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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, May 04, 1904, Image 1

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Entered April '213,1903 at Pickoua, B. O., an kcqoikI o)nnn mutter, unci or not of CougroBB of Miuoh .'3, 1871).
V!" . _ ,1 NO 48
Hi 1 ------ ' ?
f\ t ft 1
B Hn<l g
-i 11 down
it awa
J| I Bring
I! ii
-4-The Pic
? ?
II Now rec
Our Ginnery has b<
and we thank 01
Our Mill is now j
nlentv of hnll?. i
I 'J
Bring your SEH1)
or we will pay y
seed just as you
Come to us and :
are not controll
much, or more,
? \ '
J W.T. Me I'A LI/,
ja rres I dent
m 15y Careful an
M Hank largely inc
j We solicit yoi
^ every reasonabl<
ipfLI ?
i!?' ^ ' SPR'fNG
? 'Mhu , B iilj/ C
mow | ' ^ W(; h;
namtinn fV*r
j - before.
/ Every SI
- /Su/
l Op.'(5
h tor
OM. 1 ,1. A '
oocuo to^tzZ^ZZTZ
-* ,!f.[f if.'.tT&feC ?' ' A.J
^B?tesfe& */
IvmPlgCTL m
HiBffflBMMk , .?.i.i-r^BBf^^g^
iie st?
'oil can ninko out your list before leaving homi
'DIVANT'S and get anything you wont in
y Goods, Clothin, Shoes,
ef>B price than any other etoro in Greenville ai
iction of knowing after you get homo and exam
t and find any article not satisfactory. You a
ot your money ore something just j?h good.
uv Clothing business last Fall wnn iinmonm>, an
nnnv lota of one or two Suits. All of theno lots
bo low it you can llnd jour bizo it will pay you
y till next Fall.
rh??n you come to Greenvillo, come riyht to F*]
tin) whole family?IMonty of room for the Child
Youth for bargains,
k 5f?irrlii/ant I
Greenville's Greatc
Viee-Pres. fkw. <St Treos
kens Oil Mill Company, 4*?DEALERS
Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil and LlnteFS.-O
idy for business
^en running on full time all this season
ir patrons for their patronage.
grinding regularly and you can get
mcnl or "Imtfinnr "
and exchange them for meal and hulls
'ou the highest market price lor your
see how well we can treat you. We
ed by outside prices but will pay as
for your seed than any other market.
J. Mcl). BRUCK, \
Cashier. S
$ 20,500.00 I
- 105,000.00 g
tl constant work, the business of this f
:reases every year. Jl
jr business and will extend to you ^
3 accomodation. M
dy < ft'
W SHOKS are now coming in in
ar l,oads.
we made larger and better prethis
season's business than ever
loe Want can be supplied by us.
le &
Pat ton. j
if. jU - /
t's.. |
E)?Conio right to
Hats and
[id and have tho
ine what you have
m fetch it buck
d naturally left a
i are now marked
to buy it outl put
ri 1
)st Store.
How %o Praotlc* Economy In Operat~
ing tho Gas Rango.
One of tlvc things in tho kitchen
tliat run away with money is the
I pook stove. If u gas range is used
I and properly treated it is tlie greatI
ruif n/ini\ Am !'Jii? .11. i 1,? ?
wviJviuiM;! nu V11UK1, IIII1U
and fuel. Tho important thing to
bear in mind itt that matched are
cheaper than gas. Don't leave a
burner lightod beeauao you will need
it in five or ten minutes. Turn it
off an soon aa you are through using
it; then light it again when you are
roody. Don't light up and then go
oti to fill your kKtlu or got out your
frying pan. IJavo all in readiness
beforo )-ou light the lhuno. Don't
uae tlvo largo burners when the
smaller one? or the aimmerer will
do jo**t ah well. Turn tho burners |
<lown so bh to uso only what gas is
needed. Sco thut the llamo is blue,
not rod. Tho red flume iri wasteful,
indicating imperfect combustion.
If any of tlvo burner holes fill up,
dean them out with n wiro or remove
uud boll in a solution of
strong soda and water. This last
treatnvont cannot l>o give*i, however,
with tho old style two pioco or comentcr
burners. Don't light tlu)
oven more than four or eovon inaiv
utert boforo lining. Longer in waato.
Iiun tlwj baking ami broiling so aa
to (V) aH much a? jK^siblc at tho
B&mo timo with tho name llama.
