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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, May 18, 1904, Image 2

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f I I.I
Hpktns Sfntol-Jcuma!,
Tho Sontinol-Journal Company.
Thompson Hu hky, I'u.irs.
.). Ij. O. THOMPSON, I:i>11 >u
Subscription ?1.00 LVi ADUIIUI.
Advertising li tos llmsoimbU*
Kutcrcd at Pickens postolV.i'e Second
<? MhH Mfiller
PICK I NS. S. C. :
IWnliiostlav, May IS,
The Alliance Wreck.
Ifc Judge C<ar\ lias i.-sued an impor"tant
order in the now eolcbrat tl
Farmt i\s' Alliance ease, wlr 'h wil'
m probably dispose of t!>.> siu.imm:
now in (li" bank, which has lie. n
V awaiting the order I >r *uin n .ntl.s
[f rFlio order was that the Ma tei o!
Hi.bland county, John S. \ ern< r.
should adveitif-<< for several weeks
Fi'or all eiv<litt.is an<l >tockl;?>M i>
ol lh> firm- is' Aliiat.ee Kxeha; s;
t > |>r < I t1- hiin til e i.ms, v. ii!
pro > , p I' .r.vt >rv I > a <- !ileine t
i - \or.ii 1 .inli.al >-i'
All i:' I r> ughout t.e Sijit '
u ti > - o 'k i n t ho AI iane .
t. - h \ u about .'i> 111 w?>r h.
i li.'se th<?re *re a largo nniiiI
i' ! Minis tiletl, some of those
ii g . i the form el suits, this l?eiiig
thi oiiuso pi the (Hi rup(toil oi
I the A . i:i. < (>. All of I lies w i!
II-?W I'C lvK'lT* <1 t" the Mast-.'i', wliO
will tilO |>.?Wi?r I" ll|?()!t
tho validity ol oticli. !' i* -wt' l"
snv thai all <?t" ih<? 1 il will l?i'
wiped out, tiltliou^h it i- lif'
tin n^lit that ti.M'i.' will !? ?i!i\
' .-hoiiam- or - I : - l i l ->
than ;i lnuulit'd < iil> m tIt 11??.lar.
From Howe. Texas.
Mr. I 'ii >r: 1 'It-.i v m :i
littlf ii your ohinii;?, h- I
nm ii Soul ii <' tr< I;n i l<ul. it ! n.r
mil. h <^( i (l to rca I t <' ".*1
Soiitiiicl-.lciun ll illni -til til
news fi in ali i ' ; ..I 1 ...
ty, ami >i i*lm 11y li'oin Lilnrty.
Tho lii'altli <>t Iti > < in11. .i 1 i!>
very jjfoi 1.
Plow mi; corn i - t h- id r n! ; In
day. C' i n i - v r\ - m.i. . . : :
timo ?>i tl c year. S in.' I#:i- l?c :
plow oil t h r t lib ~ ai 'I i - ' '
in ore 1 lian I ill ! I. 4' ('<>:1 1
heed (liil w < > plant < i 1 ii t
April i - !n>| I 'i !:ind !
We 11:: V p ?:,tv tl. !,
iiovtlinrs ai.d sloiin?. r - M:.\
and wo li.tVf tt> p Ii 1?' :i I Hi
tinic. It .- . ? iniiT l
tic stufi' don't ili i.
\\ lioat an. v ' i.if. ;i
Porry. Sji?> t v ii: ik
or 70 l?n-li(?!> I i tl.(' a<*r if
get a good r tin in i 1 lav A
gnnii )I i.-' :| 1:, tIn* |>
iii) Ihis cou1111 \, i'Ul !.;i\ ,i i?!
iruit crop.
Fisher countv : i a r ii-i '>1
wor.'k (< r t lie Ii r-t 11 ii: > i 11 , a ? c ir->
I .s<m> w !i. re tin* < i i i i <">v. i! , !
is in ^nyinjjj 'ii :l I !i- liwiigofi
in I . . >. A in ii tn
have i'i^ vv{i?i i.i '!'< >:a l?
KHtv < (';.t wil' ^ > ii- tw ii > ill
Carolin.i *i- ii (i?)!.;u wil i:i i ?;t~.
Tire l'hw.'U i ? I iI 1 \ i - is ;i 11 > i
Ic-unti y. I m it - i i '
Wfll 31S SW. (?t ,!' I . ,r
li:ttin'('(1 wiih t
1 wii i:, I n 1
;i li in- JtflllU' .1 ! :11' [) A \ I ! I . ,
,1 amcfii 11 a)i 1 11 in. : in..
I.I ini'-son.
i (>?' I'ickcll !. :> .v
\ llilldatcs .
I^j!?< rty M' im I '> :i
Kincr 1 l(l*lic 11?*ii?li k-. . ! r.i i
iff t <UI?I [ I I If . <! i I \V !' : II
I ' I I ?. III, 111 \s 1111 I'll i'
I i fi j ;si v I; 11 If* 1 ov r<
islcy. H. F. I). No. i
M:iy ai> ! I v i try t"
! i- ti in thin Lid
! '.Ill i > \\
i! ;! ! li i IIII ' i I .
\ , 1
11M ? I ' : | I)
i tlx . 11 , < : . 1 <i
i . : . I I ' I M ' \\ . ! I
I ; i !> . i i *>I' 11U
IT til 111 I '.III!
