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TI__by-? i
Tho Sontinol-Journal Company. 1
Thompson & Richby, Pnors.
i t
J. L. O. THOMPSON, Editoh.
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PICKKN8, S. C. :
\>eunes?iav...Juiie l, mu*.
The dcws of tho death of Col JusA.
Hoyt will bring badness (o I ho
hearts of his old comrades and friends
jn l'ickous county, for ho was goner
nllv known throughout tho county.
Only last Juno ho stood buforo his
old conirados in Pickens and ro"
hearsed tho stirring fcenes of former
duvfl. related tho stories of Iho oainn
tiros ami told of tlio docds of daring
iti tiercost. buttle that moved tinhearts
of thv vast audience befon
whom he ttood.
Col. lloyt was the truest typo ot
the Southern soldier, and his body
bore to his dying day the murks that
tohl of his u! Hitching courage and
ii uu uiuv^i}.
Groat iti buttle, greater Btill wcfo
tho lights for tho right ho fought in
times of pence. I lib fucilo pen and
forceful logic wore u power in the
{Stutfv * f
W^T Col. Hoyt wkh 11 prico among inei^.
\ 1 who Imd I ho couragc of his convie
in o.ii...
ii\;no >i i iiu dint pj;i <n\ a ^ uiidi cn\?
wrong wherever it oxistod; to have
douo (/tlx rwisH would have dono viu
lciice to the yrcat soul that was with
in Inn).
Penco to his ashes!
Ilmv tilt' IjIiiyo urho sink Id ri'st,
liy till tlisii litry"? \vi?lic? Most'
i)ti I 'nti e s eternal ruiupitiK ground,
'liii'lr hllent touts urc s|?rciul,
Aipi f;tinj pufti'U uitli solemn 'round, j
O'er tlw Ijivonlc nf t lie iloml." ,>
TUo Commencement Exercises of
the l'iokem; (iraded School woro held
in l.ho '.'nurt House Mav '25 and '2(5
There were nix young Indies in the
graduating o!a^s, and, judged l>y
their graduating eppnys and the high
order of the entoi tiiinm^nt provided
by tlii! other students of this school,
even the casual observer i.s obliged
to c ncludt: tliut the w.uk hero doner
has l)ct if* thoroughly done. Even
student taking part in these com
moucomcnt txcrcivos acquitted tier
' ?i If proudly and each one showed
f that she carried with her a thorough
Hppreeiation t,f the important fune
tiou of Mich a school na this and join
ed most h'.utilv in the spirit of the
/ If out" could hnvo C )ini)!iroil tlwso
Biimo i-itudf-nts willi tlio'r udvnnot*ui(
itt and proficiency of ono year
a;jji>, puch comparison would liuvi
di inoiihtialil fully lli? <joud work of
lliiw institution, -.ltd cvidcncod tin
fnillifu! roi\iccK of tlio teii?4-.(rr'rt in"
ovitv d( partmonj^
'I'l.n I t . -
. ...? iemu 10 01 ail
(XciciMCs wus the enthumun of
a'I lliti |"i, In fiom I ho youngest
child to tli* linislico nradu>?to. Wlr.u
j' "\^ tcnchew hsno Bllch material 11 pon
/ ' whom to expend tin ir <ner<(i<B and
to direct their instructions, a school
cannot fail t<> accomplish jjood and'
dt (init r? nults This community ,lr
to l.o congratulated upon tl>o main
teimm'o of 8Ui-h an institution and
I ho tu-ht willies of all our peoplo sit
t(;im 1 fhf'iO *ix younjj ltidicn who ontt r
more aetiso fiol?I ? t>f cndtmvor, and
tho other Hludonts whoso aspirations
look In tlio Haino end.
On.JuiK !id lil-1-!, the annivvrsary
?<f Liit: hirth t)T ,!>11 Davis, tin*
only pr'siiiojif <?f tho S nithcni ( on
fodfiaoy, Ui<*lnr|i(H nf tliu rickeiiK
Chapter nf ti.it I'nili il DaughtoiH of
(he ( Ollfedi I ii(>v, will KlIJXTViHO in tin
giving of '| |.r.i|n 1:11< exercises in
Com ntei ii<.'in11"ii of tint unparalleled
services of t('onfoderato Kohlici'ft
tliroiled) four voniN of war On I hut
ocOAHion crosnos of honor will l?n be
Glowed upon nil ve'oanH, wlio, having
made application iheivfor, aro on
t t!< d fo Ihr name wnd r tho rules of
the order Tliii will bo an ocenNion j
in which IIioho I)jui!flit<TH will fori f
eHpeciul pi iil) , on - in which every ol<l '
. Holilicr, \\!ir !her lio Inn tluly u.ado (
? Application fuv tlio oiohh or not, will
Lo duly li >r"'i for the part he
plaud i'i the ^rofttost conflict of
modem times. Tlioho eroHt't8 are in
catimah!. badi?oH of <lihtinctii.ii
moii' cannu' luiy them, ami nothing I
I>u Hi#! v ' >!' Ilio most patriotic I
women in i lie world i.s capahlo of l>o c
stowing high). f
A full pr ;:nui of this occasion i? I
published ?1:-?#<.vluto in 111ih issue, i
rant to iIh-m- <.x-vcUoa < v< rybody i? j
inviUd. I.' t tho ladi<H cotno and <
I >iii?;< tho childn n pi opart ll to Hpend f,
tlio day with tho hnnpitablu pooplo (>f |
i'lckt.'liH, mi* 1 it will united lio a day k
worthily ol: v?!cl, and (.no !<>njjf U> ('
bo r(:ineinb('n'd t>y I ho j.c .pic of thin 1
to.vn ntul c(immunity. 'J'ho IndioH '
i want you, /our fi-ionc^ want t<? moot (
\ you bore, nod no pains will be spunu) i
A to roako it. h fi)! 1 d i\ of pleasure to 'i
you. t
B . .,?; ?
