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Entered April W% X908 ni t?i<*keUB? 8. C.f a* second oltuw matter, under aot of Congrefts of March ft. 1879.
OTr\ ov/ wftv ?rirji*i??i?
V< v ?
I ..Sturdii
f BI0 SI
You can make out your lift befoi
STUKDIV ANT'S and got anything y<i
Dry Goods, Clothin,
I At n lo=s piico tlinn any oiLer store in
satisfaction of knowing alter you g*t 1
bought and find auy article not satisfa
and got your money ere something jiu
Our Clothing business lust. Fall w
good inanv lots of one or two Hniln. i
I down so low it you can lHid ) our size
it away till next Fall.
\Vh?jn you come to Greenville, cor
Hi'ing the whole family?Plenty of rooi
Yours for
H. K. Sturdiv
W. T. McFALL, J. S. WILSON. P. 15. IU<
President. Vice-Pros. !
-4-The Pickens Oil Mill Coiiipan
tfT^Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls, Oii and Linters.-^T
"Now ready for busii
I 1 Our Ginnery has been running on lull tunc all t
1 1 and we thank our patrons for their patronag<
B 1 Our Mill is now grinding regularly and you
B 1 plenty of hulls, meal or "batting."
A 1 Bring your SEKI) and exchange them for meal
Br \ or we will pay you the highest market prict
Hj&cTL. seed just as you prefer.
Ilk Come to us and see how well we can treat 1
are not controlled by outside prices but vv
much, or more, for your seed than any othe
1 H w. T. McFALIi, J. Mcl).
M President.
y \i 1 CAPITAL - - $ 20,5
\ ) J PROFITS - - 11,0
\ DEPOSITS - - 105,0
Hnft / I WE pay interest on time DEPO!
By Careful and constant work the busiives<
1 Hank largely increases every year.
? ?? v .luiiv^n, ^wtii i/u.iiii^.h ciiivi win i. .\h;iki
every reasonable accomodation.
\ 1T% "v *rm w w
\ ?EOR?
Fy* vlR NKW SHOKS aic now coming
L|WoeV<i^r (Jar Loads.
gi&l 1 1- 1 i ' -
,^o nave iiuiuu liir^ur aim DCI'Cr
WN* \relr s'-n son's business than
p inc ^o^of
Hhe lat of Jhoo Want can be supplied b
| ire &paoo to a repw
[Convention held at
the fourth Hnn<1a^?
This article is (jood and ^
fe^reaaon it haa not appfc^ .
HUho main ronson is W *- /x <
Rested conditior ^ HJI J
-i _?* i.
Paris rum
, port arti
j ft I Ton Thousand
W ft* fp A D Trm _ i ? w
/ 18 MT r?A p H *ui?u xu x.
f Ha&I ^3 @ ? I NEW! |? NOT
Humor ! R|f? In L
J T T T T^'O I Battli Hm Rnk
* J?V B thur With F?a
Niwi from Far I
'I' % London, M*jr 14.
m BJj) M_7+ I Fana says * rurnc
I *h*1 Por* ^rthur 1
^ JsL B iO.OOO man were
" " . I engaj^vmoot.
Nothing confirm)
m leaving home?Corao right to H In I.or don.
in wont in I
Tho above rumo;
Shoes, Hats and I Z^Xl'ZZ
of an attack on Po
ns-?? = I ?
Ih?w unwang, M
no*? troops contiui
wo, au<J the raiilr
gaiu, 17 miles of
Communication, ho
tance has been ko]
of caita. The P<
bout ? hour. ?1,
New Chwftna. Tl
it will pay pn to buy it Olid put B ruoro troops loft i
Russian camp 3 mi
i o 63 which Is now prac
no ri^lit to STl ItDI\ AM ,F? | Two correspondent)
:q for ill? Children. H ljre town last nigh'
single tentry on d
bargains, M are growing more i
iauu continue to e
icint fn I ro""^
' LA'! VVl 9 RmmUh Monarch
' 0 End St
I N#w York, May
m ( ^ vi /^v c\ 4 rv r~i 4~ ^
VJ1 Utll UDl; kM ULU. authority, It is nas<
correapondent at 11
again In clrculatio
strong possibility c
ly interesting la
Russian emperor ii
by the war party t
i'ha basis of sett]
IIIUVI;oiiuuji\;O l
protoctorato of Ja
TT,.,, " remain Chinese ter
;, Tr(.?? TO BE GIVEN AWAY rlty of Manchuria h
Thti H*n<uom? Ewbroid?r)r Ootat, stnmfK-<ion e<Kxi m>- by a s?ecrot treaty
y terial. will l-r mailed absolutely free of charge It conslftt .
Vk ?>f 1 Cr\v%ntlieimim Centerpiece (1 Ixll In.) with Dollies CllInA.