I. . (lon'i dii: k w I. i t\
11 i \ i ' i I :;ot i ;i VI i i '> ' I ' > i 11 '
I>;iH's I ii t C'li h is | ii mu in |
Hon)/' V lli? | il'i K II .
I ui I I tlii i k vvc )i .1 \ . in v | _
iNIi'h, N. I >. at ( rli i i .i n! I u:
cliildivn M il' '1 1:iim -> ui l'i (i
lll'tht I ;iI Sil 1111 < ( n.\ MUtl t ilfi IV.
M i sn I ?<it I i? M11!. r I ,i ! i;
side, vi' il"il rr ,.t iv- and I: ioiuK
in tins hoc! ion r< i nl \.
Linton, I want to li . i you :n('tiling;
I thought I w Mr. I'., n S.
going to K'o liis ^iii tin* > t h i I iv,
V* ;?a you, Hi>n?
Mr. AI nek Duncan went t'> I*i'*ki
iH Moiidnv oil l?u?iuuss,
I think homo one is going t?? get
mnrnod around h<>r?? soon, l>nt I
H don't know who it will ho, t inny
ho mo and it limy not hn n ., l>nf
if the Mis worn to ? ilii* now I could
H not hoar tlioin for the wind.
Mr. But lor Boyd has lu'Ci^B
catumv.t jipiwiiimiwM?WIWI??i m
tbo sick list this week. t
Write often Mr. Lark, your let- t
I tern nro so interesting. Have you
nil any mocking birds in Texas? (
I think pooplo around here are
iabout up with their planting,
i 1 >. SattcrlU Ul visile 1 hia paren'h,
M>\ und Mis. N. D. Salt* rtield, ore
<!ny lust w?-ek. Ann Fii-ez r.
uasiey. k. h. u. No. 1.
1 will [write once more in lil'e t"
tho Sontiiiol-Juurnal. ,
\Y aro about done planting anc
6om?> corn -t? n is coming Up ,
The writer wont over on tho
liivenviro suit? am wig i*. I at i v?*s
last w< ok, ai >1 v\hik? ovor thero oi> ,
(lie M a ?I ;i v of April ^'>t Apr I
luoled by cut J; a he-.* tree, ihiuk
ii.g we were going t>> g.-t sonic (
J!i;>11 v . Tlii' tn o in a-nod 11 le t
| and 10 iiioh?>s <u>nnd, and allei
11 ut 11 l; iI iifver <m>1 a d roi> .1 h mow
Wt'llsiy, Ami I ro'/AT, that is
all li^ht. I saw the 14," >unI. I guo.ss
V<>ur foot is stilt slt'cpim* or vou
would havo writton liotore now.
Mi. and Mis. .1. 1 v. Phillips atid
d .u_r' t.'r, A in i. nr > visiting rol.V
i ivus ii this sv<",i n tins wo-I*.
I loin 1 was ;_'hul to hear the
' op -i t M. V . s i v ii;?r that tl:i'
I t! w :11 i' u m| ' h rlo k llU'l i
no S nth, f : i;' it had stayed I
u'l'o .t niii?ht h i v t; i d to sw a I
i .o\v th it ! i.r ^ouid. and it ii had
: Mr. II !r.< ail h is cotnpaui a
j n d n >t .;<> i t the World's Fair [
i i>;. r.i l
j ... I.. .
11';. ii . ry g ml at t his \\ I'itll.T
(' II m t -. mni11will soon I), (hi.
1 \llM' ?? lit li ) V .
Mi <i. \V 1> rr lias hvatod
linn -l' I t- a is a t< >|? bii'jjgy.
Fr.mi Kiiujs.
N II. 1. wi i'll'1'' lias I>"?mi till ill.
su'k . isl lot* a wc. k <?; t wo .
Mi .1. M. lir has sot liiuiselI"
up 1 a lit.-w hors-o.
.Mr. ( and 11. thinks that it
w . ?1 !" v m'v i-.ml tc ha vt? a
t< .i'[ ' *i l'n?in S x Mile t?>
h . ii-1 ! think >i t<>o, but 1 1
'! . i > i - 'I i: uo rotild i.nly
. t 1 1> i'nr ?ntiI? h.'l'O -<> \v?'
?' ;U! j't 'I.i. mail.
N .? ..:>' (! i y ?t all I hink ulioul
t it ur:' ii i?r .i: pijj 11;at vvcijfhi'd
1 '-!(> )> tit ?ls ihi* Mi l'?. was writ
iu.L; ii> lit i : t?si\ in >i 11 h s ?>M
N v I lila* in it v rv vvi'ii, I>nt
11..> loo inn-, h in at i' .r me at
i th r a.:c.
11 .ii \ .J <>ii< t has g'4 toll a mil-i
!cr if .. t. a id I t!,ink ilial h<I
j will giv<? 'satisfuelion,
F:auk I > r ul'! ! > vi- I 1 h >
in tl.. r ..-t Sit! i ; !;:y Ulil
II" I PlMU-r
Nii \. Mr 1 1 itoij; I v\;! 1 .-ay .i j
i w !> i . r< ir< 1 t< our ]>n 1 ?1 i? j
i ! i'li v in i:. liail iuli*
t. , i ii ;i hi)'; m tii \ tiii^h :
li :< Ii \> ; ;inl r> nil I t.\, ati?l smut
vvt' : ! j i 1 ii r w rk ! \ ry
n i \V hit . ,i't iivcivijil liv?v
: he rn ? .. v I hat wax |?ai<!
