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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 01, 1904, Image 4

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, II
ip j JL>* ?
Jon- ^;
ix/ H$L I
?W1 *i>? w 9 toral In nty
8 l?ar" i yeau. M
_(jian city an old | tiie */orld I
>vith prido to ft hand- I J. C.
^ oed 01 fbwora. Tlwy wore I 1 ?
arranged in tho shape of an Ejn#: | | All
iv>n crown awl at th? side wu? laid * * * *
out tho union jack. trouble
"You boo that handsome bed?" tickling
aotd tho gardener. "Well, the aoods You car
for that bod wore eont to me by one . .
tho ablcet etatesmen in tho Unit- 3 ^ SI
od States. Congressman Sulzei of Aycr*S
New York sent mo tho 6ceds." Use it a
The Tammany men could hardly
oatrain their laughter. Congroes- COnsUIXl]
Cian 8ulser is fond of twisting the and for G
Uon'a t-uil, and now tho story id bo- Tfcmdiwi
fns circulated in tho Demor/mtu? I
club that hp sent specially to Can- K oonanit you
tula seeds of the United States gov- 1 to*ukl0t"th
ttrnmcnt to adorn tho Queen's gar- I
((on in Halifax and lay out a floral b_.ljih?mi arown
and union jack. . -
Congressman Sulzer has upt got
through explaining yet, for, of FOR XI
ourso, everybody refuses to accept
the statement that he didn't know
Ihe purpose to which the seeds wer? * or"1I
0 U put.?New York Tlmoa. U",n
r setting uy a
?_ ... ? cllteli- and it
( i no r^uwrMiHiiw gi curofo, "" ^
King Christian of Donmurk. whd *?uvoit.
Is called "the father-in-law of Eu- Hqrmle!
tope," because his children and ^ w,mt
econdchildron occupy and will in- <Tako ^ ooti {
aorit so many thrones, has six sons I1U1IV? for HlM)
fUid daughters. Frederick, his first- iuiy ?xcltumo
t?orn, the crown prince of Den- 110
nuuk, married tho daughter of the tlu) P?,,oll? wl
king of Swedon and Norway; Alex- "llurrol^"
agora, his oldoet daughter, is queen to,K*> *
of England; Georflp, his second son,
19 king of Grccce, and married (%n, ueruum lo
tho sister of tlio lato czar of Russia:
ty 1 cin^i lliuim.l
A)agmar, hie second daughter, was That's all rlu
tho wife of Aloxandor III. of Itus- Uwk to tiw v
ela, and is now dowager czarina of "Oh, but,
that empire; Thyra, tho third ami see tin
Hftii frh f/>r in fu'ifn r\9 flm IV 1NH\'7 M Hncro
of Cumberland and Brunswick, lieir 6<-'t hu|'
to the throne of those kingdoms; vo*~ ,,
Valdemar, tho youngest of tho Dan- ,,1 f 1
feh prinoMf married Mario, daugh- t'unHho trao
lex of tho Duko of Orleans, pretend- First bo ri
er to the throno of Franco. ^To ne wall
Mich combinaUra'of royalties ever caino Into slg
wintered J*j/oro in a single family What was it:
In all lifetory.?Argonaut. track could I
? wooden l?ri(l?i
fHicalan Military Officers. mlnutoa tho t
t Cupid will luwo a hard tiijw anon Wlwt sbul
?h Russian army officers if one U ..juu"
judgo ftam a rocont r^ulatuaj IKlt ^ hm
na tho 6ondlikwLfl undo/ wnieh
f ItuBBian officcra will ho permitted thon Hivhleui
to marry. In tho flrwt pluco, tlio hU>uso aiul w
llpdy must have good manners aiul ?i>ook which
bo well brought up; hor social posv- tanc<v
<k*n will also betaken into acoounA. T,HJ otigliif
?fhon, wttb regard to tiwo otilcc*, he lMtfci
imwt bo at leaat twonty-threo ye?rs ^Hta"
at Ugo, his pay and moea allowance Tlk0 truJl> Ul
V must amount to at least $000, and tlw?
\ 'ho must have either real est*te lowed aftor, t
\ bringing in $150 or more per an- out of the car
\ num or a capital of $2,500 or more. "Oh, what i
\ )f the capital doea not exceed lkot com
] 62,500, no more than $150, includ- nKi'/" U;
Jug interest, must t>e drawn in any (lo.r*
one year,?Army and Navy JournaJL hlH
WoeB of a Pioneer.' Jj)B ,.>?c'kot,1to
1 The first automobile t . enturo wou lvtt y
to cross the desert of Sahara had Th(
reached a point about half way be- a hen earn
hv < iwo oases when something chUkon. t>be
>pencd to the machinery. ami did not
On examination it was found that tiuu <>iu;. win
.e damage could not tx> repaired. enough to loo
Tho owner of the automobile got "gain.
jut of tho vehicle and took an oh- w,t1' j*>r )?
ttine for Hitti
.iervation. . ... .
