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. Happenings of a Local and Personal Nature.
I m?
?Cane seed $1.00 par buabol n!
the Newry store.
- A nvoof 1
? ioiuuioi nuiu IB UUW
going on at It. C. Carters, Liberty.
?Wheat is good and tho fanners
f We now busy cutting tho crop.
?Allan Durham bad a fine horse
to dio Tuesday from distemper.
?Tho blackberry crop, (ho old
printer's reliance, is reported to be a
big one.
? Harvesting lias commenced in
this section. The grain crop is up
to tho average.
?Don't fuil to read tlm nrl <>f Hi?
llobba-Hon 'ers^.. Co., on the lust
page. It will interest you.
?For Sale?A nice young milch
cow with a young calf. Apply to G.
A. Lynch, Cbnstain, S. C. .Juno H 3
? We are adding now subscribers
to out1 'ist nearly every day. Wo
still ' '0010 for a few more names.
':t o V ftro rather quiet
a number of the can
utting in feme good
celain top fruit jars GOe
the Nowry store.
>nuy ana kindly with tho
8 they make Uioir rounds
a pretty hard tyno ahead
Smith, who is farming
Daniel's place in Pick
ton squares on tho
Brown and
itizens of
nday on
rnnfili a
flJll 111)
a in any
<tdvertin< vv>^0^nml
x-^/liere to pret
Pelzor and
As f,)r a bi?
/ation ami lar^o
yill no doubt visit
^ >y<*>
amm*>k?'od " I
? -J
?10 pound box Browt^Mulo Tobacco,
$2.50 at the Newry spro.
?The crops tliroughouf tbo coun;
ty aro tine and the far mat have no
causa to complain.
?Tlio Southern railwy is now
putting ill a 2,000 foot aiie track at
NorriB to accomodate tboii increased
business at that point. I
T. W-i - -
?aj. ivwbh liiuion, a prominent cili
zen ond merchant of Centil, was in
Pickons Monday on busness. He
will probably move to l'ickus.
?1 qt. porcelain top frqt jars GOo
per dozou at tho Newry sto^s.
? ltuv. (). M. Abnoy filial bis appointment
at tho Pickens lethpdist
church on last Suuday moiling and
preached an excellent sernon to o
lurge congregation,
? Drink Red Hock Giger Ale,
best made. Refreshing in)igorating,
healthful. No dope no al(>hol. On
ico at all times at our Sod fountain.
Pickens Xrug Co.
?Tonoy Griffin, colored,.vho used
lo live nt Pickons, died t Toccon,
Ga., Juno 5th, aged nbou (50 years,
lie was a brother of "Dr." ion, Wesley
and Peter Griffin, of tbs place.
? Wo aro in for mod th& Mr A. J.
Welborn hos sufficiently recovered
from his recent illness as } bo able
to attend to his official dties, nnd I
ho wishes it known that lit is still in
the raco for Sheriff.
?Cotton seed hulls GO, per 100 ,
pounds at the Newry store
?H. Snider, jeweler, has agao lo
cuted in Easlev and opened up f repail
shop, llo will also curry anico
I tin a nf ?"? ' ' 1
....o in >Tjiii.ue?, ciocks fina jewMry.
Ho is a good workman mul cU eaves
tbo patronage of the people.
- Cotton seed tneal $1.35 a ia<k at i
i/i Newry storo.
?T. N. Hunter sA Liborty, ins 1
sold out his AtopK of merchn.idsc '
land leased hiaXtoro room to J .IF.
Banister of Cpdet^ieo, who will ti^co '
charge .July 1st. Mr. Banister if a 1
good lmsiuPRs mnn, awl he and lis 1
< xcolleut wife will l>o a valuable ifl- '
dition to tin social lifo of Liberty, M*. '
Hunter will retire, for awhile at leal, 1
fiom the m-rcantilo world. He his '
not drcidrd what lie will do, or who'o
l,o ,?;>i ?- -? t.u 1
i>ut no unci who w|l 1
probuoly become residents of l'icl- (
ons, whero tliey will find n warn ?
welcome owniting thorn. '
? At n meeting of the stock luld- 3
ers of the l'ickens Oil Mill held lore
Monday, the following directors More |
""'""ml: W. T. McFftll, L. N f
T "? ?!>. Urico, f
't. 1
The Summer School
Tbo Summer School for Pickens
county lenchora opouod in the Graded
R>liniil Imililini* M.in/lni- .????;
"UilUlUg ATiUilVlttJ UJUilUli^.
Tho opening exercises were i^ade iuteresting
by several excellmt talks
along cducalional lines made by liev.
