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? &* QHEfe.wm tsBBsf '!##'.
: pusxness on
' 32. inch white Pe,
32 inch beautiful ]
32 inch sheer imj
48 inch wash Pai
at 25 cents.
Beautiful Embroid
The latest Mercer
Big varie.y Wais
dies, etc.
" 1
Crowds every
Every department is
^ you owe it to yourse
jjbTV Now I'm not j
* know what they
they are compelled t
i^crc is wiicr
~ ' i# 4,1 fought this shoe
] --wjfajient Colt^Skin. ']
It will
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211 and
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u ??
George's Creek Valley News.
Sunday school in progressing ntc
, at present with T. T. Burton i
superintendent. Let everybody tin
oan attend and hear tlio royiewa
Prof. John E. Hood on tho leseou
Vineland ochoo! will closo jig
Friday the 22d, with an ontortai
ment. Hon. M. F. Ansol is oxpecU
to deliver an address to tho school i
*!,? i.? t
UKIU IIUJUi iVJLUOlU H-? UIJ i 11 1 II inillj
for tho occasion by Banks' Big Foi
band, of Grocnvillo.
R. IC. Hunt, of Scottsboro, All
has been tbo guest of Hon.
iter for tho past few da
1 to his homo.
had no spocial pete
Tn fact wo Imvo soi
?lo in tho last thr
-II our lives beforo.
say that the com
a no worse nt tl
.a Jones is visiting Mi
a jaunt tnis wcok. wo gue
ingf machine will tell tho ro
*316 waiorw of George's Cre
amount of good bottom lai
tivatcci, on account of ov<
. in summer, though wo n
Col. it. E. Bowon who owns ft
nores of this land, is having
ttvU i: 1 1 .
iH U UUV IIJ irj tlllio UI1U
try hi$ bond at making corn. C
about three and a half acros he h
cor fieri something like forty corda
Willow wood which, ho aayH, w
?ako tho finest stove wood of any.
itobort B. Jones visited in drc<
vilto county Inst Sunday afternoon.
..^Grover VVillinran has been rig
?iok for tile past wook with a fov<
but we are glad to say bo is raw
better nt thi? writing.
'* w'"" no' mRko
The Sentinel-Journal UtO lengthy b
will proftito you that you may he
item me again. Fond Reader.
School Eloctien,
On petition of tho voters and eh
^ tors of * Hampton school district, i>
46, an election is ordered to be h?
ut Haraptin Bchool hou?f, to
iquia whether or out ao extra l$vy
bH J 'H| i
7 great business wa
The majority of the
. willing to do more
se profit as the mer
his books, be he lav
be listening to the
t.p.mnt to ontino non
aan who olfers you
:ong quick as a wir
ognized all those pi
e Whtie Goods
le use. We mention a few of
ilues that it will be worth your
ige of:
rsian Lawn, special at 10 cents.
[ndia Linen 10, 12), and 15 cts.
ported Persian Lawn, special at
ris Muslin, real value 35 ccnts,
ieried Swisses 35 to 50 cents,
ized figured Swisses 35 to 75c.
stings, Piques, Chiffons, Organ
r day in the week can be seen vver
full of just such Merchandise tha
If to investigate.
Ladies', Misses' a
?oing to quote any ioc, 19c or 49
are, and also know that you can
o be one or the other.
e we paralyze the Shoe stores. ^
at Arnold's at $2.50. Now here :
ivery pair guaranteed, and I am r
pay you to ride or
. 213 Upper Main S
I From Pleasant Hill.
Well, Mr. Editor, as I havo m.i;m
nothing in tho good old county paper
18 from this section, I will eudeavoi to
givo you u fow dots.
u Tho health of this community is
good at present.
Tho farmers are doing good work
11 I
now. They uro wwo in making good
^ use of all tho good woather they can.
!(j Thero ia a flourishing Sunday
Lir Bcliool at Pleasant Hill church, anil
nomo of the protty tfirls arc attending,
but that is not what we aro want*
ing to know.
y8 Whoro aro our County Cominis
eioncrs* The roads aro so bad in
this locality that an opossum could
1,1 not walk them on a moonshiney
11 night without getting his leg broke
00 Pleftse excuse me for saying anything
about tho roads.
