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^^Agentlnpl-JoTynal Company. ?
^ ?
Advertising ivutos lveosonabie. ?
entered at Ploketiu l'ostoffice as Second Class t]
P*+" Mall Matter .
. . PICKENS, S. C.:
T; I
Wednesday* April 20, 1004. *
North Carolina Girl's Memorial to Her j
Lost Betrothed. 8i
A Chronicle dispatch says: Miss L
Nancy Forney Johnston, of Bir- ^
minghani, Ala., who was to have
j" :,t*AAr>A IVf- T IP 4-U? I.?;I
iw nouuvu iuit i? ju avuijr, i/HU uia- n
^ ;SL liant young Charlotte newspaper G
Dm" ,v1w> din.l suddenly on the 2d
instant/has, by a decroe of the ^
superior court of Burke county, y
iTorth Carolina, assumed tho narao
she would have borne had tho mar- ~
riage boon performod.
Mies Johnston's petition to tho p
court and the decree follow: G
"State of North Carolina, Burke *
county, superior court, April 11,
1904. G
"In tho matter of the petition of G
Nancy Forney Johnston.
"To the Hon. Thomas J. Shaw,
presiding the Fourteenth 'Judi- q
cial Circuit: w
"The petition of Nancy Fornoy
Johnston respectfully shows: That ?<
she was affianced to lsaao Erwin ?
Avery, who died on the 2d day of tc
April, 1901, and had agreod to bo- 'V
come his wife on the 28th day of n(
April, 1904, and that ?ho is now tl]
desirous of changing' hor name to
Mrs. Nancy Johnston Avery, alias
Mrs. Isaac Erwin Avery, and she
therotoro prays the court to adjudge
and decree in accordance with the oi
provisions of noction 3302 of tho k
\ code that her|name bo changed as ^
aforesaid and that the decree of (j,
tho court be entered on the min- tl
.4 utes of the term. N
"Nancy Forney Avery." j
"Stato of North Carolina, Burke w
county, superior court, April term, v(
1904. n?
"In the matter of the petition of ^
Naucy Forney Johnston: cc
"Upon reading the petition of ui
' Jancy Forney Johnston, and on
motion of Avery & Avery, attorneys,
it is adjudged that tho name
of tho petitioner, Nancy Fornoy *
JohnBton, be changed in accord- |
anco with the prayer of tho potition
to Mrs. Nancy Johnston Avery,
alias Mrs. Isaac Erwin Avery,
and that from and after tho present
torm of the court her namo
shall be Mrs. Nancy Johnston Avery,
alias Mrs. Isaac Erwin Avery,
as eho may chooso.
"It is further ordered, adjudged 1
and docreod that this deereo, to- 1
gether with tho petition, be en- I
terod upon the minutes of tho torm. S
Thomas J. Shaw, |
^ > Judge Presiding."
AhU Your Dottier for Allen'H Foot-Kane,
A powdor for tho foot. It ourcs Swollen
Sore, Hot, Callous, Aciiiug, Sweating
CoriiH and Bunions. At all Druggists
and shoe storea, 2Ge. Ask to<lay.
Personal News From Easley.
Easloy, 8. C., April 17, 19o4.
Prof. C. B. Newton, tho noted California
humorist, delighted a largo
audience at tlio Maaouie hallunTuetday
Ifov. Mr. Mathoson, of Maryland,
' od an excellent sermon at tlie
rian church hint Sunday. >
Uoodlett find son, J. C.
Spartanburg, visited Mr. d
'. Thornton, tbis week.
of Anderson, in speud- ^
. M. Hagood's.
Qlonn, of Anderson
visiting tho family
Idie Hiott, of 1'ickons, is
riends in Easloy. ]?
no, M. Goer is on an ex- a
isit to relfttives in Helton. N
vV. E. Dondy and Solicitor tl:
oggs wore in town yesterday.
i wkl z
Like the running brook, the
red blood that flows through
the veins has to come from
The springs of red blood are ^
found in the soft core of the ?
bones called the marrow and r
1 U1 1 _
r>uin<j any iai ijiuuu iiibu cunics
from the spleen. Healthy bone
marrow and healthy sj)leen
J/P are full of fat. it
Scott's Emulsion makes new
blood by feeding the bone o,
marrjw and the spleen with tr
the richest of all fats, the pure ^
cod liver oil. i'i
>~ For pale school girls and
invalids and for all whose
blood is thin and pale, Scott's
. Emulsion is a pleasant,and rich
blond fnnrl If nnf nnli; .
it WI,?v'ui^ ^
g organs but
ength to do
r anmple. V
<X. Chemist*,,
Nc* York.
