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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, May 25, 1904, Image 2

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IMJSRki* ? hI'-4a1 T ?/j From Cateeche
' mCRSBS ^Iiv^yl-iOOal. Th? ??w ch?r<* ?*
I \ I m will be dedicated the
--i--, -n=_jL -p- : church, the following
5 M \ tione will take part in I
B\ The Sentinel-Journal Company. oxercit-os: Baptist, M?
iljO Thompson & Uichhy, 1'kops. Presbyterians. The pi
?e??-?t- (liully invited. Come
J. I.. O TIIOMI>Sn\' Ruiian I . ...
' stay ail uay.
bubneription J1.00 Per Annum. What about tli0
Advertising Rites llt'iisouable. among the little cottoi
IJY like a blue ribbon o
hntoroJ at Ploipii* Posloffloe ns Sefloml Clim , ,
Mftii Mutter' straw hat, especially i
riCKKNS S. C morning when the de*
ijrass. Well, if it was
Wednesday, May 25, 1004. a lazy woman would i
i ? ' . Imr headland if it waen
THE STATE CONVENTION. 1 ,azy mnn would neve
Ptivbiiitnt lo a eall of Col. Wilie cloP* So some ol Pharo
Jones, Chairman of the Stato Kx?c?.? ^<l*' umong us tor
tivo Commit tee, tho Democratic Coti 1" > i ty stai (Is of cottu
vinlinn of South Carolina met in Co ono corn, is
lutnbiii oil the 18tli inst., for the pin- ^ uiious to me how
poso of < !(cling delegates to the Nu corn under tho gro
ti<;nii 1 Convention whieh meets thin 11,5111 under the ground
i'l .. . i> i t - l I. l*ot. llnthiurr but mini
.' 1 ,\l ai in m. jj'hiis, mill 10 iH-u iiiiui h f""1
the details of framing a constitution his sins, if ho has boon
ami list of rules for gov? ming the has been a good one he
1'ally's conduct in this Slut.' tor the he is under there, he is
next two years. It was an hai- Noah and his eleve
A Mnonious convention, viewed from worked out all the 1c
son:c stand points, was one of the around here except th
most significant conventions I.ti l in in{? from Six Mile tc
South Carolina in the hist ten \ears. They have moved from
In it there was a distinct man fes- Liberty. We don't ki
tation of desire on the part of the they will come back 8
delegates from every section of the tho above road or n
Slate to come together and act upon thing wo do know, t
the broad lines of public welfare and [t)g fco he a shooting mn
general State interest. If there was Tuesday in August <
any sectional feeling, it disappeared Six Mile and Cateache
when it became evident that the dom- j,, their amiuuuition,
riant idea controlling every couut\ given you fair warning
del? gation was to forego minor con- uU(j jt wiu too |nl(> ,
tent ions in order that thegrtalei the devil appears at th
piinciples of Democracy n.i?ht have we cun gay lhet)) ig,
no impcdimo'.ts, and the people of you about eating that fr
h.?i,lh O.rnlina to l)ion?lil ttor w? >ifh B0U|0 of
in hnuuouimis < ndeavor for (corp.itc.t wo menu) V
??lf?re ??<l til., .lisinanco ol a|vi(J<) up and llot aM
Kn broad Democratic success. lhe ,
, , ,,, run for sheriff and j
iriedmont and ti;o Ink! Water coun- ?
. , . , . , ones run for eountv coi
ties yraspid mums across the middle , , A, ,
, ,. I always thought a ma
section, an.I the unity ot fentiiueul , , . , . , ,
. ... . r . good hind legs could c
was expressed with such n>ree that , , . ,
-V? ~ - ' . . . , . . sheriff, but 1 had ru
oven tho insistent, yet 'oiMdrrate
, . ,1, fat 6herul than a t
and courteous, leu Die delegates . . 1
, , . ,, . .. , , lii commissioner,
acceded to the inevitable and lent
their votes and voices to the success Mi. and Mrs. . I.
of this general deman.l for a united turned from a pleat
party in South Curolino. Tho dele- Mr. Noma' father at (
I flutes at large elected ut this conven- ^ '
tion are Gov Hey ward, Senator Till- Mis. K. N. \\ hi t mi r
inan, Mayor Iihett, of Charleston, <; )l)'intd to her room v
and Col. "Wilio Junes, of Columhia. ^or H0veral days. We
It is a matter upon wlik'h Pickens roport her improving a
county nmy congratulate herself lllK*
that the lending delegate from the O* G. Smith has gom
Third Conyn-ssional Distiict is Dr. farm near tho Madden
It. F. timith <*? Pickens ccnnly, who parutory to raising
led the tiehet in the election of dele- farming. His family
gates to St Louis, oipt of the goodly tinue in charge of tho 1
number of compctitojrs. place for awhile.
Misses Catherine i
e River. Boatty of Charlotte, ha
aity of gentle- itiiig tho Misses Smith
men from Loo perk wend* <1 llieir ris hotel.
way up tho Saludjk Kiver to Car- II. L. Iluckabee nt
sons mill where tmey wire joined room by his storo houi
by some of the (inmily's loading visions,
men from Pickoni C. II. to enjoy Lev. Attaway is e<
themselves to tho;inner moil's sat- sories of meetings at tl
t inaction* On Rrruving nt the mill, night, this week.
