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ff?-'; / / '' . . . ( / '"L L- vrtP^c ( (rjr** <
Entered April '23, 1903 at Pic-kens, B. (J., as nccoud olasH matter, under act of Oongro8R of March 3, 1879.
' | ..Si
You oar
? Dry G<
J At a loss pri'
' satisfaction c
bought and I
and gof, youi
Our Clo
good many lc
down ho low
it ft way till r;
When yc
Bring the wh
H. K
vL By Careful and con:
if Bank largely increase:
m we solicit your bus
every reasonable accc,
\ rf-vUR NkVV SI
* II Hijr Cp.?" LO
We have in
pajation for this
Every Shoe V
1 ^ a
x' &S& t,J,E5
look at tills |
11^: ?The
Brin town and
I ItapV 1
e st0
1 make out your list before leaving lion
NT'S and get anything you want in
x>ds, Clothin, Shoes,
co than any other store m Greenville r
vf lr L 1- J
:i niUMTi"^ ui tci yv>u IIUIIIO una eXOJl
liul any artielo not satisfactory. You c
r money oro eomething just as good.
thing business last Fall was immense, 111
>ts ot' one or two Suits. All of these lot
it you can llnd your size it will pay yoi
loxt Fall.
ju come to Greonville, como right to ?
olo family?Plonty of room for tho Chil<
Youth for bargains,
I. Sturdivant I
Greenville's Great
(ENS, S. C. %
$ 20,500,00 ff
11,000.00 |
- 105,000.00 |
stant work tho business of thi.s &
5 every year. W
iiness and will cxtenu to you &
>modation. M
iOKS arc now coming in in
tadc larger and better preseason's
business than ever
^ant can be supplied by us.
Sftf's'sfs&tj&cs'r s-yV/ / ' / > C/'f/ V'c
I>?l?or nn<l soo what dnjrs v.
( photographer J
bring your folks and have some ft
t's.. I
tC'S I
RG |
ie?Come riglit to
Hats and
ind und have the
line what you have
:an fetch it back
id tiiit 11 pn 11 v loft <>
J to
a aro now marked
i to it ami put
ilron. ]
Co,, j
est Sloro. ?
|! Corn
must have a sufficient supply of
' in order to develop into a crop.
No milfilinf nf PKncnKrtrio
I Acid or Nitrogen can compensate
for a lack of potash in
"New York ? lMi Nommu Htrci t, or
' Women as Well as Met
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dl?
i courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vlgc
' ^nii?.i a,K* cheerfulness soo
? disappear when the kid
'tnitV w neys are out of orde
*"'!un? Kidney trouble ha
' become so prevalen
\j that it is not uncomrno
V ^?r a C^''^ *? ^0r
ii a^"c,c<* with weak kid
? ?\^vl]?' neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if th
urine scalds the flesh or if, v/hen the chil
reaches an age when it should be able t
control the passage, it is yet afflicted wit
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause c
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the firs
step should be towards the treatment c
these important organs. This unpleasari
trouble is duo to a diseased condition of th
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit a
most people suppose.
Women as well a3 man are made mis
erab'.e with kidney and bladder trouble
I U-.U .1
i uom iicca mc samfi great remedy
The mild and the immediate cffcct c
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sol
cent and one dollar [email protected]
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mall '
free, also pamphlet tell- nomo of flr-amp Koot
ing all about it, including many of th
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, from Sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilme
Sc Co., Glnghamton, N. Y., be sure an
X mention this paper.
? ! Don'l make any mistake, but rcmembe
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'
|j Swamp^oof, and tho address, Binghamtor
>j N. Y.. o^t every bottle.
i ~ Zastoria.
r n?nr? th-i Kind YoullavflAI^Boug
| t
y f^u!nHl^^JSuC)rAr)?< ( beautifies tn? hilt
X IvSK&yv1 k,*Hfr0nu/1 uirltnt frowlh.
Many Small Engageme nts Hav&
Been Reported.
CommlcoiAn*?? -
......w?. v* .VI u vyuovurno cl I uunsanr.
Korea, Wires that the Russians-Arc
Preparing to Attack that Placc?Ar.
ranging to Protect Noncombatants.
