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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 22, 1904, Image 3

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^koines o( a Local aud Personal Nature.
V'ano Heed $1.00 por bushel at
^^Blowry store.
Fred Holliday of tho Kings
|Hii, lost ft fine lioreo lant week.
,H|HPIant beans, second crop of Irish
1 pouuooo ami corn for Into good eatf
?E. II. Craig's dwelling is Hearing
completion and will soon bo ready
\ K for occupancy.
?The farmers aro rushing their
nr?/l vnfif fnvu t\f i limn p/mio f o
\ WUVI ,UIJ 1U" w",v vv'
\ town theso days.
\ ?R. E. Goodwin, aftor a two
Veeks stay in Pickens loft for Charwton
Saturday. ^
' ? Dr. Thaddeus Hunt, of Town *c
spont a portion of last week with
'^tives in Pickens.
-Tho singing at Socona last Sunday
fas woll attended and an enjoyable
"ay was spont.
- ^W^ierB and wsholara aro hav[
^ timt/, now that school
y worwl^rcttcfor awhile.
?Tho farmers aro buoy harvest
ing wheat and oats. Tho wheat is
turning out v?ry well.
?A largo crowd attendod the
singing at llolly Springs lust Suuda}
and all roport a good time.
?Tho orop prospect in and around
this section wears a very oncourng
ing appoaranco at this timo.
N j Son 10 of our girls aro now parting
thoir hair on ono sido so as not to b<
mistaken for those misfit mon win
part tueira in tlio middle.
?When the weather was cold w<
wanted it hot. We have been given
hot weather and now wo Vvant it cold
Human nature goes by contraries any
oval salo is nov
Jartere, Liberty.
ho have just bo
1 not neglect to go
>u a Democratic cl
Hendricks is r
eek for Supervis*
own business nn
be elected ho w
ind conscientious <
came up Momh
the oil mill. H0
bAVincr lllinrro : ?
? ? ,~iSo pui iu buip siiapo pr
paralory to operating tho mill to tl
boat advantage when the seed so
son opens.
?T'lo postoflico department \vi
^ at an early clay issue orders placin,
tlie pay of rural mail carriers on tli
mileage l>ania. lloutoH of not les
than 20 miles will pay an annual sa
ary of $720.
--Cotton seed meal $1.35 a suck a
tho Nowry storo.
?Next Sunday liov. I). W. Hiot
will preach a bormon to tho old foHvtat
the Pickens ^-baptist church ami
will illustrnto tho subject by diagrams
and a black-board. Lot all attend
who can. Good singm^ajVi'l bo a
d.h?viu?ii wuu nas recently
^^^travolcd ovor miousidorablo portion
^oanty says that crops are
growing nicely, and, as a general
thing, are in good condition. He regards
tho crop ontlook an especially
?Jahue Stewart of flic Sunny
Dalo section, died rather suddenly
ono day last week. He whs out on
tho mountain salting cattle when he
was taken sick. Ho was carried to a
house and help sent for, but ho died
boforo tho l?olp reached him.
? Mr. Win. M. Clantt, who was in
tho race two years ago for county
.commissioner, and made a very cred
iftlLla'run ????? "
uuuukuwh mis week for
commissioner. IIo is tin alright man I
and should ho bo olocted tho finances 1
of the county would bo in Hafo bands. I
? Cotton seed meal $1 .'li> a suck nf
the Newry atoro.
?W. L. Jonkins is announced this '
week for Magistrate for Pickens
township. Ho needs no introduction
to the people, having served them in v
this capacity in the past, and should
tie bo elected be wonM ? *--- *
uu iiuiiiiHI ,
[ and unswerving in tho discharge of |
the duties of thin oflfico as ever. ,|H
?Tho gonial facoand commnnding ?
Mid imposing figure of Col. Fielding t<H
A. Lewis has been missed for the pjH
1 past week from his accustomed place I
K nt the court houso L>eonuso of sirk- | H
ness. lie has been confined to Iiih
K bad and 'is quite Judisposod. His I
V friends hope to seo him out rj?ai n I
^^^aevere hail storm visited the I
Action of this county last Sat- I
The out buildings H
wore unroofed and I1' H
BUowii down. The H
^^^nrt and T. S. H
UJk'ed. Mrs.