Ciiinp wnh taken uj) and throe seins Rdv. li. A. Child pre
put in the river jo supply (Uli i',r ciblo sermon at Fair
dinner, whilo son,y went out squir* church la.st. third Sun
rel hunting, audi others conking m. lie also preached
dinner. Ina td.olt tune we had in the new chinch at
[ >nio wont hunt- Mr. Child'a voice was
illVr, anitfh lislllng, while >'mo Brined reminded the writer of
and pr?imred Piippor. .Supper over yore when tho re-ech
ind rt'ining was again th.> order of Child's voice could ho
(?,0 zoning, and wo landnd some the bar in the old co
.in oih'S, too. Wo spent tho re- Pickens.
maindor in ramp Tho next morn- There will be an all
ing all was up soon; breakfast at Fair View church
over, sown get out hunting again, place, tho uth Sund
while others dressed lUh. squirrels, month. Everybody i
etc., and propnivd dinner; dicn.-r bring well filled bask
overall prepared lor going to their have to till thern wit
Irospee.' ivehomes. salad and cornbreud.
y uonaistod (if tho fnl- ()|, 1)ly) how lonesoi
ntlemon: liev. J. 10 look setting on h
Stephens, County Saturday evening in
Frank Welborn, his girl's house and hoi
lihrtioner; W. II hoard something liko
reliant; Harrison noiso while passing, w
th; ('. 10. IloSinson, frightened our horse.
Hughes, eari-enter; know what it was, but
inner; Wy lie Moody, betiove it was him cryii
jn Moody, farmer; Mifcs Nettio Kidlev,
1111lnr; Jerry Slaton ; ul(r young lady of neiii
lun been visiting near
understood that l?ud j bridge.
i?n champion pmurre . . . .
1 1 li. A. Ilrown had a in
okena county. Now. . . ,
... potatoes, rained this y
I you will g<? with us , lf . - ? - ?
^ I' ridav. Ho also had 55,
you know next time, . ,, .
' slips Hft out up to that
insure you a good time , . ,
\\ ir \v ''an ;i
? After ft peaceful slurr
Liberty. four or fiyo weeks, wo
km IJev. w . .J. SheiilV filled his know that Cony ban ben
I regular nppointnent at Reunion, Yep, our heart rejoice
I Sunday, preaching to a largo cTTu that w.? escaped an inev
I gregation. NVo had come to the
Wo nro having a flourishing that our rejoinder to Co
SRlHH Sjiid;iv School with \V. ,1. Sheriff had proved fatal, and
:ih miperintcndont. We want nil *ueli had h?on the casi
B* the neighborhood to como out everv Inivo hud to >n swer to
I Sundny evening. Wo have nice ment of hypnotizing i
I Hinging. Visitor. utriekeii, fuliahle being.
oUr communication pre
A Sad Death. narcotic in that regard,
I . llohert McJunkin died after a to know that Old Tom1
I short illness on April the I7th tive, and that poor little
I inat., and was buried the next dav the road to recovery.
Kev. \V. C. tfeahorn I e >n trying now for H(
kC the service. Ho leaver a dingno?e Cony's conditi
Hrobon hearted father, mother, hut ns hia disease (loyi
Bund brother to mourn hin being lovod) ha* hecon
I, God's will he douo, not and as he is ?o Muctuatn
A Friend. melionizing in his inod(
1-T. gL>- '11-1 "> _ I I I _
8. ship, wo are sorry to say that he i8! TO? farmei
, ?,.|| . ... i A friend, a ti
Cateechee ?till in n temi coiisciouh condition daughters and 1
5th Sunday along that line. At first we thought or it would he
ntr a union he might b> suffering fr^man ov?r 1 ?? 1)*(Kl to ruq
? . t - c i i , | In the wny ol
denounna- strain ot the volitive faculties", the usually allotted
the religious eau?o ot which some girl might farm home?in
)thodiat and have looked at him and hinghodj ^?r{
but after re.-idims h is lust enisl le '
' v *u w" " t ~ " ? O | UIIVV iuu II'UUI
prepared to i" The Sentinel-Journal wo rt.ulily vester, ride the
?asv our mistake. Nut havintr a er c,ean,y and 1
... . . , - i nocted with the
crab tfrnBi atetheaeope to test the sound ot lus woman ?niestioi
n? It looks heart nor a sphygmograph to t st j cute one to bar
i) a y. Mow the pulsation of his wrist (himI hav-1 ?n |,ow V1? 8'r,s
T , ... and how t
3<>on in the Wg to treat him by mail at that) U1)> in the mati
v is on the we have bf cn at a disadvantage all Is nothing whl
n't for lice the while. However, ns wo have t'JosoJy as ,ts
. , , standing?what
never comb now discovered that he is a shv? r < nn that?the fa
i't for grasa sufferer from either hypertrophy or nothing one wo
r work Iiib reguia pectoris of the heart, we are ns nnnt,UM* w
Dlovment smriro
ah's plagues feducial thai we can givo him r> - womanly, for e
a puri)"8o lief provided liu will follow in- keeper ?i<>es lia
... , . , . < unpleasant wo
n and "liar- structioiiB and take good care of t.m|)lovnuMlt w
t!,e report, himself. The ioBtructions tiro as niany Auieiieai
molos can follows: Never call on a, young physique. luin
, , .. , , . . petitionee of tlx
uiul. Put a lady until you have had an intro- Bniim.,n, t.omlit
t and ho can duotion to her; don't limn un some hearing 01
ishinGut for less you know your company is aj- tner is poor ami
bud. If he ceptable. If a young lady l.ioks JlJ^tfor'wnnV*M1
don't know at yon and laughs, don't inuko too ni>lo to uuppoi
so happy. euro that you are the only oi.e, re- work on their p
n Sons have member the old man and the old |^|,V Mn?'nny\v
suding roads woman are somowhnre. Tin young the man's shli
o road load- lady suvs "li>wdy" or in ikes you a vcl'-v attractive
r\ t i i i i i n ii i looking for de
) Cateechee. polite bow, don t walk ten inilew Mullor tUrned ,
here toward the noxt Sunday t> got to look at niet her in the
low whether her and laugh ; maybe when you gleaning in tin
. . . . anil It Is a fact
oon to work got there some ono else would be jookg 8WOI?ter u
ot, but one enjoying tho fun and a twenty from the depth!