If you want to keep anything
warm in tho upper oven, simply
light tlve oven lighter and let that
burn without turning on tho gaa in
h* wen burners
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon tho mind, discourages
and lessens Ambition; beauty, vigor
>s. tn<* cheerfulness soon
^ y dm disappear vhen the kid *ii|i?
lr noys are out of order
Kidney trouble has
?ajfvl>3Q^i' '" become so prevalent
M that it is not uncommon
it\~? I for'* child to be born
il a^"c<cc^ w''weak kid(j'If
neys. If the child urin2sasa
tea too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or If, when the child
teaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it Is yet afflicted with
bed-wettlnr, depend upon It, the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
atep should be towards the treatment of |
inG3c important organs. 1 his unpleasant
trouble Is duo to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as man are made miserable
with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the Immediate effect of
Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It is sold
cent an?^ one dollar
sizes. You may have aMyWWgEtHjlgpsampie
bottla by mall
free, also pamphlet tell- Rom* of &?-*?*ivxooc I
In* All about it, Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
Si Co., Blnghamton, N. . Y., bo suro and
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, bul remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and tho address, Blnghamton,
Y>, on every bottle,
r !' *' )
Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Roady For Visitoi sKBY8
Groat Exposition With Appropriate Ex
ercisos Is Pormally Openod?Interesting
Exerciscc Held on Grounds.
Weather Fair to Good.
St. Loulu, April no.?Notwi, h.-tr.and
ing the ominous prediction of 0u? government
forocastor, who pioplu'ahv.l
rain for tho latter part uf the ?Uvy and
lowering skies for tho morning, St.
Louis put forth her best and bravest
effort today In honor of tho op; nlng
ot hor great exposition. Tho morning
at least was bright and tlie most
uiiku innilo ,?r u
Official Hour of Opening.
The official hour for tho wmmeuco
ment exorr.lsc*? svub 9 o'clock, at
wbioh tlmo tho ofllcicl:; of tho oxpo-!
pltion, member.* of tho nutionul commission
and of th" Ixjurd of la ly manugora
wore schedulo;l to moot at the
odmlnlatratlon building. Long before
this tlmo the grounds wore tilled with
nearly half tho population of the eity j
of St. Lor.in. To the many thou- :
tan<1n of tho local population wove
added many more who came in on ex\
j I
(PcoflUlont of tho Louisiana I'urc'-'uo ex>
curefon truioa 1 r. i-?? night 1 thla
morning. Although no siv. i; * ( !Y ?rt
woh nuultf by ill;' 1 :'.finug<>ni? lit of ! ho
exposition to soouru a att. ndftfieo
for tho opening day. f.. > crov.d
fa# fully aa largo as t'sut whiii'i illlod
tho grounds one yt ar ago, when tho
pxpo?lt!on building.) v;>i<' ih'licatod
with ko much pomp and rrromony.
Formal Exorcises.
Promptly at t ho hour st I th <>H1coiH
and dlroctora ot tru1 < \<H>i;iUon,
the Btomb< ra of tho national <v)iitir.iasion
and ol' tho board of managers;
woro gathorod at the admini.siration
building, whero. a-< rnpidiy art p<>sfllblo,
ihoy were formed inl > a |
Bio n and marched to tho pin/a of S't. i
Loiiib in the centor ?if the ^roitivd.i 1
whoro tho formal < :?cicirfc>; of Hit? i
opening wcro conducted. At tik? he?d|
of the column whs a detiichin.'n! ot !
Jefferson Oiuuds who are ;<> do ix>-j
lieo duty within t!u> exposition v \i!o
it continues. Then earn > the Philippine
scouts' band, folio ved by t!ie
Philippine scouts, an imposing body ot
men. Behind them ami loading the
ofileorn and directum of the exposition
came Sousa'B band. Following the
offlcors and directors were tho litem*
hers of th ? national commission, and
lr.^t of all the board of lady managers.
Rome of whom wont on foot while
others preferred the more luxuriou s
method ol' riding in carriages.
Foreign Rcpressntatlvee.
As tho column from tho adnilnisfra-!
tlon building entered tho plazu a I.m.;
lino formed of representatives of for
oign governments which hi .1 a?s'\nbled
hi tho hail of oongroho came ivcirlug
Into tho plazu from another hv
oiiuo. This column was nhx> headed
by a detachment of tho .J off or ho :i
(luardu followed by a band. At tin
head of the lino 'immediately b hind
tl?o music woro tho members of th"
exposition committee on foreign relation*!.
Then catno commlHSionorH an<l
repreHentatlves of foreign government:*
which bavo ambassador:* accredited
to tho United States, marching in th? !
order of presentation of *r*?dontifils i
to tho exposition. Following these I
carno representatives of governments
having ministers accredited to the
(Jnlted States government, and then
a great number of other representative*
of loreign governments and colonies
also In tho order of prer.ontation
of their credentials to tho exposition.
This column presented by far tho gayest
appearance of tho day, for tho for
oigners made a prodigal dbpaly of
gold lace and bright colors In glitter
Ing contrast to the black Bilk hats
ami oari< hock coats which wore so
prominent nmontf the officials and <J1knltarics
of tli eox posit ion.
