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.. Entored April 23,1903 ftt Pickens, 8. O., na Booniul.olnsp mnltcr, tiuder act of OongrcRR of Rlnroli 3. 1879 C ~~ 1
' ' . -t ? ?? ! ? ^ \
vol. xxxiv pickens, south Carolina, Wednesday, june 22, h>04~ Nn , \
... .4M
rm.A TTl?.l 1T?? ?T???> A 1M -
auu jnuuu xuu niivo 2uwn;
^in use for over 30 year
All Counterfeits, Imitatic
, Experiment# that trifle \
' Alotonts and Children?K;
' What is <
Qastoria is a harmless s
|oric, Drops mid SoothL
contains neither Opium,
substance. Its age Is its
aud allays Fevcrislincss.
I Colic. It relieves Teetliii
and Flatulency. It assii
Stomach and Bowels, gi
The Children's PanaceaGENUINE
Bears t
/ C&a&fr
I^The Kind You I
In Use For
Back to the Ctry building,
hats and caps o close out cl
My Me;
I don't ha\; much time
a long time IV heard
There is ick in leisur
And I hopd'll meet th
And : ted Trea<
' I _
*"' SPRI G -- S
Iii^Ca** Loa
\Y< have ma
pajation Ir this s
Ever) Shoe W;
\ V * I
>^1 \rni*>a
' \ Will be ifown and 1>
j perfect LIU LIKE PH<
nn^ w 'isHMm
7B Bought, and wblcb has boon
s, has borne tho siprnatnro of
d has boon made undor his p?rlal
supervision sinco its infancy,
low no one to decoivo you in this,
ins and " Just-as-good" are but
.,U1. .. .1 4lw. llanUI. ?<?
T M. til i?liu ?;uuuu^\7& tmj juwivib V*
ipcrience against Experiment*
lubstltute for Castor Oil, Parang
Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
Morpliino nor otlicr Narcotic
guarantee. It destroys Worms
It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
tig Troubles* cures Constipation
milates the Food* regulates tho
vincr healthy and natural sleep.
-The Mother's Friend*
he Signature of
lave Always Bought
W "W
Over 30 Years.
I have some dry goods, shoes anc]
leap. I want to make room foi
at Market
lnd see mk.
to get around to see the boys, bul
at lucky streak,
DKS arc now coming in in
de larger and better precason's
business than ever
K.. ll.wl k?r ,,o
lilt Lilll IJ\. try un.
///'//////'/v/////// '/ /'f s 'f /
per ami sc<* what days
ring your folks and have som<' I
V i-:i ).\ehi>a \ ,
' / V's'////' 'f'y* / / yVS'S'tt's
^ D*~ n
Diver's Ghastlv Find Searching
For Slocum Victims.
New Horrors of the General Slocum
Disaster Constantly Brought to
Light?Corpse Wrapped in American
Piag?568 Bodies Recovered.
New York, June 18.?A diver who
today renewed the search l'or victims
on the Slocuiu found a deep hole in
the bed of the river practically filled
with bodies.
Within an hour afti/r the starch was
begun eight In/lies had been brought
to tbe surface, and when he was forced
lo abandon work for a timo. because
of the swift current, he stated that
between 30 and ~<t) bodies- still remained
in the hole. The diver was .searching
along the river bottom and had
reached a point near tin- foot of thr
sloping lawn on North Brothers island
where tho bodies of the first victims
9t the tragedy were laid last Wedner, |
fay when he found hoy oral bodies ly- ,
Ing together and at first t In* diver supposed
there were no more than halt a
dozen In the pile, but ou removing
fovoral he found a groat hole in the |
. river bed literally packed with dead. I
Ho Kays no loss than 30 bodies wll I
bo found when the tide again turns i
and permits a resumption of work.
This number, he sayn. may be Kit i'i 1
exceeded. One of the bodies taken
from the water today was that of
woman entangled in a large American
A Mar ll..> l??o,. ..I" ll.
the disaster t?? most carefully colli etoif*
datn shows that .">(>8 !><><Ii. .< have
been recovered.
Ropllas to Criticisms of Hie Conduct
During Fire.