here id go- mile walk on an empty stomach is down on fou
? , , , xr or weeding the
iteli the last not very palatable. Never marry can s,uUj1(. nlld
soming, and without ft chance; it would be a horse, milk the
e are laying lonesome lile to live. Never be an<1 u to
t it pay the taxes,
We have jealous hearted. Now follow these prpside in iter !
, gentlemon, instructions very closely, and il competent home
to piay after vou get no better let me know ",,m! desirable
1 J - " tlon for the vo
e door. All through The Sentinel-Journal and giOVed, white 1
"We told I will treat you ng.\in, Bro. Cony, highly perfumei
ozen bread." as it is 11 >t safe for you to pre- mUHC,llal" lu'th
J waltz. Modern
the fat men scribe for yourself. unmitigated hi
vould sorter No, Farmer Uov. it is not on which injure 1
the fat 01)08 account of that little Still* mull hor independent
uroft and sliortei
vll the poor route that we are treating Cony, nny Riri or Won
iunii8i-ioiier. for you will remember we told him courage to defy
,i) with two some time ago we didn't know of a ^,U('st!on nsk(,(1
" that If we wer
>ut run a fat single pietty girl on the route chse wo would train
itliei have a e.iough for him to sea, except the
>oor county one at the ofliee and she wouldn't . si,r,NI?s?T'
J. .A wiiend wis
bite at his bait, but we are trying the more prom
Norrirf have to cure him of those two pestilent bered lands In
lant visit to tial diseases?marrying before he Pr"i,io luml
J price per acre,
)rangeburg, gets a chance and jealousness. u pioce (,f land
farm. The Mini
e has been Fr0m Mica' up Kev<>ral >'oa'
... We will again endeavor to eivn work?work wh
k'ltli 8ickr?e88 , , . f . . |..4l woodsman sho
i i 4 you a few dashes from this little rmt , ...
are glau to : , , , ., our friend will
t this writ- g 111 or t"at w0 may J<) wo 1 an(l pr?l??l?ly i
represented in your valuable paper, opportunities j:
, , . ... ,, time nt leant.
. . as no doubt with three correspon- altn?t
f) out on Ins . ... about clear np
... dents at tins pine.) wo will sorter his children. (
ri< Hi), pre |ctJ0p up vvitli other sections of the wlM not havo a
cattle, and homa. There ai
' will con- C?"! V" K: ?,f . ?8:
.... A . dUIU'B UtaiUJ IIIUICVN HHirillS, I >11 I 1(11
IK ^ a i,an(j8oiiie new top l>nggy. or number of w
Tt , , . , . , . year, tlie lessen
find "Hurt" PaV8 ? 19 ??lU": t3tako,n fuel ninl the
. ^ . some of thesH May meetings as they prairie land enr
vo '?,n yl!j gc jviong. Mr. Jones has about tivntlon would s
of the Nor- , desirable locatic
sold his land, expecting to move to rnlt. at,0ut RU(<]
, . another section. We are sorry to got ahead anyv
" ' '' ft give hini up, as he is a good neigh- dilUoulty, and
je. for pro- . . most advantage
bor as well as ti u.-oinl man.
. . Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Williann tbee peddij:
3n u mh a vi8itetl at L S. Edeiis' last we< k. ^ ? should ill
Ills place; at ,, , . . marked line bo
Mr. v.. 1. hdnns is having W nn(, th0 h.Khjn
, swarms almost every day now. average tree p<h
.. ' ,, I F. G. Hill and his charming ot tl,(' wt,rst k!l
\ lew M. K. . , ... . , . ,, scrupulous prcv
day at 11 a |dail8hler' Minnie, uent to Cross fmlt lr0CH i;
. ' Roads tho third Sunday and re- wiio is ready 1
t tat night teJ a ,rt crowd preaont. anv s,,rt ,,f nni1
j this ])1?U!9. - ' T , . not this wnv.
natural It Mr- and M,'s- L b- M'"s v,-s" Blve si.tlsfu'.-tlo
' , ' itod at Mrs. F. (1. Hill's last Sun- them trocs whi
tho days of 1(Ut whlo|, wni
oos of Mr. ' fiu 1 tod to tho s
heard from Ah J,u,e hweell,,,r 8eems to Hold. Tho poddi
. doubt tho size of R . G. Trotter's j order. Now, < ov
gourd, Mr. Trotter says if ho country, ihis mi
... , I - order iiml 1m
. . (June SwoGtner) will come up ho nearest ros|.<,usi
<liiy 8'i'gi' g wiii rou |,im in that gourd till ho tlx- tree poddlor
near this JH j?||y convinced that the gourd ;
Inv in this ..... .. a i'uktt'
j --- i uoes iiom eievnn gallons. i a friend of mi
come and I j ^ Turner ot Dacnaville, vis-1 ok?t of a lirst <
ot?, if you | jted hi. gmlld Ol.ri.li..e
h mustard | 1, 6t woek. ! hired a compe
Mica has two enndidatea this j poultrymun an
no Mr. year, one for SherilV and one f-.rj " mil
is horpe lust Commissioner. ; and small fruii
the vard ot \? B. Williams and family spent! will keep a <lrc
r gone. We the night with George Gairen i.nd ; ]j,00^tn*jja"fjeh
a snailing family last Saturday night. I dolnj? it. hcsldei
hich almost Mjks Cloa Williams has a piece j freshest of kucIi
., .. ... i.i 1.1 fp , It costs him abt
We don t 0f money that is dated 1,/h. K. J., ho(H snppl,P8 ()
o 1 wo ua in III i^i i 1 - : - i 1 '
.Tin mis iwu piouup, 0110 (inc ?i I ii<i Iw can see n
iK- 1H!M and tho <>tltor 1819. Who $1,000, i>t'8kles
ft (*<<|>tivftt- oan bt-sit thftt lor old money? )i.i\< i<> dupo-a?
