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Entered April 23,1908 ot Pickeuw, H. O., fta seooud pinna mutter, under act of 0onf^re?8 of Mnroli 3, 1879
A; ' ?-? ' ' ' I -J u I ' I ' I i I llll Illl NO 49 J|
K .
i 1
f_ 11
1310 8T01
You can make out your list boforo leaving home?(
STUKDIVANT'S nnd get anything you want in
I Dry Goods, Clothin, Shoes, H,
= rs'otions.===
At a Iobh price than any other ttorc in Greenville and
satisfaction of knowing alter you g.'t homo and examine
bought and find any article not satisfactory. You can
and get your moiiey ore something just as good.
Our Clothing business last Fall was immense, aid m
artnil m&nv Intu e\f nitn nr tvwn KnHu All r\f Ij.io or*.
(iowu so low it you can find your size it will pay you to 1
it away till noxt Fall.
When you come to Greenville, como right to FTUR
Bring tho whole family?I'louty of room for the Children
Yours for barguinp,
H. K. Sturdivant C(
Greenville's Greaicsl
President. Vice-Pres. Sec. & Trena 1
-4-The Pickens Oil Mill Company,4- IS
"V . C^Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil and Linters.-<>
. ' *T v.-. ? inn
^ """ the
Now ready for business =
Our Ginnery has been running on full time all this season
and we thank our patrons for their patronage. kn<
Our Mill is now grinding regularly and you can get jtal
plenty of hulls, meal or "batting."
Uring" your SEED and exchange them for meal and hulls tile
or we will pay you the highest market price lor your
seed just.as you prefer. A
Come to us and see how well we can treat you. We the
are not controlled by outside prices but will pay as h0
much, or more, for your seed than any other market. Tll
R. H. CURETON. Mgr. f"r
1 W.T.McFALL, J Mcl>. IlItUG'K, % ft'|
SB frenldrut Caislnor. B lno
1 PICKENS, S. C. %
? CAPITAL - $ 20,500.00 8 di!
g PROFITS - - 11,000.00 J Z
^ DEPOSITS - - - IO5.OOO.00 > J
/ Km gh<
^ By Careful and constant work the business of this W
M ' Bank. largely increases every year. m
^ We solicit your business and will extend to you ^
^ every reasonable accomodation.
M -fe \
| Ready ?<
" '<*J0h FOR ider
i bac
"M of t
0 NKW SHOKS are now coming in in J?lc
& I I Big Car Loads. win
We have made larger and better pre- JjSr
pajation for this season's business than ever ?Jur
Every Shoe Want can be supplied by us. den
HML^ride & |
^ lh?
inhv inkst* sw
1 1" > n.
rfUA MIIII0 AIJCMP JaP? Hold Memoric
rtNu-WANb-bHtNu se?ui, May 0.-2130 i
ane&e residents of thin
nfllHMHHH PADTIIPCn DV IAPQ vices today both in col
UAl I UnLU D I JHl 0 victory on tho Yalu an<1
. ation of thoso of their c
? ?? ?-i? j feN ,n battle. Aftor
$ Rumors of Fierce Fighting and luncheon was
S Heavy Losses. old ??st palaca Tho
J evening was given ovei
PORT ARTHUR UP ^ tended the exercises.
, r " "" "'? mo rT>r* is ?a<a : Manchurians Hostile
I To Be Completely Blooked, Except ' New Yolk, May 7.?S
t. Small Vessel*?Other W.f New. J"""111? ???*?' tho
become evident amoug
I From Far East. j 0f Manchuria, sine e t
H Tohk), May 7.-3 p. in.?Vice Aduiir- 1 JerRC ?n hind, ?ay? ?
-J Q ?t Togo roporta that tho entrance to >r" Kt- 1i>eterHb,irga
Port Arthuf '? blocked completely to ' , ' " Retards alo
. \\ H all vessels except small boats. Ho no, have boon conalje
adds that tho Japanese havo not lost'0"'1.' According to
a single war vessel, although the at- ' ^1* ? a, ra,,wu>' 8"ard
}ome riolit to H tack re8Ultwl '? considerable loao oi yndspatoun numbt
' K 1 1 H lKe> | Wan attacked la*t Sundj
Seoul, May 0.?2:30 p. m.?A dla-1 S^arp Nghting took
# B patch from An Tung says It Is ru- ' one riUK8,an ^
Hi's cUICI D morod that the Japanese captured Ij,(n,tonQnt Korableff
Pong Wang Cheng, May 4, after ilrco wero seriously wound<x
?? H fighting aiv 1 that tho lo??ee on both
??????? Bides wero very heavy. BAR INDORSES H
ami l.ave U.e 1 meavy fighting expected. ?"ry'8 p7hb;rucf;iCCc
what you have fl ^
fetch it back 1 General Kurokl's Army Advancing Augusta, Ga., May 7.Upon
Russian Position. Hammond, one of the
St. Petersburg, May 7.?1:02 p. m.? ' ney? of tho Augusta be
uurailv lett ft *uo uuseian capital ima now beon Juuge William T. (jar
i now innrkcd I without new? from Port Arthur for al- j tbo superior court of tl
Juy it atid put H 01081 24 houra- Tho ,aHt telegram cult. Tito appolntmei
H received woo filed at C o'clock last | boon made nor will II
Highl It Is believed the apot whoro soveral days. But Mr.
