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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 01, 1904, Image 3

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u at It. 0
gjg, Mattbev
Sou Moot
Happenings ol a Local and Personal Nature. 1HH ?
_; MB Claudi<
?Hotnotobor the Summer School '* ^ifc 4
* oommeucuB June 13th.
\/r ?Miss Corrie JjaBoou is on a visit . "T^f*
A her brother B. B. LaBoou. 10 1wkens c?r<J
X r ... .. ? ? many friendu,
' \ / AI iea \l m'fbn tf "?* BAA MA?I 1
y *l??WO A'J V*> VMM V/U& UbV'U lino in*
/turned from Seneca for her vacation. ?^r* Joseph
' ... firm of Brucc and
Miss Bessie Aslimoro, who has t Suudfty io
neon quite ill in Atlanta, is convalos- .
cont. William
?Mrs. D. J. Carter, of Atlanta, is "?ddi"g of ,
on a visit to the family of her father, -Lhuieday. loo
Mr. W. H. Ashmore. ?Quite a nui
/ ? Supt. It. T. Ilallurn attended atteudod a game
tho tho closing exercisosol the Libor Friday afternoon
\ty Graded School Friday night. Seneca. Score
? MissoH Annie Shanklin aud Gor
trudo Hagood, of Easloy, attended ?Miss May 1
the closing exercises of tho Graded tho most progrosi
Sohvol. i ' couuty was iu t
? Mr. Eugene Lewis, of Brevard, attend tho
was over tho past weok for a fow
days visit to tho family of his fathor, James P. Ca
Mr. F. A. Low is. ry q Thoruley
? Mr. M. F. Hester has returned week with Judge
from tho Gato City whore ho has thoir visit will go
I been on a visit to his son, Wilton, aud excursions.
. daughter Mrs. Gresham. S ,
? , r, /^?^TfTrs. J. P. <
* ?-*M13mp8 Jetsio ami t*a Thomas, from Georgia, wl
of Greenville, ware iruostB Capt. nncnmit /?f ?iir>
Taylor during tho coinmoucoi?\cnk Sho hna the symp
exercises of tho Graded School. ^liii her beroavemo
i ?Miss Helen lioggs returned _ :{Tho crops
v from tho Alabama Girls' Industrial j^iy tyero uever
School, located at Montevallo, where j^ja hoiu'*011 th
v kho has been a studont tho scholastic wo Cftn i^urn, the
wear. boon pretty genet
A ?Solicitor Bogge is at Greouville . n i
court this week. The docket is uu- ,!u,
"usually heavy at this term of the ?>ost made. Refr,
court, aa there aro 15 hotuicido cases uoa't'iTal JNo do
to come up for trial. ice at all timw at
?A great crowd is expected at tho
Soldiers' Reuuiou next Friday. The ?'A'he exercis
Daughters are making great prep a unusual !y mteres
t'ona lor tlio entertainment of the ly attended. Th<
A.erans aud a good time is in storo most prosperous
) all who attend. vision of Prof. Da
?The County Board of Education '??^colP8 ?' tcacl.
was engaged Saturday in going ovcr ?^ there is an
the papers of iho applicants. Owing of a "dry May for
to the largo number of applicants, it should bo an abui
will be souio time yet beforo tho pa- Thero are sotno ex
pers will have been examined. in tho county, hut
?Mr. Samuel Ash more, after sev- l)ro8Pect?J^j) **ot
oral years rosidonco in Texas, is homo John Bogp
n a visit to tho family of his father, Weok for roeloctic
W. II. Aehmore. lie has boon Thoro is no in off
Mering in tho Lono Star State, the county soat th
ic.l his friends of former days ure who has filled tho
!ud to see him. ? ??l!?
-On the fourth Sunday in Juno jn our Cftl)j
John V. Lesley will join our bo fonn(l lhe nnn,
*,lo in u song service m tho morn- ftrt ftml ,jame8 C
<r nt tho Baptist Church and in tho (jommisionor an
ternoon at tho M. E. Church. Let rtoroner. Thoao i
1 lovers of music bo on hand to join 0*mine?tly qualifie
tho singing. offices for which t
?The match gamo of hasehall bo- ^ __Tho sito foi
2.11 teams from Easloy and I'ick--' S(Ji1001 building h
Thursday afternoon was well at- tonnjna upon, but
led. The tratno w'as a little onn- - -
- r in 1110 noxt low
A, however, m F,iw!?y was clearly Ornn.lv is exhibit
classed an indicated by tbo ecore p|ftn8 ft,r tho propc
which 'at )od 12 to 0 in favor of Pick- Up ^jr ^vory
Ufl* I from Columbia.