r this place, Little Forest Hopkins may havo
the Mniideli cle.iiiC'd that hoj>, 1 >nt his f.tthor 'j&j/
1 illed it w i111 lir.?. K. A. Gilliland's I|| ?| \|vj
iosh of insli hammer. Tanta liogiiH. ills JOT
ear, on last
r>()0 potato.) Serious Stomach Ti-oImIc f n.-nl.
.. .... I wiih IrouhUtil willi a distress iii my .,
11 m0. V\ ho 8U)ni(lcll| HOUr Kto,.,:,,., rtni, vomiting bhylock V
wpelN, and can trutliful y sny fliat Olmm- wanted a l
lx>rlain'H Stomach ami Tiivor TuhletH
her 01 norne onm| mo.?Mrs. T. V. Williams, Idlings iH'Sil. I lit:
aie glad to burg, Mich. Th?'8? talik'tH tiro guarau Shv1nr1:<* nr
nw.vhiiir.i rl u,0(l i<? cure evcy cnwi 01 womnoii rrou j ~
hlo of tliix olmructnr. For hiiIo t>y 1'iok- cent the (
8 to know oiih Drug Co., and Kink's ]>rng Htoro, , '
itahle trial 1'iokenn. ami Hunter ?Sr IVkenn, Liborty, sickly child,
i conclusion * woman, all v
nv'd epistle Noticc. an(j c
of course if ho??l.y Ki?t-n Hint I will epoff. t; i
. - not, in any l?6 reHponniolt' for ' 1 lJ
' W" ,W?U ' any th-blH 0<>ntnu;t'<l l>y ins- wife, Srott's J?
the indict- Alteo Paco, sho having I??ft mv homo. ill i i
a poor love May lU'JtM :i*. A A 1'aw. ??'" '
/: . ... ? It feeds the n
ivetl'to 1)0 a Mar bo Prrvrnlwl. (hc ai^cstivc
we are glad If a col?1 linger*, there ia dauK. r of fCC(j thti who
pneumonia. If la Kfippo leave* tlio lunga
s was BOila- }? nn formed condition, there u grent J?or nCZir
Cony is on dangerof pneumonia. Preveut tbia fntal ... T?m..|
... , difwnaoby UHiiig Rjrdalo'M KIUir;ttfliiri>? r>COll H 1-lnU
V\e have (,?i0uiy i?ud leaves the throat and ?rcat irivcr O
>me time to Innga Bound. It ia the brat remedy for o
.tA/niliui' inMiimoil /inn/lihi\n ''in
' Inngn tlint. ho fr quentlj follow* I grip. Wo will sen
iijj without Thta modern rciontlflo tlir-nl ami Inng ou,
lo chronic lamody in a s-ifo romcdy lor y? img nml
. . ' old, in nil thront nnd lung diwnscH. SCOTT & B<
ig nii'l O in- Drug Co., I'toko.-iH; W. A. OO-4-tB Poarl
) of court- Sheldon, L?il>?rty. y>c. auaji
/ * ~ s< __
it / m
/ \
f ^2
* WITH SIX OIM.I. _, , _ _ _ ., _
inner blessed with six Pickens, R. F. D. No. I. ,
?? rl*l? I .. 11. ? < j
IU 11 PI, iin&s UK wuvui' | 1 II umlllfc UUHUI1 IB I UO ITU'M' HI
nil right for a man tho d?i this week.
aire of hl9 girls more I ... , , . .. , ,c
! farm work than hJ W e are glad to lljto that Mia.
to the women of tlx Ann Crane, who h:i? ht?on quite ingt v\
other words, would it P|0^ toinewliat improved. precid
hi in to require them t? ... ' ,r ., . ...1,,,.. ,
ako enre of the garden, l'^ And MtS. in. Kelly and
on the mower or har>' chidr.#u w??ro ih<j nil 'at* of VV. T. ? 11
sulky plow and do otb- n?i e.. J1Ki f,m.U rncuitly. neVwr
lot laborious work eon- ,, ^ , , , .
farm operations? This ^'ilatrap hns had his land
i Is always a very deli- surveyed. Mr. John Robinson wuk
ulle. It depends in nob | jjIC BlJl veyor. .
