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' 'i*' ' /"* . '., ' ' *
No truly
live price. T
they are not ^
<-- sell at as close
business on h
fore he will b
J 1- T ' '
urasn ana aui
that is the m;
' ? that goes wro
basis. I recoj
For every imaginable
the extraordinary value
while to take advantage
32 inch white Persia
32 inch beautiful Ind
32 inch sheer impor
20 cents.
48 inch wash Parris
at 25 cents.
r* i*r 1 t* i i
neauuiui nmDioiueii
The latest Mercerize
Big varie,y Waistin
dies, etc.
Crowds every d;
Every department is fill
you owe it to yourself t
go i
... atr figures Now I'm not goii
I know what they arc
they arc compelled to b
Mere is where v
"I bought this shoe at j
Patent Colt Skin. Eve
It will ]>}
211 and :2
From Prater.
Dear Editor: Please allow me
^4^ apace in your paper for a few words, t
I think Farmer'b Jioy hit one
lick in tho right place last week, i
Ho and 8. G. both Hecm anxious
t.O Cftt, rirl of t.hn whinlfav lmainona. I t
I am in the same notion. I un-1
dorstand the voterH are to have the opportunity
to got rid of the dispetiHary
et next oloction time. I
Surely wo can get rid of it then. <
I bolievo it is the greatoflt ovil in
our country. Surely no child of .
Clod can (aftor giving proper ?
thought to the subject) vote to i
keop such an evil in our midst.
We got Bonio money for schools <
from thiH Hource, hut no devout i
man will want his children educat- i
nrl Kir til nfnl nmann RaaI/^aa c
tho pooplo of this country aro <
abundantly able to educate thoir <
childron if they only will. I
/ Rev. W. 0. Seaborn filled his i
regular appointment at Pratere I
Saturday, preaching a very inter- i
eating sermon. Rev. M. P. Mathony
preached in his stead on j
Sunday. JIo preached an excel- <
lent sermon to an attentive audionce.
Miss Maggie Morgan is just recovering
from a sovoro attack of I
^ pneumonia.
Moat of the farmers in thin aection
plnntod thoir cotton seed last
Rev. W. (J. Seaborn hao treated
himaelf to a new top bupgy.
Earlo Henborn of Pickens, worshipped
at Prator, Sunday.
April 18. Little Babe.
Sk'Utie Rheumatism Cured.
"lliavo boon Hut j?vst to aoiatio rhoumatiam
for yearn," aaya E. H. Waldion,
of Wilton .function, Iowa. "My joints
went BtitT and gavo mo muoh nain nnd
dinooioforfc. My joints would eraok
wtiftn I atraightonod up. I u?od Cham |y|^JSorlain'8
Pain Halm and hnvo boot) thorHR>nghly
on rod. Havo not had a pain or
K nohe from tlio old tronblo for many
Bonontlifl. It ia oortainly a most wondor^L/ul
linimont." For hrIo by Piokona
HDrng Co., nnd Earlo'a DrngStoro, PiokVcna;
and Hnuter k Piokcna, Liberty.
. . f ' ' /' ' k .
great business w;
he majority of th
willing to do raor
9 profit as the mo:
is books, be he la
e listening to the
impt to entice pe<
in who offers von
ng quick as a wi:
gjnized all these j
White Goods
use. We mention a few of
:s that it will be worth your
in Lawn, special at 10 cents,
ia Linen 10, i2.\ arid 15 cts.
ted Persian Lawn, special at
Muslin, real value 35 cents,
eu Swisses 35 to 50 cents,
d fierured Swisses to *7Kc.
%s%/ / %J
gs, Piques, Chiffons, Organly
in the week can be seen we
1 of just such Merchandise thi
o investigate.
Ladies', Misses' s
ng to quote any ioc, 19c or
:, and also know that you cai
?e one or the other.
re paralyze the Shoe stores.
Arnold's at $2.50. Now here
ry pair guaranteed, and I am
iy yon to ride or
J. Tl
51 3 Upper Main !
nazei News.