Then he directed the man in t(M)
charge of tho wireless telegraphy iultcUc<l sh? f
Apparatus to communicate with the n fnw wwkii
station ot Fezzan. n wither turue
"Toll tlve fellows," ho said, "wo'vo ekk-r sister at
broke down. Latitude 20 degreoe "bo wmHWlor*
^0 minutes north, longitude 14 do- Hfo? to lay on
gr?e? 37 rainutea 41 second# east. 11 wnH n 1,1
Ask them to send a camel/'?Chi- #Pt>vr? ^llcki
m .. /- bPOOU. HIM' (1
? , ^go-Tribune. IJK>tlM)f<
and the Ml.flt Hat.
: "Ty) most picturesque figure m soouied to for
American art today is James Abbott
MacNeill Whistler," writes LiU An a
lian Baynes Griffin in The Ladies' It Is not a ?.
i Home Journal. "He lives in Knar- niliul to be il
I I 1 1 -_.l -? -i itnnma "f ??<
Mtiiu, iinu uu uiiu oi BioncB concern- ? ??
in" his eccentricities circulate there. l>roUll't "rr w
7..,,. , . , , . exceptions to
"Wh-.le he was trying on a hat in mon(, Si.ott h
a London shop one day a customer alory nl)1
fushed in and, mistaking him for a inquirer an f<
clerk, exclaimed, 'I say, tliia 'at does Ki>v?>n-yonr<
not lit/ 817 Warren
*The artiat eyed'him a m!nut? r?mMirknt?lM *
<md then replied scornfully, 'Nei- y?rter?liiy in?>
ther does your coat, and I'll he "s >N'
hanged ii t like tho color of your
kTouserhi, n
. , polled over t
\ Harvard In the Whk? House. When picked
* The Boston Transcript says: abounded i
*Vor tho third time in tlie country's "Whei-o are i
, l?.- Tl/1 /*?? *V.^. II 1- ?>? 1-- -
.1 , uuu IU1 mu llir?v LIII1U 111 I II I"? I?IU>
sovonty-two ">r3 a graduate e*
\ Harvard coln.^ 13 president of the .
United Statoa. John Adnmn wjia ^pory n?th>n
"paduated at Harvard in 17N0, John ^ ,jl0
tiuliwy Adanja in 1787 and Thoo- tbrooa
<4>re lloowmt in 1880. OonoTal ttm Ctnclunn
n*y<? attended loc<ure? in tiio Ua*- TIiopo ?? not
' ^1 Law sdhoolA but ho ft'ua a Kofv- 'Kyv "wUto
1 college man." Wbllo i? w< f
- - - ? -? at flmt^ hurt t
fa<MM?dorstnml him
5 ? MABUtm t,i0 ^ turow
I m -mmmmrn | "nw v
J Thooo who ara ffalnlncr flesh oulty," tut n*l
5 and etr?ngth by regular treat- A,m? ....
S montwlth flown <m mj
Scott's Emulsion rtilTntUnnat
d r.hiuld cont Inuo tho treatmant i>tUl I \V
J id l ot weather; omaller tlo?^? . ' . . .
B t rid a lltllo cool milk with It will huotlDWlfl o4 ?
'iway with any oblootlon
? la attached tofatry pro- ....
ciurlnfir tho ho-tod | Where
t , I Sadlo wn? c
lor . re *amp!e% . . . .
Tl ,St Ii(iW N K, Chemists, I ??1- At lUIH'Il
Am\ rtit, Ntw York. | ~l WOIlllur >
i 4 K. and r i on; all urtiifguts. . , , ,
J 1 * chop In. Ih It
> "(jf 00111*80
m iBiimmmmimmmmaMmmMmmmmmmmm MIfi tlio Jaw
|K 3 LLthb OOUCH I
Sir &|l$y ^ rr*, moth
ta?l lm?Vlfln| V Oootl nu any ?t
I*a a ** L<*t yixir kl*s i
- Discovery r.
M'*PTION Price f\>r fu
SOo & $1.00 f*1 ,p" rMt "'J
cr?? Trial. tov* m*' ,n0,h
.Tr^TTTTl *?v? in* as thi
Taoml! I 'Tw,u ,,B my H
^ X*tK7'U I Ami When I01M
"tWlM Ifcua la*,
I 11 II .m ?C rnj,.m?m ? _
f tvu<ti?<ak Baste
nrhW? I SmV!l Potatoes h.
w'/'v/*?0 I result from a lack of j
kept Aycr's Cherry Pcc- J "4" CB ^ M *?e
house for n great many ( fl B ?\ H 1
is the best medicine in * * M. ??,<
or coughs and colds." . , .. ^ , on<
Williams, Attica, N. Y. in the soil. Potash pro- ein
^ duccs size and quality. , iuf
serious lung* wc have W.CI
i_ * .. i v q 1 u a b 1 c A^QpiglA BUI
S begin With 3 | books Which UVf
in the throat. I : r,Vlai^m,ore^^^sliilsi8r < BP<
_ Fj ful V the fer- ii?sr , 1
\ stop this at hrst j I tllizing value
nglc night with 0 j w.'"ui l'o'v
Cherry Pectoral. I 1 *>*"* them -y^l^Msgg^
lso for bronchitis, | I !lrmer?wh7 -jq
ption, hard colds, | | T" ^
oughs of all kinds. I S anuftun kali works, ?
