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V ^2;OOOV0O.- I? ^ob, more
Mr'*0 tfth'er'-'country, iSxit they ore
F?y scrubs, bronchos m|<l cayuses.
worries a fellow to know that the
BT.'Vff have stored a lot of iioney which
Hr can't he fjot without de8tr<\ylu& a valuJgfSKr
able tree.
There, are too many men who look
Jinon a foreign war .with Indifference, if
not with positive pleasure, just because
sueh strife will enhance the value of
tlielr farm products. All war Is was to.
We have found out for sure that the
best time to kill weeds is when there
are none to be seen In other words,
keep cultivating the garden <>r the tield
v when it seems to be not needed. There
' is a whole lot of good sense in so doing.
It Is interesting to note that one lot
of bright and brainy men are in session
in the state of Iowa discussing tin
best method of getting the water out of
the soil while another equally bright
lot of men are in convention trying how
best to get water on to the soil out in
' Colorado.
Any lunn Is well off who has good
health, pleasant domestic relations, a
J'.omo of liis own, (he respect and good
will of his neighbors, a business which
w gives hini a comfortable living and en
ables him to lay by a little for old ago
With these he would not ret any more
?* ont of life if ho had a million dollars.
There has been a marked falling oil
N in the values of the best pedigreed ent\le
the i ;st year. The Chicago sale*,
where many of the best cuttle in tho
country were disposed of, show tin' av>
ernge for Shorthorns to be ^'$71 for
1!H?2 and $-t)0.7<> for 100.'!. Hereford*
' $331 for 11H>2 and S188.S0 for 11)03,
Polled Angus $351 for 1001! and $-13.78
fur 1003.
The west is not as yet much plagued
Him nic um^j , Mini'i iiini iiunurr, inv
common pests of eastern tains. '1 ho
wood posts of the west are pigeon
grass, purslane, co?klebnr, l>ind\r<od
or morning glory, ragweed. quaek
grass, squirreltail grass. wild rose
hushes, sunllowor, all proilnets of rleh
soil. When the soil of l!i> west hecomes
enough impoverish' <1, the daisies
ami sorrel will come. The wiso
farmer will not allow it to so become.
The low headed orchard trie has c
distinct advantage over i! tree headed
high in all the wind;, prairie sections
of the country. Dir - a severe
i wind which passed over .nr nrehard
' last fall sixteen of the hes lives wore
h'Mken down, and every oi them
was high headed. \ While i I so ?ymmetrical
in appearance, t' 11 on a
twenty -four it". !, trtink wi: ' !' aiii I a
i " ' ""iii'flcr t r? than one on th< t-rly inch
trunk and will l>e less li.ii l<> sun
'l here Is a growing tlispn- n on the
jiai i ?>i jiiiiuiTM iu 11 raw i:?u? on
keepin:: hoises for tlu'lr hir< I ten. It
in claimed Hint the hired 111:1 . horse is
alwii.vs tlv liest fed anil ?. . 1 I'm* of
an.\ ah1..ml kept 011 tin* fun.i li is an
innovation which would nol !;ave heen
listened to l'or a nioincnt tu nt.\ years
ajro. The chief objection uri d is that
} It permits too much girl he incss, Involves
late hours and unti: li.e man
for his legitimate work. It ! - Us as if
the hin d man's horse will h. ve to
A filer. ul wants to know
arm in ,'..elt and l to < "a Ii
'"ornin to start :i chicken r:. i. Franky
\\? (In not know. If In* oes he wUI
j,ret sunshine ;i plenty, n! dust, may
be short on water, won'i !.a' to buy
fur coats or shovel snow. I! :i 11 rends
mighty nice. 1 tnt people !ur. e troubles
there in plenty, ami man. want to jrel
:>ack. Miirht start a < i? >< n ranch
riuht where lie is; would | >y him Just.
well, for ejr&s urci curi nt coin east
lis well as west.
We are asked how it Is >est to apply
barnyard manure to the > : The best
way is t > haul it out as i'i t as made
and scatter it either on the meadow
land or pasture or on t' e plowed ileitis
to be cropped the IV wimr year. It
used to lie thought t I it should be
well rotted in the .?afci aid ami then
turned under d' ;?ly * i11? the plow.
Men knov octt now. Where on - ha;
I' ' most satisfactory r<
^ " n be <. " ncd by puliin if n
' " ten loads per a ere on tin corn
>t before or ait?fT piantinu.
