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/ PicksBs SflatU-JoumaL
f .? will be able to bo ou
Happenings ol a Local and Personal Nature, business.
?Qo to 11. C. CarUn for corn, oats A. majority of the
and bay. tbia county met at this
II?Born to Uv. and Mrt. W. H. pf 'll* '
I rii ? i .1 nr.. Jrickens County Medico
Cb&staili, , boy, or, the 25tb lit. lh? f(lllowi%/ offloel,8
?Johnnie Evans of tho King's Bolt, President; Dr. ]
n - section, lost a iiuo horse last week. first vice President;
III/ / ?Born io Mr. and Sirs. Win. second vice Free
|l'' Stewart on tho 25th ult., a daughter. ; MftU'(bu, Secretary n
i; I IIA linvt. mnnt iiifir m fn
if ?13orn to Mr. and Mrs. Rich JS. 6. at 2;30 o'olock, p.
G ra\ley, on the 2Gth ult, ft daughter, lood, ?t which time ti
?Born to Mr. nud Mrs. Theodore ,UH' by ',UV8 w'^
Lewip, on tho 28th ult., n girl. . adoption.
?Mrs. J. F. Smith of tho Fallow . 7-Mr. A. 13. Kay, 1
Bection, is quito ill with pneumonia, citizen of tho George's
but is reported better. the p<)nnty, died at
miles east of Ertblov, 1
?F. W. Cochran had r.po straw. tll0 30lh ulL Ho ha<1
borrt<B out of his patch on the 2 7th beultll for Bom0 timo
was not entirely unexpe
?Until further notice, Photogra- about fifty years old am
pher Taylor will be in his studio 111 and eovoral children, bos
Dickons overy Wednesday. relatives and friends t
, uuhlu. rxiw ri'iiiunm we
. -R C. Carter baa received an- fttG 0>H Creek ceme
other largo shipment of coin, oats . ufternoon, Rev. D.
unci hay to go at rock bottom prices. thlcUug tbe obsequies.
? If you want tho best buggy or ?
wagon for the price go to It. 0. Car- Pickens Lost a Good
tor, Liborty. Sold for cash or or* Death of Col. J. Etimo.
} /Col. Jatnos E. Hugo
? Married on May 1st, by G. A.-'at his summer homo
Ellis, Notary Public, at liio Allgood afternoon at G o'clock, v
bridge, Miss Nunnio Rceso to Rob- orally known than any
ert Morris. 1,10 county. Notwithf
V x i , ii i r i ii f fuct 1)0 lia<1 ljeen
l>? - Wanted to sell lo bushels of Charleston for many y?
Russell s Big R?J1 cotton seed, GOc |()8^ 0f the town at
per bushel. Apply to John Fergu- ,0V0(J HO well> nlw,
son, 1 ickens, o. C. sunimor in Pickons.
?Thero will bo an all dnv sinmntr Col. Hutrood wnn 1 ?<
tlio fourth Sunday in this month at 30, 1826, about fno mi
Six Mile, conducted by J. 0. Garrett. Pickens. Ilo was eng
Everybody invited to bring song mercantile buHineHB for
books and well filled baskets. years ftt his Ijouio until I
m, . . , Iu thnt year he was ele
? JLho farmers are now too busy ., ; v . . .
. . . . r,M . n old Pickens district, s
to atop to ent. They lust swallow n. ... . . '
... V. | , , ,i\ i n oflico until the division
thoir victuals for breakfast, chew them . , ?>. , , ~
r-- ? j- i t i ii * mto Pickens and Ocom
for d,..nor and dlgmt tbein for sup- |gG8 t|lj8 lm
' ' ' servico ho mado ft roc
?Nearly every day now nnmos am denied him to tlio peo
). boing mentioned as candidates for trict, as ho had more
the sovoral county ofticos. NVu pre- on his shoulders duri
sumo thoy will shortly mako them- war than any other ind
selves known to tho public. district. At the concl
?Every white citizen of this coun* Borv?ce ^olty
should havo his namo registered icuous and was adm
on tho Democratic club roll and on ? r ft practiced^ law
the registration books at his voting ,UG rt,l).re8,e'1^?cl 1
precinct. This is important. Attend honseiu lSGO and 1871
In 18b8 a commission
James E. Hayood, ,J
?Tho Pickens Juveniles played a HeeBo Bowen, Dr. W. '
snappy game of ball Saturday oven- jnnies Ambler seloctcd
ing on tho Pickens diamond against planned the town of Pii
ft team from the Easley Cotton Mill. jn 18711 Col. Hngood
Tho scoro was 7 to 5 in favor of tho ed clerk of tho United i
Pickous team. court i)y Jadb'e Bond.