V No\vt> is scarco now, but if this
does not bit tbo wasto basket I will
writo again. Cow Boy.
8" Six Milo Dots.
Mr. Editor: Ah tho grave yard
0]{ question 1ms boon running ho long
uj wo thought wo would turn it into
,r. work, ao overybody is invito 1 to bring
0. thoir tools and cotno soon on Satur v
day morning boforo tho second Sunit
day in May, and lot's respect the dead
4() onougb to spend a fow hours work
A 1 T ? . ? /v. 1 /
)n over uioiu. x uiso invito UKl ?mnnllH
bier and A .Beginner to bring thoir
0f Ijoos and como as they thought beat
rill for the Jwriter.to get thoir hoes and
go to work inntead of writing ho much
,n_ about it. I also invito Old Kiddle to
como, nH alio enn't got anyone to help
lit, hor work the roads. Let's hoo how
Ml it.- -- 1
-jj* mm.j will UIU UU'W OUUU^II
cjj to como on tho day appointed. We
nro also btyhling a good wire ft<nr;o
l0 around tho grave yard hero.
/ A. M. Garrett is having a well dug
qj.'' on liin lot. Ho Kays ho is tired of
totemg water from other people'*
' / Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo
P^'Witlimoi. on the 11th instant, a
lo, daughter.
M Vljorn unto Mr. and Mrs. C E. M.
?r-1'Garrett, a daughter.
?' Mm. Sallie Mauldin waft tjbn guest,
b? of Mrs. A ...V'riday.
it0 cMr. lJhl\*wSp?.T-jbde<MK- of lioni>r.
J*I Mr.?. I-. r, r^piiUthu
\ rr' ' " rj- ' ~
,s over built up up
) people are will in j
> than that, and ri<
chant who does, tl
ge or small, is unn
weird music o.t the
>ple to buy on acco
Reliable Goods, on
xk. That's just th
oints before establ
| Mere's
20C0 yards 25 inch Fc
with beautiful colored des
; j Arnoiu s price 3 3-.1 cents
Regulation Pric
Before other stores c
to know what "Arnold as
by the forelook and bon
last Fall to do me throug
3(5 Inch Sen :i to l.'> yard
5 lotiKlhK i-untx.
!W Inch Son I: luixl, full pieces, per
yunl 0 cents
Apron mul Ores- Clicks at "> < l
Lowest prices on b
uling their way to this store. T
t von should buy. 1 am doing* 1
18'Oi Or
nd Children's Shoes,
c shoes, for 1 haven't got sm:h s
t afford to buy either paper or (
ifou know tlie Shoe stores make
is how and why I do it. I want
mining the whole business. Oj
walk miles to trac
i &
><iuj;ssi \ i: < <>i si',.
iaoj)uu3MuueanrK:<^K:. zmriii^aarixwxi V
j ri<^ht about. <1. |v> -ii g of it, Jaif
I <x< t it down a li'Hi- c . I'm > I) !
thing to do i t ) " t.i d(.\ I out ot
a nvui, and t!:<:i tlib waving :>j"?:> ttyo
will Iruvo him r.nd !t" will bo a linnbur
id to his \vif<! and a i llur ta hin
children, and will not g \> lint which
!j holy unto thu dogs. lhihy I- ?y.
Norris itoms.
Everything i-? <iui.;t alontr the'
l'oiomuc. Work among tin i'armvrs
is pro^ios.iing nicely, an I ' cnd'.dutcH
epidemic" yet unkn ivn.
Not u fdngle ono 1j:?> np[ eared i:
thiH.soction as yet, not even in t' 1^
form of a Coioner, l>u it is not too
la to.
The fruit crop is adjudged a
fuiluro in tin* community ; however,
there in hope for the ;15 j>?o
trees, as they have not ali bloomed
out yet.
j 1?\ II. I?aiker, ag. nf, has re
| turned t o his post of duty ti i t or
j two weeks recroation. Thin i-i Hi"
j first time ho liu* had any rest
jfiinco accepting the noy In.rc
nearly two yoars ?go. i'>. M.
Ithyno. operator from Gaston ia, -V.
