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? ^'t^rca Ajitil 2}iL190a _afc ri.'kn.H, H. an of ^ ^
volxxxiii. nrrrrii TmrrH rimi ini. ivrnnrTpAu ju.u iuimT^" ~
I i I?
can ninke out your lint befo
STURDIVANT'S ?nd get anything y
Dry Goods, Clothin,
At 14 leaa price than any olher btore i
satisfaction of knowing alter you g.?t
bought and find any article not aatiftf
and get your money ore something ji
Our Cl< thing buHinusB last Fall v
good many lot# ot' one or two Suitn.
down bo low it you can find your size
it away till next Full.
When you como to Greenville, co
Bring tho whole family?1'lonty of ro<
Yours fo
H. K. Sturdh
L. ,
V/, T. UcFALT- J. 8. WILSON, P. E. HI
President. Vice-Preo.
-fThe Pickens Oil Mill Compar
jfr ^ , C^Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil and Linters.-<
* r~ * ?????
Now icady for busi
Our Ginnery has been running on lull time all i
and we thank our patrons for their patronag
Opr Mill is now grinding regularly and yon
plenty of hulls, meal or "batting."
Bring your SEED and exchange them for mea
or we will pay you the highest market pric
seed just^as you prefer.
Come to us and see how well we can treat
are not controlled by outside prices but w
much, or more, for your seed than any oth<
MP Jfrevidriit
C CAPITAL $ 20,!
% DEPOSITS - 105,0
? ? m a * ^ A. \ / i ? 1 liUI J Wlji VJ
% By Careful and constant work the busines
W Dank, largely increases every year.
ff We solicit your business and will extend
^ every reasonable accomodation.
_ N^\il "" r
\ [ Ready
" ''*AI * ? EOR?
^ NEW SHOKS are now coming
& I v ^ar ^oa(^s*
R We have made larger and befrei
uajauon lor mis season's business thai
^ I before.
I Every Shoe Want can be supplied 1
j % B Rumors of Fierce
ITciTl I S.. I HeovyLc
ITo AM Large Vessels
To Be Completely
From Far East.
Toltlo, May 7.-3 p.
84 Togo roporta that
Port Arthur la blocks
mm m. ^11 vessels except sn
adds that tho Japane
a single war vessel,
Tti leaving home?Corao right to taclt resulted in oon<
on want in ?
Seoul, May 0.:?2:3
patch from An Tuni
Qrinac H ofo an/i ?k?? ?
t *^HWi7a IUIJ UI1VI < "?< urn ju.^.
Fong Wang Cheng, \
lighting and that Uk
** I BldoA wero very heav
n Greenville and nnd liavo (lie heavy fightinc
homo and examine what you have
uctiry. You can fetch it back General Kuroki's A
iftt as good. a, Upor, Ru..ia?
0 St. PctorslJfcrg, May
k'aa immense, aid naturally left a Russian capita
All of thete lots are IIO'V mnrkcd without newa from i?<
it will Dav \ou to bnv it m.d nut. most 24 hours. Tt
* ' " 1 Rj recolved waa fllod a
niwht. It Is believed
>mo right lo FTURD1VANT,S? H Japaneeo cut the
>in for tho Cliii?lron. H egrapli lino !? near Pi
ko PitttOWO?
i . pj No aewa ot other
a l,P' jij L.ino Tung peninsula
general stnlT.
a Important dovolopn
tf ft yi gp& T I expected from Feng \
if /\ III I 11 | news of heavy llghtlu
HULI I I VVfl patod shortly.
A telegram from Gei
'g rTrpoi pcji" 5-Jt'f^vr* "General Kurokl'a ai
s vjrbciLubL 01,01 u. upon the RusHlan po
TlHiona. Tho im?m
baa rcached Kao LI
^"Gato of Kore^" whl
i&i^ 1 SH2?i&>tf-.t -fete,*..,:V>.MS mlloa of Feng Wang
Russian General Adr
" ^aniMHaaM???_.a. Of Hit Com
Port Arthur, Friday
tUCE, Vrnit4 of Turkluii Noiunda ^ ' ransmlsalon.) ?
Sec. & Trena Tho Yuruks assert that huinau'aouls ora' stoe8fl?I hft? ?*?
y return Into tha bodies of animals and tho lro?D8 of ll,rt <>
4>4^- that the spirits of the latter take also
J f a human form and appear at deter- "(-hl AI>rJl 30 and
mined epochs. This Is certainly tho m? crossed tho Yah
, .vuavu ?IIJ ll.irj u I V Ml Rlllll IU IIIH* "" v??_r<*k?.I
mills. A Yuruk loves his horso an Bitions which had lux
much as his family. The horses have looted.
their place under tlio tent, and it 1h "Yesterday tho en<
not uncommon to see them warmly Important landing on
wrapped in a magnificent robe when peninsula, south of PI
J (" tho Yuruk and his children aro cov- vicinity of Kin Chon
* ^ ertHj wltl, ragH work is bo?lnnlng.
.1 Borne other customs attest nlso a pa- one my will destroy ri
[111., season Kftn or|Ktn. In the orient everybody cations and endoavo
e. knows that tho Yuruks worship cer- troops back to Port
I can KCt tain trees and rocks. Theso facts yield rtege this fortress, t
" ttllflloiOM r .V.'Monnn !%?* ?