A?<ld man, known a i miser, died
11<>i* il'iv In lil< u-i'i.t -t . <i .i .1.. i
/ ' ''I' "
L\ lie ill most squab iillii and in.
.le^nida!inn. Ills !;: i a< t was to
feebly aslc for n pencil :i .<i )i:?|wln-n
lio wrote, "Look under i!. ilnnr ??r the
kitchen." When this va d<ne aft r
his death, a largo tin < i mnialniii^
thousands of dollars in ;;.>M wn found
This whs a real ease of I<>.< 1 and his ;
money being parted. !t , an easy
thing to earn money, a ! rdtr thing to
save tt nnd still harder to know how
to spend It Intelligently
Whether in ' *n or miintry the gar1
' " 'st eared for by
I',, lonjr rows and
tljid < nil vator. The
,v:i by these ln>I
y t lie nse of the
*'i t the proper time
.. .f/ni i *,; !? n
ily. , ...... .... 1. .1
| .,?t* hand wooding.
will spend olio
iki ist civli morntHi.H,5
t'>is innililno
" tii" family fun
l" Saxlmum of doll,ck
inininiuni <?f Inf
yftlilu can bi; done,
"SU.und your i
juiii-ici'lc today bo
x. ^''ts ti linn bold
.ii ii u li < So.
, regular ftpi u itj jt) y0?r iii'copt
S.inday, preacliiyou had given tin; j
Ti>'tQ tl"I). fc -1<!?'l'l11 i<ni."
"I5llt Witj tlo yor/ tfifnk I
"npomifto you haven't ?-lmyr.nr
mind."- -I'uelc.
Host rough M?'<r ? ??' fur ( hililrm.
Wlion you huy u mrdieno fm
ariiftll cliii'.lron you want mm in whiHi
you cnn plnco impli'iit confidence. Ymi
wnnt on Unit no! onlv rolicvrn hut
m i,1*!. You want onn llmt in tin<|u< .
' ?oaf)ly harmless. Yon want on?> tlint
?o tuko, < 'i tniqoi'lnin'N < Jon
" dy meets nil of these conditions*.
1 nothing ro good fciv 111coii^Iin
r,t >18 1001(10111 to ohildhood. It i.<
orfflin prevriitivn nhtl onrn for
nd thero i? no dun gov wlmtowi
' ojung ?!or.}. It when it is j^iv?*ii.
.triiA iiHod io. many epidemics of
HHufj stu-cfHR. For
. G(> I>?*1#? Co., fttid T'ImIo'h
ikuna, avd Hun tor .V
tremcly weak for 12 years. The B
doctors said my blood was all 0
turning to water. At last I tried N
Ayer's Sarsaparilia, and was soon M
feeling all right again."
Mrs. J. W. Fiala, lladlyme, Ct. fl
I No matter how long you | i
have been ill, nor how ]
poorly you may be today, I
Avpi-'r Snrsannrilln i?i tho b .
Ibest medicine you can
take for purifying and en- j
riehing the blood.
Don't doubt it, put your !
whole trust in it, throw
aw?,y everything else.
$1.00 a boltle. All druggists. j
Ask your doctor what lio tlilnks of Aycr'a |
8ar.-ut|>:irllla. Ilo kiiuwiallulioiilthitKrand i
olil t;111111> niodicino. Follow lil? uilvlco and
wo will bo satlaflod.
J, C. Aver Co., Lowell, Mas#.
BWI Ml, I LiJJWn?g|J?P?KgEgBP?
run hoy who won't work.
Wliiil t<i do Willi (lull boy who won't
n*orl:Y Hel'oro we could give an opinion
wo should want to know wlint sivl
of boy lie is. Maybe lie lias a naturally
inventive, and inchnnieaJ turn o'
mind; maybe lie is a hookworm n.''<3
would lather read Shakespeare n?<d an
clout history than plow corn; iii:?yl?f
lie is in love with nature and inual
needs he hunting birds' nestr., eliaslnp
hutlerllies or buys or watching the
clouds and sunsets when he should It'
picking up potatoes. It' tliu boy is
mint nns way, (lou t lick Mini anil Jaw
him. tint have a litlit* horse sense iiml
da your host ti> help liim along the lino
i?r work ami study which most Interests
him. tint, it' ho is 0110 of tin* kind
who are simply lazy, with a natural inclination
tn rol> orchards anil melon
patches, smoke cigarettes back of tin
barn ami with a marked love for yellow
hacked dime novels, 'poll honor. \vi
believe thai a good hickory switch, hlf
dad and the buy can be got into an ac
live conjunction none too quickly. Wc
have come across many men who. ai
rived at mature years and occupying
useful and honorable positions in hiicI
ety. were I'rco to admit that they owed
much to a gonl li-king .ludlciously ml
ministered :ii the i*I lit Ibni- Tin iv i?
