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. /
m > Pickens
HaDDenings *of a Local and Personal Nature.
?Go to R. 0. Cartor for coru, onls
and liny.
?Picnics will soon be the ordor of
tbo day, nud after tlioiu coracs the
rod bug.
?J. E Kinob, who is now in Hendoreonville,
N. Ol, in stricken with
?Dr. A. B.~Wftrdlaw, dentist, will
bo in Pickens Wednesday and Thursday,
May 4th and 5th.
?J. McD. Bruce is able to ho out
again after a ton days' illness, to the
delight of his innny friends.
?W. H. Ambler nud W. A. Gilreath,
of Greenville, spout Sunday in
Pickens witrh relatives and frieuds.
?It. C. Carter has lvec-ived another
largo shipment of corn, oats
and hay to go at rock bottom prices.
*V... ?If you want the beat buggy or
wagon for the price go to It. C. Cnrtor,
Liberty. Sokl for cash or on
?Mrs. J. McL Senbrook, nee
Rachel Thornlov, of Greensboro, N.
C, is on a visit to her mother, Mrs.
J. L. Thornley, in Piekons.
H ?Clerk of Court, A.. Iioggs, will
bo glad if all the pensioners will
come in and get their uioury. IIo
has it ready to pay out.
?B. II. Cureton went to Groenville,
Sunday for treatment at Dr.
di _ -i.?_ . ;i - - ?? *
xjiiuik a bhiiiwuiuhj. ueporta iroru
him fitato thut ho ia getm^ ulo.iy
? Our old fiiernl, Joe T. Werner,
who 1ms been Buffering for the punt
year with rhoumatibm, is nhlo to be
out again. Hia nerve has not left
him and he Buya ho ia going buck to
bia engine as aoou aa ho can.
?May, tho G year old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Acker E. l'orter, died
at their home, near Cnteechee, on
tho 10th instant, after a short illneua,
from mombranous croup, and was
buried tho ~dav followhur lu>r HpuMi
nt Porter's Chapel.
?Tho big May meeting fit Sis
Mile on tho second Sunday in May,
is being looked forward to with much
pleaBuro by tho young folks for miles
around. It is estimated that n larger
crowd than usual will i)o pit sent this
year. Dinner will bo served on the
?N. D. Taylor will bo in his studio
in Pickens on May 3d and 41 h,
ready to make tho best likeness of <
you that you ever had taken. lie 1
nlsn frmvmu mwl iMilnnm "inl"'"" !
?- l'""'""Any
work in hi* line you nted doing <
will bo 'Mono to tho queer's taste,"
( if given to him. i /
?The ohl historic church, .Mount '
Zion, ft mile below Central w/Ji soon
bo torn down and moved up to Ctu
tral. The membere of that denomi- *
nation and tho citizoua thereabouts, J
gonorally, havo gono to work and '
raised money and purchased a lot in '
town whereon to orect a modern (
?Dr. L. T. Shirley and C. G. J
Rowland bf?"o opened up a n&at dfu<?
fifnr/1 in ?? ?'! ? aI.L Li \
- -* nnrue of Tho Central Drn^ Co. ,Thoy
carry a nico lino of drngH am / modi- <
cinos and servo ice cold diinkf. They (
nro getting thoir sharo of tho pat
ronfige and nro satisfied with their j
? Mulkey Smith, who moved (o |
this county from llonoa Path, somo
eight years ngo and nettled in tho |
Mile Creek section, died at his homo
on tho 26th inst., after a short, ill- i
UC88. acrtd oii.dlt.V-1 wo mnru TTin
remains wero laid to rest at Milo
Creek church tho tiny following his i
death. IIo leaves a widow and a
grand son, besides a host of relatives I
and friends to mourn his death. i
?Married on 24th instant at the 1
residenco of J. Mack Entfokin, father
of tho >rido, Mr. .7. Chesloy
l'rinco and M: sh ISlsip'TCntrokin, Iiov.
Wliito of 1'u dmq>rt, performing tho
coremony, in ho presoneo of a largo
crowd of friends of I ho contracting
parties. On Monday an infair was
served the happy couplo by tho father
of fho groom, K. J. Prince. Tho
many friends of tho happy couple
wish thorn much joy.
? G. II. Storey and N. I). Taylor,
of Enaley, worshipped in Pickens last
Sunday and wero valuable additions
to tho religious sorvicos hold in 11 mj
churches that day. Mr. Storoy bv
hie singing and playing and Mr.
Taylor with cornet accompaniment,
made nice music which was greatly
enjoyed by tho congregations ?t tho
JJaptist nnd Methodist churches, and
they would bo pi ad to havo these
uentleuaen come ngiiin.
