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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 15, 1904, Image 2

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4 Sentinel-Journal.
-^-Journal Company.
Kicuev, Props.
..OMl'SON, KuiTOn.
'.00 Per Annum.
'g R'ltca Kcosonublf
?1toe as Second Class
will in a few
bout $300,000, or the
noy allowed l>y Jaw lo
. iiuy vow. A loau of
0,000 \v;is (fficted some time ngo
the payment of tho pensions nr.tl
\A \ - _n ? ? ! *
wuno mi 01 ill is wns not used, the intercut
on State bonds will l>o clue
soon and it will be necessmry to bor
row some. It has been found that in
borrowing nil tint can ho borrowed
is saved, no the rate of interest is
much lower. It is thought thai there
will not bo tr uch difficulty in making
ends moot this year as tho tax money
will bo;;in to com? in just as the
)">an is exhausted. Despito this, how\*lho
appropriations aro oviir
.000 greater than last year and
is no government claim of $90,to
holp tile Sti\Jo out.
TllA (lflllniini'ntill nvnnnlitin
lee of Charleston county ought 'to bo
verely punished. It has established
"ollowing schedule of assessment
'he candidates* this year: Con
n, $500; sheriff, $500; clerk
V200, coroner, ?150; solicitor,
stature, $30; treasurer, $100;
NJ00; supervisor, $50; inu.sto' ,
" Wintendent of education,
><( > v
' vilitor' in heaven,
* * '
an eeany in nil Indiana weuu.. ,
" though how he got there the Lord
only knows, but it in supposed ho
rode in on a blind baggngo or got a
pas? When they found him they
'o turn him out but ho refused
"hoy hunted all over heaven
'yer to serve him with eject>ors
but they could not lind
editor held tho fort iiml
- dayXJ.
A writer in tho Edgetield Chronicle
Biya tliat tho only exhibit from South
Carolina at tho Ht Louis fair is the
famous Whito Stono lithiti water.
Glory! It wasn't tho "chemically
.puro" at any rate.?Aiken Journal
Kan- 'poo"
on tho *v?'Mor f)t n
ado u[j i ""Utli
m tho .) ObHorvort
an<1 ,n \t forgotten ti.,
n start . ..
tie oars > 1,10 raco u"1'
miner,**-with ten com
' ^arj, of 150 holding prim
('huriotte Ooserv
i South Carol
.-"hot to deith,
ho j-iil yard to
Greonvillo f
onr from Tedd
. Convinced thut he
it his pnily give
mi. - i 1
v /
Report of Architect C. C. WilsonGovernor
to Have Examina4inn
UUII mnuci
Hero it in ngainl Tho state
hoiHO tr<uble8 continue. Now
comftR Architect Charles 0. Wilson
of the commisHion to cuinplcto tho
.state housH, and says that the
dome of tho stato house is in bad
shaje and that the girders supporting
the dome aro s riouely
ovurlondod. Tho Stato paid ith
goo.l hard money to put this dome
on the State houpe, and it looks a
if Architect Frank P. MilSurn,
who designed tlio woik in c|iii Stion.
ought t<> hliow that tlio comlemna?
(ion is without fi>rco.
Thero h.n already bean a very
groat deal eaid in the pren* and in
the legislature ab ?ut tho work on
tho State house, tor which the
Stale has paid, and now tho architects
are talking about tho work
b'ing unsatisfactory, which whs
the comparatively lonosoine posi
tion of Col. .1. Q. Marshall, who is
chairman of tho present conimis
sioo. Col. Marshall called on (Jovornor
Ileyward and talked the
matter over with liini, and, after
receiving the formal ronorts.Gov
eriiOr Hey ward said, in commenting
on the situation :
"Tho roportof Architect Wilson,
submitted to n?e by Chairman
Marshall, of tho commission tor
the completion of the Stato house, 1
comes to mo as a great surprise, as
it no doubt will be to the people of
the Stu o generally. Should this 1
report bo correct tho livos of those
who fr< quoiit tho State house are '
in danger, and the property of the '
State in also in jeopardy. This
certainly pres-nts a condition
i. : i * 1
niiivu, in my jmigiiK'iu. require^ 1
immediate and most careful attontion,
and I deem it my duty to 1
tak^ ;'lt 1>a | f vo the dome tl>or- 1
oughly examined and the report of
the architect either verified or disproved.