Now York, Juno 18.?Of the money,
Jowolry and other valuables taken
fron> the (load ii> the General Hlocum
disaster OKKrcKatinK nearly $100,- 1
000. much has been claimed from the
coroner by relatives. There is one j
yaokage, however, for which- no claim
I h?s\y<'t boon established. It wan
fouumoii the body ?>r a woman at. Ilrnt
i supported to bo tbnt of Kva Kruger,
but has not yet been Identified.
The property consists of ei^ht
bank booliK. showing deposits of noar
ly $25,000; two or three life insurance
polices amounting In itll to about
$10 000 or $15,000, deeds to propory In
New York and elsewhoro and a considerable
amount in bank notes.
Tho dt (!:<, insurance policies and
bank books are all in tho uamo of a
person whyult would Kfitim, was <piite
different / n Kva Krugor, but tho
coronor ' i?luk the name secret foi
)*uii t ,'lharue of Wreckers.
I y n fdAi.iJ fe?f the conflict over thai
i / -^r*:?r
I /, "?rv, , it"1 Kxitorlancos.
i..'nnnti\n. 7,i >o wowe tlmn O
I'M av0rS '.'ft /r'0 will l>o Toiir ln?t? ,
."?h Wnn n '"""ifoiUitvionoo of Mr*. H. II. '
mv*oi), |) /'*/>eiJ Mn. "ForUnnoyenm" j
? WfitoH .V| "r? / red" iiiKir? r ?1>I?" pftin
**},iQdttftel, toraa. lt ?n<l Ik>wh
'ibie, jy^'oa, ? ?^a" ned inovitabl?'when
0h,?n<J-ii 1 ^*T6CV f'il'V'.i l?"': th
w ;*- > . * r?iho,i\'< >racl>n^ aim ? h.tcrf*
disposal of the wreck, the hull ha
been takon In charge b ythe distriot al
tornoy'8 office In order to collect al
the evidence obtainable. Announce
ment was made that tho authentic
would brook no Interference In thi
work. A wrecking company has beei
given charge of the hull.
Captain Van Schack, who Is lylni
at Lebanon hospital with a brokei
foot and severe bums about tho hcatl
has given out an Interview replylnt
to the criticisms of his conduct, i
having been alleged that he han th<
uvai. i u u iiiuuo jMi.Ti ft t IUU31
places whero it could have beei
beached after the llro was discovered
ric is quinCCl !\S IOHOWS!
"1 was in my cabin when snrao on
yelled "Fire!' through tlio tube. 1 ra
out, saw tlio (lames sweeping ovef tli
boat, ran back, waiting livt? ? "ond
and then gave the order to ri -i :ihea
to North Brothers island p-'id b?ac
tlio boat sideways, bellevinJf 'bis v/a
our only chance.
Ct'&ics Not Infor <ied.
"The critics do rioi* low the terr
tory. We wore more jhan 2,000 foe
?uiivrr inr lillU) t} 1)1 llie iUVttli
ow? and about 2,<>u0 fei fctatti'V Nortl
Brothers Island and weifcsifltant I 1
miles an hour. will bo I
"A short diKtance to the
was the large tug. I had no cholcc
but to keep on for tlie island. If I
had stopped and turno<J around and
gone back to the Sunlcfcn Meadows
the chances wore tbat the boat woulc
liave been burned to the water's edgt
ami tho passengers with it, before wt
reached the Meadows.
"Even if it would not havo beer
burned, the boat, striking the Mead
ows, would have backed off again anr
everybody on board when they jumpet
off would have been drowned In deej
water. And if I had ran to the' neclon
llie Hronx shore, I could not hav<
made fast on account of (he panic or
Tugs In the Way.
"I knew the water was very deej
there, and thought the people woulr
have no chance to save their llvef
by Jumping overboard. The tugs, a
any rate, would have prevented m<
iroin koiiik hi tnat direction wlthou
some delay.
"Previous statements havo been t<
the effect that the fire was discoverer
before the boat passed the Sunkei
Student Feared Hp Would Not Pati
Buffalo, June 18.?Fearing that lit
will not pass examination at the stati
normal, Maynard Lovell, 22 years old
has committed suicide.
He locked himself in his room at hi!
boarding house and turned on the gas
N. B. Broward's Majority for Governo
Is 714.