I y' ?I)r. K. B. Wohl> h<is bought a
r tract of land in tho edjjo of Eanh-y
nnd liaB opened a dairy. It will lie
under tho ninnagemont of W. E.
Garrison. This is an industry in
wlticl) pood money can bo mado, and
at tlio samo tiino tho land is improved
and enriched. Thoro is room for
rind, incidentally, nil the other towns
in the county. Wo wish Dr. Webb
BucccflH in his undertnking, and wo
nro plfld to ptftto that lie will continuo
to resido in Pickens.
? Central hns hnd tho stool of "donothing"
smashed from under lur,
nnd her citizens hnvo ^ono to work
nnd hnve innde a good town thero
Everyl>ody ifl busy nnd doing well.
i hns sovernl enterprises on foot
nnd under wnv. Tho mill is comple
led an?l tiv .cbinery ia being put
in. EvoryL .y in enthused ovor tho
future prospects of that town, and
woll mitfht they bo. All they nood
right now ia tho Comraiasionera and
the clmin (.an#; tbeir roada aro in tin
awful fix, and, tbey say, <lo not look
like they will ever bo improved.
?W. Leslio Matheny, who has
been identified with tiro netfspnper
intorfatft o?l ..not I
threo yearaHjeft Monday for Oneonta,
N. Y., whoro lio goes to take charge
of "Tho Oneonta Prosa," an manager.
Ho is a roliablo young man, ar>d a
good nowspapor man and will tfivo
>j satinfactlon. Wo heartily commend
v , \im to his employer, for wo know, by
Hociation with him, what ho is Cft*y.
<? of doing and know ho will bo
^Sjrrht man in tho right plaoo."
\ ^et to sever the pleasant ro!ahitn
-but It. waft a que*
* salary. Wo join with his I
'onda iu wishing him abnnd- I
?The fraternal orders of this
' plaoo woro ontertainod by two soriuouh
on (Sunday morning aud night,
in tho Baptist church. In tho forenoon
Uov. D W. Iliott preached
along the lines of Pythiauism. his
subject beiug "compassion," unci at
night ltnv. O. M. Abuey preached
along the lines of Masonry, his subject
being "friendship." They were
both iiblo expositions aud sbowod
deep thought and study, and no
doubt theso sermons will bo productivo
of much religious and moral upllftill'T.
not onlv in tliA I'i'iilrtpnal or.
dors, but to nil who beard the ?liscoiu'hoh.
Iu tho afternoon Rev. Hiott
tilled Rev. A buoy's appointment iu
llio Methodist church auct dolivored
au excellent sermon.
Murphy Items.
Cold weather still continues and
the farmers aro going ahead preparing
their hind for eotiou and some
few lite planting when a warm day
happens to come, but most nil are
waiting until the ground gets warmer.
Some corn has boon plantod but not
much. As a general thing they are
getting their land well prepared,
wmcu is oi great importance. if we
farmers over intend to make a hoccosh
and live at homo tho year round,
only looking to (ho merchants for
that which wo cannot raise at homo,
then it will not be much trouble to
got that which wo cannot produce on
our farms.
With a hoart full of sorrow, we tell
of tho death of Mrs. Alexander,
whoso maiden name wrh Misa Cora
Madden. Tier suffering and death
was so terrible we ah udder ns ?vo
write. She had convulsions one after
anothor until death came to her relief.
She was carried to Little River
Baptist church in Oconee county,
where she had been a member for a
number of years, and buried, ltev. 15.
F. Murphree conducting the funeral
services, She leaves a husband and
mother, four brothers and three h'ihters
and many friends to mourn her
On Mondny the 18th inst, IHddio,
the 14 year-old sou of Mr. and Airs.
.J. (J. Alexander, left homo and has
not been heard of since. Tho griefstricken
father and mother are almost
ern/.y to hoar from him and get
him to return home. Any news as
to his whereabouts will bo gladly received
by thorn. A Subscriber.
/ Liberty Dots.
Tho Democratic Club was Organized
hfil'A Xnf ntvlnv VV 'I' O'lVII
. j ... . . W !/! II,
president; J. P. Smith, vice president;
John '1\ Bof?g3, secretary. Committee
on registration, T. N. Hunter, W.
S. Parsons, II. O. Smith, Win. Gantt,
J. S. Wilson, S. \V. O'Doll and Frod
Williams. Delegates to County Con
petition: W. T. O'Dell, W. M.
Ghmtt, M. A. Bogga, S. D. Stewart,
W. .1. Hoggs, .John T. Boggs, O. T.
llotchins, Z. L. Chamhliu, 13. II.