At tho last pension of I lie general '
assembly a certain amount was appropriated
for extraordinary ro- 1
pairs on tho Statu house and heating
plant, to be expended by tho 1
governor in cute of emergency requiring
. . From this hind 1 proposo
to secure tho services of a
tliorougly compotent and rtdiftble
architect, one who is not a resident
of this state, who fchall look most
carefully into tho tufety of the
dome and report to me as soon as
"There remains nothing further
to bo done, as far ps 1 can see, until
such nil examination and iepi-rt
has been made."?Columbia Cor.
Nowb and Courier.
Dots From Murnhv.
\ r>
\$v. 1^:1 i tor: Ah 1 have btMMl I i
iiv?n? this burg in some
,V \cov\Vvtyi us live in I'ickoi s
1,1 \ "NVe yOu a low dots.
mU\ ,V1 .o ^'jjo ri.in and (he <
^)Vl* \tvod ctoVB ~ i) thf ir work,
fltvW \ 'Vbe c'"iror.nt).
S?*?\NV1\? J?' "'le-'lanetv
J>?W? ; r
,?'?? W" ""
\,"ia?\iw^c u
\ J
Stewart Dots.
I havo been t< o bu>y to write
any from our thriving littlo community
reoontly, l>nt jis if is min-j
ine today T pra?p tho opportun'ty ,
and attempt to lot. jou nil hear
from this socti >n again.
Crops aro fino ut proscnt. Tlio
much needed rain which f II re- J
c?-ntly was very refreshing t> tho
f?TV\?\a J I /I /* . -
VI r?. \1 ^.UUUU.I.
There h no news of in teres b to
write, nt I*?nst wo know of n-iii'1,
for wo arc so very liusy fighting
"Geii'-ril Green'* we do i,ot have
time to learn any news.
Sfveia! from this Cvinmunity nt
tended part <-f tho l??tit meeting
recently held at Central l>j Rev.
On account of the ?eri< lis illii' Ps
ol our |.n8tor'B mother in law tin re
was no pieachit g at C*n|? lhll tilth
Sunday morning.
J. J. C?pjl of Pi*dmon', vi.-it-Ml
in this section a f -w daya a^o
Misa Ida Finley \isit<d her
cousin, Mrs. Alex, llubineon, ol'
Easier, receutlv.
Several from tKis srction at
tend* (1 tho (> 1*1 soldiers ri uinnn in
I'ickeiH Kriday, and report a nice
Wheat is almost ready f??r harvesting.
The health of our community is
very good at present.
C. B. Fmley has treated himself
to a iuc'3 nesv buggy. He's not a
candidate for anything though.
Mrs. Jodie Craig of \Vestmint,ter,
is spending awhile with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Craig.
Mrs. W. S. Craig and son, Wili;A
4i.. ^ ~
in-, vinituu uiu loriner a son, 11, C.
Craig, of Charleston, recently.
Airs. ii. C. Mauldin listh been
vmy ill, but wo are glad to report
tier better.
J nines II. Powers who ia attending
school in Spartanburg spent
two weeks with hih parents recent- |
Lucy Mauldin enent several
rl,?yn with relatives and friends in
CVntral Intel v.
Sav. Uunchy, what nro you do
ing that you have ceased to write
to the interesting ai.d always wel
come Sentinel-Journal? I.ei'n hear
from y?ni.
Edwin Gaiins of ('. nlral, whs
in our ounmunity last Tue*(!a/.
Miss Maitie Howon, aftor spending
several weeks with the Misses
Nimmons', has retuimd to hor
home in Pickens.
Krnestt Alexander htm treated
himp.clf tf) a new top buggy.
White Ivoeo.
Hughes Happenings.
Mr. Editor, as this section seems
not to be represented in your valuable
paper I'll try to send in a
bit of Hewn, for it will not <1 > t<>
get 1 ehind.
