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aMHSg^* '^W^??HW
K.;. stored Apt il 23,1003 nt PiokouB, H. 0., ?h Hoootij olnwH miitty.r, uucIct got of Con groan of Maroli 3, 1879.
rf I eeO
You oa
Dry Q
At a lees pr
bought and
and got you
Our Cl<
good many 1
down so low
it away till i
Wliun v
I. ^10 w'
H. *
W, T. lie FALL, J.S.
v - - :4-The Pickens
^ DK
Cotton Seed Me
Nnw rparli
w y y i vyiivi
Our Ginnery lias been ru
and we thank our pati
Our Mill is now grindi
plenty of hulls, meal <
Rring your SEHI) and e
or we will pay you tl
seed just as you prefc
Come to us and see h<
are not. controlled by
much, or more, for yc
\ W. T. McFALL,
M President
% By Careful and con
W TJ I. 1 1
flr i ><i11 k uirgeiy increase:
we solicit your bus
^ . every reasonable accc
- j^eadj
. SPRING -- {
1% Car Lo
^ We have m
pajation for this
Every Shoe M
yS. Pride
e sre
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oods, Clothin, Shoes.
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ou come to Greenville, come right to
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L Sturdivant
Greenville's Grea
wm?mmmmmu?mmmmmmm nmmmm
Vicc-Pri'8. Sec. & Treas
Oil Mill Company,
:alers in
a). Hulls. Oil and Linters.^T^
/> -<
/ tor business
inning on full time all this season
rons for their patronage,
ng regularly and you can get
3r "batting."
xchange them for meal and hulls
le highest nrarket price ior your
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outside prices but will pay as
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j <]
test Store. \ c
? __J
? I
^ ' T ir r t
Without* Musblfl Kkfe vittta i
your ufttngrsorae other 1
- . >
iiartimiwrTl mnn i
r W :
r M<r 1
? ***
f Yoa i
ECin I
, /?-?'-< * *? ??
fejjitf^tV.esson Company
j^^lAVAWWI.flX. '
L?Kltii"im mmiu* uhjl. .. ?; ? '
A Kingiilnr Word.
Our hingnnge oonlniim a word ending '
in "W" tliAt denote* anxiety, worrv, etc., (
> (1(1 to this word another "S" audit will
denote affect'on, joy, eto. Find 11?i? (
word in tlio paragraph below. ]
"Cnroa" bring anxiety and worry,
these bring derangement of tno digewtive 1
orpann, namiily reuniting in indigontion.
Hydulo'a Stomach Tubletfl ouro indi?< H- |
tioo. It mftttom not whether yonr htoinaoh
trou'nie is oauHod by worry, over- I
work, negloof, malaria or any other (
fifttiRo, llyUtilo'0 Htoniatih Tilbiota will
oui-o you Tlioy influro porfeot digoH- '
tion nud fawiimilntion. Tliry tone unci |
ptrengthnn tho pigoativo oi-gnnft, ro?tor- .
ing llidin (o li<*alit>. Uho them and good '
heullh will blrow yon and fortnne "cu- <
rem*' you. Plokonn Drug CoM Pioken*; .
W. A. Bbeldon, Lil??rty. 1
^ ' f '' ' ' '' ' ' ' ' a
. . c
# I
Mo Details Have Been Received of the ?
Battle, but Many Japanese are [
Thought to Have Met Doath >
By the Czar's Soldiers. r
f . ..J A 1 1 * ? ' *
jjwuuuii) /\[?rn ?/\ dispute 11
io (ho Central News from Port :l
\rthnr Boyn nowa haa l>eon ivcoi v- "
id thero of the complete destruo.
ion of a Jnpane-i * column on tho |y
No detailp, it is added, wore ob ?
Seoul, April 22.?Tho I?elief in
jcnnral hero that no attempt will
>e mode to cfohh tho Yalu river ?