i feel, how their mother | . . , 1 hi
hey have been brought' ^ married ladio* pi.isur ni. 0 proves
ter of employment there ing was organized at Bethle'n-n. secotu
icli woman studies sc cliurc:lt la^t 8nnday afteriio u \\"* part <
effect upon her soc.al , 1 fi
Mrs. Grnndy says and ll'1' ">eetn.K will | TOvo a su-.; "" 1 11
ict being that there U oes?i. !" (
man Is so mueh nfrald \V?1I, Farmer's Bov, yon IIire^ I'l'.t'V
oiuan. The lino of em . * . ;
stod Is In no sense an- tlio Ktonu at llio I '{{ht w 11ei l)uyv''
rery mother and house you Hp^ko of t lie tvliiskc/ bnsiiiese. | _,T
rucr. uiruor jiu. n.on { ton, think it Is a g.C.lt C\il. It *' i>U
rk, nnd xueh outdooi ^ ong
on]<1 Insure what k< olio ot the greatest f?> -h of r>>? f->viits,
i women lack ? a tim ligiou ?! e church has to uu;t?i with fifty 1
meuiate iwa^h. hide- 1 think if tliOfO who drink it would nack i
slight and action, lhe . ? i
loll of tlic family has til.ilk ft tliO miseiy an I w ... U ?"?* 1
i the matter. If the fa* bring-, surely there svould Id no
has a hard row to hoc. tlrillil.0..l.C^. e vf
certainly help him. no ' . .
s. CJruiuly says; if well Mrs. Duncan, who n li\ii g lieai inudc
t them without such (J. W. Dorr, id quite sie'<. :'A to
art it Is still quite like- ,, hundi
uld not do better than I ' J' in t.lu
ny, for, Rpeuking from nUntlv
t,i,>y 7ou,u l'w,me ANNOUNCEMENTS, -r..Iiulccd
to youm? men
slrable mates. Muud Ani.ou.i'cineiils lor Cnuh'iesM.ii.ti for tlie
>),? tiuliro'n lionil iim he 'I'lllnl < "Ollj',ie:.sloll;il District Mil.I mi Solicitor
the judges nenn us ill fr?ln lIle ,.m.iu i:il Urcnlt. .m.l !ur ,.11 Glo
> huylleld; Illllh while county ollices wlli l>e liisertc.1 uiuler tliis he.i'l- f ,
. iir.1.1 Aimiiipmt ii,,,.. hij? from now until the I'riinurv Klectson t'oi the WPftfll
llpla 0111)11,1 " 1<)U7" Mini of I IVK lx>U,A US, i:nsli. ,u the time In- fhn w,
that a sweet Kill never notice i* hnnriol in. No <lcviiiiiDii in.in iiii> 1 I"
inn as she looks at you rH,w will be mtule. I?ot h i
' of a Hunbonnet while For IIouso <>f icc)>rc?ei,tii'lv< h ^ ^ ft
rs picking strawberries I hereby iinuounce myself n chihIIiIiUc for the
lrnrdpn The irlrl who llo?s?<?l Hf|>re>enUtives, I'ielccnt. county, sub
gilium. lue j,in amio jt., t to the nctlon of the Democntic putty .it the
ride the high strung nppronchinv piimnry election.
kicking heifer, hitch up MAl l*l>lN.
am, do the ninrketlng, I hereby mii.oui.ee myself .. cnn.lM,;tc for rc,
. .. . . . election to the House of Itciireventutives, subslng
in the choir alio Jed to the uctlon of the DeiuocrutU p.trtv in the I
~ .. ?'i ? 1 ?i ? " ' 1
liwinv i\9 i I It'Illlt'U U1IU Viwuuii, U .l^ll III.N IliA.
maker Is every way n " * 1
and attractive proposl- For Hhorlir. (A
ting man ttiun the kid I liortt.y.uii^uncciiiyso.f a cHii.lid.iii; lor ihe
" <?.h? c of shertll of Pit kens county, subject to
ImndiMl, glim (. hewing, the action ot the Democratic party in the I*rl
1 society girl who shows ,,,Mry election. i:. i'k.\ni< i.oopku t?
Itv In nothing save a The i.umy friends of a. .ii.I'k \vki,i:okx. I ?/ ?
, . . ... i?j? respectfully announce him a* a candidate for | /
society forces lots oi MinrifVof I'ickens county, subject to the netlon
imhugs on to woman ?f the.niipionehliiK Democratic piimaiv.
ler physically, destroy hereby announce myself a can<Uilate for the
i. ntihrovinto lier ideas- "IVl< ? "r ^herlll of I'lekens county, subject to
e, al>l>ie\ late ntt >i? as (h(( m,l|o|1 ,,, t)ic |K.ll(,?.nU.r ,,(irty In the prl
i her life, nnd we honor murv oleetioa. .1. c .IKNNINUS.
nan who has the moral i hereby announce myself a candidate for ihc
them Answering the ""'ice of sherltl' of I'lekens county, subject to
the action of the Democratic primal \ elct lion.
directly, we will saj hkn i?\ pahssons.
e In out f i lend s place the solicit lfon of mnnv frltr.ds I hereby
the girls to help US, announce mysell a candidate lor sheiill of
I'lekens county, subject to the action ol the j|
.?* nun ??i nit* i/t'iiiiicriiiHa pnmtiry.