Jacksonville, Fla., June 18.?Th<
state and congressional committee me
seporately hero to canvass and re
l>ort the vote in the last primary. Tin
voie was officially announced as fol
For the Senate- J. P. Taliaferro, 24
0C6; J. N. ('. Stockton. 20,01)5. Talln
forro's majority 3,361.
For Representative in Congress-. Sec
ond District? Frank Clark, U.80G; J. M
Harrs, 7,330. (Mark's majority 2,47(1
Portland Mine In', dent.
Colorado Spring!-,, T^nn., June 18.?
Irving Howbert, vie president, Franl
(}. I'eck, seer tarytreasurer, am
Thomas F. Harris, constituting a ma
jority of the directors of tho Port
land (Sold Mining company have glv
en out a statement against Govorno
Peabody for the closing down of thi
Portland mine by the militia. ?.The;
say he acted without authority of th<
board of directors.
8heriff May Out on Bond.
Montgomery, Ala., June 18.?Sheril
Sim D- Mav. of (!rt>ii?hftw ennntv
charged with holding Matt Younfl
blood, a half witted nogro, In a condl
tion of peonage, was released on bom
at a preliminary hearing before Unll
<?d StateH Commissioned KM more. Th
government chargcft him with worklni
the negro after her line had been
mitted by the governor.
Shake Into Your Shoes.
Allen'8 Foot TCnso, a powiler. It otiir
painful, smarting, nervoim feet and in
'rowing nails, anp instantly takos fIt
sting out of oorns nri<l bunion*. It's lb
greiitent oomforhliaoo very of age. Al
ten's Foot-Kf ?e makes tight or (i?w shot
feet oan. II in a certain onte for ?v*oat
I fag, v <}n P'1 tirtiL& Veiling feet
Tt&*%fcl, ''V.aM
e s.
? Oi
Uprising of tlio Ckiucso Is Ro* &
* ti
1 garded Probabla. h<
- ! 1?
8 o?I
( vuiioiuvi cu mm uncrgctic Measured v'
a Must Be Taken by Russia, France j,
' and Germany In the Face of Possi. ai
ble Trouble In China. '}'
New York, Juno IS A Marseilles e<
tologram say*. that General Kiokotch- U
off. prefect of Krrlch, arrived there
Thursday night on a mission from thy hi
czar to tlu; French government and ai
tho German emperor, cables the Paris ai
correspondent of The Times. The j b
general said he was the bearer of an li
j autograph I<?ttor from the czar to Pros- P
; Ident l.oubot. and after handing It to n
j the president, he would proceed to w
j Germany.
General Klokotcheff said he did not li
come to ask the supo*-' v.vu in &
the pending couniCt, as Russia had v
absolute confidence in her own (in a I
success. V have come," he said "to n
ask your country, in the name of tho ' tl
engagements which unite us, to watch a
closely to the front of China in cas-o ' (;
of tin- rising which is apprehi nded. i g
an ' In order that you should be ready ' i<
I tr .11 nd our efforts."
VI, Moral believes tho Chinee tl
,vlll . <"i r " and that .consequently n
onei t, m asuros must bo taken h- |
1 {t. . i. 1 ranco and Gt rmany. Af- e
I .
i it-r publication of the Anglo-Jap- j
I jm treaty, a French-Russian note,
. w. ntnunicated in which it wa> i
I b'a tliat in the event of Frc*ne < f*
tron'uoo in China tho two allied gov0
j ernments reserved to themselves the j
. right to consider means to secure th' n
I (iplVllHP of th/ilr n '
, ? .Iin-imu 1 llt'iu IS. I K
tho correspondent adds, no other on- v
gagemen* between France and Russia f<
in regard to the Far Fast. o
t ! v
|. Na 'onal Committee?Fairbanks and k
ti apn?Vlce Presidency. ?