>eforo tho end of this wc?k, by J*
vhioh time arrangements for n
oncorted Japanese movement, a ^
titnultancous nish toward the river .
roin three distinct, points, will
. . P
iftvo been perlee'ed. *
Tim second Japanese army is
uppoped to havo left Japan on ^
\pril 10; it probably will attempt ^
i) land near Port Ai I bur, while '
>ther forced will tiy to land on the
klanohuriun coat-t nearTaku Shan,
ibout 45 mileB to the west of the ^
noulli of the Yalu, on the Tatung
vao, about live miles went ol tho
lver's mouth.
Part of the general advance will
>o lowaru i.ac;i-Yang and a divis- *
on of the gnaids, sixteen thousand j
troug, under Mf\jor-Genera I In uve,
will be the first troops sent ,
9 (|(
giiiiibt the IvUbsiaiiH nt Chin Tien
Jhong, which is opposite \N"iju, on ^
lie Manchurian i?iof the Yalu.
Major General Ioouyo won his
aurels in t!ie lipht at Cheng .In on '
A arch 28th. ^
The supplies now l.einn landed
it Chulsan, ncir (he mouth of the
' ti
'iVtli* ?*iii j'vOSCiiii i"i'rit( l'tY, Cat! 5jO |
oruardud easily to Wiju,not more
ban t\v? nty n.ileb awuy. W iju is
,o ho the .Japanese bas<? in Norihirn
Korea . Tho artillery and cav- M
ilry ouiibtitutc the \v< ak point in w
no Japanese army. |V
'1 In; hor-es not well IraiuC'l, js
)or are they slionjr, ni < 1 although
riio J'apaiK-KU cavnlry Ivhaved
plemlidly in n tvnt t-kirmhhes il'
\iih superior numbers o! <\>?>:icks, j.'
t is prohabu; that when Him first fi
>t o! trained horses is exhtiusted,
ho employment of a second ton- |>
ngnment ot raw annuals will h&m- 1
jcr I heir movements. jyj
'II io Howitzer# n<?w being em-1
>aik<d at Cliinampo an* ovidcully
moid'<1 fur u?o in the movement
lyniiiHt 1'ort Arthur. ,
Vlexli lV MhIih Kopurt of l(iiH?t?n DIhhkIiis
St. riuoiohiirf, April 22.?Tl:e
ox I oi Viceroy Ah-x u il 's report to
ho un?P'ror coutorniug the 1'otro
javloysk dirtabti r nod thotorpedo
mgugcnioiit which preceded it reads
In f/vl lmi'U
*i luuunt?.
"I respectfully report to your
imjcjfcty thnton April 11 the whole |j
ilVcctivo Kjundron at Port Arthur
miled out six n.ilos to the south
vnrd to maneuver nod towards ^
>vo?ing leiurof'd to port. (>o
\pril 12 a lloiilln ol ei^ht torpedo
ioat destroyers went out toiw>i>?ei
lie ittlniidn, having r?ived orders
o attack the enemy should ho be r
Micoiintercd in tho c^urso of tho
"Owing to the (laikuo8? and n
navy rain throe of tho d<f-troycrw K
)i;camo Hojiariitod from the flotilla,
wo of which returned t?r Port Ar- p;
,hnr at dawn. The third, however,
he Stiashni, having, according t J
ho evidence ?>f her seamen, en- H
ioun tried sovorn.1 'upanoHfi d?*- j roj'oiH
took thorn in I lie darknM s I
or Husninii ships, and giving (ho j if
lignul of rco ignition, j >ined thim | |
xt dnwn. ! *"
"She was rccogmzod l>y the ene i ia
ny and (hero was a tight at cloeo j>
jiuirtiTfl in which hor commander,
Midshipman Andonjinor, and most!01
>f her crow were killed. MaloifT, j(
lior lieutenant, ulthongh wounded, ,r
iontinu d firing o.i tho enemy. cl
* M dawn on April 13, tho crui- ^
jnr IUyan went out, preceded l>y V/
IflBtroyerH nod hurried (o the res- *
iu*'. About h i x t odd mi lea from fi
Port "Arthur tlio Buyau ?aw tho do- ^
jtroyer Btrnahni engngod with lour s;
InpancHe destroyers. Shortly nf- ^
torwaidsi an explosion occurred mid r<
ho Strashni Hank. Driving off the
memv'H destroyers bv her tiro, the m
It ay an approached tlio acene of tho **
SK?. t, lowered her I; >slta hud
;ime to save the remnant of t/o
Destroyer's crew. Unfortunately,
)nly five mon woro bwimining tt
rhcir Uvea wore savod.
