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.vgiiLj '.^i .
i \ <*l Assembly of Southern Pres.
r.l * byterfan Church.
Mobile, Ala., May 14.?The general
issombly of the Southern Presbyterian
r church will couveuo in Mobilo, Thursday,
May 11), and remain in Besaloft
probably ten days.
Delegates are expected froia all th<J
rou'luiu states. Among the prominent
ministers who wfli be in attendance;
are Dr. Neel, of Kansas City;
Drs. Hemphill and Lyons, of I^oulsville,
and Dr. O. R. English, of Richmond,
The assembly will be opened Thursday
morning at 11 o'clock with a sermon
by the retiring moderator, Dr. A.
C. Hopkins, of West Vlriginla. A new
V moderator will then be electe^-and the
assembly will proceed to business.
Among the important questions to
bo comidercd is the proposed union
of the Northern and Southern P res by*
1 I torian churches. This metier is exLpected
to evoke much discussion. Another
proposition to be considered is
the union of the Dutch Reformed
church and the Southern Presbyteriun
The night sessions will be taken up
largely by popular meetings in tho interests
of the various church causes,
* wlin short addresses by tnembers
of the assembly.
Mad Animal Resented Being Driven
from Wheat Field.
Charlotte, N. C., May 14.?Mrs. Robert
Rogers, wife of a well-to-do farmer
of this county, was instantly killed
by an infuriated Miorse. The acci
dent happened at the dinner hour.
The horses had been ungeared and
were turned loose in the stablo lot
during dinner ti.ae. One of the horses,
a young animals manage dto break out
of the l).t and Jumped over a low
fence into a wheat field in tho rear
of tho house. Not wishing to call her
husband from his rest, Mrs. Rogers
crossed into the field and attempted
to drive ihe horse out. The brute became
infuriated at the attempt and
rusfied at Mrs. Rogers. She attempted
to escape, but the animal rushed
upon her and threw her to the ground.
f / Before the men at the house, who wero
attracted by the screams of Mrs. Rogers.
could come to her assistance she
was ground into a pulp by the fore
feet of the frenzied animal.
Mail Clerk on the Atlantic Coast Line
V Arrested.
Jacksonville, Kin., May 14. ? William
J. Henry, a mull clerk running on thu
Atlantic Coast Lino division), between
Hf Jacksonville and Tampa, has been arrested
at Tampa on a charge madcj
iiisptxiui ^-aiiiiuiu, (Ji me i uiA way
mail scrviee. Preliminary hearing
whh waived before Commissioner
Crant> and bond lixod at $1,500, which
llonry was unable to furnish.
Tin' action is based on tie disappearance
of a vnlui?bl? package mailed
by the Tampa,National bank to
the Punta Go/da' bank, which should
havo bi.on transferred to the division
betwep'- Lakeland anil Punta Gorda.
f The package was mailed .May 1. Henry
is married, and lives on Church street
in Jacksonville. Tho inspector claims
that Henry has told conflicting stories
regarding the matter.
Florida Sonatorial Contest la Still In
JnckBonvllle, Fla., May 14.? It now
poems probable tlmt th? senatorial
raco will have to be run over again.
Tho 42 counties, not entirely complete
give Taliaferro 20.MOW; Stockton,
11,52G: Jenningn, 8,22.'l, and CalK
948?total of three lowest candidates,
2U,t;'J7. Threo candidates and about
? ' 20 precincts are yet to be heard froui.
W Tho delegation to the fit IxjuIb conI
vention goos uninstructed. No candidate
i-xcent Hearst had a ticket In
the Held, and the delegation will probably
Hand, Heart.! 5, uncommitted 5
Kalse'r Disciplines Crown Prince.
New York, May 14.?Crown Prince
Frederick William has been confined
to Jil'' quarters for three days, by order
of the emperor, according to a
Times dispatch from nerlin. The order
is stated to havo been duo to the
pari icipntion of the crown prince In
the recent dangerous riding competition
on the Horlin race track. This
is tlie second time the emperor hao
disciplined his son for reckioas horsemanship.