I>y no menus the essential dogma of Jn.!jM>tiPnr 1**ast' ^
1 and hulls their religion. tho arrivnl of *
, f ?ro coming to relieve
y?l,r After the Babr'a Trade. mjr rt,lty 10 oa" 11
A gentlemun who recently advertised P'fty unceasing vlgllai
you. We tho birth of a daughter tellH mo that an<1 J " mUHt bo roiul
'ill nay as received In consequence almost demean yourselves to
Lr t enough Ktnir to stock a general shop. oral with tho dlgnlt.;
r lliaiKCt. The outcomo of his advertisement In- coming tho glorious t
eludes samples of a dor.cn or more dlf- No matter what haj
1 IVlQV. fnttmt t... wlu ~ 111- . .
_ ... .......o ...... ,,iu,.ni,uiunn ui iniik.. noi io?o your conra^i
several coiialKiinicntH of different soups, that everything !b po?
samples of well known brnndH of tea that we shall l>o ablo,
and other well advertlHed goods, not to ^ cope with the ardu<
mention specimen photographs from Upon tia."
Hundry llrms desirous of depleting tho ?
. IHtUCK, I teatyxv^n of tbo little stranger. We TROOP8 IN FIN
r ? M men^on8 t'ie on'y article that
Las uer. m wouj^ |JO rcu|]y useful In his house- _ m ,
? hold under the clreumstancee not re- Confidence Expr^
K celved up to the present d.\te Is a b?by .. , "U88,a F,ni
& carriage.?London Truth. Mukden, May 7.?
wt newepaper correspond
^ widely Apmrt Now. IJao whoro
(From wlint lie suppose* wui a safe attache? aro do<ain?xl
distance tho professor watched tho Captain YVUIiam V
nute-electlon riot. A brick carelessly e?f?lnoer corpa. Unltt
thrown cainu in his direction. who is to accomi>a
m "Who would ever think," ho moral- army during hostllitlet
>OO.00 ? retreating to a Htlll safer distance, Nowton A. MeCully. I
^ "that tho words 'polite* and 'politics' y&| attache, aiwl ot
SITS * C<>n,? frOUl th? 8Un,e root!" provided with quartei
_ i ui imi |irun"i??r miupiy ran i neip Tho num on tho ti
M hIuhMIiik Information oven In tho moht infc through Mukdon
^ unpropitious Burroundinga.?Chicago t}lo tronl Rre jn eXce
^ Tribune. _ ex promt confidence In
iS of this W - wri ?uoce?8. They i
f Thousands Hire Kidney Trooblo "">?> <h"' "!"?,'
I . ? _ 4. and akreaAy want to
to you ^ and Don't Know it. tor toba
B How To Oat. it articleo.
m Fill a bottle or common glass with your lMcturo?que aoorveo
water and let It stand twenty-four hours; a wU|V(W>a3>(1 ut the W(k
. r?, . sediment or set- ! ... #.
tlinjlndlcatesj.nl ?horo the fr
?j unhealthy condl- ' over night. Tho so
,l0n ?' i on platforms,
' | 1// lyA Vf [ 1 V neys; If It stains aH uucovor
" 'TrI ^?,U1r "ni8n. ,l. Is I tors the evening pra
y^- ' AjL-4 Yj -S^-^/r\\ evidence of kid- ? *1
| I | jfll \1 Tar^l L* ' tr<KK>H tn Moll Oft,r
1 FT I L I I VI Iiyvwiv I iUVi *
n>^^\ 'frequent* desire to vole?, broflk out Into I
pass It or pain In Chinos vlllajcorH, wit
, ' *' " the back la also Aiers quickly raako
convincing proof that tho kidney* and blad- a|^>ut listening to t
der are out of order. ' ?
What to Do. ar(' rao"tly P,al,ltlvo fl
There Is comfort In the knowledge so '"',0 men> mnfty of
1 I often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- i 40 d?y? on tnrlna on
f | R nnt 1 *
- mu.ioy rcmcay luuins ever/ tbe interior of RumI
; wish In curing rheumatism, pain In the cheerful and Join hear
back, kidneys,liver, bladder and every part . h
of the urinary passage. It corrects Inability . 1 .
to hold water and scalding pain In passing troops att^r
It, or bad effects following use of liquor, through blinding dun
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant th<* heat which la
necessity of being compelled to go often ni()T0 |ntonsfc.
1 P,c" during the day, and to get up many times
never during the night. The mild and the extra- T ? , ,
ordinary tiled of Sw.mp.Root u soon K,Ve n "", hoU
realized. It stands the highest for Its won- . At?