( e.v h 5*5 In.). 2 dainty Collar*. J Anchorf for SSllor suit, 1
a f Uoikmirk. 1llutterflles ( (.* collar). 9 Autumn Leaves and /
1 Conventional Designs fcr shirt-waist ornamentation.
kkad oifku bkiow Stopp<
and luills Tran?mt?Kion.)?Th
^ lb* Hu??iun-s and J
l|( Womnn's Ma^aiin* I V?..? ?'?> < ' ? " 1 -
I'Oll. VV C If, without e*rc|?tlon,the finest 50-cent marariisepvMUhed. _ ... ^
,|. It Is ait authority on all matters |*rtainTng to clreit, an<l *1TIII OlXiCiAily. l
ill nn V ns contain* tlir litest an?t n??*t i<ra?tlial styles to l> foun<1 ? . ,
1 J anyMhrrr in the ins^iine world. Ifyou ?|ih todretiwell IllinOttt DOtl
- ,noel'/.f at ,i iiiilmir rm<n>e, tlir Nkw Iihia Woman's maoa- ^
i 111 til KCl. zink Is .1 |?>sitl\e necessity. Ha> ti issue contains llluttra* Q?W1 U1K1 COTTOBpO
tlons In 1 .rs. It treats also? ( all sot jerfs Interesting to . ... . .
women in tlirir home Hie. heini yon? naiue t.vtlay *ltn 60 IltJQ ^ ltZ) OXpUl81<
YV?| * cents an I we ?lll enter your su1>* rljrtlon f??r one year,and _ ...j
| lwlyi ?ia|| aU?? the l*ml?rol<lery OutM shown altove. DfclL? rilSnC<l OUt
i?.,.rM.~.tu.ihb,.|?r.k,.,..?rtu. tll? Itun?lun author
mantling ttwj suabo
atory to her ultima
I anriofnn ki Vnalflir /<r H"l Ch?ng N
Ilitrcr, V CC "UUilgOlWIl U. 1 l/UHIJ.i \\ fit. Petersburg, ^
Ciisincr. J CC JJ ?rho ?r?r orgnu I
t CC <WKMT KNn-MOO,,KSTiNU,> << "eve that Hal Chw.
< I $ FICKEIMJ, ,JT. C 8 Z'rTL* :i~:,
\ ? , Handles a full line of ? ^TLil'Z'W
fl // vjOOcls, CilOCeiieS W Buy no CUow and c
00 .00 ^ j SS mill Produce. <( division reported <
Si Y> Give me a call and ?? m?ke a combinod
OO. M S, be convinced that we can c<( Ya"* u'a Nov(
^ ^ % IC ii ii est I dm tee th#
UU.UU ^ ?? S(^11 you cncaj) CIS Mr, CC Llao Yang at 100,0
J SS Anybody. Vx fcorbe* ?nd "in gun
ICITQ ^ \\ . . ... it Ru8?luna arc rctirii
Dl 1 .J fl // Itrliiy; me T?ur l'roduc?. \V
it U Will i>m> hiKhwt i>rlce( // It la a critical
Jw ft ?ir llxrl'Ti A ?h?r? \\ zn#iii " lha nttDAr c
K \\ of vonr mmlroiinko moIWiI- // *"*"*. ln* pnpoi C
/? i?j?. \\ Kurotatkln ailowlni
r | M lh* t*?*nt,,TO watch
i Ol tills m worn out to itrlko a
to you I Over-Work Weakens a??iai seimoi c<
J Your Kidneys, uoaton. viay 14?i?
aducatlon to adulti
Tlhlirallhv fMn^vt MaV? tm?<?
J J. DMWli Topic COIUII(l?rO(l to
?* m>#?lorv of In* conv<
All the blood in your body passes through , acU(nce
- your kidneys once every three minutes. .. . ... ,
a The kidneys lire your ld?nt W.
i|/y^ \ blood purifiers, they fll- unlvwatty outlined
.. u <er ol" 'he waste or program alno Inclu
fcr-' " tmPurltlea ln 'he blood. MrolvUlo Doway, ati
\\Vl* AaZTm U they are sick or out , v. v ... ?
Of order, they fall to do bany. N. Y., who a,
\ their work. Education for At
rtV^Xufu \ Pains, aches and rheu* Through Life," and
! / Ur\mJ^ matlsm come from ex- I>?|pB|g auporlnU
I b"od7du;r/niii?S ?ur~ "'N?*
kidney trouble. *>? relation of fro*
1 Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady tha education of th<
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
* thav had hftirl ImuKlo il-- 1 *
?v? ??? ??> '* ? Acreaga of Co
over-working In pumping thick, kidney- M.ln|_h n r M
poisoned blood through veins and arteries. K " ' ' '*
It used to be considered that only urin?ry *erdlnir the Incroa*
Ml 111 troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, cotton ! thla state
but now modern science proves that nearly 10 to IS per cent g
all constitutional diseases have their begin- lft#t iettaoa
pre- ning in kidney trouble.