Kind's Daughters Elect Officers.
Jackson, Miss.., May 14.?The Jackson
delegates to the annual convention
of the Mississippi branch of the
King's Daughters, havo returned home
from Yazoo City, where the convoaj
tlon bus boon lii progress ivlnee Tuew/
day. The officers elected were a?
follows: Mrs. It L McLnurin, Vicjo*
urn v.. si'crcmry; mih. KO?a
Weathorsby, recording aocr?t?ry; Mrs.
.1 H Shelby, state treasurer.
Elects Now President.
New York, May 11.?At Ita thirtyoight
h animal meeting Just clo?ed
hore, tho national hoard of tire undotwriters
elected John II Washburn,
president l(? succeed Henry H. Hall.
Fifty-eight eompr.nlen were represent'
ed, including many doing buslnesB In
the south and wont.
"Tie a stiing around your finger.'
(let that bottle of fthmimne.idn tmlnv ha.
foro your rhemnntiHm K<t? a (irm hold
and becomes dangerous.
rt'liy Hp TIioiikI'* S
"I shouldn't object to your acceptIn^
11iin if I thought you hn<l given tint
matter sufficient consideration."
"Hut why do you think I haven't,
Hecause you haven't changed your
v mind."- I'ucU.
Itest Cough Medicine for Children.
When you buy n cough incdioino for
Hiimll (-Million yon want ono in which
you can plnco implicit confidence, You
want one thnt not onlv relieves but
^ onroa. Von want <>no thnt in unqnoationnhly
liannlcHH. You want one that
i? plcnxnnt to take. Ohamqorlain'a Cong
Komody mectrf nil of tlieao conditions.
I nothing mi good for the cougha
incident to childhood. It in
_ <:htnin preventive nnd onro for
40 Vhrre i? no danger whntevor
W* mi\rn^??11^ w',on g?vo??
incd in ninny epidemioa of
ML don with perfect hucoohh. For
he o?,)H l>rug Co., nnd Knrlo'a
. ckniB; and Hunter &
ii tlie he.
Imi not lionr tlu'i..
Mr. Bntlor JUv..
!. ? ! .) ' 1 I! ItJ U1.J..J
v-Hcrrrciftwxr.. . itnmmwTimimmmmKmMLM t hi ms
Lost Hairj
j " My hair camc out by the hand- 1
ful, fluid the gruy hairs began to fl
creep in. I tried Ayer's Hair vigor, lj
r and it stopped the hair frbm com- fl
Bing out and restored the color."? H
Mrs. M. D. Gray, No. Sr.lem, Mass. fl
S There's a pleasure in jl
8 offering sueh a prepara- H
tion as Ayer's Hair Vigor, g
9 It gives to all who use it n
I such satisfaction. The [|
| hair becomes thicker, R
9 longer, softer, and more y
I glossy. And you feel so 8
8 secure in using such an i
I old and reliable prepara- S
tion. $1,00 a boltle. All druulits.
If your druggist cannot supply you, [a
Rend "us uno dollar and wo will express ra
you a bottle, He suro and efve tlio nntno IS
of your nearest express olnco. Adi!ir.-s, R
J. C. A YKlt CO.. I.owoll. Muss, B
?fTn-T-"-~ 1 T?-*???fwirBEATING
( l'lllluilllv K<<1I11<W1I In 'I'll I f'L 11 iimij
(II the SlieetM Arc TrmiNiiureut mill
80 l''iuc 'I'lint UOO.COO of Tin-in In 11
l'lle Would MeiiHurc but 1111 Inch.
A local sign writer was in the window
of a large ! ' street establishment
putting gold leaf on the outlines of letters
he had made with a stencil. The
curiosity of a reporter was aroused as
to how these tiny sheets of gold were
reduced to such minute thinness. A
visit to the establishment of one of
Washington's largest sign writers and
a talk with the proprietor brought forth
the following:
"I learned the gold beater's trade in
Rochester some years ago. Imagine a
slab of gold measuring eight inches in
width, ten inches in length and half an
inch in thickness being reduced 10
;j,r>-0 sheets of gold, each live inches
square anil almost transparent, and
you get a vague Idea of the queer Industry
known as Kold beating.
