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| Pickens Sentinel-Journalp
The Sentinel-Journal cjRSsn^^
A V '
J. L. O. THOMPSON, Kditou.
A - r - ?? . - ?
(Subscription 81.00 Per Auuuui.
Advertising lliteH Reasonable.
Kutereri at IMcketm I'oRtoffice as Scoond ClasiMal!
SL ^ Wednesday, May 11, 1004.
Successful Farming of Mr. J. H. Cox,
of Belton ?Mixed own Fertilizers.
Mr. J. II. Cox, who lives between
Helton and Ilnnea Path, is a successful
tanner. His success last
year was bo groat that bio neighbors
Siuivo prevailed on him to give some
figures to tho Haily Mail for pub
Ilicat ion.
Mr. ''ox runs a one-horse farmIIh
owns his own hand. Last year
his work netted him ovor $1,300,
ninl tlio expenses were not more
than $200 or ^'JoO.
11 i s farm work shows what can
1)0 done liy intensive fanning.
Here are the figures as furnished
l>y himself:
J?00 bushels corn $200.00
2.000 bushels fodder 40.00
S2C0 bushels cotton seed 10.Oil
! bales cotton 40t.77
Truck ami Vegetables 417.58
1'eas 0/J5
Total $1,253 GO
Mr. Cox employed one laborer
(luring the y.-ar at a cost of $6").
outside of bin board. Ho compounded
his own fertiliser, and
iiaed livh tons of cotton 6red meal,
kainit and acid, at a cost of $7<>,
Sonic of the land ho worked had
H boon brought up to a high state of
cultivation previously, but most of
it was ordinary poor land. lie
^ made $108.<?0 on an acre, the yield
being three ono-horHo loads of
onions and 7<>7 pounds of lint cotf.on
M ? '' - v -'1 11 -
- |JXU 11 Lt?ll IIIC UIllOUH |
' arly in the ?pring, planting them j
in rows fiyc feet apart, and later
plantod cotton botwoen theonioiiB. |
The onions matured and were gathered
by tlio time the cotton needed
heavy plowing, so Mr. Cox made
two guying crop" on tho same
ground. His yield ol lint cotton
on tho samo acre was 707 pound*.
Ho made 70 buehols of his corn
on one and one-fourth acre.*, and
k tho remaining 200 bushels he made
on 17 acres of poorer land.
When tanners can do that well
ill AlldeiSOii cnnnf.v f li<>> " ro-llf
.. j .. .W.J
Hooms no reason in the world why
anybody should emigrato to Texas
or anywhere else.?Daily Mail.
I From Cateechee.
A small child of Mr. and Mrs.
John McCai!, of the Ivisloy ('utton
Mill, was buried at Camp crook
church on last fourth Sunday
evening. It died from an abcesr,
on 11h sido. We extend the bereaved
parents our heart-felt hjiiiSomo
one must have I eon very
- Hcareo of .something t>season with,
t?v<7*. If. I I (1 111 IlJVyl % I f I nflK'JIl,
( >C?'O0 county, h id two hams and
Idar < moat stolen from
him on 1 <ist llli Sunday night,
whilo he <iid his wifo u ro away
from homo. Such depredators
ought to !>< overtaken and punislu'd
to the full extent of the law.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. F. Williams
visited Mr. niul Mrs. ('. K, ItobinHon
of I'icknns, omo day last week,
.lol'y went up to qualify lor magis11
ito of Cateiehco, Hon. .1. 1*.
!W 11 n ?1 > having resigned an<t movod
b "Hi farm.
\\ w<?ro pleased to 8Co Mr. Krg1
M 11 r in Dtii- town last Thurs('
mo nfiain, lOrvin, wo are
? v:; ' .'I i i hear your joke
Y l-'.nr iico l.owoi), a eharini.
v tin^ lady < ' I'ickeue, is on a
jk ,- r sist'*r, Mrs. J. K. Ban.
and Mrs. (>. F. Satterfiold, of
? (l. K. i). No. l\ wore in
IB .vii Tliursday. Mr. Sattorliold
v, is on tin* si?k list and Wuh in
i mi; a roll <-f medical aid.
We havo Ix.'CMi roquosted to aniiouiico
that J. I?. Tranimol
will proni'h Mis. J. M. (Queen's
fttnoriil the fourth Sunday in May
at I I o'clock a. in. lit Camp Crook
Church. Tim Greenville ^oun<
tainonr and tho Gioonvillo Semi*
wcekly Ncwh plonso copy, as nearly
nil tho dccciisuri's relatives 1 iv?; in
Greenville county.