, f?wr If you *r? slc'* you c*n make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild a5
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's To katfe *.?? to h
v lls Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy Is plexion ia desired
J soon realized. It stands the highest for Its yonng or old. Few
wonderful cures of the most distressing esses wJth nntnro'n mo*t <
and is sold on Its merits oomplexiou; but eve
by all druggists in fifty- prove her oomplexioi
cent and one-dollar alz-^ugMMBftfyaBQ nee of Rjtlele'n Li
es. You may have tablet* oreveni the
| umku v.. '?
ni ,,.v> mum vj man mm efjM?yBtK. .|.n.w? ?|?h KiIm ?rl
I free, also pamphlet telllnf you how to mid .. lavetH CftU?jn?
out l( you have kidney or bladder trouble. c*u",nF
I I Mention this paper when wrltlnf Dr. Kilmer ["T ?! i nW
I | fit Co.. Blnghamton, N. Y.
K-fe?" Don't make any mistake/ but remember ?V*!r? V ? 5l P, ??
1 1 the name, Swamp-Re,^/, ry, Kilmer's JfjJ* Co?te<l labb-U i
M Swamp-Root, and tha#v^>/ i22 ^nt" ^'a^?* ,
7 h. V., on every bottl- V? le^T\- PtokeMj W. A? 8Lel
( /' ' > n
jtr' v . \V.
m ciy? 'nir1"'"' oniiii i
III UItI 0 Par^nU of Pickett 8tlll Think Their OUU I III
M)R FALLEN vCo;,?i,;?\ u0*,- Mny AT N,
Vaughn Pickett disappearance, about
-7*? which there has beon eo much exciteMen
Reported mcnt ,n tho 0OUthe,n part of Newton second i
" | county for the last four or live days,
Qff&ffemeilt. I iB still shrouded in nvvRtorv
| The parents of the niiasinK boy
CONFIRMABLB ' tho people generally in the vlcln- EXERCISE!
lty of the Plckott Uome are reluctant
cndon that a Great 1? believe tho runaway Stfiy. Amendment
_ _ . That Pickett wns slain on his way . ..
a?8 a o r jlome f,-0m the school emtertainfticnt aG 0
fTuT Loss of Life. g,t 11 o'clock Fllrday night, no one MeEtenyci
rMt. j who id at all familiar with tho char
| acter of the young :>ian has tin? slightA
Tl.egram from eBt doubt. Ho has ahvaye lfad the Nashville,
>r lu current there native of being a model young man in days' kosMo
ins fallen and that the community where he was reared convention <
killed during the and had always manifested t;reat at tabernacle,
tachment for hla home and. manner oi devoted to
itory is obtainable ^v,nS- Hence, noiw of his friends convention
can bo Induced to believe that he 1k ter ti.e ut>
any desire to leave his parents. ?m<i tl.c lln
r is probably fal?e T*10 puddle of hunmu blood which appoiMmiiil
, was found In the rear of a negro cab- An mnem
urg nor lokio have ... , 4. ,
In the woods through which Pickett s was propoia
l of the beginning j<)Ut0 would have carried him on bis tilling of va
?rt Arthur. way home the night of his disappear- niesbengerc
an-ce is believed by many to be suffi The conv
[ay 14. ihe Japa- clent evidence with which to secure a commiuih
le landing at Fitac- ' indictments against the ocouppnts or 01 Tuba, a>
oad has boon cut j the house, since thoy cannot give or urbit.ruUi;?
track being gone, rather refuse to glv<\ any account ol which have
wever, for that dls- itH presence there. years A >
pt open Dy the aid | The Pickett home Is situated near ban work ii
>rt Arthur mail Is tbe Junction of Alcovey niul South rlv- mission boa
1, when it gets to erH( about 1 roile from each, and the mitt v.
his morning a few j current heller Is now that tho young 'J'he repor
and moved to the | man was killed, his body tied to a to the S m:
lea oairt of the city heavy plcce of iron or timber and seminary at
tloally unprotected, thrown into one of the rivers. A by A S.
a went over the en- vigorous search for the l>oi?y is being Una. A cot
t ami did not soe ? continued today and developments ol cnniiitiMn^
utjr. The natives ' a startling nature are expected at any | pjven un-i i
reutlesH iu? tho Itua- moment. of tne 27::
novo out. ? The mis.
f OF PEACE. dent. body.