Fur moU lira i ici i! tako Clnunbor'ain'H o
Sfolu Hi ftlitl liivm Tnhlafi .>> .1 ..
<'oi tnin 1 Or Miili Yiy i'ickii-iiH I)'< iJB
^Lkoub mii t I1. N. lluutcr, Li'boi^Hk
i ** * .? * ? ? ? ? .
'' " " : ' * " " /
The office seeker iu Piekons
ounty has a tnoro luggod jroatl to o
ravel than his fellow candidate in v
ther sections of tho State. The w
dlls are longer and steeper; at e
nidday the tun phinee just ag hoi a
is m tho sand hills. The roiighei 1
,1)0 country tho more thorough hie anvasB
must ho, for the foutlofed
nountuin vole may bo justtmnigh
? 1.. .. 1 iL - t ! 1 * 1 _ ? ~ * x
-o muu me anxious uunuuiuiu mv i
)fiico. The candidate locks tiii<
eoret in th-j repository of his owi
faithful breast ~nd makes tin
rounds from house tohous*, feeling t
i&tisfied that the other fellow will i
never penetrate the mountain <att- I
ncsdeB that ho has, and he wonderi I
how he himseli has ever acooni- <
(dialled such a wonderful ftut, and i
promises himself on the homowaiv 1
journey that ho will n<*v<?r agnn
travel the same rugged m. uutains 1
Dusty, weary and worn, he oorao?home,
not amid the Hare of trum
pets nt tho head of a triumphal
procession as did Poiupey or C>?e
sar, but deep down in his heart
there i.s a sort of "vein, vidi, vici"
feeling. There is not a county in
thy State in which there is a livoliur
interest in local politic* than in
Shpriff Nova/c Home
The weather is exceedingly hot
and dry at this writing, but tho
oottou crop i9 looking well in this
section of tlio county.
N, IT. Welborn has been quite
sick, but is improving.
inYiVi&siouer A. J. Welborn,
who had a stroke of paralysis 'i fow
days ago, is al?o?t tl.e same. He
cannot use one arm and leg, but
h<1 is still in good heart and us
jovial a8 over. Wo hope to see
him out again soon.
Mrs. J. W. Sht?iilV is visiting
Mrs. Dr. Wyatt at ICasley tliIts
week. . ;
^ Mi'h. K. Sheri 11* is the champion
turkey raiser of this rectum. Sin*
already has fit'ty-two hatched with
tnoro ck?9 setting. She hopes t??j
raise 100 turkeys from three liens.
Mrs. AI (rod Sheriff has been on
ft throe weeks visit to lierMsiugli I
ter, Mis. LaBoon.
Mr. and Mrs. James LaBoon
have 11 lino buy four wooks old, and
can't filid a name for him. They
are waiting for somebody to snggent
Mr. and Mrs. Luthor White of
Ola, came homo on a visit to tho
latlors father, A. J. We] born, last
Monthly. Luther 's looking well,
and so is his wife. They brought
with them a lino six months ol<l
boy, 1 don't think they cnn find
a liiimu lor him oil her. They are '
thinking of returning to South
Carolina to live.
fcjainuel Sherili inndn a Hying trip!
to Gi'OiMiviilo last Saturday.
The Sunday school at Zion is in |
a nourishing condition, with a n g- j
-trlTfi- jii>' >ji UrrVsiUi <> J
arn. Rev. Banks is the now pastor.'
They have preaching owe a month j
to iarge congregations. Mr. Bank.*;
is a good preacher and seems to ho j
popular with his congregation.
Mrs. Walter Mallentine la !
in};' lior mot hi i', Mis. J. K. Mull nax
Mrs. N. K. Bullcnliiio has thrtv '
sons married, and they all married
Mullinaxos, and t-lio hns another
ono old onough to marry and he is
going t?> seo a Mnllinax. They are
all good (armors and aro making
?7. W. Sheriff is f-nlarging hi* Haw
; 11 I...,.;. ..i i --
1111 j i ihiv1r? y pur* ,
chasod another yoko t?f oxen, a
uuw drag iiliil a now lo<j cart.