^ f"r - ...?/>iune 18.?Politics, even; tl
. not concern a national : w
.. in second place today i ?i
i>P?%Vtn the great najority of the? dele- e
gatus who were in the v"(lv and par,tic- | y
| ularly with the men who .came It'Ar Ul
I tho city this morr.lng. The greater '
number of them had just two (pics-' n
j tions to put tothe iiotci clerk. These sj
were: m
"Where can 1 check my grip?" and aj
the other was "How do 1 get out to p,
th.i d^rby?" 01
The rooms of tho national commit
tee were practically deserted save for a|
a few clerks who were there to attend (|
to the necessary work, but tho com- y
mittee were conspicuous by their ah|
sence. Senator Scott was one of the ,
Oral to put in an appearance and re- I
malncd but a short tinjo, saying as he 1
went out: I o)
"You know we decided vestcrdnv to
- t?l
hold a continuous csesslon u|til we js
4 finished up all contests, and I ret
marked to the other members of the ^
committee, I don't suppose any of you
' are aware that there will he a big Hj
horse race in tills town tomorrow. l
} | don't know whether they knew it be'|
fore I told them, but they know it |
. now. and I thlnU it will tip snmnu-hnl
difficult to obtain a quorum, it we ha<l
any business 1 at?* this afternoon."
Congressman James A. llemenway, 4
of Indiana, made the most speciHe *
statement today that has yet been (*
I made regarding the desires of Senator '{
' t Fairbanks with regard to tiie vice
i presidency. i c'
' "He will take the position." sai i j *'
Mr. llemenway, "but he will not ask
11 for it, nor will ho expn s? a desire for 1,1
it. lit? does not think that there u
should be a scramble for the office, n
and ho will accept af?.er he has been v
selected for it."
r "Does that nu-an that when the roll j n
of states is called for the presentation
31 of candidates for tho vice presidency
? 1 .. ...
v I mat Indiana will not present the name
of Senator Fairbanks?"
3 "It meann exactly that," said t ! ''
congressman. "Indiana will not pro "
sent the name of Senator Fairbanks or a
' any other man, according to thp pros- "
" ent program. If tho senator Is nom h
inntcd he will take th eplnce and that u
is all and I might as well add right
here that all attempts to got him lo '
' make a statement will be fruitless. He
will say nothing either way, but If the <
'Republican party desires to have him !
on the ticket, he will aecopt it after
4 he has boon chosen for It. That is "
1 as far as ho will go, and that Is as far a
as Indiana will go In pushing his can- 11
dldacy. Of courso, the state takes
Its cue from the attitude of the sona- "
1 tor. and the situation I have dcftcrlbt i u
B will continue until somebody Is noml- ' c
V nated for vice president." Cl
Dumont Bolleve sHe Will Win,
Now York, June 18.?Santos Dumont,
who has arrived from France on
* his way to St. Louis, to compete for a
' tho $100,000 prize which has/ been < ?
* fered by the exposition authorities, ex- d
pressed strong hopes for the success H
' of the contest. The date of IiIk at- n
tempt to navigate the air. depends, p
0 he says, upon how quickly tho express e
company can seno a:ong ni? airship- s
Ten. clays will bo required to put the o
machine togother. tl
H aiding Kvldcnce.
T,V?(h teBtimony in great qnnnity in
(in< ^ntly coming in, declining Dr.
, iui<! Now Discovery for Consumption
h tigliH and Colds to l?e unequnled. A 01
. resell! expression from T. J. MnFnrlnM
(i iWiitorvillft, Vs., ssr*ss as example, I.'e
\vrit4>?: "T lmd Bronchitis for Mireo
yeai*j an<i dootoffed all tbo tir. ;/J<^ \
uHnfK heniiitod. Tbeo I b<v ' . )'
- Dr. KjuV? Now Di8Qdvcry/^E?Plftin^
,. I '.F'tlos Wholly cured ?no.'j)tn^L nf tbo
s , fctiv-^y.J curiug all I<un/fl ??H9 J.
a 1 Clerk . Connuinption, I* ?" 1
P 118th c*nr\r.in^<-J bv"': fV^SL
harlcs McCoy, Chicago Broker, Kills
Himself at Jackeonville.
Jacksonville, Fla., Juno 18.?Chnr'.-vs
McCoy, a prominent attorney, with
fleets in the Atwood building, Ciiiea>.
committed suicide by cutting his
iroat with a razor in a bath w'.ij at a
atol hero.