:D1 VANT,S? H tho Japanese cut the railroad and tel- been Informally indorsi
fl cgraph line Is near Port Adams, oppo- ?' each of the counties
ko Piteewo. j n^d there 1h little doul
No news erf other bindings on tho t?e appointed by the g<
Liao Tung penlnHula has reached the 1 The fact that work
general staff. ! In tho Interest of Mr. I
Important development are hourly J lack of reverence or
) expected from Feng Wang Cheng, and , memory of Judge (J-ary
news of heavy lighting thoro is antlei- ' a W?M known fact for i
f ( patod shortly. | would never sit on th
A telegram from Genoral Kuropatkln an,l business h;?d beet
My?; | congested In the distrl
"Ueneral Kurokl's army la advancing imperative to have sou
upon tho Ruselan position In two di- take up the task at tho
talons. Tho enemy with artillery, tualty.
ban reached Kao Ll Moun, called tho |
"date of Korea," which If) within ten FUNERAL JUDG
mlku of Peng Wang CftenjV'
Last Sad Rites Over
Augusta, CrX., Muy 1
Russian General Admonishes Troopo of Ju'lge Gary tfill ta
mn^mmmmm....mmmmmm HlB Command. { 'ronl Ills latO rtsidolU
Port Arthur, Friday May C.?(Delay- vlllo.
Trait ?,f Turk lull Nomad- ,n Transmission.)?Lieutenant Gon- 1 Tho Intormont will
1.0 Yuruks assert that humau'wuls *ral i?"?ed an order to Rov Spar
urn into tlio bodies of animals and ;ho troop9 of hU <*> and n? fob P^tor of the First IJapt
it the spirits of the latter take also Io ! o^lato assisted by sev
human form and appear at deter- ?" April 30 ami May 1 th oono- l?toi? of tho same fait
iichI epochs. Thin 1:4 certainly tlio crossed tho Yalu rlvujr In ?roat oouso has been cirapo
son why they are ho kind to anl- force and our troopn fell hack to jm*- anu will remain so f*
Is. A Yuruk loves his horso as Bitlons which had boon previously bo t<uya ?? ?" mark of roup*
eh as Ills family. The horses have looted. | ory of tho doad man. 1
lr place under tho tent, and it is "Yesterday tho enemy effected nn popularity of th e dooeji
t uncommon to see tlieni warmly important landing on tho Llao Tung sorrow to dwell in noa
upped in a magulllcont robe when peninsula, south of Piteewo and In tho ,n tlu> n?<t the run*
Yuruk niul his children are cov- vicinity of Kin Chou bay. Now our u?o largest this
<1 with rags. work is beginning. Naturally^ tho "known.
ome other customs attest nlso a pa- onomy w(? deatr(>y railway communl-1
l origin. In the orient everybody cations and endeavor U> drive our Tests of Cloridt
3WH that tho Ylirilk? WdPullIn ? -
troops back to Port Arthur and be-1 New York., May 7.?'
n tro.? ,m.l rookn Il.i-.o (act. yl?Ul ? fortrM> bl??.ark, r?a,to at various clorl
no ,La?fZ ''"V'.V0.1'0 '? ?'.U l.? tho Par Ba?. Wn win dofonU ? chomlonla In M,n??l,
no mount) the doguia e? .... ,
lr religion nM" u*e arrival of tho troopn which now under disc
* aro coming to relieve ihs. I consider health department to e]
After (be Ilaby'H Trade. lt mjr dnty 10 011,1 uP?n to d,H" ?f tuberculosis llCro.
l gentlemun who reo<.'Utly advertised unceasing vigilance and caution, should tin* test!, provt
i birth of a daughter tells me that an<* J 1 muwt bo ready at all times to ust-' <llHinfoetauts In t
hn:j received In consequence almost demean yourselves towards your gen- which the street* are >
nigh stuff to stock a general shop. eral with tho dignity and order bo- believed that tuhorculc
e outcome of his advertisement In* coming tho glorious troops of Russia, many other diseases ai
ties samples of a dov.cn or more dlf- No matter what happens, yon must 'y 'n 1,10 dust of the .