-Rev. J. E. Foster attended tlie j mado to havo tho
on meeting at the Baptist church I tiio oponing in So
nnde a helpful talk to tho Sun- rril . .
I.O..I on Sunday n,on,ion. liev. u -T 'B 'Mtruo,,
'-r, a veteran Of tbo Cross, al ^,cl'""1 f ??? 1?ln
0 excellent talk to the ebili
to their parents at the same 110 , ' 1 " ,Jl<
1 Prof. Dendy has
Summer Scheol w
'son, of Greonville teachers of tho c<
of the Womano in their n
lo two inter- i 11ill r.r
t) tho Initios elH of tho state.
-j iiiii Sunday ritrato the latest i
..in. Watson is an inter- work, by teachinj
.im" iiikI inado many holpful childrou.
lui.h that will prove a groat
o to missionary workers. --llev. A. J.
i strong tomporaui
s Florence Hendricks, young- Baptist church
...0..ter of Mr. I). E. Hendricks, H0 stated that tl
.uiig the (>() graduates that will ^i-nniiirn />f n.n mi
,'ivc diplomas at tho Winthrop reuponsibility of
>n?ml ami Industrial College this and continuanco o
?r. Mies Florence is pleasantly |)10 members ol
iw.i/ij] id j i^|{^[iq when kIio at- drew ail illustra
us ago and is a history in proof
ntollccl. Wft8 f |,0 instanco i
'or tho accom- Hes furnished k<
riicrs, IN I id- which to make ft
[omlrickn thon Rod' They
assigned accountable, and i
'io gov- minister showed
ral to- v?ted for tho die
d ein- way aided in rune
salaries wiso bo held rosp
-? > I"''' -ltoml It. C. (
ii his great removal
t iers. ?A train load
tended the eloflir
haw ]<'.iHloy Graded S^c
'?'l intf. The exercii
vn hold in tlitr" Hpaci
'I' il 10 now Graded
which in a atandir
interest tn ken in
lion l>y the progre
progressive to'
xorcisoB of tho
onday and Tug
borate program
1 the cuitif... v.. . rendered and ovi
,?t closed has been ijn-1 training bv the t<
sful. mencuinent Bermc
.. .... .. , ... Koa. W. B. Dune
Malll,... .1,0,1 ,,t 1,0. ? , mornillK.
K,.olov ,l??t hator,l, y ,lin(l0 m<)
was buried ?t Corinth Q CUl)ka?aloa ?f
ay otlor lunornl wl,? in ,lia ?aual 0
...I l.y Lldora I). W. J(Jii(,htel, hl
George Martin. Mrs. 7 *
lidci) narao wiih Hnther- ?Saturday moi
horn and reared near miHHioner Lowifl
i in this county. Mih unique trial came
^jiiHt forty-nine years p|0d Hovoral hours
vt'H a husband, throe the U. S. revenue
one Hon, her mother outfit at Gantt's (
titers. A Krcat. fion- jriuo and other fix
her funeral, showing and stoiod at Kas
iv frif?ndn 1'
j I W1JU nujjt rnuuuug
H U9 Of 1110 mig. C0T U' EftsIcy ftI
Miff Welborn, county !"* th? en8,n0 foiz
nd candidate for Hiior ft.r^ <'?^vn ",e '
'tornoon at Central !,,H ?nK?np waa ot
i friond ho observed *nn?kJ'y f?r ',l,n '
linnd had "gone to f?r ,tho ro,noval ?
marked to hi* cm.. ?M h? govern men
oni ho whh talking. '
?ht use of tho hand and ftt n! ] 1
alking utiok fell from ftm' ^,(jeoi
o turned to walk away '<l(| .or roraovA' n
found to bo para- ,!,0I,t1 p/operty an
. ondition at liuit ac- !le caft0
'y improved. Ilia trial.