Farmers ar* pitting a move on
homselves theae fuir cool days.
Health is very good nt thin writing.
Corn planting is the -order of
he clay now.
The two-year-old son of W. W,
\iken is improving nlowly.
Mrs. Elizabeth Grant an<l Mra.
\l. J. Winchester viaited in the
Dolonoy section recently.
An infant son of Mr, and Mrs.
f. R. Hartley died on the 2d inst?,
md was buried the dny following
it Antioch church.
If tho chain gang is needed anywhere
it is in this section. The
rnnfla urn OA l?n/l tlwit f Ka FT CI
k t%**? ow u(*u l?iiu * ' i vj
mail rider had to stop and hire
jorne work done 011 it before he
jotild go hin way. I wonder where
jur County CommiHaionerH aro. I
juOBfi thoy can't get up hero as th<
roads are bo bad. When ho gets to
hunting votep I guess he will comt
A Sunday school has boon or.
gani/ed at Now Friendship M. K
church with W. IT. Gilstrap ai
?Tho frost left us a few peache<
and a good many applos.
Come out candidates and let)
nee who you aro. If I was one ]
would want, to hold that little spac<
in the paper as lonur as poBsible
if I had to pay $5.00 for it, as ]
would bo afraid I would not go
an office, ho the space would be j
little better than nothing.
Well, the big May meetings wil
soon be on hand.
C. W. Parrott 1ms decided no
to move on his farm until this tall
Mountain Sprout.
Muscles sore, joints painful-rheumatism
Soro mu80l?A or painful joint*, ma;
mean an appronohing attack of rhoumn
tism. Elliott's Emulsified Oil Linimnn
rubbod on the aftcotod part* will roliev
tho pain and soranww, and preven
rheumatism. Elliot's Emulsified Oi
Liniment is a satisfactory rnhhincr lini
meut for nil Boronos#, Btiflnww and lame
n?M of joiuto or maaolefl. Piokons T)ruj
Co., Piokenaj W. A. Hheldon, Liberty
v . .
* si'
as ever built up up<
e people are willing
e than that, and rig
rchan.t who does, th
rge or small, is una
weird music oi the
ople to buy on acco
Reliable Goods, om
nk. That's just the
>oints before establi
i Here's 5
2000 yards 25 inch Fei
with beautiful colored desi
Arnold's price 3 3-4 cents.
Regulation Pric<
Before other stores qi
tn tuUnf n A A
iu IMIWII u luu m uuill Ubl>
by the forelook and bou?
last Fall to clo me through
:'n inch Sen IkIiiihI. 3 to 15 ymil
it'll# iiihfiu Cents.
36 inch Sen Ik'hik), ftill plcccH, per
ytir<l 0 cents
Apron nuil Dress Checks m 5 of.
Lowest prices 011 bl?
nding their way to this store. Th
\t you should buy. I am doing bi
/iiurt n
r i us Vfl W B
md Children's Shoes.
)c shoes, for I haven't got such sti
Vt afford to buy either paper or ol
You know the Shoe stores make t
is how aiul why I do it. I want tl
running the whole business. Oxf
walk miles to trad*
< Hi It KSSI V K C<>? NT Y.
_J '
Twelve Mile Happenings.
Cioutlo spring ia hear nguin mak- *
ing glad tho hearts of both old and s
young. 11
'I'lm ...... ~i 1" '
i >ivy iaiiiMin 111(1 |J1U W lllf^ u?triy
and late. Some are through plant- ^
ing cotton seed nnd corn, and some H
haven't planted anything. "
We are pleased to seo the chain (
gang in our section working on c
the roads. **
T. L. Lawson will give a phono- 1
graph entertainment at A. B. Rig? ^
giUH' homo on tho night of the 28th 1
inst., to which the public is gen- 1
orally invited. Ho will huve some v
120 or 180 pieces to select from v
) and n Hmall admission will be
charged. Everybody como and o
i enjoy the music. I
rni . l. ui ^ n - ?