Uallahan and W. O. Willard. Exn
motive Committee, J. P. Smith, S. ])
Stewart and C. T. llutchins. All
lelegates who can't attend are re
luoated to send alternates.
No special interest manifested in
tho Parker boom or tho Coroner's
raco here.
At the town election last Monday,
D. VI. Parkins was elected intendaot,
111(1 W S Piii'vinn J I-I
Gr. Smith for wardens. A. P. Me- j
(Jord and (J. T. Hutchins tied.
Noah Hendricks, of Trenton, Tex.,|
i.S Vioitiiig his father, <J. P. Ileijdi'iCliK. |
Mr. Loo pur, of Texas, is visiting
lii.s brother in hnv, (J. II. Parkins.
Rev. 11. A. Dronuan is again ub'o
lo be out.
Several of our citizens atbnhd
tho U. S. court at Clroouvillu lust
peoplo in this section are
suffering with colds and lngrippo.
Kain is needed with warm weather
to bring up cotton and corn. When
Button seed come up tho farmers will
start out oven. C.
Union Meeting.
Tho Union mooting of tho Pickens
Association will bo hold with Pickens
Baptist church, beginning Friday
night and up to and including the
fifth Sunday in May.
Friday eight, a >rmon by Dr. A.
J. S. Thomas.
Saturday morning, 10 o'clock, devotional
overciaes conducted by KeV.
B. Holder.
Ornnnv/o ii ?? *
Subjects for discussion.
Tho need of a consecrated church
membership. Opened by lie v. A. J.
Church discipline ? Wbon and how
hlion'.d it be exercised' Opened by
M. Hendricks.
Aro tho churches in any way responsible
for lawlessness nnd crime?
It' ho, to what extent, and what is
their duty in regard thereto'? Opened
by Joel II. Miller.
Should any one bo considered n
consistent member of the church who
does not usually attend its rogular
services nor contribute according to
his means to its support of tho gospel,
generally? Opoued by Rev J
i'j. r UMUM .
Sermon Saturday ni^ht by Rev. J.
E. McManaway.
t Sunday morning, 10 o'clock, de>o
tioual exercises by Dr. A. J. S.
10:30?An exegosis of Judo 3 vorse
by Rev. J. J'i. MoManaway.
11 o'clock?A sermon by Dr. T.
M. Bailey.
Sunday afternoon will be devoted
to Sunday school mass meeting, and
several short addresses will be mado.
Sunday night will l>o devoted to n
missionary muss meeting, and tevera!
short addresses will bo mado on missions,
its importance find how to do
missionary work.
A full representation of nil tho
churches is requested.
'1 ho Woman's Missionary Society
of tho I'ickons Haptist church deairo
that ovory church in tho Pickens Association
send at loast ouo sistermore
if they can?to meot vith us
during tho Union meeting. Mrs. C.
E. Watson of Qreenville, S. 0., has
promised to bo with us, and wo havo
^ 1 f t A 1 1 ' ?
unmi|juii Kir lit!!' LO H(UirOB8 11)0 in
dies on tho flnbject of missions, on
Saturday afternoon at Rome convoniont
placo. Tho Indies of tho Twelvo
Milo and Piedmont Association , also
tuemlttrs of the other denominations
Wo cordially invited to como nnd
hear Mrs. Watson. Timo?Saturday
afternoon, Way 28th. )
Mrs. D. \V. Hiott, Prost
Mrs. 0. M. Robinson, hroo.
?As a result of tho recent examination
in this Congressional District,
Representative Wyatt Aiken lias selected
J. M.'Mars and J. H. 13arl<sdrtle,
l>oth of Greenwood county, for
principal and nlteinato candidates
foa naval cadetships at Annapolis
Notice of School Election.
County of Pickens. f
Whereas u petition was filed with (ho
Trustees of the School District of the
town of Pickens, known as School Dis
trict No. 81, on the l.">th day of April,
1904, signed by a majority of the freeholders
in said District and by a twothird
majority thereof, praying that an
election be held to determine whether
bonds shall be issued in the sum of Six
Thousand Dollars and hearing a rate of
interest of six per cent, per annum, payable
semi-annually, the principal to be
pain at ino end of twenty yearn, Raid
election to bo submitted to the qualified
voters of said School District in accord
anco with the recent Act of the Ivgisdature
authorizing tho same, it is hereby )
Ordered by tho Board of Trustees ihut
said election he and tho same is hereby
ordered to bo held on Friday the Gib
day of May, 1904, to determine whether
said bonds shall be issued or not and
that J. McD. Bruce, (J. E. Uobinson and
W. T. McFall arc hereby app tinted
managers to conduct said election at the
etoro of \V. T. McFall, ami that the polls I
open at 8 o'clock a. in., and close at -1 j
o'clock p. in., and said inansijroi's ^hall
declare the result, of said election and j
make returns thereof to this Board. It
is further ordered that this notice of
election he published for three weeks in
Tin. i>:..I....,: i
m. iviwiio utTiiuiiui-auunwii.