_ .. . .... I g New York?1>3 Nn??uu Mreot. or n<i<
! 25c., Mc., fl. All dfUllllU. | I jjj Atlanta, Ita?tt?!4 So. Broad BL
! a little nonsense.
en don't tuk? It. He knows. | i
r'cnAVEU CO.Man. ' "Putting Up a Job" on n Croon Hand nn.
? ... "The experiment of taking men i?i
fl'OTll tllti illJnririr sli<tr>2 fnr enrvi. VOI
ke children; in the navy has in the main been n I
j successful one," said the naval ofli- "to
4.V. Prompt^.. ' . ccr jd on 10UV0 of duty, ?a]_ the
...... ... i though it is exasperating worh iuj
qu did hato to gol Ho^na brcnking iheIn in> 'M Q6f thtM)) th(
llttlo water wheel in tho pcc BnU ,vatcr for tho lim0 <
was tho greatest trial to w,^n th(jy entor th(i servi(.o> am| mi
I their greenness concerning every- '3
Buddenly Ilerin o roiuern-I lhing *mk(,a thcm t,Rl butt of al, iit,
futluM- had lald-to liliu. 0t}ler8> aalthough we try to he
:nro of your motbor. Her-! tcct t,R>m al, wc pan theoU1 tin
in Mk'k unci norv.ouH, ami j mon oflon (alt0 aiivnnl..L?ti of ilu.ir Or
lit may upset her." ignorance to amuse themselves at
I the windmill and ran to jjlc Cxpcnso of the new men.
lero mother was calling. "Not long ago 1 was stationed on
buUJ mother In a worried a receiving ship. One 'lay during
>Qf there toward the rail- my watch one of the new men came 1
Do you see that smoke? 6)ulfl]ing Up and, without going i
ot to bo there.' through the formality of saluting,
oked. "Its only a little . . J agi
burning along the track. "o u'i -i i i( m in<
ht? bo urged. eager to get I can t do it alone, mlstcrf
mter whooL "'Can t do what r* I asked, taking ^
Ilermle, please go down in the situation.
r?t there isn't anything "'Why, one of the chaps ordered ^
ed mother. "And, ilermle, inn to weigh the anchor, an' I can't .?<
t," alio added lu fresh tor- jjft it alonol Durn it all, I don't " ?
oven know where tho scales arel'*
mother; I'll see to it/' he __Dotroit Freo Prosg. ,
eerily and started off to- ^~ ? Is
. . vtr- - " T" Up to Date Burgling, ff[
II u iff yioaee his mother; ^ ^
k<vt* thon hm tlio Ihinmn I
P No gram lire nlong the ^
look like tliat. The long 7"''$ ^ I'.
0 wa? burning, ami in live A' it
ralu woukl ho duo. Xk jBfl). ?
1 I do?" imutod ixxir lier- * '
rrled up tlia at?>ep rail loud 'in
it wavo a red lUig." n
I notliing villi whK'h to w \ ; tf. ^
For a moment lie stoo<l; \ .k4"Lv:V''
y lie pulled *oiT tils red \ ^
aved it vigorously at the y ?-?j vwWt
approaclHxl in the (11h- !V^J
j | ^
*?* caught sight of tlio I ? -w_x
flguro tlui<t waved tho red ' cet,
ntlcfiiiy and brought tho Burglar 11111 (to pnl)?Ho'll take (ltt
us for golfers as we come up. Clot elo
?t> caumd?inlH..ln?(lown nu'mber two ready. He look a l,ri
lire. 11"' passengers fol- '? . j . . J
md tho T<J?-y first to come "bout (^al B1/-0- roc
wiih Herudc's father. _ .. . _ . I'01
vould have happened If I t,,. Terrible Truth. ]
e quickly when nmiiunn Editor I in sorry we nnven t y^j
[lid Herman, with a shud- room for your story, for it has pome n ],
good points. You certainly havo a n}?