"Imagine a square of gold three-hundredths
of an ineh in thickness, and
you will appreciate the brawn and
brain making for the result, and then
reflect that the word 'beating' means
Just beating' for 110 power other than
the strength of a man's arm is used i.i
the process?and you will have been
mentally initiated into the mysteries
of a silent art.
"Few persons are familiar with the
work for several reasons: I-'irst, there
nre less than twenty the gold beating
establishments in the country; second,
it is an exclusive industr.v, and few.
either manufacturers or laborers, are
admitted to its secrets, and, third, the
trade Is limited. Therefore it is a most
Interesting study.
"The gold beater buys direct from the
government assay oflice, where tlio
>,i v. ? ttaioitod and guaranteed.
A fraction too much of ?iio>'
would cause it to pulverize or part Into
fragments. Twenty-three carat gold
is used exclusively. Usually the gold
comes in nuggets weighing fifty-live
pennyweights and valued at $;">."> each.
"After the gold has been received it
is placed In ? crucible and made ready
for the beating about to follow. It is
molded Into a shape which will lit into
tlit* only power machine in the place,
which compresses the gold into a ribbon
ten yards in length, one inch In
width and one thirty-second inch in
thickness. Out of thin ribbon are cnt
2'.<!o squares of equal size.
"The work of reduclug is begun. To
each workman is given t wcnty-tlvu
squares, and these he places between
the leaves of a book. This book is a
'kutch' paper and is sealed with a patent
envelope device which prevents the
loss of particles of gold, a precaution
made necessary by tlio many turiiiii^M
and (loppings of the book in the process.
A sixteen pound baiuincr is used,
and the beater is compelled to work uninterruptedly
for twenty minutes to
guin the desired measurement.
"Wielding a sixteen pound hammer
for a few seconds only is exhausting
work for the uninitiated, but the beaters
hammer away as if it was boys'
play. They must grasp the end of the
hammer farthest from tin- head, which
increases ltd weight, but the benches
they use are so constructed that they
cause u Kmnll rctimiml ? ? im??> >>?...
"When the 'kutch' book Is opened
twenty-live shoots ni'e taken out, ami
each Kli????t of k(>HI 1h cut into four
pieces. Its thickness has been reduced
in the operation from one thirtysecond
of an inch to one one hundredth
of an Inch. Twenty-live of these
aqua res are put into a hook vailed the
shodder.' The 'shudder' Is not a paper,
hut a skin, and it is said that certain
intestinal parts of r.(H) oxen are
required to make a package or book
of twenty-live papers. 'J'lie 'slioddcr'
iu made in England by a secret process.
It i.i the inost exclusive industry
in the world.
"Like the 'kutch' book, the 'shoder'
book is sealed and handed to the artist,
who is required to pound It ninety
minutes with a twelve pound hammer.
This reduces the thickness, and when
it is taken out of the book each leaf
of kold Is iik>> 1 ii cut Into one inch
squares. This time the Kold is so
frnKilc thut a metal knife blade, no
matter how sharp, would break the
edges; so a knife with double bhulcs
is iiKotl, requiring only two strokes to
cut a square.
"Now comes the Inst beating. Each
square is a^rnln put into a book called
a 'mold.' Forty minutest' beating in
required to give tills the proper size.
When the leaves of gold are removed
they nre transparent, hut perfect in
nIui|ic and unbroken. It would require
5100,000 of them to make one Inch in
"The last operation Is to send them
to the booking room, where women remove
tile nold leaves and place them
in wax paper nooks ready for sale.
'J he leaves are so delicate 1 liut tliey
can be handled only with bamboo
sticks. So adhesive is the gold that If
a leaf is broken in removing it is eas
ily patched w ithout a trace of it being
apparent to the naked eye."?'Washington
Sforjr of n WI<low'* Mllr.