Audience Liatoncd to Speeches.
A third column camo shortly afterward
formod of representative*) erf th?
states and territorial government** In
tho United States. Tho participants
in the exercises quickly took their
plaoow at tho base of the Louisiana
monument, where a std.il stand had
heen ?rooted for tho speaker* and
swats provided for tho listeners. The
assemblage was called to ord<?r with.
out lit'lfty by President I). It. I rancU,
of mo exposition, who requested tho
To Have nn*l to Hold.
To have mid to hold a beautiful com
plexion in desired by c.vory woman,
young or old. Fow women ?ro blessed
with nature's most desired gift?a good
complexion; but every woiunn enn >m
jumvo her complexion by t'.o judicious
i.ne of Rydalo's Li vol' Tablet*. Tno <o
tablets prevent tho blood becoming In
tiotx-ti witti inio which deposit** in tic
skin layorH, canting that muddy nppoirnnco
en Hod a b id complexion. They
muko tlio ?kin clear nud wbito, tlio uyos*
bright, tlio ?tep bony ant, Fifty Ch >ooInto
Conted Tablets in 'noli box. Pjio<\
'26 o<nt? per box. Pickens Drug (Jo,,
1'ickoMw; W. A. Sheldon, Liberty.
***** - ,
\ . > i,
audience to rlso while th eltev. Frank
M. Uunsauiua, of Chicago, delivered
tho Ln\ >oatlon.
Dr. Gunsaulua concluded his eloquent
invocation with (ho lx>rd's prayer,
In which the audience Joined. President
Pi iinola, as the chief executive
of the exposition, thon delivered his
At the conclusion of hia address,
I'n .Idont Friiiiola recognized William
if. TlionipKou, <>f tlio committee tin
grounds-. and buildings, who presented
to President Francis I^aac 8. Taylor,
mo mrocior ot world*. .Mr. Taylor
doll vered to Fn*.ill lent Francis tho
U< vs of tho exposition and pre?euti*i
diplomas of infill to the chlefa of his
Exposition Culldlny?* Tranoferrod.
After tho M:.reh ' l/oulniana" had
been played by Hi> bund. Pref.ldenl
Francla tran.sfei r -; tho exposition
bulldlnga to Frederick .1. V. SUilt.
the director of exhibits, tho porforniance
being emblematic of the fact I
that tho buildUiga had been erected by
t.lkl* 1\W>M n>in??nr/v . ? ?
? % uui?jc v^i until portion oi
Uivj work and wore now ready and
waiting for (lie installation of the (sxlii'uit.H,
through Mr. Skiff's department.
The j^rand chorus* "Hymn of the
Werit," was then xung by tv choir led
by Alfred Mrnat. The music of the
hymn was by John Knowlos l'ayne.
President Francis tiu>n introduced
Mayor Rolla Wei la, of St. Louis, who
spoke brieily, ontendine to tho nonnln I
of tho United S'tateH and to tho resl- j
dents of countries abroad a cordini i
welcome lo the city of St. lvouis. when !
they should visit the exposition.
Hon. Thomas II. C'nrter, president]
of the national commission, then spoke i
on behnif of the body, of which he hi
fit the h;>ad.
At the concTuKion of Senator Oartor's
fid.'.ross President Francis hap-j
pny introduced another niembor of i
tho Unit,<xl States aotkiUo. who spoke j
on behalf of tho nenlor h ou so of con- [
gn-ss. This was H< nator Henry 15. ;
lJurnh:tm, of N \v Hampshire.
Following the -} . ;?for tho higher :
brancn of eongti . ;* camo .lamoa A. !
Tawnoy. of Minnesota, who spoke for I
tho national house of renTC/enlatl!
... ,
The speaker for tho foreign oxlift>- j
itors waa CominiafJlouor (Ituoral Albino
R. Nuncio, of Mexlecx, who whs
f.n?> n?vt conv.nlrt;iio?or ?j-.?ncral of n
foreign country to irect a pavilion 011
t}i<' exposition grounds,
Senor Nuncio gracefully expressed
tho thanks of the foreign exhioitors!
for t!u) tr: ;.tr:iont wii'ch had Vioen acCOT
.It'll thoi:> 1>iw1 lits ? *!.*. 1 ? i
- - - t" - 4'vi im/iJllOUl* |
ly for the brilliant siu-ct a of tne oxpo.:it
Tli.' chorus of "Aui<?rk-.i ' wau then'
kwiijv and the II <n. William U. TafL, I
nonrotary of war. at Un{? n? tho ropro- j
sentativ* < t tho prtvWknt ?>i iho Unit ,
Cd Stat".-;, uollvoicd tho last addrotjs!
oi tho day.
