
wore at their station* re a ly f *>i :ic ,
The I'otrojiaviov. k turn d tuillt>
in u iu"i11111 i' Similar to i},e Iritili |
battleship Victoria, whieh was i
rammed by the t'amp.i down in
!SOn. iiiid to tlin int'idi nt i'.i ih?< ,
Chiim-Japanos^war, when a ( r
ne?! warship turned iiu*11 , nwuy
ol tho crow reinaiiii:;^ alive l'ur
aeveiiil days, humn.e: im; d. ; er- 1
aiely on tli?? i<pti;rnt-d hull. Win n
lh> i.es\.u of CJr.uni i)uk* i'y:i V {
miraculous escape n-a'-hed his par- j
oiilr; liore a Do Deuin service \vu%
licUl at tlx; Vladimir pnhieo.
llogurdiug the disaster nt Port
Arthur, tho <mi .id l)uk" Cyril ye- 1
ported tho battlfchip l'< ti\ipavlov>k
sunk and tho l ito l rop rt 1> in_? .
that Vice-Admiral Mak-rdi" was
'l'ho reports ar" c iillift ii.g :i < to
whothov tho ta^ft.s;roph.- was ih"
r<sult of n tiyht will) tho ciiiiny or
!u-? to 111.) I'otrop ivliv.-lc Striking
i Miiiio in harbor. Tin' rep it that
-hero had boon a ll.ulu s?-onis to
nave origin.it,m1 <>:11 f Iln? ssipjiosi
ion that the IVtiopnvlovnk could
not have hiifctuliiCil such inj ri.-tjtlH-rwige.
It was al.; > p liiilc.l out
that it \sknown that tin? Jaj-an s?>
had l;ci i> hovering in the n' i '!i
1? >rh )od foi sovoral days.
I.utor it hecaino known ti .it ii.(
lirftt tt'h'groni ivcnivcd l>v Crand
Dnki; Yladiiair said !?ri* My thai
J rand Duke Cyril had I.<vn wound
e l and that the l'clro}>avh>\>k had
been lost witho U mentioning a
'I he rpDfirfn !ic?r?<? in lu'n ot.ii..
in-11(h: Thiit Grand Cyi i', botw< on
vlu in and lln- 111roiii) t.hcio is only
I s i 11 |f 11? life, V. in WOUndcd, I'.IK
that tho F^tropavlov.-.k wa.> I sr.
London, April 115.?Tho WYnttl)
i 11 r-1 CI* Gii/'tlC ])!]hli^hi'9 1 his ill"
tnrnoon a Paris rum ?r thit \': < ?
Vdmiiiil Mikaroll has I,? ?*.? tiiKcn
St. P?;ter<d)urg, April 1-5.?Another
report in to the efl'eet (hat. Ih.
Grand Duku Vladimir rec ived a
toiegram irom lirand Duke Ruii*. I
brother of (band Dukn Cyril, an-1
nouncing that tho Rotrv.pavlovsk.
of which Cyril wa? Hrwt olliccr, ha i
iiCen blown up by striking a Ivuft <ian
mine, only I'oiir ollic.trs ts-apiug.
Grand Poke Cyril'H wound
was said to bo uligkt.
(Mill In) lU'port Mmlp ol Sinking of l!nt?t.
Hear Admiral I'rinro Ouktomnky
wired from Port Arthur Thursday
that tho Hez-Ura hm, ono o( tho
Russian torpr-d) but. J-stiMynv
aont. out during tho night to r<oon*
noitro, Hi.ptwated fri?m lb - rot ol
the float. 0.ving t> tli? bad weilhcr
prcvniliiig, and was Mirroundid by
Japanese torpcl > boat destroy era
and WftH sunk in (1 .e llglit.
Five men woro saved.