Here's a "widow's mite" story. A
widow In West llromwleh, England,
obtained a farthing In n breach of
promise action she brought against a
faithless sweetheart. She put It In the
window of her tobacco shop with a
printed warning to trusting women to
beware of "Mlzpah" rlnxp, and Inviting
men to come and buy "breach of
promise cigars" and "widow's mlto
clRarettes." Tho result was such a big
business that the police bad to stand
by to koep the pavement clear, whllo
nineteen men, mostly widowers, came
and offered themselves lu marriage.
Many yenrs ago the oak fittings
of Winchester college, England,
were sold for less than $5,00t> to a
clergyman in Cornwall. There were,
panelings, seats, chimney pieces and
Oilier worn an neniy carvea uy tne
facetiously named Grinling Gibbons.
London Truth says that this collection
of priceless carving has now
been sold for .$100,000 to a Mr.
Cooper, who last year purchased j
Hursley Park, the ancestral scat of I
the Heatl\cotc8, where it will find an I
appropriate home. About the same;
time that tbe college oak was sold i
flio rlnsui nml nlumlnr /!? .nncml ?\( i
Boinc of the cathedral lit tings, including
the famous oak throne
?reeled by Bishop Trelawney. ThU
almost priceless treasure is also supposed
to be somewhere in Cornwall
Indian Philosophy.
The old style Indians still are picturesque
in the use of language. An
attempt was made to force the allotment
question to a vote in the Osage
.Nation recently. This action aroused
suspicion and violated the tradition
that an Indian stntosman should
never do anything in a hurry. One
fft the chiefs, I.ig Heart by name,
was anxious for a vote, but feared
to force it, and advised adjournment
till the following day. lied
Eagle, principal chief, with rings in
his ears and his blanket draped majestically
about him, said, "Wc
should not do things like a man
who drops a live coal in the water
and bring everything to an end at
once."?Kansas City Journal.
The Oldest Inhabitants.
The oldest living inhabitants ot
il. _ j l_ _ 1 1 ? .1 J * C
uie canu arc ueneveu 10 uc a lamily
of turtles which have recently
been exhibited in London. Tho
youngest is a trifle over ^,000 years
old. Despite their age the turtles
appear to he in excellent health, retaining
all their faculties and giving
every promise of living for many
years to come. The turtles wero
found in the CJalapngos islands.
Several of the largest weigh as
much as f>00 pounds. They wore
found far up on the side of a crater
on Albemarle, the largest of the islands.
Serious Stomach Trouble Cured.
1 was troubled \vi111 u distress iu my
stomach, sour t-tonmch and vomiting
spell-, and can truthfully say that Chamberlain'h
Stoma. ! and Liver Tablets
erred me.?Mrs. T. V. Williams, Laings
bur.r?, Mich. Those taMets are guaraiileed
to cure every ca*e of stomach trouble
of th s character. For sale by Pickens
Drug C'<\, and Earle's Drug Store,
Pickens, and Hunter & Pickens, Liberty.
g Five Physlclens hod dons tncJr bea
M S. C., who hnd one of the most tt
H record. They ail fulled un
0 f Mr. Wilkes writes in the course of 1 long 1 c
"My legs were drawn back until my Icet t
for nearly 12 months. The muscles of my a
suffered death many times over. Was treated
I M and M arion. but none of them could do ne an
jfll me to try your RIIKfJ.MACIDF. Ibejjantot:
RS ? I began to y.rt better. I used 5| bo:tlc? and w
Mmj ui. t. r. r.wing confirm* Mr. Wiikct' iiiten
? ' "vV,; %'V.V
V': IS " ? f:,i
V.l> 4^ /I f
u v
- V. > .v\ V "
/' -*> ;V>
> V , i V
'! /j'-'ic ; '
? v'\ . ?- , J V" > "*? "3
. v... iw ' %..? ir
V.* , \ 1\ ^
>'i?, - v"**
? t ic r > x
T-l &
i is.
I *
v. '1 % ' 'J T" I i
)- ' .
r* **,
:. " > - * i H p>\
*\ ?
' ,' .> < I*. < .
.< * .
^ V.''v *
J ? r a n i
-i.vvs "l Ywiv mitt?