McCoy, it is said, in the last few
iys had lost $10,000 by speculating
i stocks on Wall street through a loll
nir. Aiuv^oy was in .lacKKonvtlH1 tookig
after .i suit of John L. Davis
gainst the Seminole llurd ltock Fhoshate
To Judge Ch.tilen-. who was associat:1
with him in the case, he left a lot
sr, saying:
"During these months the demon of
[icculation lias had me m iiis grip,
lid 1 am as powerless to r< i ist it as
ny drunkard his drink, or any gamier
his game. The courhe I am taklg
is, all considered, a wise one. '
lease do what is needlul. Coniniuicaie
with Mrs. McC.'oy. 'J11G Longooil,
v.'ii lih" ur m.m'I ill I III* riiUIIl clL I lit J
otol wi tp bund .several letters, tofilter
with tho folowing that ho had
"Clock jiH't s'liiok r. a. in. in a few
linute.s more 1 i! We ready, i! 1 have
lie courage. 7 : !."??I am a coward
ftcr all. 10:05?Still i listing? ()
loil, have mervy, the way -I the transresKor
is hard, and tin wage of sin
3 death!"
Tho i.e.I was undis'iirliod, showinn
hat tho man hud not .dopt during the
McCoy was said to lie a man of oxmplary
1uch Interest as to Political Results
of Assassination
St. Petersburg, .June IS.?A solemn
tentorial .>civico for (jenoral Itohrioff,
governor general of Finland.
,'ho was shot Thursday at llelsing-j
)is and died yeste rday as the n suit
i ins wounds., was held at the minisry
of the interior today.
Much interest is manifested in the
oliticai resutls of General ilohriotT's
assassination and some of tlie '
'itmisii senators have arrived here for j
tie purpose of considering the subject |
'i'! os.. Tfio papers con-1
in" to 'i i, > matter with irreat
r i - mi \ he exception of the.
i <!!. <: 11 . isainst harsh nieas-1
'''' "/*.
I lie Viedoii;) ! nsists . Fin '
ish nation should not he held responblo
for the erimo, and that repressive
casures would not only militate
;ainst the situation in Finland, but
Fi>lml lr.? tl.n .1
ivjmviiviu mv niivi voio vm III*.: WI1U1U
"The, necessity for equal, friendly
id loving relations toward all naonalitles
under the emperor," the
iedomosti says, "is one of the plain
>neliing3 of history."
The Novoe Vremya says:
"The Finnish nation at heart reales
that Russia is the best guardian
r its interests. Itohrlkoff's murder
belonged to a class in Finland which
always striving to e realty an olijrchy.
The # Finnish aristocraey
lould cease, once for all. to promote
jitation. for Finland enjoys a degree
f autonomy never known under JSweisii
ra t
r k
i* a
l III gurul iMIIIfeVI . i III' S> HUM \tt ,
orod that prayers he said lor rain
nd that holy ikons be carried in proj
pssions on Sunday throughout the
[>untry. The leaves will he gatherd
for use us fodder for rattle.
Strike Has Not Materialized.
Now York, Juno 18.?A strike!
KRinst the Otis ICIevator company J
li over the United States and Cairn-,
a by the executive committee of thr !
'.levator Constructors' union, has not
lateriali/.ed as yot ammiR the comany's
employes in this city. Ac
ording to the secretary of the union,
everal thousand men have quit In
ther cities, including St. Louis, Hal
liuoro, Washington and Cincinnati.
How'* ThU?
We otfer One Hundred Dollars Reward
>r any oate of catarrli tluiV cannot Ik>
ired by I lull's Catarrh euro.
K. J. CHENEY & Co.,Toledo,O.
We, the undersigned, liavp known F.
('honey for the la*t IB yoi.ru, and bebvo
him perfectly honorable in all b wipes
transactions and ablo to
They Uselessly Raked Crippled
Transport With Shrapnel.
While Hitachi Lav Helpless Hot Fire |
Was Poured on the Crowded Dccks,
Which, Japs say, Was an Act of
Tokio, Juno 18.?11 a. m.?A total
of 509 survivors of the Japanese transports
Sarin and Hitachi, destroyed 1>>
the Russian warships are at southern
The Russians permitted G10 noncombatants
to leave the Sado, but i
day their whereabouts are unknown.
Tho Japanese officers and soldier
who were detained on boar dthe S;.
had prepared to commit suicide, but
changed their minds when the Russians
suddenly departed. There was
apparently no chanco given the noncombatants
on board the Hitachi to
leave and tho Russians raked the
crowded dccUs of the crippled transport
with shrapnel.
The Japanese denounce this nction
as harbarltys indicating the clear intent
of the Russians to kill defenseless
men instead of a simple desire to destroy
the sliips.
