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^1^51 ^ \ J-^ ^5OURNAI y? // ^s ^^^8
Ala., i8 * Entered April 28,1903 at Pickens, 8. O., us second ols^s matter, npder act of Congress of Mnroh 8, 1879. ('
, K . . . ? , ,. . . -<? . r : .,,: . " -? = ={x A ^ ,
- ? :_ \ / ''
his Pick "? ! -rm mm- /\-?-. mm~m^ - - - - - I '
Lot <
old so
day, J?
-J. mm
Inst 'J J
with ! I
J I Cl-w-J-.
m! tOiurui
ill i.
f.-,v ' ' GREEN'
Bie s'
o" \
You can ninko out your list bef
STUKDIVANT'S and get anything
I Dry Goods, Clothin
= Noti
At a less prico than any other store
satisfaction of knowing after you gol
bought and find any article not satiB
and got your money ere something j
Our Clothing business last Fall
good many lots of ono or two Suits,
down so low it you can find your siz
it away till next Fall.
When you come to Greenville, c
Bring the whole family?Plenty of rc
Yours f
H. K. Sturdi
W. T. McFALL, J. S. WILSON, P.. E. 1
President. Vice-Pres.
-f The Pickens Oil Mill Compa
C^Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil and Linters.^
Now ready for busi
Our Ginnery has been running on full time all
and we thank our patrons for their patrona
Our Mill is now crrinrlino- rcmilnrK- nml
mmppr- plenty o[nhul}^, meal or "batting."
Bring your'bfeED and exchange them for me;
or we will pay you the highest market pri
seed just as you prefer.
Come to us and see how well we can treat
are not controlled by outside prices but
much, or more, for your seed than any otl
b ifet. mcFALL, J. McI
TAL - - $ 20,
"ITS - - 11,<
kSITS - - - 105,<
Rful and constant work the busine
Aly increases every year.
gat your business and will extenu
?ible accomodation.
orainu - anvii -- DDLL1N
R ^ /vUR NKYV SHOI'-S arc now coming
A ?linK
Big Ca?* Loads.
jtn\far, hWe have made larger and l>eti<
i ' ^'n's season's business th;
R Every Shoe Want can be supplied
^ I Pride &
or grow low.
Hit U
I MB Ouo
wore investing
I force captured
fund 110 soonc
Q brought in than
V W" rfV be the double
V dill dec
IWukelleld. wbJ
was Thomas. '
ft Louisiana re
Bide by Bide tl
brothers. Each
years old; each
Inches high; em
Their eyes and
color, und even
same cxcopt Uu
little more drtr
much ftBtonlBlu
aurgeoiiB who v
You will not I
. .
? a <-. -- sa tfttjo was taken
you want m m dent tg send Th
ate lines. As
i, Shoes, Hats and Wakefield. Tlu
the object, and
^tl c Q disposition, he
npy subject Ti
H family history c
in Greenville anil nnd have the I of t,ie towu 'ro
i bomo and examine wliat you liave B wlth lnck,on
f. .... -vr~ r t -4. t i then the names
factory. You can fetch it back I Tad wlfh ,nc
I not *ia imr\r 1
i..u. -.t bu?u. hb The Federal lia
i .. , enlisting and hi
was immense, and naturally left a B fu) mon,ory. \\
All of thCHe lots are ncrv marked 3 thousand differ
e it will pay you to buy it and put he bought the
Confederate an*
H on his mission,
ome right to STURDIVAN1 ,S? One night Tb
iom for tlio Children. to the front ai
In other words,
ra that one of the
^ ' aj was making a d
picket opened i
. f3 eare not to aln
IIAni 1 A I ?n reaching i
II Jjk III 8 J I B Thomas was se
|| I 1 \J\j B ^ | of General Main
j ort n liit susplol
Ing the pnrt of
, i i 1 li hi* captain be f
/ S GlTGElt/GSL btorc. fj pl? Of Lours boi
and the general
"Captain, thh
Into our lines 1
member of yoin
"lie certainly
"What's Ills ni
"John Wakcfli
Tlint settled 11
~ ? " ?t - ? After tliree oi
Sec. & Treafl TklJi Handioma Embroidery Outfit, *tami>ed on good ma
Vrlal, %%lll i* walled absolutely free of charge. It c?iulit? frOIlt Al)(l 1)11(1 II
of I Crytanlhemuin Centerpiece i Uxll In.) with 6 ""M'cs ivhstt
/ (caih a*6 In.), 1 dainty Collar*. 1 Anchor* for tailor ?ult, 1 llClltlOnfl. \\ I1CI
ni/ Vit IkK-k?nark, 3 lSuttcefllet Tfor collar), 1 Autumn leaves and lniilnt Incr tn tn