> i no iie.wui 01 huh community is
i very good.
The poach crop ia a failnro.
; Wheat i9 lookmg very promising
> now. Cow Hoy.
Pickens, R. F* D. No. 1.
Farmers are moving along nicely
with their work, putting in
, guano and planting. Wheat is
looking line.
, liov. (>. M. Abney lillod hi? regular
appointment at Bethlehem
Sunday morning, preaching an ex'
collent sermon to an attentivo au- i
' dienco.
I Misnes Lillie and Nora Gilatrnp 1
j and Mary Newton have re-entored *
i tlio Pickens Graded school.
Money has boon collected to pur- (
' chase a library for Rothlohom (
Tho health of this community 1
in considerably good at present. f
April 18. T. E. I
r From Hesterville, Miss. i
t Editor Pickene Sentinel-Journal: c
o If you will allo?v me ft little space f
j in your paper I will endeavor to'c
. write a few lines from Contract
* Mississippi. , c
* I l?v(f in Atalla county. Ko?. J
on any other basis
I to pay a merchar
;'ht they are. A m
at is nothing but (
ble to compete wit
: "Whangdoodle."
unt oJ price. The:
9 in touch with th
) kind of a mercha
shing this busines
i Snap.
iway Lawns, light grounds
gtis, fast colors and cool,
j on Domestics.
iote these goods they like
:s" for them. I took time
>ht enough of these goods
the season,
28 Inch 8V4?! Drill, nllRhtly soiled
j'?i ClK.
Good SpriiiK 1'rlnin, per yard
Good Apron (;Iiik1uuiih ?t 5 centH.
[ nrhinore in t-hp oit\r
* 111
ey know when ARNOLD aclver
jsincss on a snot cash hn<;i?: nn<l
I "w %"iv%
iff. I could get them, but
d rotten leather shoes, for
heir strong fight on Men's Fine
lis class of business too, so I boi
ords included at
3 at Arnold's. Ma
inko in the county seat, ami con- e
ai 113 about '2,500 inhabitants, not 1:
Deluding the cotton mill ot>ern
ives. IlonterAille is i;bout two I
uiles from Koakink^ and is a o
>eautiful little village of soveral w
uindred people, exclusive of cot- r
on mill. Koscinko has an oil mill,
poko factory, which runs six lathes li
nd each lathe turtiB a wagon or a
>nggy ?poke every five Boconds.
['ho shavings turnod from the I
pokes are carried by machinery t
md do,?09ite<i at the engine room b
loor of the oil mill for fuel. Next
;omos electric lights, also run by a
he mammoth engine of the oil o
nill. Koscinko also has a wagon p
. _ L i -. ? '
nuiory <niu water works. I"Ue t
ank i8 nearly 1()0 foot high, rest- t
.)g on strong iron props filled y
vith water pumped from a deep t
veil l>y steam power. Jh
Thifl part oi Mississippi is about 7
is broken as the eastern p.\rt of
Mckons county, and contains largo
piantities of crook and branch hot,oni8,
which are very fertile.
rnese inndH Jiavo been cultivated1
u corn and cotton, alternately, '5
rom forty to sixty years without ?'
>eing fertilized, mid is still making &
rom fifteon to thirty bushels of "
iorn, and one-fourth to throe* 8
ourthe of abnle of cotton i er acre, t
)ats, ribbon cano, pens, irieb and
iweet potatoes, and all kinds of 8
fogotnbles grow to perfection. 1
Mississippi has an educational ^
murage. That is an elector must
ablo to road and write or give a w
oaHonablo explanation of Homo son* 0
orco in the constitution of tho 9
State, when read to him, before he v
ian vote. He must reside in the ^
iounty two ypnr*, and one year in c
ho election precinot, and also be ft
egi stored six months before a gen>ral
election or he is not a quali- 8
led voter. c
Our Stat3 and oounty tax is 131 ?
nilla. I'ublie roadt are worked by 2
sontract. All men between 18 and t
>0 voars old nr.^ tn rr?o/l tj
** * " ' *v *' ***
luty, and have to pay a oomrnuta- ii
ion tax of $8 or work on the roads h
sight dnya. tl
Public schools run four months b
i ay i
than that of fault
a fair profit for
Lan who does not
common sense. J
:li liis neighbor.