Admiral Ouklomaky adds:
"I h iv? taken command provis-. i
loimlly of the (loot sinco tho disaster
to tho Petroprtvlovftky. During V
> 1
. r, 4V.' - .. .% .V - v ' sh
,yrvV, ^.^.'1* .. ...
( -v. . -
the maneuvers of tho batUoslnps of
tho squadron tho Pobicda struck
against a mine amidships on the
starboard side. Slio was able to
regain port by herself. Nono on
board her were killed or wounded."
.1 i?? l.nitl Mine* K?ir KukbImu VoksoIh.
It lias boen beamed from Japaneso
sources that the attack on tho
Russian P-prt Arthur ilMot yoster
morning was [>la.nni.'d and pal
into el lout in the following manner.
A t daylight the Japanese torpedo
boats made a demom-tralion before
the port and at I ho t-am > inn ? laid
mines across the outer 11 trance to
the harbor. 'I'lion thfv retired and
joined tiie main squadron. The
squadron then advanced, and a8 it
dii near, the Russian ships were
seen coining out. Tho battleship
[>,.i u >- ~e -1
4 vvixr^/uT lUYOii niriiCK UUb "1 1110
mines i;ii,l by th > .Inpanose torpedo
boats ami wan destroyed.
Cl> Inn Sup pi io* KiihmI.i tvl I !i Food for Army.
.1 ipniK-ne journals express dinconL'ut,
says a Times dispatch from
Toliio, nt ( himi's fniluro to enforce
or attempt to onforeo neutrality on
the Lino river, whore the whole disi
i... . l ii '
in*" n?i-5 .IUIMH'1! LO OUCOinO II
source for nuppijing Russia with
foodstuff**, transport animals and
vehicle i.
Tho papers due I are that Japan
!?eel<j> no lav?r and asks only fair
pi ?y, and that China's conduct is
cav-'ii -in 1 nn^ratuful, c insid^ring
that Japan is defending her integrity.
New Trial Keiuseil in Franklin Case.
Jud^o Kiugli hist iii^ht refused
to llu> motion made by .ittorneys
for iho Southern railway,
in the Finnklin damage suit, for a
new trial, and also th<' motion to
have tin) jiiry'ri verdiot roluced,
.1 . ?i
vkiiii n jjuvu ivLre), mime l< i*M 11K11II
;i20,000, for an alleged inmlt ro i-ivod
while rid'ng over tho li. oof
tho Southern r.iiiway,
The Southern railway gave nolie?
Ilnntigh i hei i ;i ttoi neyg, M essrs.
Uuthran, L>o.t11 v'c Cothran, that
il.. y wuul.l api c.il lo tiie Supmno
Pnncr From f.n'tnn
Hon. Win. M. Mo-vard, mombcr
of < .Tci-s !V >:n (hn* sent
to t!? MiwniiaeturoiV Kocord a
v poeii::imt <>i lii!" 11#{?-* pap. r Iliads
{ion- tin' : t :i! c < .f t!\" < < .:1mm 1)1)1 nt. i
!n a loiter to the Manufacturers1
Record ho \\ 1'iIOH :
''A I) ul two liio.'ilhs ai?) I reepi
s; (1 ihe agricultural d >partiiu-iii
iii" iu iiiv ..-dilate the subji
. I of the nixititr?> of paper
from o i o.i si.. Iks, a,,<l to public!) ,
tho rcMiili i in u bulletin, tho mvcs- ,
ligation t i us1* <rt<iiii if it wan now
f (lone. wh>?ro an 1 iiow, ami
wi.'u what refill is. This i11v.jh!i{ilium
ij i! ^oin^ on, tin (I so far
lias r <-iiite?t in lituling out that
I> 5;jCr i matin from cotton
it .lks All 11;ta, (la., I?y Moritag
l>ros. The sample of il whicli I
soml you was | i<>air.j<l by tho ilo.