! And you will light at l'l< KKN'S, H.
and .Most ( oni
Hi: has over earned. My trndo in i
and HoiM Kt V?tln?H. Tlio HKST of
m.v adveitineraont. Never mind llio
Of everything and you will hnrn by
ohcaprht. If 5oil want ftnythiig in
to buy a Lot or rent a Hoiim*, or bn
any money by Hoeing mo heforo yon
I J. F.
V y]
Sterilize Your Household Water.
The sterilization of all water
used in nrnl about the house, whether
for drinking or not, is advocated
by a French hygienic expert, M.
Mellere. Boiling will do it, but au
uddition of one two-hundredth part
of hydrogen peroxide will accomplish
the same result, as will also
the pcrinangunutcs in about tho
same proportion. Tincture of ioilinc
may he used for drinking water
in the proportion of four drops
to on ordinary carafe. There ia a
Blight, taste of iodine, but it is Hot
injurious to health. The sterilization,
however, lasts for only half
an hour.?Success.
Better Odors.
Moth bails, turpentine and even
formaldehyde I have seen advised
lo keep out moths. But why use
things so disagreeable? It is the
- t x 1. .. - 1 ? i - ? * ' '
pun^L'iiuv ui niu ouor 10 which nm
moths objcct, says a writer in an
exchange. Our grandmothers knew
this, using strong but sweet scentcd
lavender nnd heliotrope. I have
for MMno years been >"dng bftth with
excellent results aii^ the hanpy confciousness
of being pleasantly scented
(not reeking of moth balls) to
those who may be near me at ehurcfa
or elsewhere.
To Raise Portieres.
To prevent portieres catching underneath
the door when opened
quickly, screw a small ring such as
it. used for picture frames into the
center of the door frame. To this
fasten a length of blind cord sufficient
to reach to the bottom of the
curtain. Put another ring in the
center of the door at the top, thrcaJ
(he cord through and fasten to the
bottom of the curtain, and as the
.1 : - * ii
uimjj- is ojicneu ho me curium rises.
I l-lti AJAA"
li tlio one to uoe. "The Machinery People"
will bo j 1 mI to sen<l catalogue ami mime
price on application.
Knginex, Holier-", ,?r.w Mills, Cotton Ginning
Machinery, Kto. %
The Glbbr* Pocti>!i!e Shini|lc Machine
I* ?? cure JUII191 wilkes. of Otlloo. \
- rrlblo cnses of RHEUMATISM on %
til one doctor prescribed? n
Iter, dated August 18, 1902: B
o.iched my hips. I wn > helpless ti t bibr
rini and legt were hard and shriveled up. I
by lilt different physicians in McCoii. Dillon
v (Kid. Until Of. J P. Ewing. of Dillon, told
ike it, and before the first bottle was uied up Mi
completely cured." 1 J
lent in every particular.
ukuj - t-rn r i rrnn?i ~<lTT*HFr
egetat>le B
t H
, " St&MM
3 ail otHersIS
i *^5
?fc3?> il l I '"fflHW*
' * a ^ I \l
(\ wliiMit Iki now haa llio Jdirgcwt
iplcto Lino of
( tensing <ver4v d.-iy. Fair PoftWng
everything f?<r the l?v?st money in
pticoof ni) nrticlo if its woith tlio
pxporienoo Mint Tlio Beet Ih tlio
Ilio Mncnntiln Lino, If y> u wnnt
y a IIoiimo nud Lot, you wont lone
i mnko n trado.
Yon m truly,
>T i
\ ,
Duffy's Pure Malt 1
?i frv>*
ehpbv mm u was rrn?mvm
At all druRgiata or grocers or direct, 81.00 a bottlo. Me
Malt WhUkey Co., Rochester, Now York.
Rn B g 5ny.'7n Lx^-re^'ai-.a.-^-sa
tic ?b**l i ?** =
1 %8 B U
The Suit or Overcoat you 1
perfectly and looks well
position you stand or sit.
Our clothing is made to ( t
not as they might he. 11 it
we alter it until it docs lit.