There is another
l*o is really one ki
e best sources oi s
nt Arnold is, and
Spring Prints
These goods are retai
that's just the reason I am s
Pique Bai
i,800 yards figured
black and colored figures, 3
.1 ? - '
tnem wortu 12^4 aiul 15c, n
12 1*2 cent Perca]
The Springs most subs
signs. 3-4 27 inch Percales
tises a thing it is so. I am bui
prefer to make a small profit o
5 IN SH<
I am undoubtedly doin;
~ I.U- Tl '
ai un; uiner. 1 nc only
Shoes are not like "good wi
mical buyers haven't the cor
Shoes. Here is where we put
iglit the stronges line of $3.00
,ke up your mincl
ach yoar, principally taught by
The Methodiet9 and Missionary
laptists aro Lir^oly in tho majority
f all othor leligiousdenominations;
rim a iignt sprinkle ot rresbyto-!
ians and a few Primitive Baptists. I
Good improved farms can be!
>ought here for $8..r>0 to $5.00 per
The whites and blacks are neary
equally divided in Attala conny;
the whites outnumbering the
lucks a little.
The farmorH are getting along
plendidly with their work. Mont
f them have their earlv corn
Ituitod, and are making r>repaiaions
for the bump r cotton crop of
ho Stato, or nt leiiht it eooma thut
rny from the amount of fertilizer
Wnt is being used 01 haulod out this
pung. I guess wo will take 6 or
cents for our cotton next fall.
Success to The Sentinel-Journal.
It. W. J. Parsons.
From Cateechee.
lJy the time this communication
? printed the majojity of the farnerB
will bo through planting.
lome commenced plauting corn the
m?~i. 1 ? i * ?
muuic ui wnrvii UIHI pilWlling
eods ot various kinds has been
he order of tho day ovor since.
The apples and poars aru 0. K.
o far, but the poaches aro killed.
?hore will be no cherries to amount
o anything, so if the blackberry
rop fhould happen to he a failure
/e don't know what the poor farmr
will wrap his dough around this
urnnier, provided no ban any to
rr*p. Th? only alternate that wo
now of will Jbe a litlle eight cent
hicken ; no hurry up old woman
nd set all the eggs you can.
Mr. K. It. Child guys ho is in tho
wim, as be alroady has J(X) little
hiokonB hatched out and 95 eggs
ettmg. Mr. Child says he raised
60 chickens last year, and out of,
hat number he ale them all hut'
an. If the writer was of the fomi)ine
gender, he would slick his|
air hack, powder his face, put on
hat '4 to the r" dress and our No. 7
hoes and pay Mr. Child h len^_
treatment, sound ]
his trouble and e>
do a large volume
Vgain, the man.wl
If he does attempt
class ol merchan
nd of: merchant th
supply in the lan
lie does not ex pec
A (T tn 4?
a vv/lllji
led at 5c. everywhere,
elling them at 4c.
'gains. 1
Piques, white ground,
\2 inch wide, some of
ly price on lot <S ^3 c.
les at 10 cents.
tantial and in*ettiest <!< - II
i, fast colors at
* U
Idincr up an immense business 1
n a great many sales and contim
ir the Shoe business of this conn
ioc 1 department in the city affor
ine," they do not improve with r
iscience to jew me, they are. sati
tile handcuffs on them. They <
Shoes that I could find, consistii
that you will do i
year visit about August. Bless
your soul, it would nol bo Mr.