)\ US. derful cures of the most distressing cases, pin*1011 18 < ( J
I If you need a medicine you should have the yonng *?r . ? * t
I hftst. SnM Kt? Ar.t ""
D|9Aj wivu uuvuru n niunt unn
i:?r.et'.k a h-?J
more about it. both scntB^^^^jy^3pg jen, wjtli bile wh'O
Absolutely free by ,...?Hii)? th'i
n Address Dr. Kilmer U yn i ? >.!..? or
To Blnpharnton N. Y. Wh?n writing men- fiuco called ft D?a cc
Son realng this generous ofter In thU paper. nmke the ?k n clear ?r
DonTmake any mistake. but jtfnem'oer bright, the ?tepbonyft
A - (he name, Swamp-Root, Dr. ^mer into Ooxted J ablet* in i
? Swamp-Root, and the addrws. Bl.xg ^on, 25 ccnt* Pl'rV^1
H. Y., on every bottle. <5^3*% Piokcne; W. A. Qnoldo
flue MP JapB Hold Memorial Services. F|iP! 0 iVj [
UHLNU Seoul, May G.?2:30 p. m.?The Jap LUItJf
aneso residents of this city held sor- fihl
[ADO vices today both In celebration of the if|?
P I JHl O victory on th<> Yalu and In coinmomor?.
atlon of those of their countrymen who
... . fell in battle. Aftor tho memorial No Early I
righting and 9erv|co luncheon was served In tho Tlioi
)8S0S old oast palace. The afternoon and
evening was given over to r.ports and
BOTTLED ' flreworka. Many Korean officials at- CH'NAS S
tended the exciclues.
___ Foreign C:c?i
the Port Is 8ald ; Manchurians Hostile to Russian?. formation ^
Blocked, Except New York, May 7.?Signs or growing Uiat ,
\ai~. k. hostility again;,t the Russians have
|,|OYVa become evident among tin; inhabitants serving
i of Monchurin, sine, v tV.r> P.v.. : !;.n re- Luiulon, Ml
verse on kind, says a \7orll di patoi. i continues t<i
m. Vict; A( m r from st. Petersburg. I*i c ;urtv.o Japanese in i
tho entrance to of thJs tho j,.uunls a|;,n;< j y> rr.lhvay i carry out all
ivl complete y to have been cons; it i ; irrn h- ' plan of cani|
nail boats. 1 o According to a Mu 1* :i <11. - pmliifculn, \vl
ao have not est ^ pa^c^ a railway guard 2 mllen north garde;! rs lie
although the TyndSDatoun numberinc inn - .
- -? . i iiv.* nanus,
wuwauio hkw (-1^ waH attackod la*vt Sunday by brlgrindp. j in diplomat
. .. | Sharp lighting took p'.iiot-, during , oxp.K t< d, oitl
^ ^ I which one Russian wan Id'.lod and ! nose br licit
, ?ay? a iu ]j(,u^ona?^ Korabloff and lour mcri ' mediation of
inese captured . . . .
. .. were seriously wounded., in < i'? iv wit
la j 4, aftor tlrce
. . .. the wnr. ! '
? lostvtxj on boti BAR ,NDORSES HAMMOND. jdowno has; re
^ 1 Vwda him to
, Gary's Probable Successor as Judge of ' danger of tl
^EXPECTED. j the Augusta Circuit. I strict n< ut> r.ii
rmy Advancing Augusta, Ga., Mny 7.?Hon. Ikv.iry C ; ''"ho ('lilti ;
Poslflon. Hammond, one of the loading a I tor- ; foreign ( ir,<7
p. nv. ueys of the Augusta bar, will kucc:mv| sured Ixird I
1 baa now boon Judge William T. (liiry as Judge of at ni< lii 'lcn
>ri Artnur lor al- < ?" superior court 01 the Augusta cir , opinion of ofl
ic last telegram cult. Tire appointment ha ; not y< " cles. hum t,.r
t C o'clock last boon made nor will it bo made fo t l?o postponed.
I tho spot where aoveral days. Unl .Mr. Hammond ha.'! At the l
railroad and tel- been Informally Indorsed by fife bars thought t:,i.!
[>rt Adams, oppo- each of the counties of th.' circuit. <> ti> a Ie a vc
j and there 1h little doubt that ho will <" 1'? 11 Aitl.
landings on tho bo appointed by the governor. i Idea li is r;,;
has reached the1 The Tact that work had been dona ' r ad> l,n !,.
: In the Interest of Mr. Hammond Is no ib*on at mm
Hints aro hourly ; lack of reverence or respect to tho ro>' Alexl'
Vang Cheng, and memory of Judge (J-ary. It has bo mi 1 hardly - h
ff there Is antlcl- ' a well known fact for months t> at he adopt. ?1 h,
| would never sit on the bench again '<> >i,k e'vr
ooral Kuropotklu ami uumnew, lia<l hecomo so v,r.aily Morale of hi;*
| con posted in the district thai it was '<> wit hstaiH
rmy is advancing imperative t<> have .some one n ady to ' Japanese oflh
sltion in two di- tako "P tho task at the earliest oppor- 1 s<> ?nioh en t
y with artillery, tunity. j niecoodliiR in
VIoun, called tho thnr its on Hi
ch la wltMn ten FUNERAL JUDGE GARY. J ,I<H> which t!