.?> ?* ? r t * *
in. i ii:ivo lso iimv'osi in
I ho j nhjoot except t" havo nil tlio
inloriaatinu oht;imiihlo , r-?<'iir <!
rii.d j;.v. n pah! icily in th?? cotton
states. H looks as ii papor iV-un
<\>ttoa stalks in n mi and
ill >iv niv millions in it."
Ttirt rv/1
aiw v>uu;ic ui riuuy
Sudden Deaths.
["hero lr. a dl.ioaso prevailing In this
country most dar.r-'orous lecaur.e so deccpr
. ! || ( JT.\\\ tiv=t. Many sudden
1 11 v ."\ ' I' ' deaths are caused by
-1 j ' heart disease,
V*T\ v ^r)"A pneumonia, heart
r J ;Y\!\ 1 <** f.\il.:re or apoplexy
J r* aro f:ci1 ?he result
i,NJ V y) cf kidney dlscaso. II
' /I I kidney trouble is alf
rjrr -*v ii \ \\ < ' -ved to advance th".
. Vi^ \ U I " kidi'O y-pot s o n e d
v^\\ ' * ' bl od will attack the
vital organs or tho
kidney.; th jm:;clves bicak down and waste
away coll bv coll.
Bladder troubles mcst always result from
a dcrang ;ment of the kidneys ?.nd a cure is
obtained quiche t by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you arc feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, iiver and
bladder remedy.
It corrccts inability to hold urine and : raiding
pain in passing it, and overcome., that
uiipha mt nece .?ity of bolng compelled to
Z > c flen during the day, and to get up many
tim ; during the night. The mild and the
extiaordlnary effect < f Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its wonderf
.il cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and sold
by ail druggists In fifty-cent and one-dollar
size 1 bottle ;. You may f'h'*'h
ive a sample bottle of
thl mderful now lis HlsWSWifElmwiffiBi
c jry and a book thai
fl.ll about it, b ;th Homo of ttunnip-Root.
r.cnt free 1 y mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer In this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but rcmomber
Iho name. Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. V., on every bottle.
.llnkos ii Clean Swoop.
Thorn's nothing liko doing ,l tiling
thoroughly. Of all tlio haIvom yon over
heard of, itnoklou'.* Arnica Sdvo ia tlm
heat. It. flwcmls iiwav iihfl fliir/ta hm??
sokoh, briiiHo-s, cut*, )>oii?, uicorn, skin
eruption* ami pilcH, It'n only 25o, and
guarantood t>> #ivo BiUiflfuotion, by Piokoun
Drug 0o?
: . ) : ' ' .!
I Brown, thp Oniu u/;?? *
, v..., Hindoo WIIU IS HOIC
to Talk, Declines to be interviewed
But Evidence Shows That Sanders
fired first Ball.
j Tn a duel fought on Pino stroot
tho 12th, Pol iconi<111 Tucker was
shot through tho stomach and probably
fatally wounded, Ellis Sanders,
night watchman ut tho Southern
railway station, who fired
tho fu>t gun, was shot in the region
of the lungs, and policeman
IJrown \vlir> nv. i? '
-- .. ..n n III! 1 UUKUr III!
the time, was slightly wounded inj
tho leg.
Thero wore no eye witnesses.
Tucker whs removed to Black's ;
sanitarium for treatment, and at a1
latO hour it was said that he would !
hardly recover. Sanders is like-j
wise mortally wounded. Ho could
not speak when found. Tucker
was in no condition to givo a graphic
aecouut of tho alTtiir, and while!
h.) was peparing to t-11 his story!
ho liftcamo weak and had to l?o
quieted. Brown, who will bo the'.
limn ?uneHH, wnuui not, talk, ami'
just how the bhooting began is a
matter of s nne speculation.