11 V " y a Conventional Desiitos for shirt-~?U* ornamentation. int_ TO T.
ce lor your
j f ruin Mist, v
Woman's Ma(<a*inB down to the Hem
\\r li.wlthnuteTcentlnn.thefiiiMt M <en! m?aa?lnepulilWif<l. Tho lltlllio i if
VOU. We It U ?i. .lull ,-rlty ..n nil nialtf.v pe.;Mnlnt:?o.l^^. i.:mI 1 lmlul 01
J <<.nu!r.s tt f litc.t ami in<M |>ra?.t\ ,1 s<yl? to l-r f.miul bO('Il despoiled
U'lll i^nxr n t? m?> ?*!?ef?? in the v*orhl. If yon * l*n to?lrc\t *rll
111 JJciy M , in i.l-Mlf NHW ||)? A WnMAN > MAI.A WHS Ol ftll lllip
f _ IIN'K U .1 i-Mthr nr. cavity. ) a< h ismic < < mafn\ lllustra ..
lcr market. iiou.lnn.Ui. |MrnHal?rt..fAll Mljf.UlnterrMi,H:i.. put Oil his mot
ridicule, ho <iei
SI, Mgr. caHe ?t ait cosi
mew ioea pjc1.1SUIXOCO .#j? i'ro*<i*?y. h*w y01j' bad tlie general
1 " flons. IIo know
P'? from which
_ Sj W claimed to hail r
0 ^'l ? ..Langston & Nealey.. ? ^r."aAds ,'r'S
K 1IKIJCE, ? >> C\ privates of the
Cashier, g )?) ,wk?t knw-skioiik stand.) (( Thomas was W
iw nn?anzT.Tan /a a ca // W.TH HO TOO 111 to
C? FICTCIfcNJ, $* ^0 S) and related ever
/ - . jj *or ft y?nr i>nst n
>S Handles a full line of ft it seemed lmpos
S\ Dry Goods, Groceries tc know.
\\ and Produce ? General Maho
7/ an" 1 roaucc- \\ over the ease i
SS Give me a call and << think it over. /
>S be convinced that we can cc Thomas was os
CC 11 i m )) soldier In Federr
SS sell you as cheap AS Mr. ? ond th,
S\ Anybody. Inn'* In waiting.
\\ /) for the spy. T1
I// llrlng me your I'roiltice. Vv . .
i CC Will i??y hicimiit price, // form cln.med t<
If or iti?rt?r. a nh?r? x\ as a Federal sol
>> v:r,,r ?mtroum*? 0,,c, Brown, and th?
\\ // that ho had no
their town.
. Thomas reallz
I'oine, and he br
/iKlit for tils
_ treated him In t
3 The Cause of Many acting as his ow
T _ ( ( r\ nnd soon hnd th
t<w| Sodden Deaths. <iicr an twisted
________?___ rhere Is a disease prevailing In this *
~~ ' country most dangerous bccause so decep- Ihoy protca to
, * ill II B'UI \V\ tive. Many sudden stend of being c
j' jj/y Kl Vl I !<& 1^ |(!!|r^~ deaths are caused by his accusers, hi]
' ' .rrT^l-11 ? heart disease, thnt he wns cor
1 V^r Pnournon,fl' hcarl oral. When the
JJL\ *a"ur* or apoplexv ^ jjnjlono |ear
l vr-r ~VjA c? ? are often the result .. ^ t
- m Vfl of kidney disease. If th? V* for
-^Eir^' I A FM kidney trouble is al^Hiri
I' V H fell lowed to advance the "Wakefield. on
J ^j.11 , kidney- poisoned vor, nnd I am
* JfcAl 713 blood will attack the chnrges."