Rnnopviftl* ' ? ^ '' -
..wov.vit vuuur.a vjuiucn e*.ey.
Tut! concl'if !on <m Mio speoch of 9porotary
rati tho signal for tuo
of t!iv> fair. In the Whito
llou.4*> at V\ tiriM.'ivton President
Itoo x? \ -It was wjuiIuk for tlio signal
to touch th" jrohlf-n Uoy that would
formally open llio f?iir and j-ot Its multifold
luactiitn-ry In operation.
k . . .. i?i. i .. l i:uu u'u i.union to ro
alter conei.idlnif hin
f-pocnh l?> foi i i;e ? imml li; <t been
llusl'.'.'il in ovor tli<? wires
?>t the I'k :l '!* I - -hi a fli company,
in -11? 1111 y t' v. .-i n r-Mirniiii< (la :> li
v hith (lie lnu Iiinmy In t li?!
niachin< '/ In opert.U.m ,tlu> tountnins
to and tho grout export
lit-n waiK open.
Sciith American Reoublicc ori Thresh
hold of Hostilities.
Lima pi ru, Apt .1 Alarintnx chbltwra
is !:.: vu h?-<n r< cinivod 1. ru
from Santiago de <*h11 < . sayin:< (nai
tlit.1 Chilean ,';ovoniinrnl lias iiKV ruc.t-i
od Its minister at Washington, Hrnor
m j.iin !-.viurtuie/, u> inquire it the
I'nitci! States will dofi ml I'eru in casa
Chili' ahull proc."?;l forcibly on the
qui: tion of annoxlti(lu provlncea ol
Tacnn <w '1 Arlea. which that country
Ik disposed to (l<?.
Fifteen-Yenr-GId Chicago Boy Award
cd $1 1.0C0 Damages.
Chicago. April :iu Kor the loa:t ol
his right foot wlill.- he wan helping a
train Ml n turn tublu, William Carter, j
15 year* old hr.. !> <*;i awarded $ll,-|
out) rtanuiK In lionoro'K court |
On Auioi?t !>. P.MO. while at play'
noar tin- turn tnblu of tho lk>lt. rail j
way. tho l>oy u :.s c; ,l by an onglnu
crow to help turn ttablo.
Crew cf Five . !i ved to Have Perished.
Halifax. In'. riI XO.?A nuvsnro
rooolvod 1: r.t:il< i tluit tho Rchoon
or Oronto, or' Ar.nnpoUrt, bound from
tho N<nr' Initios tor Halifax with mo
liitson, lut* boon v. ro.ckoil at HorrlnK
i ovo, ttii<l nil on b'Kird are IohI.
Tho Oronto, which \vn? n fvm n 11 (
iehoon r commanded by Captain At I
Xlnson, struck on Duncan's reef, not
far from this harbor and wn* wroeL
(Ml. is bclioved here to have
oairiinl a crow of live mon.
Old Hnemiee Pr.iise Gordon.
8|>i'inKfluld, Ills.. April 30 Honoin
tionn highly eulogistic of tho lato Gonoral
John It Gordon, tho groat confi'iU'int"
commando:-, were passed hv
tlio Illinois department of tho Grand!
Army <>f tho Republic.
Uobhcd tin* (?ravo.
A aturtlmg incident ;s minuted by John
Oliver, "f Philadelphia, ?a follown; "I
\vu? in mi t'Wfnl condition. My s!;in was
almost yellow, ?vyeH Hitnkon, tongue uo itoil,
j-.nhi continnnlly in haok nod sides,
no up|:otito, growing wenker day by day.
Throo physicians had giyen mo np.
Th'-n I v an ndvihod to u*e Electric Hittore;
io my Rroat joy, tlio thtit bottle
made a decidod improvement. I con
IIIIIIV.U HH-II iro |U1 I II 1-?MJ WIK'KK, mill IIin
nu\v ft woil num. 'i know thoy nibbed
tho gravo ?f nuother viotiin." No 0110
aUoulu faiJ to try litem. Only fjO Cefttfl,
guitrantood ut 1'iokyiiH Drug Co.
i- ]
\ i 1.
\ .? * ?
iLsL . J
Rumors of Severe Fighting Arc
Persistently Circulated.
It is Said Sixteen Thousand Japaneca
TroopB Have Crossed Yalu and Attacked
Thirty Thousand Russians,
Who Wero Stronyly Fortified.
Washington, April 20?Reporte hare
reached the state department, the
sources of which the ofltclala do not
care to divulge, to the offoot that a
groat battle has been fought on thu
Yalu river resulting In a complete Jap
aneee viotory. lX-tail? aro unobtaUv j
? ki?
