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jham of Alabama
cided Stand. , ^f.t
a., May 7.?Goveiraor
nkon a decided sti'nd I
He wrote an* Tier |
H letter U> Circuit JiuIko W. S. AntlerI
eon again culling hl? uttouthm to the
lynching of Reuben BIiuh, a negro hi
Baldwin county, and asking him to
mm call a special term of his court. The
governor quotes an opinion from the
HI attorney gonoral, which saye the governor
lias no right tcj oompol a clroult
-judge to call u speoial term; in closing '
ftk^^hla ]letter tho governor say a: "1 oan
HtaT~ 'est., as 1 now do. with nil tho
,.t iny command, that you
F Xho authority committed to
about which thoro can bo no
and hold tho court.**
or letter was mailed to Jivlgo
8ayro, of tho llftoenth JudluIt,
calling hl? attention to the
^ g of Qainea Hall, a negro in
u uwiuiy, uie omor any. 110
> Jy requests Jurigo Sayro to oull
| tl term of the court. Uovorivor
/ ct I igliam comes out In a long
. j' Btau.;ient showing his position on
lynching. In his statement tho govornor
nays ho bollovos that an oart#
est lio.art and prompt offort to bring
lynchers to Justice will, In a short1
time, not only mako tho law a torror
^ to criminals, but also to those who
y^y cirsermj.'il It by substituting lynchlngs
f ,?l'or coin-Is of Justice.
Survey Already Completed for Road
to Auburn.
Opellka, Ala., May 7.?Opollka lu go
Ing to have a first-class olOctrlc railway
systom extending from this place i
down to tho collego town of Auburn.
Unless something unexpected luip|>ons
work will begin goon. Tho preliminary
survoy Is alroady nuulo and
tho promoter to tho projoct, Rush
Taylor, Is sanguine over tho prospects.
Mr. Taylor will loavo next wook for
New York to complete tho work of
final details and will place tho bonds.
Mr. Taylor has already socuixxl In OpeIlka
and Auburn contracts for light
and powor sufficient to guaranteo a
revenue of $20,000 annually, without
Including the revenue from passenger
service/and other sources. Bosides
tills,^ho has assurances, contract bo
Vlfi 11HU, 11UIU CUpilllllSlS HUlt II inu
eloctric lino la put in operation faoof
-,ciious kinds will bo erected
^/here. The prospects aro bright. Mr.
,y Taylor has the hearty and unanimous
support of tho people of both towns.
Central Pennsylvania Bituminous Coal
Now York, May 7.?An Important
tftoy bas boon Uvkwti toward the c*muplotlon
of tho Central Pennsylvania
bituminous coal consolidation* says a
Herald dispatch from Philadelphia.
Tho Pennsylvania (V>al and Ookfl
company, through its president, \V. A.
Lftthrop, lias announc**l that as a ro
suit of negotiations extending over
several months it has purchased all o(
tho capital stock and franchises of tho
I leech Crook Coal and Coke company.
Tho tprms xvpiv not made public.
igh this addition to lt? properf
\ o Pennsylvania Coal and Coke
company, now controls upwards o<
117,0U0 acros of coal and surface laud.
Governor Terrell Returns.
Atlanta-, May 7.?Governor Terroll
was in his ofhce again Thursday, af
ter having boon out of tho city for a
I "week., during which tlmo ho visited
Washington, Chester, Pa., and Now
York. Governor and Mrs. Terrell
were in the party, which wont on to
^ tho launching of tho now steamship
City of Atlanta, of tho Ocoan Bteanv
Hhlp lino.
Theater Suffers From Fire.
Denver, May 7.?Tho Intorlor of th?
Curtis theater, which, had Just boon
newly equipped, wa.s destroyed by tiro
s * that, started on tho .stago early today.
All e traveling equipment, costumed
. scenery of tho May Howard TCx
1^ ivaganza company, wero burnod j
M?gr io total loss is estimated at $55,000.
ie flro in believed to havo started
,j >m an Improperly Insulated electric
R 1
A Chicago Men Buy Mines.
Charlotte, N. ('., May 7.?D. J. Thlee,
^presenting a mining company of ChV
jft igo, has purchased from Martin Ik? j
-j, through his attorney, W. M
inith, 50 acres of mining proporty Id
^^Bo. 9 township, Cabarrus county, ad
^ Mnlng the Olbba and the Phoenfa
nes. It is said that $10,000 wjip
I o consideration.