'hont the county ?K. 0. Carter
ery. era twine.
jinoval eale is now ?At the^mmene^ment exorcises Pj
. Carters, Liberty. of Wiothrop(Sollegfe this week, Mid# At tfc* r
? 4 * > .. , , Olive Newton presented with ft - n,
'.Hendricksattended handsome meddV the beet story ?f C<
ing Satutday and j>y nuy student for the Win- to Rive t
throp College Jourhah The medal oan to mi
a Tollidon of Ander- presenters of the rnbst highly val- Soldiers c
o the family of Mr. of Mfinthrop's honors and is not merchanti
worn without merit and general superiority
of mental effort. The Piok- 8t?rea on *
Vorly- of Atlanta, in ?-#-i? -
, , ... mo liiuuuu ui aiins itewioii win rejoice ?. m. uuti
ulating among his at her (success.
Bruce of the drug Storm in Upper Pickens.
Dos tor (Greenville, Monday afternoon there was
Pickens. quite a stiff blow of wind in town,
Bolt attended the aud if' waB the ?P'"?on of many at
ster in Piedmont last the time that Pickens was not in
fioiated as best man. the path of the strongest wind.
mber of Pickensites ^ince that time reports have been
i of ball at Easley coming in from other sections of
between Easley and | the couuty to the effect that the
8 to 2 iu favor of | ?Q? o:_ m.
awiiu naa Dctcivgii tu Wiu K)1A 11U 11)0 W6
section. Not far from Six Mile cool tho p
McOlnnahan one of church there Booms to havo passed makes th
jive toaoliera in the ft 1>0aj CyCion0 a8 it loveled overy- Thinnii
own Monday. Hue
county Summer thing in its path and was about 50 tho day at
yards wide. It was fortunately farmers a
rov Esci and Lar- narrow *u lti8 extent, and no roport cotton the
uiv in uumlui iuih 1 j 1AMJWl7 ua,? ^vjiiiu m? x*i%r* llGftlUl
Purdy, aud during ther to the oast on the place of good at pr
i on uoveral fishing Mr. Robin Lewis, the wind was Miss Ei
very strong, blowing away his visited th<
rey has returcod smoke house aud unroofing a tcn-? E. Parrott
lero sho has boon on ant, houso on the plantation, Ashley
athyof manylriends Nearly a11 tho trees on the place Anderson,
ut, wero blown down. There was H. Wood
, , considerable damage to timber, but Sunday,
in Pickens county ,, .. , *
in finer condition at the crol)8 aro 60 8ma11 that n0 Per* Jovc
u year. From what >?auent injury was inflicted upon ing that
i ruin ROfiirm f.o luivn '
, irionas tc
Closing ExeVPi.scs of tho Pickens ,ne> ^or
Rock Ginger Alo, Graded School'. tut? Farn
ashing invigorating, rpjie closing exercises of tn?? orc,l ^rom
ipo uo alcohol. On n , , , , , . . ... , tr
our Soda fountain. Grade(1 school took place Wednes- Ho won 3
Pickons Drug Co. day and Thursday eveninga, and way to Oi
... were largely attended. with his h
os this yoar were ^ ~ , , ,
ting, and were long- *)n Wednesday evening the pri- ed so sloe
=> school has had a mary department had a "Mother it, it won!
year under oupor- Goose's party,'' and made quite a broke its l
'era W,tl1 hl8 GXCel" creditable showing. On Thursday The; id(
morning Prof. John G. Clmkscales seed, and
of Wo<Vord oollene made the ad- already,
udantwheatharvest. dross on ' .True Grit in his char- gets tliem
collont wheat fields acteristic and forceful manner, de- der them,
on the av orage the lighting the largo audience, who Jonah wa
llntteiing. went away with something to gourd and
;s is ann ouncod this think about. come of
in as clerk of court. Thursday evening the closing who wont
nnA^'joh^Boggs exorCt8eS were concluded aud the experimer
office of clerk with graduating exercisos were held, swallowed
to all concerned. The program was well rendored wlion ho
dates' column will anc* interesting throughout. matrimon
es of A'leu It, Stow- Six young ladies completed tho ho was in i
hildress for County prescribed course ot study, and Mr. 1).
d .John Juliau for tii0jr graduating essays provokod not bo 111
sterling citizens are f ?
d for tho respective comment on account of this time,
hoy aro announced, tho pains taken in their prepara- bors, Mr.