St. PoterttburR. June 'A:'.\0?Tho war
ofPice has received news of a sharp
light 20 iiiiiets north o?f Saimat/.a, north
of Feng Wang Cheng, Juno 1, in which
six Cossacks were killed and 22 werp
wounded. Tho Japanese losses ar?
not known. Five oompa.nl c-t of Genr
enal Renn-dn/kftnipff's Cossacks iTlscovered
Japanese detachments at Fen?}
Chou I-ins pasK. halt way between
Saimatsza and Ajiudjan.
The Cossacks dismounted and attacked
on foot, but owin'g to l*io dlflicult
nature of the ground and tho
&bron*g defensive position held by tho
enemy and tho lattor's stubborn rosls*
Hanco, tho attack was not pressed, and
tho Cossacks drew off
Tokio, June 4.-?C p. in.?Tho cnmmissionr-r
of customs of Gensan. Korea,
wires that a Russian attack on
that i>!nco Is deemed imminent. Tie
Is making preparations to send the
women and children to a mountain j
monastery 20 miles distant. I
A junk has reported that the Rus-1
siaus havo landod flokl pieces at Shai
river, near Ilnm Heung, north of Gen-j
sau, on Hroughbon l>ay, or tin* gulf of i
Korea, at which place Cossack rein-j
t'orcemonts ui>> expiated.
Gunboats Are Needed to Protect Foreign
Now Cbwang. June 4.?The brigands
In fluis vicinity arc becoming bolder,
after receiving one thousand Manllcher
rifles. Their renewed activity
is causing a discussion anions for eiKn
rewidienu along tho river of the ne-'
cosKlty for gunboats as a protection'
for their lives and property during'
the interim which must elap. bo-!
tween the departure of me llu v.ians
'and t^ie ervtranco of the .Japan<?se i
troops into New Ohwang.
V A British gunboat is still l^ij? at I
ll I-T vn r, rr 'P.... 1.... ' '
U IUIII, I'la I lit' 'K CISIOM I
I of the Washington authorities thai
Itho United Stat"s gun'honts Wilmington
?nd Corinne will not. summer at
Canton upon I'nltod States Conwul
Miller's recommfewl.itloiv months ago,
has boon unfavorably considered by
tihe government. Consul Miller's
llrm and courageous conduct has dono
much to alleviate the fears of all the
foreign residents hero, and the American
and British residents say ho
should have Che support of a gunboat
stationed at the mouth of the river.
Disquietude Among Japs.
Mukden, June 4.?The siituation in
the war /.one Is unchanged and no i
nowtt has been roceivod hero from
Port Arthur. The Russian succossee
in northern Korea are said to be
l causing great disquietude among uiu
f Japanese Ambu6h Coosacks.
~ Seoul., June 4.?Noon?A sklrmls'h
I tooic piaee between twenty Cossacks
Und an unknown force of Jaj>ancso
scouts at a point 12 miles north of
Oon?aif on the morning of June 3.
Tho Ccssficks wore evidently ambushed
by the .Japane.se who wore <v>ncoaled
in tho brush on a hillside. Tho
r Russians evidently retired toward
n Ham Htmng. leaving six dead upon the:
field. The Japanese casualties nrr?
r I not stated.
j1 New York Police Serger.nt Under Serb
ous Charge.
j New York, June 4.-?Alexander
o Chandler, a police eergearot, Has boon
h arrested on an accusation of having
shot nrid seriously wounded a Ja.panose
wonuin who was employed a*
lt ho<u&okco<pcr in his homo.
e He was Immediately stripped of his
s badge and suspended by tiie cominh-isioner
of police.
No one ?c:w th? shooting altrtay,
'' Oiiandlor'a arrest. was caused sever,(
at houra afiter the story had spread
d tr> the effect that the woman attempted
suicide because a Japanese sail
9 or who l>oa,rde<l at the house cfihrgod
lier with steallnK $75. lt was :.i' ?
aho tried to end her lif.> rather than
e appear In court. When the police
d exnrcnined the woman alio denied huvr
ing shot hereclf.
Aa Chandler was the only other
r perwon about and the wounds were als
leged to have been made by lila rei,
volver, lie was lm,roe;ltat.dy arrost?-.d
Tho prisoner (tenlea that he was in
tiho house at tho time.