1 nteuso excitement was caused in
p??1 ive circles when it was lir?t ropm
to l that the shouting had taken I
ph.e>. Tmmoriiak'lv after tho shoot-!
ing, Policeman Tucker was taken '
to his homo on Highland avenue J
only a few blocks from the scone
of tho tragedy. Hero tho members1
of his family and many of his
friends, including ex-Chiuf Ivenno- ,
dy, Ma>or MnJion, Chief Bjcknoll
and others, gathered about bin bedside
awaiting the coining of phy- '
simians wno nail been hurriedly j
Oftioer Tucker's mind was clear
I'lit he was very weak, and it wa-i
not thought wise to allow him t<~>
<lo nuicli t ilking. ITu ^aid tli/u
Ollicer iJrown and himself were
ppsnng1 through Pino street, next i
t > tho Southern station when they !i
mot Watchman Sanders, who im- i
medhitcly began cursing the two i
Diiicera. Tucker attempted to put 1
his hand on Sandors' shoulder, sav- I
iig: "No, now you must not do||
that," or words to thnt effect, whon I
iho watchman immediately drowj;
his pi tol and began shooting. Aj
number of shots were fired, Tucker j ]
lid not know just how many. One il
of the balls entered his abdomen m
,ind it wns several moments before |<
ho sudiciently recovered himself to!1
iluvw his pistol and fire. Ho ?1 i?1 i
not knov. whether Brown shot or
not, but he was confident his was
tho bu 11 t which struck Sanders. I
'I'Iki .....1.1. ' ' 1
. ..v. n.ui >iiii(iii was wounded in tliol
i-hoftt in tlie region of thehourt,'<
and it H doubt fnl if he will recover.
Oflioer Brown was slightly wound-,
ed in tlic leg, but though lie vv?i8 j
al'lo to got nbout without any in* '
('onvenh'iice, ho declined to be in-!'
torviowGil, saying that ho would1,
rather Iho fuc 1 h lie knew to come .
out lit tho proper time. There1'
arc no other witnoeac:* to th<? phoot- j(
i n LI Whiell oronrred in <>iw. ,.f i
darkest spots of (lie city and only
n ft)w steps from an old bo<ir disronsary
on (Jo.->k street over which
Sanders had a room,
.hint after tho affair, Sander*
staf/^eit d into a small restaurant i
near his room and said "Boys, I'm ''
shot.'' lift had nothing to sa\
about the sh< olin# and soon after j
became so weak that, ho could not 1
talk. 1ft' WAN t linn f u Lr u nolo, I'
? ? .i II ?/oi ? ? i r i
to Iiih room ai.d a physician wan
?earcoly any )motive could 1?<>!
lound for tl.o shouting Oflieer
Ouroton, the station houso keeper,
p;ii<l that earlier in (ho day OI1U
corH Hrown, and, ho thought, Tucker
had arrested a negro woman
mar the railway station for disorderly
conduct of Home kind and
that yesterday afternoon Watchman
Sanders, who appoared to W
drinking heavily, camo to tho
guard house and wanted him to allow
tho woman to come out on ^
hail, Bnying that she was hin cook.
Mr. Curoton Buys he told tho man
that ho hnd.no authority to act in
tho matter ami that Bandera muat
*oo Chiof Bocknell. Ollic.ir Cure- ]
ton thon loft tho room for aomo
causo and while ho was out tho |
chief ca.no in and Bandera mud j
arrangements for giving bail
the woman and 8ecuro<l hor relea?o. j]
Tho laet Policeman Curoton saw J
of Banders ho was curbing tho wo-|<
, h;, i...
man for being arrested.
It in saul that tins is not the first
time Sanders has attempted to take
the Jifc of an officer. Several years
:igo while under the influence of
! liquor ho attempted to shoot Chief
| Kennedy and would have done ho
I had it nat been for Sergeant Gunnels,
who shoved the weapon up
i before it. was discharged,?Groenj
ville News, 13tli.
/-\ rt~* "
I uiucor Tucker died Thursday
i andSanders di<:d Raturdayeveninft.