_ . vital organs or the Thorn In no <1/v
n i ?-ij? ...
It 1 *,u,,oy3 ;r?n,sei*es DreflK aov,n an(1 was,a position would I
U away cell by ccll. ,
Bladder troubles moat always result from *J,nt would 1
a derangement of the kidneys and a euro Is ^|0 gnl'owfl, but
obtalnoq quickest by a proper treatment of rlblo thmulerstc
r in in (he kidneys, If you are feeling badly you on between th<
5 can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's time, he mnde
5wamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and ronched the Fed
['1* ! >re- bladder remedy,
' |t corrects Inability to hold urine and scald*
111 ever Ing patfi I)) pnsslng It, and overcomes that ? ..
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
, go often during tht day, and to get up many Io have (inn
by US. times du;Jng tn? night, The mtld and tha plexion is desi
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon young or old.
realized. It stands the highest for Its won* with naturo'a m
derful cures of the most distressing cases. comploxion; but
I Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and sold prove her oompl
by all druggists In flftynijent and onC'dfllar use of ltydalo'f
sized bottles, You may tftblfltfl prevent
I ??>> toil.
I 1 I d 4 book thlt **W|S3B? iKL'S&Ti
'!! Ill s&XTSl
i J ) I n^J^tTn^N Y V/hen vvrHin* mention into' Oonted Tab
B l Vfttierous offer In this pip*'. k 25 oentfl ff* 1
=#^ 1 "CC&ISr ?*-? *? "-S?.1 men,i * A>
I Mn?SSrt.2* '?? "Mr?. BUtf-m*'
) |4,Y^ onoYMy tx>lUe.
fhe Iiicldent Which JIovkI Ulugtiey
lOtt. by C. D. Lewis. J to Wp,t? ?ko Povn*.
lit, while Grant's linos Charles Khifcsloy wrote the "Three 11
Petersburg, n Federal lashers" as a result of tho many sad ,cr
a Confederate outpost, R'8hts he had seen at Clovelly. One nn
r were the prisoners day horror in particular lived In his 1,10
i one of thorn proved to 'Memory, h day, as ho described It, ^ '
of a private In a Now "when the old bay lay darkened with ful
the gray columns of tho waterspouts, to 1
' ?ii?> Rtaiklmr across tln> whvm Jwfnm fh.> mo
1c that of the Federal northern and the tiny herring ,no
The former belonged to boats fleeing from their nets right for I"'"
glment. When placed 11,0 breakers, hoping more mercy even ,,st
ley seemed to bo twin froui those Iron walls of rock than
was nbout twenty-two from the pitiless howling waste of bai
was about five feet five spray behind them, and that merry A
Jh weighed 140 pounds, bench besido the town covered with ,ni'
hair wore of the same shrieking women and old men, casting I)rc
their voices were the themselves on the pebbles In fruitless *or
it the southerner had a agonies of prayer as corpse after ^1<
svl. The pair were as corpse swept up at the feet of wife and SU(
J 11.- . r.Kil/1 ?< 11 In ,
m u? iuu onicurB nua vu,,u? 4,1 tuou tuvuv; .1 ?ni?iu "j
ero culled to look them ' dawn saw upward of sixty widows and his
I orphans weeping over those who had t,1()
>e surprised that ad van- ' Kone out the night before In the full- cor
of this curious colncl- Ilt>88 ot' strength and courage." These for
ouins Into tho Confeder- "cones lived ever in Ills mind. I
a preparatory step he the "Three Fishers" was written Mr
eek in which to pump nB 11 result of one of the strangest Inei- tlia
i prisoner did not know dents In the stormy career of the hai
, being of a garrulous preacher-author. In 1851 he preached Sni
was ready to talk on a sermon In a London church 011 "The bai
Ionian got from him his Message of the Church to the Laboring the
omplete, tlien the name Man." At its close the vicar rose and ace
111 which the man hall- denounced him. Bishop Hloniileld for- fee
ts of people and streets; bade Kingsley to preach again in bis sm
of his officers and com- diocese until, having read tho sermon son
lilAtUn I t mill HO(M) (ta 11 11flint* lin <1... It.