D. W. Hiott, ltov. O. M. Abney,
SuptR. T. Hal I inn aud tho Principal
of the school. Up to tbis morning
juat 20 teachers huvo enrolled, aud ut
tiie beginning of noxt week, sovoial
others have signified thoir intention
of outoiing. The course this year
is one of tho most helpful that has
been arranged in the county for yearn
Tho model class is indeed a mode,
containing about '25 blight little boys
and girls and actual instruction i*
given daily in tbo most improved
methods of primary instruction. Tho
tencbers huvo entered upon their
work with a great deal of enthusiasm
and excellent work ia being accom-'
plisht-d. We will give a full liat of
teachers in attendance in our next is
hu. At our request the following
daily schedule lnib boeu furnished
im aud will ?ivo some idea of the
opportunities offered in this school.
Dovotiouftl Exorcises, 9 to 9.15.
Primary Methods.?Mies Hill.?
[)20 to 10.
Algrtba.?(Advanced) W.E. Dendy
? 10.05 to 10.50.
Sight Bingiug.?Miss Ilill.?10.55
to 11.30.
Pedagogy. ? W.E. Dendy?11.35 to
Drawiug.?Miai Ilill?12.10 to 1235.
Civil Goverumeut.?.W.E.Dondy?
12.40 to 1.05
Algroba (First Step).?W.E.Dendy
?1.05 to 1.30.
A Card.
Having been solicited by a goodly
number of my friends to enter tho
raco for the Legislature in tho approaching
primary, 1 tako this method
of thanking them for their support,
and to any to thom, that uftCT
inaturo deliherntimi on.l I
?v.vu) itu \ ? v 1*1 villi ulill"
jideration, and on account of other
L-cRpoiiBibilities which demand my attention,
I cannot enter tho raeo at
thin time, and respectfully withdraw
my name from further consideration
18 a probable candidate.
I will soy fuithor to my frier,d|f ,
:bat I appreciate more than I can
3ver express tho confidtnco which
i'od have shown that you have in me,
tod I shall always endeavor to prove
nyself worthy of a continuation of
four confidence.
A train thankimr vnn nn?
?-> ?> '?>?
or the honor you lmvo shown me,
iiul believing that tlio interent8 of
South Carolina in general, and of
'ickeim county in particular, will ho
' 'ni<>riled hy those you will
"*'i in tho next
From Cateechee. I
As the important pnrt of my
last communication wont to the
was'e basket for some cause <r |
o her, I will again resume my seat
to lot the dear readers of The Sen- I
tinel-Journal hear from this Bide
of the county. |
Plenty of rain for the past two
While we have been reading of i
destructive storms this spring we
aro thankful to the .Alwiso Ruler
that" we have been blessed in our
immediate neighborhood. We as i
a people, I mean the majority, are "
not as obedient aH wo ought to be.
We are too Bolfish, big I and little ^
you. Why, wo have people today, I
if they would express themsolves, "
that belicyo ii they had control of
heaven and earth, they could man- *
age everything better than the *
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
We have hoard men to ignorant,
or sinful, we don't know which to
call it, as to say if they had their
way they would lot it ruin on Saturday
night so the ground would
bo dry enough to work Monday
morning. We sometimes wonder
if the Lord could just appear hero
upon this world in person as he
once did, and preach a sermon
what some people would say about
him after ho was gone. Don't you
think there would be moro Fetors
than one?
Many thanks to Hon. Wyatt
Aikon for getting tho mail put
back on No, 11. Wyatt is making
his mark in Washington ami we
!iro sinnoi'olif "l"'1 - - ~
mat south CaV*
oiiiltf CD,!! boast of him being her
son. If he continues on as ho has,
lion. B. R. Tillman or Hon. A. O.
Latimer may as well make up thoir
minds to adicate their seats in the
^--Mr. J. F. Banister, who has boon
the manager of the company Htoro
at this plaeo over eineo the mill
first started up, will leave the lGth
inof for T * '
.-x jLjtuvn,y. nc nits nought
T. N. Hunter's stock of goods and
will continue tlie business there
at the same stand.