Jeffereori Davia Anniversary.
Atl'anJka-, June 4.?T.l.o memory of
_ Jefferson Davis appropriately ohnerved
throughout the south yoaterday.
In all the lar?o oapllnls and
largo cities stato offlcos and banks
' wero closed In honor of the lamented
chrtciflaln of "TUo Lo?.{ Cau&e," and
^appropriate exehcisoB wwro h*ld.
Frank Thomas Young Suicides- 'Well
Known on the Turf.
New York, June 4.?Frank liiomas
Youug, a raco track "bookmaker, who
Uved at Sheepsfcead Bay, committed
euicide today by shooting.
Youivg lirc?d the fatal shot while riding
in a han?om at We/rt IJroadway
and Franklin street, and died in a few
minutes later. lie was 10 years old. (
Young was out- of the best known
race track bookmakers in the coun- |
try operating both in the east and in
the California tracl:?. Hi; was to
have sailed for Europe thin morning
v/iin ais wire o:i Mif> c?c rmnuic. Stale I
rooms wore engaged and Ms. Young j
was Wflit'nc at. the pi< v wOen word of j
her liti;^M:ul':< (]( > ']! r. ached lier. A
wonuan was in t.ho caij villi Young 1
when a policeman win; ha 1 been called
founil thu bookmaker bleeding lY.un
a wound in tho breast. The man's
head was in the woman's lap and slio
wae (jcrcwmluK l?yst< ricnlly. Slie raid
8-he was Mtk Nan Pa'jters'on Sbe
SKltl'l tOutf Vnillll/ VillK Vw? >.n. .v/.i..<r '
*?* - """O " W'1 o' i
tQ- J2uror?a today with his wile 1
sulci: '"jkQ"'
"I am going away for several
mouths. You may not son me again
for some> time. Then again you mays
aft I am undecided."
Then, alio said, he drew a revolver
froon his pockot and phot himself.
Thie cal) driver and Mrs. l'atterson
were taken to a police station, where
tihe woman was treated by a physician,
she being in a state of collapse.
Young was an I?nglishm<aii i>> birth.
IT i' was broil glut to titts country in
1890 by the old Manhattan Club as a
representative inntttcur athlcie o! FTr.j?.
land. Young several y?ns ago pur
cha.sf-1 race horses, among them ln^
tng liontc, who won the Suburban
liuiuiii ip one of the s&akc races <?f .
California. Mrs. Young, then a
bride, tralined the horse.-'an<l nearly
? ?.-> v.on uy iii'.-jii on tup ra-or
Youn? brought a string <vf race lum;ca
eaf>t wli'h bun when he faun? h to
about a mouth ago The iiioM noted
o<f them are f'unurd and Wat. r Curo.'
luc <Uu<l man was known on thu t
race track as "Caesar" Young. but his!
corroct name \va.-? Frank Thomas
Vmm rr
3onsational Affair In Fashionable District
of Chicago.
ChU\igo. Ju. l ?Two hots fol-!
lowed by a woman's >c.n tuns havo
caused oxcitt*u?r?*sl at fth-erldan road
a.1111 (ireen wood atrcot. in the fashion*'
able district of Cvam-ton.
LO.t'ward Wnldron. a watchman, was
pacing the Arthur Orr rt-ildtnee wlicn
he heard the reports. a block away
he saw tiwo men struggling with a woman,
who was screaming. liefore ho
oouJd re?aeh thorn the men thrnst the
woman iivtxi a closed carriage whit P
wati driven rapidly toward Chicago.
Patrolman Hays also had heard the
sthO'tH ami summoned the patrol wag
on. The oarrlago was followed some
diiKtanrr* In Sheridan road but finally
escape*! from the pursuers.
iTno Chicago police then were notified
an>:l an effort made to Intercept
tihe carriage at Rogers ParU. but the
driver eluded the watchers.
According to Watchman Waldron,
the men and woman were well dressed
and the la titer was yonng.
Many persons in hvanslon were
aroused i>\ i.>? vvumctn'K < ! !.-i ?>?
clew to her identity was found
Pence In Normal School.