men in ui VII111 (in 1^ III tiff. """* * 4VW uuv,,v,? ,IV- "Hiiuifw inu
(1 been an actor befoi"? edict. The same night upon which lie wrl
ul cultivated a wonder- delivered his discourse Ivingsley went Ale
'hen be had stored up a to his home weary. There had nearly the
ent things in his mind bcci1 n 1-lot ln the church. Sick at paj
uniform worn by tho heart, he retired to his study. When on
1 was ready to sot out reappeared he handed to his family mis
his immortal song, "as though It were the
omati wan taken down the outcome of it all," as his wife said, er
id made a bolt for It. sen
It was made to appear HEART PROVERBS. cro
! Confederate prisoners ? tioi
ash for liberty, and the lie that hath no heart ought to have
n sharp fire, but took heels. acc
i at tho running man. happ? heart Is better than a full ^
the Confederate lines purse. kits
Itf 4ll/\ ' 4--1
..i iu i.it ucNuiiuuiii'in Wliftt comes from the heart goes to l,lK
one. The general seem- t^e heart. WUI
?us and 1 hoinus, play- jj whQ most heart knows most !Y"'
WakotleW n,k?l that of Mriw ?
lent for. It was a con- . . , . . . , . , 11111
rore tho officer nrrlve<l, A cheerful couutenftnco ''tokens a boo
at once salil to him: lear ' he
i man who has ?ome esta,? can ntnke him rich that lias jus
tonight claims to ho a 11 I)0?r heart. dea
company. Is he or is Tll? heart's testimony is stronger was
than a thousand witnesses. , his
is, air," was the prompt A glad heart seldom sighs, hut a che
sorrowful moutli often laughs. ?'Iii
time?" Tho heart is the hidden treasure of um
sld. air." man: tlio tnniriin 1)4 tim ?i... Chi
p four days and under A good heart Is the sun anil iuooii;
ting a cousin in a Vlr- or, rather, the sun, Cor it shines bright
Thomas covered the and never changes. ^
look at guns and forti- There never was a heart truly great j(
i he returned to camp, and generous that was not also tender ^
lie the llrst opportunity pud compassionate. ro0]
cas at once put under 4,j
leared that Wakelieid wioyni o?u Day."
s comrades had raided May 29 is celebrated in many parts
t of eatables, and the cf Oreat Britain as "Royal Oak day,"
iscertained their names it being tl>o anniversary of the restora- mos
ded their punishment, tlon of Charles Stuart to the throne In ftg h
icrcliant and Thomas England as Charles II. The celebra- A
ace to face the latter tlon is not what it formerly was, hnv- for
lomas was not the man iU}jr died out entirely in many of the fen(
limself to be. Why ho Boutheru counties of Kngland. The tho
ule such a declaration t]ny Was formerly commemorated not jIa,
he seemed to be guided oniv ?s the day of "restoration," but .......
a C?!
iii* wan riuicuieu anci on accouut of tlio marvelous escape of 8tllj
jc Btuck to his assertion chnrlos, who, nftcr the battle of ?^olI
need Thomas to tieuor- Worcester, cllinbeil into an oi.k tree (j10
i stated after the war, ,m,i j.tti from his pursuers among Us ?re
felt doubts of Thomas branches. On "Royal Oak" those who at t
I'hU'h may again be set celebrate wear sprigs of oak in their
to of intuition. lints ami use the leaves for various
the merchant who had decorations. IT
was Saunders, and he - um
lacable nature. Being iicnthen BoslncM Method". vI(Jl
tie by the sneers and Business among the Chinese, accord- jeu
termined to prove his ing to a Hussian traveler from Man- cert
ts. As tiie accuser he churia, Is on a co-operative basis. There (mv
ask hundreds of ques- nre neither proprietors nor employees, ^
the town and the peo- but all who work in an establishment
Thomas nH Wakefield are partners. '
uid in tho course of the From tlmo to time small allowances j ^
<1 him n dozen tlmoB nre doled ont to tliem barely enough ..j)V
set all tlie ofttcers and to live on?but at tbe end of tho year "
company asserted that all tbe profits are divided. (
akefleld and that there The Chinese merchants are so honest
doubt. Tic went at It (bat among all the ten branches of the
y incident of camp life Itusso-Chinese bank located in China
nd told of things which there has been no record since their j()
isible for a stranger to establishment of a single protested ()
, , , note- of 11
ne was clearly puzzled
find took two days to Maiernal Fnlth.
