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Fickens Sentinel-Journal,
lie is at the mercy c
CUBIilSIIICO kvellv wkdnkbday MOUNINO. Pa,,l0,1iJ I l>Oth llOllie
. training should, the
BY rected to tho cultivat
. The Sentinel-Journal Company. dividual child's will
Thompson & Ricuhy, Piters. cultivation can conio
choosing and doinj
j. Ij. o. Thompson, kditoh. couio through eubir
?ub8oriptiou ^.00 Pm-~A^numT ~ enable obedience, in
Advnvliainry Uiifnu SOft of f)ft881 VOllOHS 1
? =- a chilli's training clot
Entered at nckon.JJortofflce as Second C1*8S ft wh(),0 pe0p|t),g fcrai]
- rucy maktw choicoe
l'ICKENS, S? C.: aml act3 forUgelf
Wednesday. May 4, 1004. things much worse
_ might he doiio, or,
Pottigrew of South Dakota, ono done, under a doajx
time a senator of the United States, wills and acts for itse
promises (hat ho will bolt the Domo hy gets an education
cratic party if Cleveland ie noiuina- control and Helf-ere
ted. Iu view of tho fact that Potti- order which form a
grow was a lVopnbliean as long as tective national cli
that party would do anything for the child, as for the
him, and addressed his first Domo- is virtue in decidin
cratic convontion a few days ago, it even though the tL
I mitxK not be ft bud idea to nominate I not done well. It soi
Mr Cleveland bo as to drive the Pot- to be the policy of el.
ticvewe out of the party. systems that the chi
to do things that tin
The Country School and Some of its i008t t)lftl tjiey aro t<
Improvements. thing thoy attempt u
There havo been many discus- cau it well. Thi
Biona on every imaginable phase fortunate limitation
of the country school problem. At ftnd doing by childre
all tho educational associations to attempt hundreds
which are annually held through- they cannot perfori
out tho United States, in all the pr0ach to adult ski
educational journals and magi- to uso tools which
zines which are daily sent to every jure in tho using, a
portion of our country, the coun- ought to be conton
try school question has occupied a try a little more
prominent plaeo, Professional thing, rather than ro|
men of high rank have given tneir ticai thing in which
views on this great subject; the succeeded. There is
layman have been interested in it iu n new kindred att<
and talked much about it; college rcpitition, a fresh ob
"men from their starry hei?hths judKemcnt8 arc in
contemplated it and delineated start?and unauccesefi
in a scholarly manner the entiro should only Bbimula
situation; it has been discussed by and bettor directed
almost every typo of man, and is the object of educs
from almost overy conceivable opi not automatic a
point of view. But to truly un- i0ng practice, but 1
derBtand the situation we must lay the power and incl
aside the manifold discussions, we or muko one's own v
must not bo contented with what it is gratifying t
we hear and read about tho mat- legislature of our 1
tor. We must got out into the has become aroused
field, however uninviting it may education of our po<
be, and make tho survey for our- passed such Ihws as v
selves. We must conscientiously effective in the "p
, ' - ---? 1 -l"u
I11G0C Iiico to ltico ruuu una hlu"* HClloolS. Olio is tll6
born facts; otherwise our concep- Gf rurai libraries, wl
tion of the country school will be ?vVjly bo one of the g
woefully inadequate. This is a iuH ior our schools t
question of paramount importance; have granted. Som
every thoughtful man no doubt 0f our fellow croati
realizes its surpassing importance. U3 that they owed
Qt all tho great problems which hours to books. H:
ludttV confront our people for so- the man who knowi
lution, none, it socms to me, is of )i0 cau find comfort
groato'r importance than our coun- (.ommmionshin in i
try schools. The time is ripe for iong ago as the fourt
S broad scholarship, for wise super- Richard Do Bury, B
vision, lor earnest and faithful ham, said: "The libr
efl'ort, directed along tho lino ot 0f wisdom is moio
improvement of public schools, riches, and nothing
Colleges nro important to the wished for is worthy I
I higher education is neces- with it. Whosoev
I for tho lull and proper devel- acknowledges himsel
I * our country, hut the oU3 follower of trui
I i v-^ool in the remote corners ness, of wisdom, of b
of loo State are none tho less ini- 0f the laith, must
I portant to its welfare. It is worthy mako himself a lover
I of tho cordial support of all good We are beginning
I citizens. It is an exceedingly im* education should lai
Iportant social factor, aiul as such tiult the education o
its aptitude for performing its should not be a me
functions should be cultivated and words, but should
improved. Work in the common training of the ban
schools is a noble work, and it do- on the othor hand,
mands a host of noble workers, grown-up man or s\
Tho harvest is ripo, but the reap- not be altogether d(
ors are too fow. Lot us all engage Df the hands, to ti
more enthusiastically and more in- raonov, but they e
telligmtly i? the great cause ot the Homo time to the v
com ii' 'i schools, and thus edify knowledge and tho
tho standards of our citizenship. uf thoir minds. It
Let us be more willing to spend Haid: "If ;i man h
pome f our time and talent fur ?>??'