Piro Near Moultrie.
\ MnnllHn C'.n M <. u 7 i
I ^?orun had a dI?astorufl ftro, destroying
tSio principal business housoa of
B tho placo. Tho cnuso of tho ftro lu
unknown Tho losses arei st<>ri<
P| of Pate Slmth Co.. $7.0oft; l>rs. (!.
Rk j). and D. B. Harwell offices, $l,r>00;
j. j. Johnson, two Htoros, 11*600. The
Hr) stock of A. 10. Manning wa? also badly
To Add 5,000 Spindles.
Oarrollton, (la.. May 7.?Hutchorson
'. I Manufacturing company, of Grannln,
this county., lmvo about oompletod tho
largo U-story brick annex fo their cotton
mill wherein they will Install ft.000
I t additional splndk-H, doubling tho car
pacfty of tholr mill.
"Tic a Miitg mould your finger.'
^ let that tottlo of Klioumaoide today be*
i/\ ro your rlionrontiwin gets n firm bold
VI become* dangerous.
Ippk. w
- j nli< s' * Mcdlclno for Children.
BHPKWk ion yon l/iiy u cougli medicine for
"recliiUlion yon want run in which
\V, placo implicit confidence. Yon
one I hat not onlv relieveH bill
H aiH. Yon wan*/ ono that ia umpie?mmid.v
ImrinlciH. You wnnt ono that
.1 it(lltflnt In Inkn. niinmnorliiin'a Mnnn
P, r - I
luMiiod.v meets nil of 111oh*; condition!*,
'here is nothing ho good for the coughs
and uol'ls r oid<nit '> childhood. it in
uIro ii en in |?fovoiitivo ntul euro foi
roup, and there is no danger whatever
from whooping cough when it ia given,
ft has heen used in many epidemics of
that disease with perfeet success. For
raIn l>y Pickens Drug Co., and faulo's
Drug Store, Pickens; at.d Hunter .V
Pickens, Liberty.
Makes a Clean Sweep.
Thore's nothing, hko doing a thing
thoroughly. Of all tho sidvcs you ever
hoard of, Jlncklen'fl Arnica Sidvo in the
bent. 1' sweeps away and cures bum*,
sores, hnii?oH, cuts, boils, uleers, skin
eruptions aid j>ilo?. ft'.* only 25c, ami
guaranteed t.? give satisfaction, by Piokouh
Drug (Jo.
* v
^ _ - xL
" I was very poorly and could |
hardly get about the house. I was Q
iirca out an tne time, men I tried I
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and it only I
took two bottles to make me feel
perfectly well."?Mrs. N. S. Swln- U
ney, Princeton, Mo.
Tired when you go to fl
bed, tired when you get B
up, tired all the time. Q
Wny ? Your blood is im- 9
pure, that's the reason. 8
You are living on the |
border line of nerve ex- I
haustion. Take Aver's
Sarsaparilla ana be
quickly cured.
jrvr Ask
your doctor what ho thinks of Ayer's H
B Baisaparllla. llo knows all aboutthlsKrand H
ok' family medicine. Follow his advlco and N
wo will bo satisfied. n ,
J. O. Iykr Co., Lowoll, Mas*.
1 ' !
Marina was a Mexican girl, with tho
usual black hair and eyes of Mexicans.
Sho wus ouly sixteen, but nt sixteen
ninny girls of tlio tropics aro os old as
girls of twonty In tho uortlv. Marina
ii-.xi l??if o luinx ,1? ...III.
?? J.W. ....... -> mill
very llttlo education. Ono evening a
stranger stopped at lu>r father's cabin,
lie was a young man with fair hair
and bluo eyes and above all a winning
pinilo. IIu asked Marina if lie might
have ono of hor flowers growing in a
bed besido tho door and when ho did so
smiled at her. That was tho last of
Marina's peace of mind. Edwin Cooper,
tho stranger, a young civil engineer
on the railroad being built through
iih easily as he had plucked her (lower. I
Hut there ir* danger in picking hearts I
In those tropical garden*. It la like j
touching one of the beautiful Insects I
jf the country. Marina did not sting I
Cooi>er, but one Narvaer., u dirty little
Mexican, who had seen the engineer's
smile and how it went to a heart that
he had In vain tried to appropriate, was
mado his enemy, and such enemies,
who Invariably strike in the dark, are
to bo dreaded. When Cooper went the
ni?vf flflV ho lliwl flit nn niwl O
faded ninny colored scarf Marina wore.