;>py boy that wont haek to vivid imagination. js
tM.'l with enough money In Author (with a sigh)?Not as vi,
buy a steam engine that vjvi(] a8 it onco wna< There was a t],i
run.?Exchange. time when I imagined I could sell ])U
my stories.?Chicago News. D,.
b KSlilcr Muter. J r . ,
e off the mut with one Decldcdly Unsophisticated.
i was a very sensible hen T , , on<
waste too much time on Jack?I hat Utile girl 1mm loyo Mr
lmi she thought it was old jj 1 I1()U lh 11 ldtle wild j)C
k after itself sho went to flower, frosh as a dai-y. \\ liy, she s
The chit-ken would no never even been will I ml with.
tlko mut. and wlien the (ieorge?Well, well! ^
nc on tli? ey^s came the Jack?That's (run. Never boon |m'(
eivaturo usahsted in that anvthinjj but en\'a\;cd a lew times. ?iU
When the hrood was __&cw y()rk We.ldv.
ollowcd with It, and after ' KI1i
of thin lift* the praetieal Dcctlnnlng Young.
d the family over to the T .... /, , ? <. . t.. . i BCC
, . Little (Sir!?Aren t you {joliitf bi
id ayaln went about what . n n gtx
Hi her ehlef UislnesH In buy meone n.annna.-' >
,KJV Mamma?ituy vo;i another new
ivel to k<m! the half hfltf 1 hat would' 1h: extravagant!
a. tnklnu core t?f the Little Cirl I >li .*!!
_ - "V. V-/I.UI VV.I1 PQJ
ll<\ lwr beat to imltato tlio pii)>u it was such a love of a hat T (,as
rtdiiK ami trying to olucU, had to have it. Brooklyn Life. c'()1
HtraiiKo noisv. The littlo
>w?d lion oontonto?lly iiim1 Sizing Him Up.
?et all nbout tho inothoft Shopman?What stylo of hat do ^
" you wish, sir? ' ,
'Tr /n "7; ,, iknv't. Chollv?Ah! I nm not particu ounnon
thin? for a ?>oy s - \ . go'
xt'd with any remarkable about tho st\lcj souu*tiiiu^ to
Mislty upon tho duty of a suit my head, don t ye know. ^ j
d at school, but there are Shopman?Stop tliia way and nftj
all rules, and littlo Hay- look at our soft felts. w
1 AlUt /vi?
,>cnrs In the 1'hiladulphln Bndness.
Mjwh: "Oh, mainma," eriod Tommv, fai
M ltaymond Beott of ?\Villio'? pulling the puss'-', (nil!"'
avenue CtximUrn. had a a 1>;l(1 , t()' (?0 ti,at ? oh]
*oap? from a locomotive , . ." an.
ruliiK at liaddon avenuo ' , . , j)l(
was on his way to sehool , ,l,'d he s fclii.-li, !<>o, ro* ho .
across tho tracks directly wou t lot rno pult it at all. -J'uilain
Atlantic City oxprenn. dfciphia Press.
pilot struck him, and ho
iml over for thirty feet ^ Dangerous Question.
up, tho train crew was Casey?\\ hoi did ('a.->idy ivir
tvlien ltaymond Ha Id: marry thot w'iddy woman w id th' tin ^
ny books? Hurry up, or children ? (1()I|
Murphy?Shu re, <>i dunmnv. con
, Oi've nivir dared ask him.?Cincin- his
I *?* Krdt In (klna. lt ,, .
traveler who linn visited ^mjuirur. ner
In the world In authority , , , "I'l
lent ttint oimj food 1.4 nut lf osop n?c,. v,ll
ihoot nil countrlch. hiiy# Jlere tiie nian married, for 1><mvhb for
tl Commercial Trlhuna. ovveary of working. luil
? i*?rt (i4 tin? world," ho "A hotter half is hotter than :io ^
y<Ki cAuitoi jjet an vug." loaf at nil," ho observed not im- ',n'
'torn China, however, ho philosophically.? Petroit 1'ivo I'ronii.
mini < 1111U-?i]ti' In l/ottlnii ? 'J*
? ' thr
Mm) native* could not un Value of Education. 1)(n
and refused to recognize Philanthropist?l>o yon rii.Hza np|
lm (how HH pictures of ^he value of an education? ?pe
vaj I got out of tho difli Sandy Iihodcs?Surf! A man uln,
da, "was that I H.iuatti'il wi(1 0(1(iycfttion ,vaa (1(. free ?
?< ??" si^B.-Philn.Wplua Hncort. f
Ion grouped what 1 want Tho Brilt? j
<k"u? 1 w"" irowitt?Aro believer in ,
? vaccination?
CboiM romo I'pom. Jt'WOtt- -Mo.^t CC'Tl ailllv. It k<'J)t i<
levon and Allco was hcv- my daughter from playing tho piano
Allco mi hi: for nearly ft week/
vlint part of an animal n
n 1 eg?" ' A Sign of Something,
not," answered Mndlo ?th a fcj.rn of anything when a j
bone. Haven't you ever perfl0n has eyes of diiferont color?"
ialH licking their chops'/* "Wcjr yes?when they're hhek 1
llclo. . 1 y I 'i -
_ aim Dn?j~*??rniin(ii'ipliia Bulletin. *
lalld'a IIm r?ru< ii.
icr, An<l I'll t>o f?r>od? Impossible. <
rBn^nhmy'br^!; . Willie?Pa, why do you call out ,
? good Domctiow. language tlie mother tonguo?