I'cach lilossum.
rl' I* in in l? li s of Moth m Surjrery
Wonderful lliitt^H firo .1 >n?> foi Ili?> \
limit in body by Hurgory. Organs mo
takon out nnd Hornpcd nnd polisiu'il ami
put b ok or ilicy may bo lomovtuloiitiio
ly; bono* aro HplicoJ; pipon tnko tlio
l>laoo of iliaoaacd hocUouh of voins; antiKr-pti?*
ilroSHinf/H aro npplicd t<? worn ?h, 1
bruiscx, burns hko injurioH boforo ioll i(
. ..to ... .. - 'I
ii.iikiwn mm ill, >> 11IV I I I Ikliri'M I 111! 111 III
1 oil without inatuudion and i i ono-thud '
llio tuno n?(|uii'i (I l>y tliu old treatment, j
('lininlxrlainH J'ain Malm acta on f 11it-i |
Name principle .It is an anthop'io. ami { '
wlii n applied t'? mioli injur.en, ciiiikcm j
lip in to lical very quickly. It also n'l ! (
njs the pail) and HoroiunH. Keep a hot- I
lie I'aiu Halm in .your home iiml it will ! <
4m ve you tiuio nnd luor cy, not to ineiilion '
lh<' i:i?-?>11 v? nieiK!" nnd KiiU'eiing which |
inch injuries ent ul. 1'or sale l<y l'ick |
ma 1 >mg ('<>., Piekinn; T. N. Hunter,
Liborty. I
A Word From Robert Stewart.
Art 1 h<*<* my name appearing in
y<.iir valuable paper as a candidate '
"or Supervisor, I will say it. has not N
xjon my intention to hocomo a '
:andidate in thU campaign, but 1
or the Holicitaliom of my neigh- ^
><?rh and frii n(1 h generally, I huI>nit
myself unto tl.c will of the '
>eoplo of 1'irktMis county. I will v
>nly ay to the voters ol nui(l noun- ^
,y, if 1 ho chosen for 3 our standard 1
1.1U ru r it tt? ill 1 wi ????? in 1 ftnl 4
/? "HI, i? MM' 'V J,,.y 1 4 ' I v" I I-1 1 ' I I IU
ervo i |)?'.?|)1m of tho wholn
ouuty to the very l>. at of myabil- f-(
ty ; if othorwifm it will bo witisHCtory
to me nnd I will rotir.i to
ny littlo homo. It is concoded
>y all that thin in on> of tho most |j
mportant ofliceR <>f tho county, i
hero fore tho welfsiro and the in* ci
i^rest of tho wholo county depends ^
n tho Stipervi?or nnd Commision tJ
r?. Very respectfully,
Robert Stewnr'.
Aloxandor, May 23, ni
edication of Union Church, Cateeohee. J/
On last fifth Suftday ab.>ut 9
'clock, a. in. the dismal clouds o
/hicli had thr< atoned inclement
reather, rolled away and the bum
luminated this beautiful world ),
..it. ii. _ _ a J . _ a. a 1. .1 _
ruu .in renewing ntvs, iv inn ue? tl
ight of many who were anticipate
ng attending the dedication of the
iew union chuioh at OateCcbee. (l
Vt half pant ten o'clock music bo:a?
at that edifice with Miss Zinu ]
iaines at the org >n. After ting r,
ng several sacicd hvms, Itev ,J. V )
\ttaway of ti>e Norih I'ickens Cir ,
>uit was chosen to paeuch the <1 *d ^
cation sermon. Mr Attaway tool
'or his text th? 18th chapter tin |
Loth v( rsu of tho Gospel ac jordit.^ c
o St. Matthew. lie show* d that j
t,Lo purpose of si hutnati life vwib <
If) devt)lo| nnuit of the chrrac'e
At the close of his serin n tin
church was dedicated and Ii-iv
Holland of (Jrrenvillo oll'ercd u
tervect prayer. Col. 1> K. Norrir. 1
prtbident ol tl e mill sit Catec In o, 1
r.ise and made a low remarks, 1
amoi }; which ho mid (hut tin
ehurch was a union worship of all
christian pnoplo. Of course each
denomination will t.oon orgaiii?e
and have Ih ir Sundav for wor
ship. This church won hi be h
credit to any city in appearance.
Tho contract for the buil ling < !
the chiuch was let la&t October to
B. E. Grandy ot Pickens. Wt>rb
was eomtucncod in December, and
tlio building finished in April
The church is H'> feet widn and .r?(;
feet long, with two room* in the
lour which may bo ugod us classftj(V,Vkft-or
ilrosting rooino . In Iroid^
is a v.-shbuUi 1*2 ("? ( stpimo, teiminating
!JO foet above tho roof in a
belfry of very symmetrical propoi
tioim. The cost. <.f lln> church, including
pointing, seating and furniture,
wan $ii, 1(H), all of which
ban been paid for. This monei
was raided from three sources, viz:
contributiona from ^onerous friends
abroad, local t*oi11ribtitions ami
funds from the Nutria Cotton Mill
Co. Tho mill put up dollar for
dollar f? r ovt ry dollar raised outside.
Kifj'it hero wo wish to tsiy
that most of t lie contributions were
raised through tho tin ana of Mrs.