Mhastunncd 1^1
Em*, d. I
Wfek.' H
? Don't fail to rciu^^^Hhuu^o of
(ul tliin week of J. F.
?10 pound box Tobacco,
$2 5o at. tlio Ncwry^?>r<>.
? Tlio third quarterly confererico
for tho Pickens chnr^o will be h< Id
with Porter h Clnipul church on Kri
<1n v -I it I xt 1 ut
V.IV , ? V.J .
?Sqniro W. C. liraujlott announces
this week for Coronqr. Ho
is ft good man and will till llio ofUcc
to the bost of bin ability if elected.
--Mrs. Williams died :it tbo home
of her t ), J. h. Moon, tbrco miles
of l'ickens, on Tuesday ovoning, from
old age. Further particulars could
not be learned.
I y/- General \V. Kelly, while driving
/fioine Saturday evening had his team
of mules to run away with him and
break bin leg. Ho in Buffering with
2. compound fructure and will be laid
ii]) for somo time.
? Ed lliott, son of Ilev. D. W.
Hiott, is at homo for a few days. Ho
has recently rcci-ived an appointment
as railway mail < lerl<, making the
highest average in tile class thai
stood the examination.
? Mr. Joo li. Finlev of the Mica
sect ion, announces I his week for the
legislature. Mr Finley is a good,
safe, conservative man and should lie
1 i.? .. ?.,i i I,:. I
ur uluuliru ill) v iiiiim r*i:i ^ * hit v vmit
Ktituonry/" Dilly ami well
? ?I. h. f y.-is announooa 11 > i
! wt'fk for ro elect ion to tin* olTicc of
M ?irate f r I hi ' township, ami
r1iou1<1 h? again lui elected !io will
I con tin u if to dischargo Iho duties
of the oftieo to Hit; best of I.is ability.
?The ninny friends of lu v. O. M,
> Ahnc.y will re<jret (o loam thnt ho
hns boon confined to his room for
' several days with fever. 'I hoy will
learn with delight that he is improv
. ing ami that ho will soon l>o up
i again.
Tho town council lias Surveyor
John A.R>binson miming out tin
streete of I'ickons accordii g to the
plat of tho town and establishing
' t|,n linos and coition peruu r.entlv.
This will snvn a lot olcontentions in
the f M ' building
a lil, TIkso < '?%' l1"'
to Rave I,ecu iKrmuneiitlvc.-st11 tlui
when tlx. t..wi> v>;|s ff,t
purveyor, Mr. (Jar\iii, who i.vidow
m- town out. ft H\H
or. ?Mrs. Samani\.a Jiur'^ss '^H"
in, of tho Into Kiley ]iui^?H " ,U)(r son,
'ill tor of our townpinau, \V. nil the
jf- more, <liod at the Lome of ! She
Wui. (3. Porter, near Kasltv, lirst
iy loth i.ist , jitro11 al ont (JS yem, who
jB hail Ix?fni iniiiiii.l twice, h-rward
0 husband being Ifenle.v Purtipredau,
died in flie war. Sho alt Mrs.
n married Hiloy liiirgoss, who c>f the
Ccssed her about tfn ' '
Bullosa had been ft pipiuhci'
II church about fifty years n, '
K ways led a consecrated christian lifts
e Her remaii s wero laid I" r< >t at 1'nisi
tor's Ch/.pei tlio dav foll?\\in?? her
I- death, liev. () M. Abney )ndue'in<j
111o funeral obsc (111it s. Slie leaven,
^ living, five children, besie a ho.stn^
relatives and friends tt> nijurn her,
Echoes From the Reunion.
| The conferring of crosses of honor
, bv the ladies of the 1'icUcns Chapter
U. D. was a fitting tribute to the
surviving soldiers of a war that ehal
lenges the world for its equal in flu
,,i courage, patriotism itml
Tlio airangements for their corn
fort and for showing hospitality to (
the veterans was well nigh perfect,
And tho ?eh etion of their commander, !
Veteran William B. Allgeod, was a
I most happy solution of lliat impor
tant requirement.