Wo have also l?een requested to
annouiico that Rev. J. B. Trammel
expects to make an eflurt on
that doy to raiso money enough
LI <?iui ^v it |M wiiun^u, i*'K?;biiu;f i rj
peoplo who will execute their
promisee) to build n now ohurch
next August and lull, together
The inomborg of tluit church are
vory near out of doorn, and n now
houso of woifihip is badly needed.
Ttooro is not a graveyard in the
cburtty filling up any faster than
ihe one at that church, and to lot
the chinch go down would be too
n -?m ' "^1
/ \
bad; aj wo hopo tlut everybody1
preBotit qu that day \yill oor>trib)4.to |
son^thiug. Unit i-uoil'r
a Anything1
dfr"l?or ffichutitablo purpose will
Hyer\ be 'vmis8ed ; God will blesH
the donater.iuul he will prosper. A
loading member of that church was
I'm /X.ih .1 I L 1- 1
tn uui luwii uue liisi wetJK uiuy
a few niiiiutcH, and gut $75.00 and
our town will give more yet. Tlmt
is a good showing for a little cotton
mill town, wlion it is made
known that the samo l;ttlo to\*n
ban just completed a ?1,000 houa
of worship of its awn.
Rev. Tramuiei will preach at
Old 1'iekens tl?e third Sunduy in
May at 3 o'clock p. m. Lot every
body that can go to hoar him.
The report is that a certain man
of moans in our section id soon to
build a la?ge btoro room near Camp
Crook church and will ask for a
share of the people's trade. Look
out Messrs. Sanders & Lark, you
aro soon to have a competitor from
Pea Ridge. Methinks I hear your
hllOrffl liOrtf ! mt
Pea Ridgo also thought she whs
going to l)ave a candidate for
County Commissioner, but as everything
is not granulated sugar that
looks white, we don't know whether
he will bud or not.
Mr. J. F. Williams Hiiys he will
not be a candidate for SlmrilT this
time, but don't say lie never will
be an applicant to tie hangman's
knot legally.
We need a good County Commissioner
in this part of tho county,
one that will discharge his duly
fearlessly and not be ruled by any
man or men, one that will have no
pets, and work for the interest of
the county. We have a man m
view that wo behove will do that,
0110 that hasn't got a single characteristic
about him, a gentleman
and ehistian in eyory respect. TIih
writer has lived by linn for woven
years and has watched him. Ibhas
Served his county as a grand
| juror for the past year and is now
one of that honorable numb' r. I
That man is 1). L. Kay. We don't j
miun wiieuier itir. i\ny woui'i oiler
for the oflico or not, as wo have
never mentioned the mutter to him,
but we liopo he may decide to serve
liia county in that capacity.
Mr. W. F. Broughton was plant
ing cotton aeod lant week and picking
out iiin last year's cotton all at
the same timo. Who am heat that
"I'ncle Hilly" keeps "bachelor's
all, cooks a little and eats it all."
He lives a lonely life, but la making
If all aigns don't fail in dry
z.-'. ?i ?.I I: i
HUCHIIUl ? tj <11 tj UJ Hi LUtJ \\ I I I
hells will ring near by noon. \W
hope tho contracting parties will
not forget that 1>. likes eake as
well ?s ''slicks," and wuiild not
objoct to 80)110 of both.
Now that the blushing box are
preparing the lawn, the muslin,
the pelerines, resetting the frills,
dying ribbons and twining the
llowors over on then hats and uning
all kinds ol'lace and insertion, from
the width of a shoe string to that
o! a hack band, wo were made to
boliove that something was up; so
we fetudied out a plan t.o find out,
?nd at nncfi conceived the idea of
"cave dropping" a couple tli.it [
were at work over-hauling an old j
dretts that lookwd to bo th>> one I
that Evo must to have had on when |
the Lord made her leave ihe garden
with Adam. This is what we
heard: "Now S, you can go with
J. next Sunday to Six Mile, if you
want to, with them old brooches
on and them old run down shoos of
hisen, but if II. don't get him a
now Huit anil a now hut, narry
time am I going with him. He
ain't took up ;ill that lion, and I
know he can get a now suit. We
have got. nearly a barrel of flour
and about all that dollar's worth
of meat ho bought tother day ; the
cow will hooii he giving mil k, aii'l
I think wo can get along splendid
till black berries como in " Th.it
w.ts enough; wo crawled away l.o
ilovin# wnat our old grandmother
used to H?y: ''an ouvc-droppf-r
nevor hoars any good.''