T. M. Xonirt. Thu church also
owes its location pi incipully to lu-r
It is fit mi tod right in t lies heart <>!
town under a nic.o gr .ve of oak and
fruit trees. It in also essential to
8ay that there is a nice baptistry
under the puipit with a nice roatruin
around the pulpit. The pews,
which are the nicest we ov< r saw,
wei'o purebaaed in (Jrand Kapidn,
Mich. We havo been requested
ny i?<> mirna i otton wuii (Jo. and
Mrs. T. M. Morris to return their
siuu??r?> thiinkB to tlioso who contributed
frooty to this bjonovo1
i?iit canst!. May tlio All wise lltiler
bless each and every d?>n? r
with the richest blessings, and at
the coming 0LV irTuay* may j
\<c -v-'.t siar m tno crown ol euoh
in id every one
Nervous Dyspepsia Cumi liy Ityrtuli's
Stitiiirtc'i Tallied.
Mr. 1?. K. .Ioih'h, Imycr for l'nrkor Sr
ISikI^cI, wliost; lurgo <1< pmlmonl h'oks
un! I icftto l at '.i!It anil I'i'ini. Avo. WhrIi
iiU!to:i, 1 >. wr.tcs liinlcr ?l.i)o of April
14 '(l4.f\H fllllllUK- I !iut l\ll IM..VU l .. .
year, while in New Yoik < u liusini'H* f??r
inv Iiouhi', I oouj'lil a sever-' cold. wliio'i
laid ilit- up for se\ end \v< eks and lefi me
weak and norv??us. I iiad little*or no ap].? !ilt*.
and my di???i was very pt or.
My pliy.siciunH could not get at tlm cmiiho
ot' my trouble, as mv digestion seemed
so mueli iinpiircd. f decided to try llyd
de'.s Stomach Tablets. l.tinar iismih d
by a freind, lliey woroa ffoud dyspopsia
iiicdieiiie. After iiwii)^ tlmm a fow day, 1
I liejfui to realiz ill t I was ^ {:iI ol
{nr. I f^av?) up tin* doctoin pivwrption
and haw gained 20 pounds whilo usii g |
two Iki\ h of llnho t il'lc's. I never fell i '
l> tier in my 1 >f< ami ueeiedil Iiyil.de'*
Stomach Tal>;eta havinfj; eiiri'd me. I
i'in reeoimnoiid tliem most heartily, t?>
sidfeis from ncrvons iinli<;<!Mtii)u ami |
^.tm-r-d vim down conditions of tl.e ?> ?
| * I I 11 I I < '.
y- i.
Pleasant Hill Dots.
As I liavo goon 11 <?thi.?t' in The
Sentinel-Journal from this m* ?? i?,
[ will endeavor to (five v>ii a few
The health <>| thi-i conimiii ity J* '
Tho faruwrH an; working ov< r
heir crops. Cotton hot ing is the I
, I -1' of tlu< (l-iir Cvn\* ! <> u
y. I M\v wcatfH r | ?n* v.* 11 - ov(M ; 111 h 1
>art f>l L' ?* moral vim >aril.
There is preaching al 1'I??a -ai?t '
(ill oveiy first and iliird S'uu?I iy1
it 1 I o'clock.
What about th? ^irln t-l;i\ int? at '
i?>111, M> close III tllC | M I I " I lIlIK '
varin weather, when tln?y ou^lii to '
)0 ^oin# to Bee us I><>yy. (Jet a 1
novo on yourselves girl?, >m<i como :
his way.
Home of I Ik? hoys uml ^ir 1 s liavo 1
tet'M l<> llif; <?iii iiicctiiig, '
illicit IH liOlllJ^ C.i M lllC.i'.l ill, Oil ,
rftl l?y ttuv. KiiiikI of (o!nti>l>n,
i. C. Cow IJi>y
How'm riilx? \
We Ono llumlii'il DoIIuih Howard *
LM IIIIJ I HW- I'l ClIlllTl II Ulilt lill.UOl ne 1
nrnd hy Ilall'H Catarrh < nro. 'j
V.OIIENKV & Co .Toledo.O. * \
Wo, the undoralKiud. havo known V. jj
. Cheney for the )nat l.'? yearn, and boovo
him perfectly lioiityriihlo in nil hud.
obi trannaoiionH mid financially nhle to
nrry out any obligution' made by tluir
rin. ?
aiding, Kirtnan & MArvin, Wholesale H
rti^nlHlH, T-ilfdo. O.' y
Iltilt'a Catarrh Curv in taken inttmaUy *
siintf directly upon' the blo>d and mu- <*
>ua Hurfac?? o? tim' &ynU in. Teatiino- 01
lain bont froe. l'llqe 76c. per l>ottlo. 1'
Camo at His Home in Greenville 1
Friday, 27th ult. *
Col. Juincs A. Hoyt died at his *
ome in Greenyille Friday, May..27
t 3 o'clock.
Col. Hoyt bad been ill si ace lust \
londay, a stomach trouble uflectig
other organs and causing death 1
The funeral took place at 1 li?
first Baptist church of Greenville 1
it 5:80 Sunday evening by tin
tlasoiiH, Col. Ho)t having served 1
lie ordur in South Carolina a? 1
[rand master at on<> time.
The surviving members of Col. 1
[oyt's l'amily aro his wife, th;ee
lnu^bt'rs, Mrs A. G Furmnn and
biases Gertrudo and Lucy Hoyt of
Jrreonville, and Mr. James A Hoyt,
rr., of the Columbia State.