J. 1? Holt, Chairman.
.J. I'. C!tm*y, Clerk.
It. 13. Brno ?.
Hoard of Trustees School Dia. No. :;t.
April '20, 190l.8w.
? |
Hcunic of Ointments for Catarrh 1 liat |
Contain Mercury,
oh mercury will surely tlo.slroy the senno
of ntuoll and complotely derango the
whole system wheu entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such artieles
should never bo used except on prescriptions
from reputtddo physiciany, as the
dnmago they will do is teu fold to the
good you can possi'jly derive from them j
Mall 's Catarrh Cure, manufacture! by |
F. J. Cheney ?t Co., Toledo, O.. contains
no mercury, and is taken internally I
noting directly upon the blood an 1 mu-!
ooux 8 u if aces of the! system. In buying
HftH'H (Jatiurli Cure bo sure you t;?*t the
genuine. ft is taken int? rnally ami
made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney
& Co. Testimonials freo.
Sold by all Druggists, 7oc.
Hall's Family Pills sire the heat.
Serious Stomach Trouble Cured.
I wan troubled with a distress in my
stomnch, Hour stomach and vomiting
spells aud can truthfully say that Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets
cured mo.?Mrs. T. V. Williams, Luings
burf, Mich. Those tablets sue guaranteed
to euro every ease of stomach trouble
of this character. For s de by Pick
ens Drug Co., aud Knrle's Drug Store,
1 it ? < " x-? ? r
a njiivim, uim uiiuicr ?v l/iOKCHS, Jjioet'iy.
Ank Your Dealer for AIIi-ii'm K?(i!-I:,ik!
A powder for tho feet. It cures Swollen
Sore, Hot, Callous, Aching, Sweating j
Ftii-i, Corns and Bunions. Al nil Druggists
and shoe stores, '25c. Ask today.
A Thoughtful Man.
M. M. Austin of Winchester, Ind.,
knew whnt to do in the hour of need.
His wifo had snoh an unusual case of I
Htomach ami liv*;r tr .upi?\ pii.). i isin.-> i
cnild not help her. lie th 'Uglit. of a- d ;
tried Dr. King's New L;t'e P;ii.s .>.1 ! I.
got relief at <?nee and was finally eund.
Only 25e, at Pickens Drug Co.
I .Mot'iern! Mother*!
How many children are at this Mason
feverish and constipated, w.lh hiul st' in
noli and hoiidaehe. Mother (ir<y*s
Sweet Powders lor t'hidren will always
cure. If woven* are present they will
remove thein. At all druggists 25 cts.
Sample mailed FRRK. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Hoy. N. V.
School Election.
On petition of tin: voters hmI doctor.s
of Hampton school (hstiiu!, Nu j
*!(), an flection in ordered to be held
at Ilainptin school house, to dotermino
whetlier or not a.? rxhn levy <?f
two mills shail bo levied on nil lh<
property within the district. The
election to i>o heid May 7ih. IYHk
to open at 1 o'clock p. m. and eloS'at
f> o'clock. The present board ot
trustees to act as managers. Tin
election to l>e conducted according t
rules and regulations laid down in
tlio school law. By order of County
Hoard of Education.
It. T. Hallum, Chairman.
"T liavo used Chamb- liaia's S>omae'i
and Liver Tablets with u: :st sati-if.ietory
lOSllltS," 8ny? MlH. F. li. Phelps, Ifo'lHton,
Te.\. For indi^-sti'Mi, biliousness
and constipation these tablets an- most
excellent. Si'Id by I'ick-n- Drug <!o..
and F.iile's Drug Store, Pickens; ami
Hunter Sr. Pickens, Liberty.
Nothing Kqiial to Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera mid Diarrhoea Itonuily for
Monol Complaints in ('liiI<1 !*i>u.
"Wo have uacil Chamberlain's ('olio,
Cholera ami Diarrhoea ltenio.lv in our
family i?*v .ye*rH," saysMrs. .1. 15. Cooke,
of Nederlands, Tex ih. "Wo Ivive given
it to all of our children. We luivo n-sed
otlior medicines for tho h.idio purpose,
but never found anything to c<]uat Cham
ber'ain's. If you will use it as directed
it will always euro." For Sale I y I'iekens
Drug Co., and Knrlo'a Dru.^ Stor .