.ii. < >. im?u! -< I. i - i-i a din k v. ?r1
tier, Vir ij 1 in . f ii^ht sov.i*
11: i v, aid \ li U will Ik* n! < ui I li
_-.th ?iav i \ LCiist. I f m ?.n?
I> Iy 11 11 ( in. 'I 111<!v wi; 1 11> >
! ii ]r j .. ? < I > a n<ly.
'i h" < ?;}? '. in w.'.I is |ir i
, v, , t J lot ! t ( iai;^ i- U;;i' i.< r.
/ v- j
t rom R'lhama.
V- I li;iv ii"t (>ii any I I, inj^
. iV in It - - ?; in > 'in.- I ime I
. V i 'J. > ' \ :l a I .Villi-.
' V .ii.- i,;i v. . |' niy !' r.i :i
... i , < rt t; I ! I'.! i ;i! ? < >
1)I't " ni?- i -w ., < n- I 'Ion.
p c !i : ; *.
I ' 11 I ' ! ' L' i I si j>| 11
t ' ; I -111 ,
i" l> n ;i<! I Ii x yi .r.
t ' ! !' >i i I I ', I \\ I i i -a II I > ' ! Ill'
i) !<t i |lie (hiy. iinl if I lit I'jirm. r->
11 i. i !. j. ;i c sc \v;il !),(leu
< i i n w i! I < .??.< - :i ! us in ;i
i - .
AI r. i 11 ; . 1. 11; .% n ,;i - I mm t-'l
Ul. i i II IT !j I" i If.Ml l \ .
II 11 11< I l < < ' : i I !i < p|.l(M
in i > h.i\ 11 i?! n t.111111 thi>
i I. c :i< 11(ion.
ii i \S '1 \ r 11 xi
? r - i.?I . I.. - l lie i. ,y?.
iii . - i 1 t\ it. !" oil c in
in . . iiil i !i i'f i- mi,' ; iuii
I * .11 i i jjfo to Ii.?r
r i uc -"I t li m* ;i re iii' r j
i ' Mi ' n<- . I ll JlI-" ,'i l -\s
-l ; I o Oil r ill: i' I l y ?<rh?? !
f li.it mi.i!; - 11. 1 ys lic.'u t s !tc11o
i lo ji: ;i M I)' :n. Sli 11 y.
From S x MileW
11 ,' -i i;. i I l< 11114 line
.lieI t it til l ''"in ;ii t; r .iii: >!
u hie Jy. I 1 i.in;< t Ii? I <>y \\ill|
11a . to < i 'litin:/ crali *':? si
i< i|i
! .iii n lit.) M ; and Af i s I ,cc
I'res.sloy, on I l,i* >111 i nht , a M?n.
I.iv saj's lie will dim"! 11ih hoy, for
ho h;is a largo crop planted.
W'f hnvo now ^<>( a iiic? wire
loncn around thogruvu yard at 'Ins
place, :i id wo 11 |.i the people who
have reliilivs bur ed h.?ro will lend
us a helping hand toward keeping
I it up.
A. (i Pi< kena haH moved had;
i to our little town. 4 '
J. K. Merck linn two children
i :
jick with a breaking out. It is
,hougliL to b ? small [> )X.
M 15. Evan* hail tho misfortune
)f losing a mule ono day this week.
Baby Boj .
From Looper.
As my I isi nrtie o wont to tho
vviivto liii&kot 1 will try to write,
Muft of our farm.>is ;?r? through!
pluming an I liavo b jju i plowing
over tli"ir coni.
Th> wedding I)-lis rutin in our
section on May 1st, when Mr.
Sli"p!;i II Railics nnd Mins H'lil
Stej>h< ns w<>r>; married, with Mr
I u>< if{o at. llu> throttle.
T m .!< IK'S u 11 < 1 si St t'l", Mlig^ie,
Irum the Oakilal > l inn, (ir< envil e
L'oui.ty, vi-itcd relative-- and friend*
i:i thi-? sect ion recently.
List Sun hiy, i!.c Si li inst , was
i')mmnnion <lty at IMer's Cicek
I ... t no I I, . .. ..... I I. , .... ,r!,..w..V
MI t i'i ?? ' * i . ii' ?? P" ft ?* ?vit? j
I he cetninutii >n was postponed until
tho second Sunday in .luno.
There was :i Sundnj school or^iini/.->d
;it Peter's Creek church on
May 1st, with Mr. McKall Baker
and 10. C. Uuriis as Superintend
d. nis, an 1 .1. 10 Kriddlo as S'crcluiy
and Tiea-uror. Wo would he
ijlad if all would c.uno out and
make the school a glorious suoct ssa
W. A \\ iiliatus of the M ie-i sec*
:i n, bivathcd his l.i-t on May Ith.
I L?? h is I o 'ii a MilVeier for about ;i
v.':ir In! CumI. in ! is wNi! nrovi
<1 not, >uv lit lii t:iki> him nway
from t!n^ world for Some eaiu'C
mkiiiiwn to us. His remains were
tiikon to th.? Mt. Tabor comotary
for luit'iil t!i" diy ^following his
death, He It'-iviN miM son and a
host of ri.dal.ivo9 and friends to
mourn his departure.
FJmer i'ripp ;md wit") visit d \V.
I. I> Chapman and Mrs. II. A.
Ki.m man last Satuidiv and Sutids y.