.. I'a?Shi It's bocauao your fathei i
ner. that'll my won#, . , . %. *
r wv? i lonK; never gets a ohanco to use it. j
t cheek kuIiinI thine; ??T-T. ,-t.JjS ~T. .S ~ ==.- >
<*r, mother inlnc. s i PARK ER fT *
HAIR balsam ^
I <J?<y In Ions; S>} V'^B,,>aJwu.0l"'- ? ih?h??*.
uiy?l uKaliiHt nil wrmiK. SjJ..'*$>' ' fAtl M Or?j y?.
I cIohv mlno oye* IS/M-li. wtM iIMr l? M" YoutUfui CQjor.
rn.rtK.r .?AMI Cull ?<?lp dnf??? A h?tf l*lnin,
~MHdrtd Hanwa '),"ll',w - OM
w a Sentimental Young Woman's ftAi^mAL^ 1
FTnmilton Wright Mnbio on his th^orcm^mbcr?rftlfs flair lRe
t trip to Lurope encountcrQd nil- gray hair. Stops Tilling hair, ah
rous little incideyts on his voy- J^ww4wpwwai?Miwiwp*TP^H*?w>?w*???d|www
i out. Tho morning of tho sec
1 day ho found hiuisolf in tho vi- r|^/^| wx HPo A-r
ity of u miss who had previously I ( | I 1^1 ( ( () lyl')^
ormed him she was from the * ; V/ Uti v v Vy
st and was making, her first trip
*oad and who had evidently not A Itttle thinar to foul with, uli'l "omi? n
tiled herself of 'tho register in- Reyuold?\tagH, mmIi na Biowi.b Miife, Sefi
j?.r_ / ,t.? 2 tuua buys y?>u a I ox of n.alchoH, 100 to bi
:ction pmi 0Cv s<^ dour to the 5 tng# buys ? bur of good laundry snap. 1
irts of old travelers. A little vol- eqiiul value. Bring me your tugs, if mttd
ie of his own, "Under tho 'Wees/' trade them f r something oIho,
in her lap. B? a ln*-ky puiohaae I cun ofTi-r you 11 1
'Oh, lmve you read this?" she 8O0 in 10 gal. lotH. Th?*o arefully a* goo.
:?? rapturously and without wait- Mf,
j for reply, he is my ideal Mr. ^ fow old >took Cottou Ho? s cheaper 1
ihie. 1 read ovorything I10 writes } or ? short time I will sell Menu uud \
I've never heard him sneak or _
;n seen his picture, but I feel sure *, * .1 .JlN lii k"!
now just what he looks like?he's
1 and slender, with square shoul- At 10a a p?ir ptc fit. Come uud ppo about
*s and a mrtss of iron gray hair, I am. ??h Ming nut a f?-w.fine Cheese f ail
lie has great dark, shadowy Big pri?*?. jm.d fur CUiekens^-OaHb or
!8l" (The sneaker, of course. whs ? ? -
r to colorlessness). "He must be, I S ^
u know, to write like this"? 9 f J q J
A.t tliis point Mrs. Bolton Hal! '
>pped bo introduce Mr. Mabic to
) friend with whom she was walkand
in this morciTnl interludo ? % ^ T ^ ,7i/f
) little schoolgirl disappeared. C InE at * I I
"When it is a matter of ideals," P
isod Mr. Mabio, whose appeirjfrco C FRESH GOODS. A
the reverse 111 every detau of the A y w w
tie enthusiast's portrayal, "I beve
I'd rather be the shattered T'RESH 1'ROM
m the shatterer be, to paraphraso J
ant Allen?anyhow in this in- The Profit it* cut half in tv
moo." * K,...... A *
/? uuii^iii nij an |ii hjhv.ii litre
u i r ? 7 the fctPBon. Your patroinj
Having Fun With Dr?w. 1 ?
John Drew, it is well known, is ? miju
>st particular regarding his dress a JllllS. "
th on and oil the stnge. Ho was 5
lying in "The Liars" two seasons 5
0 on the road, and his itinerary
iluded nearly two weeks of suo
I Murray'* Horrliouud, Mnlliin
(diYJ n I effeotive rtnicdicu known for (-tiling c
'itMyi 2a\l ypW[ oUKB^I & ftud all nftVetioiiB 1U10 to inflionrd 1111
wMIMm. 1 B 'U 1
jf jMfflHM | 11 rra*'* Horchoun
I 1 Wfwtfpyf I I M/w 1 njay be und to nrvnntngn in o hch
'|-i Nothing olse like it it) nil tlio woilt
~j^ Cntl"i t'rolil)? It bj^AUtrka
BTItAIUllTUXBD HIS TIK. ^K?t "#^1 /\? /\T"
sive one night stands. Ilia man 4^ WJ A. a Jl JH jjL
endnnt always looked after the '" *"?"*
thing he wore at the theater, T\T"k"XT
norinir it Mm I 1 I I %/ II
- o---o - ? VHVOOIIlg | ? ??, I I ? I Tfl
>m shortly before Mr. Drew ap- \J JL\) Jl
ired to dress.