M druggist^
: . v ' . .
?Jl"' 1 'Jl'-Lgonor
Roll Piokons Graded School I
Fnr Mtirnli 1 Qfl/l
First Grade?Pearl Baker, Ada
towling, DeWitt Bowling, Myrtio
oyde, Mary Ouretou, Lyuu Free
mu, Gary Koith, Gertrude Harris,
Luby t?ewin, Helen Lewis, B. F. Me>aniel,
jr., Satio Nealoy, Georgo
>'Noal, Ruth Parsons, Perry Talloy.
Second Grade?Robart Baker,
anot Bolt, Sydney Bruce, Bird
iarey, Walter Dicken, Sherman
IviTt, John Harris, Ralph Mentor, I
Jarlo Hugbea, Lonnio Jennings,
Tnfw A 'Pnllnv T.iviin
tell Thompson, Homer Thompson,
lugene Youguo.
Third Grade?Buby Baker, Moda
togge, Willie Bagt>&, Edna Earle,
Issie Freeman, Ella Hiott, Fred
enkins, Anuio Kuith, Hyan Koiih, j
lllen Le'vifl, Mattie Lewis, Inez j
lorrin, Boy Nealey, Willie Thotnp \
ju, Lizzie White, Alberta Youguo.
Fourth Grado?Frank Curoton, ?
iucin Earle, Thorou Hester, Whit- <
tt Hiott, Clifferd Lowia, Mary p
iQwig, George Prince, Eugono T alloy. >
Fifth Grado?Bolle Yongue, Doug *
is Yongue.
Sixth Grade?Hagood Bruce, Jul
is Boggs, Dick Froeman, Thay lia
Iriffin. Harry Hiott, Wyatt. Jonnings, j,
ttis Heith, Jobso Lewis, Pati Major, fl
loniy McDauiol, Grace Prince, f;
ihristine Sutherland, Lot-en a Taylor, }>
William Welborn. ^
Seventh Oracle?John Carey, Sam I |j
raig, Eva Eurle, Winnie Grilliu.lj>
lifton YVoodson. s
Eighth Grade?Achlio Anthony, q
lorido Caroy, Oiivti Gillespie, Essie ?
irifHn, Kato Griffin, Kate Heater, f.
Ilia Looper, Henry Lawrence, Ei v
en Taylor. ^
Ninth. Grado?Vosta Ashmore, n
tussia Oureton, liattio Earle, Nellie 0
randy. c
Robbed tho Grave. (,
A startling incidont is unrratod by John
liver, of Philadelphia, aH follows: "I j
aa in an awful condition. My skin wan
most yellow, eyes sunken, tonguo co:U- ^
1, pain continually ia buck and sides, t
j appetite, growing weaker day by day. !)
hreo physicians h >d giyen me tip. c
hen 1 was advisod to use Eleotric ]$itirs;
to my great joy, tho first bottle
ade a decided improvement. I con- 1
uuod their uso for three weeks, and am
aw a woll man. I kuow tlioy robbed I
id giiivt* ui uuuiuor victim. no fjmyj
loulil fail to try tliom. Only 50 cont>Ljrf
jarantood at riokoiiB Drug Co.
* p
Notice to Democratic Clubs. ^
Democratic clubs throughout Pick- o
ih county aro requested, pursuant ^
> instructions from tho Stato Exoctivo
Couimittoo, to assemble at their o
;spectivo meeting places on Satur- (_
ay, tho 23d day of April, 190-i, for u
10 purpose of electing delogates to o
10 County Convention to bo hold at it
ickens, S. C., on Monday, tho 2nd t
ny of May, lOO-i, which convention
ill elect delegates to tho Stato Conmtiou
and transact such other busi388
as may properly come before ni
io boilv. Each club is urged to ?