?As a result of tho recent exami- thin capiicity for thirl
nation in this Congressional District, ye?rs. Last spring C
-<*; Representative Wyatt Aikon lias se- owing to ill health, resi?
lected J. M. Mars and J. H. Barks- notwithstanding tho ui
dale, both of Greenwood county, for ^'08 '''H hfo hing i
principal and altotnalo candidates Charles H. Simontou,
foa naval cadetships at Annapolis. _enaP'?y 6
... . . . , , , <^oi. Uogootl marri
?After the first of next July star ter of Esther Benao
route mail carriers will collect mail daughter of Dr. johu ]
from boxes along their routes as ru- Mvti UuR00d died Jul
ral mail camera do at present. Thus n)li|(lr,.n b|efi8ed tbeir i
it will bo set-., that Uncle Sam is try- jj-i^ot d J E Hagood
ing / 'v way ho can to accom- ^ Hayood and Miss Fri
fl ymode . ^eoplo with a juiont of Charleston, ond M
uiail service. Bruce aud Mrs. Mary
?We lrnvo received lately several Pickens.
communications from different parts A long and useful
of the county and tho writers noglect who served faithfully
to send their names. Please remom- generation has ended,
ber, friends, that wo cannot publish tity and good deeds tho
these articles unless you send your to speak, these aro "1
name, not for publication, but thot men."
WO iuav know who tho iiuthni' in Tho interment. whk n
, burying ground aboui
-This unique announcement ap- norjh of Pickens Sunda^
poarod in an exchange of recent date: ^ o'clock
"At the earnest solicitation of mysolf, ,
my wifo and numerous children, I Proceedings of the Cour
(v liavo decided to become a candidate |^e|(j pjekens, S. C
for the oflico of coroner. I need the ,ho convouti(.? 'wu8 Cl
oflico in my business, and I hope yob ^ lltg0 o|) MoIuioy ,
will Rive uio your votes, as I am toy- 2(] ^ pi.ocee(led ^ ,
darn poor to pay for a.u. tion by tho eluctioil of
?Tho Columbia State save that temporary Chairman an
the Aeaistant Attorney Qeneral has din temp rary Secretary
rendered an opinion that registration norarv organization wi
books for county and Statu elections permanent organization,
may bo opened on other days than A club was ostablis
tho first Mondays in a month by in- wood on a petition thei
sorting an advertisement in a news- cd by I)r. It. F. Smith, i
paper two weeks in advance. This gation was seated,
applies to town8 of over 500 inhabi- \ committee on ere
tants. appointed, and on mi
?"Mfirtin from tho Creok," whoso Fr?d Williams, the re
homo is now at Eoeley, Ib in atten- committee was adopted,
danco upon tho United States court, ,no''on Dr. H
and his friends are'congratulating mittee of six was appoii
liim upon tho improvement in his nut? auitablo delegates
appearance as ho grows older, which Convention, and thin c<
lio attributes to tho fact that ho 1ms composed of Dr. NV. 1
not tasted liquor in fifteen months. JCIlis, W. T. Uowen, ii.
Few men havo the strong will to G. <Sftiiios niul Ivy
hroak a life-time habit in old afro.? That committee roj>orte?
Greenville Mountaineer, 23d inst. nominations and to thi
?C. O. ltowlaml litis tiealoil bin). a"']" ?' C' L C
self l.ml family to ? ?ice c?rrinKo, ' Th? l)uj|?t wa8 t?ko?
uod Clint enjoysbimst f tboso lino j? tho election of Messr.
J p evsnillBS khiiib bis family, and I li 1{ ,,, SmitIl n w ,
I menus ?h wen, a nice ncio iieu.nd o'Deil.'lii'Q.'Gainea'an
liiB fine Morgan horse. By the way, (,in ftH delogaUjd U) tha fc
Clint did net buy his carriage with tmn
monoy made out of the Magistrate's O'Doll
oftico there is nothing in Unit stuto Executive Comm:
110 says, but wo understand ho will ^ j,y Robinson
again run for it. Chairman of tho Couu
?M. L. Moore, of Concord, N. C . Committoo. Tho conv<
who i? tho superintendent nt the roprosentutivo body, tint
Isnqueena cotton mill, nt Central, bus of tho convention was 8
moved with his family to tluit place, ed, once tho imitter wa
He is a nice affable gentleman, a Thero ?vas nothing
secret o*"dw man, and a splendid tho convention today t
Sup?A?y school teacher, and ho has intentions of tho aspirin
c^oady inado himself solid with his in fact, it scorns that
?w nuignoors. Tiloy nil liko liim political aspirations ar
and bin-family and speak iu bigb nouncing tboiuHolveH tb
I . tfrms of 10m. is a long time till tbo ?
v ?Sunio Byrd and Malinda Bates, iH no 1,80 .to r,U8h tbe
twoj'oung ladies of color, of Picons] Prematurely.