At linn's, (ia .June I. Peaco rolgiu I
over the Georgia Norma:! uchool af j
Athens. The troubles that have ex- j
l&ted were settled yesterday by the j
members of Die state normal cornimls- j
flion, an1!, it Is prsume?d. sottled for j
all time The members r?t iho faoul- i
ty have been re-t'ic<H'd awl put on i
notice tha' there must bt. no further
differ nri.-t. and a prudential commit-'
tee, consji.'.tim; of Chancellor (III) and
Stale School Commission^!' Merrilt, |
nas been appointed with full power to
act should action on its part become
Austrian Princess Dead.
G-munden-. Austria. .June l -Prln*
cesni Mary, of Baden, eldest daughter
of the Duke of Cumberland, and
wife of Prince Maximilian of Baden,
died here tod-ay. She was born lu
Tho international wonicn'.s snffratfo
conferoirc? began in Merlin yesterday.
M in.s Siisnn B. Anthony was ?looted
It Ik now bulloved that IVidlcnris,
the American held by the Moroccan
bandit, Uiiisuit, will be released In a
short tinift.
Josephua Daniels, editor of The italeigh
N"wh and Observer, is set froe
of tho charge of contempt l?y order ot
Judge Prltchard.
Houston, Tex., street ears aro again
ooin* opeiatod, although sevore fight
In# na*-. occurred between Htriko breakers
and atrlke sympathize .
Mississippi Democrats may refuse
to Indorse Governor Vardaman's administration
on account of his veto
.Of tho Holly Spring* noranil school
Chhrlos 3. Denoen, of Chicapco, was
nominated ycfitorrlay afternoon for
governor by tho Illinois Republican
state convention thu? breaking the
long deadlock,
- '} i
Woman Besieged In Her Palatial
Homo by Officers- J
Millionaire Piatt Claims that Manna ^
Elia3, the Octoroon, Secured from ?
Him by tllackmail, neer!y $700,000 | \
In Cash ami P.cal Estate. ! 1
! 1
Now York .lino t.?A chnrs'! s?y <
polios I'c-ai'S'voK has In cm iwn s.-ary (
to drive I linn of pt l sons b<j<'l;ii)K i
Centra) j.rirk \v<-st In 1'ioni < I' the
hiimi' of llauiva i-..ins, tlis- ooturooii, |
who is chaw 1 by John R. I alt, an \
nn(U mllliioii'airo nwMinla'Him r. wlUh
having aomwed f;?> a hlui by blackmail
nearly fTO't.OOU In iasii ami ix-a.1
out att-.
Moisnt'-d police lu adi 1 tin- charge.
Ljrvss.. t9M'$
' ]mr mm
vr yy v
? >' ' '
ami f.hoy were coniiprihsl to uso < x
trtMin" nioa. urow in order to i!i i.
r>ff l.h? crowd which was conipo.-td
plaryely <:i r.i ?rot s, fiioiidiy to tile woman.
Mrn. 121 las has ho i !?< .-:i gt?d in h i
bj>l? ndid nvs'.doiiJ^o b> <i< p ith s s< < !\lug
lo Hervy a warrant since -'lit \\
be^un by Piatt A ir i a civil ca the
officers are not cn:<;>owui'c(l to
break in the door so tli?*;. have avva t
e.l abopi path-til's i'.vh": : .< v ;!-o woman
t<? :i f t. i;i i >| a it .
Meanwhile so ii-s < : private (lotne(.1
v<v? employed by ntimoroMs persons
interested in the on: . have ..ttiUoiied
themselves at the etui I of tlio r- .s1
doner? Tlitj crowd ht canu so den e
that t'hr* ruilrril usirl< vn -i v> . - < ? ?.?% .1.
fed lor a block in both <Ti n etlons.
From the Milieu attitude ol the n<
groes it i.s surinLved that they or at
least some of th?? lead' rs, had an id<vi
of protecting Mrs. Klias, should s-"!ie
endeavor to leave the house.
When the police reserve's were called
the nogroes became exirenicly sul
len, and were driven away wills much
dlffieultv, jueiing ami insulting 17-* 1
white men as they "went No one
was Injured.
Dcspsrate Effort of Sailer on Battleship
to Escape.