no sort (if uso or si nso in :i 111:111 raising
11 lazy. worthJoss son. Niiii; times 0:11
of It'll lie is tli.it sort Just I km ause ho
was not well trained ami because his
dad set 11 i 111 a Wail ovimpli'. livery i >
will at Hist take his father for a pitlorn,
ami if .veil arc a 110 Vouni si".-: ct
follow your lioys v. ill ln? that way. loo.
unless they lmvo a mighty ;;ooil w , r j
for 11 motla-r. and often she ean't save |
tlniii. Von man with a hoy to train, j
just proaeli less Hi 1 practice more.
lli:i:i A.\l> IIKitl I'lllll'l) I,AM).
Aii important j 1: s'lon wnieh has not
yet been fully ausw< red is this: Cnn n
1 an take lai'il worth S'.M per acre ami
keep rows ill' 111 (! I Si beef types I'll!!ril
A'i;.;us. for Instance and l v Idling
tin* calves suck ili' < i'V. make iwuiey
by turning these calve# into beef? In
other words, can a cow bo protltably
U"l>t on such a fn! in Just to produce
iiiu- .1 yo. rV ''"here are hunthvdof
nit n who would lie glad to know
that this could In dune, lor they arc
weary with tho woi!; <>f the dairy ami
ti e bother with hired nun and would
i ost gladly convert heir dairy farms
into beef producing I :rnis if it can be
done with p 'o!it. Taking it for one
year, the cow and In r caif will iei|ttii?'
l .e p -odia i in -i.. -> and .,i.;in (if at
least 11 sr? acres of land, aial at
t..?- tin i < i i in* i in* ii v in i ii;i s lmm
ii yciirlii:^' : 11 ii 11:11 \V 5 _i i i 11 . s.i.v, 7oU
poaiKls. To I I.ar; ed against tliiN
ti::lm:il ar- 11 if ;111<' ' oi' tin- money in
vested in liis lit in. the cost of caring
for ilic animals iu. i \mr and the rcn!
ni value ..r ill land used l?y I In* 111.
wtdHi would I';:': e ?.I nluml IIUo lliis
Interest on \ ji*11. if ?' im. v I; twoaeivs
of |?:i-ti;re, sin; ii ktc of corn and
fodder, I:s 1 > ; winter roiillume.
s."?; toiat, ><" < ie a\c|uj;c Viilue I
of ti e calf .* *> i'1 ' hundredweight; ""
return is sv,7.r?0, I <e. in;; a loss if tin
st"i r is (lien *old. lint it is possible to
Uc '|> food him 'Miollinr year and
turn Iiiin oil' as a i n -heil l.lnn pound
lieef animal at s.V..u | >:?i* lininlivdweielit.
or S77. and i>(- 1111:, make a tii
tl" hotter showin:;. As we look :it it, a
man will work oil a very small margin
of fifolH (r> m-'e his farm in this way;
lull. lin n, it Is the easy way, ami that
counts lot* something.
PHOM T!ll: Oi l H i: TO Till: I'.tlUI,
A nailer wrh'-s us from New Jersey
t!,;- >.< * i!" i ; a I'ailrnail man iccaiv
im: a salary of .*1!."> |>or month. Ills
w ife \\; r.?i.-< I on a farm. Tln v are
liivil nf tli. mind of corporation service
;.!!il Hie narrow limitations of their
llve<. They lia\ > 'nought a loo acre
l.i . in New .It isey, with liiiinoveim
:it.> on it of i H.re \:ilne than they
I?1.i11 for the farm. They propose to
take up the iMisiti;; ot' poultry, small
fruits, and keep mivs, iiimI our friend
wishes Id know luiw best In x i to work
In build up the f rlilliv of tlie soil,
w hi' li is in n very low !? ?. If wo Imd
the job, it would be Hover, possibly alfull.i
if it would 'In well; b,V nil moans
a silo; us many < <?ws .is eoillil lie kept
of the sirleliy dairy types. It will he
ii work of 'i\< years at lea-t to put
RiU'h a wornout soil into fairly produc
live shape, find |> 'ohnbly some coiniiierelnl
fertilizer^ will have to bo used
to noip in (ho work. He further wants
to know if il is III; !y he call siieeeed
Certainly In- <\itb :lis .'loo or'l<Ki hens j
w liieli he slion ii keep will almost secure
IiIiji n living, and so fur as enjoyIn:
life is < >ii< Tie . he will lili<l It far
preferable to v. irking for a railroad.