Mountain !'? iv.
Easlev R. F. D. No. 1.
Work has i>uiitiful :i11<l
news geare-*, 'ml a gentle rain cnine
a id we have had a little time to
g it Iter a l'i'\v ?] {s.
A ! i 11 to farinois in this seetion
are thion^h planting and are siI
ij11y waiting (he time when we
ciii yfo to working <>n ore]).-, for
(i >n. i ire n in putting in his appearanee,
and it wi I t;<>t l>e long
till tlie iii g of tie h<-e and s ng <>|
the darkey will I e s minding en
all the t a i ins a run rid.
Mr. N. A. Christopher says lie
liiiishod planting his ejtton eri.p
( n the same date he e mimenced to
put in g'lan > '.:i>t }ear.
Mi.-s .lani (iuriek and brother
nrwhi a lis i::g trip to (ireenvi 11
1 ist week.
Mr .1. 15. Ill's tin* got tiied < I
I i . i 11" I i I i ! . 1 III I f 111 11 > i 11 i
a-Uc'l <ui" of hi- n - to hflp
'!i:n _' ;l ri<i d > in of tItem. The\
ic i 1 :il o>;( \ nty-livo and ! t
II iiirii < ;: | < t i ivlil f I lie ha rn
a Im 1 ct'i!? : mil.
I', in v* 11 an ! atloo'icitij^
li .'i t lr *' 11 o 11 s inc.' the rn in.
May1 \\-.? cull ;sf t Oapt. ' !. W.
l? to . a ill t 1) .S S ('! i( hi \v i I li
111< serap'' a.:id ki ? ily fill nj some
of the hole , >' i tin- I lirt-sli r < ill !> >
l-r u^'li! around when lit* ^niti
I;. I<\ Lciili.irdl la- g?>ni' i n i
i ^ 11 to 11 i s (! ro w ( i' ( !< I arm. II"
l - I ' . o I ! i II i i I' i ? < i ! 11 11
iii v hai it. I {i --i\ -? ii v\ suits 11> I)-r
id v I?>r iIk r.<mi11 j crop.
f K. (i nclv lin added sonic
\ . i ii;i I? c imp i'"v( iii nI s t <> 1> i d\\
li'llJX )ii< |i add - i o tit lo kand
0( in ort -.
' >ij i' i i in I. .1. M hi roc K i ii".
\ i - il ! < 1 r. r vi j!. . -1 Tiir-d,i v.
a d | (-< i :l .i |jJl (otitic
Iniif^v. Wen ! i' if !) v. * 11 * I I) :u
t,!i? rini( wit Ii i Ii i .13s t < in li I itc*
to t"!l us !.??.% w ( in mii'li oi.r
r uvl*. X
From Mien.
< 11 M iy till, r.Ki I. M r. A11 v.: i - t;;s
W'iiliniiis I ivitlh'd Li-; l ist, al<
i -nit' rini: uiic t !?>) . !h- many
i ii' n<l - l'l'^rd li. .!? ilii. Mr. \\ i 1 !
ijim-i l(!,iv?'- ' :ti - >i . iiinly <-}iil<i
! i * i ri. , 111 iii' iiI'm hi- <i 111, nlid lit?
Iiil - 11) ? v ; U ' V I tho ? i I round*
ini;i o;n:!i :i \. Mr Wjl iaiiH \v..h
i i{o 'I in iii. 11 j ; i . I ivo I 1 >v !'11
w ho know liim.
I s l hat < 'I K <1111? u nlit -- nic
i ? \Viil< u|?. I*-11 i .v, '? (I l{i |i| ! ,
1 i m 11??t it - Ii <'|> :i t all, I j 1*1 11a \ <
11??t I) .'I tni?? i , wriin
Mi-> b Aiplia I icc 11;11; 111'I Niiim
!,<> |)cr -1111 i ii iii lit last \V(ck
Willi Mr-?. 1- tin y Ift'iiririrk*.
Mr. I). A. i/ivv-'Mi has : i picco of
in iU<'\ iin, 11) i _? ,\ j- loo y(. i rs
i?l'l. \\ It > i ;i 11 11 it I hat"'
M -h I ! ^ ; i ii ;<k111<I M r. I)
l\ . 11 I'll : i ii'k - 11: i < 1 (In- |)1i)}(>II1'm ol
vi-iiin^ Anna Hughes last
Satnpl y i i^lit
I saw in thi) K:h1 v I'lo^rops
W hoi'o I In- I Urnsvill - orrc.SpOlKil' t
t r i I lo writ" a >ni> t Ii: i ^ ;t 1 > nf flic
i a us\iii.i hoys c ni!ii_c ii;> uoiv,
an<l I will jiint *ny this much: she
s jusl wanting t! cm to yinl her
Mr. (>. \V. Bowi'n c.omo through
In ro last week ad mrdo a good
r< a<l through this .?(ction. Mr.
IJoweu known how to w r!< roa'ft?
Mr. Robert .Jonos of Yiuel.u <1,
vipitml at Mr. Chapm ia's b 8t
1 am in u hurry this tmio ttud 1
will try to write more next week.
Blue Eyes.
A Singular Word.
Our lnugn 'g'* ontaina a word ending
in ' iliAt denotes auxxoty, worry, oto.,
"dd to this word another "d" audit will
dfuots nfY. ofou, j >y, ?to, Fiud this
wor I in t e paragraph below.