cut foods and preparations of milk, not lo?e your courago, but remember KU,t of ,ll? 'Irylug of tl
oral consignments of different nonps, that everything In possible in war, and ha? ,)eon expectorate I
nples of well known brands of tea that we shah bo ablo, with God's help luring from Com.umptli
1 other well advertised goods, not to t,, C<H)0 wlth tho ar<luou? tank ImpofiO*1
ntion specimen photographs from ulM)n judge Rcberved
idry tlrms desirous t>f depleting the New York May 7 - - ,
ture* or the little stranger. He TROOP8 IN FINE SPIRITS. tending over more th
? Ions that the only article that jUKflco Davis, of tho
uld bo really useful In his house- _ _ . _ > . . , ,
d under the circumstance* not re- Confidence Expressed by Czar's Men *<??ay reserve, 1 declsh
ved up to the present d.\te Is a baby 'n Ru80'a'* Final Success.
rlage.?London Truth. Mukden, May 7.?Still no ft>rolgc bankers and brokers <
newspaper eorrespondenta aro ak*r?\v 11 compel tho American H
widely Apart Notr. *t IJao Yang, whoro u41 tho foreign turlng company to glv<
*rom what he suppost/l was a safe attache? aro detained. I an(l for the return <>i
itanco tho professor watched tho Captain William V. Judson, <xf tho flssots alleged to have
to-eleetlon riot. A brick carelessly engineer corpa, United States Army*' diverted.
own camo In his direction. who Is to accompany tho Runsian
Who would ever think," ho moral- army during hostilities, and Lieutenant Sparta Po6tofficc
d, retreating to a still safer distance, Nowton A. McCuMy. limited States Sparta, On., May 7 lat
the words 'polite* ond 'politics' val attache, and others havo boon hero was ontorotl by I
no from the same root!" provided with quarters thore.' i outer door of tho iron
or the professor simply cant help f^o qu troop trains imfis- charge of nltr,
Hiding information even In the most lDK through Mukden on their' way to the Inner door wn;. I
Ibune HurrouI,dln?H-~Ch,cnKo tho front are In excellent spirits, and burglars boing frlghte
' express oonfldence In Russia's evoivt- n<dne of the explosion.
* tMrt success. They ask their officers 8marll amount of chant
lousnnds Have Kidney Trouble whcri tho' expect to reach Japan.' 11 waH ovldontly tho i
M ^ _ 44 ,JJU ?. I M\/l qWaa/Iv ? n 1 A - * nl/vnn1?
? .. .... ......nam 1*1 KIHIW mo JUL! >??????>
ana von't Know it. . . . . *
_ tne?o cnraee for tobaooa, tea and ott>
How To Find Oat. M frrtieleo. 8urvlvo8 with Bro
III a botllo or common glass with your Pictureaque accuse ?ro freqivont.lp Jackson, Mls.i., May '<
stations Antsow, tho vonernblc
j?*mr4 ' t|jnj indicates in ' ?hore the troops frequontly remain driver who hnd hltt t
V=-<j unhealthy condi- ' over night. Tho aoldlers arn drawn threo placus duriiiK th<
A "?n ?' I np on platforms, tho bugles sound mad hull Wednesday nl
\ 1 / n?y?; If it stains the?i aH uncover aa tho priest ut alive and tho attendlr.)
avldi i of 'kldr torB th? 0,r0ninff prayer. Then the Jullua Crleler, bellcvd
yfl \ (/Sf t* f JS. ' riey tr^ubte; too troops In each car led by ir tenor of tho remarkable nn
lY^C/v frequent* desire to vol?*, break out Into folk #on? The mrv unit t)u>
r pass It or pain In Chinuae villagers, with whom tho sot nogro, ho will kuivIvo.
*' the back la also <jii-rn quickly make frlenda, gathex;
vlnclng proof that tho kidneys and blad- aixjut, listening to the Bonga, which Donation of $1,
are onto ^ ^ are mostly plaintive airs. j Chicago, Mny 7.?A
here Is comfort In tho knowledge so 'rho men- mafty ot whom have been Hecord Herald from ?
n expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- 40 days on trains on their way from ?i.y.i that James J. HI
>t, the great kidney remedy fulfills every the Ulterior of Rusela, are alway* tho Northern Seeurltlo
h in curing rheumatism, pain In the cheerful and Join heartily In tho songs tjio (Ji t at Northern rnl
hi u,l??y^?eS." ll'co'jitV'nibmiV Th' """" ?>"? " ?>|ow" t? p|0me?t M? many Rift,
told water and scalding pain In passing troopfl ivftor Mrlng mm c not Catholic church bj
>r bad effects following use of liquor, through blinding duwt stornia and Ir $l,r>00,u00, given join
e or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant the heat which Ja daily becoming an,[ Mr>s mil toward
trSfU 1.? ?SB ""T* now H.OOO.OOI^catl
Ing the night. The mild and the extra- aini.i .. ... ?