r 11 one of the smaller cities the I arn now ready with a com pic U
ct had sent r. Drew's linen to Good*, Notions, Men's and Women h
nundry, and the actor found when ^ used my best judgment and yen
"Hit to" don it that the bosom of goods, gettinR th? very lowest pr
dress shirt contained a polish, Kiv? my customers the benefit ot 1113
ich disgusted him. He said , Good* nt tlio
n<*s, but there was nothing to do 1 T ? J
L to wear it, polish and all. Mr. | I ,4 ) W 0^ IJ I jl
ew had a long speech in a scene . 8 8 8 ** \Jkj U 1. J A T
I, Arthur llyron. The I,utcr at I M 0(>od!) c? ,.k is ,he
co observed the unusual polish on U|.1(.k^ jn a ,.f |>ricl.a frora <
'"T* ,lross ?!"", W1 oi?c of the nicest lllack Ootids for Sn
was ilohvering the lengthy dm-' ? j >m for
:ue Mr Hyron, though i was not ? 2f) ,ilh any p ^ 8j|k' (|lj> J
ticed by the nudionoc began to Co,\Va,h Goods. Dmutie
just las hair, straighten his tio tlwiM _ i.:?
. . , . . i , -1 . | Mtovo n/r MlfiU. V)1" IIIUV* y?JU II IJISI
I otherwise ccrnpleto lus toilet by i ? ? ^ ? , ,1 i i
. , e ,, r\ / HH Hljcll Pi J?'oe hS 8U?:ll UOC.UH C?ii be I
) aid ot tho polish on Mr. l)ro\*si0. ,, s* c ... ^ , ,
1 Sti ck la full with all goods and pr
. , - , . ii\ I Idnens, IiibboiiH and Lacoa in obundu
A roar went up from behind tho i ^ ... . ? . , ,
i y, a >?i .i ho you can tet what you want at any t
nes, and Mr. IVyronri joke nearly n . . . c
\ ,. J J 3 bH<?L8. Dou L'ive meoutt.nf'
)ilcd the ecene. , . , c, ,
seasonable goods. bee u?? when you c
Mr. Carneglo's Neat Wit. A 1
A contributor to London M. A. P. 1
ntes that ho took dinner at Skibo Dry aootlg Stoio We8t Knd
itle about two years ago atja the j
ivcrsation drifted into the pro- I
sod "Anglo-Saxon alliance" bo-! ?? ?? ?
ccn America and Orcnt Britain. I
8. Carnegie and Sir Itennie Wat- gfiiiiUfc igrfh hbmi S
\ U.n Inln n|,fli?n,.n ,.t M.? HI-., *s ^ ^
w and Southwestern company, j 'I |i
cussed the necessity of selecting ' '
[lower to ho adopted us tho bi- ^
[ional emblem. Many flowers; PY P
re mentioned, hut Mr. Carnegie, m
0 had been silent for somo time, ;
ised great amusinent ly suggest- ; 'J'he Suit or Ovt
j the dandelion as the most suit- ^.-wl 1
le. lie explained that the alii-; ptritcuy and I
L-e of the American "dandy"?in 1 position yon sta
1 cute Yankee business sense of Q cloth; is
> ?M < M < ll? U?i(uh liAn I
/ .. Wi V* if Ibil HIV i'tuioil I1VS1A 1 '
uld result in a blossom that no* as ,niK
uld ruio tho world. we alter it until
Everything late<
two ntr..nice Aliment.. ; fabrics and tailo
pliasin, or the loss or memory or
nprohciiKlon of speech, !? a jjneer . i j j ^
111 >1 : i ii t A man who hail forKotten / f"Tf
sister's immo nlwnys referred to j * ,y ~,J
a* "that other woman." A person j GREENVILLE,
arcntly otherwise In perfect health i
I substitute the name of one article . Sole Agent lor
another totally different In the most 1 Nllfani/l TfOllse
Icrous way. ?
linisla Is a form of anhasla whleh I
wills tho patient from remember- , '' ..t ^ t
uuiHic. Olio nmUHiae, uncoiiHclouM '
11 ?o oddity, humk tin* "M iH HciUnlHe" . MMttMBMHBHMMBHHlNHMI -1' ou^liout
to the HyllubleH "tun tan,
On the other burnt, another '
inslne, also a Frenchman, could i5*M i
:ik l?nt it Hlnglo word, but coulti uafl 8^^ M
H the "Mnrnelllnlao" correctly. I m
i ~irii?nr ii>iiiimiw iinninDiiiiih tj rfAYH "LOOK
r* ) H Aim! yon will light at l'I< KEN 8, B.