Croj'H uro looking well sinco 111<*
r.iin i lid wheat is lit-ginning l?>
ripen. At present il looks like we j
can have l>if?ciiit a <lny this- j
boason, anyway.
Lawrence 11 ud h' ?i? Ikih lji-cn nick,
I>nt is belter at present'He
Hinging at Kaiiv.ew the
" 'lav ? * o e so"' I' ii( V'
A Few Remarks.
I,tulles and GahOeinuit m.<l I I
low noMiera of Mm 0' 11 Ttvl*'r.*cy:
Having be>*n tliatuib *<1 in my
tlinnolitu 1*.. ...I. '
, wy oviiir; I * 111! W II Dili I
hid bo<*n In tlio dispensary,
broke my Ii 11 > of thought
an<l si3 111 v eulij <;t wuson :i in it tor
that should bj 111 .roughly niiaIvjcmH
sitid 1 roj) >rly pivmit d lo
our minds tliat wo may iCC'dvo tho
b 'f-t r?s.u'ta in tho <ntl as it has
Kjooi. jropoily *aid, making u o o!'j
tho bcSt means to ficcnro V.ie l?e.-:t.
ond is wisdom \Voll l hi?n, would !
il not b-? j>Vi ifitab'o to deal largely!
in that little article, lov '? for tho I
mora wo i.hh it the more it grows:
and pprinds. What is love? U is
doing '..o others a1- wc would havo
thorn do to u3; in liko condition it
ill 1 >: < i r I'lltlt itnl In ..1,1 1? I . I..I 1. ? 1
. - . II.M IKIUIV 1IMI IH'I[M 111 to
l!ie needy and holpl'cs, l>ut to jn.t
it in the 8tron??-8t Umiub. it is to
1-ive tlie Li.nl our Oi.d wi(li all tho
licsu t, "niinl and stiength, uiid our I
uoig!?ln?rti as our8oivc<s )l wo < xptoi
to ac c<m i|>l ibU 11 ?< f?r?'!it?-8t g';od t li at
God has p'tituifd cm I' i us id tin.
sacrifice of His only koii. Now, if
wo, for whom God gavo lli-? 8<>n.
do not honor II im sinco His death
lias rtthionn-d us ll'jtn und. r the
curso of (!: ' law and made it |>os?:?
r... ~ii > .i
oiu.o ivi ???i ihu.i u> no salved Wit 11
an everlasting ealvnlim, but we
must. hon< r Cod by following the
teachings which God gave His son
by which wo imiy overcome that
o\il nut lire inaugurated I?y the
devil iii that he ma do our old
mother live beliovoa he.
Now should we old veterans n t
be very careful to examine our til- ,
1 <r and see whether thny will sla-.d,
are they indorsed by Christ's tearhin^-,
have we the witness of I Lis'
spirit bearing witness with ours j
ill jit, wo are His? Do we love t lvi> I
1'ivlhrci.? That great t?*aeh?-r to1.i.m
what we mutt do and what \\?;
cn\\ do if wo are true follower:- of
11 in, and if ?e Say wo lovo l lim
and halo our brolilora _tlio word
says we are liara an<1 tlio truth i*
not in ??s. Wo all road that if we
have not the spirit of Chiist we
aro i.one ol His, why? I erause
Christ is Love. Kruia tli > b^gin
nil x and all thriugh, w? ciin b oh
back mill sue the special !<>v.> ai <1
providence. la lime <?l batOtl e'
bulla Hying thick all around ua,
our brothers fulling on t.lvi rnjdit
and left, but we ilro m aied li\m^
monument" <>f G? d'a !<>ve and
goodness. Lot t!f) J ru>c (?ud iroin
whom all bkusii^ flow.
I will now givu ft slw.rt chapter
on the power of lovo .is slmwn at
otir unni vernary .Inno od. Tin
good daughter* ;i?d hi?t->> ??f i)*?