it tlie end of that tlmo "I always knew you did Josh an lnicorted
back to find a Justice," said Mrs. Corntossel. "Some
il uniform In the gener- of the folks that was to town said ho ft bl
ere were also two civil- told 'em he was on tho water wagon p,l?l
It was a little surprise now." St"*
m mm. I" . I '
v *????? jii i'lunui uin- jLimi o K"l?i nrvi rt, ov I
> have known Thomas "Of course it la. It shows tho boy 11 ''
tiler under the name of nln't afraid of work. If he can't And n,n
two civilians claimed anything else to do. he'll drive a sprln- l)1,ei
ver l>een a resident of ItlbiJi cart."?Washington Star. "u*
_____ ferr
;od that the pinch had A Youuor Nnturnlint. r'? '
aced himself to make n A mother was trying to Impress on '''lu
life. General Mahone her four-year-old son tho importance ^ot?
be fAirest manner, and, of going to bed early. ',u*
n counsel, he went at It "YoU- know," Hhe began, "the little Par*
e supposed Federal sol- Chickens always go to bed with the to (
up and out of the run- sun." rect
ackled the civilians, and "Yes, mamma." he Interrupted, "but
be as easy game. In- tho big hen always goes along too."?
ornored up he cornered Philadelphia Ledger. A
k! It was so well done -? ??- l*or'
npllmentod by the gen- Ala*, I'oor n<iot ,,or
case had been conclud- "Oh, John," sobbed tho young wife. 8V(>'
icd back and looked at WI baked some cakes today and that ^
a long minute and then wretched little Fldo has eaten them
aii." ;;v
'erythlng Is In your fa- "Well," replied the heartless bus- ' ^
>/v AI...J II... hnilll "I'll! irlll/l till! IIMI*. Iinutn'.. . 1.... .1 'if I
gviii^ vu uioiiiis^ 1)11' ? " n""' ,,,Vi ,,ll,v Ul l,u; ^ IHJUU,
I never did liko tlmt (log anyway,"?
nbt that In time the im- Kxehnnge.
have been exposed nnd """ *~
have ended his IICo on ai?ou? the si*? of Ouo, Mi
one night during n ter- "I" that ft chicken?" asked tho 'Ph>i
irm, with n row ftolng hoarder dismally.
> pickets nt the same "of courso," replied tho landlady, hen
a l>olt nnd fortuuately "What did you think It was?" ,
leral lines In snf?ty. "A canary," answered the hoarder, If
M. QUAD. he counted the number of people to J
be served.?Chicago l'oat. ?or l
0 ftjul to I(oli|t
to hold ti beautiful oom- Kflbljed I he (Jrave,
red by every woman, A startling Inpidontis narrated by John
Fow women nro blessed Oliver, of Philadelphia, as follows; "I t
lost (losired gift?ft good was in an awful condition. My skin was Ind,
every woman om ira- nlmont yellow, eyes sunken, tongue oo it- who
oxion by tlio judicions ed, pain continually In baok and sides, bmv<
1 Tjiver Tubhitn. TnMA nn nnnptitii aMnln* bmItm <t<nha /i?> ? -
?"*vi n "? ??? n?>j ?'j ?;tw
tho blood becoming hi* Threo physic ms Ii -d given m? up. June
a whtoh deposits in the Thru i advisod to u-? Elrotrio Hit- yon
ning tlia mu ldy nppear* tcrs; to my groit Joy, t|io first bottle reli<
bn<\ complexion. They mndo a decided improvement. I oou- plot
?l?i* and white, the nyo? tinned their uho for three weeks, and nm tion
> bonyarit. Fifty 01 ox>- nnw ft woll man. I know they rohbod nun
lots in ?nob box. Prioe, tho gravo of another victim." No one nil i
)ox, Piokons Drug Co., should fnil to try tliern, Only i?0 cents, and
(Sheldon, Liberty. guaranteed nt Pickons Drug Co. r>rt
and ScTffiil Other* Failed to M M V W '
Note 1*11 Abiuril Krrur. ?