GINNING , ? nnd Moct Comi
V J Yi ?1 A. V" n 1I<* law over carried, M; trade is in<
.a-<u-tv- IV.I a a||J Ho0(.Ht Vahim. Tlio 11 EST of e
Made by Liddell ui.v advertisement. Never uiind tlx
Mr?t 4.^ ...iau a* I . mniiAV
tlman, bul many ym?rm ij
?hud,ifoih.r.y,(.m! ! I TIT TV TU
nv? inodarn, 1 | J 1
| Of < vftrytiling nml yon will Irnrn by i
Quantity k oliPH|W)>t. If y<m \vnfit i nytl.it g in
Oct Partlculari Iron I bfly a I,ot 6r rept A 0, or I'tV
G-I-B-B-E.-S I U any tnoncy by a<(ing n.o 1 fon >< i.
PIaasc mention Hilt paper. I W | *?
IIIIIWII?? - l J *
iley's Kidney Cure fl THE.CASH l\
ikea kidneys and bladder rlfht 1 , v, . . .
J *
tiairRenewer "CSJlSjl
r; (hen keep It. "Perhaps not; jj <3 If /
newer always restores color to if I u10 rj vm
io. " yt,?100 ^ I (( V?uodayB
; Wanted !.... )
rcplo Rnve thorn. For most of R. J. ( Off?B"G
I'njipn, Knrlv IJivtl, Htveep Stakes, etc., //
!)X. 8 tags buys u bur of Castile homo. II ' "
L.7I Moot .....1 T?.w.? ? 1
uuiu ?? The smartest tailors on e
108 mill Honp 1R uot whut you want, ? that furnish thiB store wi
fir ishing business. Sanson
lino iMolawoa at 35o, 3 gtd. for $1,00, or W there is no difference in
I mill bright as liome-rmido sorghum. I iho smart suits wo offcrt?.
Jw pared to convince you ol
good for a wliilo longer. |k
han I can tmy thorn now. 1 "TliHE PEl^-St^P
iVoiuo 1.8 As
'TTOirx C( FIU3Y
. 1 ...rSR 5PRIH<
111in ? Money in it. for you. , .
wl.at tl ey wi'l I,ring. M than at any previous un
' Or, ?..y. ?t Prelum. f
r w 0 here about Easter time,
1?9 ^ J9 your new spring and sui
I | W V\ our tune in fitting yon.
I ML <.41. a JL JBL O' u leave the store until lie i
| Smith
^LINERY.^ 2 // ,,KA1
- S
>'<? on ll.epe Kfodf, and aro " || 1 H Hi u fS tl
&&- ii mm, m
f.o. WILLARI), y
LiBEir^, s. c. jj BRIT
jHS 1 dxamo:
and Tnr i? com posed of tho most jJ CI
riugho, coldp, In piippc, sore threat |
d irritated conpition of the air pas
elief and certain in its c IT. et of lias- B Don't lull <?!
(1 Mill lien and Tar J. F. BF
whore other inedicir.es have failod |5
ubwolutt ly f>n le for old and young, h ?
1. It should have a place in every H KSHKtav H Bt
I'atontR will find itn efti-ot magical u ft ^ H lj E II jw*<
ble virtue in controlling tho parox E| I
(imirisnteed Hal iKfactory toi very 83 .if" tj w Ee H
rug Co., Columbia, 8. C.
- Not being nl)lo to find
Pickens, and have ju?t retu
lT ^ ^ * -m -m *um a ,,i( C ,llin ol'KI'KiX<i GO<
oil m mer u^nwu"r' k,?' which ?i<!
00 I )S T 't Doesn't Fa I
* To seo that my goods
8 line of Spring and Summer Dry terns, and that tho price i^
Underwear, Hosiery and Shoos. iU Saminoi L/iouin.g,
irs of experioaco in buying these ,no' w always icgn-t
.,n.aa.u ?.,.i t .... . For tho beet tzoods at
iv/-j i'wrm 1 * i uj iiuu IJUW I j)h)|)()?r L<>
' experience and soil them Dry rvJVI T H
. DiXIE b
nig 1 rices.., ir-~' ?"iiain?'t
I have ev? r shown in Colora ;isid Wtt I]
*nt8 to $2 a yard. I am showing M P 3 8 fa-, |
iinmcr w.-jir in tho market f?>r 50 03lSlLflI i=V tj's i
>arn inv 1 yard wid? Black Silk tit rket.
It. will lioa Having to your Now is the timo to jh1
s, Organdies, Lhwhh, &? ? wo can't
linn ot tbom and at hh 1<,w prices 1277 acres witliin II mil
)Oiif?l? t nnywheic. While Good a balance in oiiginal forc-st.
ices. Soino Hi^ Valuer in Table plenty of water. 'IVrnm ti
nee and will to kept ail Suinino. One lot 1 } aen.H in t?>v
line, splendid barn and (inn
UioeB. Stock ulwayH c-unpleto wKb 110 ueics, gne farm in
:ome to Gret-nvi)ie. wood. also running utronni:
|~v a 1JM acres in splendid
V.# I Al\i\? bouses. Kino timber. T< i
,, ... ^ ,, For lurthcr informalic
(.f fOOtl V11 IOf S. Vj. w
??- Oftico fit Dopot.