Col. 11 oy t' 8 cftroor, which is
sketched moro fully 1) 1-?%v, was
)'?Ulhle for its constant aetivil ies
)uly last week lie was a mem hi i
md prominent participant in the
Slate Democratic convention, a id
.VttH oh clttd a district delegate to
ilio coining St. L'UtiB Kaiioi til
Convention, receiving the high-hi
number of votss cast in tho dis
Mict cuucus. Iii this State eon
volition, at a critical time in the
debate over the quostiou of hearing
expressions fi\>m tho deleg:iti s
13 to their ehoice for tho Democratic
nomination, ho arose, and in
a brief, bt rung speech of (ivo Minutes,
convinced tho convention.
which way oviueiuiy wfln rmj;, oi
the wikdoin hearing from the
daU^gri'-Thus, in tho lust few
days of his lift1, hh was contributing
service to his elate mi'l c iuntr\
through his party. In all public
service, in war and in p.-ace, Col .
Hoyt was at tho front; when anything
was to bo dono his hands
wvro ready to do and ho was randv
gilttd in mental ability and poia? ,
in gracious tact and moral and
physical courage together with
unflagging industry, iii.s life was
freely and geneioualygiVHn through
ail lis years rather to the bervice c f
his church, his country and his
t'tfllowruan than to Bullish accuniulation,
but he was ablo always to
l.vo indej endantlv, to ine.ft all ol
his public and piivate obligations,
and thus his lift} \vus in tho hroado^t
and highost s-nsi sueoei-sful.
Tlio campaign of 1900 when ho
was tho candidato of tho prohibitionists
within tho IX-moralic organization
lor governor and when
llo was second in tho raoo, his compjtitois
hein# (lov. MeSwccney,
the incumbent, Mr. K, 15. Gary
and the late Mr. A. II. 1'alteison,
was his last partieipation in p di
t'Acnpi mm a wi i i.i'i in im* liiiihrv
and in the eonvi-iilions. lln il
man, howovcr, always to lie reliefupon
lor Ht'rvi*'0 whenever noedty
in a I riiniiLiLud he wiU^o
sadly inisseil in South Carolina.
Jatm's Alfred llovt was born Oct.
11, 1 s:i7, in Waynesboro, Va 11ih
futin r, .1. 1'f'i k i oh II- yt, was a native
ol New Hampshire, a jtuvelo.
i... *... i i .v o ..ih i *...
i)y limit?, \viiiF t ?i ii?i5 o.'iun i * i nm
health an 1 located in Virginia,
f f t* man i< (l M iss June Johnson of
Virginia. ('<>1 J. 1*. Iloyt was a
highly cultured man, and at one
time edited the Lauie'.iBvilln Herald
and the Anderson Intelligencer.
From Virginia the llojt family
moved to Clarksvillo, Gi , wli'-re
they liveil a hIh rl <im , and thence
wont to 1/iiH'MiiK, S , wheio
lames A. Ilo\t (.'row to manhood.
At ll.<* ig" of 1 I. H A. Hoyt:
entered tln> cilice of lint I,minus*
villo I f<*?:i' 1 ii* nil <i|>prciili(-c. j
W'liun ho was IS ye irs of ag t h?,
ivont l<? An lernoii hh f.,ivmiui o(
the Anderson Oi.e y?-nr
lut'u ho ttflfl editor <?f ih - p.p r,
vvhioh position I c In; <1 tint iI ISUO. I
wlu-n ho t.c^an tli> |>nI )i<*<?iion of
fclic Anderson Intelligencer.
In tsiju H')vt was a 1 < 1 i 11
spirit in the ori/unizuion of a militii
< ( mpnny Andurflon, known
fi tlit? "Palmetto Riflemen," and
xvhoii the company Volunteered iho
noxt year, he wiib ith < rderly herL^i
ant. The Palm.itto Riflemen on
.1 ii... c<... f "u ? v : i i i
uiu oiiiir o nm viuu n m M i?f
!.sk?l, in tliO Koiirih Si.ml) ('urn
11n:i return lit, under Cul- .1. il. K
Sloan, and in about six weeks was
I 'd into the Confederate t-eryico.
Tho regiment was at tne
fiont early and parti?.*ipato.l in the
11 r*t halllo of ManaaHas, Iloyt was
with the regiment in its rncmorib'.e
and heroic defonto of the
Stone Hiidgc, and Mihbcquently
was in nil the principal battlea of
ho Army of Northern Virginia*
sXCHpt Oli;iiic?llorHvill?> and Q. tvhIiiUvt,
in which bin command v ?h
lot m*<i.
A (/Irent Ruler. i
Olio of Mio greatnut of ruioiH i* tlio liv- 1
r. It govern* llio liiiidiiii org.niHin
Vl.ou the livor ifl out of o ?li r t..e whole ,
yntem b norow ilin. hro<I. K. op your <
ivor healthy l>y tiHiiiK itydale'H Liver 1
'nblet*. Tie y aire all hv-r trouble,
'ley euro coiiHtfpatioii. Your mom y f
wok if they do uofc give tntinfiietion. i
Are Your Lung* wcvki
Dot'R the e >ugh, left by the'grippe?
r the nohl oontrnoti d dnriiiff llm urintnr.