inV/ii m ul iia^Millt'nD 1
Uk Yuuso of oduoation of the mass- aj| tj10 beauty and
is, utul thus experience ft grontcr pismires and in teres
jii;it?Ti;tl prosperity; let us be more Can j,jve jt to
siltru 'ti<; in spirit, more ardent in ]}ut j? urging the i
work, with reloicnce to the 11111?? rnrnj lihrarios, o
< nntry school, and thus reap hen- all the Hoj1(1 advanta
If US to all tho institutions of our it ig pieiumnt to thil)j
n civili/ation family, stftto, h<i|>py hours which vv
' " a,K' within their walls.
Lei us now consider Homo of the ful memor|e8 rise on
improvomonts of our country thought of books,
schools. Sinert tho opening of tho wUh no ,()HH truth
Mill) llnnhl.o
VU..IU.J, nw.wui muvimua ii#?c tellS 118 tllHt : "All J
I changed Irom generation to goner* j>yf? (>f boaven visit
iition, greatly for tlio bettor; so wjHe Inftn ports and
that each adult generation has boon ons." But this is i
able to learn something from the than of tlie library,
schools of its children. And ina?- 800 in the not far <
i id a oh as good literature of all the every school with ai
I ages iH constantly made more ac* i,,g and good librar;
cossible, it may ho hoped that he on# fortune, the
through a good sohool's use of lit- kind or unkind. It
nrature, old and now, each sucCos- us to ho hastening on
hivo generation may profit by the enlightenment and
sohools dI its children. The child- imminent nielleniuin
ron roturning from school ought weight us down with
^kto bring into their homes some solvable dilliculty and
^;chIi daily interest in what they vvr,,,,^ but, whatever
o been doing at school, or in jong aH w(. have goc
what they are expoeted to do at librarien, it can hardl
In all eduoatiou of the young, ' * ??
^Tand, indeed in tlio whole trond of Serious Stomach Troi
Blifo.it ih n fundamental object to I w?h troubled with
, ,,, e . . , Btomnoh, sour xtomnoh
train the will-force of the individ- flpej|(i| And cau truthfully
wl and it is tho ultimate end of berlaln'H Htxmmoh
H&feto^/eotively,, The woak willed te+d to cure ovory e??e of
B^an is the one most liable U,,H
Ivy has uofcl forco v & 1*1
bo cannot rethe
moment; \\T ? Tf H TUP CI
>f casual com- ' * ** I II H# V *
i and school
refore, be di- _
ion of the in- _
power. This R f Q Nq g the .it)l Sl
only through Mr. Editor and Readers: Will Mr. L. 1
K, it cannot yQU pjeage pjve tne epac.) to join fastinth<>
nssion, unrea ,y0UI. correspondents, as 1 haven't Ho is botte
action, or uny (1MV nnvv? from tins Aentimi. thiinrn 111
n this respect " jrftnner8 in this section are done but he cu
>oly resembles piantjngt both corn and cotton. some.