Comrade Allgood is peculiarly litted
for the duly and tlio distinction t
of commanding his associates on oc ,
casioiis liko tins, and, on all occasions, s
his splendid bearing marks him as ]
ono to bo noticed, while tho respect '
ho compels makes him more to be s
trustod by those who have set n him tt
Juno the third was a day full i t [ '
pleasure to tho old veterans who will j ''
lot cease to he grateful for the hos- |gi
- *
........j oiiuwn and tIks h >iii>r done ||
hem. si',
?Cotton HcriI hulls 50.' j> r 10 ? |(
)OUD(ls at (ho Newry store.
The Summer Sciiool "0
The summer school is mo\ in<( ;d >n<j wc
ery smoothly and saMsfiurtory ,
L'sm is heiiifj mado. Twenty liv?? ,,
aehers havo enrolled arid this mini- ,vl
or will likely he increased to thirty wo
nring the reninindor of this week. ()n(
'ollowin^ is tho enrollment of the ihk
metiers in " "
*>11,11 111011mloflico
Miss Addio Anthony, Ilis lv hue
I). 1.
Miss MfUnio liulh ntinc. Kashv.
Miss Cora L Bowcn, I'ieliens. I
Mr. Ktlwanl Urea/ ale, Pickens. '/ ^ |j
Mirs Mary Chaslain, ('Imstnin. '
M isH Veda Child l ean, TliomiHvillr 'llll!
Miss (iussio Cnreton, l'ickens.
Mr. Jason M. Kntr< kin, Pickens K y
I>. 1- von i
Mr. John (). Field, Pickens.
Mr. \V. K. Freeman, Pickens.
Miss Iiillio (lilstrup, Pickens It I In* v
1. \ r
Miss Nora Gilhlrnp, Pickens K I' t(.rt.
d'iHH 1,1a M. Hendricks, Table l'"1,1
huH Lciioia M. JI fin 11 irks, Table \v?ni
Hlfcjl Hester, Pickens, K i
SB ^
P^Jfood, 1'jiisley li. 1*'. D said
BH to
I Vkl Its.
BH , ,
I 81
I W i
W*h ''/ Mr \m
Liberty Items
'Micro was n Bocinl ^uthcrinfj !it
lli<> "lirown Hold" Tuotclny evening
J it Ik* I illi in honor of Midi Paulino
.Miiilin of UodfroM S. (3 Cuko and
Ice cream was nerved in ulmndanco.
M usic furnished l?y Misn Irene Clarko
win excellent.
The Misses Oalhouns of Forl-IIill
ar< visiting tlio family of Mr. J. 1*.
Dr. II. F. Dacus of Grcenvil'e
\\(to union^ liis old friends lust wet k.
Wo aro ulways glad to have liiin with
'J 8.
liev. 1). \V. Iliott lillovl liia regular
appointment at the Baptist church
K. ('. C!url( r lniH moved his stockj
of {joods to .1. 11. 1.5rown s old stand '
on Ltailroad street.
Julian Wert/, who has been quite '
sick for the past two week is improv- .
Funeral services over thn remains j
of Mrs. Jol> l'\ Smith who died at
her home Friday night were conduct
ed Saturday afternoon at IJuhnma'
eenit tery.
Dr. Hall of Now York gavo a fine
lecture tit the Baptist church Stutday
afternoon, on thcHiihject: "Yesterday
today an * i for ever." lie; lectured
Monday night on "Fool killer".
Miss Irene Ciarko who came from
I.lhcrtoii, '??. to teacn music through |
111!) Miiiiii.i'i months has a lar^e class |
and getting along nicely with hoi";
juipils. S!ic is ii 111m preforiner as
well ns ii t( acher.
\V. O. Willard has tlio contract f<>i'
ra? 1 iuK ti.< vide track to tho Calumet
Mills :.nd also building <lain for the
reservoir (Jross ties are being put
tl<>.vii for the siili* track. Material
for the houses tunl Mill is coming in.
Miss Paulino Martin who has been
visiting Mrs. -J. 11. Brown has return!
<1 to her home at Hodges, S. C.
Mr.;. -1. 1'. Smith who has been on
tile wick li^t ii convalescing.
The little infant of Mr. and Mrs.
1 ) iv. i in n litis In i>ii Vf rv ^ u 'lr tliicj u I'i'lv
l'alnui (iroor who Ipik boon ?p?ito
siclc is up :i<^ain un<l able to be on the
streets. \V S. P.