"The oiniior was obliged to w
right Crn her star hoard sido with eix 01
Japaneno cruisers whioh oame up. 01
I " "" '
Ttoving pickod up her boats the
Hay an regained the harbor, suiTerng
no damage or losg, although
iovoied with fragments of shells.
A Omit Sensation.
Thero was ft big sensation iu Lpoavillo,
ud., wliou W. H. Hrowu of (hat plnoo,
mo wis expectod to die, hiul his life
..veil by Dr. King's New Discovery for
}onsuiaption, llo writes: "I endured
risutlerablo agonies fioin Astlmma, but
our New Discovery gnvo me immediate
elief and soon thereafter effected u comilete
cure." Similar cures of Consumpiou,
pncumouin, bronchitis and grip are
i timorous. It's tlio peerless remedy for
11 throat and hiug troubles. Price 50c,
ml 81 .(H). Guaranteed by Pickens
)nig Co. Trial bodies free.
Inch Bitterness Felt Against Them
in Manchuria.
Berlin, April 21.?A correspondnt
at IIarl)in, under date of
larch 10, says great bitterness has
eon aroused through Manchuria
gainst tho Americans and the
'.ritish because it is believed that
Linerican anil British vessels took
art in the bombardment of Port
-Hi T? ? -
Liuuiii niiuui iiio ,> apauuao ling.
Tim 1 >iiIiof is apparently due to
lie fact that the Japanese lleot was
irgor than tho Russians anticipa>d,
and it included unknown typos
f vessels.
The feeling is so strong that tlio
Lmcricans and British are not pale
ny where in Manchuria.
One American and several oth*8
lmvc <1 ifi!? UliWI rn.l 'l'l>n " * '
. - .....| |/-.??? u\?, a hi; iiu
loritiea are looking for them. It
reported that nil Englishman
ivs boon arrested at Port Arthur
i u ppy. JIh was taken to Muk31)
and hanged.
The plying of the po-calK (1 (lower
>nta on Li no river nro mostly uner
the American (lug, and the
irrying of American goods Imp
eon prohibited. Southern Manmi
ia has been scoured lor several
mnths for supplios of Hour dosned
for Port Arthur, which will
j provisioned fur two voars. I
'J: st Cough Medicine lor Children.
Wlien you buy ii cough medicine for
na!l children you want 0110 m \\ 1 > i * 11
m can place implicit conlidence. You
mil oii? lhnt not onlv relieves hut
lriw, You w.Mit oiks that is unqnesjnablv
harmless. You want one that
p'cavnnt 'otdie. Ch>inH\erhiin's Coug
Tint (1 v n'.t cts nil < f these conditions,
i.eio \a uoth'ng .'"o good for the coughh
)'i cohih incident to childhood. It in
fo a c< r!i.in preventive and cure for
oup, anil there i.s no danger whatever
oiu whooping (ion.^h when it is given.
ha? been used in many epidemics of
iat discme with perfect, success. For
le by Pickens Deng Co., and I'arle's
rug Store. Pick* us; a"d Hunter St
iekens, Liberty.
iss Gould Wants Girls Protected.
A letter was rc-.civtd at St. Louis
io other cI?iy 1 ?y t)to board of
una^ers IVom Miss Helen Gould,
11 mit owing to ill health she
mid not participate in many of
ie social functions of the lair,
ho letter e. includes :
'OiKt i I n\V main objects in vising
tho fair is to co-operate with
iid aid us lays in tny power, the
nvelers aid of tho Young Woan's
Christian Association, in
it-ir effort to protect, young girls
ho nr/> /?/? ?>i?w? 1
...XV tv ui. J./HII1H I 11 IN
umrr.or. This is a matter which
linn- taken very much to heart,
i tliD young girls c( ining to tho
lir will 1)0 8UInject to a great
iany ti'inplalions ami annrc?."