*Mstud> *7h!ehuWor lit To ll*,? "O'1 "> hola a beaatitnl com "
["cutJ> "lT. plotio.. I. 'loflirmt b, ?,vo,y woman olfv"|.ar^'.*
ou need a medicine you should have the youug or oil. low womon n . ' ,,wf nl comlitioi
t. Sold Uy druggists in 50c. and$l. sizes, with nature's moat desired gift?i good wns n nn wfnI oornlttoi
'ou may have a sample bottlo of this oompleiion; but every wqmsn o u im-1
iderful discovery fC'K^ prove her onmplexion l?y tl?e Judicious (ed, pain continually
I * hnMr that ,-lf- ! I l llll*" - ?
- ? ,,nn "l 1^,|ui*1 n uivftr mi ip!h. meao | no oppotito, growing Woi
re about It, both sent tablet* prevent tho blood becoming In- phjftininnn hud
olutely free by mall. den* d with bile wh oh ?1epomt? iu the Tin u 1 wiib ndvinod to
'w'* K"me* & ??? ? e?ra?p.*<*a. >kin lay*>ra, cunning th-i umddy oppoar- terij; to n.y gront joy,
, Dlnghamton, N. Y. When writing men- .?<>"? called ft bnd complexion. Tuey miuiu ft deoid^ impro
i reading this generous offer In this paper. n>al<e the ?k n ole?r ftnu white, the oye? tinned their who for thrt
ton t make any mUtake, but ftfnember bright, the atep bonyant. Fifty O iooo- I now ft well mao. I ki
name, Swamp-Root, Dr. \j Irner a |ftt? Clotted Tablet* In each b<-x. Prioo, the igravo of another \
imp koot, arwl the addrws, Blng .ton, <25 cente per box. Pioken* Dng Co., alionld fail to try them,
r., on every bottle. P iokena; W. A. Sholdon, L' crty. gnulauto d at Piokons J
; DIPLOMATIC VIEWS I of Port Daluy were
). in. 1 ho Jap- time ago.
l In commomor- dlKoouragotl, alnoe tl
ountrymcn who p t Arthur wa3 a ft
tho memorial No Early Attempt at Mediation from the flrst
Borved In- tho Thought Probable. ?
afternoon and WOULD BE INE
r to f'PortH an<l CH,NA,g STRICT NEUTRALITY.
[>an officials at- Chango In Name of 1
FaroinM ' ~ '' '
i_niniurjv\ne rias in- nominal
Boston, May 7.?T
to Russians. formation Which Leads Him to Do- flfto.>ft wh|oh waa apt
Igns of growing lievc that She Will Not Fr.ll In Ob- Uon il triennial conve
Hn.sla.iK hay serving Same?Haysshl'e Opinion. copi.l clinroh at San
the inhabitants' to conusor the advh
ho Illusion re- London, .May 7.?Quiet conlUUnico i lng i>? national name
World dlnpatclr continues to prevail hero that tho tion. ban securod an
l*i con-. Kjuonca Japanese In their own gixfrt time will ' in which the opinion
iik the railway , carry out all their carefully arrangod j auy change at this tit
iub!>" Ktrcng'h- plan of campaign oa the Llao Tung T!io report 1h to bo
a Mukden dls- peninsula, which h> now generally r*v general convention v
2 mllow north garded as being practically in Japa- ble In this olty next
>iing 100 mon, nose handa. ! oommlttoe will a?k
i?y by brigand*. In dlplomntlc quartern no o\\*>ta are convention di?charg
place, during exported, oltlu>r In tho fihapo of a Chi- ponnidoratlon of tho i
vns Ulllftrl snxl "
uiou in-vMua in noutrnuty or of tin# At the San Franclsi
and four mon mediation of rorne power which wouli) dioeo&c of Milwaukee
l.? interfere with the normal courso of mortal requesting thi
the \rnr. Foreign secretary l>nn?- \ teplant Episcopal chi
AMMOND. downe lian recelvod information which ed StntoB, he change
V>ada him to helleve that there Ik no American Catholic ch,
sor a3 Judge of danger of them falling to maintain ed S'Rtea. Tho roqu
ircult. strict neutrality. 1 ~1
' I w upon niroctly by
-Hon. Honry C. 'he (-hi" se minister called at the hut a committee of
loading at tor- foreign oftlco this w?ok and so as- priests and live layn
rr, will succood ?ured Ixird Lansdowne. Any attempt od to ascertain the m
y as judge of ?t mediation according to the genera) and report to the IJo:
ho Augusta clr- opinion of official and diplomatic clr
[it has not ye* cles. must lor the pr? rent at any ruto, BURGLARY IN
I be made foi j he postponed.