"Cares' bring ai.xnty and worry, '
tluMi' bung derangement of the digestive
I organs, usually r sultiug ui indigestion.
I Llydale's Stomach Tablets cure iudiges*
II ion. It mat to (a uot whet her your stom|
aoli trouble is oau*e<l by worry, overwork,
ut'glto', Uialiii.i or any other
canst', R\dale's Stomach Tablets will
01110 \ou They iusure perfect digestion
and nssimil >tion. Tlicy tone and
: *! ? ? >tii r\I win Hut iiiiriKtivn <ti'ir>niM
. ... w.x, , va5,,UVl VvWV*
iug thotu to li alt'i. Uio tlu-ui urn! gooil
imltli will blosi yon uu I fortune "earls'
you. I'iokens Drug Co., 1'iokouB;
\V. A. ftiic!di>u, Liberty.
Detroit's Pill Harvest.
If the amiiia pill harvest of Detroit
was strung on thread, like
Christmas popcorn, the rope of pills
would reach twice around the earth,
with enough over to tie in a bowknot.
If this string of pills was
cut in pieces each of the 3t>,000,000
women and girls in America could
have a different nccklace of pills
for every day in the year, with an
extra long one for each Sunday.
Detroit produces 4,000,000,000 pills
each year.
Wasted Coal Energy.
With the methods now in use
seven-tenths of the force in coal is
wasted. A few years a^o the wusto
was nine-tenths. Mr. Edison declares
that a bucketful of coal
1 .11 1 * . i ?- * I*.
snouid urivo an express iraiu irom
Xew York to Philadelphia and a few
tons he suilieient for the largest
ocean steamship, whose bunkers
must now hold thousands. The
Oceanic; consumes a ton of coal every
three minutes, or about 500 tons
a day.
fhe Way Mnrk Twnln Helped n
Yoiiiik lloc(?r to WIii Kum?.
A certain prominent New York
physician owes his start to Mark
Twain." said a New York magazine
editor, "and 1 saw iiiin Ret It. It was
many years npo, and tin? then youn>t
physician had just linnjr out his
shingle. Mr. Clemens knew him quite
well, and so did I. and we both believed
that lie had the real stuff in him,
but the people hadn't learned of him
yet, and his oliiee wirt <?nipty. One day
Mark was in niv place talking when a
banker of social and financial promtneiice
came in. Incidentally ho men
tinned tho fact that his physician had
died the nljxht la-fore with heart dinease
and he needed his services that
very minute. Mark at once suggested
that he ylve our friend a trial.
' 'What kind of a man is lie'/' inquired
the hanker.
' 'None better, I should say.' responded
Mr. ('lemons, 'lie has never lost
a patient.'
""flint sounds crnnil enomrh. fJlvo
mo his address, uiul I'll go to him*
"When In* had loft tlu? oflleo, i looked
at Mr. Clemens inquiringly.
" 'Oli, Hint's nil right,' he said with
n sly smile. "I sniil he hail never lost
a pat i?'?it
" *1?*? novcr hail one to lose, illil heV
I asked reprovingly.
" Of eonrse not, but it wasn't necessary
to say ilint.'
ii 1111 11' 11 UIII, iijtr liiuinni.^i ?ur>
rlj;hf. because (lie youtiff fellow lin*'
died ilw banker's ease with suee^** and
it was thf kind of un lnUwluctlon lu;
needed." Header.
Tlioy .Not Only Do tlio lliMmeworU,
bill Plow llio KIfIUn,
The scwii!,' in tin* kimono consists of
one sniiill and one lonx stitch, a species
of artistic I liiitf. '1 hen- is reason In
this. I'm' whenever ti)e kiiuono is wash
. ed it is ripped to piece's. This Is peri
haj s why the Japanese, who bathe
<h.i 1 v. wear such dirty clothes, while
| tiie Chinese, who bathe sometimes,
wear such clean clothes. The kimono
strips are dabbed up and down without
soap, scrubbed with a brush and
are ironed by drying them carefully on
boards. One of the sights of a town
arc inese nomas, witn ineir strips or
silk 1?':?niiik against the sides of the
liOUSt S.
'J lie peasant women not only do the
j Iniii: ;'\voik, Inn out of door work as
\vi ;I. Like the coolies, they wear troui
sers and staim knee deep In the slush
of the rice paddies, guide the water
l>- !i';,lot s ;it the plow or hind up the
straw to dry on the trees. This is the
Japanese idea of a haystack and makes
the look as if thoy were wearing
one of the novel sights is the old
women mowers, dipping the lawns
w ih seissors as neatly as n lawn
mower and stopping now and then
t.> .uros-ip over their tea. Both in China
( i.ii'l .i.ip.ii the tending of silkworms
' Is not only done by women, but In rek
r?IimI ms nil elegant duty. 111 Clilnn
? ;i? 11 year the empress Inaugurates it
< t ic.'iioiiially, ns the emperor does the
Killing plowing. Jn each country tbe
oilier important Industry the tea
growing i i largely in the bands of women.
; sv? rnnn
r and crooked bones mean
: ;\vdiivjj. CJalI the disease
' . if yo?i want to. The
v. !iw child nui -t cat the
ri ! [(' >(! i r Lrr<>vvth. Bones
iivj ! have bone food, blood
n p. ( have ! lood food and so
< n ?hn u^h fhe li>t.
