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V '
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
J. I<. O. THOMPSON, Kditou.
HubHoription $1.(X) Per Auuum.
Advertising lVitea lieasouublc
l.htered kt IMcionn PoHtoftloe hh Second CIakk
s- Mall Matter
riOKKNS, S. :
Wnhicsiluv,'Juno N, 11)0-4.
11 j
Will Make the Race for Railroad Commissioner.
Fii? nurt of Major John H. Karle.
f\ wbII known member of tho C5r< enville
l>i\r, and a son of tho lamented
Joseph II. Karlo, I'uited State?
Henator from South Carolina, announce
him ns n candidate for railroftd
commissioner in tho next
Democratic primary. At this time
' **y\\4ien^ the importance of the com
misBrtC1 I i V1 lu 111
^-^fLqlement and business
people generally, t1u7Vin>{r"'UliL?- H
lawyer, well veiled in the intricacies
of tho railroad situation and
one who received a practical education
as an engineer, will make tlie 1
rnco, meets tho approval of the 1
/' largo class which believes it not
only wise but necessary to have a
lawyer on the board, a rule which 1
has operated most succeseiuully in
other Stales.
Major Earlo was born and raised ?
in Sumter, lie was educated at <
the Sumter Iligh School in early 1
life, going from there to McCabe's
I'niversity at Petersburg, Va., <
finally graduating from the South (
Carolina Military Academy in
Charleston. Ho moved to tJreon
ville where ho hue been practicing
his profession for the past ten
yea^s. IHTwas private secretary
to Senator Earle, and when war
was daclarod against Spain he was
commissioned n captain by President
McKInley, but resigned that
coinmisdion to accept the position '
of major of the First South Caro- (
linn Volunteers, this having been
tendered him by the late Gov . El- 1
lerSo. lie fcerved at Columbia, '
Chicainauga, .Jacksonvilleand Sav- 1
annah, having at one time been
chief executive ollicer of the Third :
Division 11 o.api t a 1 Seventh armj '
c< rps and acting inspector general 1
on the atafl'. '
He oganized and is now at tor- 1
ney and manager of loans for the
Carolina Loan ami Trust Company '
of Greenville.
For sick headache take Chamberlain's J
Stonmch and Liver Tablets and a quick
iilll'n s;: piirtnin I'Vir finlp liv PinlfpiiK l)i iur
Co. l\okouH and T. N. Hunter, Liberty. (
From Six Mile.
As I have jufet returned from
Pickens, whoro I attended the
old soldier*' reunion, and I cor- v
tainly enjoyed n>y trip, I will try j
to give a lew dots. ,
Health in Lhin community in ,
not very good at present. (
4 T\ *f r. ? : *. 11 ..til l l. . .
a. n. mailt! h 11 i/iiiu i niid n;iN H
been quite sick, hut we are glad to f|
know in improving.
Daniel Pcrritt has boon very a
sick (lie past two weeks, but we
are glad to aay he is able to nit u;> |(
C. W. Giirrett took in tile oxeur- j
sion to Athiuta and roporteil a nioo n
(Korgo Watson and wife of An- |
(lei'don, visited the hitter's parents, j
Mr. and Mrs. <i. B Martin, vccei.t y
Robert Gillespie o! Ijusley, visited
homo folks meant 1 v. \
There wero several Irom this sec-,
lion that attended the old soldierw' I
reunion at 1'iukeus the 3d.
Tlioro wore some washing rains t
foil iijpthis section last week that 1
washed the land considerably.
Crops are looking well at pies- I
out. Harvest is near at hand ; the >
wheat fields are beginning to look c
yellow. i
Mountain Girl wants to know
ivhothur the ninle got on or not. I c
will leave that for yon to decide.
Well, as for Candidates, we cer- ?
tainly have a fine crop of them. I t
eertainly like to f,eo the citizens
interested in the affairs of the t
county. Well, now, feilow eiti/.onp,
if you are not palisfied with the ?
way the affairs of th<> different of- :
fires are carried on. .just come into ?
the rnoo and learn the good old s
hand shake that is peculiar to a I
candidate, li
A y t m riri^iiiiinJlTfi
From Cateecliee.
Everything BeoiDB to hav? taken
on now )iio bince the ruin, and if
plenty of elbow ^roane is not nurd
Ireely for Iho next ten d?VB Gen.