gotfnto a dispute nbout n boy, Wako
i /ftntf, last Monday. Tbo arguments "?ware ?f Ointment* Tor
bccomo warm and wore punctuated by Contain Merci
a "ra/.zor" in tbo bands of Snnio nH mercury will miroly d?
j Byrd, cutting Malinda in several ?'. 8mo" .am* fjomPlnto,J
p.r o? ..... irrt. a uoh- srsT :!:,?;:,rri
1 diflorencos weio settled befoio Major ^bould never bp unodoxc<
Mel* nil Tuesday, bo fineing tbo Byrd tions from repntnblo pbyi
woman $15.00, and tbo Bates woman damage tlioy will do is U
$5.00. good you can possibly de
iiftii h uiuarrn uuro, in
I . W A Soecial Service F* ,T* Ghon?y A *
; />! A special oervice. tains uo n;orcury, ami ih t
" Ntxb Sunday night ti e pastor tvill noting diroo'ly upon tho I
hold ft BpiKjinl aor?ioo in tlio llaptifct ooua aurfaooa of tho ?ysU?
church for tho young people and Hall's Catarrh Cnro be bi
"hildren. ftvetybody o>rdial. in- 8?nnliie' U |s
' Una - J 1(v ... ?.i. made in ToWV>r Ohio, bj
ed to|p Vv MKvory ouo who can . 0o To- Wala free
tv? 4tig, cdmo to tho front And Hoid by' '*ts, 1
r,m I KaU>
\ '.,o"
i. Talley 1a con Bright-McNabb.
h tho mumps, On April 24th a number of friends i \r ,
lays beforo ho an(j rolativca assembled at tho rosi- V 61TCt<
t transacting deuce of Mrs. M. J. Bright to wit- i
uosB tho iuarriago of her tluughter, ; to bring good pr
. pbyBiciftOB ol "f. ??? *. to ,Wr' ,0sj;?r }' M?; ': andaual?
ni'nn vVo.i Nabb. JLhe marriage took plnco at andqual.mranizfid
tho 'our ?'c,ock ?u 11,6 afteriioou. When , ilyI
llw.i?tv uiitii hoar arrived tho attendants, Miss Even rsFs&j
l)r J jj MoNabb with Mr. Ed Mean*, ! good soil
IT V TliinauM Miss Eunice Bright with Mr. Ernest ' is made
Dr Wm m' Catkins, followed by tho bride and > better by "*/L
; l*,. j)l t groom, entered the beautifully deco-1 1 the use /
,nd Treasurer rRtot* parlor where Hov. Leui Free h of a forboat
Easlev ,nftU* iu llis ea8y* KrftCt"'ul manner,j ' tilizer
Mnv 11* performed tho ceremony, which was ; rich in "V**an
impressivo one. I -
Immediately after the ceremony nil J ,
presouteil lor wero jnvjte(i into the spacious d niug 1 J[ ^^
room, where an elegant repast was j
a well known served. The tables, which wore uiade } We will send our i>o.
Creek section beautiful by a profusion of flowers, > "^"for t>icm1,: sut>''ec
his homo five were loaded *ith goo 1 things too GHRHAN KA
nst Saturday, numerous to mention. But'tis need- | no* ymi-su n???u i
I been in bad loss to dwell on the dinner, foi\all au?uiu.o?
and his deatl) who know Sirs. Bright are aware f..?........
eted. Ho wns thut her dinners are unexcelled. ?
1 leaves a wifo The bride was handsomely gowned n aj n jjl j>j f* i;
ides a host of jn white organdie, trimmod elabor- MIiIiUUPbUL
d mourn his ately in duchess lace and ribbon, and Amioumeinoiits r.>r <
ro laid to rest C(U, jea 0 boquet of rosos and nnrcis- r'rV.',n1,!o'VIuVnt '?''V.'i'i''T.!!
tery on Sun- 8ug coumv ?-m
w. mote con- j^r McNabb is a prosperous young mh,/o7TTvT: I'ou!
farmer of the Greenville side, ami is notice n hnn.ici in. > .
. , ill 1 1 r,,IU Will III' lllllllc.
Prionrl in ihp 1,0 bo cougrutulated on having won
oiio of Pickens' fairest daughters. i-.?r si.?