She followed hlui to tjie gate, chattering
as she went, ami ttie last thing
Cooper Bald to her was, "See, I will
wear your souvenir In luy buttonhole."
Cooper had uo soont^r depnrtixl than
Nurvnez, who had Ixvn present the
ovenlng before?Indeed lw? had been i
bunging about Marina iimjhI ?rf the tiina '
?entered and upbraided her for her
conduct toward the stranger. This conduct
had been without excuse, l'or Marina
was betrothed to Ulirvaez. She I
hail consented to ho Ills wtfo not bo- !
eause she loved hltu, but bcoauso ho I
was tlio first man she hod mot since |
aho emerged from childhood. She did :
not scorn to bo at all ashamed of bav- |
ing been led aside so easily. She told !
Narvaez In patois Spanish Hint ho was
a miserable specimen of humanity and 1
tho stranger was a pod. Narvaez was
so beside himself with rage that ho
was tempted to run a knife into her.
but was too much infatuated with her
to do so. IIo resolved that ho would
take revenge on the Americano.
Cooper continued to wear the bit of
scarf in his buttonhole. ' Whether ho
didn't hnvo tlmo to tako It out or
whether h? exacted that ho might
meet the little girl from whom ho got
it and desired to let her boo that he
valued It, no one knows. Several of
Ills associates ask^d him what It meant
?was it the badge of a society, a decoration?what
was It V But ho only replied
that ho had got It from a girl.
One day Cooper was carrying a tlieodollte,
which ho occasionally set up
on three legs, looked through it at a
rod on which was a slide and madu
some figures In his notebook. Ho
found It a tedious process, and once
wnilo ho sent his rodsman forward a
long distance ho sat down on tho grass
to wait. There was no one else about,
and ho sat enjoying the solitude ni?l
listening to tho hlrilR. Suddenly a
huge stone came down on his head and
crushed his skull. The rodsinan, not
hearing or seeing anything from him
for some time, Anally went back to
find out what wus tho matter. Cooper
was dead.
Micro was no ciow to tike murderer.
Coojmm's valuables hail not been taken;
at least none wna mlflRfd, aiul no one
could understand how any person could
! have had any interest In murdering
| him. Not long after the tragedy Narvaess
renewed his attentions to Marina,
who, ho far as he could soo, had forgotten
the handsome stranger.
"When shall wo be married?" said
the little Mexican one day to Marina.
"I'll tell you," she rei>ll<?d. "Wo will
be married when you bring mo the bit
of my scarf I gave tho-engineer."
"I bring you tho bit of rtcarf! How
could I get It?"
"You must find It PerhaDS ho left
it union# IiIh clothing. You might Bteal
"1 will not do Huch n thing."
Then I will not marry you."
From thut time Mnrlna would havo
nothing to do with him. At Inst one
day ho brought hor tlio souvenir. Then
sho named a day for tho woddlng.
On that day whllo Narvaez was putting
on a now suit of clothes he had
bought at a store for his marriage lie
was arrested and carried before tho
Judge. There were present a number of
(ho men employed on railroad construction,
iiik1 Hittlux In a coimjcicuous place,
wearing on her bottom tJbo bit of scurf
which sho bad mado tJve price of her
consent, was Marina. Narvao'/. looked
at her In astonishment. Hho returned
bis look with a cold blooded staro.
1 Nnrvnez was accused of the murder
of Oooix'r, and Mailna was called to
the stand. Hho told her jitory, Riving
an account of Cooper's visit and tho
vIiik blm the bit of scarf, ending her
testimony In this wise:
"I know, senor Judge, that Nnrvaw.
bad killed the Amerleano, but I could
not make him be punished without the
proof. I knew the Americano would
wear my scarf, for ho promised nu\
Wlioii I hoard that It was not found on
hint I suspected Xarvaoz hud It ns a
trophy. I pretended not to suspect Norvno7.
of tho murder, but t< U1 him ho
muHt steal it for mo from tho Americano's
clothes. At last ho brought It to
It did not toko long to convict Nor*
vopz of the murder. Jnat before ho won
led awny ho flei7/od an Iron Inkstand
from a table and before Ik? could t>o
prevented hurled It at the girl bo had
supposed ho was to marry that duy and
who Instead of becoming his bride had
beeomo tho Amorlcano'H avenger. Fortunately
he missed her.
fhere Are Several Speclwa off Thei*
Iladlnnt Tropical Bird*.