Green will extend the light hand
of fellowship over some man's field.
Wheat is ripening and will make
a 1> t?r yield than was thought
it r in the spring.
Chas. II end licks of Liberty, and
MifcS ISliz i Sin rill' of Kusley, visite)
Mid. 15 P. Kelley one day last
v\ yelc.
John 1). Kwlley of Piedmont,
visited his brother, H P. Kelley,
last week.
Miss Nettie Kelley, a charming
young lady of Liberty R. K. I). No.
2, has gone to Anderson county on
a visit.
Don't cry Mr. , sh will
be back in ah- ut ten days.
Oh my, it will take a dragoman
to tell what Cony will he. At
Hist, he tried teaching school; second,
he tried niu?lyi..g medicine;
third. hf> ij vim* .>
1 --v .u . ? J ' VV vj viuin
ture like lie might I e preparing for
t!io ministry, and fourth. lie has
l con trying to marry, we disrentenibor
exactly lurv long. CV ny
spnko of Jonah; by the way, if any
one will take a retrospect of his
writing they will readily sec that
he has" lK>en V
life. Yoh, Cony, wo think von
needed one of those gourds, a patent
b<>o gum or somotliiiisr el?o to
crawl into at Fair View last fifth
Sunday. You know it has been an
unwritten law in this'State that
0110 girl at a time to talk matrimony
to was enough, saying nothing
about walking with two sisters,
mo on oach side, and proposing to
nacli one at the same time, Wo
can ne\er cure you unless you will
follow instructions, though we will
sontiuue to look after your condition
so long us you call lis in. Ii
Driven To Dcspcratinn.
Living at an ont of the wuv pluttc. remote
from civilization, a family is often
Irivfii to desperation In cast- of accident,
reuniting in Hums, Cut*, WouiuIr Ulcere,
2tc. Lay in nsnpp'yof Ihieklcn's Aruiea
^alvc. It's the best 011 earth. -'Go, at
Picki uh Drug Co
Pleasant Hill DolsWe
had a good lain the 20th of
May in this dry parched country
sf ours.
Rev. W. T. Abbott preuulied an |
iiiHtriictivo sermon to an attentive
jongregation at Pleasant llill on
'.he fifth Sunday in May.
There will be an all day singing
it Ploasant Hill on the fourth
Sunday in June. Kveijbody is innt?d
to come and bring1 singing
)ooks and aluo br:ng well fiilled
npki.tfj, and come to stay all day.
rho song service will bo conducted
>y 1'rol. \V earns.
The rain on the 29th made the)
5 cent cotton shine. Wo will call
t. ir> cent cotton il we don't get
?nt live cunts tor ih
The in embers of I'leanant. II ill
lnucli are having now s sits put in
heir houso.
The Sunday se,l.o?d at this p'sice
s progressing nicely.
We sire gl <1 to s?e t hblockade
vhtskey going <?111. <>l tlin country,
t would he a blessing if there w.n
lot a drop of whiskey in the State;
t would save many a dune that
>ught to ho spent lor bread for
ome man's children. While we
ire confronted on ono hsmd by
vlint is culled legal dispensaries
.nd on the other hand government i
listilleiies the churchec have them
.11 to contend w itti.
Well, V, we linvHii't that l{. |
<\ 1). yot, at.< 1 tho kmiIs aiH just '
in bad hh cv?-r, mo coin.) on V. with
'our itnm.q. Tliiit. I'hI low I?kiI,k'
oiks >nie; Ins girl went back on
lid). Cow liov.
From Mica.
I will give you a few dots ibis
Our crops are looking \v< I! bineo
lie rains.
I guess wo had as well stop <n
lie old money question an Illue
Wyes nettled it all with a piece
loo yearn old. Wonder if (Jolum>'.is
didn't bring that Willi bim
rVhen ln? c>im?? on bis vii\ag of din*
iovcrv in I H'2. \W bavn no.bing
nore to say ab< ut <>|il money.
L. I>. WilliaiiH ami family visitel
at K. T Edons' last, week.
.1 \f 'Turner timl wi-ter Mis?
Minnie, wore visiting in ti is s?*cion
lust Su nday.