tanks arc notoriously careful about
utilizing tlie slgnntures to cheeks
which they pay out money, yet, as
following incident well illustrates, AV ?"\ 1
Is possible for even the most cure- V/L* Lr / I y I
nnd experienced of paying tollers
make mistakes. The incident Is the Pickei
re remarkable because It reveals a
st curious error on the part of a
intir.ent business man as well as an
onishing lapse in the case of a usn- /A.U5JJICA
/ accurate and (scrupulously exact
,mong the depositors at one of the
Kost banks In the city Is an old and ^ ^
uninent jlrm which may be called,
11,0 puriKiHen of tl.iH relation, Assemble;
>yslus Jenkins & Co. All cheeks is'd
by the linn are signed in person 111 nil del".
Aloysius Jenkins, its head, ho that _ prrir ^ '
handwriting and siKnaturc are " rOCCSSlOll
roughly familiar to the bank oiil- Cornet 13nIIcl. 2nd
s at whose bank bo has deposited \\r u ah i
twenty years or more. W. 13. AllgOOd, 31
>urmg xiio nrst wccit 01 tins month Atll. VlSltinp' dailP
. Jenkins got notlcc from (lie bank . - ?
t a check signed for $1,8<K) In his HOUSC.
idwriting, but signed Aloysius -2 CTillecl to
itli & Co., bad been paid by tin* .
ik during the previous month and ; insoil.
sum paid ont charged against bis I , Privcr b ' 1
ount. Aloysius Jenkins wan per- I ' J J
tl.v certain that he had never made j 5? Welcome a
b a foolish mistake as that. lie
it over for the check. It needed ona
glance to show J1I111 (hat be had 6. Rcadilio- ot
Itten it and the signature really was -p
?yslus Smith & Co. lie called up 7* ^ resentatlO
people to whom the check wns
ruble and whose indorsement wns a 1 1
Its back. They had not noticed the Adcy'cSS
stake at all. It had passed through
hands of their cashier and of otheniployres
and had been by them 9* Voluntary 5
t to the bank, where it had been n?np r t*
tilted (o (heir account without ques- * OCneUlCttOI
passing the sliurp eyes of the pay- I I. Dinner to (
teller and only being discovered by ^
Ident nearly thirty days afterward. 1 lie iOllOWing' a
\x or more exnerieneed and ex?ert ninrl? 1:
I-/1VJIJCI >1 I ) I M H
ilness inon had let thnt absurd mis- . 1 11
( get by without detecting it. it the same on ch
h almost beyond belief. The only n nested lw tlir? Hm
re ridiculous thing about It all was 1 > ^
fact that he had missioned hl:i own COlirt HoilSC Oil that
1 name. I'y referring to his letter , \ n AK k
for the day tho cheek wa? dHt<nl ^VDCfCrC
discovered that he had been busy A. Bowen, Charley ^
t then In closing up an Important t i . "1,
1 with n man named Smith. Thnt liniam, \\ . L,. l^i
< tho only possible explanation for Garrett O A Gib1
slip, lie lias had the canceled ? r *
ck framed, and It now hangs in bis K.eitll, J. I. I?e\V
ire as a reminder that "to err is hu- Tinr> I<?1 \\T I M
,V,.? I., (tut b,-?l IratllLHl clreUs.? Uaniel. W- Morg
cago Tribune. A. Richcy, J. 13. Is
Wh? Onion* Are OJorl..., Alfred Sheriff, Rob
:ow many times has every flat I 1 hotlias. I). C. Tlinn
uller entered Ills home only to cry
In disgust beenuse the odor of the
)n or the turnip or something else .