Hammond hau <lu> .Japanese legation It li; High Schedule o
od by Cue bars ' thought that Uu. y.!a does not Intend Chlcaj
* of the circuit 1 n^.uko a very determined resistance Chicago, May 7.?'
l)t that ho will | ^ Pott Ait.!.nr. In support of thlfl burglars has in ado hi
>vernor. I Idea It Is pointed ov.t that I'.iuflla al- j in Chicago lndlsi>enH
had been done' ready has largely dopW tod hor gar pan l<m that have lx>e
I amnion d Is no rltion at Fort Arthur and that Vloe announcemont that a
respect to the ro>' Alexlrff'o departure from there ; ule of ratc? on burgla
It has boon hardly ?;-e :is a *u?p tha*. would ho g<> into elToot here
months that he. adopted by a commander who dealred brought to light soui
e bench asraiu to risk everytlilnn to keen nt? i iw? *\C ivl.
iuir% VlUhO <11 111 mil
>1110 .so greatly Morale <?f liia troojxs and enable them ' Representatives of
ict thiit it was | to withstand a prolonged siege. The ' ance companies nokt
ic ono ready to ^ Japane.se officials hero do not oonnt the liwvt ton years tl
earliest oppor- KO much <!? the Japanese commander cio* bundling burglai
suec.oedlng In starving out Fort Ar- ; companies havo lo?t
thnr as on the Inevitable demoralize j in uplto of the fact tli
E GARY. llon which they believe will spread ' are from 2B to 40 per
among t.h<? already rather dlnh^ortencd In oilier oltlos.
Distinguished sailors and soldiers at Port Vrthur,
I and which must tn?ee -nrlly Ik^ height- WORTH $20Q,000
'.?Th- funeral h>" a cons tant sea bombardment,
Ue place today menaced by the land fore -a, and com- Cfcioogo Physician h
ic 111 Summor-J Isolation. Stolen Preclou
j as regard* tho land lighting in Ma.,-- j Ohloago, May 7. /
bo in tho oity churl if and tho opposition of tho other hnlf an Inch long, cc
ks \V. Melton, ] niyjiti rlous .Iapane.:o arinicw, Huron has disappeared from
1st church, will Haynshl said today: William Alien Puzy.
'era 1 other mln-' "You may he pretty sure thnt tho Whether it wan l<;
h. Tho court Japanese will not undertake any on- lo?or doos not knov
(I In mourning gngomentH in tho noari>y future until was rocdvod by Dr.
>r the noxt :io l/l" l?>i? . o:.'.uuml< I- tho??> available Rg0 from ParLi. JI<
et to the morn- \ l>>' t,K! li-us. ian commander. and patient for an affoci
Phe widespread think you will fin<] the superiority <>r when tho precious
isod has caused numbers will generally, for the oron- nenrrwi 'm,,.
jw... v,.., * u?/ uiinniii
rlv every homo cn^' al any ru'-1*' l)e 011 our sldo." : the UHiial grade for
>ral will boonoi worth about $200,000
eity ims < v?*r'i JAPS HERCULEAN TAOK.
; Reduction of the Russian Gibraltar No
>s f/iada. ' I Easy Matter. " Harvard Receives
I'ostH are being sf- 1K- May 7.?2:20 p. 111.?' Prlnooton Ur
doa an.I other The calmness with which the HnstdanK Cambridge. Mas.
>n with a pro' llu> isolation of what has al- | tenth annuarl debate
ucii?on i)v the' wa>'s bren regarded as the Itimslan (>l- to 1 and Harvard wa<
lock Hi;* prcnd l)ra"ar in ,lu' l ar '"^st Ik remark- Harvard receiving th>
It 1< planned I a')'c> 'n military clrclcs It had been uranlmom consent 01
> iti 'C" dlui to considered Inevitable from the llrst. qi -atlon debated wa
h'- wiit r with attempt is made to belittle the 011- "Eiosolved, that law
1;rinj.|<wj ff |., ergy shown by the enemy, but from pdllng the managcnv
, <>.. ,??ii <iU the strategic point of view the In- undertaking, which
AtKS lUi clr*
*e spi\?i I child'- V(,st.ment of the fortrivsn la regarded tnl of an industry, tc
)(n,,,t f(V as rfiicvwin mo military situation an j at reasonable rates
?<! illva which l'H> ninin land, which had crimination."
i>y peraoiiH t,ut- ')(M>n in<i:.*h embarrassed by tho Harvard siiatalnvd i
[)r i necessity for maintaining tho j
I Sennit rtronghold at the extremity', INJURED BY E
Decision. I of tl,p 'l n,,g Peninmiln. Heshlea
\ltor a trial c\ <lll> ulm,)* eonfidenco Is expressed In Acoident Qccurs on V
an tvo vi -;,'i ability of tin- fortress to with Turbine ^
supreme court s,an<1 a !:1 R?- T,1? lowf>r ?n<l of Now York, May 7.?