JO. T. KU'Mih had irirtli p datoen
lit* 20th of May, no lie,inn yet,
A isirtfe crowd whs jr?'8Cnt at
dt. Tabor on thn fourth Sunday,
.iid I tell you now huggi hik! 1
ilk dr?H?CH wen pluiitilul. We .
ee no reaso.i why ih.) wedding
lollri i i??pt. (lot your
lOtvrtB right, boys, a? tvtijy thing
iwiff? .
seeing to be in readiness with th<
Mro. J, W. Turner unit daughter
Mins Kt hoi, visited in this sectioi
lust week.
WJiilo it seems that our cominis
si<>n--rs have been cussed and dis
cussed quite enough, yet we fee
Compelled to say a word in regarc
to some of our roads in this settlenient.
Of course we do not lool
for the chaititans to be nut 01
these roods, as we know that the>
e.xn't work all tho roada in th(
county, l>ut we do think that tin
money that was paid out on thos*
n>adn should bo expended in working
these ,Kame road*. So gontle
mm of tho hoard of commissionem
all we ask of you just now 13 thai
you give us at least the money back
on our roads that wo paid out 011
them. Wo don't think this if
asking too much of you. One road
wo vi>-li to CmII e^pncial attention
t?i is tho road from F N. Joiipb' tc
Mrs. Kebekah Williams' a distance
of moro than throe inilos. Now
this road is a public road and hue
been for nany yearn, and is a u.-e
ful road to mill, to markot and to
church, and wo fail to see why the
commissioners aoem not to notice it.
I have been looking for them to
come around seeking vote*, but I
"tney wait until
the road is patched up if they want
lo got through anyways easy or
safely, and aw Some olio has aptly
said, we may remember them at
il. ? I ll -i I-- * -
inu uauui uox 111 .august.
Tanta Bogus.
A (ilront 1111 lor.
Olio of tlio greatest of rulers is the liver.
It governs Iho human organism.
When tlio liver is out of ouler the whole
system l? comes diseased. Kr-ep your
liver healthy I y using Iiydalo's Liver
Tablets. Tliey cure nil liver trouble.
Tltey eure constipatiou. Your mou<y
back if they do pot give satisfaction.
Pmm Civ Miln
I Will \J IA iVIllGa
I will again endeavor to give 3*011
a lew dashes from this little burg.
Most of the farmers are done
thinning cotton. Wo finished thinning
our cotton 011 the 25th of May
and just stepped into our syrup
cane patch and went to thinning
it out. I wonder what Whito Rose
in doing; I guess she would say
something about my patch if she
could only see how (ino it looVs
Mrs. Ida Davis is Vurv ill at this
B'?rry Smith of Anderson, wan
in our little burg last week.
Horn unto Mr. and Mrs, \V. li.
Xorris on tho .'list, a fine boy.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs.
A. D. Mann is some better at this
wi iting.
Reuben I'arrott lost a lino cow
one d iy last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Farm?r of
r J? ? T> ^ I. 1. 1 11. t - *
v-uiui i u k, vimicu lue uuine 01
Rob rt Mauldin recently. It Htem
like old times to have them with
uh again.
Little Luther Garrett haw the
hiiia 11 |)ox, but is getting along fine.
Crops are looking tine since the
good rains have come.
John Nix lobt a good cow last
\V<> had the pleasure of visiting
t.he city of Seneca last Friday.
Wheat will soon he ready for
harvesting, and is looking line.
Mi&f Mary Trotter, a popular
young lady of Liberty, was the
gneat of her friend, Mib* Sophia
Mauldin, last Saturday and Sun(lay.
I wMi Farmer's I>oy had sent
some of i hose squirrels over to his
poor friuiol.
Blue Kv**p, Ann Kicesser teems
to iliii.k thai Forest Hopkins djd
not dr? hh that hog l>v himself.
Kohert Manldin lias purchased
himself a new top buggy.
I free whore lucle Tom in right
in bending in liis items. There is
nothing I enjoy more than reading
ilio items from all the sections.
Mrs. It. \V. Willimon has the
line.st cahltnge patch we have Seen.
I would like very much to know
thoMH girln who htarfod t ? make
the leap year visit, nn<l their hearts
failed them. Farmer Hoy, if thny
go let me know it through The
Sentinel Journal.
Old Riddle.