Idney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
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la sure to know of the wonderful
I ji , cures made by Dr.
?r'ArvCJ i Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
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X-y-r* J 11 bladder remedy.
If " It is the great medlLH
^ cal triumph of ihe ninety"!
\ ,-i"V tcenth century; di9/'
I covered after years of
u'"! f Kvn" i scientific research by
u*? Dr. Kilmer, the eml'
^ v * . nent kidney and blad^
dcr specialist, and Is
ondcrfully successful In promptly curing
irnc back, kid:iey, bladder, uric acid trouIe3
and Bright'?: Disease, which is the worst
>rm of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not recrnmended
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.. UahUU It ...III U- I J
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ist tho remedy you need. 11 ha3 been tested
i so many ways, In hospital work, In private
ractice, among the helpless too poor to purunsft
relief and has proved so successful In
/cry caiio that a special arrangement has
con made by whicli all readers of this paper
ho have not already tried it, may have a
imple bottle sent free by mall, also a book
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nd out If you have kidney or bladder trouble,
/hen writing mention reading this generous
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sgular fifty cent and Home of Rw?mp-Root.
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Don't mako any mistake, but remember
ie name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'*
v/amp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
. Y., or; every bottle.
MuKom a Clean 8WMip.
Thoro'a nulling liko lining n tiling
101 Miglily/ Of nil tlio hhIvoh you over
ortnl "HoJilfn'w Arnica HhIvo in tbo
i?t, li nway ami ourca burnt),
>r?*?, njruliow, out", boil*, Uloer#, nkin
rnptionn ami piles. It'H only 2fio, f,n<l
unrnntoc4 to giyo Aatinfaclion, l>y Piokus
Drug Qo,
~ ' '>'
Says Americans and Wireltys Telegraph
Must be Respected.
Secretary Hay has replied to the
Russian announcement that war
correspondents who use wireless
telegraphy will bo treatod n,s apian.
His note to Count Cassiui, the
itussian ambassador, was merely
an aoknow I edge men t of the roceipt
of his communication and
concluded with the statement that
Mr. Ilav reserves tho right to free
action in the event any proceoding
by tho Russians which involves
rights of Americans. In no genno
can Hay's note ho considered an
acquiescence in tho Russian policy.
Thoro will be a differonce of
opinion in the cabinet as to the
length to which this government
Shoilld gO in aSHIlmitlcr CnnlrAl r\ f
wireless telegraph stations and
thoro will bo a lively discussion
when the matter is again taken up
by tho cabinet. Members of the
general board of tho navy and tho
general stair are urging the administration
to adhere to the principle
laid down by RuHsia, ponding
a final settlompnt of the question
by international conference. They
would proceed even further than
Russia has gone, and would have
the L'livorntimnf anon.?? ?i
unuu inn V/'JIJUUI ^1
all wireless stationH in tho country,
oven in the time of peace.
They would prevent tho erection
ot wirf-ledH station*! any whore in
the United States without government
Southern Manufactures.
Tho growth of textile manufacturing
in the cotton-growing states
is shown by tho continued nr<lt>ru
for machinery for now mill?, or for
increaui^g 'lie capacity of ostab1
ishod mills, Bay# tho Textile Journal
. From all over the south
come reports of enlargement and
improvements. Many of tho mills
are making changes for the production
of a finer grade of goods.
During the lirat three months of
the year advices from tho 8: nth
indicate the installation of about
1 jjU.ODO b p i i i <1 l?-n in established
mills and 60,000 in new mills?a
total investment, of ubout $1,000,000.
Many of these spindlcB have
already been installed, and all will
Ijo in operation in a few months.