I Oil OliliAIIOMA f i'. II. llOOlJK
hen to know which la I hereby announce 111 y.-elf a candidate fur the I
. fini. I sheriir for Pickens onnly, subject to I
iJ'iii}, piopo. tlin ||u, (ho iicinoerath party in tho pri j
northern Minnesota or uniry election. i>.\NIKI< K. si TIIIIUIjAN l>
Oklahoma at the same .???~
if in. he wishing to buy lM,r v' *?""?"
nut nf which to make a 1 tl,e s??H?'llallon i.r a few friends, but more
Oil l or Willi n 10 inn hi a , |||y mv|) llll(1 in ?,.cordunee with my
lesota proposition opens -...i desire, I uniio'Mioe myself a candidate for
h nf vi?rv linrd rotnrh -ismer oM'ickecs founty. subject to the in ,
sot \tij nam, ioumi ?f u,e Democratic primary election
loll none but a trained \i. i>. moouk.
tilil undertake. 1 here j hereby announce myself u candidate fur refind
tho winters Ion# election to the ollice of Treasurer of Pickens
, , , , .. , enmity, Mihject to Ilia action of the voters in the
social and educational primary election. IIKXKY w. i AitU.
irotly poor for some T,|e n)any fr|Cn?ls of JOHN T. i i:n.m.i.i.
The poor man can Just hereby announce him a candidate for Treasurer
, ?f Pickens county, subject to the action of the
one of these faims for Democratic party ut the approaching primary.
3n the other hand, he
II clear RulllnR ltl Okla- Kor Supervisor.
"0 occasional liot winds, I hereby niitionnce myself n cniKliilntc for reHrninrhtn
niwl (limt election to tile ollice of County supervisor of
Cll0Ugnt8 anil (lust IMl.kl,ns o(?,ty, subject to the net Ion of the
the poor man tho great- Democratic pr.rty in the prlinars e!e? tion.
orlilng days during the ' D. stkimiknn.
cd cost of clothing and Themnny frien.lsor MATTIIKW III.NDI!l? l<s
... ... respectl ally in -.loiiucc him a < u 'liihiic lor the
treat case with which otilce of County supervisor oi i'i cnumy.
1 he brought under Clll- subject to the n't r.c n ..I the Meinocn;:.c priu.ur.
. ., election.
seem to make It a more
mi fin- him Thorp U nrt 4 r:? ,?! - <?l \V. \\ A IK I.N respectill
for ntm. 1 ncto is no t,,j|y annouiiec iiim a cniiiliituic lor tin-.?ii co ot
it n thing. Some men supervisor oi p; :c:;> county. Miijei t the ac
vhere In spite of every liwn U,u I't-'iiMMTiuie primary.
some fall under the The many ftieii?l> of \\'| l.i,| \ M I!. '' \'r ~ *cspeetl
ullv announce him us ii cni,ill<h:lc In i ,e 1
OUS conditions. otilce of Supervisorof I'iekeiis county. subject
t.> the nction oi the Democratic pmt> :it tli - pii- i 3
linn'v election. E (
. , W e hereby annouiiec l!< >I: I. I: I sTl.N v li T u I ,
te to draw a strongly cum:! iau> i >r n... ..m... ,.i i 1 1
- I "i I'lVK" I
iwwn the trco peddler ,,,,s, *?'J'-< t ?<> t:?e anion .1 ti.<: in-m... S 1
' 1 cr.llic |>l liiull v elCol loll. \ olt'is i 1
into nurseryman. 1 lie ..
Idler Is too often n fak*.' > 1
id. an Irresponsible, un- 1 or Con.ml.. ion.
. ? "1*1*0 many filcndsof N. it. Mimiii:. rpni>c?-tarlnitor,
wnoae homco f?uy um e Mm ? <m:i lidn:'- the . .iti<
$ utterly worthless nnd ?>f I'oiiiinisMotieroi rirken*?Miiiity. .sii:>jci t to
10 sell anything undei v'>u'r,<,he "0,,m< r'uir |,ri
Tho nurseryman Is u (|k. rt.1R,M ?f 111|1IIV ,ril?.ls , h(.r(,lV a?.
It Is to lllH interOBt to noonce invxclf a ciiniliiltilr f??r the oilier ot I
11 i-x ?.5u nntrnnu Ki?ll CoUUtV Commivsloiicr of I'lckcil.s i-oillii \. Mill !
11 to Ills pa lions, si 11 je(., Il(.lllin ?f ,,.;.?.-.rv.
eh will not only nro\v. .ioiin i*. .\11f11
be true to name and | iiorol>v mihioiiik c n.>-Hf n <-> 1 1 ii 11.*. .m 11 <
,oll and locality where ollicc of county < onuiiifMoiier for l'niti,.
. .? <*oiiiiiv, Mibjt i l in Hit' action ?>! tin* Dftiioi'iutii
er oni'CH only lo parly ill the primary e lection <;. \\ isow I*.\
erlliK all sections of the flip immy friends of o I* I 11:1.i> ri'spcctful
will hold tfOOO ly HiiiKiiiiM-r him 11 caiiili<latf for tlie olti< c <>f ___
iv vniir trooq of vovir <'<>onty t'oiiiiiiIv.sIoiht of |?ii kfii^ rountv n?.
jour 11 j JiM*t to the action of the Democratic |?aitv in the- J\ 0
bio nursorvmaii and lot ..ri.....r>
IlloilP. At the solicitation "I my flieilils. I Million lire
mjsi'lt m candidate for tin* oih.e nf ( oniity
Commissioner of I'icUcllS Coll III> , subject to I lir
k' GOOD SCHKMf!. action of the IK'inocr.itic party In tlx- priinarx
irs, tlu> owner mid mnn- ?'c?tloii. u. w Mt i:
lass hotel 111 n town of ' licrfhy announce myself n caii'liilatc for the '
i ?.? otli.e of fount} i i'iiiinlssloi.ci of i'ickeu* . L 1
stern stiite, hits rontto comity. suljrrt to the action <>f the Dciiioc rutir / 1
r laiiil near the town, r>?rty in the primary election. L 11
. . * SAM I. liouti.s- UL
tent mnrkot prdeiii'r,
,1 dairy mnn mid will *?rMu,.i ?r i:,i., ti j
ly liis hotel with tho j )icrct>y announce myself a caiiditliitc for re j
\( OI/L'Sl Pl'iMlin KllffrkU wlii.'llnn
......V. . ... nil wnn I ?| i "Mini/ .-MlpcrilllCUIICIlt I
?'' wliJfh III. iimimIm Hp "f ?' I'ickens county, sul jc. t to the ] K(l. f^
lil< I' IK lUtNIS. IIP m-doii of |tie Democratic |irliiuiry.