permeated the entire six or seven i 1 I J | Lj B \
IUH? \J LJ\y ^ 1 1^
Let's stop hnving such things for -*--4 v/ rv^y
ner," lie suggests to his wife. "Why,
mortifying to invito n friend to
b when one knows this sort of atiphere
is going to knock him down 1^* 1
iqoii as ho outers the door." I 1 li'011
s a matter of fact, there is no need IvlvvlJ
excluding the onion or the other ofllng
eatables. The simplest way in \yc>(
world to solve the ditllculty Is this:
ri? uie cook put into tue cooking
>el with your onions Just a piece of Srt"K'
e bread about as big as your fist
ichow or other the breiul absorbs uccltatlon
odors, and you don't know onions
on your menu until you sit down Sclecli(,n.
he table.?New York Times.
A Krnnk Comment.
ousekeepers will appreciate tills Recitation,
e story of Dean Sianh;>. During a Rcriut'.n;],
t to America, not long before his
ill, he was invited to dine with a
..ill ,.,.n..?r? I.. .. m.lh.lMl..
n. Early in the meal the denn in- Recitation,.
ed of his hostess: "Mrs. (} ,
ild it be impertinent to ask what is
gumbo soup?" "Perhaps I can
: answer," was the amused reply, noTMUR (ioosE'5 :\*.utv,
telling yon Lady A 'k comment
the ilish when she dined with us
a on a time. She leaned across the ?
e and calhnl to her husband: 'You 1
lid better try the sottp. It's not .ul.trem tomorrow in n n in,
rly so nasty as It looks!'" "Ah!"
the dean, smiling, "that was exy
like Lady A . She is a cousin
nine!"?Harper's Bazar. song
Knnlotftcnl Noiurnolnturs,
10 buffalo In the United States is liecitation
son; the purtrldge of Michigan and
usunt of l'ennsylvanla and other
e.< Is a rulTed grouse; the rabbit. The Peak Sister*
ilentlful In the market at times, is Dcclamntlon
are. Both species of grouse, tlio
eft nnit * 111* tilminlofl ni-n ?nll.>.l . . .
* ? *"7 uiaiogue?"A LAWSUIT"?
isant, partridge and patrlge, aim
1>Iiniiitf>il grouse 1h universally 100(1
to ah the prairie t hicken, l'ral- PANTOMINE,
i-hlcken Is not a bail name for the ve?tni virgin Drill
inted grouse, for It la original and
; not confound it with other birds,
it Is not right to use the names ? .
ridge and pheasant when referring KMay Th,
>ur grouse, for these are the cornaineu
of European specimens. y
ICuKay .
Nelf Sufficient.
distinguished comedian who tell?
lea very well was Invited to a din
and for the greater part of tho Paper, A (illmpsc into the
ilng entertained tlio company. vai.udii roitv
hen he returned to his hotel, thorily
tired, his wife said: Oollvei
Ml, did you hnvo a good time?"
i0, I can't Hay that I did. Indeed,
had not been there I uhould have
' ITT ,4i I~
B 1 /3k Jl^
ulge ? Fhyalcnl culture 1h Just mm*mm
ldld. I'm taking henuty exercises. Perhaps yOU like V
jorie - You haven't been taking then remember?H)
i long, have you? Judge. gray hair. Stops fa
a man In mean to his wife, has he -----rht
to complain when he finds that
folks know It? Atchison (llobe. 2/
A (Jrent Sensation. 1SS
here was a big sensation in Tjeesville. m "1
,, when W. II. Hrown of that plaoe, I-j '1^1)1/
i was expected to ?1 if, had liw lift* ^ ? Cvk}I.lA\
'il by Dr. Kmg'H New Diaeovery for m
sumption, IIo writoH: "I ondnred
ifferrtt?l?? agonies from Asthnma, bnt ^
r Now Discovery gavo mo Immediate M
!>f add Boon thereafter effected ao?>m
ocuro," Similar onres of Oonmimp
|| pneumonia, bronahitlH and grip ar M
ic*on?. It's the peerless remedy for ^ 1 l(i Norlll Ml
throat and lung troubles Price 5<K M
$1 .00. Guaranteed by Pickens
ig Co. Trial bottles free.