Thorn nro illuiiif nnvnii otmnlnii ?
flamingoes inhabiting tho tropical parts
of both hemisphere!*, three of which
uro In America, frequenting tho Bahamas,
Florida and Cuba. lu height tho
bird averages about tlvo feet, and if Its
curved neck woro stretched to Its full
length It would tower above tho head
of nil ordinary man. Flamingoes breed
In May and June. At thla period their
bright colored plumage is faded. It assumes
Its most radiant hues lu wlntor.
When llrst hatched, the young liuvo
n siraigni 0111, wuicu arter a time develops
into ono of bent shape. Their
first plumage Is grayish white nud
passes through various tints of pink,
rose, earinlne or vermilion to the full
scarlet of the adult, which reaches Its
deepest shudo on tlio wings. Sevornl
years are necessary to porfect the
filial gaudy plumage.
The eggs are white, showing n blue
tinge when scraped under the surfuco.
They are long, oval and linvo u thick
shell, equaling In size that of the common
goose. The flesh Is not palatable
to the taste, being extremely oilv.
They feed upon both nnlnuil ami vegetable
matter from the oozo ami soft
bottoms of the shallow waters and
lagoons selected by them both as a
feeding ground anil nesting place.
When tlying, their long legs aro stretched
out behind and the nock becomes
straight. They have a peculiar voico
and a sort of one syllable outcry,
which they utter as an alarm signal
the moment they aro approached or
believe themselves to" bo in danger.
On account of their keen eyed and
wary nature it is almost iimpossible to
get within close range of tliein. They
walk with slow and cautious tread.
PaNNCiiKcm I'ny Their Far* nnd
Work Their Wuy na Well.
In the old days of canal voyaging
captains of boats were not infrequently
asked to give a wayfarer a lift. The
man was asked if lie was willing to
work his passage. If he said "Yes" ho
was put to work driving the horses. In
Kuropo, it scorns, a similar custom is
practiced on paying coach passengers.
In tiie Pyrenees there Is a coach road
oeiwion two viliagos, one on each side
of u mountain 10,000 fuot high. After
the roach 1ms proceeded a llttie distance
ami roachcd tl.e steep part of the
ascent tho conductor beys the pasoengers
to get out ho as to easo tbe horsos.
They are even requested u push bohlml
and help the poor animals to drag
the huge vehicle uphill.
"When at last the summit to ronched
the traveler, wiping from his forehead
drops of sweat as big as kidney beans,
congratulates himself on the breeay
ride down the steep slopes of tho descent
which awaits him.
There Is where he makes n mistake,
for tho conductor, with a sweet audio,
begs the gentlemen to be kind enough
to hang on to the coach behind and act
the part of a Westinghouse air brake
or else the horses may be Injured.
In this manner the terminus of tho
line Is fOiH-lli'il fhi> nnuBiimmpfl linvlxi* I
pushed tlio coach nil the way up ono
Bide of the mountain and held it hack
all tho way down the other.
In Hulto of this there Is a rush for
places on the coach dally, as there haa
been fur half a century.?Spare Moments.
Wonderful Kitchen War?.
A visit to the kitchen ware department
of a large city store is enough
to make the veriest spinster long for
a home to furnish if she has a spark
of femininity in her makeup.
There are enameled sauce and
Btew pans of milky whiteness finished
with edges of gilt. There are all
ports of cooking utensils, teapots,
coffeepots, preserving kettles, milk
; boilers, cereal cookers unci dish pane
i which are dainty enough to use on
i the dining room table. As theeo
will never rust, they are greatly to
ikj desired by the housewife, and al!
though they are rather expensive
they are doubtless cheaper in tlio
end than those which cost less, but
wear out sooner.?New York Preeft.
.t vvy cii.aiDiiiK u
acids that produce
gggSr out all the dang<
Hf O body?that is I
Jj? Other medicines treat sympt<
tuujr, ana, tneretore, its
Helps the digestion, tones up
free on application to Borb
M prietors, 316 West Lombard
j u? "' ' "" " * ' *
*p> Jl ?
1Superior t?
S3 It is sold el
CLi i.