ning. Dernoc- A leut meeting is going on at A wide
or decisions, tjiQ j^asloy mill town, with Dr. L. now in pr<
It does many G Clayton as superintendent. Uncle Sai
than they j^r uort Watson visitod his dent,
indeed, are brother, S. J. Watson, Saturday John 1.
otisoi, but it and Sunday. 1,1,11 bv 1
?lf, and there- Miss Daisy Woodards, of Pied- his engine
in tho self- mout visited her sister, Mrs. Ada piping be
ated law and iagt week. ,uC bu,!t
virile and of-1 HV0 BOrry to note the death tho debt i n
laracter. For 0f 0ur friend, Mr. John Wilson, i* though
nation, there wi10 died at his homo below tfasley gin.
g and doing, Wednesday, April 20. Ho had (irundv
tings douo are pneumonia. He le-ives, to mourn to a hands
rnetimes seems jlitJ death, a wifo aiul three child- Mr. II.
a! orate school r besides a host of relatives atul that hold
ldren are not fP|entls. He was a good man and dear re.idt
By do ill, or at wi|j mi?eod by many. solid fact
3 repeat every- Horn unto Mr. and Mrs. Wood- measure 1.
pon till they warti, on the 13th of April, a son. Miss C
a is ? very un- Robert Ivelley and wife of Oconee brother, 1
of choosing CoUnty, visited W. 10. Smith last uncle's, K
n. They ought week " Messrs.
of things that ^jr alu\ Mrs. George Smith have the
n with any ap- ma(le a trip to Oconee Monday. now, \vhi<
ill; they ought May Apple. to our l>re
thoy may in*
ud the teacher From Six Mile.
t to have them This beautiful spring morning 1 AT UI
i: nr? ? w
uilucuil new niy pea to give u low dots ^ ^ ^
peattho iden- from our 80Ction. It is a gront ^
they haye not pleasure for me to write to our H'' n'
more training KOOll little papor. 1 rather read
auipt than in a t} e Sentinel-Journal than to eat, ?
? .1 . , t-lon to bo
servation anu wh0n 1 am hungry.
volved. False ]3orn unto Mr. and Mrs I. D. H!
Lil experiments ilic0| a fine i)0y. . ' 11 J
te them to new Ruth Willimon visited the ,)Un' *l
attempts. It cjty of Seneca last Friday. li.is t.ut..i
ition to devel- a. ]). Mann haH a fine field of ' 11 1
ction through wi,e?t. . ^tain,
srill-force, and initio Anna Willimon, tho bright '
lination to find )ittlo daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. ' ? in
k-ay. l, Willimon, came very near get- t ' 01
n fhof n,P . , ... - ? r??udv lor
- ungurowneu iftsi wuqk, uy liwung j)U(
beloved State uito a tub of water. Mr. Willimon ^ ^
to the need of happened to see hor just in timo ^
t>pla, and have to gaVo bor. . a,,plo bin
vill be directly Married last SumUv at the rosi- ^
lifting of our dence of the olliciating minister, {]^u^ j,
establishment uev. Seabrook Atkinson, Mr,|p|allL piel
lich will proo- Fletcher Evans to Miss Mary 1'in- l|y ,,ot
greatest stimu- ley. We wish tliom a long and j>,.v ^
hat they could happy life. hisappoin
e of the wisest Mrs. W. 15. Norris is visiting at Holly i
ires have told jier mother, Mrs, Tsa .c Durham, j. rtnn).r
their happiest this woek. 'planting
appy indoed is | j euro thought that the frost bad 4 . .
w;ui in<' 10
i now to read; ^ white Itose, l>y her not aonding ? t#
counsel and jn |lor items, but i saw in hist ' '' ~
lis books. Ah weok's paper that she had come to
eolith century [if0> Most of
lshop of Dur- Wako up, Blue Kyes, how can their Coin
ary, therefore, you sleep this beautiful weal her? a very h
precious than Sond jn your items; wo en joy read-\ much (if!