Scott's Kmulsion i* the
means of life and of the enjoyment
of life of thousands of
Ill' II, > \ ' ' I I I v. - I I c L I I ? X v llllV.II V. I I ?
To the men Scott's ICmul*
si 011 gives the flesh and
strength so necessary for the
cure of consumption and the
repairing of body losses from
any wasting disease.
For women Scott's Emulsion
does this and more. It is
a most sustaining food and
tonic for the special trials thai
women have to hear.
To children Scott's Kmul
smn gives ln')ii nricl strength
for growth of flesh and hone
an I bloocl. I'or pale girls,
for thin and sickly hoy , Scott's
Emulsion is a great help.
Snml forfroo samplo.
SCOTT COWNE. Chornlsts,
409--4-I8 Ponrl Street, Now York.
OOo. nnU 3U.OO| all Uru^ulsts.
i r,.u?i UI' 12, it IV
From Mica.
Wo tiro having m-ino very windy
weather, and tlmst; who ore putting
in guano, I fear, will got it all blown
I think, Cousins, that it would ho
bettor if wo would quit throwing ofl
on each other and pay coinplinu nth
instead. What tiro jour opinions on
that subject.
Miss Lenoru Looj or spent Fundin
w in Miss lliva IloiHlt icks,
Well, Homo, if tli<>so seven pallon
gourds ivre handy and plentiful 1 wish
you would just box up one and
send it to me, and I sure wi.l make
use of it by carryi.ig water to the
field in it this summer, as 1 am the
water carrier.
Coino ngain Farmer's Boy, I enjoy
reading your items.
Certainly, Ann Freezer, wo knew
all about April, hut lh<* writer hasn't
had tho pleasure of getting any f ols
111. T 1 1 ??
in?i)(>, i nencvo you win no
the cause of thoKo hells i il
you nro not I will ho Imdly fooled, as
it is leap voar and April too. I think
some one might tiike pity on you.
Mrs. F. M. Hendricks, of Mica, is
putting on the finishing touehts of
her house on the inside.
Hoi e the editor will visit Huh section
hood. 1 know yon will bo welcome.
Wo all want to boo you.
Best wishes to the dear old Editor
and paper, Mad (Jap.
Fuom Anotiiku CViki;i;?i,< ndknt.
Mr. Augustus Williams is si ill c.ji lined
to his room. Wo hopo for him
ft speedy recovery
Mr. L. I !. I It>|ink lias been on
the sick list for (tome timo.
Mrs. Neoma Ninunons spent lust
week with her brother, Reese Bowen
Mrs. Warren .Tones and son. Stun,
visited \V. .1. 1$. Chapman's lust
Saturday and Sunday.
Misses Kviu Hen tricks and Maggie
Chapman nvide Mr;. Sdlie Hendricks
and I\Irn. .J. M. Cienshaw, of Table
' Mountain, a short visit hat week.
Well yes, S. (?., 1 certainly do side
wiih j ou ft bout the old folks going
Sunday school. There are a few old
people who ultei.d Sot.day school at
Mt. Tal-or and we ?r<> always i^htd to
n(-e them eoniimr. lint. f.ir llw? inut
we can't recount for. 1 ut I know one
thing; if thcv would all come and
take a part an. I try to tcacli the
younger ones t > do right thorn would
Ikj ht tter times. Instead of that,
thev stay at. homo and find fault
with tho way tho young people arc
, carrying on tho Sund.iv scho.d; al
ways grumbling about soiuutliing.
Why don't thoy eotno and carry
'things on as they would like for thorn
to he, and not stay at 'iotne and find
Messrs. John and ?icargo Williams'
shingle laill was 1 mined down one
| day last woek. There was something
over U Curd < if wood lieni- tint i.niritm
and some one look tin axo and burst1
( IV several |?i? trt-.:-* of tho ot.giin
ar.d then piled up till that wood
mound it and set it on lire, and net
tho woodh around on fin1, hut who it
wis and what their idea was is unk
lown It surely was some 0110 that
has an awful conscience t<> do bo much
Ann Freezer, I will just hiv Forest
H'jpkinst killed an.I dressed tho hog
wi I liout ?ither his mot l.ei s or fathcr'o
assistance, as hn mothor had company
and his f:ither was sick.