Judge Holds Boy's Life Twice ae Val- atUMitlon to
la Being Urged to uab|e a8 Glr,.8- .said the cli
ruggl*. Hew York, May 14.?A boy's llfp Is Ha,,!<^(1
14.?On excellent twice as valuable as that of a girl. niRyt ? 1
srtod by tho TIuicb according to the decision of Judge semn'?,r>crlln,
tho report 1b Adam" of the Essex county circuit
..... . . _, xt i CRANFI
n that there is a gourt, at Newark. N. J.
>f peace In the Far | The suits grew out of the Clifton Amii A
co vut! uuwa uoui). avonu? trolley accident or Fob. 19. ^
ho belief that the iyt)3% in which nine high school pupils Trlt;
u now being urged were killed. When the ci.scs were Tnc ,UiUl
o end the struggle, tried the trolley company aclctsowlcd*- fih a;,d I)r
lenient suggested is ed ita liability, and the Jury was aal; ! at "i'oxnrkn:
)f Korea under the; simply to fix the amount or damages i)le I'llorept
pan. Manchuria to to be paid In each case, the only toati- and hi
ritory. The lnteg- mony taken being to show the charae- samo
a? been guaranteed j tor of the deceased and the estimated different coi
uwwwu japan ana future earning capacity of each.
lri announcing his decision Judge vcntlo?, mi
id and ??, . . Adams pointed out that in each case morning. II
L"rc ? the only Question to be considered by concerning
aluy 14.?steamers tiie Ju.y was the amount recoverable, l>ubll>
topped and aearch-' according to the interpretation of the Hayden.
ho bridges, on sus- BtUute*. In each, he said, this was fals<> In ?vf
agents may be probable pecuniary value to the &?'en |
Intention of blow-j Parents of the one whose life had aUl1 'ia<! alv
i would impede tile bl;?u ended. A woman may become i)r Hayden
headed for Siberia ! * U?v-.ud winner, he said; a man must Hshed rep<>
/ran bridge recent- be one. and charges
*mera for not stop- j * thentlcity.
** a \s cm -?tl? da^c kllOW Dr. ('
>uu?.o ?n,unh?f?,
7u?. Yang. P?PuUr 8en"'?r "?m rt" Thlrd " ^','um! he"
iy 13?(Delayed in Urged <cr Delegate's Place. lf)l wi,id, C
iere Ib a persistent (.ialnesvllle, tla.. May 11. lion. ^np. 1>''harp
fight between jesne U. L* ?isden, of White county, pressed C'ni
'npanes? noar L.lac j who recently defeated .loe Unuurwood I coedco in ii
Impossible to con- for the senate lrom the thirty-third Cranllll put
h? censor hore is genatorial district, has been urged bi r0ot ?>f the
ting lu the form o/ ^is friends to allow the use of his ,i(\ by pas.ndfcatfl
aro threat-1 name as a candidate for one of the r,si'U?.
in. Supplies ore' delegates from the ninth district to nr. Tlaytl'
of thla place and the national Democratic convention admh^lon .
Itlcs are busy dis-! at St. IxjuIs, which meets in July, lie tion, l>ut w
at Slvouoh, prepar- i,aK not yet fully determined what ho jor ilTr 0f
te destruction. j *111 do but the probabilities are <
- I nuiir ?v>i i> i
I that he will become a candidate. Ho . jj,, wi|, t-oi
t Objective. I been tho representative from adjouins.
lay li.?12:50 p.m.1 White county in tho general assembly
s Inclined to dlsbe- j several times and ha? the confidence FIERCE
tug 1b the Japanese ftnd out rem of the people. Mr. Luinss
the division of' den will announce In a few dayaposl- geven Hum
ig In that direction j tlvely whether or not he will b? In the niar
lorthward to IJao rac? for district delegate.
the foreea now at ??ncva,
omblniug with the TO BUILD TEMPLE. Gazette (le
. . ti.i telegram in
o be at Somaitsl, ??
attack on Llao 8a|d Mormons May Erect Structure confirming >
, I t ween 1urK
t Vromys a expert ln Now York. 1
""sftAftol Now York, May H.-A committee 700 Tlir,.a
' ^ i iiw ,,'thJ o* Mormons, representing the Harlem killed.
u, and bellov ^ony this city. probably the larg TIip local
iar upon their haHfl. ^ outKlUe or Utah, lias prepared to en bul pr()
and anxiouH mo- 8llo,.tly for Halt Lake, whero a (llslJ u t of A
ontlnuen ( e??ral favoroble rcport will he made upon
I t,,e enemy to ko # toin,)le hore coVer- Want
Ing for a favorable ^ ^ tQ t vu,v|> ulocks. lt Mow York
decl?lve blow. ^ stated Ihot optiona already have Agrarians !