Rev. Dr. WfcLe
i -V V't I V, v , .v*.v-% " vrr^
ES PN,.?ei.U_ PI
"I am now in my 73il yoar ami have #erv?l God f<
than forty yonra 1 have been ?>lttlcto1i__wltli__?ljrwEiil2?lS--SSlI
mrougn overwork u to be (Unqualified utlrrly from dike!
soemed to prey upon mo. Tho most noted pkyHicians fall
sloop, ami for more than two yoars I W to take sleeping
"My nervous prostration becamo well i^h tmbcara
of tho living. Languago fails to expres* the agoay of uij
"Bomethlng over a month ego I began taking your
days I found that it began to help me. It gave me itron
siuco taking it. I thank Ood there is suoh a medicine to
and nervous people especially to tite it. I feel that it wfl
tho healing vlrtuo of your preparation. I am a temperal
understood." Yours very truly, (REV.) A. HoLKOD, D,
Rov. Dr. McLeod's ondorsemont is but tho ontpourii
sufToring and who openly acknowledges the groat medici
of medicine, nurses and people in evory Walk of life uniti
tho one true, modlcinal whUksy. Duffy's rare Halt Whl
pnoumonia, catarrh, dyspepsia, and nil kinds of stomach
tired nerves, to bring porfeot bcnltlMdtahe whole boine. D
druggists and grocers or direct, 91.00 par bottle. Medical
- - - ' . 1 - Jt!. 1
|machinery; PIi
J1! All ....-I t ri
|| Vfhcn In th? M?rK?l for '
I W^H. Gibbes&Co.g
| COLUMBIA. S. C. ||
H The 6lbbM Portable Shlnole Machlnc. H
School Electien- GREKI^
On petition of electors and voters
of Coutral school tliutrii-t No. 0, nn
elootion is ordered to be held Sloy 14
at school house of nt>ovo unnii d dis
trict to diteiinine whether or not the - .
special fehtol levy of dihtiiet shidl b? *
raised Ik in two (2) mills to (4) millb j r\.?
on all property within the distiicl for X V_/ I )(
school purposes. The present board |
ol irufitetB to actaa managers. I'uIIh a
to oi en at one o'clock aud closo at neNUOit|?' tR,
six o'clock. 'I lie (lection to bo cou- 2 tag* buys j
ducted' ao<-onlii)<( to 1 ulea ni?d repn 5 tags buys a
In!ions laid down in Mibcol law. 1 y equal value,
order of LYunty Board of Eduuatiui. trade tlit-m f<
K. T. Hallum, _ Br ? luf
Apr. 20 ?4
*? jjj^ j,,^,
VORK with' the first dos#, ^
ie blood of all the poisonous
t RHEUMATISM, driving M
:rou* germs that infest the M ______
the way cure* art effected kjr fln
>a/y/5//^> i i f""""
IIfi If lit
5fiv?; Rhtumatidt rtm$VH tfa ffl 1
jyr M ''K '
the system. Sample bottle B U
itt Chbmical Co., Pro- S I maJ
St., Baltimore, Md. JM I A*,**
i Notlunj
M. I hou?fc, 1
B in cMtiti
. H /tarn* of
iii i i > 11?<ni a I DUlVlUl
And to
e get able M **
^ wBB m'v n(lv
Hra' nao,ifly'
3 all otHers||| * Of*vor
^eigr-wHericjp;>4 ?r"?
tib^ * fcii i
od Thanks Go
'ut*e Malt Whi?
Uses and (
gmi Impassioned
The Great Pre<
jifflSS Cured of Dys]
Nervous Pro:
Forty Years'S
the Wonderful
$ '' Honored and
Among Men,i
Than 00 Yea
P/n!W stant Service i
bvtcrJnn Omrr
is S^l Faifhft
Whiskey Has
arlwmly and to tho best of my ability in my choson c
tiwvouu prostration. Xt timoa 1 >von 1?1 K?>t so run (low
barging niy ministerial duties. 'I'*" oUlor I firotv tho
IV1 t/> !tr<W?ri1iA on W 4 !?.?*- -J - T
...^ww.wv MM! HivutviiiVD VUUV IA3UVUICU II1U. 1 CO I
; powcl?r? ?v%?ry
bit. Bat for the grata of God helping mo, I would nc
' rw'.ij.
preparation, lhjffy's Pure Mult "Whiskey. In tho brl
etfa, IioIjmmI my digestion, settled my nerves find 1 havo
bo had. and rofcommend all poople with weak, brol:on-?l
II help them. 1 will l>o glad to answer any comumniral
u<s? man, and I do not tliiuk my position in this nm
, 1). Oreenk'ftf, Mich
?g of a grateful soul, Tho lotter of a man who has bivi
ual value of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskoy. Ministers of
s la ooiumending this wonderful mcdiciuo?tho only porfoc
Iskey cures ooughs, colds, worst form of grip, consum
trouble. It nevor fails tc build up a worn-out syst(
Ivory testimonial is published in good faith ami Kuarnut
booklet free. Dully Malt Whiskey Co., ltochoe>tcr, N.