;nd itb I representation to thia ^
mvention, , a it '8 entitled thereto
uder tho party conatitution now of tj
rco. Respect fully, (|
T. J. Mnuldin, K
April 1, 1001. Co. Chairman. I
- ? ti
] Q<
Small Potatoes t
i g
result from a lack of n
in the soil. Potash pror1n<-#'Q
nnrl niialitv ;
?~ 1 '
book* which tl
explain more ^^^^3 iBilirTy H
fully the fertillzing
New Vurk -UH Nrmuu hlrt-et, or ^
Atlanta, <Ufe ? Wt'/i Ho. llroud Nt.
Perhaps you like your gray hali
then remember?Hall's Hair Re
gray hair. Stops falling hair, al;
Not being able to find a suitable 1<
ickons, and have ju?t returned from tl
nice lino of SPKING GOODS, such
eokwoar, Etc., which are now on di?
t Doesn't Take QU
To boo that my goods aro all ne\
;TnH, and thnt tho prieo iH way down
id Summer Clothing, rfhooH, Hats, J
le, Xou will always regrot it.
For tho Lost goods at a small pr(
reeinan liuiklin^.
i rn
lobacco lags
A littlo thing to fool with, nt ill sonni p
o.ynolds' tagH, huoIi an Browim Mnlo, Soli
tag* bny? yon ft l>ox of matchcft, 100 to In
lags buys n bar of good laundry ?onp. J1
pud vulno. bring mo your tftgn, if motel
iido them for<fcopothing oIro,
Tiy ft larky purchase I can offer you ft I
)o in 10 gftl. lots. Theno fire fully iw goof
ivo ft No. 1, ml ayrnp ftt '25c. in 10 gal. lol
My pricen on Tobacco in hint n<l. hold (
A few old ntock Cotton Hooh ehoaper t
liAl1 fl oiinrf. iinwk T will (Uill Kfnnu anil V
V tflNJL S
t lOo a pair profit. Com* find hoo about I
I nm oloHing out ft fow lino OUooae for
Big prices paid for Ghtykonti?OahIi or
* \ "
ip?MSB?II .. . .law??111?m ?
[Half- Sick I
ijaxaaiaa-zsgnt. ss., atawatwrr nawninn^
I" I flrst used Ayer's Sarsaparilla S
in the fall of 1848. Sincc then I 9
have taken it every spring as a a
blood-purifying nnd nerve- 9
strengthening nicdicine."
S. T. Jones, Wichita, Kans. fj
It If you feel run down, I
are easily tired, if your |
nerves are weak and your |
I blood is thin, then begin &
i to take the good old stand- I
| arc! family medicine, []
| Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
| It's a regular nerve |
j lifter, a perfect blood | |
builder. Sl.oo a bottle. All drumlits. 1
iAsk your doctor what l>o thinks of Ayor's
Haranpurilln. IIo knows nil about tills grand |
old family mcd'.clno l'ollow lit a advlco and .
we will bo HntUflpd
. J. 0. Ay it it Co., Lowell, Mass. |
tpi -A '.' jrrr.tssvrjrs zx &rvwwamtt!KXii-M
Liberty Locals.
With n proposed trolley lino, tho
uilding of another $150,000 mill, a
ourishing graded t-chool and a fine
irmiug section surrounding, Liberty
as prospects bright for tho future.
r?t. it seems that one element of pubic
spirit is woefully deficient. There
\ at present a demand for building
ites, both business and residence,
"his week a prominent physician
lado ovcry effort to rout a resi lonc->
jr immediato occupancy, This effort,
ras followed by an effort to buy a
inilding lot and in this ho mot with
o success. In addition a number
f lirOfffteHflivn f ni-n f.?
otne to town for school advantages,
"hoy, too, lind vacant lots for naIo
nly at enormous prices.
I'ublic spiritoJ liton should lmvo
aitli in tho future, and must learn
ot tliut tho building of a progressive
own is rotarded by t'10 fact that each
nun wants a little more than the
ither man for his property.
Tho new manse of Iho Presbyteian
church lias just been completed
nd will bo occupied by ltev. II. F.
)ronpoh today.