PicUcns; and Hunter & l'iekens, l<il>erty.
Notice of Election.
On petition of thn electors and
voters of Iveowee school district, No.
4'2, nn olection is ordered to l>o lu-.!d
at Koowoo church on Saturday, M.'iy
7, to voto on a spccifiod levy of two
millH on nil property within (ho d stfict.
1 'oils to open ?t 2 o'clock |>.
m., and closo at 5 o'clock. The pri H
ont Board of Trustees to act as malingers
of tlio election. The election
to bo conducted according to rules I
and regulations laid down in school
By ordor of C?mnty Bonrd of Education.
It. T. Hallmn,
Apr. (>?!> Clmirmnn.
r..Langston & Kealey,. 33
Handles a full line of $
Dry Goods, Groceries ?
and Produce. ct
Give me a call and /r
be convinced that we can <<
\\ sell you. as cheap as Mr, ?
// llrliiu me your I'rmliiio. \\
V\ Will p?y hlgliMt |irl<'0, JJ.
ff OniIi *r lUrlor. A ?li?r? vu
U of^rour pKtroo*R? miirt- /I
Clerk's Sale.
Couuty of Pickous. S
In Common Pleas Court.
Iu pursuance of Dforetal Orders ami
Orders <>f Foreclosure made in (lie following
stated ease anil on Hie in the
Clerk's ollico, I will sell to Mio highest
bidder on
-1 Pi< kens Court House, fc>. during}
tlio lfgal hours for sale, tho following
described Real Estate upou the tonne
\ hereinafter mentioned, towit:
Walter fj. iiog;;.?, )
Against - Doerot.il Order.
J. \V. Ihil'roo, ot al }
Til ACT NO. 1.
All that piece, parcel or tract of laiul
i)oar the town of Liberty, in tho Count\
<>f Pickens and Statu ot South Carolina,
on waters of Gnideu's Creek and containing
Thiily (!>()) acres, more of less,
adjoining lands of Robinson estate, S.
\V. Clayton, deceased, and ostato of
Atlison l5ogg>, d*. ceased.
TRACT NO. ',2.
All that piece, parcel or truei of lat:d
in said Stato and county, near tho tow;
of Liberty, and on waters of (ioldtn's
Crook, oontaining Nino i'l) acres, nion
or loss, adjoinin,'? Iind* of Chamblin, J. |
v .i:<i/?. i .... i "
AUI-UU UliU 111 IIT l'.i.
'! l\ACr NO.
One-third interest in a !< ! in the town
of Liberty on South or iM nt Slice!,
containing One and Otut-Ma'i ( 1 ' > acre1'-,
inor > or less, adjoining hinds < t W. ().
Willard and Rlrs, 1. N. Smith, ami
known an tho old School House lor.
Tonus one halt' cash, balance ou a ;
redil of l\v< Ivo months, with interest
from di?\ of snle socured by bond of tl:e
purchaser and a mortgage of tho preiuic.i.
Purchasers to pay for all papers
i and for recording tho same.
' The terms must ho complied wdli in
one hour or the promises will be resold
ou sumo day.
l?UUVir>, |
Clerk of Court Pickens Co.
i __ ____?,
Clerk's Sale.
Comity of Pic.keng. \
In Common l'lens Court.
In pursuance of Docrr(:il Orders and
Orders <>t' Foreclosure, made in tlie fol
lowing si ii>?l Mil l on ll'm in 1! ??
Clerk's ? tli<*<>, I \v;':l cil to tin; highest j
bidder, on
at I'icki'us Cmirt Hons", fj. C., duiing
the legal hours for sale, the f .ll >\vin{'
do^irilieil I'e-d Ks'.itn im.ni ili<? ii
| hereinafter mentioned, tov.it:
J. MoT). Hntco, ) t , , ,
Against .Jnil-m-niof
Martha tlmiter. ) i'or-closurc.
All that onrtnii) pi.eo, p ur l ami lot j
of laiiil iii State ami County aforesaid. j
in Central Towns!lip, adjoining the lands'
of John Hunter, Wash limit* v, Hiciliard I
Uallums ami Miss Hamilton, oontaininj.'I
Twenty (20) acre's uioro or less. "Il
brim? tho sum; land deeded to mo by
I my father, William Hunter."
Term-* e's1: 011 day of sale. Pur
Chaser to pay for all papers ami recording
I ho SalllO.
Th" terms must t o complied with in
ono hour or the preuiisiM will Ix; resold
on same day.