How's ThUT
We oifer One Hundred Dollars Howard
fur any ease of catarrh that cannot b?
cured l>y 1 fall's Catarrh c urt'.
K. J. CHENKY& Co..Toledo,O.
We, the undersigned, have known K.
J. Cheney for the last 15 yearn, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all bin*,
ness transactions and flnaneiully able to
carry out any obligations made by their
Walding, Kinnan & M irvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Cjitarrh Cure is taken internally
noting directly upon the bio *1 and mil1:011s
surfaces of the system. Testimonials
Kent free. 1'rice ?f?c. per Isittle.
Hoard th? Ibe Kind You Haw Always Bought
) Are Your Luuga woitk?
Does the o ?agh, left by the 'grippe?
or tlie oold c<>ntraot?xl during the winier,
t Htill liuug uu? Itydule,h Elixir will cure
ionr ooiikIi aud heal yonr weak Iuiixh.
k kills tho germa thnt oauKft ohrnuiu disease
and hcl|>M uuturo restore the w<-nkened
orgoun to health. Trial Hise '2r?o. 4
Family nize OOe.
AunounccmcntK for t'-ongrettkiunn for tlie
Tliiril Congressional DUtrict ami fo' Solicitor
, from the Kltfhth Judicial Circuit, anil lor nil
k Couuty olllces will be inserted under thin heiui.
In# from now until the I'rlimiry Election for the
' buih of KIVI'. IJOM.AHS. Cash. at tho time lie
, notice Is handed in. J?o deviation from this
rule will be made.
fur UwllroMtl Com in I m* to iter
) I hereby aunoucc myself us u candidate for
the otllce of Kallrond Commissioner. Mubjcct to
) the State Democratic primary,
JOHN H. KA It 1.10.
Kurr IIoune of IUprei?ntA< Iven
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the
. House of UeptCseiltiiUvcs, I'lckens county, sub'
Ject to the action of the Democratic party nt the ,
\ approaching primary election. ?
^ T. J. MAl'LUIN.
'> I hereby announce myself acniullilute for reelection
to the House of Representatives, subI
Ject to the action of the Democratic party in the
primary election. J ASIIMOKK IIINToN. t
I respectfullv unm unce myself a camllila'.e
| for Mouse of KepreselitutlvcH from iMckuim
i'uu my, nmi piclne niyatelf to abide t!iu tcaujt
I unit Hipp rt the nominees of tho Democratic
party. I'RI'.D WII.UAMS
) ,
, K?.r Slier III.
I hereby announce myseif u cnmildatt' tor tin' 1
1 oltlce of Sheriff of Pit kens county. subject to
the action of the Democratic partv in tiie Prli
umry election. K. KRAXK I.OOI'KR
The inuny friends of A. JKKK WKUtoUN,
respectfully announce hiui ns a cauiiiiinto for "
Sheriff ot Pickcns county, subject to the action
of the approaching Democratic primary.
! ; liereby announce myself a camllilate for the ?
ollice of Sheillf of Pickens county, suL.U'c.t-tfi
tlie action of tho Democratic pat*--**!' ilie pri
luary election. ^ J.'O JENNINGS.
I hereby *;jtTOutioc myself a candidate for the /
ollietj -;,f shcrltV of Pickens county, subject to \
iWCaction of tiic Democratic primary election.
.il the solicitation of mnnv friends I hereby
auiimiuce myself a camliilate for Sheriff of
Pickups county, subject* lo Ilie action ol the
a< tion>of the Democratic piimarv.
\ I\ II. ItOGtiS.
I lierelA- announce myself a candidate for the
otlice of Sheriff for Pickens tounty, subject to
the action of tho Democratic party in lite prl
uiary election. DANI Kl. K. SUTIIKRi-AN I)
i _ ji_..
For (;leik of Court.
I hereby announce myself for re-election to
the office of Cleric of Court. Pickens county,
subject to the action of tho Democratic voters
?% *rv up|iium iiiiik !>rilllttiy. A. ?FUU?ii MUUUS.
Fur TrenmirBT.
At the HolleltHtlon of n few friends, but more
to my own notion, ami in accordance with my
own desire, I announce myself a candidate for
Treasurer of Pickers County, subject to the action
of the Democratic primary election
.1. I>. MOOKK.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for reelection
to the ollice of Treasurer of Pickens
county, subject to tlu action of the voters in the
primary election. IIKN'KY W. KAMI.