Mrs. Wyatt Aiken Dead.
i Abbeville, April 15. ? A t?*leI
gram was received here ^yesterday
(Irom Washington announcing the
death of Airs. Aiken, wife of Con-!
gressman Wyatt Aiken.
Mrs. Aiken was tho daughter of |
B. 8. Barnwell and has livud hero
; i
? 1 i . ^ ? * *
.in 01 ncr iilo. She has been in
Washington with her husband!
during tlin session of congress. jj
Mrs. Aiken's mother and brother, i.
J. Foster Barnwell, wero called to1,
Washington several days ago and
wore with hor at the time of her i
! (
dentil, which occurrcd,at noon yes-, (
terday. i
Her body will reach this j>hic<? .
nt L o'clock today over the Sea-ij
board Air T,in?
" j C
Crum Confirmation Again Goes Over. 1
Washington, April 14.?Tho,
namination of W. I). Crum to be '
collector of customs at Charleston,' '
' I
S. (',, was callod up in executive 8
gysHion of tho senate today by Son-' *
ator Gallinger, jv
Senator Titlmnn, who opposed *
tho continuation, explained that
lie wan not well enough to make a 1
Hppeoh today and tho nomination 1
went over out of courtesy to him. 1
Senator Tillman expects soon to '
return to liia home in >11 tli Carolinu
and possibly may not bo able ,
to attend Congress again before
adjournment. I '
In that event the nomination
probably will fail of confirmation . v
and the president will inako an- '
)t hor yor?eQ nnnfunlnuwf 1o hold ^
1 i * *
over until the noxt, soss y 1 1
A Freak of Nature. jj
1 killed ii chicken a lew tl.iys ^
ipo with ii larg.j and a small side t(
mil of (1 ilt'orent color?, the largo
ni<le was fcolid black and tho small
sido pp>cklcil with white. Tho,
large bid > on dissection sh<>w<' 1 to j
1)0 a perfect rnalo, and tho small si ^
" j u
perfect female.
Now is a good lime to up ,u
your pigs for w11.t< i* meat. If Iann
April 1st, and do not weiirli 300 it
pounds l?y Dec. 1st, net, with lifleoii
or twenty pounds of fat from '1
it, they arc not lit to brag on, are
Dnly fairly good. If .-xtra tlu'y (,
will go to o50 or 400 pounds. Vo? <?
f treated properly tliey will muki;
li, Ji to U pounds per dav.
llest Cough Medicine for Children.
When you l?uy u cough medicine IVu* ?<
unall children you want mm in wliieli j,
you can place implicit confidence. You
ivant one that not onlv relieves luit
aires. You want mm that is umpies- j
lionuhlv harmless. You want one thai J,
is pleasant ?> take. ('h>Mn<ierlain's (Jong ,
Uemedy meets all of those conditions.
rhcio is nothing so good for the coughs '
ind colds incident to childhood. It is ; j,
dso a certain proventivo and cure for
roup, ami there is no danger whatever
from whooping cou^h when it is giv< n.
It has been used in many epidemics of
that disease with perfect success, l-'or s>
?ale by I'ickons Drug (Jo., ami Earlo's el
-i <iK .juuf, i iciumik; iii;(I llunter .V |
fiukciiR, Liberty. I
Death by Pisioi in his own Hand. 'l
Columbia, April 1 1. ? Mr. Albt". N
tun Vanderhorat, ;i young man j'
holding a positii.n with tlio Virginia-Carolina
Chemical Co , in I nin p
city, fatally shot himself enrly thin 1
ii(>r11i11^ in liis ? illoo ut the phnn- ^
|>luto factory. No oru- Was present |
:it lho time, When tho shot wnn ?