A. J. IIOCOS, [SKAi.. i
OI UUlll", l'ldliftlH UO.
('lerk's Sale.
County of Pickens. \
In Common l'kas Court
in pinHit muck (if I >1-1:11 tul Ord r< ;um1
Onions of I'oi' i'lo.suro made in tlio I'oll"u
iuj^ str.lcd oa.se, and <>ti liio in Hum
CI. rli's oliico, 1 will soil (o tiio hi;;lios(
hid l( oil
ut Pickens Court House, ft. ('.. during
I!??* legal hours for fate, the following ;
io-?rrsI???t! Ileal Kstatv upon thohims
! i '.vi'.'afi-r men1 ioneil, lowit:
!'. A. I V.niel, , . . ,
, , i .) mlgmenl <>l
! xK'linftt ., . i ....
I / ? 11 f % I i i V 1 t'l CC Oo.lK,
( . \\ . A C.. 1 j. Johns >n, >
I All Unit certain Iraet, pare< I or piece
, of laud, Ivmg iu Ciokens county audi
Stale aforesaid, known as th? Johnson ]
p'a , containing L'w.? ILuudroJ ami
Sixty-l'ive. ('_' >">i acres, more or loss,
h <ving the. hounds described in plat
ma le hy .1. .1. Garvin, Surveyor, on
I I V -nlary Ulst. I S / I.
; <>i nis on Oi on day of sn!?\ I'liivlipHei '
to !? !> tor all papt i's ami ivcortliu# tin !
Ma mo.
'i'ho tonus must bo compiled witli it
one hoar or llio piv:ni.;oa will bo n'suli
on siiiiip day.
A. 1. IJOC.dS, |Si vi. |
Clerk of Court l'.cUons (.'o.
l'liciintixiia .May I)" Prevents!.
It' ;i ? <>!.! lingers, (hero is d:ui#"r of I
pneumonia. If la txrippn leavostlie lungs
in an inflamed condition, there i? prea!
!:ing< r of pneumonia. Prevent t!iis fatal
disease by usiiifj l'ydale's Klixir; it cinvii
col ls quickly ami It lives tl>c throat ami
1111 ifs pound. It is tlio best r"i e lv for
' tli it peculiar inllunod c, mdilion of tlio
luti^s (lint so IV< (j'lontly follows Ii nri|>.
'I'll ih modern soinnlilli! 11 iron I nnd lun;'
r< nuMly is a Bnl'o roiiiedy for young nnd
old, in nil (liront nud lung ?li->ia.s>H.
Pnikons I )i'.iK ( <>., I ; \V. A.
Sit' Idou, Ij liorly.
Aiinounrciiii nt>- (Or r<in;:n" niiiM for llio
'I'hinl <'on 411' i'sinl I >i-1 r i? t hp I lor ^<i::> i14?r
from I lie l.iu'liiti liilirln! I'iniiit. iiimI for nil
Con nl> oliicfs v. il: l.i' in-i'i li'<l 11 tiili'i I li;s in'ii.l
iiiK from now until tin1 Primary llivlion for the
mi in of Kl V K liiii.l.Alis, Cnsli. mi i ho llniO tin-:
not ire is liilmlcl in. No ilbviiilinu from this I
rule will In* iiiiulc.
For Shcriir.
! Iiorcliy iinnoiiiK , n \ .r,f ? rni:<li<liU" for tho
?of Slirrill' of I'ii kens roiinly. sliujci t in
ll:u iicli'iii of tlio lJ v'iocrallc |i?il\ *li<* 1'ti
innry cleft ion. I-;. I'|;.\N|< I.OOi'KH
Tlio ninny fiietiils <if \ .III ; \\ |. |,|ii >|{\ .
ft"-; I'l'l l 111 i\ :?11II) III ll< c ll i III lis II Cililil' lllt?" I'll
.slu-rlH' nt I'lckciis c< 111111 n . Miliji'i i t<> t!ii- lift ion
ot i!io iiMprom liinK Urinorrnt f<: |>rlinnr> .
I licrrliy luiiiount't' fiyvcll'n cnn li In;? foi 'ii"
oillco ?>I KIk riIS' i.l I'ickin* couiily. '-ni.ji- I |o
llii' iii'iioii oi lilt- Dciiiocmlii' |?iui> in tlit* pil
murv cUclioii. .I t' ,ll.N.\|M.>
I ln-rciiv tiimoiii?i*i* inyi.olf n t'lUxiiilnto for Hit*
oll'icn of Shorlir of PU'KMi* III i> ciil.l/...! I
the notion of the Dumocrnito primary Olectlon. 1
1*or Treasurer.