that can bo thorn. (began to
,o be compared tlie cakes that are going to Born i
er, therefore, |)e cooked for the May mooting at j Il.-mlrix
I to be a zeal- gix the second Sunday in ' girl,
May. Tins old writer will havo a' Mr. tin
cience, or even |jn,, time eating them- 1 will ask | Alias Mai
of necessity ;v few friends to help me. , liurgoss n
of books.'' p. W. Willimon visited in Pick-1 mountain
to realize that ens last Friday. | ftl
*t through life, There is said to 1>? a ('a9? ?' th gtmsti
four childrou email pox in our community. I Sunday,
ro grammar of am |i|(o White ltos<>, I was in hopuaj Kev. .1
include some that thov would stay uway. intorestmi
(I and eye; ho, We had a light snow on the 20th Urov? la.
tho lifo of the of April. The old ladies though! largo cr<?<
'Oman should ...i~..o / ?.???
miou (^iiiuDun ?oii/ n|?. .M li-flCS J
ivoted to work (jur fruit is not all killed. If it .1?>^i? Jon
ie pursuit of had been I don't know what we Oscar .Ion
ihould devote 0hl Pea Ridge folks would do. I
acquisition of don't think there is '>nK I" 1,0
improvement many blackberries around henhas
been well thin time, for most <>t the vines
as not the ele- have been cut down. The old man
ii) himself, not can not get a smile on his face, l??i
variety, the he is very fond of them.
ts of the world Robt. Mauldin is laying down
lumber to have a barn put up.
multiplication Farmers are just working on lor |f
ver and above 17 and 18 cent cotton next lail.
goa of Study, Some have moro corn planted ;?nd I
c of the many gome have moro cotton. I will h\W\
'ould be spent take the corn for yon can r?i-><? |(
What delight- hogs and have your bread .stall at
it of tho very home. J|
Shakespeare. I guro do enjoy reading the lot- la tflj
than beauty, ters from Texas. I hope tho writers
daces that tho will write often, ?o v.c South (Jar->- j*i1
h, aro to the iinft poople can hoar from the MMrg
happy hoav- \\'oat of ton. Fi iMmt
nowhere truer i would write more, but in tferaW?
We hoDO to hmwl ia almiwf nuh.cn n.xl tl?.. r.l.l
liBtant future, lady is looking cross eyed ill mo. 1
modoru build- know v;by ftln is doing (hat; she
y, > nd if this Wai)ts mo to help work in tho gar- T'_ ?
world nuy bo (lon> for Mr. Crab grass is almost VW
may anom to j,er0( {)1(1 K;(|dlo. IfHS the
wings of ? MuJ9L*
progrcsn to an From Mica. Pcrhsp
i, or it may ' he health of this < ininunity is then re
a ho11fte fit in- generally goed at thin time, oxo.pt RraY h*
irremediable Mr. ' A* Williams, who is Mill '
else it bo, ao Con (mod to Inn room, vVo hope he <^>
>d hoalth and m?y "gain be restored to his h. a 11
y bo dull. Frank Loopar and M. ! *. C
1, T, Earle. Heater, of Pickens, visitod T. A. n
iu. a.1.... \\r N m
v v 11 j Kiiiin tnw luiu in uuiMia^ . hui n n
ulde (mrod. arft always glad to moot thoso ^on- w
distress in my tlcmen, as thoy are'such jolly jjood n
and vomiting , , . .. N
nay that Cham follows. Mr. I>ooper is in tlio race ,y
Liver Tablets for Sheriff. ^ | -^yj
Atomnoh trou^ Williams laHt.Sunday. ;v '
?* Lem Freomafl filled Ins reg- J
oki^^jj^^raBBNHL^oiutmout at Mt. Tubor I ^ &&&
I I M I ?????i ??i????m* f
mdiiy in April. Janie Heudrix last Sunday.