The Japaneeo legation here h?? 110
nowB confirming them* roporta, but the
uiattor has aroused lnion?? lnt*rr?< in \
official circle*. Reporto whioh havo
from time to time reached tho W&?h- |
ington government from it? agervt In
the Held indicato that two gr?at ar- i
raioj would not come In touoh befora
May 1. and that svhat him heretofore !
occurred was nothing moro than more '
outpost Kklrinlnhea and ooJIIalona be- 1
tweon Mounting parti&H. It in believ- |
(Hi now, however, that tho woauie?
conditions In Manchuria have lmpror- ;
od sufficiently to facilitate the move- i
inento of troops and nrtillwrv tVn\? 1
the two van,5\inrdu have consequently j
come together a few Jay# In mlvmioo I
of the expeetod date.
Pcre'.atent Reports of Dvtttak
Kaupanx Tso, Manchuria , Aprtl H).
?10 n. m.?The Hrt* batUe of tlw
war In persistently reported to Uav-Q
occurred on the Yalu rlvor. Slxt??n
thou mind .Inpanof-e erowwd the Ktrc*uu '
Thursday and attackod >0.000 Ru?- !
Finn.-;, who wt?re nlronjfty fortlfloA.
It is rumorod this morning that th?
J a panose were roinforoed and the* tli?a
battle conlinuen.
The Japanow pharpwhootwn fettled I
many Russian ofl'tcora, whoae uniform* j
inado them ooo?piouous.
Credited In Lcmdon.
Iyondon, April 30.?B: 13 p. m.?TM
JapaneRO legation up U> Ui? prr??cil
has reoolvod no confirmation of th<3
reported Important outage men t be- j
twoen the Japanese and Ktto?,laa foreoa j
uii the Valu river, but lh? oflloiAla '
think it quite probablo. The main
body of the Japaneca Rrsiy beMcv-j
fill til h:iv<? ?t-<iv?r.<w4 ? - ??
..?IU> mu l?r nKMIIlUl.il 1
passes ami crossod the YaJvi a k?n- j
dreti milrs from tho bod, wRli live oi> j
Jeet of taking tho Russian foroon h<su
the mouth of tho river in the ree*.
Tlx? location lo of tho opinion that
the Japanese operations at the. mouth
of tho Yalu wore moroly in tho o
ture of a feint.
McCormlck's lnvoetlgatfo??.
St. Petersburg, April ?0.?8:17 jvi*. '
?Aa a roHult of hie invetrUgationa Aui- i
bassador McCormlok iind? that os?Ih- j
sivo of .".TO Japanofie in tho ManVJ ol !
Sakhalin, tho total number at Japa/ !
nos? in Siberia i? XM, of whom 63
arc in the provlnoe of Am?r, ohieflj j
at l'ort Zeya, 280 In tho provlno* al j
I'rlmorvak, ohlolly at NlkolaiovBk, ?
major and tils wlfo, live soldiers, two ;
merchnnta and an Interpreter nndcf
arrow! an *ple?. They aro at! lx*4nn i
concentrated at Ktrotlnak, whence aa
soon as navigation 1? op^nod, they
will t>e forwarded to Irkutsk. FYom j
there they will go to Ikwlln. via tlx
Black boh, tho Ilu&ntan authorities do
airing to transport thorn to far ae pot*
Bible by water.
Without a dtaRontliifC voleo tho llmv !
Klnn press appeals from tb? decision
of the government ae nnnounood 1*
Its circular noto not to pwrmit media
tion and warning the pow?ra that
thoy must hoop their huudu oft when
thf terms of peafle nre aottJod.
Foreign Volunteers Turned Down.
St. Petersburg. April SO.?An ofllcia)
announcement lt> Ka*?t-'?d today explaining
thnt tho omporor in refusing
an Application* <>f for?HH*w?i for pon j
niipfilon to ?orv*> ft* vohwtwrn In th? |
Far East hocHU.se h? eonHtder? that
the lifo and strength of th o Individual
holong above all to hln naUvo oour*
Gunboats F!r?d on PtUBGlans.
Toklo, April SO.- <5 p. at.?Admiral
llozoya, commanding the third wjuatV
ron, repnrtis that ou tlio morning ol
April 29, K\inl>oat? 8rod on the miaiwj
at tho mouth of the YaJu rlrw, but
H.a ?..? : ?ij - ? -
liu; i\urmiui? din HOI rOJHJ. lAtAT
tlotlllH of umall nhlpi, arinort with oaiv
non, opened Are on 160 of tiii? onom)
nt Sfindorntn, and th? latrtor retreated
to the mountain*. learlag umny ol
their wounded. 'i'hn JupanrtM* \iaA nt
Qlvtn Verdict for $10,000.