At the >olI< ilntlon uf a Tew friends, hut more 1
to iii\ <>:i notion, unil In accordance wltli itiy 1
own de.slre, I announce myself ii onn<Ililme tor
Treasurer of I'lckees ('oti nty, snlijci t to the ae
tlon of the Democratle primary election.
.1. I) Mniilii:
I'or Siipei?lnor.
I hereby announce myielf a candidate for reelection
to the oiliee of (.'oiinty Supervisor of
I'ickens ( oiinty, sul>1ect to the action of the
Democratic p.-.rtv in the prim.irs o'C<Hon.
I. D M I.I'ltl'.NS
For County Commissioner.
The many frlemla of N. It. MOOItK. respectfull;
mnoiince him a eniclhlfite tor il.e <iiii< i
ill Cot i 'iHsionor of I'ickon* county, sit( to
tho act. of tho votera In the Democratic piimary
elei on.
I'or Coroner.
)ty tlio >>0 1c. hi Ion ol many ftl(?n<)s, 1 hereby
announce n yn 'f 11 cnmHdnle for tho ottU'o of
Coroner of l l< k mis county, subject to ttxj, action
of tho Democratic votore nt the approaching
prluirry ilectlon.
Very respectfully,
w i < <""
t'iy ?g|| | p?^
I Miss Nono
| Fashionabl
\ \i> North Main St. AT
i i II
X* 7
Window Shades
Iron Beds, Woven
Springs, Stoves, Tim
Lamps, Lanterns, and a
tides about a I Iome or Far
on us and look through our
cost nothing for you to K.
in showing you 01
you buy
or i
W. T ^
J u st Re
^ Another
of all kinds
1 t
| _| cesit
$| Another Fresh Bar
Just Re
\ A Large Lot of PI
s Buckets, etc., F
4y t
"M" - A OCT I I^HI IC? . .V-L .vjLflll ! !
| 0}inn{? Untn
\kuuiv H /I > V VIII
| OliUUD, Mo, Oil!
k] I I is time to lay aside
jj&j new, as the torests are putt
llowcrs haw- begun to b
sweet perfume, so come on
y l>ig May Meetings that arc
H vM ioes.
3 Wo t an In you in most
j| ^1.25 to ?3.25.
ll you want a Straw 1 I
y you j)refer a Fur we have ;
;i For Palmetto 1 lats call on 1
I] Hi 1 i rln.
1 )io line ol 1 >rrss Shirt
?\i / -4 *
| Loiit'i rw.
lj Rubber Collars ioc, Li
m Ladies, our line of !
H (ioodsis Kuperh. (jive us
[J 1 (>i (ienernl Merc'nand
'] can depend on good goods
|l see us.
1 Craig E
f'i One-P
'-^i wwwfc ; qy? taKaaHHH
Spring' &
?DRY <i
I am ik>w ready with a compld
Good.-, Notions, Mt ii's and Wonit iu
I used my I)??.?(t judgment and yo
[roods, ircttinir 111 vcrv Imv.'Ki n
^iv<* my customers the benefit of m
(i ;<>;ls :it tl)?'
...Lowest Li\
My Dr.'ss Goods Stock is the Ik
Wacks, in a ran&c of prices from 10
oi.u <>l the nicest l.lack floods (or S
cents. I am willing for you to com
Vl.'.}.*> with any !j'l .50 Silk on this m
In ( 1nlnivwl Woali riswwl..
... , ...VI . ?? "17M l/llllltl
doacribo them. Can iliOW you a bij
as ?uch piicos as such goorin can he
Stock is full with all goods and p
Linens, Ilibbona nnd Laces in ahia <1
so yon can pot what you want at. ai y
S110E8. Don't give moonto'j
seasonable goods. Soo us v hen vju
T1 inmncnn \
x nuuiaowii, M
Greenville, S. C. \
] i 1:1 II S
;i nice lot
, Bed Lounges,
Wire Cots, Bed
vare, Crockeryware,
l^i ?r r..i
l\/L V/I V./ L I I V . 1 ell"
m, and we invite all to call
Rooms when in town. It
>ok and we take pleasure
ir goods whether
c e i v e d!
Line of
and prices
rel of Castor Oil ?
ceived. >
?ATT\SlFDOn in <
? *'
resh and Good. \
| _
irts anil Collars. I
the old clothes and put on E
inl;" on new foilage and the I
loom and fill the air with H
boys and get ready for the I
so close at hand.
anv kind ni n SUm#* {i-r\rii ?3
nt we can please )ou or if a
i fine line to pick from. I
is as wc have all sizes,
s at 48 cents to $1.00.
nen Cotlars 7 to 10c.
aim oummer 1 *ress ra
a look.
iise <^c:t our prices for you 9
at right prices. Come to I
rice Cash Store
00 OS!?
0 line of Spring nnd Summer Prj
1 I' mU'rwear, Hosiery nnd Shoos
ni'ft of nxpcrietico in buying tIu?h<
rio." ]>(issil)lo, nnd now I propose t<
y experience and soil them Drj
dng Prices...