Tin; IVICM.l; \M) IIA \ K III I'TCV. J
Wlieii ji fiirun'r in ilu; bankruptcy
< mrt it will iilwiivs lie found
tliiit lie 11sim hccii mi.n! >y Inu' with noin?'tli
it'-' mil' i111 < l 11iIi'^iliinntc hiisini-MS.
lli' Inis In n oithor iiii;. In1,' I ill IIM.
ticking :i IIi<*1* mi lli<> board uf trado,
s|i"< 111:11 invr in l?ako a r?r Canada Innilfl.
l>ilIti^T .il 'iiiii' I'akc st licniif iiiiiI trying
to lii'jit a in .n lit lii- iwii Kiiiiio, ruining
i nrllili's ; i <if I i\ . or n<>iii!{ xinvty
for miii* l iv .1 <'i in may fill I for a
or 'V 11 I \\ > ye . 'irU( -( fnr f. rin
piodiK't inay l? uiiroiiwn rnllvc for n
iline, l> 11 men pull through these troubles
.-ill right 111(1 :usoon (in tli. ii
In t i1; .ii11, (111(1 !l slid )|il Im> salfl, n|ld
Siiid again nnd nt. iin, that II' a man
\\ II do his vvliolo duty l>y the farm In
will never iret into the list of the
Itu tod. Ton niorf limits nnd innro nh
to phnen whore one farmer (loos, any
wiy. Whatever mny ho wild agains'
farming. It romniiis its tho safest Inisl
iiiv-sH 111 an iih' cmiuiiy.
Two Btrunive Ailment*.
Aphasia, o|* the loss of memory or ;
comprehension of speech, is n queer
complaint. A man who bud forgotten
hlH sister's name always referred to
her as "lhat other woman." A person
apparently otherwise in perfect health
will substitute the mime of one article
for another totally different In the most
ludicrous wuy.
Auiusiu Is u form of nphnsla which
prevents the patient from remembering
music. One amusiac, unconscious
of the oddity, sang tho "Marseillaise" i
throughout to the syllables "tan, tan, i
tan." On the other band, another !
npluisliie, also a Frenchman, could j
speak bnt a single word, but could !
sing the "Marseillaise" correctly.
I'nNtiiikvM In Japan.
In Japan to get up parties to behold
the freshly fallen snow or the cherry
blossoms or the maple trees In their
autumnal glory or to go to tno no'.ver
hIiowm is us tie rigucur as are our diuors,
cotillons and theater parties.
Mushroom hunting is a fashionable
pastime, while in the house harp playing,
verse writing, embroidering and
tea drinking are the most absorbing
occupations. The most pretentious ent'-rtnlumtMit
Is the tea ceremony. It Is
very formal, and there is much elaborate
performance connected with it,
uinicuu iur a luiTijjiuu iu (juminuhend.
(Jood Housekeeping.
N?( What Slie Expected,
Mr. Ferguson put on his slippers and
threw himself on the lounge. "It's so
delightful (o be at home again," he
paid. "I think 1 never appreciated it
more than 1 do tonight."
"It's delightful to hear, you say so,
George," cooed Mrs. Ferguson.
"Yes; those confounded new shoes
have tortured me nearly to death totlaj!"?Chicago
Ilomly Mntlc.
I Barnes- llowes wan quite indignant
whoa he hoard what you were about.
| IIo says you can't make a fool of liiin.
Shedd of course not; hut I can direct
public attention to what is already In
existence.- Huston Transcript.
A Singular Word.
Our )nngu':g<-contains a word ending
a "8" that denotes anxiety, woitv, ole.,
dd to this word another "S" unlit will
dunoto nlYection, j ?v, etc. Find thisi
word in tlio paragraph below.