Columbia, H. C. April JQ.? In tli?
Yorkville oourt of couimou plea* J
B. Moore, Jr., recolvod a rwrd4ot toi
airtflOll nirnt.iMf M>*> r,
, - , - -- ' ? - -> ?mn un rOWtl
company for the kmw of an itria (ui4
ttio night of both oye? whlVo blaettoij
for tJio ooinpany Inet May. Motioa
wn? made for n now trial.
Launching Postponed.
Qulno.y, Maws., April ?0.?Th?
launching of the bHttlouMp Hhode l?
!nnd, not, for today, Iihb been IndefV
nlttdy postponed, owing to the l?bo?
t roil hl?"; nl Him nirflu r\t ??>? '
Mnmifncturlng oomiianjr.
A (ircftt Sensation.
Thorn wria n big Honnntion in IjCOHvillo,
I iid., wlion W. II. Brown of that nlac<\
who wuk oxpoctod to die, hnd liifl lno
n vrtl by Dr. King's Now Discovory for
Coi)Mimpt!<iD. IIo writes: "1 muhirpil
inmitTorahlo ngonioa from Aftthnmn, but
join N<\v Discovery gavo mo immediate
relief ami noon thereafter effected aoom*
l>lott? mire," Hi mi lor cures of Consumption,
pneumonia, bronoliitis and grip are
numerous, It's tho poorless remedy for
ft!I throat and lung troubles. Price 50o,
and $1.00. Guaranteed by Piokone
Drug Co. Trint bottlew free, '
Vary Largo Etottleahlpe Havo Provod
Ne wToj-Il April SO.?Admiral 81r
Gferprlan Bridge, of the Hrltish navy,
Trtotx, before UWs retirement, March 14,
vmi ootnmand?r-tn-ohlef of the utation,
baa salted for lUngland. Iu dlbcuselng
developments In the Far BaaC, l>o oxprc?6ed
the opinion that very lurgo
battleehlpa have proved undosirahle.
"I QA/I ' '
a kwk, now iwon iroiu vorpeao (
l?oat? in the preRent war," he said.
'My view lB,,ther? Ih only one way to ;
defend yourself offoottvely HKaiuHt a
4orpedo boat attack, and that Ik to j
awmrao a vlgoroue offensive. The |
etteenoe of a torpedo boat i? attack by
surprise? to got in uuobsorvod, lauuoh
a torpedo and get away.
"I do not regard the submarine an
progress. In nxy opinion, it in a
somewhat handicapped torpedo boat, i
A torpedo depends on invisibility, by
which suddenness of attack Ih aided. j
V It oan leave Its bax?, reach its ob- .
141/ f I If A ? ' " * * *
ucuvw u? auoolc and Rat
nearly back to lte ha ho before diiylitfbt,
It ha? a very groat prospect of j
escaping with Immunity. To do thin
it is obviouB that it nuiBt have high
speed. It la then more completely
i&vluiblo than the ordinary torpedo
l?oat, but It has to pay what I regard
a* tho very high price of relative extreme
slownesa in movement.
"Battleships, when vory large, are :
iwlTectlve. The modorn battleship Is |
a fortr?88 afloat, and the land Is the |
placo for a fortrese. In' my mind, it j
to Inadvisable to build battloHhipsi
larger than your Kearaarare nnd Ken. I
to?oky, and even they aro a bit largo. I
"Hut I do not heftltate to nay that i
tt? sanitary arrangements in tho lattypo
of British battleships are dlaftwfing.
On tho Kentucky It l? ha
H one \*oro In a private hou?e. In
reepeot to hor 1 noble fittings, tho K.onluoky
fa a hundred year? in advanoo |
<m( any of our warships."
Tm?? OffVololB Probing Caec of the
W?ll?-Fargo Company.
Ran Franolftoo, April 80.?Moro I
books of Wells, Pargo ft Oo. huve i
Weou in?pected aivd nior? of lt? officials |
.wunmuou uy uv? i oxa? authorities in
f*iit brought by that state to rut
into pffeot th* now railroad comrnirtaAou
tariff reduolng the rates of oxfrorta
compauioe botwoon 9 and 10
par oont.
In tho oourwo of orofts-examlnstion
th? fact wb? dovelojMNl that WoIIb,
r?rgo St Co., in 1808, made a deal
with the Southern Pacific railroad by
wbieh It got a ronewal for 13 years of
tlbe exclusive oxpreaa privilege on the
Southern Pacific lines. For thles priv- j
llogo th? express oompany paid the i
railroad a bonun of $3,000,000, Includ- '
Wig $750 ,000 of BXnrdRR IVimnoni.
ad agreed to give It 40 per oont of
Me annual k>'o?3 earning*.