Everything latest in style, o
fabrics and tailored in the m<
Sole Agent lor 11 awes' 11:i
Nufangl Trousers.
i Tobacco Tau'S Wa
: O
A Mt!?* thing to fix 1 with, f-ti'l f-onio {? * plofavr thon
Ro.mioUIh' tepH, mich ?h Browns Mule, Hclii ni ps. fturl^ I
I '2 tagv bnj'B yell a 1 ox of matches, 100 I > box. tags j>u.\
5 tngft buys u bar of good lauut.ry snap. U? tl Meat and
| equal value, liring me your tags, if m it< lu?a aiul .soup i
trade them f<>r something else,
15y a lucky puicl'iise I eau olVor you si litm .Mo'aises is
80o iu 10 gal. lots. The^o are fully as good and bright as
liave a No. 1, ml syrup at 25c in 10 g .l. loin.
My prie? h on Tobnoc.o in Inst ail. hold good for a whil
A few old stfck Co!toil Hock chopper than I can buy
1 or a bhort time I will p.cll Mena and Wotuovn
FJNE S i I () l->
At 10.! a paii profit. Come ml boo about tl is - Mi ney in
1 Hill el< sing out a fi w lb?e 01 oi-t e f.?r via' I hey u i I
Big piicis paid for Chiekeua?Cash or Goods. I i
T. D. liar
? oFsne Millinei
The Profit ifi cut half in tvo on those
i bought h> ?ih lo ici>ch li< re 1'ieth cm-Ii 1
the tci hon. Your piitlonsi/'o solit i:o<l.
t R? n?f ct I n 11 y,
X itl >? . \P. MI Bi
OOOO 0?-i C~' j
Murift>'? ITori hound, Mullitn and Tar i* eor
effective ii modit*H known for <ming << uplis, eoldp, hi
and u)l aflVetiona due to ii flanw d and irritated coup
Hugoa. Il i'h prompt in affording relief and Cei tain
toning a cure.
Murray's Hoveliouiiri Mullicn
may he in-ed to advantage in o. k? h \vl ere. ot11< r nir
It ia | eaHMit, pnrely vegetable and absnluti l.v fnfe
Nothing rla?' like it in all the woild. It th< nld In
bonne. rendv nt himd when 111 i-.l/'il I'nn.iilu nil i'n
Iin C4tn h of croi p. It IuiF ronmikiitilo virlnr in coi
y?niH of wliuopiuK cough. 1'iicc 25<\ Oni'if iit??<1 8
pureliucor, AT PIU'G STOKEfS.
I'ropnied by the Murray l>mg Co., 0<>)um
Spring & Sur
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Goods, Notions, Men's aiid Woman's UixIoj'woht,
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my customers the benefit of my experience
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...Lowest Living
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as such pilcei r.H such good* can ho bought anywli
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IjinoiiB, Ribbons and Laces in abundance and will
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seasonable goods. Soo ih when ><*n cmii" <> Giv.hi
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Dry Qooda Store, West End ^ (
, ' . : d L M .
TW?' ^
V. . ' 1 ' '
| Th? Smartest (
if Offered Here in 1
V. \ J) The s n irtest tailors on earth are mplovo
*S\ ti nt furnish this Rtore with n|i| iin l. This
ff ishhi^ huxincp*. Hvason after wo have <le
Hfc|: there it; nn <lifft rcnce in the ina<lc-t?,-n.,<'si!
ggl tli? smart suits we i ITVr?r?xeept (he |?i i<-??