"Cares" bring a')xi*'ty and worry,
these bring derangement <>f t lie digor I ive
I organs, usually ii Hultii.fi ?n indicostion.
I Kydalc's Stomach Tnhiot i cure imli^cs-!
lion. II mutters not whether your stom!
:i<*)i trouble is o.tnscnl by worry, over.work,
noglcot, maiuiia <>r any olhi-r
<MUst', 11 \ dale's Stomach Tablets will
cure you I'lmy in-Miro perfect digestion
and nssimil tion. Tlit y tone and
strengthen Hie | igeslivo organs, ro-torin
lliem to health. I'sc them and Rood
i.i! h will Mess you ami fortune "cass'
vo'i. I'n-.Uens J)rugg(Jo., l'ickons;
| \V. A. Shel.l >.:, Libert v.
1 -. " ; y
V^(vf ...</ ^ \
r-r #'fe/,1}.%
..?KAJi /;;
! \>"\ v\ lvi^ J'i
P ;, V) V.. ,^-jA - ?
i ' *;..$
; '>-1 i >..... - ?-'
I r0 V
fi. *****
i 1. -3
- -0 ? o <* f i y <"*;
; \ o a
" V"*3 -*\' ) r /
, .. . w' C*.<J
. 1 J
. ..i '3lei
The Suit or Ov
perfectly and
position you sti
()ur clothing is
not as they ini<
?ve alter it until
Kverylhinj* late
fabrics and tail<
Sole Av;ciU lor
Nuf.wi^l Trous<
J UWOBE&ttSK3^2^O*:0EKJ*?fl
.! IT U
: <w? * y Be
' 4
H And you will light nt I'I< KKNH.H,
itii<l Mi-.'-l ('on
M 11? has over runic.!. My litid?' in i'
! mid II' IhbI VidiwH. Tim liKST of
?J ni.v mlvt rliscirosit. N. m r ii.inil tin
^4 money.
| ...BUY TH
IOt' i vi vydiiig mix* yon will l^nin by
cheapen!. If 3? 11 wont ? i ytlii g in
to liny a Lot or lent a Homo, or In
any money by k? < in# ir.o lx-fore yoi
I J-F'
i " " ,r
H | 6." ? \
f Corn
must have a sufficient supply of
in order to develop into a crop.
No amount of Phosphoric
Acid or Nitrogen can compensate
for a lack of potash in
j , Keur York?08 Niumi Ktrtek ar
Atlwnf. Ho. Ilrnud ft.
There arc two Rides to every qnes
tlon. The man who hears only one
side and believes It Is easily fooled.~
The mind ought sometimes to bo
amused that It may the better retura
to thought and to itself.
St la tic Ithouiantisiu Cured.
"L have boon snl y ct to sciatic lheu
mntism for years," hhjs E. II. Waldron,
ol Wilton Junction, Iowa. "My Joints
w. ro stiff au.l gave mo much pain and
discomfort. My joints would crack
when 1 ?trnigbtenod up. I used CliiiU)boilnin'rt
Puiu lialin uud lmve bet-u thoroughly
cured. Have not bad a pain 01
iioliu froui Use olil trouble for many
mouths. It i? certainly n most wonderful
liniment." For aulo by PiekrnH
Drug Co., uud EiuIo'h Drugstore, Pickens;
and Hunter & Pickens, Liberty.
i i iinimi Him i?mi iiii.iimiBonii
/x r* *jt v TVT T? T-? <tr H
| M-U-R.-R.-A-Y
Mad? by Liddell
Not only up with tko 8
J times, but many ytari I
nhsad, if othar lyitomi |
are modern.
[; --ana..
Got Particulars from
\ G-I-B-B-E.-S
tX Pleaso mcniiori this paper. j}
^ 15
3 all otKerspl
" i-^;
t- e^ 4ir/UiiiwWJgBBI?
wrr.?g?? ??? ???I?
'crcoat you buy here fits you
looks well r o matter in what
and or sit.
made to f t .it.nn as they are,
?ht 1 .e. It it does not fit at first
I it does lit.
:st in style, of the most worthy
>red in tin; most perfect manner.
hi i n
s. c.
11 awes' Huts, Dutchess and
v - ? ... .? *.. ,:r;s:vsst. ttjxj
-'OllE YOU LK v I?"