IVlcLaiiriii for Concjrcss.
lCx-l niti <1 S(;it"s Senator .1. T..
Mebmu in of lU'iiimtlsvilU' is being
lll'ge<l by iiis lrioii'1- lo ell tor
the congressional rue*1 in tho Hixth
district, IIo has received several
telegrams and letters from frionda
ill t he list rift asking him to file
bin announcement. lit? is flerioua*
\ lv considenn ; tlio situation and his
e-indidacv is almost n coririniy.
A Fine Opportunity fur a Younn Man.
'The South Carolina * oih'jje olicr->
sidiri|.irslii|?s it: th< Normal
!l 1,1 "noii comity, iOaeh eholar
-I'M) is worth *10 iM money, !.? <nl?-s
remission of $|<> tuition and
itriiul aion .>r "t.mmi" fm.
i IlKiMiy is at 111 r.ito ol
| * > ' month for fight months, to a*.
sist il! In- ii- oess.jy living
xpcn- s.
Kxaminat i n will ho li.?.|d Friday,
.Inly ^111, before tint County
l"-'luiMtion. Applicant*
s11onlil l.e t !,.,st !<? v - u-s of age,
and preferably t. >;?( .),er . Writ., j
I'i'i'-i i. ill Ui.H ' ... ... L' 1 - '
. - .. mull Qiolll), ?S')Utl> 1
n irolina v oil Coliiiiiliia.
1' i I tin n k ' i i \\ I. i'-ii t'> apply '? !< >re '
July s.
Wiiat insects Cost the Country.
The I'xli'ht hi damage done by
lie iiiHiM ts wliirli prey mi tlu? si{<i?*u
11u! il int>-1< st-. of 1 h<> I iiitcd !:
>(at> is 11ut little appreciated. P
"wclve according !< reliaMo ,
tatistirs, |o ai' -1 ii:iat? ? 1 damage | '
x r *
/ i ;i HI prod U (m ot ljiil'i/1,01 10,0( l( >
"l m1111ii11) 'I li.' ( liiuch |>iijr leads
ii* Iist with I"0,i><><>,<mi> jiyuar; ^
ii-slioppi r, $00,( M'0,000 ; J U'ssian
V I i remainder <>i tin* r.>\olution,
?!< Hi'* ni?'ivenai ns hired by v
ii?<4 (it or^e I>i??ii<4h( i|s i's.;ys o\er ! i
I'll .slijiw : r tli' ir li< ) *.~iO.- i((
:mm i; ?.i(t, > i worm and 1 > >11 pi
?ri i (<"oi ton ''Oi'.f >i>0 apiece :
11i'H > >> 11 wrcsil, 1,1 II lll,( l! III ; Otl
ii I'M" - ralo, grain weevil, apple lt
nil and army worm, $10,01)0,- t??
V t >-v Sf?
) I 111, ( ( 1 .nt '1 * 1
, , F I 4n < . ' Wlltf, HI,- fo
> itlltl : 11?! : i ' < W'Ttl!, ?"1,11(10,000
-10 pound I'ov Brown Mule Toot*.
vJ.-Hl ut tlio Newry sloio. (
"" " wli
Mr. McCalla for Contjress. ,,f
lo 1. I. II. Mo<';illa of Lowndes* f "
0 was in tlie city y<"*1ordny and [,' *
otm<:"<l tliat In* would l>e in 1.1.*. <;i"
1 f'T cohere 4S this f?|| III Her. j'^, ,
Ir. wis in tho rin<) two nut.
I'm ii"(? when Mr. Aiken was
... it m
t<*!, Mini it was 8iiiii?.ti?i
., , - .1 < IIII I I (>.
yoiild stay out this suinnicr and 1 _
Mr. Aiken a clear liold in donee
tic )<lc,t that an ollico ^
'or < nidi t to ha\ : two I<-rins.
1. Met'alia, however, said ho ->
Id he in tl.o race, and ho did >
think tlm ''two-term" idea
d amount to anytIiiiij?. lie;
h? e\ [ (?< ted to l)o a I >lo to show I
> | <m> 1?11 * that lie is the right
1 Of congressman for this dis- ^
Wd talked with the air of a
fl:o is not uneasy ahout the
jB M 1 . MeCalla is a well S ASand
popular citizon, and it s
A ci tain that the congreH*
H;h m this summor will not
H<1 of interest..