C., rolioved Mr. liurlcor,
Misses Ilnghes nnd Do '/, of
Oconee county, vi;>itod J. I*. J; inly,
brother of the hitter, . rer -ntly.
rsiihk implies Jift9 Tic M']?ted (ho
school at Catoouhoo, which will
open in July noxt. Sho coimn
highly rccoinmended from Oconee
as an enorgotie and "widn awake"
teooher to the latest methods in
Mra. J. r. Deii'ly viait-d livr
father, A. It, Burns, in Andeison,
last week, who ia cjuit?* hick.
Mis* Minnio Kilhurn, of Nrwry,
viwitcd Mrs. Sue Kilburn, her
aunt, last Saturday*
Tho pupilgjQf the Norrin dratn
mar Bchqol are otitliufri^tio oyer
. . m>l to e( 111<* oik 4 ;in tn -i
Jf1b r ayip 1
on any other basis
r>; to pay a merchan
>-lit thoy are. A m
lat is nothing but c
i.bl.0 to compote wit
) " Whangdoodlo."
>unt oJ price. Thei
e in touch with th<
e kind of a mercha
Lshing tliis busines
a Snap.
nway Lawns, light grounds ! a;
iii'its, fast colors and cool,
' H
:e on Domestics.
s j
iiiotc: these: rrnods thev liko - \
, * ? ?j .? f I s
iks" for them. 1 took time ^ ^
ight enough of these goods | J
h tlie season.
28 Jiu'li Drill, slightly soiled >
O'i ct8. | |
i l spring Print*, per y?r<l 4jotSi
? ood Aproii liiiuilianiM at 5 i cuts.
leachings in the city.
hey know when ARNOLD adver
business on a spot cash basis and
' I
Luff. I could get them, but
>ld rotten leather shoes, for
* 1 . . . r , A T ? TV -
men sirou^ nj?iu on men s rine
ihis class of business too, so 1 boi
; fords included at
lo at A mold's. Ms
' r. ; i^ H'd and in vcs this nrok to t
' Sj> rt;;ubutj whero lio will con- \
tiii'io in tho fini.shocl lumber work.' ^
11?' ... ;iii 10 ill. oxp^rt liiinl/CivmuM. j
E I'luri'.us I'hum.
Fro in Rock.
TIim moniin:r aft'inls mo with '
ftrint ]>1 usuro in writing t> your J
most V)?hiul>lo pupor. !
Jxf!>ru unto i\lr. and Mr?. W. l<\ i
*i\ tiilriciis on I ho 28th nit., u lino
i boy.
I^Horu u:-;t'i Mr. !-. '1 .Mrn. A. C.
r>n i il tiul t.ii cl.:' Uiltil ult , a tine
ho inf inl cbihl of Mr. and Mrw. 1
.1 ill).! . ... ,5.11 UMiQ iiiii'U ?1 of M.il. n/?u 1
.. .. .. ?VV Ul'll ??"J j '
churcM tbo 7th iuot. '
Jit'V, .1. (!. Seaborn Tilled liia rogu!'?r
np|oiijtincut at Oolcnoy last firet
ftuuiV.'.y to u lai j>o congregation.
'y AK-h Janin 1 londrie.ka was tlio
<-t* Mif>s Ji Bir> Cbu&tiiut, liu-t i
.Suudiiy i
w. I>. Jont'B ban been tlaying i
;!ic i-.' : week with her daugblor, (
i Aliu Emma I'Mons. |
v : , ill,. / ? .i r . j.i ?
. I -.I 1IUIKI v IllUliSIIIIW Ul LtilUU
; NT.mjiilitin, veiled her sister, Mr*. II.
l'\ Hendricks, hist week.
i wonder whfit has. boootr o of Gn y .
!<\(d ?i11I guess she in still male- ,
ing Jit v leap year visit.
Wishing .lie correspondents, editor'
and readers much muccosh. I remain,'
Mountain Girl.
Easley R. F. D. No. 1.
Tho fiiruu >'H wuro jolting ready to |
| plant, s.'iuo of their 15 eoyt cotton1/
w) ?ii the ruin camo, ho it will plant j
i better ufl< r tlio ruin. | (
Air. mid M18. ]\Iil;n 'Miller visited
reictivi-.s nt. Piedmont last Saturday
and Sunday. j,
JWr. (1. W. Dorr and 'vifo woro on.
tliu hick list last week.