Messrs J. Ij iiendrieks and J. (?.
Hughes went to >Iiii nville last week
on business.
defuse (Vein-haw has ereeh d linn A
new barn, which will lo u gre it benefit
to him.
Mr. i'Mwnnl JVioper I.us treated
himself to ii new top buggy. Look
out girln.
Mr.LuwienceJonea lms the 11111 tn| h.
Wo hopo for him a speedy recovery.
Miss Anna llu^iien and Mr. James
Hughes s|>< nl. last Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Ivl.vanl 1 (endrielcs
Mrs. Suliie I leiuli idvH lias boon
vorj' ill, but in improving buino.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvcv KeLiieiiioro
and children, of l'ieheiiH, visited Mr.
and Mrs. J. Iv HcudiickH last Satur
day, and at Mr. S. M. Looper Sunday.
Blue Invert.
From Six Mile.
Our last communication seems
to h.ivo went astray in tli ' mail 01
shared its fato in III') waste laski't,
as it failed to appear, l>nt I will
voi11urc to rito again.
\Wioat in looking lino in tliiH
ooinmiinily, Bntlor Smith Iiiih th 1
Cn'M of \v hoiit in this soot ion.
Wlio i.s i.h< ;i.l of A. A Pilgrim?
lie set out .'tllf) fx)tat<)?> Blips 11)0
i>r?t 1) <>f April II.' h going to
WVnp !:ii (lnlli'l :?! -. i s 11 1 p itutooa
if t i I ; 1*1 n it is killed.
^Slurried I?y Rov. R. <\ AtkiiiHon,
on tho I'.'th nit., Klotclior Kvaiih lo
\T mu Mm-;-. ! ii.lotr All , f I' w !' -
.7 ' "
Wo aro ?jlad to know il ut J. C.
Garrett ia aldo to attend to hi*
business sixain; ho through
our section 1 n ts t w? ok on his way
t<> iiis roller mill.
Hold on, 15. insetting tv\o licks
to my one, I'.y the \\a.\, I! noeins
ti> ho wanting to niako lovo to
W'hito lloso from lh>' way In) was
passing compliments on her, hut
everybody know (lint B. don't
want to experiment with ni.it rimony
any more. IJ. aoknowlo'ltioH
that I real his mind in my la^t
communication, and the operation
was pcrfonnod without morphine.
I don't know what l? has studied,
but lie surely has studied uranolo?y,
mythology, hydrology or orioology
or attended a gymnasium
school from tho way ho writes to
The Sentinel-.Iournal. If li. was
a candidate, ae he was four year*
/ .w n
ago when ho cmno ho near marrying,
we could exouse hiu when he
admires llio.se powdered face girlf*,
but him nn old bachelor, not it*J
lenmng 10 marry, u ne naa inree
or four chance*, wo don't know
what to think. Como again, B?
I'm onjoyii.g tho fun.
Old Tom put nio in the mind of
Mi Irishman that was trying to
; rid;) a young mule. He put the
saddle on and the mule began
kicking fiercely ; aftor a hard sirupg!"
the Irishman succeeded in gotI
ting on, and tho nuilo, kicking, got
his foot hung in tho btiirup, and
the Irish ran in fi'19 excitement.
'oxclaitncd: "faith and be-golly,
! if you are going to got on I'll get
oil'" Old Tom seems to want to get
oil' loo, lni, ha. Como again Tom.
Rev. G. B. N.illoy lllled his r?'g.
nlav appointment at Mount Olive
tlio fourth Sunday in April.
llev. B. C. Atkinson proaohod an
excollent sermon at Six Milo List
The Sunday school at Six Milo
is progressing nicely now; we have
a large attendance.
The weathor coiit.nucsto be cold;
there was frost this morning.
*?r\ i nr\ i ?
ni>in ?>'.?) VJOIiy,
Pickens, R. F. D. No. 2*
The farmers of this section are
nil through planting and corn is
coining up nicoly, and sonic cotton
is coming up, but tne cold weather
in most too rough; it muk< s it look
liko it will be 15 cents a pound
niiXt fall.
The littlo Garrett crowd of Six
Mile mountain, killed forty-four
siltiirrols in two littlo hunts. That
is pretty good for the I'ea Itidgu
folks. They are as bad on the
M|uirrols as the little Japs are on
tho Rusui aiH.