?*Tjiborty lodge, No. 12G, Knights of
'ythias, at its lust meeting, elected
'ust Clianeellors T. N. Hun tor find
I. L. Clayton dolegatos and Dr. H.
i. Allgood "alternate to tho mooting
f tlio grand lodgo in Groonyillo in
At the close of tho graded school
n May 27 I'rof. D. \V. Daniol of
!leinson college will doliver a literary
ddross. Prof. Daniol is of a family
f toachors of rare success and a treat
i in store for those who hoar him on
liis occasion.
toivarc of Ointments for Catarrh tliat
Contain Mercury,
h morcury will surely destroy the eonno
f nmoll and completely deraugo the
hole system when outoring it through
io mucous surfaces. Suoh articles
liould never be used orcapton prescripons
from reputable physicians, us the
amago they will do is ten fold to the
oc.l you can possibly derive from them
[all's Catarrh Cure, mnuufactnro-i by
J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., conlius
no morcury, and is taken internally
r.fi.iry .1!maI|? ii twvi-i ?1.A
VII.; UIWU Ull.t 11111cuis
surfaces of tho synloni. In buying
[all's Catarrh Curo bo smo you gut tho
onnine. It ia taken internally and
iado in Toledo, Ohio, hy F. J. Cheuoy
Co. Testimonials froo.
Sold by all Druggista, l?>c.
Hall's Family Pilla are tho host.
School ElectienOn
petition of electors and voters
f Central school district No. 9, an
lection in urdorod to l>o hold May 1-1
t school house of abovo named district
to dctermino whether or not tho
pecinl school levy of district shall bo
aised from two (42) mills to (1) mills
ii hii propeii} \yiujin iiio (iisiiict lor
chool purposes. The present board
f trustees to net as inami^ors. Polls
o open at one o'clock am] close at
ix o clock. The election to bo conucted
according to rules and reguitions
laid down in school law. 13y
rder of County Board of Education.
It. 'J'. Ilullum,
Apr. 20. \v?i Sec. & Chm.
liair Renewed
P! then kppn it. Pf?rhnr*? nnr ! U
newer always restores color to i
r?s\ It jour dnjfrfrt c%niv-l itiprJ* too, irod $1.00 lo a
iO? R P. 1IA1.1. k N. ?l" I
JCfttion, I liuvo docidod to etny in
ho markets whoro f have purchased
uh Clothing, Shoes, lintw. Shirts,
play at my storo. Call and soo
v, fresh, ami thih aoftson'a patIf
you fail to buy your Spring
Shirts, Tios ami Underwear from
ifit cull ftt
Louis Copel, Prop.
; Wanted!....
etplo navo thom. For niont of II. J.
nappH, Early Hiril, Hivoep Stakes, etc.,
:>x. !5 tngH buys u Imr of Castilo flonp.
U'tl Moat and Liberty Hoi I taRH havo
108 niul aoop is not what yon want,
Ino Molawns at .'JSc, :i gal, for ST.OO, or
I and bright ah homo-iundo Horghnm. I
<ood for a while longer.
hnn I oftn buy thorn now.
tliiH~M<>noy in it for yon.
what tlnvy will l>rinf<.
Goods, ftlwiiyH want Prodaoo,
M 8. C.t who had one of tho mo?% terribU c?sen of RHEUMATISM od ^
n record. They all failed until one doctwr prescribed - |
if !|
Mr. Wllket wrltea In tke eourie of a lone letter, dated Auguat 18, 1902: ft '
"Mr lega were drawn back until ray feet toadied ray kips. I *d ?? hclplcu at a baby Si
(or nearly 12 monthi. The muaclea of mr arma and leu were h?td and shriveled up. I (S
auflered death many tlinea over. Waa treated by tlx dlrterent pliyiiciani In McColl,Dillon J.J
U and Marlon, but none of them could do me any good, nntll Or. J. I'. F.wlnt. of Dillon, told M
ju me to try your RHKUMACIDB. I began to take It, and before the fint bottle wa* uied up
i 1 began to get better. 1 uied 5j bottle* and wat completely cured." I ?'9
f jftj Dr. J. P. Bwlng confirm! Mr. Wllkei' atateraeat In every particular. pljijj
? |!