}. Williams ia improving nv the wav. it is lean v^ar. hut Atim
art of playi.ig tbe violin, j haven't made any leaps yot, but I //[Sjk'||
r on tho old saeied music would like to very mucli before the v\\S. i[
e Utile "git about" kind, year is out. Mountain Girl.
n "git tbo gun" on them ?
In Memoriam. yto
? wake Sunday school is Fell asleop 111 Jesus, on Aptil 12, g
ogre.ss at Mt. Tabor, with 1904, little ltectoi, oldest child of Vj:
n Looper as Suporinteu- and Mrs. J. 1*. 1 lioinpkins, age V,
six years, two months and 27 days.
W illiatus lost his shingle Little form so cold and still, |
in* ?? lun nccm w6*/, u.ow uruw oi ainiobt maroie nue, L
was badly damaged, the Flower buds in tho waxen hands; &
nig knocked loose and a Darling Rector, it is you.
up under it, to complete Tf T , -w -1
. ' , 1 . If I call, no answer beams 1 i
cUo? of ... ll.o born...g In lhe of IlC?v01ll bluc. H (")'
t t<> bo of incendiary ori- ... , , ,. ? . v/
J All 6o strangely, Badly quiet,
, Darling Rector, it is you.
11111 has treated himself ? ..
lonio new buggy. 'Neath a mound all IIower covored, l/lll 1
G. Trotter has a gourd Hidden from my longiug view, ,
8 elevt-n gallons. Now, Lies a lovely waxen imago,
<rs, this is no joke, but a Darling Rector, it is you. l)Ci(Cl
, us the gourd has boon Up jn Heaven a li'tlc spirit, llo.Y
Hastened as it breathed ad ion,
ora Williams and little 'Mid tlio shilling host I 6ee him; 1111(1
iiiwrence, visited at their Darling It'clor, it is you. l'Oll?il
,. 1. Edeus, last week. Father keep my angel nephew j i
Hendricks and Hughes Eyep jn your ,oving vi(3W< 10 *w>.1
ir corn mill in operation Tm } joi|| ,)jm 8W(.0lly snviug:
h is a great convenience Dariillg Rpclor> it i8 yoU.
ad-eating people. . .
TantA Bogua. Today, IVnr Jesus, in my grief,
My soul hows to Thee; ~
From Chastain. Ou earth there's none can give relief ^
,..u..0um .. I
.uiv.-iiowij/, ci iiiiuciau^iai Darling Hector, it is you.
State of Washingtou, .?;
0 night with Maj. Lynch, Ringing. r
Ir . , I iu-re will be an nil day singing at
l?rohj) ctiug. le carried Qnfh? ]hij list church ihe fifth SuntpecimeiJd
from this see- day in May. Strvices to begin at 9:30 ?
1 analyzed. Ho is located o'clock a. m. All lovers of music are
French Broad river, in cordially invited to co i e and bring
. . bong books. I here is nothing that
uiolinn, wlioro he has (Uj(jb moro t() church and Sunday
>od flpecimon of gold, and school wort-hip than good singing.
a lease on the laud, Everybody c-uuoaixl let's have a goo 1
into Mr. and Mrs. Wade ,iim'- dinner on the ground.
on the 20th of Aoril, a y
Miles, colored, has the I ^ thoughtful Man.
, ' . u . M. M. Austin of Winchester, Iuil.,
11 we havo seeu. It is kui>w what to <lo in the hour of need,
plowing over. His wife lind such nu unusual case of
i a white frost the 22d of 8^!lcb fu!ul.
could not liolp li??r. Ilo tuougut <<I ai:u
,\ C Insir the penciies tiro tried Dr. King's Now Lifo Pills ami idle
! Tliorc nrn nlentv of Kc,t r?h?f at and whs finally eim-d.