== " LJ C" D f
y particular. I?, w, , ,, >
l>) ,
i a in I'll) mil* i
:rcoat you buy here fits you hggf?, IIwhwux an<H
ooks well ro matter in what
nu or sit. ;l |()vv down pi ic<
madetof.t .t,tn as they are, '"su'iiir,
ht be. II it does not lit at first on t|i? OH n.nn M.??
it does fit. still liere.
>t in style, of the most worthy 3
rcitl in the most perfect manner.
ljii r-) ~ ~~"~
I # I?L_y -fx.V.
s. c. /
11 awes' Hats, Dutchess and >' * >? -r >
c fir f seS-A* y
rs- / . i;-V
rt .* -.
- ? y ' -<> - \fe
.'it ' ' * ?"' >
f ' > ' , ' * vv-*
' ' ;-' ;/ :v
V i;/.; y V
[)ltI5 YOU LKkI'"
' k *; */ .' V**'
(5. whero hn now !n\s Ilia Ijnvgrfil " * "*': . >
i?lct? Lino of , mi i 11
their r yes will do well l
>i<'iiniiij4 uyrrj uay. J'liir i/cn li>H I Y Y
vorytliiug for tlio leant money ?'J 9 1 t y
price of <n article if itn worth I'm K
I t EYIi
E BEST... ("' CONSULT AT 1(1
Thoao letter* H|??:uk for thor
rxj??>riciioo Hint Tlio 15ont fn tlio OlU'lOF. of Uaitist Co?*;<ikh.
IlK- M- roMtilr I.iuo, If y,.? iv?.,t To "
y a IIoiiRe ana 1-iot, yon wont iobo { uRing ,<1^8808 HtUul oi
ii'Htce a trado. sntisfnc^'i aud comfort, and I
Y u.h truly, 1 ^ 1 for tlio bent j.oo
& * bin work.
.HARRIS, i ** a:;;^
MERCHANT. ' ?/ v-iftoH nt tlio most retv
TlMM. / \ :,1?~
I \ 1
) Nr I
* ?
A rv,, J * v
rtest Clothing |r
d Here in Years. 5
arth aro employed in the establishments
itli apparel. This is one reason of our Hourafter
we have demonstrated to you that Jf
the madc-to-iueasnro kind ?>f clothes and
-except the price. And wo are better prer
t If in tact in O
t fmqphplcemr ms- i
or pew suits f
j 5b sufiner weak... 1
io. The top notch ot goodness has been
ho art of tailoring has Iven attained in tho Ka
comprise our slock. There will be a rush fiT
so advise you to come this week and choose to
inner suit or top ooat. We wniit to take (/
It is our wny of doing things to let no man V\
s pleased in lit rnd stjle in every particular. ((
i Sl Oristow, I ,
Greenville, S. C. V ^
at bum J
)al gZfts 1 1
\ i )S, -i LCwELTJ v,\
? ?oo our lino of Art Pottery.
Ml MS The Jeweler,
' * J lot? N. Mulii St. Clroonvlllc, I ^
; r? I
k S I
..good;' i
11 suitable location, 1 liavo <lecidotl to e
riu'd from the markets whoro 1 have pui
[)DS, Mich i\h Clothing, Shoes, ho^s,
now (.11 display at my store. Ct{/.
<e Glasses
aro all new, fre.-h, anil litis ho-m
i way down, ll y?u Lii lo buy yon
ops--, Shirts, 'I'ii sand l'ndi'iv\
, it.
a bid a 11 profit call at
Louis Co|)c;l, f B
filfl liif: lilf2
v ti- yi h Si1 a SJ vl" h i
^o^t in Pickons real ol.Ue. lii/
II iuw ii I^I? .
t h ( ! Si \ M i)(> t iluic'
l ino tinil-.or. Fi
) Kil l i,
.Ml ) I nut 8 of 1.
leu. Will hell or < xr.
3 m liiH o( l'ick<Mi8, s?p!c.
liei^lilKu'iond, !> miics from I'i
iiih t<* suit ptirrliasi'r.
m call <>ii
II 111 ) 11
to make tlv^
^ Y)\v l aniouswi j,
iifiolvo.fl: u'
>ya, Kilitorfl. ^
1 mo by I)r, Crimm mul tlwttb
mint ohforfiilly amiinon I l<im
pib in Greonviltn iwul 1 Imvq.Ih
i(?tiBfnoti ?n iwoivol by ?? ? f
W. W. KtiVfl, Huh. !\J
lonablo pflo ? Cross oy

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