EOT Bin <03 8 y
Tho Smartest CSothirag %
Offered Here in Years. J)
The smartest tailors on'earth are < inplojred in tho establishments
^ that furnish this storo with apparel. This ih 0110 reanou of our flourM
ishing business. Season after wo havo demonstrated to you that
8. there is no difference in tho mndf-to-tueasmo kind of clothe* ami
^ tho smart suits we offer?except the price. And wo nre better pre- 7^
ff pared to convince you of this fact in
M 'np'rtJl tF3 IfOISirfS a* rr=J rv r>-^i /lainin r=?m ^=a m r. nr?zf ^
a 11 inii& rKi&^)Eira b nflOTiriitoaT ?IS- J
f purr of pew syars f
1 ...r2R 5PRINQ ?2? SUrUlER WEAR... I
Eg than at any previous time. The top notch ot Koodness has been Fv
sw reached?Perfection in the art of tailoring has b;en attained in the kJ
H new garments that now comprise our stock. There will be a rush fjT
here about Easter time, ho advise you to come this week and choose
/? your new spring and summer suit or top coat. Wo want to take /t
our time in fitting you. It is our way ?f doing thinx* to let no mat) yv
yS leave the store until ho is pleased in fit rnd stjle in every particular. y(
I Smith Sc Bristow, |
V\ Greenville, S. C.
Real Estate Foe Sale.
Now is the time to invest in Pickens real estute. Buy before
it goes too high.
277 acres within 3 miles of Six Milo church, 70 acres in cultivation
balance in original forest. Fine timber. Framo tenant dwellings and
plenty of water. Terms to suit purchaser.
One lot 1} acres in town limits of Liberty, good four room house,
splendid barn and fine garden. Will sell or exchange for small farm.
11G acres, gne farm in 3 miles of Pickens, splendid timber and
wood, also running stronms. Ariee $1050.00.
104 acres in splendid neighborhood, 3 miles from Pickens, good
iiuuBos. r me nmuer. Terms to suit purcnaser.
For further information cull on
Office r.t Dopoti Pickens, S. C.
( "coughs """ 1
Mmray's Ilorehound, Mullitn and Tar is composed of tlio most g
effective remedies known for curing coughs, colds, In grippe, soro throat &
and all afl'eetions due to inflamed and irritated condition of tlie air pan- n
sagos. It is prompt in atl'oiding roliof and certain in its ett'ret of has- ?
toning a euro. F
Murray's llorehoumi Mullicu and Tar
may bo u*ed to advantage in caece where other medicines linve failed. |
rji It is pleasaut, purely vegetable and absolutely snfc for old and young, i
Nothing elso like it iu oil the world. It should linve a place in every |
house, ready at hand when needed. Parents will llnd itn effect magical ?
... ^..,<0 w. uuup. Ji mm It'UllirKHIIIU VITIUO 11) COIIll'OilUlg tllfl pillOX
Ej] yams of wboopiug cougb. Price 25c. Guaranteed satiKfnctory to every fc
H puiclmsor. AT DRUG STORES.
Prepared by tbo Murray Drug Co., Columbin, S. C.
"" 'DR.'L 'E. CRIIM,
* " Recoguized Spociu)int in Refraction.
? Permauoutjv located in Greenvillo, S. C.
r' ^Ofllco, 210 N. Main Street, over MnuitI)r.
Crimm gives frco examination because
; . ''t.yZsp,* bo wautfl to fibow what ho i? ablo to do for
\ . Mfc. V- you boforo you pay. It in tbo fiir way.
' , Don't hositato to come if tboro is even tbo
\ >'f alightoHt discomfort of tlio oyon. Ho adV<
: vinon you aftor tho elimination iR inado unci
V<Q 'oavf*' >t with you entirely n? to whatoourdo
toneo of properly fitted glnsaoa, many foolishly
ooncludo that it i? a very aimplo matter, tho fitting of glavtox, but anyone
who lma had oxporionce or mado u stu>ly of thin seioooo will ugroo that it is of tho
grcaU.su iinportmico; a glass may do irreparable injury to tho oyo, or it may mean
night and health. Can you atTord to >>o experimented upon)
Dr. Orimm is through experimenting and in able, with tho modorn instrument*)
and modern methods, to make the moat defeotive oyo perform as doea the
normal "perfoot" eyo. You will ho wiao to ho on tho anfo siilo, aud if your oyos
arc giving you trouble havo thom examtnod by
These letters npoak for thomBolvo?:
ol'kiob ok baptist coitrikr.
A. J. H. TlioinuH, W. W. Ko3'?, Editors.
To Whom Tt May Conoorn:
I am lining glaHHos llttod on me by I)r. Crimm and thoy aro giving mo groat
h ithfuotion and oorufort, and I must olwerfully o>mmon J him to tho public. I fo
has worked for tho best people in Greonvillo and I liavo heard only favorable
3oramont on his work. A. J H. Thomah,
Editor Baptist Courier.