' , ,, Only 25e, at ns Drug Co.
oms, 1ml we can't (ell yet
ct tho lVost lias had on A singular Word.
orhap8 wo lia.il better Our lnngnngo. ooutainH a word ending
% ? . , in ??si" ? It Jk f
ijiv 01 ni?3ioi)H, which i8 n *",/? ;;*?b 'VVv,"V.??
mid to thin word another "S nndit will
)d substitute for fruit. denote affection, j->y, etc. Find this
I llrphreo failed to roach word in the paragrnph below.
. .. 1C ,, "CarcH" bring anxiety and worry,
tnient the thud bubbatli, these bring derailgouiout of the digestive
Springs church. orgaua, usually resulting in iudigeation.
, , Rydalo'H Stonmch Tnbletn cure iudigcad
su e movinir the dIow. T1 ^ . . .? * -
* ' uuu. 11 muiium 1101 wiieuiur your Bioincom
und cotton, not ftoh trouble i? cau8o<l by worry, overr
the moon to full. work? rn^ariu or nuy cj'hor
cause, Rydides Htomaeh Tiiblot.s will
5. All Day. euro you They insuro povfect digos- I
? ti??ii and 'assimilation. Tln-y tone and
From Rock. strengthen the pigestivo organs, roitor
l... ?v i.'u8 them to health. Use them ami good
tho I rumors n&vo planted , ".., . , , , . ,,
1 health will bless you and fortune "eaand
cotton Sfml. It was ross' you. Piukeim Drug Co., Piokeus;
ad piospect of making Nhoidon, liberty.
toon cent cotton when it " "
sleet, Inst Wednesday. | NKAIiLY EVERY AKM11R|
into Mr. and Mrs. II. F. NEEDS A.
on tho 11th inst , n fine PORTABLE ENGINE
<1 Mis. JnckHou Howard,
y Bursas and Eugone ftjj
iiftdt; a flying trip to tho 1
, l..Ht Sun,lay.
id Mrs. S. F. Keith wero iiTSjil
< of W. I). Ilondricke last V V 1
oe Foster i>rouclincl a vory _
^ sermon at Pleasant
THE "A J AX" i Q
. ct . U ?h? oni? to umo. "Thr Mrvchlnory I'eople" .
second OU 11(1 ay to a will t>e jrlm! to ?* *? fI ralnloKue auil nnm?
price on pplicn tlon.
v<t. \v. h. oiuuns ax co..
ICssi<\ Bertha. P>uel ill, and Columbia, s. c.
lio||rr<, Saw Mill*, Cotton Qln09,
and Cora Kdcns and "1?k Movhiticry, mo.
ns won) the KU0Bt8 of M isH Tl,f ?"'b" Sl.lnu?e Much?,.?
- s
SKjy First sign of RHEUMATISM. Dangerous t* let K 19 ^
run. Fdsy ( cure now. A eiugl* bottle of S' - AyS
Will probiMr da Ihe work. R>4 Ci?f? require more. RHFUMACtDI
,,>/ Q j\ j? cure! br (<-uin( rid of the C?u?e, ?o th?t no trxe ol the diieeie linger* IB
JI *jffl In the ?ritem li purifiel the blood, relieved the I11A ammitlon of the fcU- H _ _
'/ nejri, thr chronic coniilpitlon end the catiirh that lollowi inch condl- Hi tt m
tion at the lyitrm H S JE
WB Though Mn Mnjr E Welborn, of High Point, N. C., It 80|rfiriol4 Bit
\msua " f rc?n, int rompKKif HB M \
I !m>W8h "V KMFl'M ACIOF.. ?nd J(diit) aht feeli "y?ara roun(rr" and I* amiooi B W'
L 1UH fot ^ all^who ari-tuftriinc from any of tb* forma oflhi* 4ita4 4|icim" lo ?|
8. RKV. I R WHEELER, a noted MelHodlit miniiter, of Rtiitetltowo jH
KV, /HH Md . wrltfa tnthualtitlcilly of RHEUMACIDE, whlab curcd him. II*
75 yean old and h*i been In the miniil?r SO y*art.