hoard by the othor employes they si
rushed to tho ollico to find tho K>
young man lying on tlio door with J
a bullet wound in his head. He [
wan living, but unconscious, and it
will i.ever ho known definitely how
tho accidoiit occurred. He kepi n;
pistol in his desk, and it is pio- p
sutned that he win handling it with .Y'
the barrel,pointing upward a and ^
t li si f. 11 v/ flnnin n.isili i iv
H' 1 I'iniwi tj A " I I'
ploded with I lio unfortunate l'ebult, J'
ileHoribod. Prompt medical atton- >1
Lion was ^ivcn lina and ovurythin# "J
that wan possible for human Kkill n
iv a a '.done in order to Pave his life, ['
but ho died. The body wan taken
to Charleston, accompanied by Dr. P
William Weaton and his Bister,
Mrs. William Wof?ton.
Muscles sore, joints painful iliouiaatispi.
Sore muHotoa or painful joints, may \v
mean an approaching attack of rhenma <1
jam. Elliott'a Emulsified Oil Liniment w
rubbod on the n licet ad parts will relieve b
Iho pain and aorenesB, and prevent oi
rheumatism. Ellioi's Kmolflitled Oil <
Liniment ifl a Hfttinfanlnw riililtinrr u...
moot for nil Horontvsp, Hlifinnn* aihI Innio- l\
H088 of jointa or musoloH. Piokon* Drug 1)
Co,, Pickens; W. A. Sheldon, Liberty, ei
\ \> f.
\\ ^ V .
From Gainesville, Texas. ' %
I will try to Bond you a low dojuL^h ."Tv; 'Jja
Wo had tlio pleasure of visiting.
Frank Lark Saturday and Sunday^
All are getting alongalright around*
Pilot Point in Denton county:,
Brother Frank and I tried tho now
buirtiv. V?tL I "ii" l-:i- s*1
... . , ~ uanv,IUU ?* Ull Willi
y" .
swimming head. It pays best to
rido oil a cultivator. Myself and
boys will run three cultivators next '4
week. That moans fifteen acres
The cockloburr i3 up and has
from two to six leaves. Wo are ;
compelled to prepare our ground
again before we plant. Some sav
the burr is a good fojrfeslU- A"".?vs<x ^ X'
I can i:iiso my own guano at home.
Aint it hard, friend, to buy guauo
md raise Jones' big boll to pay for
it with. Well come to Texas and
vvoid that. Let mo say right horo
f any young men of 1'ickeuB want
o try Texas, just corao ahead.'
A'agcs will bo nvpr ?
... .% xtvu(?i DU^H.
I am offered .$ '{ a day to stack
itraw at throshing time. Haven't
loeed any deal jot. It's apt to be
:ery warm and I might faint. Will
ust Fay Texas can furnish moro
iard jolts of work than any other
lountry I cvor *s\w, While getting
>ig pay, you'll earn it. y
Next is :i few words about tho
>ricc of Wind ill floolr T'
... wwuuiy. JLI<
. .? ?v<
h cli\HSt'(l oil. First class, $40;
ccond class, $:50; third class, $20
o ^25. Wo larm tho $80 land. T
nil use the $40 land next year if ,t
.1 * i ?
uuu i ony. 't ?\' ; (
Oiio of the cot respondents says
t's too soon to write about wheat, >
?ut. ours in uo pretty we can't keep
roil) tolling about it, for it is noary
in the boot. Oats uro beautiful.
.ft ,*vN
liy the wav. u?<< l?n<i ?;i'i "?"
, ...... .. iiv? gwuac
t>r dinnor recently. They are line.
Cill you one and try it, is my way -;'V| ^
d prove what 1 say. _
Mr. Editor, tho Texas history of
ears ago is an interesting book. ?
'h? Mexicans trying to crush Tex8
under foot, ol.l Santa Anna and - ( ' fa
he A l.imo MriHsaern, t lio way Trav- / Mk
vie, Cro kot and Fan on fought
i tii'Mi-1 iiu-. moments at San An
>nio, Texas, would Hiuely ho in- T* \
r stiii; to any ono who likes to (
iw\ history. 1 "iay write eomo
bout it 1 *i r on 1! a<?rooal>lo.