(ill linng on? 1vJ(1h1?,h Elixir will ciip .
our songh iitul lical yon.' \venk htnga.
t kills llit) ffortnN (hut OAiikfl ohronio dm f
hho it ml liolps until ro restore tho weak !
netl oiguuft to health, 'l r ul nizj 25c. J
'iimily eizo M)o. g
I ( l
' Ur-'' 2AJ . -A Y fj* ' N Uv-.
mmm? v i i
Pickens, R. F. D. No. 2.
Mr. liiltor: An. my last comnunioiitioii
did uot roach you, 1
vill try to give you a low dots tide
\Y? are j;lu<t io h.k> our cloVer
noud, Middlulon Hester, ablo to
ie mvfT n Ins route again.
15 Gurrult bag the line-t oot?
I _ 1- - * ? " -I
,uu wj mvo seun una npnng.
Ml. Reuben Parrott lost a fine
j>?w last week.
Mrs. C. H. Abereroinbio eayt
3l?e con get a most* of beans by the
lirst Sunday in June.
Well, 1 see wu ate getting a I
urop <>f candidates our, but I don'l
think we will have as hard a time
thinning thorn aa wo have had ii
< ur little cotton.
Tho all day hinging at Six Mil*
wuh a day to !>% long remonsbeicc
\\11 nil litvnru -?!' r-viioi/i ??..? I*
iho mining ut nine o'clock am
had Suu'lay school, and af<Sunday
school whs ovir, Prof. J
C (Jarrctt arranged tho class, am
\vc had sonic fine limbic, and at (hi
close of his tiino he g .vo a h1i< r
talk on singing Then It. M J
Stewart gave a goo I talk, and thoi
aijoumod for dinner. Aficr din
nor was over all cams hack, at.d th
class was iinai'ged by Prof. It. M
doiuiuk, and no sang tweirty min
utes, and several moro leaders fol
1 ?\vcd, and we ha I some fine iuuh'h
Furmor's Hoy
for Congressman for (I
Tlilnl Congressional District ami for Solicit!
from tin; Kielith .luilii'ial Circuit, mid for i
Cuiinly oil,cis will tic Inserted umlcr tills Iich
Ini; Irom now until tin- I'rlmnry Kleetion for tl
sum of l'"l V K l)om>A lis, Until), lit tho llnic 1
notice .is hniiiied In. No ilevintion from tli
rule will 1 o intele.
fur 11 o ii ho ill !t< itroxeii tat Ivpii
I heroliy announce myself a camiiilutc for tl
House of Kcpit'SfiitntivCK, I'lckens county, hii
Jcct to tlu< action of the Democratic party tit tl
aj>|>riiaclihi|.' |>riniHi\ election.
T. J. MAI'1,1)1 N.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for 1
election to the House of Representative.-), sti
Jcct to ihe action of the Democratic party In tl
primary election. .) ASIIMORK 1IINTON.
For 8li?rlll'.
I hereliy announce myseif a candidate for tl
olVn e oi sherlll ?>f I'll kens county, subject
the action of the Democratic parly in the I'
nniry election. i:. I'RAXK I.OOl'HR
'I he many friends of A. .IKKK \\ KMIOI!
respectfully announce him as a candidate I
Sherlll' of I'lckens county, subject to the imtli
of thc.approiichlni; Democratic, primary.
hereby amiouu>'c myself a candidate for t
oilice of Slit i ill" ol I'lckens county, subject
the action of the Democratic party in the p
marv election. .1.0 J KNMINGS
I hereby anmiiiiico myself a candidate for t
oHico of -Villi' ol I'lckens county, subject
thcacti .. . tiic Democratic primary election
At t! c i itatlon of inanv friends I here
annoiim i > <e'.f u ca ididate for Sherlll'
I'lckens comity, subject to the action ol t
at Don of the Democratic pi Unary.
r. ii. nouus
I hereby announce iny.-eif 11 candidate for l
ollice <>f Shvriir for t'lckens ounty, subject
the act Ion of the Democratic imrtv in tbe j>
nary election. DANil'X I'. SI I'll KULA N I)
For dork of Courr,
1 hereby announce myself for re-election
the ollice of Clerk of ( ourt, I'lekens count
miMeet tii the action of the Democratic vote
at tne approaching piimnty. A. JOHN HOGli
For Trenailrt>r.
A t the solicitation of a few friends, but mo
to my own notion, und in accorilance with 1
...... ..v...... i .. I.111 > >i-ii ii cuini uinU' I
Treasurer of I'lokor.s County. subject to tlie ti
linn <>f the Democratic I'riinary election.
.1. I). MOO UK.
I hereby nnnouice myself n candidate for i
e!ecti>n t?ilu> oilieo >I Tieasurer of I'icke
"Tr.r.Mjtv. Mibje.-i to ill.) iielion of the voters in t
The ninny fr5i*TT?ls of .IOIIN T. FKNNHI
hereby announce him a candidal* forTienxni
of I'iekcns eoiiuty. subject to the nctioii of t
Democratic party at the approaching primary,
For Supervisor.
I hereby iinnoiiiiec myself a candidate for i
elec tion to the <>tli< e ol County Snpervlsor
I'ii'keiiH county, subject t<> the action ;;f t!
Democratic pi rtv in the primars election.
1-. I). STKI'll KNS.