i Jn& m?'H hottlc mil rnoM m
hh n win
ALUS Hair Renewer
s you like your gray hafr; thm keep It. Perhaps not;
member?Hall's flair Renewer always restores color to
lir. Stops falling: hair, also. "^7ftSTco"7lfLE-.r!.,,0?10
s/s /, / // f/// / s / s s / / /f's'yjfSs / /'/ f'si/'/'s's-s's'/O'/OS.'/j's'A)
look at IIiIn |>iiper and 806 what days ^
* . ^?rhe photographer IJjJ
1/ir-UA/ 0; ??_
. , * w MUM >NEHDAY. ' 1 |
:tuiJT jm | ot51
LThe fow days of waim weather nave already c
Our lino is thoroughly desirable thin sonsou. Compri
drde garments made cf lou^ woMing fabrics iu tho lai
tho most particular dresser. Futhermore our prloes are
m\\ est, uie mime to ono anil an, uwing to tlie groat im
,tvwl season wo aro dedirouu of h.ivintr you look through an.
rfll' i T I your spring or Hunimer.Huit. Wo aro showing a big lin
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Sli ? ?
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season is larger and f\ tfffjj) M\V
r in every respcct. IJ I vL?) ilID 1 L.
s suits well tailored \W , JA
warranted to stand <gsj)' v>' l\i
1 wear. Priec 50 c
JO. |__ _ _
ilie's Cheapest Store. 100 N. Main
and call ox?
^? r? n nadtiti
And see his Immense Stock <
cliandise. Five; (Jar Loads of
Large Stock S.I l.O US, JD11
NOTLOXS, bought b el ore the
BUGG 1 tCS, AV A G()N S, 11 A
SA I)DUOS, Cheap For Cash
Everything; at Rock Bott(
r. c. cart
"undek-ijuvs umm:h-si
' y y y y y y y y y y y v y v v y; v y y y y1
Arc you ready for your Spring Suit. Two piecc
are showing a nice line made of "Milton Cloth."
! pay you to see this line. : : :
ft >i o b r\t ii ?
Kline aeai nothing
The White Seal Clothing is famous in all the
jer towns for its seperiority in style and fit and
ibility. None but the best tailors arc employed in
king this clothing and each garment is inspected
an expert. We are showilg a variety of styles
ie and let us show you through.
Wc arc looking for a big shipment of flour tliis \
rise and wc can save you money. Call and ^et our
Hi us yo,ur Job Priflt
>on Co.
;ronted a demand for light weight clothing,
sing n complete assort in on t of stylish uptoost
out nud' tailored to moot Hie demands of
i-iglit, for wo have but ono prioo, the lowprovem.
lit iu our Clothiug Dopartmout this
I examine the stock carefully beforo buyiug
u of two picoo Hiiils, which nro nil tlio rngo
priced from $3.50 to ?15.00. Wo nro bond- I
re (lollnr Huit.s can't bo miitehod at tlio prio<?.
big variety of etylcH in fancy oasaimoroB nnd
Hotter Hiiits $0 CO, 87.00. ?7.50 nnd 810.00.
big price to make your suit... '
r Fishel Clothing
uiTantoed to givo porfoct s itisfuction. This
uhililv. Wo nrn sliowiniy n nnmrtlnfn 1!>m nf
- Boys knee pants .
We sell the celebrated
) Junior and I. & S. Knee
| pants for boys. Every
! iriiniiiiHil unf
| 5111 iiiviii' ^uin (Miu tu null j
to rip. Prices 39 cents to \
- jSI --5.
i Street. Greenville, S. C-PTY
R !
>f (flcnorai Mor.
Y GOODS and i
. .
) ad vance.
mmm m
I IN .ESS AN'rl)
r\ 1? r\ ? ^ f i m n
l- \S .1 l L'J I I 1.V;
)m Prices,
1TY. S3. C3. i
: Suiis arc all the ra^e and
Kvery suit guaranteed. It
,vc(ik that was bought before ! '
prices. P |H
I 11
r Company.
; J
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