I1 &F pared to convince 3011 of this fact in
# | ooirsiK
f m M than at any previous lime. Tlx- tcp note
f" "V| W B reached?Perfection in 'he art of tailoring
f a? new game n s that now e?>ni| rise our Btr.<
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y^ (/ your new spring and Minuner su't or top
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)) leave the store until he is pit as **i in (it rn
^ . //
v bottlk. (\ Smith Sc 13
iMfmlWfiJ ^ Greenville, S.
idicul booklot frco. Duffy '^^il?J
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a i i u ii, i u u i u i u l,
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n matter in what S I I j\ Ii RWA I i ll],
1)1 AM ON i)S, -J J
as they aie, ( * \ r\y ( * \
does not fit at first ^ 11 V j J jJ
f the most worthy 1)0,11 <'an ?,Jr ,lsu'
ost perfect manner. | |T DDI 1MQ
? ...J,!, SPRING.
nTTTT" ?,. G C
|| ^i/\| J K<?t lioiiir nUc (<?fi t ?l n suitable loeai
I'ickt nc, mil! ! nv<> j?i1 i > tun < d In m the p
a hire lnn? ol STIx'iX(l (lOOl)S, Mich i\H
U k!u"v S!,.nos H?'.; ^eokNV,'M'' |:,C-' w1m'!i tl,T ,,ONV
h u Imi' of ('uslilo 8<.np
Ii.botv I,nil tugs lui\< wj j j T* 1 f** ti
iS not wimt y?H it Doesn t lake Olasi
I 3.k\ tt Riil. for ST.nO, ??. T() pfM ? , ,s ,, ( w ,
liomivmndo Horglium. I i ,i . .1 . r
torus, and Hint ill" pruo us way i.ov. n. I
|on?cr. Snmnmr Clothing, rfho.IIuis. Sltii
them now. ide, Xou will niwn\* lo-jrct it.
For the hen goods at a small )-i? lii <
i?. f'-r yon.
i>riii),'. rrccman building.
n .?!>.y:: waut Product*.
>**3^ Diinl
a ao. poi imum r
Now is the limo to iuvc.-tt i > Pn-l-cn
it ma s too i,i
-77 acres u ill in !' milis of Six I^i i' *
^ I)j? 1 il 11 co in original l<nM. Fino tunlrr.
D'V 3 plenty of wator. Tonus to .suit puielifi-if
' 0 O'ih lot 1 j ftcfi'S in town 1 im Is i.! (,i
^ splendid ham and lin? ?*.?r<l<?it. Will poll
:trimmings. 116 acres, ^ne farm in 3 toil, s of l'i
o wood, also running streMii?. A riot* $!0f>
RK. * 9 . 15,1 ! loi cm in f.]?l.>n<! id lit i 1?1? n liot <1
? houses. Kine tiinlier. 'lYrms lo suit pure
, 2 Foi further information on!! i u
odn, ;.r.d are z _ _ , ? _ __ _
mou di.r.i-.g ^ J. 0. holdb
n it km. r.sTATj: in: \
Olllc.o r?t I>?*|>?>f.
I/A I! I), ?
HKIlTY, B.O. i UPDP | [i
w|) |t j ^ M()0UK nt tJ.0
iaj' j ilm 11jiyj11produce i vt iy
Kj_'ir?, I><:< !-u' ix }iii?l liavv I I ides.
' M prices ymi wi>, i' .V 'li <ion't w?
ciuli, tliiit'w i l.n way to mak?' thin*
I'poM-d of ilio moH| p| at a low down price, a lot of l)r>
k.M'i" , ........, |{j( o.
it.mi ( I tlie inr nil - I ,, . /, iV ,,, c . .i
... ilK cll-.ct Of iiuh I Sugni, ( ...neo,l'.,our,Soap and U
y on thoUl I man Mui im, nenw in!)
| btil! lien*. Vo
"ml Tni' f i r-i it a
di'.'ir.oR linvn fiiilnl b a / J? /V#
for old nrd young. |
ivr n plnoo in cvt vy m ?