Hagood. The bride is a dughter of tho lato i hereby huikhuut ihjm
od, who died W. W. F. Bright, and is well known iC^VtU
hero Friday throughout tho county. Her fair niar>' election. i
/as ruoro gen- face and sunny dispssition havo on- '",'!y ,ri,'!"is of1 A
,, , , , . . i i reM'cdtulh tinnouncc liii
otuer man of dearod lier to irany friends, who re- sin-Hir ,,r pi-kens county.
landing tho grot to see her loave. Tho following ol lhc "cmo
a resident of morning Iho bridal party, accon)- ' hereby^announce mvs*
. . i . , ? # -i i r. olliee of Shcrltt <>f Pick*
jarp, be never panied by a number of friends, left the action of the Demo.
id county lie amid a shower of rice and old shoo*, ,nnrv
*ys spent tho for the groom's home. oiiu^f'sil-Hii^TrViX
Our warmest congratulations and the uetion of the nomo. ru
)rn November best wishes go with tho happy couiIhh
north of nl? *'* * Al the solicitation or m
lies nonu ji pie. Announce myself a cam
a{*ed in the Pickens county, subject
1 , , Union Meeting. action ot the Democratic
a ljumber of _ t . .. rn ,
Lho year 185G. lho 1,r8t umon of the Twelve
ctod clerk of Mile .River Association will meet KorTrm
iml held tliih a(-, Shady Grovo Saturday before t<A'v oVn in
of the district th6 fl(th Sunrtay i? May> 190.1, at SS&^flBSBRT
bo counties in , . . tion of the Democratic pr
m of public 10 o clock.
ord that en PROGRAM. j.or
pie of bis (lis- Devotional exorciso, thirty mmI
hereby ntinom co inyc
responsibility utes, conducted by Elder J. T. n.V.'n" nlnti'j ""'Vj."'
ng tile Civil r pw:a Democratic pKrty in the |i
ividual in the ' . . . 1} r
ii-a Opening sermon by Elder B. I*. The many friend* of M
UBion oi 111 lb r <=> j respectfully announce liii
ood moved to Murphy. oniea of Comity supervK
... i .i ~ ? subject to the action Of ill
ittod to the Sormon Sunday by Eldor W. C. election.
' Until 18 <3. goabom. l'ur County Co
COUIlty in the ^ r_. . ? .. The many friends oi' N
Qllery 1. Til? fulfilling Of the fully announce him a enn
consisting of Gentiles. Will it be all accepting
the action of the voter* in
ainea Lewis, Christ, or will it bo apostecy? lmir> e t '1
niJ ? _ _ At the leanest o? tiutti
x. l leias ana Opened by B. P. Moore. nouncc mvseif a nm<iii.
the site and ' 7 .... . 4 .. . County ronimi-sioiiei ..r
>keuB Query 2. Why do not sill of our ject to the action of the i>
was 'appoint- church members attend the confer- , hcrHiJ. ?mil(Un(.t>
itates district ence meetings at their churches? *tj"Vint>?u?.j -'-V. the'!!."
lie served in u? w tr oi l .. .i? ?
uy a, xi. oitJWcU'L. i?".' ? ? ' '
8UCC088JV0 All the churches east of the Koo- ?
/Ol. iltt?OOU, , , n Ity (ho folicltiltion 1)1 1:1
jrncd as dork, wen rivor, except lvooweo and lietn- unitomM'e mysc'f?
rgent entrea- ol, compose the first union, mid it
lion ol the Ucilioriiitic vo
friend, JudR? 18 desired that they all be icpre- ? '? i?n..,cry oicciionv
to retain the . , T v nu,? .
i i-i t.> sonted. j- hi. Gillespie,
abstitue. Iu A T> ? tt soiiriintion of n
P?1 tliA dfinrrh. 1 nrri.ir , ,,, t. my.>elf us? nn
eu luoauugl.- Ualrpr ?" ?,?r?.-ior of l?i. l:? n .
11 It()bin80U, ' .. ' nution of Iho IKiiio( n.tic I
It. Robinson. Committee. i:io.?o?,
1HKO *<iv *** AI llio solii'siitiion >!
y, looj OlX Mother* I MulliurH ! ntollierft! Hotline myself n oui'ii I tli
union; W. M. j|ow many children are at this Reason ^m'J'V "t!!.'vi
of JLauley; 15. feverish and constipated, with had stoin
inceB Ilngood aeh and headache. Mother (?r>y*K "
ra. J. McD Sweet Powders for Chidreu will always ?\j(S \iyra Mm
Alexander of culG- lf worms aro vrosont they will ,,|n ]i|ff, Mwllisnn ^
remove tlieni. At nil druggists '2,? cts. , ^ . ,
u * * | ti*xo ? | | \ii lioi home tout i\11 t*
... . Sainplo miiiloil r lvr^K. AiMross, Allon 4| w>1. ..
life of n man y Olmsted, Le Rov. N. Y. ? ? l'1" 28th ult-. f
his dav and ?
Of his elms- School Election. of the Methodist c
ro is no need On petition of tho voters and elec- tho mother of (ivo i
mown of nil tors of Hampton school district, No. whom art' living.