Tho Toxua official* aro probing '
deeply Into the oompany'B statement j
4 Its expennoK In Toxas, ami uiBo into |
Um volume of itrf receipts In order !
to show that the oompany can afford
to have ltn tariff roduoed us proponent
by tho railroad commission.
fthooklng Double Tragedy Takee Place '
at Huntsvlllo, Ala.
Huntsvllle, Ala., April 30.?At? th?
mother wbh In the aot of laying her
b?by In bo<l nt midnight, Fleming
Freeman shot his wife, followed her
f?he> ran Into tho yard, out. h?r 1
throat and thon lnlllcUxl fatal wounds i
upon hlniHolf.
The tragedy occurred at the wo
man'? home. No. 704 Halwey avenue. |
rwwnun naci not lived at homo reoontly
and \vk? known to have boc n
wry Jo&Iouh of hie wlfo. Ho wen'
to nee her and began abusing hor. She
told him to leave; that sho was going
to bod, and a? tho mother loaned ovor
tho bod with her 6-montfts-old bubo in
hor arms Freomna shot h?r twice In
tho back.
He thon clashed hl? own tnroat in
& frightful manner, falling dead bo |
?sdo tho body of hie wlfo. A Rinall i
son of the oouyio wltnAKHOd part of
Ujo t.rag<xly.
Long Ending Olalms Against Fronch
Canal Company.
New York, April 30.?'Tho h>t>K
pending olaktMt a.#nlib?t the French Pam*4
oompany kave not yet boon eat- >
tted, ?oy? & Herald dispatch from I
Fanarua Tint omnpany's biiUdlngx t
have boon embargoed lu the court*
tor woiue tliiu? and It In Impoaalblo to
U?anafer th?m *>oept through a I'ana
Minimi public notary, In accordance j
with the pronent oIyII lawa, aft,or tho j
embargo on the property ha/; boen oan
?*uou. I UH llll? QfMK lO hft valid,
tmuU be r?oorded and ref{1nt*?red in
ttle city, wImid th? property i? located.
Th? clalmanta nro now preparing
docnmfyrvta demanding tho inv
uacttate aal? at public auction of tho i
Mnbartfood property by an authorised
Oorr. P?itt May Losa Mind.
Mentone, rraeoa, April SO.?While il
W dim cult to aucuKalu the exnot stato
vt thu health o/ Wlr KniK?r, former
president of the Tran#Taal. it Ik Ktutod
on good authority that ivmutiimu r?f ?
aerohral affliction *r? apparent, ami
that a ooimultat Ion of physiolaiiH tiu.i
boon hold. Mr Krmw In now extremely
weak, and constant care Ih
Sciatic ItlicuiiintLsm Cured.
"I have l)oen mil j->ct to sciatic rheumatism
for years," sfiya K. H. Waldron,
of Wilton .1 miction, Iowa. "My joints
were still and gave mo much pain and
discomfort. iiiv i.tinfa would nrnfdt
when I straightened up. I used Ohaml>er
Iain's Pain Halm ninl li ivh bo?m> thoroughly
cured. Unve not lmd ft pain or
ache from tho oUl trouble for tunny
mouths. It is certainly n most, wonder/ul
liuimout." For aalo by Piokcnft
Drug Co., and Kftrle'a Drugstore, Pick
lift; ftiul Hunter & Piokeiis, Liberty.
Accident on the St. Louis, Iron
Mountain and Southern.
It le Roportcd that the Llet of Dead
and Injured Will Roach Probably
Fifty?Nine Bodies Recovered from
the Wreck.
Kimwwlck, Mo., April 30.-?Tho fant
morning train on the St. Loulu, Iron
Mountain and Southern railroad,
know n as No. 18, running an a world's
fair special, was wrecked ono and
u h?lf mil ok from hero today.
Tho online struck an opon Rwltcft
and, with tho exception of tho l?.at
*leaper, all tho coachos wore derailed.
ii is reported that tho lint of dead
and injured will roaoh nearly llfty.
The <lead: 1
Engineer Rally.
Fatally injured: Fireman Gum pert.
Nine dead hodie? have been roinoved
from the wreck, only one of them
being identified. Kix passengers arc
Boriouuly Injured and twenty aro tiuitoring
minor wounds.
' ? A
Traveling Men Dies Under Rathen
MysteriouG Circumstanccs.
Grand Hapld?, .Mleh.. Aj>ri 1 150.?C.
O. WebsLol". truVftlimr newnt !"*>. o l?Kl\
adelphia firm, died here today under
mystoriouH clrcuiiiBtancea.