m in the suit 1 ,u> P<>n!nsula, from Kin Chow, 80 txidly hurt today by
imi r) |,,ln( t milm above Port Arthur, Bonth, in an n battery on Wlilian
>t tills cii'v t<i entrenched c- .up commanded by a turbine yacht Tarai
Ip'rils .Maiiul'ac- 0,in'n (,t mort formidable forilflcationK, inland, where the yac
nn ' which Biirmoimt tiin cr/?c* kl"
... vii-i / inn. rno men wore cut
> ltV>V/Uiilll lllf)
r prop,m i v in.I ^'"H()n8 of roubloa nml years of work (ho acid in the ha
l)i*on wron*r!y have d"voted to rendering the blown overboard by t
place Impregnable by land or ?ea. Tho >
mil road eliding within this camp will Highest Types A
Robbed admit <>f tho cosy transportation of Chicago, May 7.?
-Tho postoffico rtofond,n? troo|>3. charge that the Am
,^1 The According t.o tho Rursinn view tho toriallntK has boon m
Kali- was blown '?i>anfs<i have a Herculean task b?v , \y. Mablo, of the Alj
(i nn , |,, j foro tliein In the event of thc.tr at ternlty convention ti
oft "'intact* the tempting the reduction of tho for- rornity of Chicago.
. ... , ' . tress. fiTunceKKlvo lines of defenses I wmM noma i* <
nod off by tho
I ?"w ",MUU' 11
Only a very must ,)0 <,ai'rlCil t5l? J?ya'??*so op- lile;h??Ht t.y-poH of Air
r. ,-..n . ernlions cannot hogin at tho advanced ! tiio groat loaders of
^1. >i iio nv(<UI ?M|.
Vf.rif of ' POhIUoii. Kin Ohou, until taolr glegc 'but tho pioneers of I
, guns arc landed. I tho ?outh, nturdy 1
General StooHnel, who will have au- j Our tdealiftm would r
ken Nock prome command of tho riofonae at Industrial editors o(
' " i 'nclit D'tii , ort Ar,^ur' consldorod to ho able j tho things to he mf
r,..r,0 |,'cu an(1 resourceful and to liavo an Idoni- ! would name Niagara
cell >rol(On In i,ft,,'? wil1- Hls or,;?r* of th<* (,Ry valloy, the Yollowst
i < o i)l>at' w-ith a hnv 0 ,,^,>at,10(, a unyloldlnj? nre Idealists." Mr.
,, ,.m)()n ('^ 111 (', nftnce- of ,hom declared that I r(j president >rnd Col
pl y xlc'inn |)r the lapt man nnmt dlo In tho defonso Now York, vloo pr^sl
i m,..? in ,vi?/. Of f'ort Arthur. annual mooting will
ti liult in BI)ilu .... .4. . ^ v .. I
turn <>f tho In- 1,1 at,(ll,i(m lo lho 1M00 rnNors on! York 6Uy.
, , , . Ix>anl tho shlnn nt r?^n a
il*a Ul l"<' , tho regular for trow artillery, proba- Former Col?mbl?
| bly numbering 2.000 mon, tho defend- Now York, May 7 ?
Ing forco conalsta of a tiIvlBion of rl- raa, formerly In cliai
500,000. flonu-n, and throe battorloa of field hl?n legation at Wat
dispatch to tho BrtllU ry, a total of about 22,000. In m in thin city from
it. Paul. Minn., anticipation of tho soveranoo of com- tlon. With hl? fan
11, president of munlcatlon all tho valuablo pnlJlc Jhw? slne.o tho hom<
h company avd ,ioo,umont? had boon romovo*! to Milk- dorod him to wlthdra
llroad, will sup- ,i,.n anil tho work of gupplying the 'L.>n. After a few
? to tho Roman fortresa with provlalona and ammunl- [ jn order to roatoro h
/ a donation ot .jon boon procreating for weeks. <> * ?'? *? ?""
?1- * * * "
-Iy uy nimsoi/ ']n.0 authorities apparently aro walls [ ^vneots to return to \
tho or cot ion o*. that practically no non-oomhat- | capacity of mlnletor
"U<* A 0foot Sensation.
larroted by John Sciatic Klicmnat
as follow^: "I .There was a lug sonRottoo in Lecsville,
n. My skin was Iiul., ?lmn \V. !f. Itrown of that place, ?'| havo been snl jec
;en, tongue co.it- who win rxpeofed to die, Ind Ims lifo .ratism for yoarp," sin
i buck and side*, s >v"d by l)r. King's Now Discovery for of Wilton Junction, I<
iker day by day. OotwuinptioD, lie write*: "I oudnrfd were (ditT find gAve me
giyen mo up. insnHemble ngojiw from Act'mmn, but discomfort. My J oil
u>o Electric Hit- your N< w Discovery g?vo mo immediate when T Straightened n
tho first bottle roliof anil anon Iberewftor effected ft oonv . berlain'n Pidn llnlm at
vera cut. I con- plole euro." Hlmdnr otires of Oonsurop- i ougbly cured. Havoi
?o weeks, and nm Hon, pneumonia, bronchitis and grip me ! .oho from tho old t
iio v they robbed numerous. It's ilie peerless remedj for months. It in certain
' o' m." No ono all throat nnd lung troubles.' Price 50e, 1 ful linimont." For
Only 50 een'.s, and $1.00. (lunranteod by Pickens j Drug Oo., and RarloV
}rug Co. Drug Oo. Trial bottles frco. ons; and Hunter A lMi
_ \
- ? w ?-JT
Tho Inhabitants
aocol>t tho nowa .