4 tho now Graded ^'on' race.
as not yot been de- County Superintendent R. T. There vi
, nuoiy win bo with- liallum presented diploma* to tho Mile the
days. Mr. B. E. class composed of the following singing w
ing BO ?. exco^.ent young ladies: Misses Vesta Ash- There 1
Carter, thoDarShUect more- Gussie Cureton, Hattie Karle communit
Kvory'efTort will ho Nollio Grandy, Nora and Lillie mooting a
building ready for Gilstrap.
ptemor Prof. Dondy spoke in the hightrs
for tho Summer est terms of tho excellent work rj?j10
co will bo Prof. W. done by the class and that in his cin_P{i
?nviilo?a'? neaiaUnt ?f <->>? year, lie had uey- u ltc?. T
had experience in ^ been associated with ?i moie ;nt^rooHtv
ork. and knows tho studious class an<l hold them up as proj j)aI
mnty and is inter- models for tho pupils in the other r?1TliomnR
idvancemont. Miss , . 4. or?i. i mas
, . , , clauses oi tho school. o,int
best primary toach- , , , .. , oupt. oi
Sho will demon- ^ seBBion has boon tho most Wlj,li ap'
nethod of primary successful since the organization teachers 1
I a class of small Qf (j10 graded school. tiv0 j10llic
,, , Tastora
Monley preached a Hazel, Pickens Co. Prosbvtor
jo Hcrmon at tho Farmers are in a rush these fina, ^
Sunday morning. hotj sunshiny days. By the time llev* \ 1
'e diaponaary Wfts ft fci k . appearance in tfco |,a9'0,r ,hr
ate and saddled tho ... i. a flisted by
tho establishment paper, the farmers will all be over _ _ J
if tho dispensary on their crops tho fuHt time. Corn is^
tho church Ho looking well. Coltjn seems to b?* T_ J_(_C
tion from Biblical * , .... II. R- Bo*
, , T. on a stand-still.
of tho charpro. It are visitin
n which the Israel* Health is good at this writing, ,
jldea jowols with oxcopt Mr. Waddy Urayeloy, who
golden calf ?a hea- }8 (.uit0 sick. Dr. Robert Kirksoy 10 oxc*ir
woro bold strictly . aU(mdi?K h.m. Wo hope for laa'weck.
n like manner tho n 1 The drc
that tho man that his speedy recovery. thunder el
pensary or in any Henry Sutherland has moved hiH
ling it would like- BaW miU on Eastatoo and ex- monn"k*
onsible to his God. p0c^g tv) take his plainer over soon. ni"8 H ru<
Jartars "add about It is said to bo tho first saw mill *e 0KraI?1
Hale. ... U"rr" M'
mat waa ovor located on that Bitic.
of Piekonsites at- j[e j8 doing good work with his yart' ^0,lc
'? ?1'? ,aw null, and in alao selling good. u"'ol'Kh
uool luesday evon- , . \ , . . smashing
ios this year wore 18 0,1 ^olenoy; and tic
oua auditorium of flays ho is running a livo-horBO r ? n
I School building crop on his farm. Ilenry in a v,or( H1^in
,g memoral of tho Uer Goo(1 luck to seriously,
tho cause of educa- Hlightly si
issive citizenship of VJut dnnot
tvn. Tho closeing Tom Porter was squirrel hunting ' } '
school took placo the other day and killed a rattle ,Soin0 0
sday evenings, and gnake ?>#t ,aid mea(mTod four to ripun
s were oxceUontly . ? , . ... , soon he ro
incod tho careful ^00* ant* 8,x niches in length, and
mcheia. Tho com- ton inches around the body and had ?