('. whrro lio now litis tho T<nrgrat
iplclo Ijino of .
eienaing <\or\ <lr\v. Fair Dcn'ing
everything f.-r tlio least money in
' prico of < 11 nrtiolo if its worth tins
fxporiino tin t The ]5ont fs the
i tlin M< ronnti'o Lino, If yt n wi nt
ly 11 II0118W nu<l Lot, 3011 wont low
ii m?kc a triulo.
Yours truly,
Noted Indian Fi|
ant Was
den. W. F. Melbourne; Famous Indian Fij
f ... 'Wfl - ? 111? tl/-...1?/
vumpuigncr, iciij ui ills vvuiiucriui ?
and Dyspepsia by Duffy's Pure fl
' v ';V{ :
' II: ' '"' ' j V '" ' -
gHFTTV'. P.~M EfTiduR
" I nm {in old campaigner, veteran of t lio war \vi
iis?iiin:-,t. tlin IikIIumh on tliu frontier. tlio ojtih uition fur
nml pro-slavery imbroglioin Kansas, 185(5; the 1'tnli
1S67, ami the Civil War. Was also in 1110 lute
I t*nj<jy*1'I general good health until aoin ! !v.oi
severo attack of stomach trouble, dyspepsia and ind
'cures' without relief. Upon 1110 reeommetulatii'n <>f
take Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey ami ii?e<l it rtehtalor
imlisrestioi. a memory of the past. I fiml it Invlenrai
marked di'tfrce and cordially commend it especially t'
W. P. MELBOURNE, Sec. Nat. A.ss'n Mexican War V
Duffy's i' ire Malt Whiskey 13 an absolutely j>fpr
the cure oi"I'yspepsia, indigestion, ami all stomach
grip, pneumonia, consumption ami every throat an
fevers. It purities the blood, tones tip the heart's ac
and prolongs life and makes the old young and the >
vigor and vitality to w ry pari, of tho body. It huih
worried, nervous, wr..'; r-mls'tk men and women, am
cUres in 50 years. Contains no fusel oil and is the <
Government as a mcdieine. Every testimonial is publi
All druggists ?ind groccrs or direct, $1.00 a bottle
Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, New York.
rr 1 rr -1
louacco ia<>s v
A little thing to fool with, Htill some people sa
Key 1:olds' tags, such ns Browns Mule, Schnapps, ]
'2 taps buys you a box of matohes, 100 to box. 3 ti
5 tags f uys a bar of good laundry soap, lit d Mea
equal value. Bring me your tags, if matches and
trade them for something clso.
By a lucky purchase I can oiler you a lino Mo]
30c in 10 gal. lot*. These are fully as good i>vl br
have n No. 1, red syrup at 25c in 10 gid. lot'
My pricenon Tobacco in last ad. hold gc
A few old t tock Cotton Ilocs cheaper than
1 or a short timo I wiil sell Mens and Womom.
At 10c a pair iiroflt. Como and h >e about this ?M
1 am closing out a few lino ClieefQ fur what tli
J5i{< prices paid for Cbickous?Cash or Goods.
T. D. Hi
jj e^FlNE MSLLir
J The Profit is cut half in two on (1
A bought so as to reach hi re I'rof-h <
a the ee?Hon. Your patronage solici
jf Hf.fpoctfu
I 31HS. VV.O. 1
iMuiraj'H Iloreliouml, Mnllien nml Tin
offoctivp ifincilioH known f??r curing coughs, c<
| u ii(I ill) am clioQH (1 lie to milamed nml irritate
sago'; It iH prompt in (.Abiding lelief ami
toning a o?r?'.
Murray's Horcliouml Mill
may ho uped to advantage in osipor where ot
It in }>1< aftMit, purely vegetable and absolute
Nothing olae like it in all the world. It Mi
limine, ready at hand when needed. I'areiitH
in caHi h of croup. It haft remuikable virtm
I y?m? of whooping eongh. Price 26<\ Guari'i
piin hAser. AT DRUG STORE!