The greatest inerease is shown in
South Carolina, where the new
Bpindloa sggre^ate 125,000. Texas
reports about 20,000; North Carolina,
lo,000; Georgia, 111,000;
Maryland, 10,000; Tennessee and
Virginia about 5,000 each, Alabama,
1,500. Thrt larire denim
mills being built in North Carolina,
Virginia and Louisiana will co?t in
the aggregate nearly $0,000,000.
Encampment Date Will Not be Changed.
After Adjutant and Inspector
General .John I). Frost received
llii) uuiciiil letter from M&i. Gen.
C. Corbin, commanding the
Division of tho Atlantic, in regard
to the national encampment of
militia and regulars at Manassas
in September, General Frost wrote
General Corbin HuggCHting that
August wov.!:* be a moro suitable
I time than September, particularly
lor Southern soldiers, as many of
the militia are farmers and cannot
leave their work at crop time.
This, fluid (U?n. Frost, was the condition
not only lioro but in nlmost
nil of the Southern BtatoB.
(Jen. Frost received the following
letter from (Jeneriil Corbin :
"Youth of April 4, 1$K)4, apking
if manoeuvors may not be held on
Aug. 15th instoad of Sopt. ftth,
next, is received.
"I leulize that the dato, Sept
5th, not i? not the mobt conveniunt
j timo for holding joint manonnv?rs
of regulars and organized militia,
but unfortunately tho (late in con
trolled by p.irtieB willing to b'a.e
their lands to tho United Statot
for the uho in thone manoeuvors.
Hurled Overboard by Explosion of Oil.
Charleston, S.C., Special.?Capt.
Peter Chadwick, <**f tlio uleamer
Cecilia, was blown up Thursday
afternoon by the exploiion of a can
of kerosene oil, while loading
freight at Younge's Island wharf.
Capt. Chad wick picked up tho can
of oil to make room for a lot of
vegetables that were being loaded
aboard tho Bteamer, when tho can
explodedt setting fire to Chadwick'pclothes
and hnrling him overboard
into the water. He was fished out
by (look hands.
Chftdwiok was bronght to the
city and sent to the mariue hospital
IT- I- - J I - 1 -1 <
?i> ii? wim? UHUiy uurueu ftOOUl
his ,faee and body and little
hopes are entertained for his rocovory.
No e^use can be assigned for
the oxploHion of tho ojl,
Almost a Lynching.
Blackeburg, V?.f April 21.
Groat excitement prevails hero
Blacksburg over one of tho 1110
, exciting ovenis which has ha
> pened in a long time. A negi
i was found guilty yosterday ?venii
of committing an indecency he
on one of the streets of Blacksbui
and insulting some rouncr whi
girls in that vicinity. The tow
people captured the brute and pi
him in the town lock-up, but unt
this afternoon no action wan takoi
IIo waa released about 4 o'cloc
and tho cadets of the Virginia I'o
ytechnic Institute, hearing of tl
matter, shadowed the negro an
oouiwir Biiuouuuui nnti guarde
the house ho wiis Been to entei
They kept watch until tho crovr
that hud boon selected were able t
loave barracks at release from lioad
The crowd, numbering about 201
quickly collected, and ftoing to th
house, entorod by forco, draggoi
tho negro, out and carried bin
quite a ditttance up tho road, goini
tOWfird T1"
_ ? v..4.uvi?*"OUU1 TV<1
then soundly beaton and told t<
haul freight to ChriBtiansburg.
liia spued not satisfying tin
crowd, ho wan again caught ant
tied to a tree. Hie clothing wai
stripped from him to his waist
and then, with rope? and hoar>
switches, ho was beaten until near
ly insensible. After this ho wat
released and told to move again
This timo he moved, and no oiu
uvur expects to see linn again.
The citizens looked on with ap
proval, and uo ellort was made t(
cheek the move.
No Foreign Loan for Russia.