m was proaohod by fourteon rattles. He said it was Tho gro
nn of Tjawrnnni* nn .. . - - - Mwv """
?t: ? ? the biggest rattle snake ho had "V"0"0,
The address was W. L. J
rning byl'rof. John ever Been- . . wOGk
Woflford C-ollego Your acribo whb at the Miisionharacteriatio
happy ary ralloy at Mile Crook Baptist lor tre,ltl'
is large audiance. church the fourth Sunday, and ^hoy < <>u
rning in U. S. Com- will just aay that all who iniHged ,av<
i' court a rather it rnisned a grand treat, especially 0l *rou
up. The trial oocu. eechoa delivered by Rev. B. bave been
i. Somo tuno ago 1 * Some n
> officers seized the Grandy, C. K. Rdbwaon and T.
listillory and an en- J. Mauldin. i , took
tineai were brought They Hie running a very live non0 wer(
!? Smitli'a dUUllerf and *? to dBte 8uDdfty 8chocl at P?ared on
id nrrange<l to car- Mile Crook, with J. K. Parsons iu?* Since ^
ed at (Jan4'' ut^'il- superintendent. May tho good U'10 1 ifltht
Smith t diat?..3ry aH work b0 carnod on. at all the Whortcr'e
it of order. IJnfor. , . , .. . . , into tho <
io did not arrange phtircieB, f?r m too great and house is L
'ith a representative important a work to be bo mucfe ^ " 7
t, as no disposition neglected. / The <;
the proyrty seiz- D. D, Win*he*Wr has treated , In ??? ?<
*a 1 ay, Lawronce himself to a noyt buggy. I guest* hyoiolesll
b.Bo -were indie- aorao of the girls Wjll have tho op- lZ
!d ?Ti?w?b nr* PortunitT riding. W. W. Aiken of freqnent
t! ^,,,1' hna also set himself bp to a new OilLinimei
t. er court bu?gy| %nt ifc igu?fc the ^la he is dent and
, . looking after, just see the announhafl
P' biadf cement column and you wity Hud one-half pi
whftt bo is seeking. money bao
itriotic Merchants.
equost of tho Daughters 77 *
mfederaoy, and in order Vk
hem what assistance wo )) QrkH Winter* 1
ike a success of the "Old (( OlJild YY dtwl J
lay* we, the undersigned j) .
0. do agroe to close our 1\ i i ? i
,cxt Friday from 9 o'clock )) ls ? Sotnl th!"f '? ,have, wl!<:n
il 2 o'clock p. i? // makes people Teel that tliey ha\
W. T. McFall \\ 5? Per cent llu;ir energy. 'I
hui?a? -JL rru^.Li^.. U pqnsatory, a bitr medical book .
h7a. Ilichey7 J )) pagGS sa>'s tha* soda water
t p tt // "In h Kreatful ?!rlnk to fcbrllo imtlontH,'i
J. r. Harris, > I# and lessoning nausea and gusliio distress
T. D, Harris, \\ If you find your symptoms in
R. II. Koark, U are feeling feverish and thirsty,
Craig Bros., IJ stomach lias gone wrong?ai
K. L. Oureton, // a]l tlic; rest of you, the cure is a
>ath-Btuce-Morrow Co. \\ _ _ ^ Mmncr
V -~T?- ? SOM * rOUNI
From Six Mile. Yl
attier ims been Fair and ' "
ast week, which certainly J) PlCkCtlS L)ril?? Ooi
e little cotton look bad. It
)g cotton is the order of \\ ~^^DrUgS &. St.' tioru
, present, and somo of the Vx
re working somo of their ))
in this community in vorv *** "
tuna T^ftrrntt, nl Pnri r?nr<l ty-' 1/, s /> '// / / sr. s /.//s.t?*,
rfamily of"liar uncle, R.' | BEFORE YOU COMIC TO
'? recent,ly* (Q look ?1 (liis paper and see wli
and Grace Hollaud of ^ ^tax/i \r*
visited their unelo, D, S L3* I AVL'JfV!
son, last Saturday and 5 1 ^1
S ?The photo;
i! Farmer's Hoy was Bay- S
I would have to got my \j Will be in town and brinjr \<>ur ft
? put a wiro fence around |$ perfect Lll'E LIKE PHOTOC.RAP
had hemmed mo. Tut, gj *
ior'b boy has not recov- S * A
that trip to Oconee yet.