40, nn election is ordered to ho held held nl Salem chui
t the family at Ilamptin school house, to deter- was laid to tod l>\
j five miles mine whether or not aa extra levy of husband, at U:c
\f afternoon et two mills shall l>o levied on all the ground.
property within tho district. Tho
iVu Pnnuontinn election to he held May 7th. Pulls NOTIC I
' to open at 1 o'clock p. in. and closi- The faculty of C
., May 2nd, ^ 5 o'clock. The present board of has invited the ton
idled to order trustees to act as managers. The ens an 1 ()c >iieo c?u
norning, oltjctioii to CuiiuiiCtcd accoidmg to HG6.si*)n ut Clomsoii
the organiza- rules and regulations Said down in t]a? \j;lv 1 |ih. \)
W. T. O'Doll tho school law. By order of County ,r , ,\uou,>
a x. J. juau:. i3oard of Education. lhat*I can inform
This torn R. T. Hallum, Chairman. 0( Lh faculty a*
"I have used Chamberlain's Stomach who will Iroin
. , , ami Liver Tablets with most satisfactory trust all teachers w
nod at i iceulta," 811VH Mrs. F. L. Phelps, lions- bocause Clomaou w
ofer presout- ^n, Tox. For immigration biliousness om. 8( pleasant ;
nud that dole- nud constipation tlioso tablets are most i> <p u
excellent. Sold by Pickens Drag Co.. 1. 11
dnntiftU una 11,1(1 Earle's Drug Storo, Pickoua; mid Co
idcntiais was Huntor & pioUen8 .Liberty.
>tiou of Mr. L_ 1 -I
port of that Nothing Equal to Chamberlain's Colic, kit. ?-entinoi*Joui u
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for l'i<
mith, a com- Bowel Complaints In Children. My Dear Sir: I
ltod to nomi- "Wo have used Chamberlain's Colic, in your paper that
to the State Cholora and Diarrhoea Remedy in our ers examination \\ i
uumittee was family tor years," suys Mrs. J. H. Cooke, pjekens Friday M 11
?. Field, VVm of Nodorlamls, Texas. "Wo have given ?() beain at
II. Cll.lmm. It to .Ul of on, children. We have ??e,l " " 1
W Moiltdiri Othor modioinos for the same purpose, P"c|4,llH 1
, . ' but never found anything to equal Cham- stationery, legal an
l a 11*1 oi six ^r|nin?g> jf yOU win Ufle it ns directed R. T,
is were added ^ vvill always cure." For Sale l?y Pickurt-ton
and J. Cus Drug Co., and Earle's Drug Store.
Pickens; ami Huutor St Pickens, Lib- ..
i nn'l resulted crty. NotiCC ol Sclioi
I. O It. Doyle, u .. ?,*C| ? STATIC Ol-'SOUTII ('
Jriftin, W. T. Notice of Election. County of I'ick
d T. .1. Maul- On potitiou of tlie electors and Whereas a petition 1
Jtate Convon voters of Keoweo achool district No. Trustee of tin- Kcho<
4'2, an election is ordored to l?o held ;ow,nv'f V.'J'''1 "V,ll11,
? v > % a . ? ?. trict No. .51, on tin- l.i
was elected at Keoweo church on Saturday, Mav 1904, i i,y a maj.
ittoeman, aud "? to vote on a specified levy of two holdors in said l> u
was elected mills on all proporty within the dis- third majority tic vol
ity Executive trict. l'olls to open at 2 o'clock i>. "lection he ltd I to .
J.. ? , 1 r 1 1 mm bonds slmll he issued 1
sution was a ui., and close at o o clock, i ho pres Thousand Dollars ami
1 tho business ent Board of Trustees to act as man- interest of six per c< n
0011 dispatch- agors of the election. Tho election ahle semi-annually, tl
s under way. to be conducted according to rules paid at the end of
developing in and regulations laid down in bcIiooI vouts of naid h! l!'! .Vi
o indicate tho law. anco with the it cent .
g candidaten, By ordor of County Board of Edu- ture authorizing the s
those having cation. It. T. Ilalluni, Ordered hy the lloa
0 slow in an Apr. 6w5. Chairman. V
is year, but it ,iny of May) joot, t<? ,
lection, and it bonds shall he 1
political busi- that J. McD. Bruce, (
CC Si VV T< McFa11 ?re
>> ..Langston k Nealey.. <<
Catarrh that (( \\ open at H o'clock a.
liry ? (WEST HMD SSOOKX: 8TANB.) // o'clock p. ni., a d rai
l ' V\ ? _ JJ declare the result ol
Itroy the setiBo >) fiPIlfP'IkfTE? 1MI ff & (r* ft I > ...