C'henpN" j amoiii; t he air
Last Sad Rites Over Distinguished sailor!) ami s
E8 ORDEI1. I Jurist. :?n i which mti
Augusta, Ga., May 7.- Th" i'un -ral * ''1 ' : o<
nonichcn Troopa of Jtidqo Gary will take place to,lay m? rn e<| U\ t
ima"d. from hla late r. sidouc.< m Sunn .or Plft" isolator
May C.? (Delay- vlllo. ; As ir.jai-.ls
-Lieutenant Gon- f,,ho Intormortt will l>;> |n tho eitv churl?r and Mi.
ued an order to, oomotory. Rev. Sparks U\ Aloltoii. m>ft Hon* .la
L>mn)and as fol- pastor of tho First Haptist church. will Hnynvhl said
( olRciato. asslsii <1 hy sow ral othi r i.iln- "Von in y
May 1 th eono l?tor? of tho same faith. The court Jaimnivo will
i rlvor In grroat house has heen <irap >d In ni'^iialn^ Pi^nicrs in
fell back to po- aT,(> will remain so r- r tho no>:r :;o !< <
*n previously ?(v days as a mark of n-sps ci u> th-> moiu- '?> " < lt:i,.
| ory of tho duad man. Tho widespread think you wil
>my effected an popularity of (h o d< oon;?-.l lias causd 1 numtK'nt will
the Lino Tun,^ sorrow to dwoll In nearly cvorj home enl, at any ra
too wo and in tho ln tho city nnd th.- lumral wfli . J,,..!
hay. Now our oi tho largost this city has ?-v?ri JAPS HI
Naturally,, the "known.
.. .1 ....
*iiway conimuni-, ncauction or t
>r U> drive our Te6ts of Cloridos Mac.'.;. ; *Arthnr
mnl Ih?-1 Now York, May 7.---Teats ::r.> lining ** ' I>,>: r "
lUBfda'rt buhvnrlo rnado of various r Sort d oh an i ?>tii< r I he calmness
ro will defend I) chemicals in < .nru-etlon wit:, a pro- an('- ^,! 111,1
ho troops which Joct now under ?1 in< 111!<?:i hy i li.w:i-v" r,M
iks. I connidor health department to cl;*>ck the j>i" *o11 lualtiii in tin
ipon you to dhi ol tuberculosis h it It is planned, n'il
nee aivd caution, should tin- test.'i prove ru'ie* dful, to con.-M'T'vl !n
y at all times to UHli disinfectants In the wat >r with Xo
wards your Ren- which the streets are prlnMvt ft | i cry diown I
Y and order luv boileved that tube: j\.? well as *'
roopa of Russia, niany olliur diseases arc s;>;-i l *> : ! js< : i <>!
?[>enn, yon must 'V ^'lo dust <>i I he f r -is a.i ;; ro r' ' ^ 1
a, but romombor K*dt ol tho drying <>!' th<* :-;illva whlc.'i
wlble In war, and 'ias " cxpcctorat" 1 I > in-r.-vou.h suf- :1 I'iii.m
with God's liolp, from consumption. i ni? !,v f(
:m? task impoc-.ot
Judge Reserved Decision. ' ?' 1
? New York, May 7 - Ait.or a triol r.; '
E SPIRITS. tending over more than two w> i, "l? nliiliiy <>
_ Ilnvlu ..r .1 .t n.l <. .-I ..
- ? tlTT? mijji' me cin,r; " ^
I by Czar'a Men l(,dil>' reserved d :lslo? in the Aiilt ,ho PoainMUli
al Success. | Morltz r. Mrnst and Carl ISrin-t, miltM ?>lic>\?? I
Still no forolgc bankers nnd brolcis of tbis ciiy. (<) ntr r.r-iio.i
lento are a Mow (1 compel tho American Spirits Manuka'- ciialn ni '
i n41 tho foreign during company to give an accountini*
I and for the return of property an<l < M11! 5 oust ?>i i,
. Judson, of tho a990ta alleged to have boon wrongly '"15
>d States Army,1 diverted. place Irrpng.,
inj tho RtiHsd&n * railroad ctroll
?, and L4eutoi>ant Sparta Postof/ice Robbed. admit of 1!.
Jn^ited States ni> Sparta, (Ja., May 7.?Tho postoffico di'lcndhv; 'i<i
hern fiavo been hero wan entered by br.rnlnrs. The Ai-cornlng :
rs thoro. outor door of tho iron safe was blown i?;n<?? buv
oop trains paflt*- ?? ' >' a charge of nitro glyc rise. In J 'on'
on their way to inner door was left intact, the ?':,U?llnv> 1 ?
llont Hplrlta, and burglars being frlghtenod off by tho lr' Uui'r
1 Kiuxda'H ovorU- nolso of tho explosion. Only a very "1U>I cair!
?hk tnolr officers aniirn nincmni ol" chani^ v.r.s KWMirori. Prul1"" 0:1 n?,<
to roach Japan. 1 wan ovUlonlly the work or [trol'u# 1 1'i<>n. K n
know the Ja^? Blonals. : l:ir"<
oocv, tea and oUv OoHornl .-i<
Survivos with Broken Nock. pi'i'ino comm
n/ro frMiiiAntl* Jackson MIk i Mm- 7 1 <">rt Aithui.
jraldo HtatJona Askow, tho vonor:ibl<? h:tok ,uitl " V"'UICi '
equently remain driver who had hh< neck ?rol<Hi In '''1'1'
Idlern are drawn throo places ?Iurlnf< t!io c< .-..?b:U v.-.th a l,iiV ' '>r'";| 11 '
tho bugles wound mad hull Wednesday nf( rtmi>:i, ts fill! '' '""u ' ("
aa tho priest ut allvo and the atl-ndl:.;; ply.dcirm, Dr. tlu> ' mR!1
yer. Tlion the Julius Crlolor. b< licv. s that in spile of 1 "ni
lc<d by ir tonoi of tho remarkable natuio or tlio In- 1
Folksongs. The JUT ?nd tho exh >:r." old ag.? of tin1 1"'anl !!,,> ,h
h whom tho koK negro, ho will mrvvo.