T eho? ifully testify to tho nntiafaeti'in roeeivo-1 by me from the iiho of {{lan-si h
(it tod by Dr. Crimm. W. W. Kkyh, Bus. Man. Bnptint Courier.
aii ni mo mom rcusnnnoio prioos. tjro?8 oyo? Htiiv.gntoned l>y kIukhoh
without culting. nprl3w8.
? What J. I). MOORIO at the comer ntore Iiah to nay.
I am buying Produco evory day, Your Chickdns,
Kggfl, lietjdwnx and Iiaw Ilidos. Jiriug to mo then my
prices you can boo, if you don't want trade I will pay you
ca&li, that's tho way to mako things last. A lot of tShocrt
fit a low down price, a lot of Dry Qoo<l? rnd a heap of
Sugar, Ooffcc,Flour,Sonpand Washing Powders. Call
on tho Old Man Moore. Remember the Meat Market in
still here. I Yonrs truly,
i * y.
Will buy more than one li
where, we mean on an ave
pare our prices with today
tors and be guided throng:
O ? ~
J 1
Two Great Specials foi
Five bales yard wide Sea Island worth at the
Ten bundles Apron Ginghams, short lengths
th s week 3c a yard.
In Flake effects, one of the seasons newest
novelties for shirt waists suits; price here 25c
Mere is a value w will guarantee unmatchable,
the very thin;.;' for skirls waists or suits,
worth .20c, price here 10c,
Looks like a 2^c value and originally priced
K,...,, . A >/- ?.K.\.V .... > -
iiv^hj i w vj i. l 111 u (,x:k inc.
fancy oxfords 10 cents^
Full ratine patterns, 27 inches wide, usually
sold at 15 cent0., priced here 10c.
polk a dot ox fc ) r! >s 19 cents ,"
This is an unusual value, would be chcap at
25c. Don't overlook this at 19c,
if YOIJ wan r a" lixf.N Si u\rv W'AKT
Now is the time to buy it and here is the
H E" < >1 >2 iiS Z 3 iZIS I >1
Greenville's Cheapest Store.
C&BS^Si EES^2a 5!
AN!) (.'
J%SJSe*,, 0 0 0
Pi . \ >
And see iiis Immense
chamlise. Five Car JLoai
I iai^'c Stock S11 ()
NOTIONS, bought b<
Sj\ i) i) LlilS, Cheap Fc
Everything; at Roi
I O <P* tT% A
H ^ a ' W l
i :
"UNDHK-HUYS- mmbuvivs
JUI.IO uaz-Ktunc r >wr.3^ umufyA^xmrn cjo*>.raTrev c*.nyaocr.naHKt
I t#:%55W
bbV 1
Arc; you ready for your Spring Sui
we are showing a nice line: made of "Mill
will pay you to see this line. :
White Sfia! Hlni
w w H u fc V. Xw? B D 1
The White Seal Clothing is famous
larger towns for its scperiority in style
dnribility. None but the best tailors are <
matting tins clothing and each garment
by an expert. We arc showily a variet
come and let us show you through.
We are looking for a big shipment
the rise and we can save you money. Cal
Heath. Bruca-Mi
unci red and ten cents elserage
1)111, of course. Com
s prices from our competiliout
our store by your in*
this Week in Staples.
nuns oc, ior mis wcck 5c yard,
>, 2y* to 5 yard lengths worth 5 and 6 cents,
\ place to get the best value for the leas- H
Washes like linen, beautiful q |
; Big assortment of Swisses for Spring dresses
: in every imaginable color, extraordinary valI
lie at the price?\ 2]/zc.
r ...
t Pearl Shirt Waist Sets, in four piccess
worth 25 cts., priced here 1 5cts. Better one,
: in Dig assortment of designs, spccial price 25
49. 89 and 98 cents.
Greah am Bros. Chinese Rose and Butter5
miik soap, regular price 10c per cake, for
I Monday, 3 cakes in a box, 10c a box. Kleysian
Violet soap, price icc a cake, tor Mon
day 5c a cake, 1 5c a box. Borated Talcum
Powder .jc a box. Tetlow's Talcum Powder,
5 large size box, lor Monday, 8c.
lOftX. Main Street, (JrcenviU^SSM?.
H 1 sm&n ^ ^ !
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