7T boon aecured on hIx plotn at One Hun- dl
>r.v?ntlon ClotM. ^^ Twenty lifth street and hen- tho noted <
-The extension of ^ aVt.nuo ami that the p'.an embraces 1 ... .... |4
\VftU I A ernn Ara I
I 11 C7 WISiii
r>v..ercctlon of a splendid structure as ()| t|i
day at th? closing hca(tqUarlers for tlio church ui the Von i,lu,j?,v
mtlon of the Amur- . ,
east. merc'.ai tren
n?oclailon. Fo?" The elders In charge of the church's , I(, ur^f.,|
Kllot, of Harvord lnt?|est here refuse, however, to d!s? ,)U( , act|(
the problem 1ho ^ (hfe matl,,, ,er U(fi Am
ded paper* by 1*. xor Kchmonl
a Qreat Newspaper Combination. t)ie ,ijt j<,|nt
(H?We upon "Higher . . . . ,
rulte at Homo Nuw Y"rk. lMa>' U?An important Ardent in.- K
i uT. nHiiry m. "**" wiuuinniiiJii i? i?Biiig iorm- try wtuJil i>
indent of fre*.]ec- 'n r>arlH' according to a Times tho 1'nltml
city, who ductiiiaed dispatch from that city A group Germany.
public lectures to of Zanders i? negotiating for the
n people. purchase of the (HI Bias, the RadicaL, Pn
the Auhohe, the Ilapppl, the Action j^ew yorl
tton Increase. an<1 the n,x Neuvlmle fflecUv all dally Uin0 ?|ni,e
ay 14 ? Reports re- newspapers. It Ih nald to hnvo been heft|th (lopa
e In the acroage of Planned alHO to found a new miniate- re|)OP| a lot
show It to h<? from r,al (la,,v 10 be call<,(1 11,0 Marseillaise mon|a. Tli
reator than that ot undcr tho direction of 8enator Cloin- 20rt deathH <
enoeau. avoraco ove
id to Hold.
old a beautiful com Itobb. (I t>? ?.?? . A
l>y every woman, A startling incident in narrated by John
r women are bleated Oliver, of Philadelphia, iu? follow*: ' ! There was
lonired gift?a good wan in an nwfnl condition. My nkin wuh Ind., when
ry woman ahr im- nlmoat yellow, oyea sunken, tongue eoat- who was ox
n by the jndieionn od, pain continually in hack and nidi i, ?ived by Dt
ver T'"M?ta. Tiieee no appotite, growing weaker day by day. Consumption
blood becoming la- Three physioians h id given mo up. inauflhrable
itoh depoeite in the Th^h I wna adviaod to lue Eleotrio Hit- your New Di
ilia muddy nppeitr- tors; to my great joy, the first bottlo relief and so<
complexion. They made a decided improvement. I 0011- plotoonro."
Add white. th? AVM lilllliv.1 lliftl* l?A fnv IIivaa baaVc nn>1 ?m !"" h??in?r
yant. Fifty Cliooo-1 now a well man. i know they robbed I no morons.
11 facli box. Prioe, the aravo ,'4,/ v viotim," No one nil throat an>
Piok*n* Drug Co., flhonid ' '' , in. Only 50 c?ii1h, and $1.00.
don, Libert/* guarar ^^"'g Co. *>rng Co. 1
a**" V <
Congressman Brantley E.(pacts LltUd
ftCUUk* I C TTRI \J Opposition to Now Yorker.
ftJrl ? ILeXi l?l\liVl Brunswick, Ga., May 14. Congressman
Brantley returned to the city
Friday night from Washington, and
)ay's Session of Big was present at the board of trada
meeting. In discussing the question
Convoiltion. of .appropriation for this hirbor, ho
utatsd that nearly every seacoast
5 IN TK? TADERNACLE city was now asking for appropria
tlons for harbor work. Though
to Constitution Proposed he failed to secure an appropriation
I let lor ft survey Of th? hnrlmr ,.t thn
tent session, Congressman Brantley
i-6 Tlepcrt ct Uie Visiting stated that ho had succeeded In gote
Presented. ting the committee to recommend that
the Brunswick appropriation be the
May 11. IJhe m ?omi jlrg^ nu.nsure tftkon up and passed aW
n of the Souiluiu Baptist next seusion. In regard to the
jpetied this moiiung in the lightship lie stated that he would also
a:id the ilrst halt hour w as ai,ie to secure an appropriation
u service ot song. 1!.' next session, and the hill will
proceeded to business af- not fought by Spoaker Cannon,
ual devotional exercises. wjU) once caused Ita defeat, or rather
st announcement was the the speaker caused It to be postponed.
ol a standing committee. Congressman Brantley talked Internment
to the constitution
? maungiy or tne political situation. Ho
:d ami It provides for liiu 0f tlio opinion that Judge l'arker
cunuios in the list of s-.tau wjh receive tho Democratic nomination
nt 3t. Louis and doubts seriously
ention refused to consider jf there will be any strong opposition
:atlc-> fro;n Rev. A. Diaz, |Q him. He thinks the Democrats
iking for a comniitte; ?:n : have an excellent chance of carrying
to hear the old trouble# 1 Now York In the general election and !
existed in Havana I ; j further believes that tho Democrats
vsolntTon to place tho Cu- will elect their candidate If all fac1
the t.ands of me foreign tlons of the party got together, which
id was referred to a com- ho things, will surely be dono.