Tho Terrapin Crossing winging
school is gutting along nicely.
Look out, boys, I heard a crowd
of ^irls make up a bap year visit,
but their hearts failed them. Hut
watch and koep your bust clothes
on, for I thiiik the}' will come
next time.
1 iy the way, I had been wondering
what new man has been currying
our mail, but 1 found oil' that
the man had not changed, the same
man had jubt bought him a now
! ITm TI ^ 1 1
mi . iiui i y v nupuian, l-MCO I5oHlnif*
ami Waddie CInrr??tL and Home
, more of the boye made a visit to
Seneca last week.
.Jell' Nation of the Tensipin
Crossing 8(?cti?jn, visited near
Twelve Mile Sunday.
Mr. Cony, you wero wanting to
buy wire to put around the comniliiviioiiiir#'
Hi'iiinc I ...v..
~ *. UiiiiK JU U
had better get some of your good
friends to l)?dp l>uy wire to put
around yourself; if you don't Mr.
P>. is going to hem you up. I
think if tlu*y l?oth could got that
little star mail route thoy would
?iuit so much about ono another.
From their talk it seems it would
help them out in courting the girls
.and 1 guess it would, for this is
ono that has succeeded.
Fanner's Boy.
A I aHah L'haivi TAv/on
n uciiui i i u111 i uado.
Wo see some letters from Toxas,
but i ono from this part, ho wo
thought wo won 11] writo and tell
you ami your many loaders about
our country.
Module is u small, though beau*
tifnl, town situated on the I. & (i.
X, Railroad, and is fourteen miles
from Tyler, tho county bite. The
soil is a gray lo?m and is from ono
! lo < i^ht loot deep, henco will stand
ft drought much longer than South
[Caroli.ift. 1 meant to linvo uaid
I that 1 wiih mi old South Carolina
boy and hftve not beon in tho Lone
(Stmr Stftto two yours y?t. Wo
j think this is a better country for ft
poor man than ycurs. This in u
fruit ?ud vtftl>1 o section, and a
lot of our farmers are in the fruit
i) 11 mi moss. Strawberries, in our
judgment, are the rnoat profitable;
an aero well cultivated will make
|jr>o to #800. There has hnen ten
' to twenty carloads shipped from
! Lindnlo to tho North tins season.
This is a comparatively level
country till one gets near the river
hikI then the lulls reminds uh of
dear old South Carolina. This is
a much warmer climate than vou
have ; wo have swui tlie thernomotor
ro^irtter 105 in the shade.
Cotton tiii<1 c<>rn are tho principle
crops. The soil will make h*
much without guano mm yours will
with it. Corn is looking very well
and most of it Iiuh been worked
the 80con<1 time.
Wo know yi>u all think the boll
weevil i? nn awful thing. Well it
does some harm, but if a man will
cmuvmo in a iurm-nne manner
the in not mo much danger of any
People aro here from every State
i in the Union and are very clever in
i di?tro8n. Wo have never Been any
i place that would b?at this for big
W / 1
------ / *
Ms. \
hearted and generouB peoplo.
Now, Mr, Editor, wliila wo liko
Texas fiiitly, wo would not auviso
our Irionds to move here, for they
might not seo it as wo do, and then
bo dissatisfied, and you know a discontented
mind and tho bots are
both bad company, and we just an
Boon have oi.o as the other. And
let me any right hero, if yon are
thinking of coming West, not to
liatun to anyb >dy, but just back
y ?ur ears and coino on, then if
you becomo dissatisfied, whv, John
Smith, you can't blame Sallic.
Come over next Sunday, Mr. Editor,
and feaat on beans and irisli
potatoes, cream and strawberries.
Sugar cane is grown hero and ib
lots better than the Borghum to
make molassefc.
Wo will have plenty of fruit if
no disaster befall9 th? cron llim
is now 011 the treeB. It is estimated
that there will ho eovunty-livh
thousand dollars worth of peacho*
shipped from Lindaln this year, to
say nothing of all tho other fruits.
Ho y *. 11 can uco we uro not solely
dependent on cotton for a livin,.
Wages are much better hero than
there. Farm hands got from 75
cents to $1.00 pur day ; $15 to $20
per month .
We would like to see our frionda
in South Carolina, and some day
wo hope to make u visit to our doar
old u itivo homo.
Much Hucooas to your paper and
readers. We will stop and go to
cutting sprouts, and if you wish
jou may hear from us again.