Wobuter wiu< brought Into a hotel
at midnight in u dazed condition by a
stronger, who ox plained that ho had
fallen down &talr? Jn a down town
A physician whs call ed, and ho tound
that Webster wa s suffering with a
crushed shoulder, and had concutMjlon
of the brain. WebHter di<ni at a hospital
nhortly afterward without regaining
consciousness. I
Coroner Lclto>- found $1 In the'
man's pooketfi, while a ixjrsonal friend'
of \V win* tor deelai"< that ho had $300
or $400 upon hid person. ,
Tho police are looking for the Rtrangor
who brought Itlm to the hotel.
Plnanolal Affairs of tho Tonnoeeoo
Central Rallrond.
Nashville, Tenn., April 2!).?The rrv
colvrrshlp of the Tennessee Central
railroad Is to b<> wound up by tho ilnaiv
oiit! t! :i! wt.ro adopted yotv
terdf.y. Tho c<unpany hat* arranged
to flout first and second mortgage
bonds to ihf .inioMUt of nearly $11,00<X000.
Tho road is bon U*l at 1^6,000 -j
per mile. Tho:?<> l>onds ar*- to ho
oallotl in a.nd cancelled and tho holdorn
have agroed to take th<? now kpo
onds in th< ir plaeo. Tho now isauo
of first nioriiraire IxwiIh will tv.? ?
tho ra!o of $12.ofi0 pir mile. It In
believed that th < huIo of theso bowls
will roali/..- over tliroo million, un<l
loavo a mrphi? to ho expended on I in*
provenu nt^
Tho Mississippi Valley Truflt oonv
pany, of St l.<>,it*, <k nuule tnjstoo. ' ^
Attempted Ase^ult* * on 9-Yoar-(
Daughter of Farmer.
Nashville, Tunn.. April \|ff
Brownsville, Tenn., fvpecial to tho baj> jjS
nor hays Tom Searcy, a negro 2.0
yearn of ago, wiih t?koa from an offV
cor Tuosday night anil lynehinl In a
romot" part of Haywood county.
Starry attonifUfd tin assault on tho
S)-y<ar-old daughter of .hum'* Leo, ti
farmer. Stviroy'e body h.us not ir'uui
Young Japanese Commits Suicide
Near Spcncor, N. C.
OlmrUxtto. M. (*.. April HO. ? All un? flpfe
Known Jivji;in -/ts paasougor on J0
Southern railway train Jump
through a <*nr window noar BpouccX
Friday and 'as Instantly kilh-d.
Th? rmn lii.d fl?-d from Norfollv,
wh?i* It In nald Homo of his own race
Bought. Ills Hie bwiiUiU! ho had monoy.
He bought a tlok(?t at Norfolk for flarv
Francisco, aud ho^dkhI to bo In an ut>
halanood condition aft or K nvlng Nor* ?
- ? ,
8p?nl?h Stoamcr Sunk In Collision Oft
Scilly Islands.
Falmouth, I^ngland, April 80.?Tho
Bpnnlrth Ktoarn^r Zapklnik*I>&t woa
sunk <?ft tho Hcllly Inland** y&storday
evening In a collision, with tho HritlAti
HlonimT Ouayl, bound from Our- ^
rtllT for IIikmiom Ayros. j I
Tnlrtfton niembora of tho crow of
t.he ftazphirak-llat woro drowned Tho
Ortwyl Winded ton inon at thlb p/ut. j
Promotions for Atlantans. A|
\Vn? hlnvii ii. April Ai'*?'r the) JN^n
mooting of the directors of Ui<? South*
orn railway, held hero It wan announo
?d that General Paswenger A?tmt 8.
H Jtardwlck Lad boon promoted to
tho otTlco of pitsBeuKwr truffle manager, gH
made vacant by tho doath of Colonel ' ~
Turk; that Assistant Ctonoral Pametv ifl!?
gor Ag?>nt W H Tayloo, now nt At
lantM, becomon gonoral ptiHatmgor
agent, and that AMlstant General l'a? /r
aenger Agent Hrooka Morgan, now In
Washington. takaa oharge of tho ?m- &jjj V:
portunt division ai AUanta.
riioiiinonia May bo Prevented.
If a cold lingers, there in daug< r of
pneumonia. If la grippo leaven the InngnJfl
in mi iiilliiined condition, 1here is grcn^H
danger of pnoum<>nia. Prevent tliis.r^JH
lining U;,'.laic's
cold i quickly nrnl leaven ti c thronl ain^
niu^n rwllllii, ii in Hie I H'Hl. n'lUOil y IOl^M
I lot pi'culinr inll uucd ooi'dition Of
hillmt fin fn quoAtly follows 1;? ft'ipH
This inoili vn wii'iililli! thront.nod
i.-?<nody im ? Hitfo rcmfrty jov ypnng nnd Jr9
ol?l, in nil tIir?int nnd lunf? disnwcfi. lU
Slwldon, Liberty.

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