HLr< 'nil.I .s.iid he would nil (j
plat formon. Anto
|p| KVrocoivcdby the under N
^rudin^ and building Xll_
ill J. II Nowfon's ,.j; lt(.
Hi Wf Kttkaoy'fl, a ^ui j.i
' "" fMn
J/''. H| '* I make 1
Tln-v ai" needed by every man Fgj |
? wlio owns ;t !i< 1<1 and a plow, and E9 I
who disii-s to t llie most out B "
jS "15,< y o<f>'r. r-V.ul p?M;il card,
i.l iHH', K\l.I WOltKS m |
'i iiv'.V Y<??- VS? Siroct,
\ til! :il ti? < ?. 'iU'j So. lirrmJ St. M I
Maj. Ambler of Pickens?A Statesman .
Before the War.
Maj. James If. Ambler of I'ickcns,
is in the city spending a few
lays. Major Ambler is now in his
ninetieth year, but when tho reporter
was asked to ^upss his nfje,
In? gucBsed sixty-five. He is tall
and stately and looks every whit
nut Hixty.iivo. iie was a memoer
Of (ho legislature from old Pondlet
)ii District from 185-t to 1S58.
Tho only oiios who servod with him
who arc now living ate Col. Jos.
Daniel Pope of Columbia and Mr.
Augustus Broylos of Anderson,
Mn.joi Ambler is still a well
j Known and inlluoutial citi/.ou oi
Pickens holding his.own with tho
r<>] reselltatives of several generations.
He talks very interestingly
of the old days and tells many
interesting incidents of tne times
before tli 3 w'tr when ho was a legislator.?Spartanburg
Herald, 11th.
? 1 t|l. porcelain top Iruit jurg (5l)c
per dozen at tho Nowry store.
Picnic at High Falls. July 4th.
The general public is requested to
I bear in mind the big picnic at High
Falls on the 1th of July. A great
timu is anticipated and e\ery citizen
of Oconee and Pickens counties is
| cordially invited. It is hoped fo
l maUo this one of the meet pleasant
' occasions in years by gathering together
the friends of our two counties.
Everybody cotue.
Farmer's Institute.
j Prof. Newman, vieo-director of the
experiment station of Clemson, as
i sihted 1 >y Dr. HrucUott, uwt^aut
i e i
s i s 111' 11
, M" ""I"1 h"6ba,wil| bo
v k i-iv eiiurcii on Friday, tlio
jSlli of July. Their lectures will be
gin at 10:150 u in. Let every lariwr
jllmt can, lie present, unJ derive all
tho I>e11eIit they can from the expei 1
i nee and knowledge of these spenkj
ei b. Biing baskets tilled with din
j nor. .J. K. Parsons,
A petitioner.
Triumphs of Modern Surgery
Wond rl'ul things nro dono for the
human hotly by surgery. Organs are
taken out ami seraped and polished aud
put buik or they may he removed entirely;
hone- are spliced; pipes take the
plaee ot diseased sections of veins; antiseptic
dressings are applied to wounds,
bruises, hums like injuries before inflaiiiation
pels in, whieh eaiives them to
heal without maturalion and in one-third
the time leipim d l?y the old treatment.
Chamberlain's i'uiu Halm acts on this
same prineiplo .11 is an antiseptic and
when applied to such injuries, causes
them to heal very quickly. It also allays
the pain and soreness. Keep a bottle
Pain Malm in your home and it will
nave yon time and money, not to mention
the inconvenieuce aud Muttering which |
<uch injuries entail. For sale by l'ick
ns Drug (Jo., Piekrus; T. N. Hunter,
Winthrop College
Scholarships & Entrance
Ex a mi nation.
The examination for th* award of
aeanl scholarships in Winthrop College \o
ml for the admission of new students
ill be held at the County Court House
i Friday, July fitli. at ft A. M. A|?- '
wants must not b^ less than fifteen JJn
ars of age. When scholar^!.; ?