ivo of hops to consume it t ll.W.l.l \i |
e hotel, and hits figured ?????? ^
can make good money KorUoronor.
x HOfin-iiif ?) ? liont nnil lly the Hollcitatlon ol many friends, I herehj ' J 1
Heiuiiiif, tin st anil HiinoniH'e inysc'f h cniiiUiliite for ilio olllee of c\
i products for his tattle. Coroner oi Pickens county, mihje't to the ac- '
...? ?'i o/mi o ....... i.iu tion of the Democratic voters nl the approach- I 10KI
lUt n >ear roi in* ,||}, ,,rillll.r) election
f tills Hurt, and he telU Very respectfully, Mian
clean saving of at leant A' ,,A1:K plica'
any surplus be mny solicitation of manv friends I hereby stiltto
, minoiiiino myself us it eaiKtiontc f?<r the olhce
Or. of Coroner of Pickens county. Kiihjo i to Hie
i ""i hi*tloll of the Democrolic party In the npproarh
inx pilmary election. J. I.KVI s.\MH'.lts.
I ra -<~jk i* jr At the solicitation of my frienil- I a^ain anEy
Qk fti ISm nonnce myself acamljilato fortheollleeof < oro
wo Kt l> EoHH n,'r I'ickens connly, ami pledge myself to r"
| 3/ jxffH ahide ihw result of the Democratic prlmarv All
I hetehv annonnce myself a eniuliilHle for the j to prcs
oilice of Coroner of Pickens county ?til>J<ct I" ..
the a'tlon of the Democrat!'' party in tin pit i
iiuir) i-k i'ihiii. I* I' *' A l!'l I. I. ? '?
!,?. We, Iho friends of It.UtNKY |{ I'oiJTI.It n- mUsl 1
/<?S l ilC inan wno H|>r<'tfullv announce him ii t'iiii(li<liiti' fur tlit*
< r i ciilice of '< oroner of I'lckHi* oountv, miIiJciI to M:iy
)OlllKl < >[ 1111111(11) Ihe wllon of jho lU'liiocriitic prltiinry c!ri lion.
re fire many f.,(
>w, til J convales** KumonH Knglish Cough Svnip cun-s thoron
. coughs, cohlv, ItroiiclntiM mid ail kimlrod heard <
consumptive, the trouble*. '2r?<* nt r, in- Dm/?
the pale young !>- < ""? ? ?" *.>>-?.
/ant human flesh I kEahl y~*rAi> gunnm
.... I A | ,,|,H 1)1
' . k | I ivyDTAf*; r: KMfiiMt: I 1 "
I on. .1
, $ Hownr
f human flesh, THE "AJAX" KT
In thi* ono to uhp. "T|io Maohtnory 1* oplc" I o< lis Ml
id you a couple of JX. SjSiMiion"''* cftU',,KU# u'"1 nnn\? I nil'* <
ices free, W. H. GIBBtS (ZL CO., ' ? ????
COLUMBIA, !i. C? it im!o ii
DWNB, Chomtstl, Kn?lno, Jtnil*ri, .v?w Ml'.tc, Cotton (Hn* 1 ?' Co.
Streot. Nnw Vork^ nlnir MAchinnp* r.t/% ^ ' 11 11
.00; all dnicgbu. \ | | The Clbbea Portable Milnule Machine j Hull'
if ; i\
j?L, . . . jfcf ;
Che Warm Days' of <
The air is getting warm, and the people nnist have wi
eoU our etoro was full ol eurly ehoppera. But this etoi
out*. Mav i* the month of great selling. Mr. OM
nil .rr.n- vn.119>? Mm XT..? U?U?~I 11 ?*t- f ' ' "
...? m * no? kjuuuui repiifH : "It IB JU&L IJ
iv? pliiiiiK'd to make May n month long tc be reme
h on *o complete and desirable, and prices u^o as low
h, our latept addition has
1 the bigg?i?t eucce68. Our
I lloov is the most popular /Hlspli
)f our si.orp. thrift vmi will
ic most iimuz.rtf value*, and
BLm^SKlWE SUITS $5.00. :- kA-ri
L -ii / < & *? v<?
guaranteed all wo d
wili put it against anv :-ovenvalue,
made in four button, .v^'o; .' **'
only, sizes 34 to 42. While ' ' \ v 'Hi- '
ast $5 00. - V. ;; ;V >> ;
B 60 LIO A DICK AT $4 OS. i" " V
? all wo ol clay worsted suits,
in f-iur button eaclc only, size
41 We have sold over one ... \ j
e?l and fifty of this number <
^ Iti81 Hi rty days, but have |
' more at. $1 98.
) (J LION Si 1)10 CASSI 10 HE . .