The Suit or Ovrrrnnt vnn hnv 1
perfectly and looks well ro n
position you stand or sit.
Our clothing is made to f.t .uo-n
not as they might be. If it does
we alter it until it does fit.
Everything latest in style, of the
fabrics and tailored in the most pt
w l f f WWf # f g I ^
Sole Agent lor 11 awes' 11 ats, 1
Nufangl Trousers.
acco Tags Want
liiug to fool with, still nomo prcplo 8nvrt thorn. Fo
moli uu IlrowiiH Mulf, B(!Iiiiii|)|>r, Eurlj Bird, S>
<u m l i.i of matched, 100 to box. 5} tug? bnvH a lui
Imp of annd lavnulfv Un.m !??./! ??"1 *
?#? f?"w- "r* u ml ul 1111*1 lJI,n:' l?
liring me your tagn, if matches and aoap is not
>r ftoiucthiug cl?o,
ky |)UIoIiiih>- I can ollor you n lint> MoIahmh nt !)3.\ .1
loin. Tlioso are fully an good iiuil bright us hum i
reil wyrup at 25c in 10 g ?l. lots.
*<>u Tobacco in IhhI ad. hold Rood for a while long'
1 ntcHik Cotton Ifot'H cheaper than 1 can l?uy thein u
ort time I will hi II Menu and Wotuonfl
profit. Conic mjd boo about this ?Money in it for
uug out a few fu,e Choe?e for what they will hiing.
,'H paid for Chickens?Cash or Goods. 'Ctrl always
r\ i i _ ?
i. u. nam
irtftj'ii Ilori lionml, Mnlliin nnd Tar in con"po*ed
f K'Uifdim know I) for (uring eongliH, eolilp, In giipp<
l tffei tioi.ii due to iiflnnxd nml irritated condition <
It ia prompt in unfolding relief and certain in itH
i ourt*.
* % V W "? --r - - - -
mrruy 8 liorcnounu Mill lion and
> um<1 to iwlTautflgo in o.-m-h wlir>rc oilier medicine)
fMailt, |>i11* It r? getublo niul ubnolutt ly Hnle for ol<
( pIhp likA it iu All the ?oi!d. It r-lmnlri l avt- n )
read* it lint <1 when needed. I'mentH will liud its i
? of erorp. It ban roimoknblo virtue in coutroMii
%lioopiug cough. I'i io?-2fx'. Gui-rMitci d Hidisfiu
Preptied by tho Mutiny Ding Co., Colunibin, H
I * all B\S^
will light M pfi KK N8, 8 (J. where lie now li?\n
riuI Mont Complete Lino of
ever carried. My trade i? i"oren?ing every ?l*y. I
ne?t VttliH'H. Tho BEST of everything f?>r tho lo<?
ertineraent. N? vor mind the prico of i-n nrtiole if il
ytliing Ru?l yon will Iftirn by oxperio?<y> thnt The
i?t, 1/ joa wunt nnytl.il.g in (lie MtrcAnlile Line,
TiOt or rent * lIom<>, or buy n Honuo nml Lot, }<
mej by seeing me before yon make n trndo.
Ynnrs truly,
(Key. |
d Divine C\ ^
Commends jj T,1? SimSB'
PURE | ,
[SKEY in // ?ff6,'CI
Language. y\ The Hrnnrte8t tailors on'ear
\v that furnish this store will
ishin^ hupincpH. Sun son a
arViPt* \X/a?2 fC there is no dift\rence in tli
^9^ tho smart suits we offer?(
pepsia and & pared to convince you of t
itration of J TEUE F1ESEP1
landing by K WLff f C
[ Medicine 1 oR
He ExtoL. than at anv previous time
Pm renehe?l?Perfection in tlx
T"? 1 tfll new garments that now cc
Kespected ' \a here about Easter time, si
. f _ | /7 your new spring and kuiiv
\lter More our time iii lltling yon. 1
f _ | j\ leave ti>e store until ho is i
rs of Con-. // ~??_?