mm IV ll v>^ || u II IIM Jl )) UHIIIO lOllirilM IlltTl'ltl
' tlorango tlio IT ll^&UttlLallut^ p tVo ^>o IJ j8 furt)H,r ordered fel
ng it through (C 11 11 r it r.? ~i" )) election ho published
Suoh articles 11 Handles a lull line ol Cf TI,o Pickens Sen'.inel^tou
prescrip- \\ ])ry Goods, Groceries ? J
Hcians, as the ft i pr0filirp )) ' w 1;
mi fold to the >/ ana iroauce. ? r *'< '
rivo from thorn >> GlVC me a Call and ((
annfnotiiroJ by (v be convinced that we can tfr
'oledo, O., oon- rf n . .. \\ ???????
nken internally )l SCu yOVl as Cheap as Mr, if Notice to i)?t?tor?
jloori aui mii> Vl Anybody. vC All Persons holtlii
m. Iu buying rr 3 ' jni the?ntate of J. R. Ma
ire yon got the // liring me tour i*ro?luei?. \\ to pres u t tin name,
internally ami \% Xv,li P*T. l,J?hMtA It for l>ayru?n-, by the
- P. J. Cheney (( .oHol! ))lf?(M. Th<Bi Indel.U
,, 11 t?d. \\ must make payment i
tho be^t. 1 May ft, 1001-tfw.
lb,es | MissNoiio Thomas
iocs must have Mr
||^g I Fashionable---*
| 11<) North Main Si. - - (iieeiiv
ash r=T j |
oks, giving full fnfor- : > j 5
;t, to any farmer who . j j ^
LI WORKS, 5 \\/n
Ktro?-t, or > \ \ I ,
\.-U2!-j8o. llruudSt. ? T T
v**vrs.vs*A*i I I a V C I US t
? . Received a nice lot
iMENTS. Window Shades, Bed Lounges
'<inKres>uiiui for ?.c Iron Beds, Woven WireCots, I:
r 1 < I an 1 lor Solicitor *" ' ' "*
nr..lit. iiii.i I .r nil springs, Moves, Iinware, Crockery
iV.mVy*l-Vcw1!i.Vi'^.'.VTV,l- 1 -amps, Lanterns, and a lot of other us
* 'u \"it'uVi!.0iri'im' u,",': tides about a Home or Farm, and we invi
on us and look through our Rooms when
>rm- cost nothing for you to look and we take
if ii Co ii.llOat.) for I Sic* i 1 1 .1
- niy, siii.jiM-i t<> 1 in showing you our goods wheth<
;!!' |mrly in tin' I'ri- 1 ' 1 ' .1
ruank i.<x.i'i;k you buy anything
1 'II wkumuin, I or not.
n lis >1 raiKiiilato f??r '
Mlllju.'t to III." IK'tioll I ||r ri1 ...
M. i . iirr ALij*
If n ciuclUbitc for ill '' !
11s county, subject t" | 11
r.itir |>::it\ ill the |?ri I
.1. C .1 I:N N I NGS.
elf a vuiiiliilnto for the I j I j I
n^ county, subject to i
tic |irinuiry olcciiiui.
iiiiv friends 1 hereby
liilatc for Kheriil' of hi A ?
^2;Just kecei>
few fruMnls. liu t more
iiccor?laiice with my y
yself a cmiiifiliite lor a . , , .
?ty.subject to the a.-- < Another Line of
ltiiurv election. v
.1. IJ. MtidltH <
<"on111> M>jn i vi-oi hi (
to tin- ttctioti III till* | <*
,ri,i""S?.s-n!i;iYi:\s ; > of all kinds and prices
n ii ciin<li<lnte lor the i /,
or of I'ickctis c'liiiity, j
i* uiMiKHTttiM' priiimry > u ft
iiliiilnhHincr. ^ I'; "I l|L
ii > ctiiiily, MjhJjiMl in s
tlie Doinocriitu' i.i i- y
ly rri.Mi.i, i iur.?.y.?: > Another Fresh Barrel of Castor
lie fur II oili-< <!| ?
eiii' |?ri:nii 1 v. ' > JllSt RoCCivCCl.
.ioiin i.. .mi t ii ?
kii. w now i::v j
~T~" I Buckets, etc., Fresh and Goo
;lliv I'liiMtl.^. lu'H'ln
\ siii?]<', : to tli<- m |
ii't i* t l waj-.-.t-ijxx ?.vw*^aaju*i?f>c?.--?5*viu;-'- ? ???? ?ttw
_ ' 1 ' !l ^ "-' '-' ^^.^JZSES3A BH& ** ' ? r w.umimHMMMWM
fer'iw? 1 Clinno Ofnto Vliii'tn nnd.f
; \\( st. of I'icUi-hs ft \Hfh \ M/ifiV \ |\ A
IK..I Ki,..tw-ij-l,! | OMbUU. JLllilUa Uiil.M fl.... I
msislenl. incuibi ! r / /
lunch. Slio \v?s{ ? ??i ?.
nililn ii, three oi i j& I I is linn- to lay aside the old clothes
ch?ft!.Tlu r I o !v ' jjj m:W? :is forests arc putting on new foil;
tiir si(U; of IkV 'J llowcrs have begun to bloom and fill
13:iker buryi'^j M swicl perlium-, so (Diiu: on boys and get re
fe i >: - a i -\ i -?