Texas llangcr.
Lindale, Tex.
A Thoughtful Maiu
M. M. Austin of Wiuehester, Intl.,
knew what to do in tho hour of need.
His wife had suoh au unusual case of
Htomach and liver tr >nplo, physicians
oonld not help hflr. He thought of and
tritsd Dr. King's New L.ifo Piils and Hiio j
got relief at ouce aud was finally eurtd. j
o.iiu or.,. ..i
v/uij 1 ut jl lunuiin xs \ wu,
A Singular Word.
Our ' ugu'igo coutaius n word ending
in "a" tliAt denotes anxiety, worrv, etc.,
mid t.i .. -t word auothor "S" audit will
denot-- j?IV- etion, j >y, etc, Fiud thin
word n I o paragr-ph below.
"Cares" bring ai.xi-*ty and worry,
these bring derangetnout of tiio digestive
orgaus, usually rt suiting in indigestion.
Rydule'ti Stomach Tablets cure indigestion.
It matt-is not whether your stomach
trouble is caused by worry, overwork,
neglect, malaria or any other
cause, Itydale's Stomach Tablets will
i tsuru you i nuy itiRuro perioct iligostiou
and asminilivtion. They toue and
atrongthen tho pigealivo orgaua, restoring
tiiem to health. Use them and good
health will Moas you and fortune ' 'en
reus' you. Piekena Drug Co., Pickens;
W. A. Sheldon, Liberty.
Announcements for CoiiKrcssumn for the
Tlilr<l < 'onj?rennioiitd District ami fur Solicitor
from tlii? KiKlitli .1 mll<-in 1 Circuit, ami for nil
County utile?.?s will lie inserted under thi* hcadItiK
from now until (lie Primary Kicetinn fur the
Hum uf l-'IVK IIOM.AItS, Cash, tit the time he
notice in handed in. No deviation from this
rule will he made.
Fur Sliertir.
I hereby announce myseif a candid ate fur the
ofticu uf SherllV of I'i? kens county, subject to
the onion of the Democratic |>art> in iiie i'llmary
electiuu. K. I-'KANK MJOl'KIt
The many friends of A. .IKKK \V IM.IiOKN*.
respect fully announce liim as ? candidate lor
Sheriir of IMckciiN county, Mlhjeet to the action
of the]ai>i>roHchi?K Democratic primary.
I herehy announce myself a candidate for the
nlhce of Slit*rift' of I'lckciis county, subject t<>
the action ol the Democratic party in tlie pri
marv election. .1. t' .IliNNINGs.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the
ottice of Sherift* of I'ieKens county, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary election. I
IIKN 1". I'AIiSoNs.
At the solicitation of munv friuids 1 hereby
iinnouiK'i) myself n candidate for Sliorill" <>f
I'ickens county. subject to the action of I he
action of the Democratic primary.
) H. Hot;<;s
I hereby announce myrelf a candidate for the
ollice of Sherlt)' for I'lekeiiH otitity, subject to
the Action of the Democratic mirtv In the |>rl
inury election. DAN I FX K. Sl'TII IIKLA N Dj
for Treasurer.
At the solicitation of n few friends, hut inoic
to my own notion, and in accordance w ith my I
own deHlre, I announce myself n candidate for |
Treasurer of I'lckeiiN County, subject to the no* |
iioii 01 tin- llemocratlc primarx election.
.1, I). MOOKI-:
I horeliy anuounco myself a candidate for rtelection
to the olliee of Treasurer of I'ickeiiH
county, nubjeot to tlx action of the voter* in the
primary ?lection. IIKNRY \V. I'AKK
For Supervisor.
I hetehy announce myself a candidate for re
election to the ollice of County Supervisor of
Pickens county, Hul?]ect to the action of the
Democratic pr.rty hi the priuuirs election.
Thoiiuny frleixlKof MATT 11 KW II F.N DKK lis
rCNpectfully announce iiim a candidate for the
ortico of County Supervisor of IMcken* county,
subject to the uetion of the Democratic primary
Th# many friends of \V. W. AIKKN re?j>rctfully
unnotince him u candidate for tlx- oilicp of
SupurvlHgr of I'lckAiiR county, sf.hject to the action
of the Democratic primary.
Thrf many friends of WILLIAM K. DATS respecifu11
v announce him bn a candidate for the
office (if*Supervisor of I'lekeiiw county. subject
to the action of I ho Democratic parly In the pri
mary election.