Now York. June I JJy the finding
?vf In'is (It'iii! body, ! !i;i? dovfloiie/l thai
ICInvtt S. l.cwis, of ('levelnnd. O. a
pallor on the battleship K< ntucky. lying
at the Now YorU navy yard, who
i shaped from that ve.-scl May Lt'>. an I
Jiuii'ped overboard, had lo.^t his life
In the attempt to set aw ay.
The man had been imprisoned under
ordois from Washington, which
Raid that he was want'-.l in Manila < n
a eivil charge, hilt o! what oitense wa
accused \va.< not stated.
During the night of Lewi.' os(M[>"
A shore boat with thrr-;? men was seen
IihukIim' about noar the batth ship Th"
men row it around lor an hour and
'."arc finally ordered away by the
ah i]?'< ft leers.
It l.i bhonght the men were friends ,
of the prisoner and \v< re expee!ir.;* in
pliTi Mm nil
A .short tiinn lifter they had rowed
away I, m iK broke from I Si bridge,
and running on 4eck. I< aj <1 overborn!.
lie wan not s<-. u aiiin.
irontoii 8trikeri Stindincj on Their
Pledge of Peace.
fronton. (> luiio I Tli vur?'
of peivniaKton is heiny made on .-%n? rift"
payno to Indiico him to aequiosiee j
to the withdrawal of the troops
So far lie has r? fuse-d The strikers
are s^Urn.* ng en their pledge of
peace an 1 pleading for the withdraw
al The hiisiiiCM* men ;?f lrouton re
quest the troops withdrawn. Colonel
Thompson has <d<nlfb I a favorable
opinion Lo the adjiiLant general. Hut I
Sheriff Payno waivts tho troops held
until Wednesday or Thursday.
It. appears lllio he will gam his
II thi' sheriff remains firm again: t
withdrawal, more troops will proba
l>ly come.
Hammer Crushed Boy's Skull.
Had Axe, Mich., .lilne 4. During the
annual Hold inert of (he Thumb High
School here, a hammer allppod from
the hands of ono of t.Ho contestant4'
and wont Into the crowd, struck n
hoy named A. Front, and Crushed bi>'
Uull. 1 Lin itnjurlccj aro fatal.
M I wmi WWNM> ? I IIWI ??
. />
Vthletea Give Exhibition#?Mite Alice
Roosevelt Presents Medals,
fit. Louis-, World's Fair Grounds,
funo 4.?Athletes fix>m adl purls ol
he country, many of them with
world's rcoords, wore seen at tho staLium
today \vh<*ro tho championship
events of tin* amateur iU.incC.ic union
were hel.l.
Tiic first of thr? program proved
o be the junior contests, postponed
Crom ycwlerday owing to the rain, amlj
ho closing numbers dooidod the sen-'
lor championships. The heavy ralnsj
-rflhe last few ?i-i>"v prevented fast;
Lime being made In the sprints, anil
il'fevtfnct runs, but as liie entries in
rjludod tlio countries best men in their
re.ipotMivo clasnus. at Interest was*
taken in tin* events.
The feature ol the day was the prokon.tat.ion
<>)' medals to the winner of
the> senior el ainpionship.-i by Miss
Alice ItooseveJt, the daughter <rf tiho y ?
Pms-idewt Roosevelt is the hw ,arv
r/mside^tuMJ.n O'vn,HUny
- !?. was i"'(quest??<l by
Ohl< f Sullivan, of the physical euJtnre
department to represent her
Fal her.
The conies Is included all ti> re?uture
department, to represent her father.
The contests included uW the rogu
1'at ion events r< cognized by the A. A.
I". In several t in to were ;n> many
ifiun.s ma; i' was roil 11 I necessary tA>
divide) thorn into hunts.
Statistics of the Department of Ay< iCLI
11 ti I c.
VV'aKhJim-oii. .luii' I The f<atir'
bf tho stuiihli* of tj|it ilo?i aatmenr.
*d' agriculture* ostimatos ttio total
fcirea planter! in cotton in the United
States ilil. season at XI. i'IM .'T ! ihmms,
ton increase of aen* or 1) X
V r cm iv'. upon tin- ucreage planted la-st
yi ;u
Tin avera;*" ronilition <>!' l!.' ^re>w
inn crop on May 'Jti wa> - ! i ; "iimpar< 1
with 74.1 on May Ui>. U?n:i; !?."> 1 at
the eoinnpoiKlintf date of 11>02. and V
lon-y< ar un i -ij; <?f x.">.n
Th. pi?rceiiUu;o of increase in aer ?
ni;e of ilu diffcreii't Ial<\s (the com1
irison heiivg wiit'h I ie an a planted
i.LMt .I'lisnn), is as follows.