St. Petersburg?Special?Iluesis
has made a now issue of $ 15,000,1 K)C
of paper currency against the free
gold in the State Bank. At the
Ministry it wa? explained that it
is p.!) ordinary issue and i? not
forced. Under the law paper is
issuable to double thn amouiit of
gold up to ?15,000,000 in goU, in
excess of which paper nmst bo covered
rouble. In the State Imnk
there is $400,000,000 in gold, which
would|perrait the issue of $f>tf)00,000,000
in paper, hut the papfi
issue now is onlp $350,000,000
All sortsj of figures of the cost
of tho war aro printed abroad.
Tho Associated I'toba correspondent
iH anthoritively informed that
daily oxpenHos aro averaging $750,*
000 and it in estimated that tho
vnnr'n Pxnpnrl ifnrr>o K,-> itor.o
No foreign loan lias been ar*
ranged and none is desired if it
can he avoided, as practically tlie
total war exponsos can bo raised at
homo. The Ministry of finance
boliovoH that it will bo easy to lloat
an internal loan lato in the Bummer
or fall.
Five Killed By Collision of Trains.
Memphis, Tenn , April 22,? A
special to the Scimitar from Potts
camp, Misfl., sayp.
A disastrous hnad-on collision <>c>
cured between two freight trains
horo today on the 'Frisco rail road
rOBllitinur in the d?!?it.l> nf H?r> m>r.
soi) 8,
EngihOtn Robort Muscrove wat
buried bonoath bis engine and it
dead; a brakeman, name unknown
and throo boys were al ho killed.
A wrecking train in on the nccn<
of tho collision.
Faithful to the Last.
Raloigh, N. C., April 21. ? Al
tho luneral of Richard Hu)loc;>
Soawoll, who wuh Kaloigh'a oldcs
native born resident, thore was ai
unusual sight/ Tho pallboarer
wore Hix of his former Blavos. anc
among tho principal mournera wai
white-hoadud llarry Boykin, wh<
was for manv veur* hiw sl.ivn mu
for whom Mr. 8ca\vo11 called re
l>Ofttc*<lIy 'luring hih 1 #?rt i 1!ih-hh
Though Harry is over eighty
very feeblo and livos tome ^?tanc<
from the iSeawoll homo, ho won
thorc every dny, and when his olc
master died stood at the foot of lh<
bed weeping. Mr. Soawell was tin
af fr it a i ?
nun wi nun. nwurj oeuwon, wiiu n
his <l*y whs 0110 of the most dis
tmguished of North Carolina's bu
promo (sourt justices.
T<? Have mid (o Hold.
To hnve and to laoltl a Ixmutiful com
plexion is deaired l>y every woman
young or old. Few woinou lire bleftfted
with nfttuiro'ii most desired gift?ft gooc
complexion; bnt evory woman onn inv
prove hor complexion by the judioiom
n?e of Kydftle's Liver TnldetB. Tnofu
tablet* prevent the blood becoming In
A.M..A ?.: ?. Kin. >?U1a1. .? .1.
: uvuv 14 rj inn MUvJ WTJ MMi UVpiIKI * H 1II ||1CI
?kin layers, canning that mu.ldy oppoar
lanoo called * bid ooiupl<-*ion. Thoj
make tho akin clear and whit a, (ho aytvI
l,rigOo$*l Tabl bo"yRttt' j ^
25 oent? per box. Piokewv f)rng Oo.J
in All Pleased at the Prospect of Parkst
or's Nomination.
Dotnocrats in congress, and osro
peoially those from tho South,
'k wore delighted tonight when they
ro learned that tho convention at AlK
bany had instructed for Parker.
^ Qaoa?1 ~p It.- * - ?
wuvui IV I U1 mem, notably Senator
11 Teller, expressed the belief tbat
1 this meant Judge Parker's nonii- {
nation at the St. Louis convention.
J" Nearly nil the Southern Demo'
crate seon by the Herald tonight
oxproesed great satisfaction at tho
j outcome, and said that tho South
^ now hud a good basis on which to
work. Those states that do not
j instruct for Parker, it was said,
would send no 0110 but sound Park?
er men to tho national convention*
The one cry among Southern senatots
and representatives since the
' Parkor boom began to attain con0
siderablo proportions lias been "let
Xtiw York get together on a man
1 and wo will follow tho Empire
' Stale's lead." The outcomo of today's
convention is, therefore, of
J great importance to the Southern
!>??... ' " *
una ine j'arkor wave
' is now expected to sweop up from
' tho gulf.