! l.t tlin vi-.lt ' Ii ? '
thcrn l'aylist Tneological
Louisville was presented Rock Island'FriGco System Makes a
Thoma;-.. of South Caro- Contract with Gould Line,
nprohensive, review of tne New York. May 14.?After nearly a
in ?\-?rh department was year of negotiations George B. Gould,
l was shown that l!;!C out i on behalf of the St. Louis and Iron
slu Jents are e..Ilege bred. Mountain railway and the Texas and
ion spirit wan reported to Pacific railroad, and D. F. Yoakum
ly aroused among the stu- on In-half of the Hock Island-'Frisco
Mr. Thomas challenged1 system have signed a contract by j
tho ( ndowment fund and which the Rock Island-'Frlseo system |
i i
..... 1.1 .c-.h'- niiwuiu urn ; win gain access to Now Orleans by I
until a pernjn111* 111 ? nflow- ; trackage over the Gould systom and
(MO,000 was ruif.od for tho ilie Illinois Central. |
ttir' contract is to run 99 years. This
insur-if harmony between the interLL-HAYDEN'
AFFAIR. j ests which, for a tini* last winter,
.?. i wt.r<> 0n the point of disruption.
onsiderable Interest and U:?e of the low grade Gould line will
Among Delicjatis. be granted to the llock Island-'Frir.co
1?! betwiHii Cr. J. li. ('ran- t system from a point opposite Memphis j
S. A. llay.Un. on the tra il to a point opposite Haton Rougo. Hy
ia, has aroused eonsilera- trm contract the 'Frisco will be reand
talk among th:; <U\ - Ii?vea from building about 325 miles
>!h of thorn came in on the of road through territory already'
kiKt evening but occupied plentifully supplied with railroads. '
[U'hos. I Prnni Hnlnri Hnm*n fr\
- - w iiv; n V/I irailh,
111 did not ft * N ?i d the r m- 1 about 23 inlles--.. the Illinois Central
1 returned to I'oxa.s t is will be used under a similar aj;ree-1
e made :i luicf statcm -nt merit to thai made with tho (Jould
lio affair and paid the i,r>- lines. At New Orleans tho 'Frisco
ied wne inspired by *r. ) cnu thr* South&rn railway jointly occuHe
declared them to bo py now terminals which will coht apry
parti.mi ar, and r.ai ' he proximately 514,000,000.
lerseeut d ! > Dr. 11 a < n Rock Island-'Frisco trains will bo,'nys
beon 'in the defensive gin running into New Orleans by tho
likewise declares the pub- Mississippi River route Jau. 1, 1905.
rls to have been garbled j
Dr. Cranfill with their an- HEAVY G<* LD SHIPMENTS.
He states that ho did not
ranflll was in tho lavMory Over Thirty Millions Shipped Prom
aid (Trail HU'a voice in a f*ort of New York.
hnso and that a.s ho tu/ned Now York, May 14.?An engagement
\\7 o.tnrront' (1 with a ;>is- of $2,500,000 gold at the a?say ofranfil)
h&J 'ken from his lice for shipment to Paris on Taos*
Ila.vdon stales , hat ho day's steamer was announced today,
nfill to tho wall and ?n - '>l,t the name of tho shipper was withivertinpf
his aim. but that helti. two
buliets through tl | This Wrings tho total thus faT aneai
before lie was di.' ana- nounced fo) Criu>Sl'Il>- up to $10,500,000,
enjjors, who camo to the of which S^.500.0t?i^ Is by shippers
whoso names are refuVt^- Including
cn snys hn Is entitle 1 to this total of $10,50ft,000 next Tucb ;
n dolegato to the conven day, the aggregate amouil.t ol ffold
ould not present himsell shipped to Europe from thin poi \ since
provoltlnp: ii flh'Ht on t!i? April 7 1b in oxccsh of $.'10,000,000.
lie fi lends of Dr. Cranflll.
until the convention EATEN BY CANNIBALS.
Five Men Victims of Fierce Savage*
CLAGH IN ARMENIA. of Admiralty Islands.