..... i I'lv numberm
friends, gathoi I ' .
. . . . i incj force con
he Bongs, which Donation of $1,500,000. !!. ;,i n. an.I
l,r8> | Chicago, May 7 A dispatch to tho r> a to
wrhom have been Hocord Herald from St. Pnul, Minn , anticipation <
their way from t|i?t Jamea .1. Hill, president ot liuinieatlon i
la, are alway* a-.
- w.w ?w. v..v?. ii on iniuiMf company nvn ,|oo,|moll*H hit
tlly in tho songs ti,(> (jioat Northern railroad, will suit aihj
nor in ?liown bj plomont hln many gifts to tho Roman H with
tiring mnrchoi (Catholic church by a donation ot ;|on ]in,|
t Hfornis and lR f 1,600,000, given JolnMy hy himself anthorltl
dnlly becoming an,| \jrH_ nm toward tho erection o.#. ft^| that pni
tho now ?3,Ooi),000 cathedral.
f*ffol,,,4.f , Robbed the (Jrave. ~T
[ n beautiful com A <?
f every woman, A startling incident is narrated by John
omen uro b essod Oliver, of Philadelphia, as follows: "I . I li'-ri- a
|red gift?i good was in an awful condition. My nkiii wu'i li d., when W
wcynan on im- almost yellow, oyOH sunken, tongue co.it- who wis < \p<
jy tho judicious cd, pain continually in buck and sides, ?vd by Dr.
rTsllets. Tnoso no appotitc, growing weaker day by duy. (\mMimpt on,
rxxl becoming la- Three phjsiolnnB biul given me up. insiitV.- n(
h deposits in tho Tlr n 1 was advised to u <3 Kleotric Hit- your N? ? l>'?
i muddy appoar- t?ie; t<? n.y great joy, the llrst botilo ro'i? f and sooi
tmplexion. Tuny niado a decided improvement 1 cou- pint" cun\ ' !
id white, llie oyoa tinned their nso for three weeks, and nm tion, pnnuniou
nt. Fifty O moo- now ft well man. I knov thoy robbed lmmoroiiH. I
pfteh b<x. Price, tho cravo of anothor v o in." No one all throat mid
'iokon. Drag Co., nliould fail to try them. Only 50 oentB, nnd $1.00.
h ! orty. gna(nnto d nt PiokonH Drug Co. Drug Co. Ti
iYIP anta remain there. The Inhabitant
\ 8 lU VltlVvW i ?* Port woro sent away some ^
j tune ago. I
?Z A QT?t! Thi nowHpapera accept the news
C.fiW I rLl 1 I 4 W Hll Btoioally abjuring tlvo people not to Ik.
dlKoouragod, since the cutting off of
| Port Arthur was a forgone conolueion
attempt at Mediation frorJ1 tho Urst
light Probable, I ^
i 111 v/ l I N C. ?J I M A L I I Y .
Change In Name of the Episcopal D?- !
:tary Lancdowne Has In- nomination.
IV *ton, May 7.?Tho oommlttee of
//hlch L.eacs Htr.i to Do- , , . , . , . .. N
lifto >11 which was appointed by the n>a- 1
ihe Will Not Fell In Ob- Hon il triennial convention of tho Kpianc
Ho>iahi'e Opinion. c?l)! ' church at San Franolsoo in 1901
to c mtU^or the advisability of changly
7.? Qulel toiilhbrnce inp t: ?Trational name of tho donomina1
prevail h r<- that the tion has secured an extended report
Ihrir own court v.-ni i- -
111 v. ru n tne opinion Is expressed that
I1' 'lr i-.-.r: fully nrrangoil any change at this time is Inexpedient. a
>:ii:;n 0:1 the l.lao Tung T'.\o report is to he submitted to tho
ilch h> v.<>w gem rally re- gjen >ral convention which will ansem- 0
ing practical# in Japj.- fole in this city next Octol>er. The o;
eoir.rnlttoe will ask that the Boston jt
,lc quartern no ownta are oonv??itlon discharge It from further
n r In tho r.linpo of a CM- consideration of the subject. ^
of neutrality <n- of Hi" At the Kan Francisco convention the
tome i">w< r which won!*) (liocone of Milwaukee presented a me- B,
i the i.nrmj.1 courso of morial requesting that the name Prourt-iyn
secretary Lamt tr- lant Mplseopal church, in the Unit- j,.
ivlvod Information which jkI States, hp changed to that of tho
vi? that there Is no American Catholic church in the Unit- (>1
u in I. Hiii < to Tualntuhi ?1 S'r.tcs. Tho request was not pa^sity.
<m1 upon diroetlv hv ???????!?