Mis. Justice, wife of J)r. .Justice,
lias gjne on a visit to relativos
and friends in Western North Carolina
-?? ... ,H fln jCH creaTO party at
1 Thursday night. The
"nests were, Mr. nnd
ris, of Hickory Flat
1 W. T. McFALL, J. McD. BltUCE, \
B President Cnsluer. M
\ PICKENS, S. C. %
L CAPITAL $ 20,500.00 B
I PROFITS 11,000.00 1
* DEPOSITS - - - *"?= """ -
- - IWU,VW.VW ff
By Careful and constant work the business of this w
Bank largely increases every year. ff
We solicit your business and will extent! to you
every reasonable accomodation. Ja
^ -.jii.An jjuuiv I)j',ru?l!i IUU LEAP"
EAnd yon will light at PICKENS, S. C., wliero lie now has the Largest
aiul Most Complete Line of
IIo has over carried. My trado is increasing every day. Fair Dealing
i and Honest Values. Tho BEST of everything for tho least mon<y is
< my advertisement. Never mind tho prieo of an article if its worth the
1 money.
Of everything ami you will learn by experience that Tho Best Is tho
cheapest. If you want nnytl iig in tho Mercontilo Line, If yon want
to buy a Lot or rent a Home, or buy a IIouso ami Lot, you wont lose j
j| auj '.LOuoj' ^\RPcing nio before you ronl:e a trade. |
luuin IKUJT,
II a v e J u s t
Received a nice lot
Window Shades, Bed Lounges,
Iron Beds, Woven Wire Cots, Bed
Springs, Stoves, Tinware, Crockeryware,
Lamps, Lanterns, and a lot of other useful articles
about a Home or Farm, and we invite all to call
on us and look through our Rooms when in town. It
cost nothing for you to look and we take pleasure
in showing you our goods whether
you buy anything
or not.
OF |
Consisting of till tb<> lat< st novolli<s in white goods nml etfloml !
Lawns and Deimitios, greatest lot of waisl ^<>ods ai.d 11lack goods
for skirts we lmvo tv< r shown. When i! o ni? s to clothings wu In.vo I
, simply 1)001) Wlllkifcr nlionl inn! ?<> < > ? "?i" "" 11 - - "" '
o , ..... V i. L U JUi'.J'. AIM) Ulg- j
gest and beat lino of clothing ever t-liowii in Piekcus. \'5*! try to in*
creaso our clothieg tiado em h year, and to do this we buy nothing
but tiiHt classclothiug. IT I'AYS I O IVUY TJIE 15KS P.
The good ?>U1 summer time is most hero and we will need all
kinds of summer goods.
Straw hats, serge coats and oxfords. Wo liave a complete lino
of oxfords for men. women and childrtn. Lome and p< l pour nizo
before they are picked over.
When you are in town don't fail to look through our lino of
Furniture, Buggies and Vv g- ns, We k< op a complete stock of
Furniture and bundle the beat lluggics and Wagons made. I.uy the
Mitchell and you will get the best. Yours 'i ruly,
Foiger and Thornley.
Clothing, Shoes tuul Gent's furnishing goods a specialty.
Soli; Agents for the Mitchell Wngon, Buttle Axe Shoes
ami Strouso ]?ios. High Ait < lothiug,
The Best Fitting (Totliini; in The World.
? -'
^ Soda Water Force j|
?) a gootl thing to have when the weather y)
// makes people leel that they have lost about II
\\ 5? Pc'r ccnt their energy. The U. S. 1 )is- )j
j) pensatory, a big nu dical book of over i 900 // ,
* pages says that soda water \\ I
II ' illtnyiii'.; // I
j! "Is n prenlfiil itrink t?i ii- SI
II Hint lessening iihusi>h uikI h
\l It you find your sympt<
IV are feeling feverish and th. j '
lj stomach lias gone wrcm^//
all the rest of you, the cure is at on. H
$ *2* SOM * fOUNT/UN I ?-tl
)/ Pickens DrisO" fomnanv
y ,
\\ ?Drugs & Stationery.:=2E^?
Spring & Summer
am now roa<ly with i complete lino of Spring and Summer Dry
Goods, Notions, Moii'h and Woinon's I ndorwoar, Hosiery and Shoes. ^ ?
1 weed my host judgment and years of oxpciione.) in buying those
good?) getting tho very lowo.st price possible, and now I propose to fl
givft my customers I ho benefit of my oxp-riouee and soil them Dry V
Goods at the
...Lowest Living iYiceypJ
^ My Dross Goods Slock i?i 111< host ! have ove r shown in ]
Rfe^s, in a range of prices from 10 cfiits t<> $2 a yard. 1 am showing
kjciiicL'st 111ack O.xkI- for Sinmni v w.-it in tin* market for 60
for you to compare my I yard wirtn lilack Silk
(?n saving lo^ftvufl
. I)I
^Lyon a l>ig 111i < o! l!)oin and at mm
:ui V\lil!(?S
fctel^ori ( , . !. Homo Big Values
1^. :.n,| will 1)1) ki'[)t al^B

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