SUITS $4 98.
nsido CaSfl'more are the l>eet
faV>i ic8 on the market at
ie*. Full lino of patterns in
slims and regular#, ni/.e to
511 vilie's Cheapest Store. 100
3 a ILr S If
Arc you ready for your Spring Suit. Tw
we arc showing a nice line made of "Milton CI
tfill pay you to see this line. : :
vrr I nc. rHIVIUU^
White Seal Clothii
The White Seal Clothing is famous in al
arger towns for its seperiority in style and fil
luribility. None but the best tailors are. emnlovi
1 ? J
naking this clothing and each grrment is ins|
)y an expert. We are showilg a variety of
:ome and let ns show you through.
We are looking for a big shipment of lloi
he rise and we can save you money. Call and
I I) Hl'll /iA ^
i i < <1 in- I M II 1)1" - 1V1U J 1
>11(1 lis your Job ].)r.
.W.1- 1 ?>>> 1
i=*.c. MORE.
Dear Sir: IMc:i*o nimounco j
ir paper lli.it tho next t>nch- |
animation will ho h?i<l at ; m . #r-. , . ^ , ,
us Kritliiy May-Oth. Kxorn-' \A/ ^ jl ^('c'
?n (o boj?in at{) o'elork Ap*' * * bcaiitilul patt(
tH must luii.bl, their own Beautiful waist
nery, legal <-i/n pmuiivtl.
II. T. HALM M. yard, lor 25 cents, or
< 'o ttnpt Ed 1 , .
, cents per yard that
ntlce to l)?lil?r? iinil Crpdiliim, 1 )()tt('.ci Swiss foi" I
pi rsons holding claiiuH against
at?-of J. H. Muuitiin art TMpicHit-fi cents. Madras for
ii3iit tin* Paint', pri>|.fi iv allenth-ri, I
vnirnt, i?y i!?? lot tiny <>f Jniy,; cents; that is very
'l'ii(B) imlcbtr.l to stiiil iHtnte ;
naki- i-nyiiK-iit to j cents per yard.
I*#. !'i Mnuldin, | '
5, 1001-Jlw. A>i'!iimstrntor. We have a sill
iMnkcs a (loan Swcrp. strong and wide, that
c'h uotliing bk?? uoing a tiling i
giily. Of ail tlm salv(vi you ever cents per yard. It \v<
f, HucIiI' Ii'h A rnicft HhIvo is tlio
l? Hwi cps nwny ami cnri'R biniih, '
bruises, oulf, b ?i|f, uleors, hIuii
111 < !ll|(l li'li'H. I - 'h Olll V ii.M?, ntlM
tooii t.? ?iv? Huiisfiictiou, l y I'iok- \\j(. have a small
Iff Co,
- slightly soiled, to go ;
oof Olnlraonls ftr Calnrrli (hut
< 'on I il i II Hi
nry will Hiu?-ly dostr ?y (In; koiiqo
fll iiihI coinplnloly domnfte tlio
*}, t-t?im wIiom outcring it through Sent
neons sinf com. Hunli artioloH
i ovor bo iihocI i xeopt on proaofiprom
reputable pliyuoiiinff, n? tlio 1?JU
) they will <)<> in ten fold to tlio
on din poisiSlj tlcrivo from thorn We have, one of i
Cidtorh Cure, mnnuf.ioturo) l>y
Oiionry k Co., Toiodo, o., 0011- had, and tlio prices ar
> mercury, nnd i? Inkon intrrtially
ilirooily upon tlio blood nn 1 innirfiuvR
of tlio system. In hnvincr
Out irrh Curr l>o kiuo you Rot the ' ^ v |
c. It i? tokou int. mnliy and
i Toledo, O i<?, 1 y P. Cheney
'LYntimoninlH freo.
Iiy all IJr?K>fiHlH, 7^0. *
a Family Pilla are the Ixw^.
May Are Here!
aai1ng apporial to suit the season. 13v<
e's mission is to reverse oiistoms and
I School says; in such limes "why pus
lie time to push hardest and strongest.
moereu in our business career. Our b! ,
as honest lnerehundisu can be sold. . /
: in Si '
Two pieoo suitH, prieos (.
MEW I Clothing in nil the latest ft
v : . \ | pricoJ here at $10 00 to $25.0
Suits that will stand hard
priced here 75c, 98c, $1.25,
nml up to $5 00.
Wo sell tho I & S Knee^P" y
nl&o tho Junior. which am <1
best makes on the uiarkot, evei,
pair warranted not to rip. Prices x
ranging from 39c to $1 25.
One hundred dozen men and boyn
Percale and ad rasa shirts, worth
oaHily 30c, sizes 12 to 17 at 26n.
7 5; aduass Nkc?i.icsekShirts48c
Negligee Shirts, mode of genuine
a ( ii'H, i c jii figures and stripes
on ii^ut ground, eizos 14 to 17 at
\ Main Street. Greenville, S. CSUHMRP
o piece Suits are all the rage and
oth." Every suit guaranteed. It
i \v % i i f,
11 :?jr -
= ?n<l I : " . ii' 111!
i " ,rtj
-CCted V ffjl^
styles | V \ '
i ^
ir this week that was bought before
get our prices.
<>w Company.
cd to our lino ol dress go<
i ns that we want every la
patterns actually worth
75 cents per pattern. A
will equal most of
5 cents per yard tha
waist or shirts, black tor
pretty and stylish. Chambrirys 10-12^
all lot of batiste cloth in short lengths,
we. will sell in whole prices ohly, for 8*4
j>ul(l he a bargain at 10 cents.
lot of towels, bought at a bargain and
it 1 5 cents' per pair.
f you can't come
for them
d by your neighbor.
the prettiest lines of orrjbfoidery
c right.
tig Brothers
One-Price Cash St'

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