.. ^ V..V7 TVIllH/Il,
.< inlnl.-dor railed at 11k; but a committee of Ave bishops, five
tills w?i'k and ko n.J priest 5 and live laymen was appoint- ^
,an-downe. Any attempt fxl to ancortaln the mind of the church
according to the generftJ and rirport to the Boston convention. p
tlclal and diplomatic clr
lhv pi- .'-in at any ruto. EURGLARY INSURANCE. M
Mane lr?:atl;*n It li< New High Schedule of Rates Fixed for
!ii '.:i docs :i it Intend Chicago. g
ry (i< : -nniiXMl resintuneo Chicago, May 7.?The activity of U1
nr. la . u;>r?'rt <>f thh? burglars has made burglary Insurance
i.t -i t t! at !'v.? in al In Chicago IndlsiMMisablo to the coin..
',> .;<< .l? :.-1 Ijor gar pa .,.l<>f> that have Ixn-n placing It. The Cj
Arthur and that Ylee announcement that a now high schod;'..rtnr?'
fro: a then; wle of r a ten on burglary Insurance will
<. r.-.,. .. * ?ui!iu ii<* go into effect here on June 1 1ioh g,
cos t:n.\n<l r who dialled brought to light some wtartllng factB j,
to keep up the of lhW< class of Innuranoe. w
troops and t1:1 Representatives of prominent Innnra
prolonged ?'.< ?<: Th< anct companies noknowledge that In jE
??i 1 s I <1) noi count the luv.t ten yea re the CMcagx> agonI'.h
Japanese eoinniander ci<>* handling burglary lneuranoe, the ^
s-inrviiiK ? v.! i'ort Ar , compauloa havo l<x+t $10,000 to $80,000 jy
: im \lt{il?lo d< moral i-/.a- | In ?plt.? of the fact that tho rates here
lie.v In II vc will spread art; l'rom 25 to 40 per cont higher than |
oa !y rat.hT dlflKNirteaed in other cities.
oldlers at Port \rlliur, ^
: i noc arlly b-.- height- WORTH $20Q,000 PER OUNCE.
.. taut hi t b.-iMibardmont,
lie l:.nd lor<' and coin- Chicago Physician Ha3 Lost or Had i
6toien Precious Radium. ' ci
the land flKhtinir in Mm i *?-- "
.. , ,uu) i.?a giass lulK1 ono-1
uis; usltion of t.hv ot Imt half mi inch long. containing nullum,
pam > tirinir*, llaroii litis disappeared from the offloe of I>r ?>
toilay: WilUnin Allen Puzy.
hi' in fly si;nj 111s? the Wlu'ther it wan loot or stolon the CE
r.-.tt u nil itnl'.c any on lof.or doos not know. 'l'he radium ft|
tlio ii' i.i 'iy Inline until was rocdved by Dr. Puz.v a lew days ( FV
... r :. )!< available r.;<o from Puri.;. llo wa? troatlng a UI
ian i M::ii and I pationt for an affection of the face ;
. tiiul t;.,. . i;k lority or whnn tho precious substance dlsap-1
gi-nernlly. r the pi<*<- penr?*d. The missing radium was of j
*.? . In' on oi.r sldo." tho usual grade for scientific use? [ ^
worth about $200,000 per ounce, troy.
the Russian Gibraltar No I V(
.ac.y Matter. " Harvard Receives Decision Over OI
ng. Maj 7. p. in.?' Princeton University. !
with which tiu- ituss'.ans Cambridge. Mas., May 7.?The j j)(
o!::tion <t what lias al- tenth annua1! debate betweon Prince- ;
c.nled k- the Russian (?1 to i and Harvard wa? held last night,' q(
K;ii I",;;.-1. is remark- II vVard receiving the decision by the
itary clrC. !t had bevn ur anlmoux consent of ?>ir> n./W.? 1
j W
ovltahl from tho lh>t. 1 qi -atlon dehatod was:
mil I" to belittle tlx- on "Rortolved, that lawn t>o passed oonv
>\ tin* oni'iny, but t"rcmi pclllng tho management of a business
point of view th? in undertaking, which securer the contho
fortress i rognnlod tr>l of an industry, to sell its products J <y
lit- military situation on at reasonable rates and without dl?- | cj
land, which had crimination." I jn
embarrassed l>y the Harvard sustained the. negative side. ; a
[>r maintaining tho ) j tt
hold at the extremity iNJURED BY EXPLOSION | C(
\ing penin.nila. llesides
~ I pi
. :fn!enco is oxpressod In Acoident Qiccur6 on W. K. Vandcrblit'a ; w
I th" fortress to with Turbine Yacht. ! a\
i'. The lower of New York. May 7.?Throe men vere [ pr
from Kin Chow, ?,0 Ixidly hurt today hy the explosion ol jn
ort Arthur, Kouth, i:t an a battery on William K. Vanderbllt'a RI
:n;? commanded hy n turbine yacht Tarantula, near City nt
tn, mK>;i>I<! fortifications. lnhuul, where the yacht was anchored. ! w
nt tho cr.'st of ev< ry hill. The men wore cut and burned hy
ihlcs and yoara <>f work tho acid In the battery and were '