>rgoue couoluolon ,
Prominent Banker of Luling^J
xpedient. Takes Two lives. \ ^
he Episcopal D?|otu
ho oommlttoo of _ ~
tointed by tho im- "?uon "cnemNlt ib R?f. In tho T?xa. _J|^M
ntlon of the EplB- Town Over a Double Tragedy In /Y
Francisco In 1901 which Prominent Men Were the
lability of chang- .
of tho denomina- Principal Actor*. ,
extended report Austin, Tex., May 7.?A fionsatlonflt Jtt^k
Is exprosHcd that double tragedy occurred at Lullng, Te/ Jfl
ne 1b Inexpedient. a town 2 miles south of hero today1
submitted to tho Maaton Nixon, a prominent hanker I
rliich will a?sem- ^ ^at Ruction shot and killed Robl
October. 1 he ert p Malono and Captain John Beast
that the Boston jey
ii irom runner y^n qj(j fou<i tc havo oxinted
?ub]ect. between Nixon ami M alone. Today
so convontlon the Nixon approechod Malono, who wsh
t presented a me- standing In front of IiIk stor<\ and atlt
the name Pro- a jew wor(iej ?hot Xlalone, killing
ireh, ln> tho Unit- RimOBt instantly. Gap Lain
xt to that of tho j0y( ft cierit jn Malone's store, ruahecf
mrch in the Unit- nn<^ grappled with Nixon. Another
iest was not pa?b- Khot wau tired in the rcuJYIo and
tho convention, jey dead.
live bishops, five There Is much excitement In tho
ion was appoint- ^<own OVor the tragedies.
ind of the church
aton convention. FORTUNE GONE; COTTON OAUSe.
SURANCE. Man Who Recently Inherited Mil
- - I
lion Now Bankrupt.
f Rates Fixed for New York, Mny 7.?John CampfteM
|0. Smith, of thlB city, formerly a paper
Tho activity ot merchant, who Inherited more than
irglnry Insurance fi^oOO.OOO five yoare a/r". nn? lllod a
Rhle to the com- petition In bankruptcy with liabilities
n placing It. The 0f $48,300 a:id awHOte doubtI\iX.
now high schod- The petitioner m <**plo^y*l ?. a
ry insurance will (miowman in tfne paper biwdoew br .
on June 1 has grand nnolo, AuguAtlu Smith, who * - ? v>
le startling facts January 7, leading n large fortum
anofi. which Mr. Smith inherltwl }1.000,)U* JP
promlnerrt inaur- engaged in the pap*>r
lowledge that in jng in February of Lhia yfar. I'Meada > f
\e Chicago agenr attrlbuto tho lose of hi* fortune to '
y lneuranoe, the the slump in oottou following tho SSul- w/
$10,000 to J30,000 iy failure.
iat the rates hore
Notice Posted In PoRtnffi a* r?.?
KtH CMJNCE. Moines, Iowa.
? Do? Moines, Iowa, May 7.?'"HoreafIns
Lost or Had preference will bo shown to th? j
s Radium. clorko who aro raarrlod, e?poolaU}1
i gla?s tul>o ono- those with largo famllloB."
>nta1nlng radium, The above notice was pootcvl in th<*j
tho offloe of I>r Moine? postofllce today. M
Postmaster MoCay stated the order
-*t or Ktolen the Cftmo from the postoftloo dop^ "*nt| I
'l'he radium nt. Washington, and Ir in I
Puzy a few days nugge*tlon from President 4|
w?? troatlng n UU(j hie large family \ ^
Lion of the face
substance dlsap- LARGEST BRIDGE IN WORLD. .
g radium was of
solontlflc use? Work Soon to Begin on New Manhai- *
per ounco, troy. tan Bridgo.