; y iii;^ <m.i\ .Mciriin^s mat arc so close at han
K: i ?' i/JliMlison
Coll: ^ ^ ' >? v io
idhM.s of Pick* | ;
nitios in joint W'c can I'll you in most any kind ol a
Coli<i'?? Sntur- fs Si.2r, to S:.2;,
1 icchcrs w!?. [;; 9 '' 3
mo ill so Pt - J" ^ ? "J
the Chairman fi " i. <. L v.v*i?
to the number M
tlsis county. I J, If you want a Straw Mat wc can pleas<
ho can wili $ you prefer a Fur w<: have a fine line to
ill try aimjniako k ].'or i'alnnuto 1 Iats call on us as we have al
llio pfolitahli'. $
:suitork.i. ! niirts.
nl Co. Uii*" line of 1 h'rss Shirts at .j.^ cents to
:kens, S. C. r / A ^ ^
'loinc nmiomicn )\ 1 ? j
till) MOXt t'SU'll?"i'u
:1' ? Rubber Collars i oc, Linen Cotlars 7 t(
9 o'clock X \|?- & Ladios, our lino, ot Spring and Sun
?isli tlicir own (iooilsis ?upci'h. (jive us a look,
'.u piefennd. [jj For ( '.moral Morchandiso Ljet our pric<
JIAIiH M, u can (ldpciKl 011 ?>ood <>oods at riMu prices.
OoBuptKd. I s,.c llSil
3l Election. !$j ? _
ahomma., j | %^raig Brother
iviiH filed with 1)1* i 13 ~
>1 District or tin- h One-Price Cash Si
vn fin School IMh W
>tii .lay of A j.nl. *?.lfrrT?r1Far' 'r<- '"
lot and l?y a two-1
i-SSiiSprint & Sum
hearing ft rato of I J ?C_3'
t. pi r annum, pay
sSSSH ~-l)l!Y (JOOhSI
,,,, . i .b y a w ? \ y \S V / / K_S (
District in accord
\ct of the Tji'cisla- r i .. , , , , . c.
ame, i' is hei? !)> ' :un noNN "<' "*'?> Willi :i comj dele line ol Spring ni
riiufTniv.istli.il Goods, Notions Men'* and Women's I'nderwcar Hoi
>? srvni.' is hereby | used illy I> .-?t judgment atld years ol i>\pei'ioneo
in I inlay Hi.- (i li ?00(jH getting ill" V( l'v lowest pric poesihle, and
It tcrntiiie whether ?. ' ^ , ... ?. .
issued er not and glVO lliy Cll-dOmCI S I liu I) uelit ol my txporxnce am
'. 10. l{ol)inson and Good a til the
herein upp >inn d / b ? ^
HsSS-.howosI; Living' I
id manugcis t hall I ,. .. ... . . . , ,
f s ii<l election unci My I ?reP8 <.toons Muck ih the be?t I hn\e ever pile
to this Honrd. li Black*, in a range ol' ; I'iies from 10 ceilth to $1? a yitn
liat (h;; noui-e <>i ono 0j the nice. 1 I' ick (i xids (or Summ r wenr in til
.Journal''^ cen^K- ' am willing for yon lo compare inv 1 yard w
:>lt, Chairman. $1.2f> with any I .n() SilK on this market. It will ho
nwv <M...I- I I" \\r. . n. .1 IV . ...
J,..,.... j III vAiii'ini >1 . PU VJUUU8, I MllllliC.N, Wl'gulKlU'H, Jiav
lo'ii I) N 'I j<l?scril?o thorn. Can ihow you a l> g lino of tbcm and
4'ft(| Hu0)l piicofl n? a.ieb goods can l>e bought aaywborc
Stock in full wivli all goods and prices. Homo Big
Rn<i creditor*. UnonR, Ribbons and I.aecH in abundanco and will bo
k claims n'Minst KO y?u can (.ct wiiat you want at any 11 mc,
uldin arc rcqufHt?><l SlIOKft. Don't givo nie out on SIioor. Stock alw
proporly atutn<h>(l, seasonable goods. Soo us when you come to Orecnvili
1st <lny of Jul).
'?! to haid estate
' Administrator. Dry poode Stove, Wost Knd Glie
3rn o'
... ^ )J Wo are preparing for the
lll'S ' ra If the history of our buBiin
Jf forced us (o buy heavier
/) will I'" '" 11 position to ot
_ JJ tliau we have ever otl'eret
\\ simple, wo bought doubl
a wo bought early heforo t!
\\ fioin four of the (urgent ?