..> |>r. nl U SirO
uaieti after July S, they will In? award- ju^
I t<> those making the l.i/hest average [ l,
lhis examination. yea
Scholarships are worth $100 anil free ?,y
ition. The next session will open |.n{!
plumber -M, 1901. For further in- wu.
rotation ami catalogue address . ,i
es. I). H. .lohnson, Hock Hill, S. ('.
Sued hy II is Doctor. Sl> 1
' \ doctor hero has sued mo for 81'2.<r)l>. .'J1'1
ii h I claimed \viis excessive for a ease '
cholera morhns," says K. White, of Vx 1
le.hella, Cal. "At the trial he tirnisod M
medical skill and medicine. I asked ll*
i if it was not Chamberlain's ('olio
deraar.il Diarrhoea ilomedy ho used . v<>
had icusoil to behove it was, and *'
would not s iy under oath tha' it was ' ("
No doctor could use a better rem- ca','f
tlinii this in aeasoof cb<ili?ri? KU '
[ivor f.uls. Hold l>y l'ickdiiH l)ru<?
I'ioktMis. T. N. Hunter, Liberty. ^oni.
?? s
; / / /'/ / //7. / ^. /,/ /.rfs r jf ^
We Have a Full Stock of ^ 1<J<"j
the Well Known ^
\ ',1
:ARQUHAK fiiRiiSHURS 3 'I':;,
$ ? ?! to
..AND.. >; '"O'V
y of I ll?
r ty, nix
\ Ills Oil
tv dftj
Prices Ritflit. \ tiv<> o
yo? t
Catalog 011 Request. \ 'llt! 1,1
x notion
S' lief d?
Columbia, S. C. | j*,;A
////// ///VV//y///
otlcfi to I>ftbtor* nml CiMllton. ' ?
persons having clnimn alumni the
ol .iam<H E. I(mx?hid (U'CCMnd. l"KO
< -tent tli?' Haioe <1 tiiy alibied, and "l6 HU"
HoiiH indebted to said l<>.t no \\lll 11 <!?py<
iriymont to Clerk o
W. M. II13th dn
It. A.J1 USStH
I w.T. Milwix, i >?< i>. inu n-\ m
W I'n-shlcnt CiislinT. B
L CAPITAL - $ 20,?00.oo ff
I PROFITS - 11,000.00 |)
| DEPOSITS - - - 105,000.oo
% By Careful ami constant w >rk tin !>< -:n< ss <-l this &
V Batik lar<M-:l) increa>es ?:\ ? ry )- u\ p
r We solicit your business ami will extenu t" you Vw
L every reasonable accomodation. /
oavs "1-ook m:i oni: v<?r* u:\iA
.,.1 ..... .. .11 I.,,1.1 ..I I > 11 L* ! * \ -I I . , ti I. . . I I
1 /Villi J WW ? 111 I lit ill I I ' ' * ' ? y . . ' ' ' " ' ' ? j
itinl Most ( >t ijiii t. i mi ?11
lie has* ever citrriotl, M.V trade i.-> inrre.e ij.' i \<t\ -I. . I '.iii I i1 ii < j
and Honest Values*. Tho I'KST <ii i vn . in;- ! i i j;i< ?i v i i
my advertisement. Never mind tl, |?n> "! : ii i w s i tin i
w| money.
I ...BUY THE BEST... 1
j Of everything ami you will Uarn l?y < \|'< i< ii".i lh i Tin- I'.t i I t: < i
cheapest. ll'jou want anytiiitj: ii. tin M? 1 <-: n11:< l.ine, I! y< u w ii.t i
to buy a 1 jot or rent a Home, ur l?uv si r, < iimI I.< !, y \\? i ;
! any money l?y weeing me hel'ore \< n n ;i IimIi .
| Y < tri;iv. *
] I H L UAbri Mt.iUHANI,
I I 1
I I .1 v < | .11 . L
!\ccci\< ? i a i lot
\\ iml<?w Sii.n .t S ' I
ll oh in av '''
wm pi
Lamps, Lanterns ami . ?t ?I other useful
tides al >oi\t a I I ohm o> t . nil, . i \\ < iir.it' . i i i< > < .ill
on us ami loolv. throii.;ii ' ur l\< >in \Uien in t<?wr. It
eosi m>thin<\ lor you to ! < >k k \v> t.?L? ! . iro
in shoVin^ you <>;.. . io<ls\\h< ;;. r
you l>u\ mi uuml,
or not.