Contodnrncy Imvc 11 nit?vI 1 i a l>. n<!
of Jovo t<? I iff t"\v lion >r on tin
dead a.id living so!di> rs nf lint c mledorac/
4?y p' i':og t.h ? cr >.j< < !
honor on nil \v!i-i nnul?> proper application
t >r Ifl I ill. I! 11?
y at n < at u tahln of l l).< r own pn??
paring 1 >1 l"i wit 'i ail tlin go.?d
tilings that, our niaivoi c >uld fm
n hIi. Wo did e><t and who satisfied,
nii-1 lolt tlin::Lfill that tho
good Lord had prrpnrud an anti-|
do to f? > * " - ' U Wliof
Aiinouiitfenient* for roiit;re:<Niimii for tlie <
Thlnl <:oni?rosvj<iij,?l l?i im-i ami for v iltnilor |
fioniliiu .1 u<lK'inl ('ii.Mill, mill for nil'
< '<?unty olllces will l-o :.itiorII n;i?lor I'iih IichiI1
is-I from now mill! tliv i'uiiiii.y lo'olion furliit'
mi iii of I'M VI'. I)i)i.l.\ l< ;. i Us:i. ut ilie t iiac lie
noti'-o is ImmU'tl in. No lU-viniiou fioni iliiv
hi it m ill lie iiimlo.
for lt?llr<?n'l ?. o<n
I,l? < l?y hiiIioiii'o my U4 ti ciiinliilalo foi
Ih^oHlci- oi HuillO:nl . il:.:i;i.-.:iioilcr. MlliJiM'l l?i
tin* DiMtlO.-r.llli' i>lla'tlry.
.itillN ;i i:.\
For II <i il?ii t l!< |in".? i t i I v *
I liorol y itiiiior.iK'U ii*y: : !! i< imiilMilte f ?r t a?
1 Isi'i.-o <>t ItnproM'nt , I'li'ki'iis county, Mil'
Jv< l t'l tlu> anion ol i.H- 11 -Mid T uii- pari., nl lilt ,
approachlm: primal V * : 11
r .1. MATUMN.
1 licroSy nnuoiilii-o lay.M-it' ! u liilnt<> f< r n
fiction to tin' Ii ? e <?i Utvri'MT.tiiti.o., .-;r
ju t to tlio in tloii ttic l)cmo( ratio party in tht
lii'iuiiirv oii-i tioii. .( AMlViOltl* III.NTON.
I n--ipe<'lfiV.',y a .ik.iii'I'i* . '\mc*If ii (' tniliilnlp
lor I loti mi of I * c j > . iMittivv from I'lcken*
ro? ily, r.iiil p!i'.i?.' myself l>i ulilriti Hie ri'sii|t
uii't iij |?. rt tin* iioiiiitic'c." < t tlis* Deinocriitu'
purly. , I iti:i> Wil.iJAMS
I ' ! i -?I f i i It".
I lioicliv iiiinoi-.i < " i. > is! a i iidii'r.tc for tlie
olli'i'ot shot ii'. i ! I'll U'r.s county, ulijoit to
tin- nri i-> 11 of tlio I hi > i? iv | im\ in t;ii' I'ri
mnry clcctton I I |{.\NK LOOI'KU
The him y fiictt?l of \. .11 I * I- WKI.1IOKN.
roHpiM'ifin \ i.in.oiu.' i Mm . a i iiuliduti' for
si t rill "l I'll1'... 'it county. k'ct t i tin? iK'tlon
of II.c.iippioi.i . iHK IIOII ri.'ita! |>l illllirv.
'. licit' iinou'icc niy -clf a ?i*11>t..t? for tlie*
otilcc ?.i hi.cilit ol I'll l;t-in vonnty, Hiibjool to
111" ui'ti of : Iloiiinc::il* i!? II.> pit
lit n v ! :. i lion. .1.1' .II.NMNliS.
I iicn liv a;in unco nt>>i'ii c. c iii<IM?ilc for the
ofilco oi .Sin-rill' of I * i !;< . :r.:.tv. u 111 < > I to
me ucc'in o( lhi' i >;'iii?)i ml i?i iv olee'tloti.