>st I have ever pliovrn in Colors and
cents to $2 a yard. I am showing
ummor \v.?iu- in tlie market for 5<
paro my 1 yard wide Black Hilk nl
arkct. It will boa saving to youi
ON. OrcrnnHino **" ? '
-0 , ...... nn, WO CHI1 I
> lino o( them nnd nt as low pricei
bought anywhere. White Goods
ncps. Home Big Values in Tablt
ance and will ho kopt all Bumme
Shoes. Stock always complete will
come to Qreenvilie.
Greonvilh^ 8. 0. ^
* / < v /" *
(( n
i llu i run u! 1
j) Wo aro preparing for tho biggest clothing tmdo tins Spring in
// tho history of our bnsiucHs. Our immonso trade last full WH
\\ forced uh to buy heavier this S, ring than over boforo nnd wo
jj will boin a position to olVer you bettor clothing for tho price mm
JJ thuu wo tuivo ever ottered, the reason wo can do tliie is very
simple, wo bought double our usual amount of clothing and
ei wo bought early before the ndvauoo in prices. Wo aro buying
\\ from four of the largest clothing concerns in tho world nnd
Js WO linilllln ll^iHii-irr lvnl <!?? -I-'? - '
UIDII oiuao gOOUH, UO ]OU Or RCCOtitl B
II h a lid stuff, it pays to buy tho best. 'J?
)/ We are Sole Agents rl
II Celebrated Line off
1 j (f
/} Thoso goods have tho reputation of being tlio host fitting gar- |ro|t
It nients made, the style and qwdity is unsurpassed. See u? ,;v ;
\V f?r anything you need in Clothing or (lout's Furnishings.
I ti Folsrer & IThornlev- i?
Clothiug, Shoos, Hats and Gent's JIfe|
ft Furuiskiog Goods a Specialty....
IT e. a m'couuitnl
ji? (At Duke Old Stand.) vj?|
^ Four-and-one-liali' miles east of Pickens and four milei^^^^H
a ....Dealer in....
I ..Genera! Merchandise.. Sm
, $ Handles nothing but the best of goods aud at reasonable if HI
W The trading public will do well to givo ni* :i call. I S V
17 can savo them money. ^
mv Mrs. llattie Craig is with me and will wail on you. J I
'T^i 9
^ ILJtHAT IsloT A FAKE! -^ 1
Wl? want to dispose of certain lines ol goods, andl
C/3 to move them quickly will sell fiJSP
1? AT CO ST. I
All of our line of Crockery, Glassware and Bowls a?l
$1.50 Howl and Pitcher to go at Si.00, and a proporti<>nra
ate reduction nil thi-m!? > ] ? ?!</ ' 1:.
Conic early before 14001! s are picked over anil make
Selection. :::::: : :
The best of everything and everything the best.
ci the market we have it." Call early and often at I*
M rs. K. L. ( 'ureio 1
I ?-^Fine Millinery.^ i
5 Tlw. ? :
9 m..,~ . .win m cut nun in iwo on those goods, and nro ffiw
^ bought ko as to reach here i'rosli each week during ?&??
tho 800801). Your pntronngo solicited.
? .11KS. \V. 0. WIM.AKD, K?
5 LIKEKTY, S. C. '-B
?_* oo&>o?^ ooc^c; *?? -*ui ->
i j. f. harrTsI
And you will light at PICKENS, S. ('. whom ho now hostile Lnrgoet ]p|
and Mont Complete Lino of
Ho lias ev?r enrriod. My trade is inoroaeing every day. Pair Doaling K '.
and Honest Valuta. The BEST of ovorything for tbo least money is I ^ ,
my advortlsoment. Never mind the prico of tin artiolo if it? worth tbo II
5 money.
tat -rr ? -- ? * "
, I Of everything ami you will Ifarti by exporirnoo that Tho tho SI
I olu npcHt. If yon want anything in the Mercantile Line, fl ynn want'.
I t<> buy u Lot or rent a House, or buy a Ifonao nntl Lot, y>it v,r.nt Ioho )SH
I <">y money by aeeing roe beforo you make a trade.
Youra truly,
11 ii ( :ash mi rci vnt, J

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