W. T. M l ' LI,.
1 I ! __
^wmtmmmmmmmmammeatssu ssaae em :Ma#ra*y?fa oui&raaac&atfttfts i\
MuirnjVi fIoi< lir.iiinl, Mi <r in I i . . r | .. : < ) n j
silTtH'tivo roiiHtlios I?di>\mi I' i ? in i < ( v. , ... . . < i i| i ,j
mni all nlVoctioiiK due lo ii ! ilin
l">" i I li i- :.ii |m- &
_ it IS prompt 111 !' Ill . I. : lit iI. iI) i .
lening a 011 iv.
Murray's llort'lininirf 'luliicii ;tn<l Tar
may lio IIMil |o mlva!:!:'"' n . \\'< < > tl 1. I a\- .1 f'j
I It is i>1 f nt. |mn l\ i.j'i! ! < i ?l i.l "Hi' \ i < i ' kg |
? Nothing fi-n like it in ali tin I .i i >i . | r. hi i \ \ pi
B houce, reaily at liaml win , i . i i u i.l : ,1 : < in . t n '9
I 311 OllHeM Ol 01 oil I >. 111.,' 3
I yKHis of wlioopiug ('Oltfill. I' I ' 1 I tilil l-at is I'll i Illy to i \t t;\ fl
I piu'i'luiscr. A I I > i:1 > > I < i
I l it-piiii ,1 liv tli- .M i' i
Wi.ai wifii?immwii i R^asrabU' . u^-eas $
rvoii* Dyspepsia ('invil l?\ if>?l.ili-* ? <<?> "
^louiiK'h Tahiti-. L:
Vlr. li. l'l, Jones, hiiyn" I r I'.nl . S *;
id^ot, wli( tlt'i ^
r, while in New York "ii l> I i "j&
llOllHC, I COllf^Ill II Sl'M ! ?' culti. wit
I nil1 up for neveral wi el;s ;iuil n . gy \i . r \ ti n i v i ,
.k and lie l vol is. I had lit! K }l> L:S I llir. SM
ito, :?n?l my diKOHlion Wits V.-I V W ;?I I ll 0 iM ?> II Ml i I
phyHicimiH could not ffd at the t uist ii'vi' ? t
ny trouble, as my digestion n ;,< I aj '>,? ! I \ I', ?!(rl ||, ;|
nuch impaired, r d--rid; .Me In l!v Jj .? j . . , .
r'h Stomach Tablet*, J ? n. ?f alined lw I?III I <1 11I-, )\ 1111
i freiiid, they wore a fot 11 ?I\ --|?? 'p*i t Bv ??N
licino. After lifting (hem ? da.ys, g * ^31 fr %
gan to realize tli.it I was [ < i t ^?Ji S \_xCl * -v_
I gnvo up the doetois pit ei | i > *9
luive gained 20 pounds wliiir "
?? um
II i ui mi-i n I III. u III. FX 1
rocoaiiiionil tlirm most IkmHiI.v. i 1# 1/1* V UOOClS?
i;rM from nervous in?Ii rt>st u>11 nl i J
iMl run-down conditions of tl \ a i N1
1'ickt'iiK Drutf Co m *. i i .
2 I \ ;n iN >, it l-i; . I . *> i:
umiuons lor HcliiT. m
i'<n111>i.i 111 not kci\iii, B All to at Sc per \
static<)K sor rji i \!;ni.i\\, I &
I'ickeiiH C'oii'il.V. i j m u lth'li i J??sjj . v !\ ! -> timi
Court of Common I'li .u
...I'll III
lug Tormco Jono* mi.'. Uniiit' .1111 in S DimjlH'4 !' < ' M.i" >- ]'i
ronea l>y tlioir guardinu nit litem II TO i ? m i, , , .
Clayton Paint ill S3 ' ' : *' ' 1
cl). llruec mill Jud^e I.<mi.iI w. _t ?