S( < ?tt's Kmulsion is the rig fit
treatment for soft bones in
!. i I) < 11. I.i11It*d<>se.*> every (1 r.y
e tno stiffness and sluape
i I! >t he althy bones should have.
Mow It ^;s become strai^hter,
i )o e joints jjjrow stronger and
r._ . - * ~ f'
milling 10 UK: SOIl
Wrong fond causcd the
trouble. Ri^ht food will cure it.
iii thousands of eases Scott's
Kmulsion has proven to he the
right food for soft bones in
j childhood.
400-415 Poaj lM & ,? >rte.
bring^good priccs must have
;j ? ?;? *?!
; We will send our books, giving full infor- ;
i m.ition about the subjcct, to any farmer who
wrile? for tlicin. '
Now YorU?t?B Numuu Street, or
Atlauto. (! .-**!< Ho, llrotxl St. 1
' ? r- rr rrjrrrjrrrj.-wjfsrjrsrjrsrjfsrj.
A ?k vuui l'(?;tl<'r f?>r A1i?*ik'm 1<uh - >4 ?
A powtltu foi tlio feet. It onroa Swollt 11
.Son-, H. t, (J llotiH, Acliiu^r. Sweating
l\s. t, CtU iis iiimi buiiioiib. At uli Dri g
i-ttn mill slum nt n r, '25c. Aflk tn<ln>,
A Thoughtful M. u.
M. M. An tin of Winchester, Jud.,
ku*'w wn i to iio in Uio iH.ur oi 1.0CCI.
II is wifo h?l kucIi fin mi usual case of
stomach mul liver tr tiple, phyj-icians
ij-uiUl uot help ln-r. Ho tliouglit ( f aud
trii .1 Or. King's Now Lifo Pills and elio
f5?-t relief at ouoe a* d was dually cured.
Only '25e, at 1'iekciiK Drug Co.
A miounccincnts fur Congressman for the
I'liinl Concessional District anil for So'.'citor
from die l iulitli -indicia! Circuit, and for alt
* Ton lily oiliics will lie Inserted miilcr this liciulI
inn from now until the Primary Kleetiuii for the
-urn of l-'l V K l)(>l,l.A IIS, Cash. at the time he
loticc I- haiiilixi in. No deviation fiom this
rule will he made.
For House of KepreiinntnMvfH
i hereiis announce myself a entidlilntu for the
House of Kcpresi ntaliveH, Pickens lonnty, subject
(o the action ot the Dcinoeritic party at the
approaching primary election.
I hereby Announce myself a candidate for reelection
to the House of Representative!*, subject
to the action of the Democratic paity in the
oriliinrv I'li'cl inn .1 V Sit MOW K III V'l'f IN
For Short IV.
I hereby announce myse'if a cniiilidntc for till'
otlice oi sliorill'of Pickens county, subject t?i
tlic action of tlic Democratic party in the I'ri
innry election. I',. KRANK LOOl'Klt
The ninny friends of A. .IKh'K \VKI<1I()KN<
respect fully iiiitioiiiiee liim as h caiuiWiate foi
S icritr of I'ickens county, subject to the action
o' thciapiuotiehinK Democratic primary.
I hercliy announce myself a eainliilatc for tlie
o!lice of sherlll of Pickens county subject t<
the action of the Democratic party in the pri
matv election. J. t; .IKNNINUS.
1 heicliy announce myself a camliitaie for tin
ottiee ol Shcrilt of I'ickens county, subject t<
mi-n< mm in nil' I'ciDoi riiiit nr iiimrv election.
lil'.N I-. |'\V USONS.
At tin' snltcltHt'nit of mnnv friimis I herein
announce iii.vsoir n cii'iiliilutc lor Sliorlir o'l
I'lekens county. miIjJo. t to the action ol tin
action of Hit- Democratic primurv.
i*. II. It()U(;s
I hereby announce inyself a ciiixliitnte for tin
ollii'i' of Slit-till' for I'ickcuK oiinty, Mihjcct t<
tin- ion of tin- Ppinocratii'|inrtv in tliu |>ri
iiiiiiv do tlou. I1ANIK1. K. M'TH KRL \ M)
lor TieikHiirer.
At tin- solicitation of a few fnemls, lint innri
to my own notion, unil in accordance with ni>
own iti'.i i i Hniii.iiiii>it in wolf . i,.i 1.1
Treasurer of I'iekci > County, subject to tiie ac
lion of tlie Deinoeralle primary eleetion.
.1. 1). MOOKK.
1 hereby announce myself n candidate for r<
e'eeti.in to the olllee of Treasurer of I'lekem
county, sti bject in ih.i act ion of the voters in I In
primary ilcction. IIKNKY VV. I-'AKU.
Kor Su|M-rvlnor.
I lierelij announce myself a candidate for re
elertion to the ollicc ol County Supervisor o
I'irkens eounty, stiltjeet to tin" action of tin
Democratic pi it* in the primars election.
Tiu>mjm r.v .,r \i v i'tii I'm iirviiixcI.'.
respeett1111 y announce him a <-n I id i?t ti I f?
ofliee of Count} Mi|?? r\ iv>r of Vukcns countv
subject to tin' m i' a nf tin' Democratic priuiai
i lie iiiitiiy friends'of W. W. AIKI'.N respeel
fully announce liiiu a cnmiiiinte fur the oliiee o
Supervisor of I'lekeiiN county, subject to the ui
(ion of the iKMnocmlic |>riinnry.