/} we handle nothing but tii
II hand stuff', it pays to buy
// We are
)) ^TPOI 11
14 ^ * \V/ A
t'?l (/ Celebi
ware, \\
eful ar- l\
te all to call ))
in town. It ft /
pleasure 11 I ^
I (( k
j i$ r ^4
~ a i \ QM?
7 e d! I
J J TIiobc goods liftvc tho ropi
// moutH lnudp, the ntyle am
{ 11 for anything you need in 1
AW '
u Folger I
<[ )J Cluthiug, SI
1!| Furuishiug
? PICKEN5, s
" " < g I Ji \Jt _iH
C!' 1(At Dul
Kour-niul-onc^hnll' miles
^heo/^0^ ""IK
I ..Genera! P
iif Handles noUiino l-ui tIxn li
|J Tlie trading public w
'nl nnri h can Rnve thorn money.
!|s 1J B v1 ^ Mrs. Hattie Craig is i
julwlu. I
aiul put on I
\<rc and the ra
the air with ? __ __ w _
*aeiy for the I FOR & I J*
II will ^ive special
next sixty days. Ilavi
I partner, Mr. \Y. P. Pick
to buyers in order to get
if you \ in: lo<
ii kiii: ir
i ^ ivr t
-A- ~L ^ - _JL .
) ioc. Mmr^rrr^rrrrr
mu:rl,ress 5 ^>fine ./v
s lor you ^
v^wnli, l?? M j
I O l;RKSli I'R
fa ? Tho IVolit is cut half
bought ho as io icue}] I
. I i. the scoson. Your pat
tore |J C
| ^ J*? Ci'O'OO'OOO ?L- C?- ?.
.1 r k
id Summer Dry J
nery and Shoes
in buying those riAYS "LOOK
now I propose to Alul you wiU |1R|ltl,t i*i< KKN
I Hell them Dry * mill Must
I I' \ } I He linfl over carried. My hade
ivrn in Colora and I and 1Ionw,t Tho mw
i. I am showing J my atlvortiseinont. Never min.
o market for 50 $ monoy.
ido Black Bilk nt B l)TT\yr ^1^
ft saving to your | ### 1 1U Y 1
L' 1 \ a \irft ?
I ut n? low r.ricon I /w , ....
. White Gooda K , wv01*ylhiiig nml joit will leai
Values in Tnble B I"'3"1"
kept #11 Hun. mo. | 1",)' " or """ " IIo,nM''
I any monoy by seeing mo befor
ays comploto with B
lc. I ?
onvillo, S. 0. I THE CAS1
i! C L 01' |
liiggcnt olothiug triulo tlusi Spriug in fjf H
Our ininioiiRo trailo Inst f 11 vi < ?
Hi is S, i'inK limn <>vor before ami we 'J
V. r .you bettor clothing for the prlcc (( i .5?
I, the reason wo can do t) is is very v'.'i
i' our usual niuouut of clotliiiig ami jj nH
?e advanco in prices. Wo arebuyiug i( gl
slothing concerns in Iho world ami \\
st ('lass goods, no job or second fj
> Sole Agents 1
rated Line of
nt:ition of bring tlie host fitting gar- l(
I quality is unsiupnsHKl. H?'<! u? \\ H
Olottiiug or Gent's Furnishings. ft fj*g;
5c Thorn ley, j) B
iocs, Huts and Gout's ?1 V '
Goods a Specialty.... / f
ie Old .Stand.)
east of I'ickens and four miles ]&
Merchandise,. g^J
i.'-t df j?-oods and .1 rcaon ?!>lc a
ili do well to <rivo m- a call. I M
,villi me and will unit . ?. v#?n
prict s on all my goods for the ]M
n<4 hone lit the interest ol mv
(US. I will Oiler indiu 1
money to pay him. *1
ir W T ^ "r* r- i -a -* w??*.
I I J IN 1 IiJ K.
"? 1 .1 r% rs r* r* r* r* r?ct.
?? ^
?? o
ill two on tliCM' Mini mi'
u*rc IroKli each durinir
ronngc solicited. ^
He Hpi'Otful I y?
i. \V. 0. WM.LAIil). J '
i.ibkkty, s. c. i
oe? j j j j j j .j j ,J#0?
?' ?-.i n.. <u i? A '
MRi\)ltK YOU 1,K W"- S,
S. ('. whovo !><> now lin? tli<> I n<??>o*
- -
Copiploto Iiino of
i? increasing ovory <l\v. Fair Dealing
T of (ivorytiling (or tho loaat motioy i?
il tho price of uu nrliolo if its worth tho
/ sfe
n by experience Unit Tho l?<mt Ik the 1
ng in the Mercantile lane, If yon wnnt '
or buy a Hoiiho ninl l<ot, yon wont lone |4^E|L
o you mnko n 't J
Yonre truly,

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