The many friends of JOHN' T. KKNNKl.l.
hereby announce him a candidate for Treasurer
of I'lckens county, subject to the action of the
....-i.. - ?
... ..iv- i.|/|ii.>iiniiiiK primary.
Fur Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for reelection
to the oflice of County Supervisor of
Pickens county, subject to the action c.f the
Democratic ptrty m the piimars election.
The many friends of MATTIIHW MKN DKM'KS
respectfully announce him a candidate for tlic
ottice of t'ounty Supervisor of Pickens county,
subject t.. the action of the Democratic primary
The mai.v friends'of W. \v. AIKKN respectfully
anni'iiii' c liim a candidate for the otlicc of
Supervisor <>i I'icketis county, subject to the action
of the Democratic primary.
The many friends of WI DM A M It. OATS rcspectfuilv
aliuouiice liim its a candidate lor the
otlicc of Supervisor of l'ickens county, subject
to the action of the Democratic party in the primary
We hereby nnnomlce KODI'.UT STt-.W AUT a
candidate for the otllce of Supervisor of i'ickOils
county, subject to tlie action of the Democratic
primary election. Voters.
The friends of MaJ. (i M. LYNCH hereby
announce him ns a can<li<latc for tlie ofticn ?,f
county SuporvUor <>i I'ickciiK county, subject
t > the action of the Democratic party in the
primary election.
For County CoiumlKHlonor.
The many friendsof N. It MOOItK. respectfully
announce him a candidate for the olllco
of Commissioner of l'lckens county, subject to
the action of the voters in the Democratic primary
At the request of ninny friends I hereby announce
myself a candidate for the olllee of
County Commissioner of Pickens county, subject
to the action of the Democratic primary.
I herein' announce myself a candidate for the
otllce of County Commissioner for I'icktti*
Vtwuniy, >uu]cri u? me action of the Itemocratlc i
party in the primary election. (>, W. liOWKN.
The iu a it y friend!* of <> r. KIKI.1> rospo<'tful- j
ly announce htm n candidate for I lie ollice of |
County <'ommisaloncr of I'lckeiiH county. subJii'l
to the action of the Democratic party iu the
primary election.
At the solicitation of my friend**, I announce
ui)hcIf a candidate for (lie olllce of County
Commissioner of I'ickens county, suhject to the
action of the Democratic parly in the primary
election. H. \V. HICK.
I hereby announce myself a candidate lor the
ollice ot County Couimlasloner of i'ickens
county, subject to the action of the Democratic
party in the primary election.
sam I, hocusI
hereby announce myself a ciin*lldntc for
County Cemmissioner, I'ickens county, Mihjcct
to the action of tiie Democratic primary.
The many frlendsof AU.I'.N It. STKWAKT "
iierehy announce him a candidate for the office tl
of County Commi-Kioiier, i'ickens County, subject
to the action of the Democratic voters at
the appmachiiiK primary. 01
I hcieby announce myself a candidate for ;i
re election to the oltliu of County Commissioner
of I'ickens county, Mlbject to the action of the "
Democratic farty In tlia primary election. 11
A. It. TAI.LHY, .1 It '
. it
for A uilltor.
I hereby Huoouuce myself a ramllilato for
re election to the ottlee of County Auditor for
I'tckeiiM County, mbleet to the votorn of the
primary election for I'icken* county.
Kor Supt. of Kil neat Ion.
I hereby announce invHvlf tt candidate for reelection
to the ottire of County Superintendent ti
of Kducation of I'ickeuH county, Mibjeet to (ho ,,
action of the Democratic primary.
I< T. IIAI.I.I M j 0
Kor Coruuvr. I hi
tty the HolieltMtlon of many frleni)*, I hereby ' |>
announce mycelf a can<ll<lnte for the olliOO of
Coroner of 1'lckenn county, aubject lo the ac- J
lion of the Democratic voter* at the approach' li
litK prlnn-ry election 11
Very retipccifully, (,
n. rt. I<AI(I\. v'
At lliu solicitation of inniiv friends I hereby Hi
announce myself an n candidate for the otllee \v
of Coroner of Pickens county, Mi hjo"t to the .
action of the Democrolic party In the approach- 1
ln? primary Klectlon .1. LKVI SANDKK.S. a;
At the solicitation o.' tnv friends i hkhIii an- "
notince inyKflf a i andldatc for the office of Coro- h
ner of Pickens county, mix! pledge myself to >1
abide the rosultof the Democratic i>rlinary.