The ninny Mentis of WILLIAM It. OATS rt
spectfnilv nnnounee film its a eamlidnte for ill
oliiee of supervisor oi I*>< kohm eoiinty, Milijei
to lite aetlon of the Deinoeratie party in the prl
mary election.
Wo hereby nnu<> i<!cc liOHIOKT RTl-.WAHT
t iini.i luie for lite i.'u e of Supervisor of Pick
ens ronnty. s'li.Jeci to thenetion of tlie Demci
cm lie primary election. Voters.
l'or County CoimnlMhioner.
The iiiiiny friends of N. I! MOOItK, respect
fully announce liiin A enulidalJ fur the otliec
ol (:iiiiiinissloiic>r of Pickcns enmity, subject ti
die ix'iioii ul the voters in the Democratic pri
niiiry election
At the ic'|i:est of idiiiiy friends I hercliy mi
noiiiice niy-elf a candidate for the office o
* 'oniitv i oininl^sioiier > ( I'ickens county. Mil
Jcct to the act loll of the Democratic primal \
I hereby aiiiioiince myself a candidate for tlx
olHcc of County <'ominissioner for Ptckcii
I'oiintv. subject to the iictiou of the Dcinoeratli
party in the primary tlection. \V. Ilow KN
The luany friends of n I'. FIIXD rcxpectttil
ly aniiouiiec him a candidate for the ollice o
> ouniy < oiniiii-sioiier "I I'ickens county. miIi
jc> t to tlic n< tiou ol the Democratic party ill (In
pi imaiy election.
\I the Millcitntinii of my fricmlu, I iiiinouiici
hi\k?;if ii i'liiuliiliitc fur lln.' ollirc of Count;
i >>iiilni?Moiicr of I'icUcits count) , .subject to 11.:
ii. lion of tli" iMMiioi'rntlc i urty in the prliinm
electloti. It. W. RICK
I lififliy hiiiioUIH'I' iny.M'lf 11 ciimlldnte for tin
olliee of ('utility t'oihiiiisKioniT of I'iekfll
county Milijcct to llif> action of the Doinocriitii
party in tin- i>riiiiiir\ diction.
of K?l "<>rttlon.
I hereby iiuuoiincr my no If ncnmliilnto for re
ci'tion to the ollice of County Sii|icrilllClldon
of K>lilciitioii of I'ickciiK county, Mihject to tin
action of tho Demo riitic niiunirv.
11."V. HAM,CM.
Knr Coroner
liv the solicitation nt many friends, I hercli
announce myself >i candidate lor tliu ollice o
< ornncr nf I'ickciiH county, hlilijcfl to th(- a<
lion of tin- Democratic voter* at the ?|>i>roH<*li
invr |>i iine r\ election
Very respect fully,
W. A. I.A UK.
At lite solicitation of many friends ! hcroh
announce myself as a candidate for tliu otllc
of coroner of I'lckcns county, suhje't to Hi
action of the Deuincrotic party in tlic approach
itiK primary Kleetlon .1 I.KX'I SA N l)KKS.
At tlie solicitation of my friends I attain all
nnunce myself acattilMate for the oiliee of Corn
nor of Pickens county, and pledge myself t<
al?lile the rennlt of the Democratic primary.
.1. .1 CII A N 1)1,KH.
I lierel'V announce myself a candidate for th
oillce of Coroner of Pickens county, Ntihject (<
the action of the Democratic party In tin. i>ii
nnir) election. I'. c. CARTKrJ.
We, the friends of KARNKY R. I'ORTKR rc
sprrlfully Hiniounee lii 111 n cumliilMte for (hi
ollice of t'orontr of I'lrkeiiK connlv, subject t<
the iictlon of the Democratic |>rliunry election
lliiinonfl Englinh Cough .Syrup niirw
rouglm, colds, hroncli:(iH atxl all kindmi
trouble. 25c at E?r'?s Drug .Store, J,
I). Moore, Craig Uioh.
?j ? ?? !
z Ail Kinds nod for till Purposes. ,
^ Whon in tl?o Marhol for
1W. H. Gibbes & Co J
I The Glbbea Portable Ahlngle MtrMafi. I
m a -
. > -'
The Warm
The air is getting warm, and
last week our store wh8 full of early e
preciilentH. Alay in the month of
when all es vreilT' Mr. New ?cho<
we have \ hmnt'd to make May a
never bt en ho complete and desirabh
This, onr latfPt addition hag
proved the biggest success. Our
second lloor is tho most popular
part ot our store, thiic you will
find the most amnz:ng values, nnd
prices that outclass any evi?r tn.ide ,
in Greenville Quality and dosigus I
mat win piease me m -st exacting
$7.50 BLUE SKKtifi SUITS $5 0a
ens guiraut j.) <1 all wool
Suits, will put it aguii.st any ?ev?>n?
fit'ty value, made in four button,
sack only, 34 to 42. While
they last $5 00.
?6 50 LEADER AT $4 08
e i8 all wool oljiy worsted suits,
made in four button sack only, size
34 to 44. We have 6oM over one
hundred and fifty of this number
in the last tlnrtv days, but have
plenty more at $1 98.
SUITS $1.98.
Glenside CnSsiinnre are the best
wearing fabrics on tlio market at
the pric*. Kull lino (if patterns in
both slims and regulars, ei/o to
44 at $4.98.