Vancouver, n. C., May 14.?Mail ad
irod Turks r.nd 900 Arme- vicos on tlio Australian steamer Mlowera
today are that fiva men were
ic Repot ved Kil c . killed and eaten by cannibals of the
Hwitzorland, May II ? ' he Admiralty Islands In tbo 8outh sea.
Lauxanno ha.s rocidv. d a l il4f British warship Condor was
tin liitli:;, Asiatic i'u key, *< nt to the HCtne and sot Ure to the j
Hie reports of li^hlinft bo- j v;[|age where the cannibals resided,
s and Armenians. Tha Condor threatened to annihilate
to tl.ose advices about ^l(, villsRo If It did not hand over the ,
an I !"i0 Armenians wore i cannibals. This was dono and tho
| cannibals were shot.
\t x- ,.r ii?/? * '
.... u( lifSlll IM lltll liiv- I
bably was in the Sa.-soun Alabama Bank?ra.
rim :ii.i Montgomery, Ala., May 14.?The A1
aba in a bankers have gone to their
3 Treaty Oissolvcd. homos, leaving everybody in Montgom.
II Speaking tf> t!i? e,ry giad they came. The final meeti)
tin1 upp r house of the 0f the annual *eftRion>, held at
iet. Professor Schmooler. Jackson's Lakw, wan much like a love I
conomi.st, lias expressed feast and the members wound up by
ibl. :< the ! erlln correspon- giving thr?!i cheers aud a tiger for the |
i mi .-s. wiai i r.ancenor oai>itul city ami itu hospitable puoplo.
would d issolve llio coin- jn addition to the officers reported I
ty r-iih the I'nitod SJtateH. Thurtiday tlie following were chosen: '
,r.*ldernl h n <?f tin- matter, Vicn prottld?ntR of groups No. 1, W. I
:>n will be taken until af- \ IJlbb, Decatur; No. 2, W. II. Mc I
erican elections. I'rofej* Elroy, > Anniaton; No. 3, Georgo A I
Icr ."aid he was opposed to Searcy, Tuscaloosa; No. 4, John D.
Ion of the treaty with the Burnett, Kvergreen; No. 5, Michael
enubllc because that conn- Cody, Montgomery.
? driven into the arms ol
States In antagonism to To Survey Alaskan Boundary.
v ttiii'dii vi'r, ii. i,., ftmy J ?.?ITOIOSSOT
W. F. Klnc> chief astronomer of Lht
eumonia Abating. Dominion government, Is malting art.
May I I For the first rangementa for the survey of th eAlns
.J;m. 1, officials of the kan boundary, according to the trlburtmont
litiv been able to nul award. Ho will organize bis
up in now oases ol pneu- party In Vancouver, working in conlore
have been more than junction with United States formula1
>ach week ii>> this year, an aloner Tillman. The party expocte td
r preceding years. b-cgln th? survey In June.
(?iont Sensation. Sciatic Rheumatism Cured.
a big sensation in TiOesv lle,
VV. !f. Brown of that pluo-e, "I have \)om stil joot to Boiatie rlieu
peoted to die, had hi* I'fo lnatism for yoarn," says E. II. Wnldron,
. King's New Discovery for of Wilton Junction, town. "My joints
i, mi wripen: - x nnunrrti wrrn hiii ami gavn me mnon nam ami
ngouios from Aathumn, but diaeomfort. My joints wonid orack
iscovery Ri.vo mt> immediate wheu I straightened up. I u*fd Chamr>n
thercnflor ?ffe?ted no ?ni? barlain's Pain Balm and hnvo been flmrHimilar
cures c.f Ocnan up oughly cured. Have not. had a pain or
win, bronchitis and prip i ?e i?oU?? from tlio old trouble'for funny
It's thn peerless remedy for months. It ir certainly a most wontler\
lung troubles. Price 00 , ful lin!roent." For haIa by Pickens
Guaranteed by Pick en? Drug Go,, and Etrte'a Drug Htore, Pink.'rial
bottles free, nu : and Hunter & Pickeiia, Liberty,
All Arrangements Havo Be?n
Completed. fl
Men Who Wore the Gray Will B
Royally Entertained, as Well as Via 9
ltor??Orator of Reunion Will B? Sa
Rov. McKim, of Washington.
^ Nashville, Tenn., May 11.?All ar
; rangemonts for tho confederate reunion
lu June have beon completed, Wj
and the confederate organizations lr# ^
conjunction with the business a?socla>
tions have provided a splendid pro- H
gram and made ample provision for I
the care and entertainment of all visitoi
The only variation l'rom formor ruloa ^ A
Is the giving of preference to the old
soldier. The sponsors and maids of
honor are to be entertained by tho
commanders of the departments, divi
5tons or brigades which they represent,
but provision has been made for many
of them tli th ebest homes. The S
otutor of the reunion will be Rev. Mc- Vj
Kitr., of Washington and Senator John
W. Daniel, of Virginia, hns been invlteu
to deliver an oration at tho laying
of the corner stone of the monument
to private conferedate soldiers. 9
Memorial services will bo held on
I hp annrsrtA " * *
..v, w.,vi wajr in iiumir oi mo mm
commander in chief. General John H. B
Gordon, and .Judge Thomas G. Jones,
ex-Governor of Alabama, will deliver
the eulogy and present the resolutions.