For County tiiiiiliiliiHlon?r.
The many friends of N II. MOKUK, respectfully
announce hint a eandlilato for the ollli'o
of I 'oininlMHloncr of Pickens county. mll>]eet to
the action of tlio voters In tlio Democratic prlinnry
At the request of tunny friend* i hereby hii
notinee my self a candidate for the oMce of
County 1'onimlnHloner of Plckem* county, sub
left to the action of tlio iJcinOeratie pilnutrs
.If )ll N |? SMITH
I hereby announce myself n ean?lMute fot the
ollloe of County Commlft>loner for I'lckentt
(,'oulily, subject to the aetlon of llm Dcuiocriitlc
piirty in the prlmmy election. <i, \V. IIO\\ l.N.
For Coroner
I(y the solicitation of ninny frleiii'H, I hereby
announce inyHClf a camlMiite for the olllce of
Coroner of I'lckCliH count). Riihject to the lie
tion of the Democratic voter* at the approach
Ink' priinf ry election
Very respeei fully,
\V. A. LA UK.
At tho Hollnltntion of many friend* I hereby
announce myself as h eHu<lli(itte for tho olTlec
of Coroner of I'lekcna county, Mihjeet to the
action of the Deinocrotle |?nrty In the approachInu
primary Klectlon. .1. IiKVI SANDI'.US.
At tho aol(citation of my friends I a^ain nil
notinro myself a candidate for the ofllec of Coro
ner of t'lekens county, ami pledge myself to
abide the roMill of the Democratic primary.
.1. J. Oil A N DI.KR.
I herehv annownce mynplf a can?ll?late for lliu
ofllce of Coroner of I'lekeiiH emiiity, Huldect to
the nrtlon of the Doinocrati'- party In tli* prt
mary election. I'. C. CAlt'l KB.
llamonH Englifili Cough Syrup nurcH
congliH, colds, bronchitis and nil
trouble**. 2r>o at Enrloi ]>? , ?
I). Moore, Gruig Bros. j
?in. -/" ?
The Warm
Tho air is getting warm, and I
last ?cck our elore was full of early si
prcciilfliits. May in the month of
when all goes well?'' Mr. Now Schoc
we have planned to make May a
never b>.en to complete and desirable
Thi?. our liitrpf, nddili?>n linu
provod <ho biggot?t success. Our
second Hour in tmost popular
part < ! our store, there you will
find the most amazing values, and
priced that outclass any over made
i i Greenville Quality mid designs
that will ploaso tho most exacting
buy tr.
*7 50 BLUE SKI WE SUITS $5.00.
Mods gun run teed all wool Sorgo
Suitf, will put it against any seven*
fi'lv v.due, made in four button,
Kuek onlv? sizes 34 to 42. While
tin y last*.$5 00.
$G 50 LKADKK AT $4 08.
Me. s all wool clay worsted suits,
intulo in four button tack only, size
:M to -14. We have sold over one
hundred an?l tifty of this number
iii the last th.rty days, but have 1
plenty more at $4 OS.
^ tTso uLenside oassimere
Gleiiaido Cassimorc are the best
wearing fabrics on tho market at
tho prio?. Full lino of patterns in
both slims at.<1 iegulaiv, sine 33 to
11 at *I.P3.
I f Ol 51 W ?S
Greenville's Cheapest Store
" * ? JBL JL ^ ^
Arc; you ready for yc
\vc arc showing1 a nice line
will pay you to see this line
White Seal
I 1
The White Seal Clothi
ln.rc; t r towns for its sopcrioi
ciuriomty. i\one but the l>c
making this clothing and er
by an expert. We arc sho\
come and let ns show you tl
We are looking for ?
the rise and we can save yo
iim vnn
Pv^\_y.JLi\a. J U IL
The faculty of CI.mdsou Oolh-jro
hi\h invited the teachers of IMclcGiifl
an(1 Oconno countic-s in jf int
BORaion at ClomBOn Collcgo, Saturday
May Mth. All toaehCTH who
can go writo iiic tit onco, ho
that I can inform tho Chairman
ol the faculty n* to tho number
' who will go from this county. I
trunt all tcachoi'H who can will go,
bocauK! Cloiri&on will try and|mako
our stay pleasant and profitable.
It. T. HAIJjI M,
Co, Hupt. of Ivl.
ICd. Pcntinol* Journal Co.