? D I >' ?
JZ'iS: ?, smith
).D., Who (/ LEAD!
illy Pursu- ^ Ci
Frank and , _
atement of |j 1 fl 1 0 (1'
W ti'bll Ida
0UO\ 0 r-ntv
ailing. For moro /?? fa? E / J
n constitutionally " l * ' C,??j=<v
moro tho disonso
ild noithor oat nor
>t bo In tho land LLV F I J, W.
lef period of two I \ I A \ T / \ \
gained ton pounds 1 ) 1 J;\ A I v / AN
town constitutions
Lions in regard to /1 T T
ttor will bo mis- V_y ^ )
Jan. 22, 1004.
i relieved of grant . ...
tho gospel,doctors ,
't tonic-stimulniit, BS>on t iuli to i
nHi.11 l,r,,.w.l,!.i..
Mil, to ftontlio tilt* I I I 1 | j
toed. Forwilo by J . , O \ \
~f?-^uuM>usjn;.T5mp ? 0
Not lieir u nl?lc lo fit.cl a
icrt: tits you l'icki n.->, tuul iiavo ic.-t ulun
latter in what a nice linn ol'SrKiXt; (.;()()
Neck won r, ICtc., which arc n
as they arc,
not (it at first It Doesn t I al<
To roo t}int my goods i
most worthy terns, and Unit tlio price is
'rfcct manner u"^ &u,nmor Clothing, rfhoi
mo, iCou will always regret
For tlio best goods at a
)utchcss and Freeman Building.
Now is the time to inv
r inost of R. J. 277 jures will.in <> mil'
\<M*1) SlnluiS, elO., , , : : i r 4
?.r Castile ho:ip! l)?loncc in oiif.Mi.nl f. nsl.
/ Hell tn'.;s lmve plontv of wntur. Terms to
what you want, Ouo 1 >L H nerea in low
(tplemlid Ixirn sunl finn y.ii l
' k'a] 1 |C> jhtch, t?ne farm in
inuclo Norifi'inn. I . ? , . ?
wood, also running ^tinaim
[?r, 1JH acres in splondid
<>\v. hoii6(!p. Km.) tmilic r. T<ii
For Iiirther informali<>
J. D. 5
you. OlTlco fit Depot.
want Produce. Jp23iEa
IC Wlmt .1.1) M<
1 am 1?ny inu 1
mtMnnvm*. ?e-?-w..x ai.il i:
prices you can see, if
<a.?li, tluit'h i li<* way
at a low down pi ict:
, , , rl Ilice.
I of iiio mom m ? /i <v ? r
, .... n. ? re bui'iir, i olice,rlt)u
[?, Hove 1lir< at 9] .. / ?. i ?. ?.
flhoairpaR. 0 "" 'hoO.d Man Mm
<fl\ct of Isiih Pj wlill here.
Till- 1 <J.
^Ml Vl^ i 1p
!IS \|gjp
tin* Ln iff eat inlily oonoludo Hint it ih a very *
who Iiiih l iid oxpnriouco or inu<]<
grentenu import-nee; u glass mn,
-\iq r-? siglit mid lienllli. Can you nIVo
_J 1 O E*? Di". Oiinim in throiigli expI
mcntfl n?d modern metliodn, to
'asr I)i?a'11!normal "perfoel" ryo. Yen wil
?t mom-y in aro giving jou trouble have tlioi
ts worth tlio ? | .A
I .
Those letters apeak for tlio.i
llent Ih tho Office of Baptist Count Kit.
If y< n want A. J. H. Tltom iH, W. W. K
>11 wont ioho to Whom It May Concorii:
I am Ufuntf Riannoa fitted on
h <ti?fnction ami comfort, ami I i
has worked for tho best peoj
_ _ ;on\ment on hia work.
I I cheerfully testify to tho *
tUl^tl hy Dr. Crimm.
' t AU glawtOH at tho moat roafl
1111 " 1 I ni *^out cutting.