Planned to Relieve Port Arthur.
St. Petersburg, Juno 18.?1:40 p. 111.
?It transpires that the simultaneous
raid of the Vlailivostock squadron and
General Stakelbuig's nirrch southward
wore the direct outcuino of a plan
agreed on at .Mukden by viceroy Alex
ieff and General Kuropatkln immediately
after the battle of Kin t'hou
to relieve the tension at Port Arthur.
The authorities apparently are satisfled
with the result of Stakelhurg's
mission., he having compelled the despatch
north of d%tachu%ents of th<
third .Japanese army, commanded by
General Nodati, delaying the siege to
that extent, while a raid of the Russian
squadron has rendered the further
transport of troops from tbo Japanese
mainland Impossible.
The admiralty has no direct news
from the Vladivostok! squadron an
has not intimated wnat its further
mission Is. The papers are all rejoicing
at its exploits, the Novoe Vr< ym?
describing the raid as one ;?f n?**- ?elois..
'"-ish and pluck.
The war office- ....s received news
regarding General Kuroki and the rc-n
son why he Is at Siu Yen with three
divisions of about .'!(>,000 men and
without reserves. Hut dispatches dated
yesterday do not mention his ad
vunci*. u is ueiicvod Kurojd really
contemplated combined operations to
out off and pockit Stakellm'but
that he delayed too long. It is thought
Kuropatkin sent a strong Russian
force south of l.iao Vang to meet Kuroki's
move. It Is possible that a
general engagement may be precipitated
in the neighborhood of Hai
Russian Losses at Vnfangow.
St IN tersburg, .lune IS.?1:-}:t p. m.
?About a hundn d men wounded at
the battle of Vafangow, including ">.r>
>rs, havo reached l.lao Vang. The
Russian losses are about 2,000.
ral Stakelhurg is marching north,
ai 1 road being unable (o transnart
than a few thousand men. Sp?- i
dispatcher say the Russians at
mow had 42 hattaltons againsV
apanoso hatallions. Tho Japahad
ureal superiority, having
than 2(?0 guns.
Kuroki Awaiting Results.
noral Kurokl's Headquarters in
Field, via Fu=>an, Juno I/.? (DeI
In Transmission.)?(lonoral Ku
Is quietly awaiting tho results ol
lighting on tho Liao Tung penin011
the result of which, accord,o
a high officer, tho future moveits
of the lirst Japifuesu army
<oly depend. Tho Russian ro-oc
ilion of towns northwest of the
anese front Is believed to indicate
an to prevent General Kuroki from
ctlng a Juncture with the .lapano.so
ok on tho Liao Tung peninsula.
'orre.spoiulentfl with General Kurnarmy
have boon promised greater
rty and have been given per.nis>
to visit the outposts of the army.
Will Delay Attack.
he Foo, Juno IS.?Japanese official?
> say the loss of thetransports HIii
and Ha do will delay the proposed
blned attack on I'ort Arthur. The
'Pal of Che Foo has protested to
the Russian consul against the use of
wireless teleuranhv between ('ho Poo
and Port Arthur, hut tho consul has
not mado any iply to tho Tno Tal
Fire In 3hip'?i Hold.
SrattK?. Wash., Juno 18.?Fire was
discovered In the aftcrhold of tho
?t>??nshlp Ohio, tied at Moran Proa.'
plor last i.!??ht. The (lames gained
much headway btfore the tiro apparatus
arrived that It took hours to get.
them under control. Although tho
Ohio Is listed heavily to port with
tho weight of water which has been
thrown into her hold, it i? believed
she can bo prevented from sinking.
Driven To Desperation.
Living at an out of tho wav place, roi]
mofo from civilization, a family is ofteu
driven to desperation In cane of aeouW tj
reuniting in Duma, Out", Wounds ll)** ?
eto. Lay iu a Kitpply of Bueklen'a>
Balie, It'a the ho*l on earth. \
PV i<ena DrCo
? o \
???mwmm? ?? , 1
Cuban Village Submerged by Rise o
Santiago dc Cuba, June 18.?The l I
cent fall of 11 inches of rain in 11 j
hours accompanied by a hurrlca' '
has resulted in the death of more t t
a hundred persons. The u severe
loss was at tho villaKe of FJ1 ('obro,
where about (10 persons were drowned.