Child 8() much as it would be the
w r \ j ? ' * * ? ?
we noar inac Mrs. ,J, II. Clayton
lias l!>."> littl?) chiekon8 hatched
out. Grey ICyed Girl, is it. ho?
Wonder how Grey Kyod Girl is
getting along with her chickens?
Wo hopo trh.? is having gocd luck,!
for the Grey Eyed Girl always oar- J
rios a full basket out to church j
when dinner is served.
Well, tho writor is not having
any luck with chickens, and he
wants some of Pansy's gourd seed
ho lie can raise martins. Pana.v, if
you will be kind enough to send us
somo of the seed of that gourd, wo
will lOturn postage.
Lucius Reid, who has hoon in
Georgia for several years, is visiting
relatives in this community.
Rev. B. E. Grandy, of Pickens,
was in our town one day last week,
Mru J w
Liberty last Wednesday.
G'ateechoo's Ioph will bo Liberty's
in. Dr. W. M. Long and family
will soon move to that place. Dr.
Long is a good physician, beside-*,
he is a jolly good fellow, and wo |
hate to give him up. We recoro-1
mend hini and his wife to the good
people of Liberty and the surround-1
ing community.
Dr. Justice and wife will occupy'
the honflft MiJlt Dr I.e.nor mill fnmilir
- - ? : ??
now OGclipjCS.
Dennis, tho little four-year-old
son of Mr. \V. .!. Ilatnpny, is the
loading chorister of our section.
Ifo can stand l>y the organ and
sing almost any song his father
can play, and can do so with as
much politennss'and with as inelo-,
dious a voice as if he was si grown
man. IIo can ala > go"awa\' from
home and attend to any kind of
businosp do any Little thing his
mother may send him to do, as
- l>fi 111 1*1
guwi <t? u intuun yunr oi? nov. J'jU
ucate him, Bill, Ihero is good in
Jj. A. Jirown has potatoo slipR|'
lnrgo onongh to sot out. Ho
expeots to hftvn 0110 aero in swootl
Merchandise, at a 1
cpon.se in doing bi;
of business cannc
10 siaps a large por
; it it's only a short
.ts wlio handle in
_ 4
cib unserves your in
d, one who rights
>t your business on
~ Ha^eY^Ts
Our line of beautiful Fibre Carpe
ing so neat and cleanly in the \v
A damp cloth removes all dirt,
the yard and in Art Squares,
than matting and no comparison
Given Away I
We give away free of c<
Painted Chinaware; with each ]
up you are entitled to a piece oi
you nothing. We simply do thi
here instead of going elsewhei
in with us you will stay. Ask f<
here and doing it upon the n
ue to increase my business. All ]
> A DT EVfll
B ^ 11 &
nunity. They come in at one do<
ding you a selection from a stock
i"'c. I mark them so close that e
sfiecl on sight.
can't budge when you poke, your
ig of Box Call, Velour Calf, Vic
1 M iki^#
W |
G I IE EN \rl.L'Ll
potatoes. He also lias 0110 acre in si
his gii'den. lie has been eating
vegetables out of his garden for two!
weeks. I j.
Mr. A. S. Rollins hnd a fnio cowl [j
to ^et her leg broken a fmv days
ago and had to ho killed .
Mr .1 nilii n.wi ( 1 i
"...WV ""? ...I.M.V, ? HI. j
had their house and baby buini'd '
up .soniu few days ago, roqucnt ihi>
writer to return their thank?. to Uio
people of this and adjoining conn- aj
tios (or thoir kindnosg. Giro, yon, ci
freoly give. Give as (*<?<! has given.
Yes, thoy gave, and gavo freoly. u
'Tho Lord giveth and tho Lord (l|
takoth awav; blosscd ho the name
of the Lord."