W. E Grant and Luther Ilii^rlic a
went duck hunting Lo t week below
J Ka-luy, but didn't kiil any.
.' .mo uf tho writer# inonfjuned '
* i> .t t;ic U-ii!;{ ln??p yenr 1 ibink ,
the boy 8 ought to flfiiy id- home to boo|
11 the {;irln would ftiy fhnin a call,1
tiiid I think JL\j 1 lias (Mine to stay
thin year, to wen if anybody would ;
l'i. him ;i call, f li* 1 know h? would
H|<pr<;ciut6 Uitir call. ... j
Mr. \V. T. Nall?*y i? having lum.l>?r 1
'fir.wf-d to orcct ft new addition to hid I
juwfeuiutf iioubc. i
Boy?, I)!) ouio to p'tftut that melon lisle"...
for I Uijuk lip poftohe? are
ju*fc -nbi'iU. rtU Kill, d, mul tlio lutmliOtt
wiu coinc nr.,and to rt-u v.'.u
than that of fair 1
.t a fair pr ofit for
an who does not c
;ommon sense. A
h his neighbor.
There is another
e is really one lei:
3 best sources of s
nt Arnold is, and
Spring Prints
These goods are retail
that's just the reason I am s<
Pique Eai
i,800 yards figured 1
black and colored figures, 3
them worth 12y2 and 15c, n
12 1=2 cent Perca!
The Springs most subs
signs. 3-4 27 inch Percales
tises a tiling it is so. I am bui
prefer to make a small profit o
) IN SH<
I am undoubtedly doinj
at the- other. The only SI
Shoes are not like "good wi
mical buyers haven't the cor
Shoes. Here is where we put
.ight the stronges line of $3.00
ike up your mind
:)oetc'd: M. P. Rogers, Suporinton-1
lent un<l I N. .Miller, Seciotary nml
LVenaurpr. Thero will ho preaching
it Enon <:v<!rj 2n<i itu<l 4th Sunday.
11-, ~
o iv; wui i nti|i|juiimy^Ui'i
eivtMl f?>r last week's I'apvr.)
Tho frost ituH killed tho poaches,
May chorrioB, aprieats aud some
utrnwborriCH, but thus far "White
Ko8?>" has (Hjuped. Becauao of
my long silenco tome thought I
must bft chilled and would havo to
bad and bloom again, Well,
Lb oho cool mornings made mo foel
right chilly, but I'm not quite
killed yet.
Spring, that very busy Benson,
has come and u 11 the farmers are
hustling around putting 111 guano
and making ready to plant a big
urop of cotton, ami no corn, and
fire expeotmg to get 12i and 15
cents for it, but I am afraid wo
will come '.'out at the little end of
the horn'' and have to be satisfied
with 7, 8 and 0 ccntH. This is going
to bo a hustling year with the
candidates and farmers.
Wheat ia looking fine and B. I).
Mauldin has tho finest Hold we
have Hoen.
i >We are Horry to note that W. P.
Stowart had tho misfortune of gotLing
ono of his feg.s broken a tow
figo while hauling wood in a new
around. Ilia loc was caught by a
stump with the above result. At
I list accounts ho was not doing po
well, though we hope ho will soon
be well.
llev. G. L. McCain filled hinregular
appointment at Gap Hill tho
fourth Sund.iy.
f ur a i?
iTi | 13 i It III. D, VMH^ Vll<XL?JtI Ut'l
laughtor, Mm. Calvin Keith, of
Table Mountain, laatweok.
G. A. Ellis, of Piokens, pft83?d
through our litllo burg a few <luya
ngo on Ins way to Walhallu,
Wo have no smallno* in our
DOmrmihity at present and I hope
Ihoy will remain out.
Mioses Mattie and Lora Oraift,
who have been working in the
Norris Cotton Mill for soveuil
r?ontfyi^have eonio home to upend
" 'A f*W-!
till 11
treatment, sound
his trouble and e:
T ? 1 1
iu h lcirgu vuiuiut
Lgain, the man w
If ho does attemp
class ot merchai
ad ol: merchant t]
;upply in the lax
lie does not expe
at 4 cents.
ed at 5c. everywhere,
slling then: :\t 4c.