Tin; many f rlemlsof M AT'l'lI K\V IIKX 1?UI( .'I
respectfully iitinouiice him n mniliiliilc for tl
otllce of County Supervisor ??f Pickens eon lit
Milijc.' t to the iictinn or tla' Democratic prima
Tlic inthy frie:ult< of W. W.AIKKX respet
fully ntmoiinoo him h cnii<IUInto for Iho otttno >
stipe; visor of I'ickens county, subject to the a
lion of tlic Democratic primary.
The niiiny frieiulKof HI 1.1,1AM It. OATS r
spectfuilv ii11noii iico liiin as u Cainliilale for tl
oiiicc of Supervisor of I'lckcus county, milije
to the action ot the Democratic party in the pi
nntry election
We lietchy annuMce ISOItl'.IlT SThWAKT
. .... ...i-win. .- in iMiuiTvivnr ?'f I'lo
1'iis county, Nir-Jeet in |liu iiction of the Dtim
ci'iiHi' |>rlnmi v election. Voter*.
For Com.ty ?'<>iuiiiln?loner.
The nn.iiy frleiulxof N. II. \looui;. resjiee
fully huiiounee lilni .t cuii'lUlute lor tin- ollii
<>i ttin mis -loner of I'ickcu < county, HUbJet'.t l
llio ml urn of liu: voters in t lie Democratic |ir
iiinr) electi oil
At I lie request of nuiny frlpmix I hereby hi
noun i' myself ii enn<li<lnte for lint olliee <
i'ouuty CoiiiiuUsloucr of I'ieki-ns county, mi
Jeet t<> the action of tile Democratic |>rllnnr\.
I licre'iy Announce niysolf u enndlilHte for it
olliee ill' ( ei niy Commissioner for I'ieki I
( on ill y. mi lijei t to the net Ion of the Democrat
|mrty in tlie pi liniiiy flection. (?, \V. HOW KN.
'Die in'tii> frleiuN of ( I' I IKM) rehpectfu
ly Million nee lilui n eiiuilliliilo for the olliee (
County t.'iiiiimi?sloiier of IMckens county, mi
Ject to the tictWns o| the Democratic jinit)' In tl
luiuiiiry election,
W the solieitiition of my frlenilx, I ftiinounr
uiixell ii ennilMute for the olliee of Count
I'onuiil*' inner of I'iekens county, Milijcct to tl
ik ihuiiii nil- i?< iiu?? r:t11< |><iri>' in the iirimai
ok'i lloii. It. \V. hlOK.
I hcieliy announce myself h caiiilUlatc for tli
oilice ill Count) CiiininlxHldiier of I'ickci
< on hty. su lijcu't to the hi* lion of (lie Democrat I
I>iirI\ in Hie primary election.
I hereby announce niyaelf u cuiidi'luto fr
i 'on tily (*v in in isH loner, I'lekenn county, sulijei
to the action of tliu Deinocnllc |irinmrv
.1 M. ('Ill I.DHi:s3.
The many friends of AI.I.KN 1! ST H WAR
lieiehy announce hi in n camllilnte for tlio offlc
of County Connul?K'0:ier, rickum County, Mil
Jo.'ltolhe action of thn Democratic voter* t
(tic approaching primary.
I or Supt.. of Kitacatlon.
I hereby announce myself a cniiiliilate for ri
rlectlnn in lite o:)ice of County Superintended
cii Kili.i utlon ol I'lckens county, nuliject loth
actloiihf I lie DeinocriUlc primary.
K?r Coroner.
ICy (lit* solicitation ol many frlcn<tx, | hereli
announce myself a camllilate for (ho oflleo o
i uroiMT of I'lfkniiH county, subject to ilit; a<
tIon (if (lie Democratic voters n( the approacl
111K |irlt?t*ry election.
Very respcctnilly,
W. A. liAltK.
At (lie fo'ilelt?Hoii of manv filemls I herch
iinuoinii'e myself an a eaiullilato for the olllc
ii coroner of I'lokeiiH county, subject to th
iictlon of the Demoerolie parly In the approach
IfiK (irliiisiry Klectlon. .1. I.IJVI SAXDKUS.
At Hut Holloltntloii of my friends I a^alu ail
iiouik'c myself h wind Mate rortheollice of Core
tier of I'lekotiH county. an<l pledgo myself (<
ihlile the result of the l>cmocr?llo inlmary.
.1. J. CHAN 1)1,KR.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for th
lllro of Coroner of I'lckeuR eoQnty, subject b
no n-uoii 01 ino iicmocrutl'' |>iuty In (lit, nil
nnry election. I' i'. CAIITKK.
We, the f rlon<tn of 11 VltNKY II. I'OItTKR rc
pcctflilly nniiouiioo 111 11 n oiuidMiito for tin
iilioe of Coroner of I'lokonx county, MubJoct t<
ho notion of the Democratic primary election
Tlio iiitiny friends of JOHN JUMAK liorohy an
tnunce hlin u ciin<1i(tntc for (Joroncr, I'lckom
ounly, Mihject to tlio notion of the DcinocrHth
otor? in tlio MpprnftChltiR prlmaiy.