On the account of a house Mr. 01
Grant and wife went to tho cotton 1
mill, while his three singlo sens will
hoard with his married son on tho jr
place where they did live, and culti-, I<
vote tho crop they had started. w
Since writing tho above wo have
reCrtivod tho last isauo of Thr* Sonii.
nol-Journal, and nolo in thr? lottei
from Stewart that Whito Hose had V(
been in our town. By the way, wo
are sincerely glad to know that she U|
landed homo from Cateechee s<ife, C(
fv>r if we miHtako not it was an awful p
windy day, so much ho that, White
Kosohad to take her hat in her hand a
when she came out of tho store, and j."
tho last we saw of her Hhe was going u
down iiiver stroet in the vehicle,
hare-headed. We had been uneasy Cf
ivuuui. iuji uvur piiiiuu. jjujh, you ill
just ought to haveseon how sweet
she looked bare headed, and the w
wind blowing at the rate of sixty u
miles an hour.
Well, Old Tom, we don't mind g<
Oony'H teasing for tho "still flow ^
drinks tho slop." When leap yoar
i ^ ^ p n ? * *
iirst come n uony nna remained
qnibt. and not been so fsiht ho might
lmve had a proposal or two (did I Gr
say two? one 1 meant, for ho would
not wait for two.) from tho lovoly tli
Sex. Hut instead of that Cony hoouine
impatient and announced hm
readineus through the press. Hlasa ^
your soul, he hasn't had a Mingle ol
offer yet, for tho girla all say they h <
havo hoard regular horse swappers .
ive and let
Lsmess, but
>t afford to
tion of his
: while be
3thing but
isiness and
^ anything
any other
:ting?there is nothay
of lloor covering.
We have it both by
Very little higher
i in wear.
ost Beautiful Hand
purchase from $1.00
table china; it costs
s to getjyou to come
i'/? Of*/"!
i vM diiu yuu
>r the china.
uitual benefit plan.
[ want is a trial, and
ir and go right out
entirely brand new;
ven the most econofoot
out and say,
1 and $2.50..
? ( 1
-J, V .
ly never swap when ft man in too
Mr. Xonh Hendricks, of Texrp, is
ii a visit to his father, Mr. JomeH
[onririitks. Noah is doing well in
ie West. B.
^ ip ,
From Menen, Idaho.
April 17th, 1901.
o '1 he Sctii ind .Join 11 a':
Alter livo monilis cold weather tho
father is lino now.
The farmers aro very busy plowing
1 I Rowing grain and repairing tho
All sheep on tlio mngo aro doing
ell and nil nl?>ck on the feed yards
intercd well. Thore wan consider*
j!o loa>i on I ho desert.
The health of the pooplo is good.
ttno.v is from two to ten feet deep
l the high range.
Grass is growing nicely through'
lit tlio .Snake river valley.
Wo will niovo our pr ivato oflice
om horo tomorrow to Spencer,
loho. We are still at our post,
orliinj,' in tliu Hhoep herders mill.
Thomas Lynch.
Cedar Rock Chat.
The health in this community is
ry ^ooil at present.
Mia* Essie Farmer is visiting her
uric, limn Clardy, 111 Anderson
Miu. HuHio C-rnif? visited friends in
ickciiK laxt week.
(?. W. Ho wen catno through with
road machine ftnd made mmio good
uproveinonts on the roads. Ho is a
no road man and all his friends
isli liiin miccous iu his efforts.
Miss .1 .-ini?> Ferguson closod a anc(ssful
school at this place thcv^tU ^
IRt' slf \ . ?
I'll 1 is Tripp and Vj . MoColluin
ent to viroouvillo on oiuinoss this
'I ho larmeru aro having fine woath'
this wook and thoy aro making
Dod use of it. Cotton planting is |yjl
le order of tho day now.
J?-fi' SVolborn caino through this
immunity (his weok talking forvotel
Wheat i? looking very well confiding
tho cold weathor.
Tho fruit in nil vory noar killed in
i? neighboi hood.
The liluo Eyed Girl wants io know
tlioflo who; havo not tho gospel _ I
ill lie Haviid. We arc taught in our
il>le they will be lost, therefore
ight to be mor.' careful to the
mcry work. .
Black Headed tim

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