'iques, white ground,
2 inch wide, some of
ly price on lot
!es at 10 cents.
tantiai ana prettiest ae- III
, fast colors at 5c.
Iding up an immense business
n a great many sales and conti
y the Shoe business of this coi
loe Department in the city aff
ne," they do not improve witl
mcicncc tr> i<>w me thou nn; cr
the handcuffs on them. The
Shoes that I could find, consis
that you will do
| our midst unil took nj> his abode 1
j Atlanta. We wish him u bund an
: success in .ill his nndcrtiikingi
, though we regret to have him leav
I us.
And still the wedding hells ring
They have been ringing in th
community again, anil the ochof
tell us that Mr. John Arnold an
Miss Easter Morgan were unite
j in the holy bonds of matrimony c
tho.'iOth ult. B. 1). Mauldin, M
11\> in his polite and graceful mai
nor, performed tho ceremony. W
wish tliein a long and happy I if
aj: t ..? nf.. . i l!.. i i ?
iuisw iiuv;y iiiiiumiii mis roiurne
homo after a very pleasant vis
to relatives and friends in Easle
and elsowliero.
Tho writer of this articlo had tl
ploasuro of visiting Catoochoo la:
week. Tho Norris Cotton Mi
storeatthatplaeojis in a flourishir
condition. Their spring supply <
dry goods arid millinery novelti"
had just arrived and thoy aro ve?
A delightful egg hunt was give
by Mrs. W. R Mauldin last Sa
urday afiornoon for the pleasui
of the little folks of this ooninu
nity. After tho eggs were fouu
thoy returnod to tho house an
: : i ^ .1 :.. ii.? .1. ?:? ?
wvi'u uiviLwii in uiu (lining niu
wlioro ft delicioussupper wan anrvt
them. All Boomed to onjoy their
selves very much. White Rose.
April 9, 1904.
Pickens, R. F. D. No. 1.
I Too Into for Inst weok'b Ihsuo.|
Mr. Editor and Correspondent
It lifts l>oen somo time since I'\
written to Tho Sentinel-Journal,
Mrs. M. W. Newton has l>e<
sick with rheumatism tho pai
week. We hope eho will t>oon hai
her usual health.
Itev. O. M. Abney proaohed a
intoiCsting Mormon at Bethlehoi
last Suu day.
The Sunday school is doing vor
well at Bethlehem. We hope i
and all others may do better woi
than they have for many years.
Our sohool, which was taughtb
the efficient toucher, Miss Ola Ml
jor, closed on the lat inau Mu
H Tit A
Merchandise, at a 1
xpense in doing bt
i of business cannc
ho slaps a large poi
l4" 1 \~ i4"'cs o cli AIV
' l_? XU JLU kJ CD UiiVJX
nts who handle n
iat deserves your bi
id, one who right
ct your business on
Have You S
Out line of beautiful Fibre Carp
ing so neat and cleanly in the v
A damp cloth removes all dirt,
the yard and in Art Squares
than matting and no companso
Given Away
We give away free of <
Painted Chinaware; with each
nj) you are entitled to a piece c
you nothing. We simply do tl
here instead of going elsewlu
in with us you will stay. Ask
? here and doing it upon the :
inue to increase my business. All
a a-^ -ir st m i
f\TX 8 B?B!
nmunity. They conic in at one dc
ording you a selection from a stocl
1 age. I mark them so close that <
itisficd on sight.
y can't budge when you poke you
ting of Box Calf, Vclour Calf, Vi
n | largo pasture on lus bottom land
it | and gone into thu stock business,
a, 7-^Slr. M. YV. Newton went to Ath-:
e ens, Ga., last week to attend the!
I funeral ot his brother, J. R. Newton. I
1 Cony, yon muen't be too hard on
is Mr. ]}. about his girl of olden times, j
>8 and you needn't think he is getting
d too old to think about tho girls, j
id (Nor I'm not too old yet). You '
>n know pooplo never got too old to ;
r. learn, and I think if this leap year <
i- over passos, Mr. B. and 1 will try
e ; to learn to love some of tho girls.
o.1 It seems that tlio girls never will
?1 got started.
it' Boys, what do you suppose has
iy bocome of "Old Riddle"? I gueas
she is bufty working the roads. I
10 wish all tho girls would follow Old
^ Kiddle's example, nrul perhaps wo
1' would have better roads.