eon last Saturday on his - ? OOiioo
to seo hest girl
air sham pood and bruslS*, fiT \ I ' \T rPl
k that if a fly had lit on AllSS ;\()ll0 ! 110
Id have slippod off and M
)a of B. wanting gourd 1 ]i Oj^fTO
has i!p two martin polos f
If B. gets his gourds and ^ ^ _ #
un where lie can trot un- /m ^ * I
, ho will bo as glad as ? ^^JLX
8 when ho Bat under tho g
watched what would bo- \ 11(? North Mai i SI. - - (jli
Ninevah. I don't know J? ^ ^ ATX
through tho terriblost ^ ' kwV
it, Jonah, when he was "~
i)j tho whale, or B., The Summer School. ^33*5
was experimenting with The Summer School for I'icken-i fejji
y. Of course B. thinks county will bu held at Pickens, be M A
I he most dangerous place, ginning Juno 1:5 and continuing JF ffl
I>. Kay said ho would j for one month The major sub V
the race for commiseiontr i ieota will be: Hughes' Mistakes
but another of our neigh-1 in Teaching," I'oteimon's "Civil M
A. It. Stewart iu in the Govorment" ami Wontworth's gtf
J First Steps and New School. Alge- ^
ran a large crowd nt Six bras. Instructors and other sul>- ^
fourth Sunday, and the jeets w ill be announced later. i Jf
as oxcellenl. Instructive and helpful lectures' &
were several from this by able men of the State will be ^ ?
,y that attended the tent delivered during the session. ^ V
t Central, Sunday night. Let every teacher in the county M
Cony. attend. W
. .. .~ Itesnuef f n 11 v. ma
Liberty items. " ?
iberty Graded School ' ' ,l Ul!' g
27th ult. with two grad- oo.JSupt. of L< . , M
he cloning oxercisea wore Thrown From a Wagon K
g. Annual address by M''* Oeorgo K. JJ.ihcock wan throw i ! wS
, - ,,, from his wagon and f-eveiely bruised. I
uel of Clomson College. }?o applied Chamberlain's I'aiu liulin 1
wero delivered by County freely and says it is the I est linimt nt he. 3
i> t it,.ii.,,., overused. Mr. Babeock is a well known g$ ui
Kduoation R. 1. 11 a 11 u in citiz(j|1 of Nol.?, i.laitl (:oiin. There is &
propriato remarks. The nothing equal to 1'ain Halm for sprains T5
lave gone to their rospoc- ! "ml !,l'l,l'SC,H' " xvl"/*lleot a euro in <n>n Vft 1
? 1 ' third tho tune required by nny other X ?>i
fl lor vacation. (treatment* For ude by Pickens I > 111??
1 ordination service at i I'ickonH. and r. N. ilnnter, Ijibert.v. ! CT
ian church yesterday. j S
, Drennan was installed ? The dry weather has injured the E.
Dr. Law of Walhalla, as- tf'irdens materially, but since tho re- ^
Rev. Kami tor of Senn , r08l,1i"? ?ioro w II be a &
' wonderful transformation. i \Sk
Jregg ot Pendleton. j M
ondricks of Texas, and " ~^al ?ai k-Omo now bu^.v, on., g
. T . ... * , now Hot double dutch collnr Duergy H
jgs of Jacksonville, Ma., |ja,.nosa polo. Apply to Christie gl
g tlioir okl liomi'rf. Robinson at Piekons Oil Mill 2t v?
of our townsmen took in fy 0)|
sion trip to tlio Gato city ChanibuhdnN Stomach anil l.iv.>r Tat>- k j,r
and had an o. k. timo. lets Hctt.?r linn a Dor or'*
uth wan broken by a lino Proscription. ff st<
[lower yesterday ?in<l this Mr. J. W. Turner, of Tuhart, Vn., hu.vh
A hoavy bolt of light- tlwy Oh.imhorl.in?H Htonincli m.d liivW j9 lis
. TiibloiH littVOuoiio l)iin moro Rood (nun w
jk the .railroad track or anything ho could get from tlio doctor. g
w"iren, and also struck If any ph^sio^n in t!;irtcountry wasnh'o ff
, to compound 11 ir.o.li.?inv t!mt would pro- ' ^
3 >\ horter B iron picket (]uco micli gratifying results in cases of ,-y
o and dwelling, coming Htonuioh Iroiilihw tiilioiisiies orconsli,
.. . ... pation, his whole time would ho used in BL
the loot and celling, pj-fpurieg thin one mo'licine. Por (-ale by
the window glasses in I Pickens Drug Co., l'iekoiiH. mid T. N.