. \
New Orleans Woman Lose* Jewelry
Valued at $200,000.
New York. May 14.?Vigorous efforts
.re being made by tho polico departmont
uovo o J' A - * *
u Kuiiu uiPiiHirri iron?
Paris, to unravel a mysterious robbery*
reported by Mra. Rdoylon Gray, said
to he a resident of New Orleans.
Diamonds and other jewelry valued /
at $200,000 were taken according to
Mrs. Gray, from her triMk somewhere >
between Cherbourg, where sho disem- j ^
barked from a steamer and a Paris ho< \
tel. First reports placed the valuo /
of the jewels at $20,000. t
>? ?
. ,.t t.viiiii wi iiit* niiiuwry recently " \
Buffered f 'am .-in accident while horsehack
riding and oanie hero for treatment.
Her jewels, including a pearl
necklace, an heirloom belonging- to ^
her sister, wore hi a steamer trunk (
which she allowed to remain at Cherbourg
over ivight. Shortly after if
was delivered at her hotel the loan
wn? discovered. No clew has been
AKl?ir.A^ 4 U \l~ - ?.
uuMll'ltrii, Ullll II1C IIOIU'O HP? or tilt)
opinion that the robbery was committed
either at Now Orleans or on th?
paebuge acron* the Atlantic.
Returnt. to America to Continue Hla
Experiments. /
New York, May 1 I.?Among tho paswengorn
on the Campania today was
William Marconi, who cumo over with
soveral assistants to continue liia ex
iierimuuiM in me uiace tuiy station,
I Cope Breton. <BP
Mr. Marconi says ho euccecded In
maintaining constant communication
with shore stations during: the voyage.
The success of these testa, he says,
injures tl^o publication of a daily newspaper
at aoa. A set of instruments,
which had been prepared especially for
us(i '.I. the tr'ala made during the voy- * * ^
age enarrAf lhe operators to comnninleato
with tii?V"*,eni shore for a rtl.<vtance
of 1,700 riW.'ed- In the meanlimn
hnfnra ol <r?.. I.. ""fth fhn fflttlil'n
Bhore failesl, the atation fci^Olftce Hayi
on the western nhorw had baeiv. l>lcko<l|
up Rnd communication wan couW^'ftfr
uninterrupted. j ^
fe Craokor Bent to Alabama P?n
lor <u rear*.
Montgomery, Ala. May 14.?Albert
Cammeyer nllan Driaeoll, aliaa Dun*
an, ol New York., alleged Bate crackor
wanted in several staten, who Is
out on parole from Vermont state penitentiary,
who was convicted hero for
safo-blowlng Monday, wa? Uv'av sentenced
to 20 years in tho penitentiary.
Released ?n $1,000 Bond.
New York, May I I.?Captain John
P. Mealy, of Klondike ronmvn who
was arrested recently in Chicago and
brought hero on an Indictment accusing
him of embezzling $8,000 belonging
to an Alaskan company with which
ho was formerly connected, has been
arraigned in the court of federal seedove.
He was released on $1,000
Meet at Niagara Falls.
Niagara Kalis, N. Y., May 14 ?The
convention of the International Brotherhood
lift Pupor Makers adjourned
tswtnv oflAf Al?Atl..i? S.C4K rnt- -
j M i vi-l uicv ;illl|4l UUICUIH. J II If
convention placed Itself on record as
In tavor of a nine-hour day for t"ho
day workor? and an eight-hour shift
for the tower men. No demand was
made for a specific date for a change
of liourg to take effect. The next
convention will be held at (lolyoka^
Pneumonia IHnjr he Prevented. ^
If a cold lingers, thore is dnnffer of M
f>neumonin. If la grippo leavos tho lungs
n nn inflamod oonuition, there is great A
danger of pneumonia. Prevent this fatal
disenso by using Hjdale's l< lixir; it omen
n/\Ma nntnllw mul lontma I
InngH bouihI. It in tho boat remody for ItM
ilmt peculiar ihllxmod condition of tho
Innflft that bo frequently follows In Rrlp.
Thin moilorn aoientiflo throat mid lung
t innly is a aafo remedy tor yonng nnd
old. in all throat and lung dhUM, M
Piokona ptng Co., Pickena: W. A,
Sheldon, Liberty. ^gfi

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