At t'.c Mi'lcitiii.on of hi.nr.' frUiuls I hereby
IlltlioUllCe lii.vm'il ii i':; i'liil.tc !nr Shetill' o'l
Pickens <'MiiiI\ >-?il j"i t to the lictloii ot the
ut thui of the l>eu.ocrutl< | liin.rv.
i'. ii. it?xi(;s
I lien i'.iiii.hu ye!:' :: cr iliilute for the
olHeo of SI .c 11IV 'i'! I'i I: i i; < ill lily, Klllijcet to
the r. i'.n of i!i IVmocriilic party ::i tiie j>rl
unify Cluctlon. IAMIX K. ^I TIIKHIiANI)
l''ll( rinill III Court.
I herel v r .iiotince myself for re election to
the oif.cc < i rieii; of imirl. Pickens county,
Milijivt f the action of t'no Democratic voters
ut the npjiroachlm: prim.try A. JOHN ISOlitJS.
i'?>r Ti ?'it nui r.
At the solicitation of a few fricii'ls. 1 >111 morn
to my <>\Mi M.tion, iuhI in iiee<>r<liiiiee with my
own <le.?lie. I ii:::i 11 e myself a famlitlnte foi
Tie.iMiier i,: p.finii'ity. HX'ltJfel to the action
ot the Deiii'K'iitti" |?riinttiy en '.ion
.!. I). MOO UK.
! lie^i !>y iiiun'.uiu c myi. If a eamlMate lor rei.iii
i i the otltee nt I'reiiMtrer of I'ickenI'oiiutv,
- :hjc? t to th.i i' ti'.in of the voternin the
pyhiia'ry i-le.-tioii. ItKNKY \V. I-'AUK.
The si.my trlen-K of .lolIN T. HXMll.l,
IJeiehy nllle'iniee It tin .1 r:un!iiliite for Treasurer
nf IM<"V eo'ii'.ty. Mihjv."! to the uet'on of the
!K-ii.nerattr party at t'i. a{>i>i .. riling primary.
fur Su|ivm !??or.
I he'ehy amount e m\ e'.f a e Hilnlo for reOlei'tion
t'o llie ofti'-e ot Coiiiity Supervisor of
I'i-lien* ewti .t.< Mihject to the net' * of the
Demoe t title pi ft v in I he pi i nuir - eiei ti in.
I. I), s'l'lil'll I;NS.
'I In- ninny fill-nl' of M ATT 111:\\ H KN i>KI('!\S
rc -|if: 'fully nntloutiri' li'...I II i'ii:iilti'.:ltL' f? > r t lit*
luYi'V hi' County sujiorvWor oi t'ii-liens county,
'iil>Joi t in the action of H i- lifiii intii' priiiiitfy
i'li < lion.
Tlio niKhy fi ieud < nf V.'. \\ AIKI'.N ri>s[ i'ctl
ii.'y ii111iimiiit i' liiiii H iiiiiliilrtto tor tlio ollice of
S!'|ii'ivi.-or ot I'icKcti* I'ouuty, subject to the notion
of Use ! ? ini .i'.ii?: I'llin.iiy,
r'.ii'iniuiy fric u'l s of S\ I l,l,l .\ M OATS rosj.i
tf'i!i v 11111111111. *lii-ii .in n on:i'ii lute tor tlu?
ol'ii i- ot -u|?im \ i ?or ol I'ickoiM county. sulijcct
to till :ii ii of till' I It'll: < ii> rii t it" I'lltlj II' till' |||1niiiry
V c lirrcl'> 111 IJi>HK!!T ' I'l.tVAUTH
i niiiil li.li'toi t < in liniv". or ol rii'kftis
I'oitiity. tin'nit Kin i.! tin' Hcnioiirntii1
prunm > oi Vuturs.
Tlio friends i.' i..J <; M. liYNVll li?.I
iiii-.11 liioi in-n i iimli li.ti' fo- tlio Hitler of
I Vhi i^j SiI|m-1 \ : or lit ! 'ii'kl'IIK county. Mllljcct
to 11. ; i * 111 u of tin- lieinocrutic |mrt> ill Hit'
|iri;iinry vlvctiou.
l or (' >onty <'oniui(itKloiirr.