where ho and family miniol? *iiue?>.
g, and severely, but not - - -
shocking them. It aluo a&or mmgflf war f?^jjftgfW ;??"[
Iiook the boys up at the ftg llljlj 1 ]l II S
f the wheat is beginning W8?Hb! m fikif J^n ?a4
in this section and will %t/\m
ady to cut, with laborers THAI 10 NO 1 A 1
d in great demand.
und work iH being done ??
v factory site. _ xim* ~ * r , <- . .
. J . /CV, \V 1'. want to dispose ol ccrta
>ogga loHt a iroou horse ? .1 1 1 -it n
^ to move them quickly will sell
. Ho took it to Clemson
oent, but if died before %/) /\ *7"
(1 do any thiug for it. V/f ' * ? Jy
a not yot reported cause | W Ml of our line of Crockery, Gk
e, but it wan thought to
choked by j>artit;s hero. 1 tellers. . .
egroee pas.ctl .. four shots *\S?. 1!hw,1, a,iul 1 ",dl<,'r to ?" *'
reels here Sunday eight, at<" recluction all through these- lines,
leg bail for the time, as Come early before goods are picke
0 touud When police ap- selection. : :
the scene. The best of everything and everytli
'ritiug the above we llml 0 tlu, markut W(. |lave jt" Call early ;
ning destroyed Mr. Mc1
dishes etc., as it ran Vj J/ j
lining department. The * 1 ^ J%
Mully damaged. C. lootl
Old Summer Timet
>od oM Hiimmor time, when
iwatir# Ilia !? AVAiir/li fov/tu oikI
iIb and roadutoera aro all kept *V^| UT *fflk 1
idonta to mftn nnd brant nro B? BL B. B." ffi E9 H ffl H Wk j
, ooourance ElliottR Kmnlaiflrd || |g |tj |f% M jj
nt is thonioHtBorvicoabloftoci- A H V v [fl Jsn EA B ^
omorgonoy liniment in nso. LP' JB a^k?4k 1
and lioalK apocdily onta, conruiaes,
aprnina, oto. You got
nt for iiGc.; and you got your
ktf 1101 WtiflllOd,
the weather
of over 1900 ||
thirst // DRESS GOODS II
fKio If Vnn ? Consisting of nil tho latent
' ^ II Lawns ami Deimitios, grout
and ll your M. for skirtfl we have over Bhowi
ll<l "ciueercd" H Bimply beou walking about, i
// gest and bom, lino of clothing
I OUT Cl cronno our clotbicg trade ei
'/^lniMi If t first olass clothing. IT]
/riilllfu aaa // T'bo good old summer
' // kinds of suminor goods.
111 ll Htraw lints, sorgo coats
11 of oxfords for men, women a
Tl pany, (( boforo tboy nro picked over.
~ V\ When you are in towi
II r urnicura, i>iikk1(h ?nu *?
^ * " ff Furniture and bundle the bet
Mitchell and you will get tlic
Folger s
' '/y/y^yy 'r 'sJy. / >/ / y Clothing, Shoos and G
PICKENS ,s> ^?'e ^Kcut? for {ho ivi
Q- ami fotiouse 1
"" ,ln>'? | The Itest Fitting
grapher : Ib=============
1 , ,
Iks and have sonic ft
MS made. a, __
?.?AV- |. J I'; n \|
/ ->Sr / 'stiv JG :<--h ^ -LJ# \j9
^ Four-aud-onc-half nulef
mason, | J ....n
^ -. ) _|_..Genera!
| | B Handles notlit*?T5uT"The 1
^ "'10 Ending public \
a can save thorn money.
rOOIIVillO, S. ('. ^ Mrs. 11 attic Craig is
Ivi*f& i4 Pom an
31 y EXTUtti STOCK of seasonable in
al (lie astonisliini*: prices below. Tin
by JI XK tfOtli, as I will move into 11
Ilniltling by tlien, and wili make llii
jreat ^ Sacrifice
Dry Goods.