\\ "-S
or run I
na Q. p IIIMr o '
v/ V> 9 ^ Cr O9 I ^ U
;sof Pickens Chapter, UNITED
it flpnrit nf ^ >< " A " *
1?? ^ y.jw ?. in., w. i). /uigooti, comformed
in following order: ist. Pickens 1
. All the Veterans under % command of
d. Members of Pickens Chapter, U. 1). C. ^ ' ;
hters and civilians. 5th. March to court 1
order by Master of Ceremonies C. E. Rob(
lev. 1). W. lliott. /
ddress by Mayor of Pickens.
M usic.
" ,-i.W (V..- - ' -* ^ "
.V..V.O .vji me presentation ot Crosses.
n of Crosses by the Daughters. \
'the I Ion. W. L. Mauldin, of Greenville.
.peeches by old soldiers. i.tt
i by Rev. O. M. Abney. m
)ld soleiers. t fl
re the names of the Veterans who, having |
jauon ior grosses oi Honor, will receive H
ly of June at Pickens, C. H. They are re- V
Lighters to occupy the front scats in the |I
)mbie, \V. B. Allgood, W. T. Bowen, R.
Jhildress, J. K. Cox, J. D. Cureton, J. A. /
itrckin, W. T. Field, J. K. Foster, W. R.
son, \\ . A. I Iendrix, W. L. Jenkins, J. D.
is, T. J. Ligon, G. M. Lynch, J. M. G. Mean,
J. B. Newberry, Berry M. Pressley, II.
Ligdon, George E. Robinson, M. T. Smith,
ert Stewart, 1). H. Tcnipleton, Peter G. .
iipkms, John Watson.
is Graded School, M
Jncsday livening, May 2.itli, 1904. I
".lesns lli.ls u- shine 1.. I'rimnry Dopurtniont
1 nvoeul inn . \.
i iiu <?in .mii 10's I'rnyor. ' I.. l?orciui lnjior.
. "A C'lilM's Drcinii n| ii Si.ir, ' ... \ ... I'ulli Mnjof.
Mut-i)' li.V tllO I'lrUcliN <'di'liet Itrtllll ..
t ll> Fourteen Girls.
. .'I'll en slio sin veil A wnko .0 nitre 1 rliu t..
How T"?l!"y VI ..v. I .,^1 |If 1 ... KllCIl LowiH.
. M iimc I>\ ilio Itmiil V...
icenc m a Tie Wet Oltiee.
v. l hiihotUMoMMfl
by l:orty Tot*.
. . Musle by llio Itmnl I '
Ilenetliciion. ...
I?y J'rof. .1 tillii (i. < of Wofl'ord 0 oil I'ruc GrlJ g |
Thursday Evening, May 26th. I k < \
amkkica, | i
.The Light Keeper's DitiiKhter Miss Kate Heftier. H
Music l>y the 1'iekeiii Cornet Knu?l Ili
The Swottl of I Sim kot Hill....
I AI lornpy-: .1 I '. .IEokk ^
Characters: is<>i iiioii. v* ynit ,iVi
M Uhlr by llio Hand
,Graduating lixcrclscs.
j Pleasures of l.lloral'ire
.... MusiCjtiy the Itiuul
Future of l lie (jriulu tiling Class of IWI, .. \
y of CcrtlticnU's l?y Snpt. U. T llnliuin. ....
I.I.N ! I'll lo\ H
* uCE.TA^E S I
JLn> Hair Renewen I
our gray hair; then keep If. Perhaps not ? I
all's Hair Rqnewer always restores color to I
lling hair, a)So.
Nono Thomason, i
mable?* ? /
Millinery. {

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