Tin'mini;. friends of N ti MOO'II). rented fII1!
v iititi.> i n?-t' lit il n rim Itilnli' i.ir ill., .iill. f
ol t 'oiillllH-i'olier of I'ickeiis c.unity. sullied t?>
tin* nciioii nl ill voters iii I lie I >fiinn-rtillf prima
ry election.
\t Itii' i? 'jnos( of iii .ny fricn<lM I hercliy unn
.i;in c i;iy->eif n iilntc* fur Hit' oilii'i! of
<'.#inii> t'oiuinlM-lcMirr of I'li-kciiscounty. hiiIiJi-ct
lo tin' net ton of ilie* Dcinoi'riitic primary.
.Ii >11 N I'. SMI f II
I Icrc'-v ?? iiii?ii!; * hiyx-lf ii chihIIiIiiIo for the
...lii-o of i i.i.nty i oiniii.- iniirr for I'n V< n> .
" liitity. m. . ji ft t i itic' in i.. i.i ol ; ii dciiioci nllr
I .i.ty in (he ;>riii:uiy t'lt i'tlo:i. <. \\ ! ;N
'I li?> ni.iiiy fill ii< In of III' I II.I.;) respectful- I
y >.n oiili.c 111 til ii cilinliil I- I'm I lie o.lico of
i ?i Il|ty Coiiimlnjioiicf i.l I'lckt cmn.ty. miIij
< to the a lion ol tiie item i ii.ii party in the
;>ii .itry election.
,\i lie miIIc lint inn < ?f 111 > frh:iiii> I iiiinoiuiee
inwlf i. c?:i.!i l'.lc lor the oil. c of Coiintx
t'iiiiiii:U i iiii-r of I'ii-Won . cminiy. Mii jf : in the '
i. !i mi of tlio IXiiiiiiei.iln! piirly in Minim
elect Ion. II. VV( Kl< '
I lierel>>' ftMtiMitu ? my < '.! h e.ui li lute
olllre (if ('(iiliily ?'?.iiimlsnl(>:;er ( '
C-oll lit v. Mllijc t I" llll" ii' lld'l "I Hi
putty l i It.f primary election.
I h'-rci'V nut >
I oil. ! > <' HI
to Hie ?f?1
Arc you ready for ;
we are showing1 a nice line
will pay you to see this lir
| Or THE
'lilt: White Stal Clotl
]arg< r towns for its seperi<
S ilurib litv. None, but ilu? 1
I making this clothing and (
by an expert. We are sh<
come and let us show you
We are looking for
the rise and we caji save y
| Heath-I)!'
I 7JI..-J,
s jwtuL-ni, a cur f
tvvw zvrr. ozt r ; .a
a " ! have ir.cJ your Hair Vi?cr *}
5? for five :""i mil proacl/ h
ft flortsio v it'i it. Ii ? ?rl::i:i!y i :
J sum ;:, (l.c .- :! ! : S t < :<;r la pray '!
a hair. It I'.f : : v i;.i:i ^??fl. * * --Mr s. i
* Ho'it ;i Ki'i i iii:;', N; I' r'1' rv.i, Me. '
g beXi restoring coh:r to [
| gr;iy for flf ly years* j
j* and \i never fails to do r
I this work, either. J.
You can rely upon it |
R for , stopping your hair 1
* from falling, for keeping \
J your scalp clean, " d for
* making your hai - s, *yv. n
M II CO U A ? . vfc .. f,
* T3T ?? . * >
?; If yot:r ?ir.. //?*
I ; semi ii . omo (1 ' *>/;:
L you it bo": i-?. ,.',
5 of Ji?Ui' !.< ^
' V.
o and si
your Spring Suit. Two piece !
i made of "Milton Cloth." 1
le. : : :
yiNQ ft BIQ LINE... |
i! Clothing
lino; is lamous in all the
oritv in stvle rmd fit- nrwl
* J "v ilI,v4
)c;st tailors arc employed in
sa'ch garment is inspected
Avilg a variety of styles
a big shipment of Hour this \vc
ou money. Call and get our j:
Your Fruit J a
Extra tops
t QUARTS 65 "
' n
JflMER |
Suits arc all the rage an W<1
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