Nmv York, May 7.?Tho needful ap- j
L DEBATE. propriution of 510,000,000 having boon
? voted by tho board of OHtimato, work
Decision Over on tho Btructuro of tho now Manhat- _
ilvoraity. tan Iwldge over tho EaM rlvor will
iS) ?n
between Prince When oompletod it will ooot $12,000,- 2} ^H|
h hold lant night, 000, and from the standpoint of c?- T) H
o decision by tho paclty, will be tho largowt bridge in tho ^ H
r tho Judges. Tho world. Thoru will bo eight railway H|
tracks. '
b bo pa?sod com
i>nt of h business Whipped Wife at Church- H
b?cures the con- Oolumbua, S. C., May 7.?While tho
i sell its products oonKreKatlon or Randall _JH
and without din- church, colored, near Allien, wort
lng religious aervleos Willi/'' Av ^ll
Lho negative aldo. a ,m>mU?-r of the church. ?< 4S M
a clubbing outsldo the n ftn'e
XPLOSION, congregation came u> ^
? etstance and for <1 time a ^?w -al
/. K. Vanderbllt'i waB imminent. Knox suddenly >>rt>ico
facht. away from half a dozen Ktalwart no
-Throe men wore r,,,, -t who wero holding him and ru:>hthe
explosion of jng into tho church, our*od, deVjlod H
\ K. Vanderbllt'8 and threatened all comers. Ho( . S itula,
near City Anally overpowered and ejected. JPh^^B
ht was anchored, woman w?h painfully but not f*yi 3ut?^0
burned iy hurt.
hoi/ nuu wvrvi ?
.ho oxpk>?lon. Judge Maddox Indorsed.
Atlanta, May 7.?Judgo Jo#
merlcan Life. Maddox, ootiKrottomnn from V
A denial of the onth dlatrlot, wan in the eliy yo
lorlcunH are ma- Rlwi called on IiIb frlondH at thv -J|
ado by Hamilton itol. Judge MuddoX Hi sow In the"
>ha Bot* Phi fra- rnoo for the i>o?ltl?u ?f delegate from [ R
>dny at the unl- the Htnte at large to th? national Deo*- fflfl
He oald: "Whom ooratlc convention at Ft. IjouIh. He U
inked to ?lve the the only candidate lu th?f ?.?
lerlean lifoT Not state north of Atlanta, and* It 1? said, fl
commorolnl life, w1ll oomo to the ooavantlon with Um
tho wont, men nolld ?npport ef Uat ???tion.
*J?w lOnglandora ? j||| } >
iot pick the great Governor Tarrtll Off?ra R?w?nt?. flj
' our couutry as Atlanta, May T.?(Jorertvor Torroi S
tit proud of, hut han offered reward# of $100 onoh for H
t Falla, YoeemlU tl*e arre?t of Charles Kiultti and Craw- H
one park. Wc i ford Mal/ond, of Johnson county* whcB H
Mahlo wa? elect- ! ato wanted on novwral charffOR. ThotS
In Armstrong, <>l Rro charged with robbery, aaaault wlti" fl
Ident. The next intent to murder and tho probal.ia
bo held In Now <
ujuuiui i?* a wonmn immM Hurt ha |H
Km Ith.
in Charge III. No New Tria| for Jett>
~l>r. I hoiiuus Her- Louisville, May 7.?Curtis Jett, who
"HP of tho ('olonv ^uiod J. 11. Marcum In the courthou&o
ihington, Ik quite 0f Hroathltt county, has acceptod a 'C<;
nervous prowtra- ]jf0 sentenco rather than faco n nowi^fl
illy ho haw befcn trial. I
i government or- /-;<
w from Washing , ~~ ~
woeka' treatment Import, and Export. Incrca.e^
Is health, ho will London, May 7.- -lho April
to Colombia and mont of tho l*)ard of trado > ????*
Vaahlngton In the 51 f,m,>0r,f ncroa?51
In th ofull $6,907,000, and that oaporta increa>
|1,T4*500. M
Pneumonia May bo I'roTcntwl, ?^
Ism ( ured. jf n lingers, tliere is clang ^
t to so'atto rliou- pnenmoula. If la grinpo leaves the 1^^ ^
a E II Waldron ,n an condition, there ia , M
own.' '*My joints tlanger of pneumonia Prevent tlii* #
i iliuiniuA hw nuln/r INh.iIa'ii ? 14 -? *
P iunull 1111111 HIIII "V ""'"fi ?yMill" n I-.IIA1I , in Vv...
)(h would ornck <""<>* quickly nud lcavoa tho throat nm'
p. I used Chum- hioga sound. It in tho host remedy f? M
iii hnvo boe? tlior- l'",t peculiar inflamed 001 dition of tli: m
not had a pain or '?nga tlmt 80 frequently follows lu gr?* ^
rouble for many This modern ftoieiiflfla tlrfoat and If W
ly n most, wonder- ? me,,y >R n RM,? romnly lor yonng M
Hnlo by PiokenR "hi, in all thront and ltuig <1iw?
1 Drugstore, Pick- Pio^n" P,r.n?, ?? ? Pickobn; W %
)kou?, Liberty. Blicldon, Liberty.
BBfcfeii, *J>v. iSSS mA

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