Greenville's Cheapest Store
B B in ^
Arc you ready for y
we are showing1 a nice line
will pay you to see. this liiv
; i
' White Sea
The White Seal Cloth:
t larger towns for its seperio
duribility. None but the b<
making this clothing and <
by an expert. We are sho
come and let us show you t
We are looking for
[ the rise and we can save yc
r\ __
Send lis you
9 Ed. Sentinel-Journiil Co.
Pickens, 8. C.
My Dear Sir: Ploane annoiinco
i- in vnnr nmuir trial il>r? n.ivt *
/ j ? *? ? |/i?|/v< VUVJ IIU A u t"(M II
r ?>r? examination will bo hold at
' Pickens Kriilny May '20ll>. JOxnmination
to begin at?) o'clock. Applicants
must furnish their own
l Hfationery, lojjal aizn preferred.
It. T. I'AU.CM,
Co Supt Kd.
Notion to Itobtora hikI CreilitorH.
All persons holding claims against
the* state of J. It. Mauldin are requested
e to present the t-arye. properly alti'tided,
' for payment, hy the 1st day of .1111 y,
HM)4. Th<s? indebted to paid estate
iiiUMt imittt jKij iiiriu iu
[. K. K. Mauldin,
> May 5, 190t-'Jw. Administrator.
Milken a Clean Sweep.
Tliore'H nothing like doing a tiling
i thoroughly. Of nil tlio Halves yon evor
I hoard of, Ttncklon'H Arnica S ilvo is tlio
boat. It aweeps away and cnp-a bnttiH,
aorew, bruisea, enta, boiln, nlcora, akin
eruptions and piloH. Ii'h only Hoc, and
| gunrnntoed t.) give hutiafaetion, l.y l'iok(inn
Drug Co,
Heware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
j na morenry will surely destroy the fciiKo
or smell ami completely derange (lie
whole Hystom when entering it through
1 the mnoona amfucoH. Much articles
should never he nsod except, ou prescrip'
tionH from reputable physicians, us the
<1 imaRO they will do is ten fold to the
good you can possibly derivo from thom
JIhII'h Oiitnrrh (hire, nmnufactnro-) by
F. J, Cheney & G'<>., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and in taken int< rnall.y
acting directly upon the blood and mu*
i coin surface#! of the system. In buying
Hall's C'ltirrh Core bo sure you get the
genuine, ft is taken int rnally and
mude in Toledo, Oliio, i-y F. J. Cheney
aionialu free.
DrtiKgiHlH, 7'iC.
ly Pllla are the host.
' * '*': *$
Days of May A
the pooplo must hnvo wearing apporial to
ihoppora. Bat this store's mission is to i
Rreat selling, Mr. Old School snyp; in t?
i>l replies: "It is just the timo to push lu
month long tc be remembered in our bus
j, und prices are as low as honest niorohuu
Cloth i
1 Suit
4 pricf-d
and ii|
nlfto tl
liGst i
pair v
I Vrc a
i. 10(> N. Main Street
n in5 .snr
our Spring Suit. Two piece.! Suits ai
made of "Milton Cloth." Every ;
c. : : : :
FAMOUS jlgpl
' Clothing ?
ing is famous in all the; 4
rity in style ami fit and
^st tailors arc employed in
ach garment is inspected /
wilg a variety of styles jL
hrough. uj
a big shipment of Hour this week tha
)ii money. Call and get our prices.
lice-Morrow Cc
r Job I'linting
/*m m>
iiiw 11
and everybody feels like
old hot shoes and steppin
/~*/"\ /"xl t . '1 t >< /ki
v.uv/1 |/ 111 \ji r>\i|j|jui a.
This week we call your
tion to our line of Ladies
1 li^h Point, $1.25
1 )ixie Girl,* #1 .50
These are excellent values
11 ere j^oes a small lot (
Oxfords 1 3s to 2s for only
They arc worth $1.00 per
dcr to sell them <|uickly
price just half their actual
We have some more bar
dress ^oods and cordiall
who have not already si
selves to ^ive nsa call.
Plenty of ^ootl Hour and
at the lowest cash price.
We arc preparing '
of chickens and c
summer and will gi
price for them. Y
Craig 1
re Hero!
suit ilie season, isvery day
*ev?too customs and smash
uch timoR "why push things
ml est and strongest. Hence
tineas career. Our stook has
di8e can bo sold.
pi coo suits, prices $0.50 to
i>f? in ?I1 thu latest fabrics,
li?re .it $10 00 to $25 00.
* that wili Htiind hard wear,
hero 75c, 98c, $1 25, $2.00
l> to $5 00.
sell the I & S Knee Pautf,
lie Junior, which are the two
nakes on the market, every ,
i 1 .. - i 1- . ! ? T>
vuiiMiiiHii ni'i iu rip. tricefl
ig from S5)c to $1 25.
i hundred dozen uion and boys
lo And ndraHs shirts, worth
89c, sizes 12 to 17 at 25o.
ligee 8hir(H, made of genuiuo
u mm figures and etiip?s
lit ground, t-izes 14 to 17 at
. Greenville, S. C.
re all lhe rage and
wit guaranteed. It
,.1: \
k Hprp
io num..
=r= '
shedding their
ig into a nice
special attenOx
i for tliQ_ price.
>f Mjases Tan
' 50c a pair.
pair uut in or\ve
make the
i i
gai.is in
y invitr
I cof'

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