1,500 yards Standaid (irnde Culico. First C
J,Alio yards Standard inch Shooting. Wire m
U'JOu yards Standard Chocks line of hard
AlI to go at Sc per yard amfmon ov
neli is posit i voly loss than can ho bought
r today. Also a eomplote lino of Lawns, ~
initios, Percales, Madras. Bleaching, Cain- CjFOCC
ie, Muslin*, etc. t?> go at cut prices.
____________ 2,800 1"
__ for $5.00 pe
AT ~ a " - -
iilHiUIlS ' ? h5irri
for only $ i.
Overalls from !U)e up. lor $1 75 an
A. largo lot of pants at Special low prices. .'{ pounc
Good s day half-hour strike (Mocks $1.05 matocs, 3 a
????. I have
this Hale at i
Shoes. p0??!p 1 Ti
lliavn Urn moHt complete lino of Slioos over Corn, c
on <1 lo ilio trade in this country and at Nicoch
ices unheard of. Nice \\
jMohh $1 u.r? and $1.50 Urogans, excillent Wff 11jjlp[j;ll jj
>ck only 05c
Moo's Satin Calf, worth regular .fl.60 for *
Sstwicin I / 11 f i?? nvAntil luin.l
_ " II m_
* * * ; llli
'AKE! ?
in lines of .roods, and , Window SI
Iron Beds, W
Springs, Stoves,
Q"T" Lamps, Lanterns, ;
I f ti< 1 f'si nhoul* n Mnmr* n
issware and Howls and on us and look through
cost nothing for yoi
, ' in showing y
.00, and a proportion- ^
(I over and make your
M ; . . W. 1
ing the best. "Il it is
and often at
, novelties in white gooilH anil colored
est lot of waist goods ui.il black goods
i. When it comi'H to clothing, we Imvo
iud wo arc Htill ou 1110 jump. The big;
ever shown in 1'ickenn. Wo try to inu'h
year, mid to ilo this we buy nothing
time i? most here and we will need all
nndV>xfoidn. Wo have a complete lino
nd children. Come and get pour ti/.o
11 don't, fail to look through our lino of |
ngi'iiH, wo Kcop a complete Ktock of
<t Buggiou niul Wagons intuit). Buy tho
) bout. Yoiuh Truly,
<d Thornley.
ent's fnrnishiug goods* n Hpooinlty.
itclicll Wngon, Daltlo Axo Shorn
Jros. lligh Ait ( lothing,
ClotliiniA in The World.
ike Old Stand ) ^
i east of IMckens and four milen t3
th of Eaaloy. M
calcr in.... V
Merchandise.. |
faisai of iroods and at reasonable 2p
prices. ^
vill do well (o givo my s^cnll. 1 J
with mo and will wait on vou.
^aTsalej 4
ci iiiuiiumi" (u j;u If
jsc goods 111 nsl ?0 p fl
10 Brown House C ffl
J fl|
i ^ Sale ! |J
; l^fg
lftH9 Plow Stool, '>< basis. V:
iils^L>.7:? por 1<<*14, and a compl'^H
[ware, sucli a.s Iwj^y Polos, Sliali^B
tor 111 Aprons and Dash r>o:ird<H
'erything in the Hardware lino. Vfl
sries dj Teed Stidfs
omuls Standard Gruiiuhikd Sugar
r hundrod pounds.
i;1h ol Flour, good as bonn-nmdo,
50 per barrel, and a bettor grado
d tho liacst patoiit for $5-50. I
I calls of clioi :e lull-Weight. To- )
ins for 2f>o
?5000 pounds of meat to go during M
somo prico. * k
iniothy hay fori{51 .()"> per hundred
hoppnd, 75c per bu.-hi-l, B
an Feed Oats for 05c por bu<dud, ^ M
hitc Salt 55c pt-r hundrt'd pounds. & (kM
Lihertv. S CZ JU
veci a nice lot ^kajjjSBSSSS
lades, Bed Lounges,
oven Wire Cots, Hed
Tinware, Crockerywarc,
ind a lot of other useful ar
r Farm, and we invite all to call V
oiii Rooms when town, ll JH9 "
i to look and we take pleasure fl
ou our floods whether fl
buy anything
or not. /
T. JPl'ALIi.
i 1 .
n> UKi SU

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