Auk Your l)r*1?r fit'* K<'?t?Kn??
k powder fo? tlio feof. It dure* Swotloii
loic, OhIIoub, Acliint', Sweating
L'Vi, Corn* and Bunions. At nil Druginto
and shoo utort n, '26o. Ask today.
, , k i
{ U. I A
Tomorrow mor
1 of Umbrellas at twc
seasons make and
; able at the prices.
, Mens and ladies Uj
1 Sateen, stout tram
J inch, Timited qua
e One hundred a:
inch, mercerized tc
" beautiful line of lia
? Ladies parasol
- twilled silk and r
; kind of a handle ye
in the two lots, the
noin ts Ac
f' Greenville's CI.eapest Store.
i,c Arc you ready for yoi
we are showing a nice line n
i,v will pay you to see this line.
i White Sea!
,,h y*
ite Seal Clothin
he larger towns for its seperiori
duribility. None but the bes
making this clothing and eac
iic by an expert. We are show
come and let us show you thi
t- We are looking for a
< - the rise and we can save you
1 Ileatli-Bru
iSencl us your
i. Singing Convention. _
The (Jentiai township singing p,
10 a^eociatiun met willi Fair Viow
c chui'ch, near Hunter's mill fifth
ie Sunday in Mav. I\ C. Carteo was ?
* elected temporary chairman. Tho \
c following officers were elootnd for
lp the present year: 8. A. McAlister,
Pr?a; J. Pv Smith, vice Prea.; yn
I J. 0. Garrett, conductor; P. O. co
Carte?, S?*c. Progtani: Mcl).
T Weams to arrange tho clnaa and
? Ml lirr lf> inillllfpoi Pr/.fu W f' !
lt ..n _ ? I ?
Garrett, W. A. porter and It.
Holding to sing 15 minntfts oacli.
ft" Hour and a hAlf for dinner. lie- CL
0 assembled after dinner i.nd Pro ft.
W. A. Portey, P. I). Nelson, W. C. s^r
Gnrrett e.^Cli led the c,1uhh 15 inin$
ntffi each, Mel). Wonms' solo, CC''
i; 'The Grfino of Life," was fine.
Leotard on music by P. C. Cart.ee
y The (flowing professors then led
? the class 15 minutes each: Will ..
' Thotaas, D. P. Hudson, It. M. sl,3
i. Bolding and Mcl). \Vonmn.
/This elided the association with
grand prospects. Theie was fine
p music throughout the day. Mr.
[>j Editoi*, yru ought to have been
there and enjoyed come of that
. dinner. Adjourned to mewt with
5 Coufrnl lla|>tist churolS^lho first
. ?tiuday in July. P. C. Carteti. ^
i Driven To D?N)it>rA<Ion.
Jjiving (it an out of tho wuy ,)liipo. in:
moto from oivilizntion, u finally in oftnn
tli'ivrii U> !!??|)?rtition In ??im ??f
i ro?ultiugi(i Hui n?, (Jut*. Wonnil'f^^krn,
; ?uo. Uy, lii n Mipii'y of
Salvo. It'H Uxt I ><?. * t uu AJj
PiokriiR Drug Co.
-JL-1.1 'ill1! ! -" ! 'H1 ' >, "."..'l.'l Jjl.. - ."?1J,1 ?11UJJ.
ordinary S
is For This W
ning we will put ok
) prices. -These good
we guarantee they ;
XLbreilas, nade of goc
e with steel rod, si;
ntity to be sold Mon
ad fifty in this lot.
^ I * nu rti ( nn I 1*0 r-n r* nr
/ j /j | / ev l cvj ^vjii J .L CtllJLW \Y
ndies. Value $1.00,
s and umbrellas 8
nercerized goods, siz<
iu want. These are 11
price 80 cents.
IIANDERSON 0<31>ri*:
4 /wa ^r mm - - ?
iuo main street,
and sun
ir Spring Suit. Two piece Suits arc
lade of "Milton Cloth." Every sr
m A BIQ LIME... jfi
\ /, ; z
\ v
ClothiflgL %
^Z^=== /
g is famous in all the '
ty in style and fit and vvhi
t tailors arc: employed in
:h-garment is inspected J^|9
ilg a variety of styles
big shipment of Hour this week that
money. Call and get our prices.
ce-Morrow Co
) i V) rn v. vi Jfcj
i\ i iz. navt; juy JE
fV beautify ^
Beautiftyi Jfi
ird, lor 2?r fl
nts pet^ ?
nts. Madras for waist or
nts; that is very pretty and^ZM
nts per yard.
We have a small lot of^jJM
ong and wide, that we will sel ifl
its per yard. It would be a bar??B
We have a small lot of towel^^
Ejhtly soiled, U1 go at 15 centsJM
If you
Send by yo'fl
Wo have one of the prettiest!
1, and tliQ prices n*
^eek .. . i
l sale two lots
s are all this |
a,fe un match )d
quality of
ses 2Guand c28
clay sit 25 c. J
Mens sizes 28 H
it]i stout rod, J
Si.25. ? 1.5CL. M
9 c. M ade of
3 20 inch, any^
ic best vain ad
.. n n B
: all the ra^e
it guaranteed.
i ^lilill
, . r-^ y
v BE
<J i * i J^BggTCi
/i m
' "^" iH

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