* . -. V'. \ $
? jjrjllv'fS,, . J; I
*,-? /* ***'" r(*
test Clothing |
3 Her? in Years. 1
in >1 rn ' iii|Muyt->i m tne estaonsiimenis
n apparel. This is one reason of our ilourfter
we have demonstrated to you that m
10 ninde-to-uiPiisiire kind of clothes and
>xcept tho price. And wo are better prehis
fact in M
r mcotfiiceinit ibis-1
if pew 5?rrs f
as summer wear... 1
The top notch ot goodncs-j has been M
! art of tailoring lias boen attained in the B
mil ri^e out stock. There will bo a rush
i ad vise you to come tnis week and choose m .
uior suit or top coat. Wo want to take 7)
t is our wnv of doinir th intra to lot no man x\ *
l>lenno:l in fit rnd ?tj !e in every particular. ^
S.< Brsstow, \
rccnville, S. C.
( n t n 1 it n 1 n r? i tt n I
lEtui, mmm\
A IilC, WAT0.1I ES,
: i>s, .) tewlc.lh'Y",
T (i LASS.
?>(' our line of Ari l'oltory.
U N S The Jeweler,
J too N. M.U.I St. Ureenvllle. S. C.
suitable location, 1 havo (lecidotl to stay in
> (i fivin the niPikots \vh,>rn I havo nurr-haKfid
DS, } im-Ii us Clothing, Shoes, hatw, Shirts,
iuw 11) display at my stoie. Call and 800
;e Glasses
iro all now, fro^h, and this season's patwav
down. If you fail to buy your Spring
s, ! I ills, Shirt.-*, Tics and Underwear from
small profit call at
Louis Cupel, Prop.
lie Pei iele. ~
c.l ii Pickens real vtl-.-Vj Buy bi-foro
it ?()! k loo lii^li.
<- of Six M ilo (liuicli, 70 aoiea in cultivation
i 111o tmil er. I* i<init; t'liaut dwellings and
Miit pitrcliftfjcr.
n Iini Is u| Lih.-riy, <>?! foul* loom house,
I'ii. Will sell <11* Hxelian^c for Small farm.
15 mlios dl 1'ii'.lc11h, tpkiiitl"'1 timber and
. A l ie.' * I <><">0.00.
i i i. 111? i InKmI, o ini'os from Pickenp, good
ns io suit |>u:c-luisi-r.
l i:s tat K ih-:ai.kks.
Piokoim, 9. O.
31 R 8 8 ir H? 8
? 5 nLRt!
OOU1C at the coi'iiiT store hnS to nay.
'iodnch nv( ry (lav, Your ('liirksns,
law Ilidt-H. to 1110 Hen my
y??u don't waiit trade I wi?1 pay you
to iiiakt* thiols liirt. A lot of Shoea
, a lot of Dry Ci? oda rod a hoftp of
r,S'o;j? and Willing PowdnrB. Call
re. Kemi iub<-r the Meat Markot is
Youth truly,
Recognized Kpcoidist in Kofi-notion.
\ IVi nmiMMitjy located in Orecnriilo, S. O.
Olllco, '219 N. Main Streot, over Maun*-A
faeturor.V Outlet.
1.1 Dr. (h itnm gives fien i-xuminntiou hocnuHo
\h lit* wants to show what !;? in able to <lo for
1 \ou boforo you pay. It is tho f ir w?y.
'.-.J Don't hesitatu to come if thorois oven tho
'j si g I dent discomfort of llio oyes, Ho adjty
vises you nftor tho < x uninatiou is unulo mid
j leave# it with you entirely as to what oourso
to takf.
FEW PEOPLE P.ExLIZE tho imuorliinooof
properly fisted glapflos, ni^j^^^^
liirutlo m.tttor. tlin i f cli?*<??\s l>'v: nmrrin,/
)U Ht II ly of t ItiM ROi'lHM Will ItyVOO 11 iii t it 1ft of the
y ilo nr. pni'iiblo injury to II.o <>yo, or it may menu
I'd to I (i exp?irimonto<l U|.oi./
rimcutiug and in ?b!o, with tho modoru iiiBtrum
.ki' tl <i most dcfectiva oyo j? rform rn dorw Uia
I lio wiho to bo on ilia nafo nido, and if your oyw?
rn < xamtno l by /
n (;. A
oyn, Editors. />>
mo by I)r, Orimiv and
liiiHt ciu-nrfully o u.imon J ;> lvV\. ' * SBBI
)lo in Greenville Cv sstam
^ V* ^ -den
rtti?faoH'?n r?*?Q> ^^A
W. W \ C*? " m
? "if
lonablo pvlo \ y, ^

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