.1. J. ('IIA .N HI
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the <!l
oilioe of Coroner of Plcke;;* county. Hubleet to I
the action of the Democratic party In tfi? nil
mary election. I*. C OAltTKrl.
We, the friends of li.VKNKY l( I'oKTKK respectfully
announce htm a candidate for the (,'
office of Coroner of I'icken* couiilv, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary election.
' Voters
The many friend a of JOHN JULIAN hereby an
onunce him a candidate for Coroner. I'letcns \
county, subject to the action of the Democratic i
votors in the apptoachliiK primary. I 11
At the solicitation *f many filemD I hereby ( '
announce inyself a can<lldate for tj>e olUce of m
I Coroner, I'Ic.kcun cour.lv, :.u?>Ject to the action |,
of the Democratic paily at t ie apnioachliiK
primary. Ii. A. pAkKott. t<
' -! <1
OASTOniA. l<
Bears the *in<1 Yoy Have Always Bought i c
' \ , I
o . > 'r*
ZJ&L 1
500 SUIT
We have just purchas
md will put them on sale at
This announcement 01
Some of these Suits a
he garments bearing their n
We have marked on
lave not bought their Spring
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jreetivi lie's Cheapest St<
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II A I OVj 11 I I VI ? ? V-. 11 I I Oil V VJ
lent il .1!
Card of Thanks.
Mr. Editor: l'luaso allow tm?spa
i) your paper to thank I ho I>au
'I'h of the Confedoracy for kiudmud
favors shown mo on Juno JJr
iid especially f n* t!io cross of honi
ioy prc'ScnI<1 to me. I think so mui
I it that money could not buy
iu iivt: iu wo uuuiuur ifii
in in 100/),
I remain yours,
\V. It. Garrett.
Triumphs of Motlcrn Smirery
VVoudeifnl tilings are done f< 1 I
Muan body by. surgery. Or; aim n
tkon out ami scraped and policed ai
lit b ok or ihey may b lomoved enlii
i; bono* nio spliced; p'pos take t
laco of disoiscd sections of veins; an
plio dressings nro applied to woilm
ruises, bnrus like injuries heforo in II
mtion pels in, which enures them
eal without nmlnuition and i i one tin
10 limo ioipiir< d by tlio old litatinei
hnmberlaiu's Pain Ifri'm nets on tl
inio principle .It in an anti-eplic ai
lien applied ( ) such injur.cs, o,?us
urn to iieal very quickly. It also a
ys the )iain ami soreness. Keen a lie
o l'ain llalui in your liomo and w
ive yon time and mo'ioy. not to i.ienJii
m inconvenience ami sufl'ering \v'n
lull injuries out nl. For a do by Vie
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lendersoii Co
>ed a lot of about five hundred Suits
exactly HALF PRICE.
Light to pack our store ior the next V
re made by the largest Clothing M
ames are sold right here in Greenvill
ie Times the ]
them. This occasion is indeed a fo
A SI 0 SUIT FPU $5, AND A $15
s & i i i :.m >r\ cos
tre. 100 N. Main 8tr
[q and su,
r your Spring Suit. Two piece Suit:
ne made of "Milton Cloth." Evei
line. : : : :
t /'
al Clothing:
>thing is famous in all the
riority in style and fit and
: best tailors are employed in
each garment is inspected
ihovvilg a variety of styles
.1 through.
>r a big shipment of llour this week
you money. Call and get our pricc
ruce-Morrow (
i BE
I T 8 Ml ET
ii- I 1 B W E Basra
Your Fruit Jars
^ Extra tops wh
f Plentiful.
I Oaig Bt
* One-r
N 8?
'ca BUSY
0?.% ' - ' .
* I
at Fifty Cents on the Dallar, ?
wo weeks.
anufactures in America, and
e at
rtunate event for those who
cet. Greenville, S. C
r. ~11 *1- *
r. aiu an uie rage ana
*y suit guaranteed. It
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that was bought before
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, Rubbers aid
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EE WHIZ," 1003 IN A
'ce Cash r

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