I k on! wh-Io basket, it seems \
kt- 1 hour Mr. I'Mitor Bay: bile it
ow II.
As wo arc in town today will
Id a few more items.
Snow is ti\n or six inches deep
i Kan -as.
Country produce is out of si^ld.
ood h'M.s ;ii(! fort v cents in Gamosi!l
. 1 "ii.'jjs are f.'o cents a dozen.
Kvtrylt tly with overcoats on;
... < i ..iiHin'* u>vay on account
l' tho euld northerner blowing.
\v Windy.
V t.ival Sensalinn.
There was :i \>\ft sensation in TiOesville,^
ml., when \V. !i. Hrown of that place,
!: ) v.\ ! to die, Inul his lifo
,v.<l Ivy Dr. K'i ('? New Discovery for
onsiinipt * ?:, Hi- writes: "I endured
isi.it", i.?!?! a;: m?'- 1'ioin Asthrtnin, but
>ui* N w Discovery (('vo me immediate
diet' ami soon thereafter i tVreteil a com*
11 ! cure. ' Similar cures of Consnmpim,
pneiinioiii i, bronchitis and grip aro
mi v
ui.itiuii nut with tlx*
line!) on tin* tliird SnndiU^fl
he ft?il') \in^ olVwois Uj4fl
I- Lcnlov, I'M- I'JH
; ' ). M. W<M
lit* prt;si.!(:iit i!i>.ii jBt
\ g
ilcv as coniniitloo \
Hotvin^ |>io^nim: flj
1'iof \ I 111 hi I i'Q^I
> B
C. Olinj , 15 tninig fl 9
V A 1V'? tor. Tin u fid ? flj
1 hi I it ? HB
a tilings'
II fnrod HuraptHously. <S :^i;
\vn? thou ci oclud^H spK
,n,i liiot'o lullsic. A'ij> i!i I .,);
loot witli (ho Bupttat olsurch TH
riv dii tNo fli'Ht 8unciaj in
.). r. \t<-fii-v. I'ich.
To ll;nt> and to Hold.
To havo and to lioM a lioaiitifill comlexion
in desired l>y (ivory woman, ,
Diiii;* or ol I. Few women mo hi. ssod
ith nature's most desiml gift?a ;{ood '
implosion; but ovory woman cim imrovo
11or complexion t>y tlio judi -ioiu
h<- of Kydalo's Liver Tablets. Toos<
iblets prevent tho blood becoming laem
d with bile whioli deposits in tho
vin layers, eansinar that mmblv ??* ?<><? -
--rf ..J.
ic<i called u l>id complexion. Thoy
inko tlio skin clour mid white, tho nyoa
right, tho Btop bonyant. Fifty Chooo- \
to (Joated Tabhta in each box. l'rioo, '
"> cents per box. Piokoim Drug Co.,
ickens; W. A. Shnhlon, Liberty.
Sciatic ltlioiimatIsm Cured.
"I have been mil j -ot to wointio ihflilmtism
for yoavn," hiivh K. H. Wnhlron,
t I ? * ..?
i ?? iuuii iiiiuriion, (own. "My jointH
ovo ftilV an>l ft- ivn mo muoh pnin nnti
isuoiiiforl. Sly j in Ih would erupt . .s*
lion I ht?mij*111onc?tI np. f used Chumrial
i*s P.iin Balm atnl hnvo bfldO llior*
onred ilnva n6t hnd ft p&{t) <>r
lie from t' o o it tronhln for many jgk
ninth*. ft h o?rtniiiiy n ihohI. worn lor- v
il linimont." For ?nlo by Piokona
I'Ug Ooi, iiml K?i !< '.. Dnig S;oro,TPiok^|
ifi, And Hunter k Piokouw, Iiiborty. Ml
* 1;

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