The river rose instantly, destroying
the lower part of the villoxo. HodioB
were carried 8 miles to the bay.
Thirty bodies were recovered.
Six persons weie drowned at Daiquiri-,
M at Rl Canoy and many in the J
am Iiitllliiuii; UJUIIll J. 1 lie list IK 81111
Incomplete. All the bridges at El
Cobre, several at Daiquiri aiul four
of Che Central railroad and miles of
track have been destroyed.
In the wreck of the relief train at
Moron two employes were killed, hut
all the passengers are safe. No trains
arrived here .rom Saturday to Thursday.
and all thr> telegraph lines and
cables are interrupted.
One hundred and fifty houses were
destroyed or damaged here and five
persons lost their lives.
In and about this city the property
loss is enormous at the mines, the
railroad and In cattle and merchandise.
mystery cleared up.
Man Supposed Murdered Comes Back
to Zebulon. gfl
Zebulon, (la., Juno IX.?\V. C. Scott,
the printer who mysteriously disap- vfl
peared from his room in this city two
weeks ago, leaving blood scattered M
freely about the house in which he M
nan ifsiiicii, nas reiurnod. Ho explains
liis disappearance and the marks jH
of gore by saying thr.t he attempted
to destroy himself by cutting the veins
in his wrist, and wandering out
tlie woods to die.
For two weeks, according to his \
statement, bo has not tasted food, and
his appearance boars out his statement.
as be is very weak and emaciated.
It was generally supposed that a
crime had been committed, and ?reat
interest was manifested in the matter
by the citizens of this community.
6cats Collapsed During Perforn^^H
and Many Persons nj u r
VTHeago. June IS ' ?ariy
through split)
during th<" p<
here. It is '
women ami
ous'y injured
There wus a
In the tent.
fled by accidei.
crowd. During
treasurer disapp*
show's money.
It |s suppose!
to tuf' removal
Flow Interrupted Un'i'"wiu uasiH
Ten Days Before Water OvcrflH
Gainesville. Ga., June IS.?tI
dam ol thi' North Georgia ifl
company was ("tmploterl FridaH
nnurlv I..-..
the lnii;.' water Rates wore. elostJH
and tho ki >' And mighty ch:H
chee was ineresslully delmrnM
to tho sea. I'ndor present <fl
| it will take from 7 to 10 days for tho
huso basin to fill up ami the water to
| overflow tho hufte (lain, which is 118
root high
A bit; barbecue was served! at Chattahoochee
park at noon in honor ol
tho event Kxoursions wore run from
j Atlanta and joints on tho Southern,
and from Koeik1 Circlo, Winder, Mon'
roe and other |toint& on tho (iainon|
vine. Jefferson and Sonfhoro railroa*.\
I Great crowds came In and ths jity N
has been thronged with victors. vja
Bribed Secret Oervico Agent. \ .;
New York, Jun;? 18 - Charged with ,'*\J
bribing a secret service agent, and
confe :.sii:g tie.' ohargw to b?? true, C09 Vj
ma llanalll. a deputy In the
I Georg< \\'. Morgan, sui * ' / V
of elections, has been n 1 a
His arrost grew out ti inf
gation as to naturp 'i?>u Ir* i
among the ltnilan woi hUic
| street cleaning department. In thu
I prosence of witnesses ho in said to
have paid the detective $200 for two
false certificates of registration. H?
was Immediately arrested and ploadod ?
guilty before Commissioner Shields.
Probably Fatal Runaway.
Hlnghamton, N. Y., Juno 20.?Mrs.
Rachel Monro, mrther of William H.|
Mooro, of Now York, ami J. Ilobnri*]
Monro, of Chicago, tho woll Known!
capitalist, has sustained what it la
feared will prove to bo fatal ln>Jurt?H
in a runaway at hor homo In Grpno,
N. Y. One arm was fractured iy two
places and she was Internally inured.
Mrs. Moore Is 85 years of Hor
sons hurried to CJreono or 1
train. v
Pane Reno- ^
.IIP 18
Charlotte, N. Clfll , , T
' ?h dlatrlei ot?l^i
ocrats of the "from, tod (uJM
son Spring* Paffo ,
man Kobe" ?
A (J real lfe_M

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