mi! I to rendering the blown overboard by the explosion. I
laltlc l>y land or fiea. Tho
im; wuiiin t 1118 camp will Highest Types American Llf?. M
< :ssy transportation of Chicago, Miiy 7.?A denial of the oj
>ps charge that the Americana are nui aJ
0 I!: i'.u-.-lfin vU,n.v th"> terlallstK has heon made hy Hamilton k,
e a H( v 'ii'an task lio \y. Mahln, of the Alpha Beta I'M fra ri]
the event fit their nt ternlty convention today at the mil th
r- due!! a of the for veralty of Chicago. Ho Mid: "Whom f)<
esslvi' l r.es of <!< f<-nsen would we name, If asked to Rive the ty
I and the Japanese op highest types of American HfoT Not st
01 hr'tln at tin advanced th?? groat leaders of commercial life, w
(*h<m. \i:iti 1 Ihoir siege >jut tho pioneers of the went, men r*
ed. the south, sturdy New lOnglandora j
tessel, who will have an- Our Idoallsin would not pick the great j
and of the defense at Industrial centers of onr mim?rw ?.* i
is ooiifclcloroi! io bo al>!<> tho thlnv;-; to be nnwt proud of, but h<
ill tax! ) ' i.a\o an Idom- would naiiif Niagara Fall#, Yoftomlte tl
Ii! *. on r of th<> dp. y valley, the Yollowfltonr park. We f<
>il a r jrl:' I of unyielding ftr(? |doal!s?* " Mr. Mablo wan Hoot ftl
f lliO'ii <!< ('. irod that f>(| president trnd Colin Arnuttrong, ol ni
mur.t dio la t'10 defoMHO Now York, vice president. The next jr
ir. nnnnnl meeting will be hold In Now m
to tl. < 10,000 rallorrf on York e'lty. J?
!)):> at Port Arthur and
fc?i truM! nrtlllory, proba *??
. miwi uu<viiu;idli Vylim yc III.
? 2.000 intvi. tho d-fond Now Y >rk, May 7.?l>r. Thomn,s Her
of ii division of ri rau, formerly In ohnrne of the Colonv \\
three l?nii?rli <>f Hold hlnn location at Washington. Is quite! 0|
I a 1 of jrlicMt 2^ .000. In m jn thin city from nervous prostra- jj
if the . vt'iano - of com tion With hl? family ho haw hf-'on tr
til (1. va!tiat>lo public since the home government or
il Ins ii romovoil to Muk- dorod him to withdraw from Washing- ,
work of supplying ti.e ;.>n. After ti few weeks' treatment
provi.iiorut an 1 ammuril ;n order So rontoro hl? health, ho will
l pro.'jrcMrinf? for weeks. f() with his family to Colombia and ni
os apparently are eatln . xpocts to return to WflHhlngton in the (J('
letically no turn com but- *-- *
r.wiiu ny 01 milllSlt'l" 111 Ml Mall. v"
ic:il Sensation.
Sciatic IMieimiutlsin Cured.
i>i^' fcenantion in Lcesville,
!J. Brown of tlint rdaoe, "I liavo boon flnl jf>ct to wvatic rliou- P1
v.lod to (lit*, Irul I.is lifo j ,) attain for yearn," hhvh E. 11. Waldron, 'n
Km^'n New Discovery for . if Wilton Junction, Iowa. "My joints df
llt> writes: "I endured i w< 10 ptiflf and gnvo mo much pain and "i
<??n e< fiom At-thumn, but | discomfort. My j*>iuth would crack 0f
rovery (? 'V0 me immediate; wlieu I straightened up. I used Churni
l lioi enftor effected a o? i? 1 berlain'a Puin Halm and liavo been tlior- ''
Simdar cures of Cousump- ougbly cured. Have not bnd ft pain or
iia, bronchitis and grip nre ; ?jhe from tho old trouble for luany '
i-'s tho pcerlepa remedy for r.iontliR. Ti is certainly a most wonder- 1
lung troubles. Pnce r>0e, j ful linimont." For hhIo by Pickens ?
unamiiKM'd i>y rickenti Drug Co., and Eftrlo'a DrugStore, Pick-j I'
iul bottles free. 1 o?s; nrul Hunter A PiokoiiH, Liberty. | ^
'rominont Banker of Luling^|
Takes Two Live?. \ |
luoh Excitement Is Rlf? In the Texas
Town Over a Double Tragedy In
which Prominent Moo Were the
Principal Actors.
Aufltln, Te>x., Muy 7.?A sonpatloikftl
ouble tragedy occurred ut Lullng, Tey /
town 2 inllos south of hero today 4
Manton Nixon, u prominent banker I ^
f that Miction uhot ami killed Robrt
F. Malone an<l Captain Jolui Fleas*
An old feud 1? wild to havo oxlnted
ctween Nixon and Malono. Today
[Ixon approached Malono, who wrh
tamlln^ In front of his stor<\ and al>r
a few word?, nhot .Malono, killing
tin alniont limlanily. Cap Lain Ifc'a.f*
>y, a clerk In Malono'h stora, nmhad
lit and grappled with Nixon. Another
lot wa? fired In the aeivffle and Hearty
fell (lead.
There 1h nvuch exeltonieut In tho
>wn ovot the trag<wli<?.
Ian Who Recently Inherited a Million
Now Bankrupt.