<1 its < iVt <;t iiiflgif.tl |
ntroMing ii ? pnrox 2 t\ t
atif factory to ? very J* lit
timer t sH
11(1 now 1 propose to '"J'lv coududo that it u> a very nmplo m.iUer th
. *. 1 _ who has had experience or murfn t\ :<tu'y of this
ami M'li t neiu J ly gipftt?8a import lice; a glass may ?1<? irr? | nimble
Might mid health. Can .you hffVml to I o experim
1\ Dr. Crinim is through experimenting and if
1*1 / ' / ^ G ments and modern methods, to m ke tl o most d
? normal "perfect" eye You will ho wiso to ho o
aro givii.g jou trouble have them oxamtnoil by
dinwn in Colors and t t^V / * ) w
rard. I am showing | # l y, i \ 1
i lli.) market for r>0 t\/i ciuvi
I wide Hlaok Silk at
boa saving to your CONSULTATION - - Lawns,
t^C., wo can't These letters ^poak for thonisolvos:
Uid at ns low prices Officr of Haitiht Couhikh.
mo White Good* A- J- Thomas, W. W. Koys, Editors.
Ait Values in Table To Whom It May. Concern i
| , i. u l am umnft KinRsoH tilted 011 nio l?y l)r, Urini
>o Ko(>t, tv rmmmo. grtlisfnotlon and oomfort, and I innaf cheerfully <?
lifts worked for tho bost pooplo in Green vi'
iilwavs Complote with comment ou hin work. /) .
vilio. '+4
_ , I olioevfully testify to llio Hatinfaction rcuVV
IO flttou by- l>r. Orimtn. W. W.V?\
^roonvtllo, 8. 0. wiUront nlTS"'K<u"m,bl# rrioM'
aiCTAW >> I
)WN ^ I
Clothing | jfl
Vears. 1
'I it) the ?HtablishmentH
; is oik! reason of our Hournmnstratcri
to you tlmt Jy
one hind of vlollict and
iriCEirr bis-1 1
h ol goodtMss has been M
; luis b 'till attained in tbe m
k. There will bo si rush H|
join fc-tU work ami choose ^
coat. Wo want to tako ({
doinjj tilings to let no man \\
(l st} le in every particular, if |H
M *? - 4- ?' u mm
B S3lUWf \\ ?
'HI KHS. )
Eiilism! j|
\\r \ riv 11 i i ^
\ > j \ J \y l l iu o,
! ] W 15 L11 Y,
\ ss. ,
<>J' Ari l'otteiy.
The Jeweler, "v >
' 11)11 N. AUIn Si, Or?tiiivlllo< S. O.
J w! U O.
ion, I have decided to stay in
> ?i Ki ts wIimc I hive purchased
Ulothin</, Shoes, hats. Shirts,
at, my store. Cull and hoo
ie-h. nn'l thi* season's p?ltl
v ii I'm! in 111 y your Spring
tn, Tu s ;,i.il l'i.<lerwear (roiu
:all at
I 1 B B *~\ C
i liUIJiit. 1
Louis (Opel, Prop.
01 Bale. ^
s real ct-tato. 13tiy before
< IuikI , 70 oi )cs in cultivation
l-'rniii, l?Ji?ani dwellings and
I) n v, t'Mxl loi r room house, ,
i i I'tr small f:irin.
ckfhf-, splendid timber und 1
I, :> ini'es from Pickmip, good I
PioUona, H. 0.
corner store lu?s to f-ny.
day, Y< nr Ohick'jna,
I'.riig to in-* tliCii my .
I I Ir'id.t I l! i '1 nmr *">11 ?
;s hist. A lot of Slioon |
' Goo<ls rml n lioap of
ashing L'owders. Call j||
r the is oat mnrkot is v
fOORE. |
{. I. E. CRIMM, ~ 1 B
li'/.d Spcoiilirtt in Refracti""
iiljV Jocatod in Greenville), F
~r.? i>. niuin rsircor, over r
mm rivi'.h fum examination 1
In siiiiw wh.it ho in nblo to C
re you |>ny. It in tlio f ir < *
situto tf? come if thorn is oven t
discomfort- of tlio riyrn. lie
nfter the < xaminntion is mado
with you entirely as to wh-(
jr.>|>i-r]y fitted rIiissw,
e filtiiiR of glasses,
flcit ihm will ugroo tli. 1
injury to tlio eyn, ov'
o.iteil ii|<on?
i i.hie. with the mode
of"ctlvo cyo (> rform iif
n tlio fiafo si(lo, and
MM 1
7 & I
/ Av /
// ' V
/ ' ttA

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