;;,,csi f , , . ]hv INotJons
tin! defendants :?1 m- ii <tiii i F
i nrn licri'liy siiiiiiiiniii'.l i,nj ii i|H i ( j ^ >,.
answer tlio complaint in His :> , ' ' " , ' " ' "
A'liicli is 111is (Iny lillr.l us 11 Ill?* ? ^ '! i I I ] *'1: |1
> Clerk i f Court f"i Picket s i*i?nn m t s d.iy hti 11 In >' i -111|. <
il to serve a copy of your mmmw r ( > B
lid complaint on Mm subscriber >1 ff *""""" ? ? iec
nt Pickous, H. (witlnn twen jc
is ufter tlio service lien of, c\c!n villOCS*
I the day of mioli kits ice; and | 5
nil to aiihwar the <|Oni| Iniiit witliin A I Imv tlie an s| Complete lino of
neaforesaid tho Pln.nHVs in I! is a (||, , ,() , , } w
will apply to Inri eonrt f??r linn - ? , , .
mnnded m the complaint. H pi ices unhoftid o| .
(I .Tunc i:ttli, A. I), nun y M.mis *1 ~"> and |>r raiis,
J \ ' ^ Mmi's SAt in Onlf, wi.rth rogului
.1. T. <'nrev, ^ Special cut in everything'
lMniiititV'tt Attorney. iP
> abftant [defendant, tfiulgo i \ ' #
notioo 11 in I 11 io complaint ami ^ a
unions of * )iir)> tli#fcir. Koin^r is m ? ? I J
i were tiled in tli(t omefc of tlio n m. >
f Court, Pickens county, on the! \ ^
y of June, A. !>., liMli. I ^ JjfUy
Plnintitt t Ano^ne^ .
I . I
if8?i;ss MHiliS IS (. it FAT f Kill 1'NIOX! jj
('oiisi>.t)ii^ oi I th .A- si iid-. ii ii s ii v. i. mill columl
I .;t \V||S ;| III I I >' il it US, ;11 :111 -I !' ?t I I Wit ist ; .||(|s ;i I 11 I > I :l< K goods
!'<>r skills \\i li.i.i' i r show-!.. \VI " u it c m< to rlnf liin</, we liiivo
Min | > I \ In fit w .. ; i a I out, ill it w < .ii ill on t he jn :ii|i. Till' I i^frc
l a1111 l>t M In. oi tl.ii ; > \ ' i ], wi: I' k< tis. \Vc 11 \ In in
i i asi i>'i' rii it 11 ii { t! ; . ' i M 11 * i a i', inn I to (i t liiv w < I hi y not Ii i;ig
lull 111 -1 clu tin I 1' I' A N S I O III ^ I II K III S 1',
I'll ?MI< i I 'l I II III 111' ' 11.1 III' I I " I I ill I Will lit c< I a! I
Kiii' - ol >uiiii! i i < d Sti
w l it i ' "at . i il i \! tls \Vr liavi- a -n:]>!<-( Innof
0\l0li|s |<I II ' . W<I>. I) ||.|| I'lillili' ' < 'III:'- ; lii ;;i ' ) > II1 ^ 7.0
j ln'loi1' t liev iiii' | u-l.t <1 '\>'i.
j j Win II v oi .ii i * w i I ' ' i i I; i l"''k t liront-li on lu.c ' f
j l'lll Dli tll i', iillp^H'S a ' i \\ " I , \\ ? I.' Ill ;i ' . :: I t (ilnck '
! I I lilt III' all . I 11 'l.i' ii' I'.: : 1 VVa v l. - Inn.. . I!l.\
l M ili 'icl i alio \ < > i w i llii Y l'i
I FoSger and Tiiornie^
( lot III!. v , S;,.M Ii I 1 < ; tli I M HI" ' is a > "alls.
Soil* A", tits |. . till- vl .i.-li, 1! Il, llatll' |. Slici
|S and Stioiisi l.ii.s, II !'li \'t 1 i'.liiiiif',
! Tin1 Ufsl Fining ( inthini: in The World.
('/ Soda Water Force |
? ! ?'* > I \ \ i ii'. till \\ i :i t lii >r \
J 1 ; ' A
jf Pickens Druy; Company, 1^|
11 p \
? s' It 5
mm I. II.. C % > -I Mt s 1 w
Mi h pii?- . wiuto <;Og
k I - : 11 i \\ iii ^ ii ! 1 1 i
III I; I;' : ' II I j nil .MiIhSO'
VSl'l-'l>' "l. ' v
I . - K. PARK, f

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