New York, May 7.?John C?rnf)Tvoi<
mith, of thin city, formerly n papw
lerchant, who inherited more tium
UOCiO,fK?U five year? nrn, una tiled tf
Stttion In bankruptcy with liabilities
J4R.300 and doubtful.
Tho jK?t Itloiw*- wwi t*?plory<?l m a
ilo?mnn In Hi*" jxvjxt biiAlutwa bjr
rand unolo, Bmllh, who , inuary
7, leading a largo fortuin
hlch Mr. Smith inherited $1.(>04))U. H
? engngp-d In the pap?>r tro<U', r?Ui?- ?L
ig in February of thin yf?.r. Primula
ItritHito the 1<>?? of hi* fortune to
10 wlump In ooiton following tlu> Sal- ,
' failure.
o*lce Poet?d In Postofficc at Dos
Moines, Iowa.
Dos Moines, Iowa, May 7.?"Horeatsr
preference will be shown to tho
(orko who are marrloil, wpociaUji
lose with large families."
i n? aoove notice was j>oetc<l la tha
o? Moines postoflice today.
Postmaster MoOay Ktated tho order
imo from the postoffloo <1? n;j 'Mit 1
Washington, and is In j
iK-'.' irom rruKlil< lUrTT^Iui. r<? \ JSBSS^
id hie large family Idoa. . Wl
'ork 8oon to Begin on New Manhat- *
tan Bridge.
Now York, May 7.?The needful ap oprlutlon
of $10,000,0?0 having boon
>Uh1 1>>- the hoard of OHtiinatn, work
l tho structure of t.h?> now Manhat4i
bridge over tho Ivawt rlvor will ?
?KU1 July 1. H
Whon completed It will coh< ?12,00o,- m ^5
(0, nn<l from the standpoint of c?- Mj
iclty, will be tlx larn<sst bridge In tho $
orUl. Thoro will l>e oight railway y H
Whipped Wife at Church. fl
OolumbuA, S. May 7 -Whllo tho fin
mgreg&tlon of Randall Ha.pt.iwi JH
t* religious H<rvlr??s \VI!!I/'';
member tho churfh.jf'?lr.
inKrugntlon onmc u> vM'n< .
hk Imminent. 'iroku
vay from hnlf n dozon Ktalwart n(v
ot\n who \v?>r<? holding him nnd rush- i?|vtFJ
K Into thi> church, our*od, do U<vl fjfl
id threatened all corners. Ho wai flffiSjJfB
lally overpowered and ejeetod. vh
ormm whs painfully hut not hw jflMnBH
Judge Maddox Indorsed.
AtWtntH. May JiiUku ^BMEbMWHB
a<Mox. (sonK'"<m?i]inn from
ith tbit ?v4?y Y>j
id railed on hifi frltmdrt ai th.
ol. Judf'* M?ddox l?t iiott Ir* tlM
iiTv i in- ikmsiuau vf flHfcgatC from [EfSSH
le HUitr nt lorne to th?? nfctiotiuj ])t>xu- t gggBto
Mfttk- cv>nvont Ion ru Ft. I/>uIk 11 In AM
if only oandnlnt# lu liiat <*t lh?
uto north of AUruitfl. nnd. It ia wild,
<11 oonio to ttio oouvantlon with Um ,-^H
>11 <1 nnpi>ort nf t_h?< n??tlno jjS
Oovtmor T?rr?ll Offars mBb
Atlanta, Mat T.?Oorernor Torrci H
oft.T.ul rewpj J? of J100 v.vicb fa?
w arr*ior Chariot fcmub and Craw M
MfllyOOrt. of JohllM>ll Y\ h( C
po wAntod on goverAl cimrgor Tbe(g I jjVi5
ro chargod with robbory, amamK wlt&o
ifto murder And tbo prohAhWi
urdor cA ft woniAn nniutsl liortha t;;
in it h.
No New Trial for Jett.
Ijouitwillo, May 7.? Curt In Jott, who
lllod J. IV Mareiim in the courthouso
f Hrealhltt county, ban acceptod a
fe aentence rather than faco a noWi^B
Importt and Exports lncreas?^M
London, May 7.?Tho April >4mPi
mnt of flvo board of trado IskihvI^M
,v ah/XL'a Hint I I
imj oiiwtv r. villll J 111 | J\ I I IJ I Hl<'II
>,967,000, and tbot ox porta lngrea?-?*^|
l'lioiimoiiiii May In* I'mvctitori. e'? ' ^
If n cold lingni-s, thovo in dang W
lcutnonia. If In grippu h>nvns tho
an infiainr.] condition, lliorc is ,? " M
mgor of pnonmonin. Prnvont thip m
hciiro by lining Kjdalo's Klixir; it c....
>lds qniukly mid leaves tl>o throat ?tn' n
i II : - 11 ? -i - ? *
u^n rtmmi. n in lll?) IM'HI I'niKHIV H? M
mt peculiar inflnuml coi dition of lli- M
idrh tlint ho /li-qnently follows In erri* ^
liin modem Rciontifto tlrt-ont nnd lr
medy ih a ?nfe rorood/ lor joung m
Id, in nil iliront find lio)g dUv?
'ickonH Drug Co., Pioke^li; W ^
licldon, Liberty.

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