Prepared by the Murray Ding Co.,
Spring & Si
I am now ready with a complete lino of
/^i i \r i!. . . if i i iir ? it . i _ ...
| ut>o?in, notions, moii n nnu women 8 i nnorv
I I used my host judgment and years of e
| goods, getting tho very lowest price po*s
my customers the benefit of my expori
( foods lit til o
...Lowest Livini
My Dress Goods Stock is the best T hnv<
lilaeks, in a range of prices from 10 conts to
one of the nicest Iilaek Moods for Summer nv
cents. I nm willing for you to compare my
1.25 ^itli any it5' .50 Silk on this market. I
In Colored Wa*h Goods, Dimities, OrgAii
describe them. Can ihow you a hig lino of t
at finch prices as feiich goods can bo bought i
Mr.np.lr in filM with ill) irnrwla niul nnr>Aa Mi
Mnens, Ribbons ami Lncoa in abundance and
ho yon can i<fct what you want at nny time,
SHOES. Don't give me ?ut <>n Show. I
Hoasonablogoods. Seo ne when you coma to
A. K. 1
Dty Goods Stofo, West Kud
' Veteran I i -
jhter and Mexican War w ?*
Zure of Indigestion M 'ho
dalt Whiskey. I
The Hiunrteflt tailor* o
? tliat furnibli this store
M iabllig busintKM. 8mi
v&y ' rJHHI ? there is no xliffi rence
'J'' M?I'' , 'V 8 the smart suits we of!
M pared to convince *01
fl' 11 Smil
(li Mexico, the acvcrnl campaigns TAT A ~\/f f
tliumpprissioii of the Free Stata \J _i.YL v
Expedition (Mormon rebellion).
' war wmi ojniiii.
?I lis ago, when I suffered from* v_
igestion. 1 tried many so-called
an < Id comrade 1 was Induced to
i?. My licaltli is now good and
ting nnd rejuvenating in a very full
i those getting along in years. *
ctcruna. New York, Feb. 0, ?04. I f"* f*"^
ire, invigorating tonic-stimulant ?J f~" |"j
and nervous troubles; influenza, w * 1
il lung disease; malaria and low
tion, strengthens the circulation ?" *- ? -
' mng strong by impnrting fresh BDBXS^
up broken down, overworked, ? % H
1 delicate children. Over -1,000,000 HRSgP' lpjiSSS^' 1
>nly whiskey recognized by the la
shed in L'Odd faith and guaranteed. I I |
i. Medical booklet free. Duffy
VNot being able to fi
n f/'\/ 1 I Pickeni, and havo junt i
s \ I I I I ( I I a nice line of SPRING <
UlllVyU Neckwear, Etc., which
vo them. For moat of R. J.
(Sarly Bird, Bweep StnkoR, etc., li. T
ngs buys a bar of Castile soap. II L I
t and Liborty Bell tngs have
soap in not what you want, To boo that my go<
terns, and that the pric
a3H08 at 85o, gal. for $1,00, or | and Sutumor Cloihinu.
igin.ua uuuiu-uiituu tfurgiium, x me> XoU will alWftyt f*
ft whilo longer. tor tho boetgoods
buy thorn now. |A I %/ I""
. s .. DlXit
^k ' Freeman Building.
onoy in it f<*r yon. ? .
uy will bring. ?
tiri nlwnyti wuut Proilnco. HH f>|f% I
irri* nBai lc
XI *. Now iB the time t<
ZY7 acres within '6
balance in original for
. ,nn*r Z plenty of water. Tern:
NbKl . ' y One lot 14 acres in
S splendid barn and fine
ST!C TRIMMINGS. 11G acreu, gne farn
. wood. alHo running stro
t 194 acres in nploi
\ ( )KK. y bousoa. Fine timber.
For furtbor infornr
lose goodn, nnd nro J | rv
;uch week during A
i t ed. 7 ^
II J Offlca At Depot.
LIBERTY, S. <J. jj B M ,
,? LJ IT D
a n LnlX
kmswiiiiimh What J. I
J j am buyii
V liot)HWllX ttl
is composed of tho most price*, vou can so
[>)<1h, la grippe, wore throat CiMiu, t?>at * tho >
d conpition of the ait* pas- ftt a low down J
certain in its (IV. et of has- Hico.
Sugar, Coft'ee,]
lien and Tar man
her medicines have failed
ly hm le for ohl and young.
onld have a place in every
will find itw cfToot magical I
b in controlling tl>o parox y 1
iitc < d Haliafactory to t vory^^
jirimer ?jjl?