3 "Nhw York's load for Parker
1 will bo followed in Tennessee,''
7 said Senator Carmack tonight.
" The outcome of tho Albany con-t
1 vention is oarticulnrlv tiinnai??
' The Democrats have dono tho wise
' I thing in instructing for Parker,''
I ??:/i t>- - ?
o?ivi. kjvjnunjr iincon, oi Ueorgia.
"Wo have needed just this stimu*
' lant in the South, and I am glad it
hiis finally beon effected. It will
have groat inlluenco on Georgia
Deniocra; s.'' .
1 "We havo been waiting for thin \
cxproseion of opinion from Now \
I vorn Democrats, said Represents^ ^
I tivo Livingston, of Goorgia, "and
'jr expect to hco at once a strong
1 ii<io for Judge Parker in all the ~
. | Soul horn and border State's,"
"I h<?pe,'' said Representative
Biiiikheud, of Alaba'na, "lliat this
rh<M0i,>.. All
i..- - ,u.um u /\iniiiij is nnui? and
that the Otinocrata of Now York
can all unite on putting Judge
i Parkcr'n name to the front, Ala'bamn,
I have no doubt, will follow ^ ~
r\r?iw v.. i ~ > "
"Yirginia will now Hiiroly bo for
; Parker,'' said Representative Glass
j of that Slate.
"South Carolina Democrats will
all bo glad that. Now York has
named a man,'' said Senator Latimer.
"The action in" A'.L today
,?;n 1. ..1 -t
..... Ki'-mi.) rnuil Uiu SllliailOll 1" f
Iowa," Haul Ur?pro8pntfttivo Wado,
of that stulo. '"I do not know that
Democrats thoro are ready to in)
struct for I'arkor, but it will (
strong!hen tho position of thOs?
who have beon opposing instructions
f*ince it greatly lessens tho
possibility of I toarst's success."? /
Now York Herald. v \
Will Swamp Clcmson. \(
Columbia, Special.?Attorney
j Gonoral (Junter today rendered an
j important opinion in regard to
' I Cleinson College HCholnr?hip8. A
r. icut act. of tho Legislature pro-.
4 vided for 12 1 free scholarships this
. yt?iir ;ui(l ns'tliis number at, one time
would groatly congest the collog
President Me'l wished an interprn- ^
, tntion of the act, and whether the r
Mf?h/ ?l;l rijli i 11VI or\iil<l \ m ,l?xn'/ln/l
s.w<v>?i VH||'W vwn?vi iiv/u UU Ul V 1V4V1MI
into classes.
"The opinion in the main," nays
b Mr. fin ntor, is that after eonsidor:
intf the act, I am of the opinion
t that fho whole number ono hnn-*
! died iiiid twenty?four, must be ap?
p pointed this year. Under the act
i that number <>l scholarship is cre*
ntfd, to hi? available when tlie net
) becomes ell'neti ve from and after '?
1 July 1st, next.. Thore in nothing M
in tho net permitting a ivduotion mUB
. of the number of soholarnhips; if
, ono in available nil must ho," v
_ *
t Rat Wore Diamond Collar,
I At Mount Holly, N. J ,
? belonging to Uriah J. A lion,
^ New Gretna, killed a rat under the^^
i hum floor and drugged it o it. Mr.
AM<m'b son picked np tho dead an? 9
imal to hurl it awny, when Bomething
bright in tho fur nttracted jM
his attention, investigation showed
thoro was n diamond ring about '
i The rat's head was cut oil and
r _ . if- iTTfftMmf'iiliriTf^M
tho ring takon olT. It prove**? to ?
? t, ( 0110 loot about two years ago by W
1 Mi ah Margaret AdaroK to whom the
. ring wne returned. It apparently*?
got amun<l ll.*' rni
L r.xl. iit wuH y
eol?rgo<l the fl

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