The furmors aro doing very good
^ work now, getting ready to plant
Q8 a little corn and a lot of cotton,
y I will givoHomo one oIhc my neat.
OKI Tom .
in Easlcy R. F. D* No. 1.
^ [Received for lnt>t week's Issue)
P0 Mr. Editor and Headers: Will
you please giyo mo space and time
'd to ioin vour mauv eorrHflnoudnnts.
1 " . 1
1(1 I lmvo been a nileut reader of your
,n Valuable paper for some timo.
I hoo that a grpat deal ia being
written about this being leap year,
I gueas some of the girls had bettor
come this way. Wo have four or
five boys that havo never boon to
see a girl in their ihves. Maybe
a: some of the girls could get thorn to
re call by calling on them livst.
A great doal 18 being naul about
;n politioa. We suggest that each and
hi AtfAnt* AnA K rt 1 nVf.A/%iu /*? *11 Vt M
Hb "VUiy Ulic tiirtu UA|;yuin ?-v l uii iui
fC any oftice had bettor Call on some
life insuranco agent, and gstu point
icy, because the roads aro ho rough
m that there iB danger of being hurt
or killod. We have all pnnl our
y $1 00 tax and travel tho gully roads
t, to market when we are compel led
k to. We would like to ask whioh
will have committed the area teat
y sing, the people that stay at home
i- from cbtirch on Sunday and don't
)8 got mild, < - the ono that sUrli and]
W'tM into a large hole,
he ha* to tell what an accident,
^ i ^ ^ ^ h*WWW*
' > :/fy IPflfrWi
)t afford to $$?
'tion of his
fcs while beS
othing b\i
.isiness ant.
? any biiLiig /
L any other *
* ;.;/ i
? A/fW# ffiX&ki, ;- j
etiiip-?there is noth
? ,
,'ay of (loor covering-.. ? mi v;. '
Wc have it both by MIp -; ^
;. ^ Very little higher ?2
Free. ^
cost Beautiful
purchase from $1.00 Cn
>f table china; it costs,
lis to getjyou to coijU^^ '
ire, and once you
for the china. i. *>"" k MdjEM
?? :?*~
mutual benefit pfiirt.. JjjmjHfmt
t * 1 Iff#*.' ;3?KiMgta
i Winn is iv iruu,
ENT. ,
Dor and go right out. :
k entirely brand new-jV ''"''tJjSl
even the most econ'ol^ 4
. V> " I
r foot out and say
ci and $2.5r |
this is election year; we Bee and
hear our county officora tell; what
they have (lone for your Imrtofit.
But what have thoy done? Tkhoy
lnive done nothing except collect
their salary. . j? ; ?&
Miss Eva Christopher haB the
mumps. .
Mr. Havli
lathor laHt Friu*.,.
will bo ioa<ly to go to
ton seed noxt Mi'tula^
certainly a hU9tler in thf
From a South Caroling mr
Will vou pleaso allow mo
in your valuable p?per to
words in behalf of in
Since, I left old 8.
Kftr-lr liara Uoc hnfln at.
ful changes made in bot
state and my w.
poor, broKoiy^uearted* boy, b
hope and Wovidenco restored
I now thi/ik it my lot to afteitk
I am today residing in 0wind
county, North Georgia, two
from where I firet Bottler1
onco more calls back to m
it.. 1!lil _ llil. - i -i
wio iiuno HHyiHK u
Htono gathers mo roOai."
suppose I am doing ?S w>
one might wish for faru..
the yoar 1003, we planted '
balea of cufcton and gat J1'
but on account of cottoi
cents a pouml nni^e u?
Wo aro now preptf'
a crop and aim to n.
this year prpvifW* L
able or/iip your, which Wft(
will lip ftfe
All we need in
mooey and more na<|<
how to keep it.
pirn state of the south is m
, i vrp. , v
greasing faet{ a?i<l we long
the day when clu- can h.
banner higt
prenont. . A

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