Spring iind Summor Dry
inir, Hosiery and Shoes. > jgSai\p
xperionco in buying these
ihlo, and now I propose to
encc and Boll them Dry their eyes will do wel
> Prices... ( E
i ovrr phown in Colors and
$2 a yard. I am throwing EY
'ef?r in tiio market for 50
I yard wide Black Silk at CONSUI-jTAT
t will bo a saving to your
idios, Lawns, Ac., we can't Thene letter* tpt?k for \
bom and at as low price* Oir?io? or Bavttbt Coukiki
invwharA Willi a ffi\s\i1 j A. J. K. Tlmmii* W \C
VmY Big v*i?w'Tn^Tabte T?
win bo kopt nil Samme. ..u.fooiinu ?uil oorafoH, ?<
hM worked for the l)Mt i
Stock ftlwayn complete with sonmeot on hi? wo?k.
Granville. ? ,
. __ ? _ I obeot fallj to*tify to tl
;3 A D1^ , by Dt. Crimm.
n n,tii! a n AH RImmon At the not i
Gioonvillo, 8. 0. wUhoutSuttiBg,
\ >
V ( s X
V** \ y,
iTb^^| ^
irtest Clothing |
rod Here in Years. 1
n'earth are employed in the eHtablinhmentB ^
> n?ll npiJMCl, i 1IIB in uno icuauu ui uur uuur- m
?on after we have demonstrated to you that M
in the niade-to-meosnre kind of clothoa and
er?except tho price. And we are better prei
of this fact in M
r OF PEW 5UIT5 f
time. The top notch of goodness has t>een M
in the art of tailoring has been attained in the m
>w combine our stock. There will'be a rush 9F
?e, so advise you to come this week and choose
summer suit or top coat. Wo want to take Jf
u. It is our way ?f doing things to let no man \\
M) in III flf. mil uKl? ??% n?i-fi/uilo^ WW
h & Bristow, I
Greenville, S. C. W \
Mill, Eitlisinl
Dal g/rrs
I to nee ?nr llao of Art Pottery.
RUNS The Jeweler,
' * ) 109 N. Main Ht. (Iraonvlllc, S. U.
nd n suitable location, I have decided to stay in
eturnt-d from the niorkota whoro I have purchased
n/\rvT\c? i ? * ? -
uuul'o, miun as uioining, Ktioee, hats, Bhirta,
are now on display at my store. Call and 800
ake Glasses
ods are all n?w, fre?h. ami thin wagon's pat:e
i? way down. It y?u tail i<> l?uy your Spring
Shoea, Hat*, ShirU, Tn o and Underwear from
grot it.
at a small profit call at
Louis Copcl, Prop.
eiiaiio Cnr Sulci
j invest iu PickeiiH real obtute. I'-ny beforo
it go^H too high. Mk
miles of Six Mile church, 70 ariCbm cu. Ivn'.iou
est. Fine timber. l?'rame tenaiA dwellings ana
i? to suit purchfiHMr.
town limits of Liberty, g< <??! loi.r iooni house,
garden. Will sell or exchangn for Hmnll farm,
i in 8 miles of I'ickens, splendid timber and
ains. A rice $1050.00.
idid neighborhood, 3 milcH from Pickeus, good
Terms to suit purchaser.
lation call on
Piokeua. S. C.
). MOORE ut the oornor store Iimh ti>
ng Produce every day, Your Cliiekei.
nd Kaw Hide*. Uring to mo then n
e, if yon don't want trade I will pay y
vay to make thinge last. A lot of Slu
jrieo, a lot of Dry Qoodn rnd a heap <
?lour,Soap and Washing Powders. C
Moore. Komeiubor the u.eat marke
Your? truly,
j|k Dr. I. E. '
sPSi ^*lc ^rtI,10US fcl^oiitllst
Will be in Pickens one day only,
Friday, Juno 3rd, at tlic
Gilrcatli House, /^
"" '
11 to cull on him. v I
/ f
\ Koyg, Editors.
1 on me by Di, Orimro and they ro giving me gr*itt
I I mutt ohoerfullyounmcn l him to fcho nubile. He>
people in Greenville and I liavo hoArd only favorable
A. J. S. Tiiomah,
- Euitor IJ.ptiHt Courier.
id ratiefftction rooeived by 0)? from the nee of rIaa?m.
W. W. Kutb, Bail. Mao. Baptist Oonrior.
reasonable prio *. Groai strn'ghtootd by ^rIahhca i

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