1'ickeiiH, H. 0.
My I)<'nr Hir: Ploane announce
in your papor tliat the imxt t<?aclicrn
examination will li??l<i at
; Pickens Kritlay May 20lli. JOxflin!
1 lift t i?111 In Iwirin :il <1 A >?
v" "" ft""" "v " " ' " " * I'
|>1 icatitH ninut lurniah |l;cir own
Htfttionory, legul nizo preferivd,
it. t. 11a uj:m,
(Jo Snpt Kd.
School Election.
On petition of the voters and electors
of llnnipton school (i,<*tiiet, No
i 40, nn election is ordered to l>o Im Id
Int Ilnmptin Beliool house, to deter
mino whether or not nn extra levy of
two mills Hindi bo levied on nil tlio
property within tho < 1 i?trict. The
(m lin \f i*w 7t U
vw ...J .V.I. w..n
to open at 1 o'clock ?>. ro. and closo
nt 5 o'clock. Tho present board of
truftteeft to net n? inannRnrH. Tho
election to l>o conducted according to
itdt'H nod rc^uintioiiH laid down in
tho HChool lnw. By order of CoUnty
lionrd of Kd neat,ion.
K. T. Hallum, Chairman.
. 4
' "~4?; vv.
Days of May Are
me people must have wearicg apperiul to unit the i
boppera. But this etore'a mission is to reverse ci
grent soiling. Mr. 0!d School says; in nuoh time
>1 replies: "It is just the time to push hardest an(
month long tc I e remembered in our business cftr<
, and prices arc us low us honest niotoliuudise can
i Mens Flannic
float nuvkea on
pnir warranted
ranging from 3
Ono hundred
Percale and Mi
oaHily 80c, size
75c MadkahsN
W'ffsrf 1,1 ,lvl 1 ,IUil<
on light groui
10G N. Main Street. Oreei
1 AND snn/vi
>nr Spring Suit. Two piece Suits are all tl1
made of "Milton Cloth." Every suit gu^i
IPQ ft BiQ LINE...
I Clothing;
ng is iamous in all the j
11 v in on n, ?iuu in auu ; J7WHIT?\L IW
i StAL )> fc
st tailors arc employed in J
ich garment is inspected .1
,vilg a variety of styles V|
irough. V
l l>ig shipment of Hour this week that was bi
u money. Call and get our prices.
ice-Morrow Com]
A A A A A ?A* A J\ A A A A A A A A A A
r Job Printii](i?v^1
* 1
* > /IN /f\
and everybody feels lik^.shedt^fi
old hot shoes and stepping into
cool pair of slippers.
This week we call your ,-specia
tion to our line of Ladies f^sioj^li
11ijjfh Point, $1.25
1 )ixie Girl, $1.50
These are excellent values for th<
I Iere ^oes a small lot of Miss
Oxford^ 13s to 2s for only 50c
They are worth $1.00 per pair .bin
der to sell them quickly we 111;
price just hall their actual value.
We have some more bargains
dress goods and cordially invit<
who have not already supplied
selves to give us a call.
Plenty of good (lour and coffee
at the; lowest cash price.
We art; nreoarintr to handh
of chickcns and eggs tins spri
summer and will give the highest
price for them. Yours truly,
Craig Brothe
Ono-Prioe Cash
t _ wr^y
# v . 2r
'. i ,-jr
season. Every day i
ustoms ami smash
h "why push tilings
1 strongest. Henco
aer. ,vQi?r stock has
be solfl.
ftC^U , _
i, and Homespun, :
tits, prices $8.BO to
|u FISH EL CO'S. y*
Li tho latest fubricL,
10 00 to $25 00.
11 Rtiin<l hard woftr,
fe, 98c, $1 25, $2.00
I &, S Knoe P*r
r, which are tho
the market, every
not to rip. Prices
9c to $1 25.
LESIIIRT8 25c. j
dozon men and boys
ndrass shirte, worth
h 12 to 17 at 25o.
i ts, mndo of genuine
figures and stripes
id, eizoB 14 to 17 at |
nville, S. C.
www' '
ic rage and x {, , >
iranteod. It
ought before
3555555 i
? )
. )
|I !
ig' tlir.ir
a nice
1 attenI
' r"
^ price. ,
ics Tan / ^
a pair.
t in or;ike
s ^
f ir .
in nice
e those
: a lot
ng and
r s . ./
Store v

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