Virgin"" in. North Carolina 13. f?,
South Carotin. (ft irpia 7.15-. Florida
10.7, A l/iin. m i.-sippl 10.:?,
I.imi; i- T? .\:. . 7.1. ArUantu.i
!'2. T?uint*,.-fi> ll.b. Mi&iourl 2'.\, <>1<kihonwt
Territory l".i lii'.lian Territory
Tho condition r?r tl. < :??;i on .'way
2(> was a.s lollows:
Virginia mJ. Noi't.li Carolina hi.
Son: h f * ?? f >> i is a si. (1 < <?: n 7S, Flori*
ila SS. Aluhan.t s<?. ,u i l -.si|i|ii x.">,
Louisiana 8tJ, 'I i'\a si. Aii.ap-as M.
Tennesson K."?. Mlx.^onri sOklahoma
1)3, Indian Territory 110.
A.kMo Ironi tlio law inorruHo in tho
acrraKO duo niaim'.y to the h'igh" prio/*
of cotton Ihero arc no conditions call
iiik for upo-'inl c; jii'.ik nt at litis tiino.
Community Excited Over Strnngc Disappearance.
Zehulon (!;i , hi:1.- I. Zehulon has
l)Cl 11 I.. >!' : i eX.'lUvl i VCI" 11.e SltlMcn
and m> e:\otis ilisapju-aiance of VY
Scot I. ;t pi 1111i r. In Hit employ of
I'lke County Journal office.
?Mr. Scott catn< to Zehulon 1 "
month.-, agi* i:l went to work on tin'
Journal, 1at the h??ino of I
itor Smith When he failod to come
to l.rt<akl;< rt his room wos onitcrt I
and Mr S >>tt w.t? mi- lug
A i i ! -4 hioocl was found on tlr
iloor an 1 fin^. r prints < r Mood on tlm
<U;or. tn^f'thiT with urllch..- of his
ch>l'!iing ccut! n-1 nbivr !r t!ly
His com It inf.- in1, on tit- *\ nll'Vi<?ati i
at once tin- n plcloit tlicit ho had
commJMod .111?? or had hoon ninrill
The linn I in til room was put out
nhout I" o'eh.-ek an 1 no one hoard him
U-a ve the lion I>i 1 iia 111 search in
ami around town tailed to rcvoal tho
.slic'lii. vt clow to the mystery Spalding
coutuJy I>1 odhounds were sent
for., but no trail could lie found by
lluMn, and as yc.t no uao. <:t the ml- ?
Iivk man hns boon heard from
Annual Convention Southern AsbocI.7
tion to Moot In Atlar-ta.
Atlanta, .? 111 - l Tho annuni convention
of tlx- Southern WholftsaV
(irociTs' ass< ?*iation will oe oullod
ordrr in .V!>anUi next Tu< -day morn
I'i i j/ara'lcp.s an now h in>' ci^p-i
for t.ln" ! ( , ji: Ion <.f tho 20 > or morn!
dok'gatos who will bo In tho oily It
in Hi" Intention of tho whole silo gro
o<*;v of Atlanta t(? make tin* oonven
thai in this elt> the most suiecossful
,15? won a rin- movi pieasa.ni o;in mku
h'S.s over been hold
The nsnidation Ih one of the most
Important of the many conventions
tliai nuM'it annually in fhe south. It
is composed of heads of llrnin, ami
v.iicn they K^'hor In tholr halls betAVi
I'll if to.000,000 and $ 15,000,000 ot
( aipilal Is r? ;m-08< ntixl.
Was Descendant of William Penn.
New York, .litno I. -Mrs. Polk, thfl
mother of I>ai(/no?+ do Chnrette, Is
(load at Cannes., ways a HeraTd dispa/teli
Horn Paris. She waa# A dosvendnnt
iM Willi aim Penn, founder
of Pennsylvania, and A. Polk, who
fought in tho southern army in tho
war erf tlhe aoieeaaioiis

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